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Thread: [FIC]The Battle For Almania
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[FIC]The Battle For Almania

A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away,


This is a short story set in the timelines of the Yuuzhan Vong crisis. It features Rogue Squadron and a completely new starfighter squadron inspired by Delta Squad of the Republic Commandos. The Pilots of this Squadron are all Jedi Masters and it is a four-man fighting force. It was created by Han Solo, Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu by sorting out the best of the available Jedi-pilots on Yavin 4. This Squadron was named the "Lightsaber Squadron" by Filton Arcc. They recieved special training in dealing with Coralskippers and Yuuzhan Vong Cruisers and are the new ace pilots of the New Republic alongside Rogue Squadron. The Lightsaber Squadron flies top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art, T-65A3 X-Wings, heavily modified by the Sabers with help from Lowbacca the Wookie Jedi and Anakin Solo to perform at their best. The resulting Starfighters are stronger, faster, more heavily sheilded and armed than Standard T-65A3s, which is saying something as the A3s are the best starfighters in the Galaxy, the Sabers' Fighters notwithstanding, and capable of doing almost anything the pilot directs it to do in the vacuum as well as planetary atmosphere.


Filton Arcc
Commander, New Republic Naval Fleet
Jedi Weapons Master
Race: Human Male
Equipment: Orange Lightsaber, Eridau Stealth Unit, Clone Wars DC 15s Commando Pistol.(recovered from Geonosis by Filton on Recon mission), Concussion Grenades.
Saber Lead - Lightsaber Squadron
Call Sign: "Lead"
Age: 27

Tira Norm
Colonel, New Republic Naval Fleet
Jedi Master
Race: Human Female
Equipment: Silver SaberStaff, Fusioncutter, DL-90 Blaster Pistol, Proximity Mines, Stealth Field Generator.
Saber 1 - Lightsaber Squadron
Call Sign: "Sil"
Age: 25

Vinsa Tyron
Lieutenant, New Republic Tactical Maneuvers
Jedi Weapons Master
Race: Twilek Female
Equipment: Dual Green Lightsabers, Moblie Jetpack, DL-90 Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators, Stealth Field Generator.
Saber 2 - Lightsaber Squadron
Call Sign: "Twin"
Age: 23

Razer Arcc
Colonel, New Republic Planetary Surface Defense
Jedi Watchman
Race: Male Human
Equipment: Dual Phase Lightsaber, Thermal Scanners, Low-Light Visor, Electostatic Charge Grenades, DL-90 Blaster Pistol, Stealth Field Generator.
Initial Color/Length: Blue/95 cm.
Secondary Color/Length: Yellow/200 cm.
Saber 3 - Lightsaber Squadron
Call Sign: "Green"
Age: 26

T-65A3 X-Wing Modifications:
Koersch Kessel Avanced EXD-21 Prototype sublight drives:
Capable of attaining speeds up to Sub-12

PlasmaTech Starfighter AA-038 Super-charged Laser Cannons:
Fires bolts so powerful, they appear cyan in color.

Eridau Prototype Starfighter Cloaking Units:
Keeps the fighters of the scanners. Both visual and mechanical.

Advanced Corusca Hyperdrive:
Capable of attaining upto .7 times the speed of light.

Seat folding Capabilities:
Allows the seat to fold down and be stuck to the back 'wall' with magnets, allowing the pilot to access the emergency rations and the Vac-Suit kept in a panel under the seat.

TurboGuard P3L Self-charging Shields:
Capable of resisting even a Death Star strike(at the expense of it's shields being worn down to 0%).

Pilot Evac Ejection Sequence:
Ejects the entire cockpit from the craft. The Cockpit is propelled by standard compact TIE Interceptor engines.

Prototype Internal Compensator:
Capable of extending the standard field of 13 to 24.

Arakryd Mark XVII Missile launchers:
Launches TDX-25 Missiles. ATDX(Thermal-Detonator Xtreme)-25 missile, when detonated, easily beats the power of 4 Proton Torpedoes detonated simultaneously.

Furthur Pilot-specific Modifications:
Modifications done by the pilot to his/her craft to further assist themselves.

This story is Copyright © RC 1162 2005.
__________________________________________________ _____________________________


