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Thread: Vengeance Cast Upon Lamers = Too Cool
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Originally posted by Marker0077
You don't play much. At least not in Duel mode. If you did, you would understand.
Eh? Understand what? I understand that bowing and then calling people names is not the way to show respect. And how do you know when, where, and how often I play? And really, what does it matter in this case?
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Get Cloned.
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EniaC, please look up "pwn" and "n00b" in the dictionary, exactly how they are spelt. Does it really matter what some dictionary says about video game lingo?
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Originally posted by eniaC
I hate that
That is so damn rude to fill up the screen with chat garbage when two people are dueling.
That use to be my favorite game type until all the damn binds/killtrackers/and just plain out chatting destroyed it for me.
I was referring to JK2 more than JK3, I'm not a fan of all the chatting while playing either but this will be fixed soon. Chosen One has already made a CVar for putting this back to the way it was in JK2 & I believe Razorace is doing this as well, along with one to put chat back to the top of the screen.
Originally posted by WadeV1589
Mark you said "So because I use common place terminology that makes me homophobic? eeeyah, you keep fishin pal." Gay as an insult is not common place, if you think it is, you're homophobic.
Ya right, you're gay.

lol, I'm just kidding, sorry, I couldn't resist. Seriously though, I don't know why you don't think that it isn't common place, I hear people say it all the time not only in America, but the UK as well. More with Americans but I do hear it occasionally from my UK friends as well.
Originally posted by WadeV1589
Why? Because anyone who is truly OK with gay people will never use it as an insult. The only people who have a right to use gay as an insult are gay people themselves and you'll find a mere handful (those usually worried about their sexuality) will.
Riiiiiight, & black people are the only ones that can say n*gger also right? Wrong, this is america & anyone can say anything they like, now that might lead up to a fight but that's the chance you take I guess.

To be honest, I'm not okay with gays. I think a dude bangin another dude is one of the most disgusting things to ever exist, oddly enough I don't have a problem with watching 2 girls go at it but to each their own. Now just because I don't agree with their sexual preferance, that doesn't make me homophobic. It just makes me a hedrosexual. Try to be a little bit more open minded. I'm not rainin on anyones gay parade, don't be so sensitive about how people choose their terminology, I didn't start the saying FFS.

Either way though, this has nothing to do with what we are talking about.
Originally posted by WadeV1589
I don't know if you've realised yet but you keep saying the majority believe what you do about people like this guy you killed...but in this thread the majority have either laughed in your face or stated quite clearly how wrong they think you are.
Um, again, read what's going on before you post. There's really only 2 people disagreeing with me here & you're one of them. For the most part, people are looking at the book of posts & moving on without bothering to read them. Can't say I blame them, this debate is rather pointless.
Originally posted by WadeV1589
I'd leave it if I were you, you're in the minority here no matter what you believe and insulting people helps non.
ya, that 2 to 1 majority will get you everytime (lol).
Originally posted by g//plaZma
Wrong. Competitive players know the game inside and out. Maybe someone should post demos of some of the oldschool JK2 FF duel matches.
Oh that's right, because you play on a ladder that gives you worlds of more knowledge than the normal players who play everyday. Ya right man. On a ladder you might play better players back to back but not much more. Not only that, it sounds to me like you're just playing the same people over & over.

Either way though, your lack of understanding what the majority of the Duel mode community leads me to believe you don't know what you are talking about. Keep in mind, I'm talking about things from a Duel mode perspective & most Duel servers are NF or jump only. You seem to be coming from a FF only perspective which I can't say 1 thing about 1 way or the other but I would think it wouldn't be much different.
Originally posted by g//plaZma
haha DarkSide huh? Yeah, two of the best players on the DarkSide stats (not ranked too high right now cuz they probably don't play as much), brutal+/< and fatal+/< are part of my team (clan) so plz stfu. DarkSide players aren't that good.
That's the thing, you talk all this smack but yet you haven't responded to any of my challenges. I'm not one of the top DS players but I still have the heart to play - you won't even accept the damn challenge. This is the third time FFS.

As for Fatal, I think I remember him from the JK2 days, not positive though. Why is it that you are the one talking all this smack? Where are they? If he was a DS player then he'd know exactly what I'm talking about. Where is he?

Exactly, you're all talk dude.
Originally posted by g//plaZma
In the competitive community it's a common belief that standing up for yourself is winning. Flaming does come in but it's mostly just friendly poking fun. No need to get all serious about it.
Standing up for yourself & winning has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with each other - nothing.

