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Thread: undeveloped swordman
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undeveloped swordman

i dont know if any of you noticed or even care about melee fighting since all the issues here have been about range fighting and people demanding more from it. on swordman profession you get blocks that are empty on skill modifieler all you get is like a move that dosent seem all that useful either. i find it strange that the developer would leave a block that need a huge sum of expirance and combat expirance for a block that is virtualy empty. it dosent leave insentive for people to take that road and spending to aquire next to nothing. i do realize in the world of star war it is heavily based on range weapons but i would say its just too inbalanced for the game with people not even care and demanding more avantages for range weapons.

The developers seem to have made the TK's very powerful and tough like a tank i am more than baffled to why other close ranged fighters been so ignored. maybe somebody elese here would agree with me that empty skill modifiler boxes really do suck?
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I am 100% melee Master Brawler, Master Heavy Swordsman, TK warrior, Duelist and Novice pikman , Melee defense is around 169 and my range is around 148, i cant remember off hand.. At first i became a Master Heavy swordsman, because there was'nt any at all. Well , a Master Anything Melee should be able to hold his own right?? well wrong.. I would get into groups and just like clockwork.. All the BH, Riflemen,pistoleers,commandos, etc. would send in there pets and shortly after pets gained agro, i would go in.. Well i would outdamage the pets and get my ass kicked ! everytime, no matter what combo of armour or weapon i would use..So now with the new patch, came higher melee defense and range defense, i notice some change, and im able to absorb more hits. But now my Prey in PVP, all the BHs, Commandos ETC, Now they have HIGHER melee defense too, What the crap is that.. Anyone who is not in Direct combat with a mob should not have high melee defense, thats why they use a gun and a pet. Melee Only classes should be the ONLY ones with high melee and range defense..Due to the fact we are in direct combat with mobs.. I swear to god , that the Devs or anyone from sony SWG dont even play this game, cause they have NO CLUE !. Also, i think its total crap that they make TKs so melee strong. I had to cross over Pikeman, Fencer and TK, and combine it with Master heavy swordsman.. Point being, a Master of any melee art, should be about equal. stat wise..but thats why u see a millions TK masters, and so few Swordsman ,, but im not about to give up being a swordsman. If this is the case,, then they should throw out all melee classes alltogether. I mean if a novice pistoleer with a pet and whip out a TK Master or any Master of melee, that is ridiculous..i could go on and on, but all i know is SWG has alot of growing to do, its gonna come down to whos going to stick with the growing pains...

Master Brawler
Master Heavy Swordsman
TK Warrior
Novice Pikeman
Master of Melee !

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yea i do agree with you there. i am hoping that if we all voice our concern and point it out as a major factor things will be done to balance it more. i know the world of star wars is based on range fighting but why put melee fighting at all if it will not at least give a good run for thier money.

In the end NO professions should be better than the other it should just be DIFFERENT rather than one is better than other it just stupid it iwasnt for people like us the game would be broken and you end up with just range fighters. the TK i can understand being powerful but then they are way more powerful than all the other profession. they need to pull up the other melee fighters and yes as it was mention put down the melee defense of range fighters because that stupid, why do range fighters need melee defense they shouldnt even be in at that close range! thats how it should be played.

i also like to point out one advance sword offense block 3 you have the perks of +20 defense vs stun, vs knock down and vs dizzy +10 melee toughness. (or something as such) is it just me or dose that sound like it should be on the defense tree, on the counter part on the defense tree lvl 3 you get a specail move? isnt that completly the wrong way around? and how many professions do you see with so many empty skill modifiler blocks?

melee fighters are completly broken and it needs to be fixed like TK (maybe the TK are too powerful as well) i am saying in the end swordman and other melee weapon users are completly ignored in its development whiles others get better and more useful we seem to get more useless.
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