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Thread: Gunning guide - training ideas (JA)
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Gunning guide - training ideas

Hey, I finally got a gun division for my clan and we're just starting up. I think it would be nice for all of us gunners to post general tips and whatnot here. Also, if you have any training ideas that would be great to contribute.

I have found that laying a trip mine down in the middle of the floor, and strafing around it in a circle with force speed, while attempting to shoot it with the bryar is good for increasing your aim.

Another thing, when sniping, go for the feet of saberists.

Any other tips would be helpful!

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Mike Windu
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yeah, tell them to aim in front of the person a couple feet ahead so the bullet hits them not the ground. I used to play gun games alot but not so much anymore

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Post Here's some fun with trip mines!!!

Okay, I like to use trip mines alot and I found some fun and effective ways to use them.

Of course use the beam thingy. Lay them as close to the ground as possible.
Place them inside the weapon pickup. Use the secondary fire; too bad that it's limited time though... But the reason to use secondary fire is because the little blue thingy at the top of it blends in with the base of the pedestal.
Throw them at the person! That works if you don't have thermal detonators on you.
Some people just stand there with their saber out, staring at you.... Well, if you're playing with force powers, throw some and force pull!

-The standard, most effective methods.
-Fun, kinda weird and pretty funny methods.
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Bilbo Skywalker
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If your using trip mines and some one is coming towards you, you should be backpedaling and spam secondary fire, this will fire off 3 proximity mines which explode when they get too close. Aim for their head.

Use weapons with splash damage like rockets or repeater that way you dont have to be too precise with your aim.

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Check out my CTF guide for JA Here
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Tips for using the BIG GUNS (ie: Merr Sonn, Concussion Rifle):

Stock up on ammo before you go on the attack. Ie: pick up at least one ammo pack in addition to the gun itself.

With the Concussion rifle I like to stock up on Metallic bolts before I even whip it out to use, since it eats ammo so fast.

Tip: Metallic Bolt ammo is used by a number of other guns, so you can get more ammo by picking up a Repeater or Flechette (even if you have no plans to use them).

Guns are hungry, feed them!

When using the Merr Sonn, remember it's a SLOW NOISY GUN and the shots are pathetically easy to dodge or push back.

Some tips using it against Jedi:

Aim at surfaces nearby and just ahead of the direction they are moving in.

You know how you have to "lead" shots in lagged games or ones with lots of movement? Well "lead" a shot not at the person, but at the ground.

One thing I like to do with the Merr Sonn is to jump really high in the air with Force Jump and fire just as I'm almost on top of them, with the explosion landing at their feet.

With this method it's nearly impossible for them to push the rocket at you since you're firing at the last second (timing it properly so you don't fall into your own explosion of course) and almost impossible for them to pull your gun away since they'd have to be aiming directly up.

Repeat as necessary until they're a smoldering wreck.

Another trick some people like to use is to turn on Absorb... then nobody can pull your weapons away, as long as it's going.

Sometimes it helps to toss a little lightning in between gun bursts, to keep them off balance (works especially well if they're trying to stay alive using Protect). Just keep in mind that use of Lightning will cancel any "charged" weapon you're using and thus waste some ammo.

Homing Rockets: you have to be careful with these since they are easy to dodge and waste ammo.

Propbably the best time to use them is when you're chasing somebody on a straight-away or in an open area, or even better when the person is pre-occupied with something else (ie: saber fighting somebody).

They will usually see the Rocket coming but assume it's a regular rocket and only do a small dodge then ignore it... until it's too late!

The Concussion Rifle can be pushed if you line up your crosshair just right and push at the exact moment that the primary fire shot comes at them. However this is very hard to do and they won't have the force to do it every time.

Try to master accuracy with the secondary concussion as these shots throw bodies around, so you can use that to knock people off ledges or onto the ground for an easy one-two kill.

The Concussion shots hit so fast that they almost seem to come out of nowhere (not as good as the DEMP2 but still). Keep the pressure on and show no mercy, firing shot after shot until they go down.


The DEMP2 is a great gun, because you can use the charged shot to stun people. It can even stop a saber user from swinging for a second or two! It has a slight "pushing" effect that can sometimes be used to nudge somebody off a ledge (but not as good as other explosive weapons).

Again, it's possible to push Primary shots away if you're good and quick, but you can fire so many more faster than they can ever push that they'll eventually go down. Still, I prefer to use the charged shot almost exclusively, since it's so stealthy and you can hit multiple people at once, while stunning them, even if the shots themselves are somewhat weak.


The Disruptor seems like a crappy weapon on JA, but it's still VERY USEFUL. Since accuracy is more of a concern, you just have to get into a much better spot.

In JK2 you could switch to it in mid chase, and pop off a kill shot at almost point blank range. In JA you have to use it as a stealthy weapon pretty much unless you want to waste ammo taking pot shots with primary fire.