Please keep talking dude, by some of the stuff you say your just proving to me time & time again you are not half as good as the guys you keep bringing up.
Originally posted by g//plaZma
I wouldn't exactly put it up to you to set the standard in age. I mean look at you, you're 21 (or so it says in your avatar) and you bow to other fellow honorable jedis to show your honor in an online multiplayer game. See my point?
My avatar says that was me on my 21st birthday, it doesn't say I am 21.

Secondly, yet again, I've been playing since JK first came out & because I play nothing but Duel mode, there is time to chat with those who are online so when you spend over a year talking with the community, you develop certain facts.

Look, I know I know what I am talking about. I really wish you would stop playing it out like you do as well.
Originally posted by g//plaZma
Actually, there's always been more activity in the JK2 FF dueling ladders than NF.
Ladders is the operative word there, did I say ladders?

Anyways, I just did an update using ASE for Duel mode only servers. There are a total of 3 Duel FF servers online & not 1 of them has anyone in them. There are a total of 39 No Force servers. There are a total of 53 servers, so that obviously means there are total of 14 servers that have inbetween settings. Now I noticed that DarkSide & some BWN servers were in the no force list, so appearently ASE lists the force jump only servers in with the no force servers.

For JK2, there are a total of 20 online servers. 4 of them are FF, 10 of them are NF. So that would leave 6 with inbetween.

Again, there are not that many FF Duel servers.
Originally posted by g//plaZma
I know what happens. I get the whole server yelling at me and telling me I have no honorz, as I proceed to kick ass and half way after I win 10 duels straight, I get vote-kicked off because no one can handle it. Been there, done that. As for the ignorant comment... laff.
So it's everyone in the server? It's not you, it's everyone else? You're right, you're not ignorant.

Let's just say for the sake of the arguement that what you are saying is true. They all can't handle j00 1337 skillz so they vote you out & everyone at DS sucks, so why don't you play there? There's no way you are going to get that treatment at DS & everyone who plays there sucks so you'll win right? Why not play there?

What you say just doesn't add up dude & I'm starting to think you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink it. I'm really trying to show you what our point of view is but I'd really appreciate it if you would listen to yourself from time to time.
Originally posted by g//plaZma
Again, someone should post some oldschool JK2 FF duel demos. That's real dueling.
Perhaps but what "real dueling" is is a matter of opinion. I think NF dueling is where it's at, you think FF is where it's at. Neither of us is wrong, just an opinion difference - nothing more.

Most people play NF but I can understand the "What's Star Wars without force powers" concept also. I would like to get into FF someday but I have to go with the masses for the time being.
Originally posted by g//plaZma
Force adds more complexity to the game and therefore is shunned by most pubs. And that's the reason why it's played most in ladders.
"by most pubs"? You're being similar to stereotypical except you're the only one that says that. I can't help you understand where we are coming from if you're not even going to be open minded towards it. Then again, perhaps you've already made your decision & you've been wasting both of our time.

FF would add more a bit more complexity to the game but pple constantly healing & making Duels take so much longer than necessarry gets old real fast. I think that's probably why most people choose NF only. That & force powers get in the way of the actual duel.
Originally posted by g//plaZma
Comments like "You suck Flipside" isn't playing holier than thou? Oh ok.
No it's not, it's being derogatory. Saying "I'm better than you" *might* be considered holier than thou, even that's a grey area, it's really how you look at it.
Originally posted by g//plaZma
Stfu honor nub. That's not what I said. If Darth Chewbacca didn't just blow a load in your eyes then maybe I think you would have read it better.
Wow, we have some real intellectual conversationists in the house tonight don't we folks?

Saying "You're complaining about how people play (yet they're using valid non-cheating tactics). " isn't saying that but then again, it's not that far off now is it?
Originally posted by g//plaZma
Again, two of my teammates (clanmates) are among the top of the list on that stat server.
That's great & all but we're not talking about them, the fact that you know (for the sake of the arguement) good players doesn't compare with the majority of the people out there playing Duel mode. If whomever is or was a DS player & is or was all this & that, bring them forth & let them speak. I'd like to hear what they have to say.
Originally posted by g//plaZma
Yeah, you need to watch those jk2 demos...
No, you need to look at the server numbers - that's where I get my info. Look, I'm not saying that JK2 FF duel wasn't cool, I'm sure it was tit's city, but we're moving onto JK3 now & there really isn't a FF duel community for JK3. Servers have certain variables that they have viewable from the net, one of which is one called "g_forcePowerDisable" & that tells you what the server is set to. Comparing the Raven lists from tonight, you would get more JK2 NF duel servers than you would if you put the JK2 & JK3 FF duel servers together.
Originally posted by g//plaZma
Your comment was directed to the general public. Saying laming and disrespect is the same applies to me too.
My comment was directed towards someone else, it was posted in public but it doesn't change the facts.

let's do a quick recap. You said "Ok, so I'm now labeled disrespectful because I've been banned many times from JK2 servers in the past for "laming." I get it now. Thanks for clearing that up"". Now by stating "so I'm now labeled disrespectful" would lead anyone with common sense to believe that you were thinking that comment was directed towards you.

