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Thread: Strategy Guide #3: First Level Colored Combination Console (SPOILERS!!!)
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Raven Software
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Strategy Guide #3: First Level Colored Combination Console (SPOILERS!!!)

Okay, a lot of people have problems with this one, it seems. Throughout the course of this level, you will find 3 colored combination symbols, and they are obviously to be used on the computer consoles in the center of the huge shaft. Only the consoles are off-line and the doors to the other two areas (the "green" and "red" areas) are locked. Here's what you do:

First hint: In the room where you find the blue code- the generator room, you'll find a map with a layout of the base, including the color-coding. You are in the blue wing. From here you can open the other two areas.


Second hint: Okay, after using the two switches in the generator room, the other two areas of the base should be open to you. In them, you will eventually find the other two codes. But the central console (the main terminal) still needs to be brought on-line. If you are standing at this console, look up on the ledge above you and you'll see a switch on the wall...


Third hint: That switch will activate the central terminal. Go into the red area (I think - it's the area directly opposite the way you came in) and go up some stairs to your left. You'll find a small platform that takes you up to a control room. From there you should be able to get access to that switch and bring the main terminal on-line.

After that, you should be able to figure out what to do...

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How do I get the codes right??

I have all the codes and the transmitter is powered on... but I can't get the stupid codes entered!! I've been pressing these stupid buttons for hours now and no matter what I do, I can't get the console codes to match up to what appears in my mission info! I press them and press them, I press all three, I try different combinations, I've tried all three colors... I can't get ONE code to come up so I can throw the darn switches! What SEQUENCE do I have to press on the cosoles so I can get the right code symbols to appear??

Thanks! This is really frustrating! I want to get to the second level!
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Unhappy What Needs 2 B Done After That????

What Needs 2 B Done After That???? Where Is The Location Of The RED Code???? HELP!!! TIA
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I know one of them is in a room that you have to go through.....

Ok, you know where the big round elevator is that goes into the dark room? From the darkened room find a little door, then a small alcove, that then leads to another small door . Go through it and you will see about 6-7 troopers and an officer. Walk up to the panal and turn the controls. There are two of them... Then to the left you will see a display walk up to it and you will hear kyle say, huh, what's this....

That gets the first code..

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How to Enter Codes

If you don't want to know exactly how don't read this message.

To enter the codes, you have to use each one of the three screens to control one part of the image. Once you play with one screen, follow the pattern and match as much of the picture as you can before moving on to the next screen. Keep in mind that some of the image can get covered up by the next screen so don't worry about too many dots. Good luck, I hope this helps, but it is difficult to explain. All I know is that this is not the most difficult part of this game. Just wait


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Codes for the tower bridge in Jedi Knight 2

ok the codes are:
BLUE: 4 triangles like a picture frame has, then a solid "D" shape on the right of them. The triangles are made by having 2 triangles on the left side of the screen on the middle pc, and 2 triangles on the right side of the screen on the pc on the right. The pc on the left is for the "D" shape (to the right of the screen).
YELLOW:2 triangles on the bottom and 4 circles on top. The circles should form the shape of the top of a pyramid , ^, except that, if you think about it, a pyramid would need 5 circles. So the one on the bottom left side is missing. The pc on the right has two cicles in the middle, resembling eyes, the middle pc has two cirles at 12 and 3 o'clock, and the right pc has two triangles on the bottom.
RED:The "D" shape on the bottom (left pc), triangles on top(middle pc), and 12 and 3 o'clock circles(right pc).
After you lock them all in, please tell me how to unglue myself from this game?!
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Angry colored shapes

i managed to set all three shapes, as described, but it just doesnt work !!! i swear its the same as in the "TAB" key (Inventory), and the power is on.... its just doesnt open !!!
what to do?
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You'll also have to 'activate' the console - on the side without any of the symbols, you'll see three 'switches' - activate all three (they can only be activated if you've correctly entered the 3 symbols) and you'll have access to the previously unaccessible doorway.

