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Thread: Mind Damage and tank issues <READ>
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Exclamation Mind Damage and tank issues <READ>

Ok I have a problem with SWG approach to damage and stats... just to set it all out on the table....

We all know Trand's (lizards) and Wookies are two very good classes for tanks in this game. Both start out with great health stats and not too bad action stats... but the whole issue about tanking is becoming the mind stat. If you havent noticed... NO PROFESSSION can heal mind damage and this is a huge issue. Medics are healers and often work well with tanks such as brawlers, but the problem is that we can only heal health / action... this totally limits groups because they end up having trouble killing higher mobs with more people only because medics cant heal mind which tanks often take dmg to. While there is less of a chance that a creature will hit your mind stat vs action or health it is still quite and issue because NOTHING can heal it... so a group of 10 people end up having trouble taking white con mobs because the tank dies of mind damage... this is a SERIOUS issue that needs to be addressed.

Now, back to the racial issue... well Trands and Wookies have great health and action but their mind stat is very poor, making this very illogical and unreasonable. Its to the point where a race like zabrak (intelligent weak race) is almost considered a better tank only because their mind stats are through the roof. I hope they address this soon, because it discourages big groups because tanks just cant handle these mind hits... Now while entertainers can heal mind WOUNDS they cant heal mind DAMAGE, so this issue really needs fixed because medics just cant keep their tanks alive without being able to heal mind.

While this is a problem, there are still a few ways to work around this problem:

1) Foods like melon and more increase your mind stats for a short period for tanks that are having trouble

2) Stat migrate - start taking some of that health and action and put it towards mind / focus / willpower to keep yourself alive

SWG Team, please address this issue soon, its making it very difficult for groups.
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I agree that there's a mind problem. My observations are a little less global than Aenoin's, though.

My main issue is that the mind stat can easily make the game pretty boring pretty fast. Here's an example. Last night I couldn't get a group so I was just futzing around with my wookie. Killed a few things, health got low, so I thought I'd gather some resources while I waited to heal. Did that, blue bar down to about 1/5th.

Health back up to full... great! I'll go kill something. I picked something blue, started attacking, health still fine... oh my god, I died! I forgot that if the mind or any other stat is low, you can be killed from it.

It's almost like you're forcing us to be bored at some point. If I don't sit for my health, I sit for my mind from doing resources (why resources takes up mind points, I'll never understand, but that's another issue). Without 'healing', both the red and the blue bars fill up really slowly. If I carry stimpacks, I can heal physical damage. As already mentioned, there are no heals for minds. So I sit and wait, and wait, and wait...

And that, coupled with the increased costs of action and mind for resource gathering that you imposed, makes for a pretty dull game sometimes. It seemed to be better before you "fixed" resource gathering. At least it was a steady flow of stuff to do.

I though that this game was supposed to be different from EQ in that we weren't going to be forced to group constantly to be able to do anything at all. I really hope you're not going down that path... sometimes people want to be able to do things on their own from time to time. If you are doing that, then I'll probably just wait for EQ2.

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Mind is healed be dancers and entertainers...please read the manual. BTW if you want to solo do it carefully, plan out your attack and make sure to have a back up plan. I am already a master marksman and i have yet to die. Just can go around killing things without thinking
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Bring someone with you who has entertainer training I've seen tons of marksman and brawlers with it.

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