When it's someone elses name in the quotes - that's not to you.

And what I said was being disrespectful is lame. Is english not your first language? At this point, I'm not kidding. Is english seriously your first language?
Originally posted by MasterSidious
lol. Wow, ppl are oppinionated. Especially with the big posts. I feel I get really pissed sometimes at people in game too, but this doesn't mean that I want to ban them or hate them forever. I just move on as time goes by like I treat everything else.
Agreed. I don't hate the guy, I just thought what he did was uncool & he got what he deserved, next thing you know these 2 want to debate over pointless topics. Woteva.
Originally posted by MasterSidious
BTW Wade, how dare you you ****ing old school freak. Do not "chastize" or whatever for the use of the word "gay". Its "up-to-date" meaning is stupid, dumb or something along these lines. The word makes it so that when you're older you don't have to say things like, "You are stupid"(<------ not cool shizzy). So there's an explanation for the word gay. Its a new much better word. Use it and love it bitch.
lol. just goes to show you, people do use the word gay in that fashion.
Originally posted by Rumor
o yes i know a couple considering i have dueled ever since i started playing jk2.
Welcome to the club, what's the point?
Originally posted by Rumor
fatal and brutal? they are in my clan and i recruited them duh.
Yet again, your point?

Wait a sec, what are you doing Plazma? Bringing in clannies to agree with you to make it seem more like people agree with you & not me? lol.
Originally posted by Rumor
as for you knowing the mentality of duelers? you are obviously only around those that strictly adhere to the honor codez cuz tehy r teh leif.
I played on DS & other NF servers for the most part in JK2 & in JK3 it's the same area of gameplay just more of us now. It's no longer just DS which I think is great. When you hang out with a community everyday for over a year, I think you are entitled to make a fair essesment of what the majority of their opinions will be.
Originally posted by Rumor
that was a small portion of the community compared to the ones that hated that bull**** in jk2.
I'm not calling you a liar but if the FF duel community is as high as you seem to be making it out, why would it be any different for JK3? It just doesn't make sense & I have a hard time believing what you are saying is anything more than your own opinion. I look at the server numbers & speak on fact.
Originally posted by Rumor
of course you are teh allmighty marker you know everything.
Those are your words - not mine. I never played myself out that way, you just don't like what it is I am saying for whatever reason & this is the best form of rejection you could come up with.
Originally posted by Rumor
not in ja no. but those that us that were at the top of the game in jk2 know ff/so in and out and can easily take you down.
Ya, I keep hearing that alot yet everyone just talks & doesn't do anything to back their words.
Originally posted by Rumor
even though many of us have only booted up the game to test xmod and to do matches on TWL. funny how the top 2 teams on the ff/so tdm ladder never even play but when they have a match? funny how they are both teams that were in the top 3/4 for ff/so tdm in jk2? funny how the clans we've faced have practiced day in and day out with this game but we continually rape their pink sphincters?
Again, more talk. Have some of your "top of the ladder" boys go against some of the DS top 10 & come & talk to me. It's all a load of BS to me until that glorious moment.
Originally posted by WadeV1589
MasterSidious...I live in the 21st century too and that is certainly not a word for stupid. It originally meant happy, then it became the word for homosexual - words do change. It still is the word for homosexual and so to use it to mean "stupid" as well is extremely rude and ignorant.

I have no idea where you got that idea from but that was my point, some people honestly believe it is fine to use it in that context when it really is not.
It's slang dude, like you would say playing a video is cool. The word cool has nothing to do with doing something fun or enjoyable but if you look it up in the dictionary, it states it is a slang term for something similar to that. They just don't list gay as a slang term for non-cool because it's derogatory. if they were to add it, gays would go nuts (no punt intended). :-)
Originally posted by FK | unnamed
I think people who bitch about laming/no honor/bowing are just drama queens looking for attention.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.
Originally posted by FK | unnamed
I mean really, it's just a ****ing video game.
The video game is irrelevent, being a jagoff is being a jagoff. I knew the guy knew people would take it that way & he got what was coming to him. It was pretty cool.
Originally posted by FK | unnamed
Who gives two ***** if some guy violates your silly little made up role playing virtual code of ethics?
Alot of people. You'd be surprised. It's not like I'm saying "you must bow before battle", what I'm saying is don't be premature, take 5 seconds out of your busy schedule & let your opponent bow. What's so bad about that?

