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Thread: War of Darkness
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Star Ghost
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Thumbs up War of Darkness

This RPG is set at the very end of the hyperspace war (discovery of hyperspace led people to find new planets out of their solar system). The first dark jedi have just left the jedi order. My second Rpg thread, this time with rules. It's kinda obvious but if you don't get it this is a while before KOTOR so kinda low tech, lightsabers and stuff were just invented, so more swords and things like that.


No god mode-ing
No Controling other people's characters (unless they give you perrmision or mark their player as controllable by anyone)
Max 3 chars.
No killing any charater without permission from the person even if it is a controllable character.
'Have Fun... '

The first Jedi fleet entered hyperspace right into unknown space. But how else were they going to explore? They had given co-ordinates to a random location where they knew there was a star system. Exploration had been like this for a while. Many ships got lost in deep space while using random co-ordinates. But the Jedi could do it. Less than a quarter of the galaxy had been dscovered since the start of the hyperspace war. Little did the Jedi know that the newly born sith had already built a small fleet of their own, which was ready to intercept them with their newly developed grav-wells, powerful enough to pull a ship out of hyperspace.

Character Sheet-

Name: John (a.k.a. star if you are to lazy to remember John)
Age: 21 (not required)
Side: Light
Affilation: Jedi
Rank: Jedi Master
Weapons: purple double-bladed lightsaber, The Burden of the Force-a sword concieved by the sheer raw power of the force. It has been handed down in John's family for hundreds of years.
Armor/Clothing: White master robes with black force symbols.
Bio: (optional) A supreme jedi master. At this time it has not been established that jedi aren't allowed to love soooo... He has family (no wife ) who have been jedi for hundreds of years.
Controllable (yes/no): no

John's Ship the Star Ghost, a Battle cruiser in the Jedi fleet, entered hyperspace with an exited jump. The ship glided smoothly in sub-sppace until there was a sickening groaning noise and shudder from the hull as the ship was torn out of hyperspace along with half of the jedi fleet. The others must not have been pulled out. The Intradictor fired upon the confused Jedi fleet, who barley had time to activate their sheilds. They gave the order to return fire as quick as possible but back hen ships didn't last to long under continuous fire and a quarter of them were destroyed very fast.

John calmly gave the order to attack, and launch the boarding shuttles. Before long the Sith launched their own boarding shuttles...

~i won't start until there are a few more people.~
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Name-matt(or cyborg)
side-which ever pays more
affliantion-bounty hunter
weapons-two hand cannon blasters,heavy assult rifle, and a blade that is attached to his arm. also has other knick knacks(like grenades and mines)
armor-madorlain armor
bio- one of the greatest bounty hunters of his time until a horrible ship explosion left him with out any arms and one leg wich where replace by stronger cyborg parts which allow him to do things he nomarly couldn't do.he now is a bounty hunter with an obssesion for lightsabers.
ship-burning fury

(in burning fury)

ahh ha there they are(lodges ship into jedi star ship and walks into the ship where 3 jedi meet him)

Jedi-stop or i will have to use the force

Matt-force this(lunges at him with his blade and cuts him in half)anyone else?(the other two strike at him but matt catches their wrists with his cyborg arms and shatters there bones in their arm and takes their sabers then shoots them both)that was fun (contuines to next room)

Leader and Warrior Of the Lemmonites

pm me if u want to join us
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dekar-head of snipers
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guybroom-Head trainer of ninja crocodials
TheOutrider-Head Archer
master jaxu-sgt
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