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Thread: The Dark Shadow Returns
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Mike Windu
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The Dark Shadow Returns

my fanfic i guess i threw it togehter in about 10 minutes... btw dark shadow=me


Nathan sat quietly, meditating among the somber sounds of the western forest of Yavin.
He heard a snap, and in a flash whirled around. “It was nothing,” Nathan said to himself, and resumed meditating.
A shadow moved in the trees, swift as a wolf. Its presence was shrouded in the dark side of the Force. The shadow moved closer towards its target, stopping at a nearby pine tree when his target moved around. “He cannot sense me,” the shadow said. The assailant resumed his movement towards the target. Soon he was in the tree above, and yelled “ Hey! You there!”
Nathan recognized this voice instantly. “So you’ve come to finish the job, Mike.”
“Of course, you didn’t expect me to just lay down and die did you? I’ll never stop, until the prophecy is complete. ‘The Unforgivable War shall never end as long as the Dark Shadow and his Equal still live.’ One man must die before the other’s blade.”
“I know this prophecy, but I did not expect you to find it. This and the prophecies of all the master’s and their apprentices are hidden deep within the SASH temple. How could you have found out?”
“Don’t you remember Nathan? I always was the resourceful one. Remember when the temple was invaded by the Red Saber Order? I took this chance to find out what was hidden beneath those floors. I found out everything… everything YOU hid from me… what you refused to tell me! I was infuriated. I knew it was wrong of a Jedi to be angry with his master, especially when his own master has sacrificed his life to save his padawan. Then came the death of my brother and fellow Jedi apprentice, Mace. I was told that my brother died and that no one saw who killed him… but I knew they were lying… the Jedi, peacekeepers of the galaxy, were lying. I had to find out more. I consulted everyone I knew, but no one would tell me. Then one day I found some old papers lying in your chambers. Among them, a note written by you, saying you were resigning as a master because you failed my brother. It said my brother had grown violent, and that he had attacked many padawans with his training saber. He found a real lightsaber, cut a hole through the walls of the temple, and escaped. You went after him, and found him in the forest. He attacked you, with only his saber which he did not know well how to function… yet you murdered him in cold blood! Now I have come to avenge my brother and I promise you I shall not stop until I have killed you!
With a flash the dark energy surround Mike Windu, and he drew his staff. With silence, Nathan drew his saber, and the two commenced to fight. The Dark Shadow was full of energy, twirling his staff around skillfully, weaving a trail of light around the entire arena. However, the old master knew his apprentice well and easily moved out of the way. Nathan saw a hole in Mike’s defense, and taking his blade, thrust it through. Mike was ready, and with a quick snap of his wrist, he dismantled his staff into two sabers. Mike relentlessly attacked, parrying every one of Nathan’s slices with his second blade.
The old master became increasingly tired as the fight drew on.
“What’s the matter, Nathan, are you tired?” Mike mocked.
“Maybe, but you should not have stopped to ask me that,” and with a quick slash, Nathan managed to cut one of Mike’s sabers. Taken by surprise for a moment, Mike staggered back, but quickly regained his ground. With his confidence showing brightly, Nathan dodged a kick to the face.
“You may have taken one of my sabers, but I’ll have your life!” Mike said, and with another slash across the chest, knocked Nathan’s saber away with the sheer force of his swing.
Nathan knew that without his saber, he could not last long against The Dark Shadow.
“Come on Nathan, try and get your saber!” Mike lunged at the saber, but Nathan was too quick. He managed to retrieve the saber before Mike could destroy it.
The battle continued, and parry after parry, the Dark Shadow used more and more of the Force to push Nathan back to the edge of the forest and near the SASH Temple.
Seizing the opportunity, Nathan used the aura of the temple to replenish his strength. With his renewed strength, he managed to push Mike back to the borders of the forest. The master channeled the Force through his saber, closed his eyes, and with one final blow, struck down the Dark Shadow.
“I am sorry it had to end this way, Mike.” Nathan said, and walked off.

That's the last time I buy anything just because it's furry!

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