Have fun!
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Hi, I recently got Jedi Knight 2 "Jedi Outcast, and I am only on the first level but I am embarassingly stuck at the coloured codes, I have two in my datapad already, but I need help finding the green one, please tell me where to find it Thanks.
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Yeah I just got the green code, but now I am faced with a new problem. All my codes are the same as my "Tab" Key inventory, and the machine is online, but the switches on the side of the computer thingy just won't switch on, they dont have the usual red light on them which will turn to blue when the switch is activated, I dont know what to do, Ive seen a red switch which is covered by a shield above me, but there is no platform to get to it, and there is a shield on it . Please tell me what to do.
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Hi me again, I just accomplished my last problem. Jans run off to get the ship ready, while I wen't accross to the once unreachable area, I went through the big refridgerator, unlocked a door, but just down that corridor there is another locked door, how do I open I t, Thanks.
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Yeah, that's where I'm stuck too. I don't know if you made it to where I made it or not, but I'm stuck in the same area.


For you Jordan, go back inside the refrigerator thing from the second floor, but don't fall to the ground. Walk around the edge staying on the second floor, and go to the side where the arm is (the thing that looks like it rotates in the freezer room). Jump up that, and there's some more stuff up there. Make sure to go the other way (instead of straight across, walk along the edge on the outside of the freezer to the back) also to get the secret room.

I've killed everybody, and done everything I can think of, but I'm stuck again. I still haven't gotten that door open. How do you get all the things inside the hanger, where everything is up on ledges?
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Han Pedro
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i'm at the cpu's too, jans is at the second set of computers. i'm just running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. i've killed everyone, but now i cant figure out what to do....are there like actual walkthroughs in detail to tell you what to do?

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I just can't input the codes

Even after reading these messages, I find it absolutely impossible to enter the correct codes on these monitors. I've been at it a good half an hour over a few playing periods after having quit in frustration a few times.

I am making no progress at all. I tried what was suggested, hitting one screen at a time to match as much of the image as possible to that screen before going on to the next, but that does no good.

On each of the three colors, there is one side of the figure that never changes no matter what screen/button I push! And that side, guess what, does NOT match with the codes I see when I press TAB.

Is it possible that the image would match what I see when I press TAB, except that it is rotated to face a different direction? Alas, even assuming THAT I can make no progress.

I have gone at it systematically and have come nowhere close to getting even a single screen to match up. I hear this game becomes fun later on, but I am about to take the CD out of the machine and hit it with a hammer if I don't solve this soon.

Can anybody provide more explicit directions on how to solve this puzzle?
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I went up the elevator behing the glass window where the probe droids were. I ran up on the roof of the tunnel and dropped down to get the red code. I went back to the main array, imputed all three good right, and activated the platform. It worked, but a red sheild is still covering the door! What happened? I did everything else right on the level...
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Ya know, I've been playing video games for 15 years. I've never run into anything as maddening as this silly color-coded monitor station. Yeah, its on, I've got the codes, but no matter what I do, I can't get the codes to match the monitor. I'm frustrated, feeling sick, and about to wipe this stupid game off my hard drive. 15 minutes into the game on Padawan, and I'm totally stuck? F this.
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hi ,

I input the codes, machine is online, but the switches on the panel dont seem to work? What do i do? Thanks!

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I have completed this part twice now, maybe it was lcky or maybe i'm clever, but something still baffles me:

When you walk off the platform, towards the red or green area, and the locked doors. There is a buton in the small room where a grey-clad officer watches you (he then runs away). What did those buttons do?
I never noticed.
Also maybe this will help some of those who are stuck here.
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Did you actually find the codes or did you just read them from from this forum?
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I found the codes all by myself. I suspect that there is a problem with my version of the game. I bought it too so it should work fine right?
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Try the walkthrough which you can get to from the strategy page.
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Originally posted by Chrisivx

When you walk off the platform, towards the red or green area, and the locked doors. There is a buton in the small room where a grey-clad officer watches you (he then runs away). What did those buttons do?
I never noticed.
Also maybe this will help some of those who are stuck here.
i guess the buttons are for disabling the guns hanging from the ceiling in the room.

it was funny because i was alway walking along the walls (to be extra careful since i only have guns with me), and my message recorder thing just told me mission update, where it happen that i ran into the code.

hey. how ya doin?
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The codes DO work. Many of us have gotten by, so we know they do. Just be patient and systematic: as you flip each image around, trying to get them lined up, scroll through each section to see where the pieces land. You'll get them to line up.

Also, make sure to play through the whole level, flip every switch and get every key.

Also, when you come to places you're not sure about, PLEASE check the forums for pre-existing help. There is already help posted about the refrigerator room, for example.

