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Thread: JAMPDed.exe crashes
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Question JAMPDed.exe crashes

I'm running a dedicated server called Dark Jedi Master Misfits. It's a Pentium 4 1.5GHz with 512MB RDRAM with Windows XP Pro SP1 with all updates. I'm running Norton Antivirus Pro 2003, VNC, and AOL IM. When I run any map with any/or/no mods running with JAMPDED.EXE, it runs for about 10 mins and crashes. But it I run JAMP (the one that comes with the game) it works fine, it's been running now for three days...Any suggestions?

Here's my server.cfg:
// Server Config
seta g_motd "^1Dark Jedi Master Misfits Home Server" // Slogen
sets "Config File" "Jedi Wars"
seta sv_hostname " ^1Dark Jedi Master Misfits Home Server" // Name of Server
sets "Admin" "JediMasterSKS"
sets "Admin E-Mail" ""
sets "Hours" "24 by 7."
sets "Clan" "DJMM"
sets ".Configured By" "JediMasterSKS"
seta sv_maxclients "9" //Total Number of players
seta sv_privateClients "1" //Total Number of Reserve slots
seta sv_privatePassword "" // Password for Reserve slots
seta rconPassword "xxxx" // Password for Rcon
seta sv_maxPing "200" // Set the Ping conections will slow server
seta g_inactivity "0" // my preferance
seta com_HunkMegs "32" // stable the server
seta sv_minclients "0"
seta sv_maxRate "10000" // stable the server
seta sv_minPing "0"
seta g_forcerespawn "3" // my preferance
seta sv_fps "50" // Some set this higher
seta com_zoneMegs "16" // stable the server
seta com_SoundMegs "16" // stable the server
seta sv_reconnectlimit "3" // stable the server
seta g_warmup "0" // my preferance
seta sv_zombietime "30" // stable the server
seta g_gravity "500" // dont need this my preferance
seta g_speed "275" // dont need this my preferance
seta g_dismember "1" // If you like Dismemberment
seta g_maxForceRank "7" // 1 to 7
seta g_allowvote "1" // 0 no vote 1 vote
seta sv_allowDownload "1" // 1 truns this on dont
seta sv_allowAnonymous "1"
seta g_doWarmup "0" // my preferance
seta sv_floodProtect "1" // stable the server
seta g_friendlyfire "0" // my preferance
seta sv_pure "1"
seta g_synchronousclients "0" // stable the server
seta g_privateDuel "1" // my preferance
seta g_saberLocking "1" // my preferance
seta g_weaponDisable "65531" // Disable weapons
seta g_forcePowerDisable "0" // All Force Power
seta g_saberDamageScale "1" // 0.5 half 2 twice damage.
seta g_ForceRegenTime "200" // my preferance
seta g_saberLockFactor "6" // my preferance
seta sv_timeout "300" // my preferance
seta g_weaponrespawn "0" // my preferance
seta dmflags "8"
// gametypes
// 0 = FFA
// 3 = DUEL one on one tournament
// 7 = SIEGE
// 8 = CTF
set g_gametype 0
set timelimit 9999
set capturelimit 9999
set bot_enable 1 // if you want bots add this
// set bot_minplayers 1 // put the amount of bots needed
set g_autoMapCycle 1
map mp/ffa1


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I host with JAMP.EXE and haven't had any problems. If you aren't having problems using it, I would run with that. To be 100% honest, i'm not sure what the difference is between the the Dedicated server versus running a dedicated server thru JAMP.EXE. (If anyone knows, please let me know) Also I'm not sure if your RCON password posted about is the real password or not but if you posted it accidently, you might want to change it to keep people from messaing with the server. Hope this helps

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Try 1.01/1.011

Try the new servers (and patch) posted on

Granted, they are the update, so they are only compatible with each other, but should hopefully be better and maybe even more stable!

Download JK2 maps for JA Server|BOOT CAMP!|Strategic Academy|
(JA Server:

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