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Thread: Bsttle for Naboo Blackout problem
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Post Bsttle for Naboo Blackout problem

I solved it. NEED MORE RAM!!!!!


well, i'll take that money i was going to use for camp (since someone is being nice and paying my way) and get a whole bunhc of raaaaaaaammmmmmmm!!!!!!! I want a ton maybe 128 megs of it. That way i can play
FORCE COMMANDER as well, and all my games will run smoother and faster.

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Finally got emailed by tech support. This is what they said to do to fix it...

Date: Thu, Nov 15th 2001 14:12:13 Filter sender
From: LucasArts Technical Support <> Add to Address Book
To: "''" <> Download Message
Cc: View Header
Subject: RE: STAR WARS: EPISODE I BATTLE FOR NABOO (JL) Include Original: Yes/No

Thank you for your message,

Programs running in the system tray can sometimes cause conflicts with
DirectX games. These programs can also take up system resources which may
need to be freed up for the application to run smoothly. The system tray
runs on the side of the taskbar (the bar with the "START" button).
icons are programs that are running on your system, some of them loading at
start up. Some of these programs can be shut down by right-clicking on the
icon, and choose to Exit, Close, Suspend or Disable the program/utility.
Others can only be shut down by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL, highlight the program
you want to close, and click on End Task. Do not End Task on Systray and
Explorer, but you should try closing any other applications here before you
install or launch the game to see if this resolves any problems you're
having with the application.

Try setting your Desktop to 640x480 or 800x600 on your Display Properties
screen (right-click on the Windows desktop, choose Properties, and go up to
the Settings tab and select 640x480 or 800x600 "desktop area"), and
16-bit High color before launching the game to see if this resolves any
problems that you are experiencing.

Have you tried different settings in the game's Launcher menu, in the
Options > Configuration Options screen? Please give this a try. Try using
the primary display driver or a secondary 3D card driver option here in the
Display Device drop-down menu (one at a time), and select 640x480 16-bit (to
start off with) as well as unchecking/checking the 24-bit/32-bit Texture
option to see if this helps.

If you are running any memory managers (in your config.sys or autoexec.bat
system files), such as EMM386 or QEMM, you may experience problems when
running the game. Escape from Monkey Island and Windows 95/98 are protected
mode programs and may have problems running with memory managers loaded. We
do not recommend making any changes to your system without first contacting
your computer manufacturer about the configuration of your computer.

How much free space is available on your hard drive where the game is
installed to and on your C drive if the game is installed to another drive?
Right-click on the Drive's icon in the "My Computer" window, and
"Properties" to see the amount of Free Space on a drive. You should
sure that you have 175 MB or more of free space on your hard drive after the
game has been installed for caching. And, make sure that you allow Windows
to handle Virtual Memory. You can check this by going into the PROPERTIES of
MY COMPUTER and choosing the PERFORMANCE tab. Click on VIRTUAL MEMORY and
make sure "Let Windows manage my virtual memory settings" is selected.

You should also try uninstalling the game from the game's Launch menu >
Options > Uninstall button, and then reinstall it (perhaps using a different
installation size, and/or install to a different directory) to see if this
helps to resolve the problem.

You should also try running both Scandisk and Defrag on the drive that you
are installing the game to, prior to installation (or before trying to
uninstall and reinstall the game to address this problem), in order to
ensure that there are no bad clusters or sectors on the drive that could
cause a problem.

What is selected in the Windows Multimedia Control Panel under the PLAYBACK
> PREFERRED DEVICE setting in the AUDIO tab? Does selecting a different
option here for the Preferred Device help to resolve the problem with the
game? (Please be aware that you might need to reset this option before
running other applications.) And, try checking or unchecking the "Use
Preferred Devices only" option box to see if this helps to resolve any
problems you're having running the game, but again, you may need to reset
this option to its original setting as well once you have finished playing
the game.

Please check your system for DirectX compatibility. You can determine
whether your computer hardware is supported by DirectX using the DirectX
Diagnose utility. To do this:

- Double click on the My Computer icon on your desktop.
- Double click on the C Drive.
- Double click on Program Files.
- Double click on directx.
- Double click on setup.
- Double click on DXDIAG.EXE.

Click on the Display 1, Display 2, and Sound tabs to check the DirectX
Certification status. NOTE: You will only see Display 2 if you have a 3D
Accelerator pass-through card.

Are you able to run the DirectDraw and Direct3D tests on the DISPLAY 1 tab
on the DXDIAG screen, and the Direct3D test under the DISPLAY 2 (if you have
a secondary 3D accelerator card installed) tab, as well as the DirectSound
test under the SOUND tab?

I would suggest that you contact your computer manufacturer or your sound
card and video card manufacturers to obtain the latest DirectX compliant
Windows 95/98 drivers to install on your system. Please be sure to properly
remove/uninstall previous drivers before installing the latest driver on the
machine. Please note that we do not recommend making any changes to your
system without first contacting your computer manufacturer about the
configuration of your computer.

Hope this helps!

NOTE: Please be aware that LucasArts Entertainment Company, LLC does not
recommend making any changes to your system without first contacting your
computer manufacturer about the configuration of your computer.

May the Force be with you, always...

LEC Jason

P.S. When replying, remember to include all previous messages (no
attachments please!). Also, please do not change the subject heading as this
contains routing information. Changing the subject heading can delay any
responses to you.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2001 6:52 PM

Below is the result of a request for tech help from the web. It was
submitted by classified( on 11/14/2001 6:52:13 PM


PLATFORM: PC/IBM and compatibles





PROBLEM: Whenever I beat a level, the game randomly blacks out, and I am
forced to task switch, and manually restart my computer. I have 63 megs
of ram. (stupid pc manufacturers can't spare a penny) I'm not
experiencing any trouble in performance other than the annoying lockup.
I've got Direct X 8.1 (i dloaded the newest version today, and it still
locks up), i've tried reinstalling, didn't help either.

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I fixed the problem for GOOD i believe.

Yesterday i decided to use windows update to update all my drivers, etc. since i haven't used that in a while, well, it said 'intel810e update' so i was like, ok, this might just work. i go and dload and let it install, let my computer restart, then...go for battle for naboo. I tried SO HARD to make it black out, but it just wouldn't!!!! Then I got a little TOO cocky and decided to try force commander...of course that did not work, but it never hurts to try...

anyways, now battle for naboo works w/o the annoying lockup, so NOW I can go for golds and plats w/o being frustrated!!!!!

YAAAAY!!!! (watch it lock up now)

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thats great, now come fix my old pentium 133 with 16 MBRAM.

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