Look, anyone can say anything they like. This is just the way the majority of the Duel mod community feels & nothing is going to change that. If you can't wait 5 seconds, people are going to think you're a prick. Again, NOTHING is going to change that.
Originally posted by FK | unnamed
Damn, why is it so hard for some of you to just play the game and leave the little girl drama at home?

Actually this is getting to be much too much. I'm trying to get these 2 to see where I'm coming from but it's becoming appearent that all they realistically want is to complain.
Originally posted by Darth Kaan
Simple. Run a pure server, use XMOD and ban all whiners.
#1 I doubt XMod will continue to keep going but more power to them. That's one of the few coders I don't know (at least I don't think).

#2 Server purity is not going to stop a 3rd party proggy. 3rd part proggies do things like aim for you & whatnot. There are ways around that though.

#3 I'm beginning to come to the conclusion that if you ban all the whiners, you'll have a low traffic rate (lol).
Originally posted by WadeV1589
Firstly you had to insult me didn't you?
Originally posted by WadeV1589
Did I ever say it is OK? No.
Did we? Just because we use the word ourselves doesn't mean we are saying it's okay. Alot of people do things they think are wrong like smoking, eating fatty foods, cursing, etc; etc. yet they do them anyway.
Originally posted by WadeV1589
Don't argue with someone who has a firm grasp of the english language and who's trying to point out prejudism. You make yourself out to be a fool in both instances if you ignore this advice.
Please listen to what I am saying. We're not saying using the word in that derogatory fashion is okay, we're not saying that it isn't even a prejudist thing to say (which actually gets used so much you don't even mean it in that fasion but it does come out like that), all we are saying is that using the word in that fashion is common place & you were saying that it's not. That's all - nothing more. Right or wrong, that's just the way it is.
Originally posted by Prime
Eh? Understand what?
Understand that attacking while bowing is a cheap thing to do.
Originally posted by Prime
I understand that bowing and then calling people names is not the way to show respect.
I wasn't trying to show respect, the guy did something he knew damn well would be taken in that fashion & didn't care so he got what he deserved. Everyone else in the room at the time either agreed with me or didn't oppose.
Originally posted by Prime
And how do you know when, where, and how often I play?
I play Duel mode everyday & I have since JK2 started. I know n00bs that at least understand the concept of not attacking while bowing, the fact that you don't shows how much you play; Again, in Duel mode at the very least.
Originally posted by Prime
And really, what does it matter in this case?
If you were a Duel mode player, you would understand & wouldn't have even asked the question.

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Originally posted by TK8252MJL
EniaC, please look up "pwn" and "n00b" in the dictionary, exactly how they are spelt. Does it really matter what some dictionary says about video game lingo?
nah, I'll pass.

btw: Does it really matter you say about video game lingo...yeah, I didn't think so. Webster has much more say than you, in my book.

The word lame is not video game lingo, maybe I should have spelled it out.
I use the word for its true meaning, or should I change the meaning to suit my fascist ways like you "honor" folks do?

I was trying to make a point that people who throw around the word loosley don't have a clue what there calling other people who don't know video game lingo.

A 13 yr old comes on a server and gets called a lamer newbie (or whatever you call kids trying to enjoy themselves these days).
You really think they understand?

Thats weak, and you are clearly not in the know.
Grow up and have true respect(honor) for other people.

I was flamed for thinking that the "honorcode" thingy was right,
deal with it, or change your ways.

but if you want to use the deffinition of lame as video game lingo:
-chatting while people are dueling on a duel server.
-using racial slurs
-bashing women
-bashing countries for how their servers are
-making 13 year old kids bow to the almighty Jedi Master.
-whining because I kick your a** using crouch, force pull, saber throw and all the other moves the developers put in the game
-just the all out un-welcome feeling people get in this f**ked up JA MP community(I am refering to both sides).

I'm sorry that my standards of human respect are higher than yours....oh I'm not.

I don't really play the game that much anymore (except Chop Shop, thx Amidala for keepin it real)
I went back to playing RTCW and started playing ET, a real MP community where the only whining are people complaining about spawn killing (what good is the mortar if you can't spawn kill?, sorry offtopic).
I'm done typing, I'm boring myself with the repeatitiveness.

last note: think of all the kids your brainwashing with your idealism, who just want to have fun, yeah that takes some serious elite skills, doesn't it?