Finally, if you get stuck, there are 1 or 2 walkthroughs available. Go to the strategy section of this website, and you'll find them posted there.

Good luck, and keep playing- the game picks up big time when you get your saber (soon). Check out PC Gamer's review for thoughts on this. The later levels, with full saber abilities and force powers, kick butt!

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OK OK OK hold up.

The codes work , i punched them in just today.
(just started JK2-been playing MOHAA ; ))

Here what u do :

1)get 3 codes blue,green and red.
Don't ask me where I don't know. When u press tab U should have 3 color codes listed.--Tip :Run around,press all switches,
look at bright flashy screens till ur eyes burn.

2)Go to main terminal, after u have switched it on(there is a button high up on the wall,just look up and turn till u see a button.)

3)For "RED"-code : Stand so that when u look up u see the red icon on the opposite wall.(u should be standi'n in the center of the room next to the main terminal.)

4)punch in red code-use all 3 screens- till image in center screen matches exaclty image in Datapad/Objective.
P.S : if u have entered it correctly ur datapad will say "Objectives blah blah Updated"

5)Next color -Follow step .2) to .4)

It doesn't matter which color u enter first just as long as u enter all three at their respective terminals.
Success: The fourth walkway should extend, u walk over to door,
go to next part.

GO..go on! U don't know what's in store for u! HAAA...HAA..HA..

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Smile I NEED HELP! (1st level)

I have completed my objectives upto the part where I needed to put in the codes.

I am now in the previously locked room. I encounter a few storm-troopers. Now I find no-way out!

What do I need to do to get out?
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Kill the officer in the room, take his security key, then ulock the door.
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The symbols are always aligned vertically. The moment I finish hitting all 3 codes, I go back to the green middle cube and then figure my way back out to the red cube where I started.
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Thumbs up

Originally posted by jordan_marsden
Hi, I recently got Jedi Knight 2 "Jedi Outcast, and I am only on the first level but I am embarassingly stuck at the coloured codes, I have two in my datapad already, but I need help finding the green one, please tell me where to find it Thanks.
I couldn't find it either... You have to make sure that when you discover the terminal where you call for help and she gets pinned down, you go back, help her out and make sure she follows you to the terminal where she will open the door across the corridor. The green code is in there. I can't remember 'her' name but you know who i mean. I had to start the level again though as she wouldn't follow me and kept pacing up and down other that that, i've only been playing it for a few hours and i think its great!!
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I only rember being stuck here for 10 minutes. It was kind of easy to find, since I like to go every before I end the level.

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Question AFTER the console codes!

For some reason, I didn't have much trouble with entering the codes either. But what is absolutely maddening is what happens next! Jan is at the console, I enter a corridor that eventually leads to the "refrigerator room," I climb on the giant arm and make it to the second floor (found 2 secret places on that level) enter the area where the giant bug zapper is. Kill off the rest of the guards but that is it. I have been stuck in this area for a WEEK! There just doesn't seem to be any way out. One would think that you could climb from the ledge to the room where the guards were exterminated earlier, but no way. Can't jumb in. The huge hall on the lower level is no apparent help after you knock out the three mounted guns and the guards. I have been back and forth, back and forth. PLEASE! can someone help?! You are my only hope, Skywalker.

Cygnux X-3
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Sam Fisher
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here's a walkthrough:


Walkthrough for Level 1 (kejim_post)


