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Thread: -Defense of Kamino- (image intense)
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Old 10-13-2004, 07:30 PM   #1
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-Defense of Kamino-

I will briefly describe each image
and what I believe should happen
within the context of a NEW Battlefront
level being created. (Note all images
are taken from the Clone Wars comic
book series by Darkhorse. I strongly
urge anyone who likes the Clone Wars
saga to buy them. Now, onto business.)

Map name: The Defense of Kamino
(based off Clone comics)

Intro -
What is wrong with Kamino? Well, its just
not that hot. And it could have been a
awesome level. It could have been like
Hoth where you see the planet man and
you say, "Yes! Let's rock this!" But instead
when we see the Kamino name we say,
"eh, ok another blast fest." Here's where
a NEW, purpose driven map comes into
play. When you play Hoth you know what
you have to do. As a Imp you need to destroy
the generator and totally "own" the map
just like in the movies. Now, as a Rebel you
desperately are trying to stop the Imps
from blowing the shield generator and
getting close enough with the ATATs to
"land" troopers right outside the front door.
Now, imagine the current Kamino objectives.
Silence. Well, what the heck are you supposed
to do? Quite literally not much. The objectives
for CIS are capture the Cloning Facilty. What
cloning facility? Do they mean that single room
with two chairs in it? Thats what a cloning facility
is? And what about the Clones objectives? Well,
that's no better it's simply a rehash of all the
other maps objectives "defend/capture all CPs".
Wow. I'm really excited about doing that. And
what about the command points? We've got a
whole bunch of landing platforms to take over...
But did anyone ask why they are so important?
I thought it was the facility that was important,
not the platforms. I really think that lack of
creative on the part of Pandemic is a problem
on what could have been a sweet map of

With the battle of Hoth we can relate easily
with the situation because we've seen it a
million times on TV. But with Kamino there
wasn't a land/air battle there, we don't
know or feel risks or high running emotions
when it comes to the battle that is presented.
Well, I say we inject some of those emotions
in the game. Here are some of my ideas:

Problem A.) We don't see any of the interior
of the Clone facility -

Immediately this should be a problem. What
is so important about this place? Why should
we defend it? For those that have seen the
movies you can imagine all you want about
the shots of the clone embryos stacked up,
the clone kids learning and the adult troopers
getting their helmets on. But in the current
Kamino level you don't see a dittle of this.
You see two chairs in a white room. Why the
heck would I want to defend chairs! Here's
my solution. If a new map is created there
should a series of CP points inspired from
the rooms we've seen in the movie. Pick and
choose your favorite rooms, it doesn't matter.
But what does matter is the CP at the heart
of them all. Starting outward working inward
the command posts would get closer and
closer to the heart and hope of the Republic:
the fragile clone embryos Command post.
Here would be the prime directive of the
Droid faction: destroy the new generation
of clones. And if they got into that room I'd
try to make those testtubes destroyable. I'd
give the players that got down there a reward:
blast the hell out of the room, smash the next
generation of clones. Make them feel as though
they are furthering their overall purpose, destroy
the place where ALL the clones come from. But,
again, back to reality of the current Kamino map,
when the droids overtake the Clones "facility"
they get the reward of sitting in chairs.

Here's another idea for a command post in the
Clone facility could be the learning center where
all the clone kids are stationed. Defending this
command post could actually become EVEN
very interesting in gameplay terms. Maybe the
Clone faction has to ACTUALLY defend NPC Clone
kid characters. If the droids break in there and
manage to kill them all off they'd win an objective.
I mean think about it! We already have little NPCs
running around with Ewoks and jawas.
If someone created a clone kid model
and you placed about a dozen of them in the room
you'd be set. Of course within the game programming
context you'd have to establish that if all 12 died
the Clone faction would lose an objective and
Droids would win an objective. But could you
honestly imagine the droids bursting into the room
blasting the defenders and unmercifully turning their
guns on the children!? Don't you think that's
LIGHTYEARS of emotional difference between what
we know have with the generalized objective of
capturing bland landing platforms?? I think so.

Problem B.) We are defending landing platforms.
That makes no sense at all since no landing ships
are present.


The above image is what we should have been
privy to in Pandemics verison of the Kamino map.
If a new, "proper" Kamino map is created I believe
that Jedi and Droid starfighters should be present.
On the Clones side you would have a command
point/hanger embedded into one of the sides of
the Kamino buildings, much like the type of hanger
presented in the Hoth level.

From here jedi fighters would launch and emerge to
a large map, filled with Kaminoian towers and
platforms. Think about the scale of current Tatooine,
with all the structures and buildings. This should be
the kind of size and density (in terms of building
structures) that the NEW Kamino map would

Granted I'm not saying that we need millions of
tiny buildings. What I'm saying is that it is possible
to have a good amount of structures with the
precedent amount set in Tatooine. On the opposite,
far end of the map floats a droid control ship.
This command point serves ONLY as a hanger
for Droid starfighters to launch from and begin
their attack on the Clone facility below. Much like
Hoth and Endor's shield generators the
CIS Droid Control ship would be a DESTROYABLE
spawn point and its destruction would be a Clone
objective. In addition to having starfighters launch
from the Control ship you'd also have the option
to defend the location with accessible turrets
(think Bespin turrets). And of course on the
Clone side you would have a sprinkling of Anti-air
turrets at key locations on the different platforms
for troopers jump into.