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Keep on Rationalizing o' Patron Saint of Sportsmanship

Originally posted by Marker0077
First off, I never said that saying those things was respectful.
What exactly were you trying to say? Two wrongs make a right? What was the purpose of posting this thread to begin with? Were you expecting a round of "atta boy!" ego-stroking pats on the back?

Golly, you must be disappointed. Too bad this massive "majority of Duel mode players" remains mostly silent in your defense. (Maybe it's just past their bedtimes?)
Originally posted by Marker0077
Ya, we all know how lame it is for an adult to play a video game. :-/
Tell me about it... I'm 34 and most of my contemporaries think it's pretty lame. Heck most think Star Wars and even science fiction in general is pretty laughable. But you'd know that already if you didn't spend x amount of hours "almost everyday for a year or so" playing with 14 year olds.
Originally posted by Marker0077 you think most family households are the Brady Bunch? Moms don't curse at Dads & vice versa, etc; etc? You think seeing those words online once in a blue moon is going to cause another Columbine incedent? Get a grip man. It's not that big of a deal.
Well since I don't know Michael Jackson personally, I suppose you ARE the next best thing to an expert. But once in a blue moon? From your own description, it sounded a heck of a lot more frequent than that.

As for what is and isn't a big deal... which category do you think someone daring to attack your poor little "virtual Jedi" whilst he was in mid-bow falls under?
Originally posted by Marker0077
So because I use common place terminology that makes me homophobic?
Previously posted by Marker0077
Saying gay like that is just another way of saying lame because IMO (& most others) being gay is lame...
In some communities, ******, spick, chink & kyke are "common place terminology." Why don't you take that ball and run with it? Impress us all with what a super kewl d00d you really are.
Originally posted by Marker0077
If you don't get it then I doubt you would get an explination either.
A condescending remark is a whole lot more effective with proper spelling. (BTW, an analogy is a comparison. Sorry if I don't see the relevance of someone physically assaulting my wife in public to playing a stupid video game.)
Originally posted by Marker0077
Actually at some point they would have to, but that doesn't mean they would agree with it.
Prolly good a time as any to start calling each other "cheap homo f00kn gh3y b!tches" right?

Honestly, would your "vengeance" have been any less sweet had you beat your opponent purely through repeated victory? Perhaps your "trash talk" is nothing more than a crutch for lack of talent? More than likely, it's just an immature self-indulgence to gain you "props" amongst the 14 year olds.

I'm not impressed.

My 24/7 dedicated Jedi Academy server:

Jedi vs. Merc, Melee enabled, voting disabled, high bandwidth Multiple OC-3 Connection
Lowered sabers required to use offensive Force powers
The expressions "LAMER" or "LAMING" are NOT recognized
All kills are considered fair & legal (including chat-kills & "saber-down" kills)
Abusive language, Complaining & Kill Trackers NOT Welcome
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I count more than me and one other Mark.

You have so many valid points you have to quote to fill each and every message up.

You are homophobic.

I don't care if the president says "calling people gay as an insult is ok"'s not, because some people believe it is does not make it ok! Get it out of your head because you believe it's ok it's ok. It's not, grow up in that many people have said that to you in this thread? Almost everyone now.

You are an insult to duelers not someone to stand for them, you're so sure you're right in everything you're a fool. - collaborating all the Stargate mods out there.

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If I may make a point...
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Wow, leave it to a post concerning "honor" gameplay to ruffle the feathers around here.

Remember, you can't stop other people from doing what they want. You just have to adapt to the gaming environment. Find some servers that cater to your type of play and add them to your favorites. If you're not sure, go to "Spectator" mode and follow some people around for a bit. If it turns out that you don't like the conduct of the server, no one's stopping you from disconnecting and finding another server. With all the numerous servers out there, you're bound to find at least a few that you like.

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I almost forgot, don't EVER use America's freedom of speech as a shield when you're talking about insults. You may be in a country with apparent freedom of speech but you should have personal etiquette. You're more than happy to tell people what to do but if someone says to you "don't use gay as an insult"..instantly dismissed. - collaborating all the Stargate mods out there.

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Another thread down the tubes, my friends. A few things I'd like to point out:

- If I see someone say "honor", "old school", or "laming", I think you take video games too seriously.

- Just a videogame. Excessive flaming of each other not only makes me think you're an idiot, but also verifies for the rest of the community.

And to stop you people from further making jackasses out of yourselves, the thread's closed. Keep your personal bitching to PMs where I don't have to read them.
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