The JA BONUS MAP PACK maps are excellent for sniping! There are so many high places where you can hit a person's widest angle (and especially head shots) very easily (ie: their body is angled such that if you hit them, it's an almost guarenteed head shot or at least chest shot, rather than on a level plane where it could hit a limb and do very little damage or be easily dodged by Level 3 Seeing).

Ord Mantrell Canyon is a great map for sniping and there are several secret perches with respawning ammo you can find to use to your advantage. On CTF Rift of Shadows you can stand on those curved "claws" at each flag base for example.

These bonus maps are also nice because there are Concussion rifles to find! Rift of Shadows has TWO of them (one near each base), Ord Mantrell has one in a sniper area, Conquest of Byss has one, and Gas Mines has one.

Yes, and the throwable explosives (trip mines, td's, det packs) are SO MUCH FUN to use in JA (much moreso than JK2). This is due mostly to the accuracy, blast radius and speed with which you toss them.

And yes a general guns tip is to fire at a saberist's feet, just don't get caught crouching as they speed towards you with a Strong/Medium side swipe or Lunge!

For more gun strategies, check out my site:

Download JK2 maps for JA Server|BOOT CAMP!|Strategic Academy|
(JA Server:

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I'll give a basic overview of guns and techniques and junk:

DL-44 Blastech Pistol
A fun weapon to humiliate the saberists. Just shoot 'em in the back with a charged shot, it does bunches of damage. Also, it can't be force pulled away from you.

E-11 Blaster Rifle
Just run up and shoot, best at close range. Use secondary fire though. Don't use it against a saberist facing you though! Good for groups of gunners. Mow 'em down!

Tenloss Disruptor Rifle
The only thing I can follow up to Kurgan's post on this is to turn on Level 3 Force Seeing yourself to dodge enemy sniper shots while concentrating on a target and to find where everyone else is to get there.

Some say it's useless, but it's great for bouncing shots off walls around corners or to shoot a saberists back if they are aware of you shooting at them, just use the wall to bounce the shot into their back!

Imperial Heavy Repeater
Leave the primary fire alone, that's what the E-11 Blaster Rifle is for. Use the secondary fire mostly, great, destructive fun! Others can force push the balls back, but if you jump, you can avoid them and reach two effects: you survive and their force pool runs out eventually. The force push is not enough to keep up with the onslaught of explosive stuff from the repeater.

Destructive Electro-Magnetic Pulse 2 Gun
This is great for breaking through shields and forcefields. Secondary fire is almost instantaneous and no one can find out where the blast came from. Also, it seems that it randomly has power to throw people around, so don't count on it, but be prepared to take advantage on that ability.

Thermal Detonator
Use the secondary fire against a big saber melee. (Tons of kills!) The primary is good for going around corners when you see your victim with force seeing.
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save up on ammo, time the ammo for tdm and try to control the ammo and keep your opponent from getting it. even if you have full ammo, fire a random shot and take the ammo. Never use rockets in tdm (ffa) until you stock up like at least 6. Until you have six don't engage and go around picking up more ammo while engaging ppl in your way with repeater, thermal dets, disruptor.

the hitboxes seem slightly bigger in 1.01 so you could go flechette and disruptor. Disruptor primary fire is actually pretty useful for taking out people running away from you. secondary for disruptor can be useful for taking out their shields.

this entire game is about map (ammo/armor) control. to do that you have to be fast and have a good idea of how long it takes for ammo to respawn. never engage in 1v1 unless you have plenty of ammo and atleast 50 shields.

Team aP server -

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Btw, the new JA Bonus Mappack is GREAT for guns training.

4 of the 6 maps feature a Concussion Rifle (and one of them, the CTF map features two), plus Conquest of Byss is LOADED with ammo and weapons (especially the Merr Sonn). Ord Mantell has some great sniping spots too!

Guns training is also ESSENTIAL to Siege (except Siege Korriban of course which is limited to sabers and explosives).

The TECH CLASS is vital since they can hold "use" on a teammate that's standing close to them to not only heal them but also restore their ammo.

They can also hit use when nobody is near to toss an "Ammo Dispenser" battery on the ground for their allies to pick up. This gives a variety of ammo for whatever guns you are carrying.

Since Ammo Recharge Stations are few and far between on Siege Maps (and since gunners can't use Force Speed to go to and from them quickly) having a Tech around is very important!

If you hear somebody call for ammo or supplies, you know what to do!

Download JK2 maps for JA Server|BOOT CAMP!|Strategic Academy|
(JA Server:

"The Concussion Rifle is the weapon of a Jedi Knight Player, an elegant weapon, from a more civilized community." - Kyle Katarn
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Catch me on AIM (TheZDawg) and Im sure afew of the goog gunners from my clan would be happy to hook up with you guys and show you every tips and tricks.
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Thanks guys!
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