Looking at this image should speak volumes
about the power of a droid invasion. The top
panel is what I will focus on talking about. Now,
imagine if we could somehow get that droid
lander working as a flyable vehicle in Battlefront.
This would add a WHOLE other dimension
to the gameplay on the NEW Kamino level.
Remember the Droid control ship hanger?
If you could fly one of these you would launch
from there. But like a Clone gunship you would
first load up on troops before taking off. From
the droid control ship you'd soar the Droid
lander towards the undefended Kamino
platforms with droid fighters flanking you for
defense. Enter the purpose of the jedi
starfighters on Kamino. It would then be up
to the Clones to attempt to blast that SINGLE
lander out of the sky before it reaches a
SINGLE designated platform. Why a SINGLE
lander and SINGLE designated landing platform?
Come on, lets stay simple for now. Upon
successfully landing the droid lander at the
designated platform it would then automatically
become a indestructible spawn point for CIS.
Also, on the list of the CIS objectives they'd
have accomplished one of their goals:
Land invasion force on Tipoca City.

Ok, nay-sayers. Let's say that it's not
possible to perform that kind of drivable,
landable, turning into permanent indestructable
spawn point idea for the Droid lander. Alright,
here are two alternatives.

1.) Have that CIS lander already sitting on the
platform at the beginning of the game. It would
just be eye candy for people to admire when they
spawn near it. You could also make it a destroyable
spawn too... This would cut down on the use and
importance of the droid control ship hanger. Also,
that cool feeling of attacking an invasion force
would be lost with this compromise.

2.) Instead of a the droid lander in the hanger
spawn 3 or 4 MAF's. These could fulfill the same
role that droid lander would perform.
However, the drawback and subsequent the
reasoning behind multiple MAF's would be
because they are more likely to be shot down
quicker than a massive Droid lander. With
option number two you can preserve the
coolness of an invasion force with the MAF,
but I think there would be some serious
balancing issues. Because if the droids are
not able to get a single trooper on the landing
platform because they are being shot down
that not going to be too fun for the CIS players.


I thought this might be nice for inspiration if
someone DOES want to create a NEW Kamino map.
Kind of neat.

Closing thoughts:

It is my FIRM belief that everything stated
above is possible if we have the right tools,
people and passion. Let's correct what was
improperly released, let's make Battlefront the
game it should have been. If you doubt it can
be done look back at what I wrote and see
the comparisons I was making to the
current game. This stuff can happen! And if
they did it we sure as heck can do it in a MOD.
In a couple days I will add another entry here
with pictures for a completely different level.
I have a TON of ideas for this game and the
future of its MODs. I hope to hear some some
feedback from all of you readers.


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Old 10-13-2004, 11:17 PM   #2
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Great idea man! I totally agree with you. That would totally make Kamino one of the best maps in the game. From what I've seen modders do with games like Jedi Outcast, I believe this idea is feasible. I would like to see ships that can hold more than 2 or 3 people. And I would like to see more pilotable ships. A flyable star destroyer (would move extremely slow) with a hangar for tie fighters to come out of the bottom would be a great thing for the Dune Sea Map. Droid Landing ships would also be a very cool ship to make flyable. I though Pandemic could have done a much better job on this game if they were not rushed by Lucas to make the game come out on time with the Trilogy DVDs. IT's our job as passionate players, modders, mappers, whatever, to make this game what it could have been, especailly the ability to fly fighters out of the hangars of larger craft rather than just flying them off some random spot on the ground. It is understandable if the rebels have thier ships just laying around on the ground but I would like to see maps with hangars inside larger ships floating above the ground below. Example: Tie fighters would fly out of a star destroyer's hangar (like the one at the bottom of the Star Destroyer featured at the beginning of a new Hope) which would be floating above the Dune Sea below. Just wondering, Why didn't Pandemic put Tie bombers and Y-wings in the Dune Sea level or the Naboo Plains level? Anyway, I would love to hear more of your ideas, they seem like they would make the game a lot nore fun.
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interesting idea,but that map would prolly be a b!tch to make....

Oh yeah,I just noticed sumtin, when somebody makes a post about a special mod idea, other people start giving their ideas about completely other mods,IMO,those ppl should make their own thread about it,but it really dosent bother me,just an observation...

Lol,I think I might be one of those ppl,have to make a mental note...

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Doc Valentine
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I like your idea Achilliesz, but you have to consider something: What will kind of affect will a map this big have on the preformance of other people's computers? Will it cause lag, ect. I agree that it is possible, except maybe some of the cinematics, but mostly possible to do, yet as we had a problem before about making flight higher, affecting lag, I think that a map of this size would also cause a considerable ammount of lag. Once again good idea, just something to consider.

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good ideas.

i think it should just be the vehicles, anti-aircraft guns and a big interior room with clone kids. also the kids should have guns like the ewoks do so they aren't completely defenseless.
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Old 10-14-2004, 04:10 PM   #6
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Yeah This sounds like a great idea. But as Gsccc said, It might prove to be a challenge for a computer to handle. But all in all a great Idea. It seems as if originally vehicles were going to be in the Kamino Level. If you go to instant action and click on the Kamino level the little video of the map that displays in the bottom right hand corner you can see turrets and gunships and Jedi starfighters. Anyway, If anyone ever gets custom maps figured out I'd say that this is a map I'd look forward to playing. Though it would probably take a looong time to make.


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Which number or title is the comic your showing? I want to know
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Originally posted by klouie316
Which number or title is the comic your showing? I want to know
Pretty sure it's from Dark Horse Comic: Republic #50: The Defense of Kamino.


Tackle Cuddle!
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Well, something that's within the current realm of possibility:
If some modder could add a fighter (droid and clone) or two on each platform, that would make the map way more fun.
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Where do you get the star wars darkhorse comics? do you go to a regular book store or somewhere else because that one looks cool
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Old 10-16-2004, 12:49 PM   #11
Get Cloned.
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That'd be way better than the current Kamino map. Hopefully when modding tools are out an improved Kamino map like this could be done.
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