Starting Off

You and Jan start off behind a fighter, a small distance away
from two stormtroopers. Jan will carefully walk forward, and peek
around some crates. Follow her and check out where the troops are.
Before engaging them, look to the left and you will see a door. Inside
is a small room with a bunch of crates and a shelf; tripmines are
blocking it. Back away from the door and shoot the mines with your
blaster. Don't worry, the troopers won't notice. You can pick up the
blaster pack ammo, and there is an instant use healthpack there too.
After this, climb up on the crates to the top of the room, where you
will find the first secret, a health canister and battery. Exit the
room and move back towards the stormtroopers. Kill them, and then walk
around the small ledge in front of the ship. Around the corner
you will find an imperial officer, and stairs leading to a loading
platform with 5 additional stormtroopers. (There is also one up on the
ledge shooting down at you...kill him and enjoy the first falling death
of the game =). Notice that there is a gun turret on the platform, but
it is offline. After killing the troopers, Jan will attempt to break
through the main cargo door, commenting that your blasters will be
ineffective. You offer to find another way around. Shortly after your
conversation, three more troopers will emerge from around the corner to
the left of the door. Kill em, and walk around where they came from.
Go through the doorway and you will find a small room with a shield
regenerator (the small trash can with green lights. Press the use
button to charge your shields.) Jan reminds you to search any officers
for keys...this is important, and will be a task you frequently
have to accomplish throughout the game. Go through the door to find
an officer with, surprise surprise, a supply key! Notice that you
receive a message saying that it is a "supply" key. This type of
key will only open small locked storage crates. To unlock doors, you
will need an actual "security" key, usually found on higher ranking
officers. After killing this one, move to the lift and press the
button to ride up. You will now be on the ledge where you shot the
trooper who fell. Look to your right, and go into the will
see a thin lift along the right wall. Take it up into the control room.
Along the window you will see a panel with a picture of the turret from
the platform. Push it, and you will see a short cutscene of the turret
powering up, and an automated voice saying that the security system has
been activated. The alarms will start going off. Jan comments that
the door still wasn't open, but that she's got company...three
stormtroopers have come out onto the ledge. Go back down and wipe em
out, then make your way down to the platform again. Hop in the turret,
turn around and shoot the door, blowing it open. Follow Jan on to the
lift inside. You will pass a checkpoint, and the lift begins to move


The Blue Section

You are now in the "blue section" of the base (it's not apparent
at this point, but it's easier to wade through this guide if it's
somewhat sectioned off) Once at the door at the bottom, you will
instruct Jan to wait and cover your back. Make sure to notice the
lights on the door. They are green, which means the door is (usually)
open. Locked doors will have two red lights on them. I said "usually"
open because in this case, you have to press the button next to it, and
it will open. Inside is a long hallway with a green-light door to your
immediate right, a security room with a window to your left, and a
stormtrooper at the end. Once you move forward to kill the trooper,
five more will emerge from the door on the right. Jan will come through
and help you kill them. Once done, go into the cargo bay they came
from. Explore around the crates and you will find a belt of thermal
detonators and some batteries. Look at the container sitting over a
grate on the floor...learn to recognize those, because they explode
when you shoot them, often offering goodies or a hidden passage. Drop
through the broken grate and walk up the small set of stairs in this
dark room. Proceed around the corner to the right and walk to the end
of the long hallway. (you will see a door on the left, which only
leads you underneath the lift you took to get down). At the end of the
hallway is a large machine of some kind. You have to blow it up, but
be careful. It doesn't take many shots, but it will release a large
ball of fire that shoots back all the way to the end of the hallway.
Either shoot it while you're still at the end and just hide around the
corner, or get closer to it and use the door that leads under the large
lift. Once the machine is destroyed, walk all the way around it and
you will see a computer console and a small lift. Ride it up into a
VERY dark room. In this room you will see a grate on the floor. Shoot
it and drop through to get to the security room you saw when you first
came down into the base. Kill the officer, grab his supply key and
then look at the window to your right. You will see a row of buttons,
1 blue and 3 red. Push all the red buttons so that they are blue,
this opens a bunch of doors. Jan, who was waiting by the entrance door,
will now be able to come and join you in the room. She fiddles with
the computer, unlocks some more stuff, and tells you she's going to
hang around there to cause more trouble =).

Go to the shelf to her right, and pick up some blaster ammo.
Now, exit the room. You will encounter an officer and four troopers.
After dispatching them, go through the door
they came from. You will be in a room with two green light doors, one
on the left and one on the right. Let's go to the right first. Follow
the passage and you will see another cargo bay to the left with a whole
load of troopers, and a door on the right that leads to the original
cargo bay where you dropped through the floor. No need to go back in
there for now. Wipe out the troopers in the new bay, and find the
first security crate. These are the crates i mentioned that can be
opened with supply keys. Look at the small console side, press the
use button and it will open, giving you the light amplification goggles.
Grab them, and then move to the corner of the bay where there is a large
lift. Push the button and ride it will notice the the room
is pitch black, how handy that you just found the goggles! Turn them on
(default key is numberpad left) and explore the room. Jan radios you
and mentions that the base is divided into 3 sections...important info
for later. In the room behind some of the crates you will find a secret
area with two shelves containing an instant use healthkit and blaster
ammo. Turn around and go to the right, around more crates and you will
see a dimly lit small maintenance door. Crouch, walk through it and go
into a room with four troopers and an officer. Kill them, grab his
supply key and head over to the control panel. You will comment that
the blue symbol looks like an imperial code, and you receive a message
that your objectives have been updated. Check them and you will see
instructions to input the code at the "main array". You'll encounter
this later. Look to at the rest of the console and you will see a map
of the base, conveniently colored in red blue and green. Notice that
there is a blue button lit up, and the blue section of the map is lit
as well. Push the other two buttons, and see the red and green part
of the base light up too. You can now access more of the base.

