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Thread: Server Recommendations??
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Server Recommendations??

Hi everyone, I'm the type of person that enjoys a good challenge, when I play I use any means neccesary to win, and I expect anyone else I am playing to do the same.

I have had quite a few Bad experiences playing this game online, getting kicked and flamed for just wanting to play. I hate all the silly little rules ppl have added to this game like bowing, "saber off = peace, and going into a ffa server only to find everyone standing around with saber off chatting, not to mention all the ppl that are just general *ssholes. It has gotten so frustrating before that I actually Quit playing for some months just because of the people.

I've been playing fps games since Doom, all of this ettiquette stuff just goes against my grain, I just wanna play. To me, JK2 is a fps game with lightsabers in it.

So I'm not trying to troll or flame, I'm just trying to explain myself.
Well, to get to the point, I found a couple of servers that I really enjoy, Where everyone just plays, they are:

"Hunting" and
"sithblisters Blisterhouse"

The only problem is, is that one is constantly full, and the other one is empty except for bots a lot of times(don't ask me why cause it's a kick-*ss server?). so now that I have explained the type of gameplay that I am looking for, I was just wondering if anyone knows of or could recommend any good servers for me that are kinda similar to the ones I have mentioned?

I realize that this community is divided, and some ppl might take offense to what I have said, but I'ts not like that. I realize that I am not welcome on some servers because of the way I play, and I would rather stay away from those. I don't want ruin other ppl's games just as much as I don't like mine being ruined. I just wanna find out where other ppl like me go to play. I know there are others like me, I may not post much, but I do read the forum here a lot.

Btw - my player name Is Disgruntled _Padawan or just Disgruntled sometimes. Also, my apoligies to everyone for being so long winded.
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i think those are the only good gun servers with little to none b******* . most of the servers out there are saber only with the jedi academy mod and always on ffa_bespin.
when i move into the dorms this fall, i might make my own gun server, but we'll just hvae to see when that time comes....

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Try the game Elite Force, my god is it getting bad in there. RPG'ing is now so big it's changing the game from FPS to RPG, people are making maps purely for RPG'ability. I went onto a server recently to play the game mod Assimilation, you have two teams, the borg and the federation, borg assimilate feds, feds kill borg queen. One person on there left because I wanted to play and he wanted to run around finding secrets! Before he left he tried to get me kicked for playing!

I totally understand what it's like man, you buy a game to play it only to find a lot of people out there don't wanna play it and expect you to waste your money because they don't see the point in playing when they want to RPG or find secrets.

Luckily in EF RPG servers were set up to remove them from game servers which helped some, but there are still people out there intent on stopping games to get their own non-game way. - collaborating all the Stargate mods out there.

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try my old clanserver


near the top of the list. myself and others try to keep it as franticly-pased as possible

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Get Cloned.
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I go to the Server, but it has those "silly little rules" as you call them, but I also like the Chop Shop Disruption for instagibs.
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k well u obvious need 2 redo ur prioritiez cuz it plain that u r need 2 learn true honor and how 2 be a true jediz
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Originally posted by TK8252MJL
I go to the Server, but it has those "silly little rules" as you call them, but I also like the Chop Shop Disruption for instagibs.
But thats just whats they are silly little rules, thers basically 1% player servers the rest have the crappy rules.

If you want some solid ctf action that you dont have to rpg in, try united coruscant i regularly play there under this name or denethor. Alot of fun but you do get the odd whiner who complains about being chatkilled or being killed with his saber down in a full force, ctf, full gun server!!! with no rules or mods to speak of, talk about whining!!

Maybe ill see you on there sometime

Aye your ma.
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