Take the door out of this room and you will find a forcefield
with a button next to it. Push the button to let down the forcefield,
and then climb up the stairs. At the top of the stairs you'll need to
kill two troopers. Just to get your bearings, walk through the
green-light door in front of you to see the cargo area with the lift.
Now, standing at the top of the stairs, facing the door to the bay, go
left. Along this hallway you will find three troopers. After killing
them, go over to the shelf next to the thin window that looks out on a
few suspended walkways. Pick up the healthkit and blaster ammo, then
continue down the hallway. You will encounter one trooper at the end,
and then be able to see the main array. Make another mental note and
study this area. Remember how Jan said the base was in 3 different
parts, and you just unlocked the green and red areas? Well, look at
the symbols above the doorways on each plank. Blue, Red, and Green.
Coincidence? heh. Now move toward the main array. You will see that
there is a screen for the three colored icons. If you try to press
anything, Kyle comments that it is offline. That's ok, you need to
get the green and red codes first anyway. Go into the GREEN section
from here.


The Green Section

There are two ceiling mounted turrets in the room, along with a
small windowed security room with an officer. The turrets will start
shooting you, but there's no need to try and blow them up. Strafe
through the room to avoid them and and move around to the left of the
windowed room. Go through the green-light door, and immediately turn
right to go up in the security room. Kill the officer, and press the
button to turn off the turrets. In either corner of the room you will
find a shield recharger, a shelf with a couple assault rifles, and a
health canister on the floor. go out of the security room and head
straight. Kill the 3 stormtroopers, and then head down the set of
stairs to your left. Go through the door and kill the four troopers in
this room. Near the end of the room, by another set of stairs leading
up, is a security console. Press the button that looks different, and
you will hear and conversation between yourself and Jan, telling her to
come help with the computer. Walk away from the console and wait a few
moments. Jan will radio you and tell you she's under attack from
troopers and needs your help. Doh! Go back out of this room the way
you came, up the small set of stairs and out by the main array again.
You will see two troopers guarding the way back to the blue section.
Kill them and then run down the hallway.


Back to the Blue Section (momentarily)

Go into the first door on your left (remember this one? Where I
told you to previously get your bearings?) It leads into the cargo bay
where you'll find Jan and the troopers. Help her wipe them out, then
she'll bitch at you for taking your sweet time to get there, then asks
to be led to the computer. *Sigh* now all the way back to the green
section. If you really can't remember...exit the cargo bay where you
came out, turn right and go down the hallway, past the main array and
into the green area.


The Green Section (continued)

(Notice the turrets are inactive now :-) proceed through the
security room, and with your back to the booth doors, head down the
stairs to your left. Lead Jan over to the console, where she will fool
around with some more stuff. You see a short cutscene showing a
red-light door unlocking, turning to green. Again Jan will stay to
screw around, so go back out the way you came again. (You could go
up the stairs to the right of the console, but I figured you'd be more
familiar with that other small set of stairs by now). Now, looking at
those stairs that lead down to the room you just came out of, go
straight and enter the first green-light door on your right. Kill the
officer and four troopers. To the left of the door you entered, there
is a shelf with yet more blaster ammo and a healthkit. on the floor is
a health canister and your first large shield booster. Go explore the
rest of the room, and by the red and blue displays you will find the
green clearance code on a wall terminal. Your objectives are updated
accordingly. With your back facing that terminal, head through the
door that is right in front of you. you are now back in the hallway.
go right and you will see a set of stairs leading up. Follow them up
to a short hallway. There is a green-light door to your immediate
right, a thin door at the end directly in front of you, and another
green-light door at the end over to the left. Take the door on the
right first. In this small room you will see various computers and a
couple crates. Now, remember way back when you blew up that crate to
drop through the floor? These crates are the same kind. You can blow
them up, or just walk around behind them to find a shelf with, yes, more
blaster ammo and a healthkit. Go back out of the room into the short
hallway. Go through the thin door, and walk up the small stairs to a
windowed control booth similar to the one you saw with the turrets.
Well, there are turrets outside of this one as well...push the button
to turn them off. In the corner of the security booth you'll get some
more blaster rifles and another health canister. Go out of the booth
and head right, through the green-light door. In this room there is a
lift...if you try to operate it, you'll hear a few mechanical sounds but
nothing will happen. That's ok, we can come back later. Backtrack
allll the way to the main array (not as hard as it sounds, really...exit
the lift room, go down the stairs and follow the long hallway to the
very end, and you'll be by the green security booth again. Go out on
the planks, and now it's time for the red section.


The Red Section

The red section has the same layout as the first room in the
green section...ceiling turrets, security booth with guard. So, do the
same by the turrets, through the green-lit door and take a
right up into the booth. Kill the guard, grab the rifles and health
canister (damn, at least the remnant forces are consistent :-) and then
walk out of the booth. With your back to the booth door, you'll see
two ways to go...straight, or up a set of stairs to the left. Take the
stairs. Kill the two troopers up here, and then circle around to the
left to find a small lift. There's no button to press, just wait a few
seconds and it will take you up. Kill the troopers and check out the
room. It's an observation deck the overlooks the main array area you've
been running through. Press the button in the middle of the window...
you'll see that it lets down a forcefield which is blocking another
button on the walkway lining the array area. Go out the doorway on the
right to walk along the ledge. Press the button once you're there, and
turn around to see a part of the array extend downward, activating an
energy beam. You can also see an officer and a bunch of troopers run
into the observation room you just came from. Doh! Head back into the
room, kill them, and then make your way back to the bottom of the curved
stairs. This will lead you right back to the doors to the security booth
and the turret room.

Now, turn with your back to the booth door, like you did before.
Instead of heading up the stairs, go straight. Go through this room's
door, into an area with two supply crates on the left side. Because
you've picked up the necessary supply keys, you can open both of them.
Each contains a health canister. Finish off the troopers in this room,
then go to the opposite end. You will see a control panel with a
picture of a satellite dish on it. Press it a few times to see
some interesting cutscenes. After you're done, turn around and
take the hallway on the right. You will see a red-lit door on your
left...go past it. On the left will be one trooper, along with weapon
and shield rechargers. On the right is a green-lit door. Stock up if
you need to, then proceed through this door. You'll see a couple
troopers get blown up by a leaking gas pipe. Go left into the long
tunnel, and kill the trooper. Once you reach the end of the tunnel,
there will be a cutscene showing it explode behind you. Proceed down
the hallway and take the door on the right, leading to some stairs.
At the bottom you'll find a room with three hovering droids, take them
out, and notice the small lift along the left wall, with an ammo
recharger at the top. Ride it up and recharge. You can go through the
door here if you want, but it only leads to the 2nd red tunnel, which
will blow up when you get halfway through it, forcing you to go back
anyway. So, once you finish using the recharger, hop back down and
find the other small lift located behind the glass panel. This takes
you up to a short passageway that leads outside. You will now be next
to the radar dish you saw in the cutscenes a few steps back. Kill the
two hover droids, then walk along the roof of the passageway on the
right. There is a hole in the roof at the end...drop down and kill the
2 troopers. Head left through the small door and kill the officers and
trooper, then grab the ammo and healthkit from the shelf. The green-lit
door leading out of this room will run you into yet more troopers and an
officer, as well as a console with the final command code, the red one.
Go out the door to the left of the console and kill the three troopers.

You will notice that you are back in the hallway next to the room
with the satellite buttons. Turn right to go back in this room. It
should be fairly easy to backtrack through the room, past the stairs and
through the security area, out onto the main array platforms. Finally!
You can turn the damn thing on. For each panel, press the three buttons
until the image matches the icon in your objectives. Once all 3 icons
match, go to the last side of the array and push all three switches. A
walkway will extend in front of you, allowing progress forward. You
radio Jan to tell her to prep the ship, and then continue on your way.
Go straight through this new door, and on to the next level.

stuck in an eternity of sunshine and chocolate.
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