Space rippled and Rogue Squadron broke through Hyperspace into realspace. A few moments later, four modified T-65A3 X-Wings dropped into realspace as well.
"Hello, Gavin," Filton said over the comm. "The Yuuzhan Vong on schedule?"
"Hi, Filton," Colonel Gavin Darklighter replied. "Can't say, either our info is wrong or were too early."
"I definitely support the latter. The Bothans never lie and they're the best we have." Filton said.
"There's a first time for everything, Filton."
"Yes, but for two exceptions, the Bothans giving us wrong info and wookies who have sworn a lifedebt to you double-crossing you. Best example is Chewbacca"
"Dad will be happy to hear that," said Jaina Solo.
"Hasn't General Solo gotten over it yet?" Filton asked. "No offense to him of course."
"None taken," Jaina replied. "But if you had a partner like Chewie would you get over it quickly if he died suddenly?
"i suppose not" came the reply.
"Anyway, you were right, Filton," Gavin said.
"Told you,"
Ahead, some 700 klicks away, four Yuuzhan Vong Cruisers appeared out of Hyperspace. Dovin Basals propelling them, the were closing in on the planet Almania fast.
"Four Cruisers to capture a planet?" Gavin wondered aloud. "One Cruiser was enough to almost wipe the surface of Dantooine clean. What's going on here?"
" I think they want the planet in one piece." explained Filton. "Their navy has suffered collossal losses thanks mainly to you. They need a planet with good soil to grow their skips and other stuff."
"It sure isn't gonna be this one," said Lieutenant Vinsa Tyron.
"You said it, Saber 2," Gavin ackowledged.
"Alright people," Filton said. "What say we go and give them a beating?"
The comm was filled with shouts of approval. Once they had subsided, the two Squadrons began to move toward the Cruisers. The skips had already been ejected and were now zooming around between the X-Wings and their quarry.
"Saber Lead, Rogue Squadron will take care of the skips, you take down the Cruisers."
"Copy that Rogue Lead, thanks and good luck"
"You too"
"Lightsabers, activate cloaking devices on my signal, 3...2...1...Activate!"
And suddenly four X-Wings vanished, leaving nothing behind.
"How do you propose we do it Lead?" Colonel Razer Arcc, Filton's younger brother, asked. "One for each Cruiser?"
"Negative, Green, they're too big for that. We'll take them two at a time" Lead replied.
"Er...'two at a time'? Sir?" Colonel Tira Norm asked.
"Yes, Sil, two at a time." Lead replied. "Those cruisers are flying in a two front, two rear formation. You and I will take down the starboard Cruiser and 2 and 3 will take down the port one. Once our respective ship is done, proceed to the one behind it. You got that guys?"
Everyone did.
"Alright then, maintain Comm silence until were upon them" Lead instructed.
And at that, four hidden X-Wings split up and flew two-by-two towards their quarries. The Battle For Almania Begins.

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so what do you think? first chapter and explaination good? bad? ugly? okay?next few chapters coming soon.

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As soon as Lightsaber Squadron had vanished, the Rogues started firing upon the skips to divert their attention.
"Rogues, this is Lead, quad up your lasers and flicker them."
The rest of the Rogues acknowledged and did as ordered. Soon they were sending a barrage of low-powered laser bursts at the Coralskippers, who were now slowing down and sending more energy to power the Dovin Basals.
"Switch Internal compensator to maximum, Squad"
The Rogues did so and the gravitic anomalies had no effect on their shields any more. The skips then changed from evasive to offensive and rocketed towards the Rogues,
"Rogue Squadron, full power front shields, once were in the thick of battle equalize throughout the starboard, port and rear shields."
The two factions began exchanging blaster and plasma fire as they sped towards each other.
"All right Rogues, Sticks once mentioned that the anomalies disappear right before the plasma vents open up, we can use that to our advantage here. Stay on a skip and when he tries to fire put a torp into the shaft. Keep your eyes on the scanners as well as the skips."
Using this maneuver the Rogues came out on top, when the anomalies began to weaken, a pilot would gauge the distance using a scope and fire at the correct time. The Yuuzhan Vong would have no chance against them because the anomalies cannot be re-engaged once the firing sequence is on and they cannot move quickly enough for the torpedoes' tracking devices. Finally there were only three skips left with their dovin basal shields destroyed, they were defenceless.
"Quick, lets finish them off and give the Sabers a hand." Gavin said.
The Rogues shot off proton torpedoes at the skips. The topedoes hit home and the remaining skips blew up into pieces of shattered yorik coral.
"Now for the Cruisers, let's go Rogue Squadron. Form up."
The Rogues flew in formation towards the Cruisers. Just as they were nearing the Cruisers, four yorik coral Cargo ships flew out of each of the Cruisers, heading for Almania.
"Gavin, this is Filton, they've dropped off 16 Cargo shuttles, can you see them?"
"Yes, they're heading for Almania"
"They musn't get there, Gavin, they contain ground troops. Head in to intercept them and take out as many as you can, we'll be with you once these cruisers are done."
Suddenly, space shook and the four cruisers shot back into hyperspace. Four A3 X-Wings amerged out of nowhere.
"What the heck is going on here,"Colonel Tira Norm asked, perplexed. "It's not like the Yuuzhan Vong to flee like that when their starfighters are pulverised."
"I think their primary purpose was to deliver the ground troops safely," Filton said.
"Well come on," Jaina urged. "Let's get them before they get Almania."
"We heard the lady," Gavin said. "Let's go"
And fifteen X-Wings turned and gave chase to the cargo shuttles. By the time they entered the atmosphere, the shuttles had already landed and the forces had disembarked. They were heading to what looked like a camp in which all the tents were made of coral.
"Seems they've been here before," Razer said.
"If so, they were'nt hostile to anyone on the planet. Must've killed them." said Tira.
"Gavin, do all the Rogues have weapons with you? Sticks I know will have a lightsaber."
"Yes, all of us have E-45 Blaster rifles and 5 thermal detonatos each. Sticks included."
"Good, 'cause were going to do a little ground fighting."
"Right, lets set down in that pit over there."
15 X-Wings landed in a secluded pit some 3 kilometers away from the camp. When all of them were on the ground, Filton said,"Gavin, you take the Rogues and wait midway the camp and this pit for us, if we need help, I'll send a telepathic message to you. If you need help, use this." Filton handed Gavin a tube about 35 cm long. "I can't use a lightsaber," Gavin said.
"It's not a lightsaber, It's a concentrated Laser Flare. Point it at the sky and switch it on and we'll come to help."
"Okay, Filton, May the Force be with you."
"And you too." Filton replied.
Just then, he noticed Jaina. She was leaning sulkily against her craft.
"Uh, Jaina, you come with me," Filton said. Jaina's face lit up and she came forward.
Gavin looked at Filton. "Were going to need all the help we can get over in that camp." Filton explained."If Jaina stays here and the Vong see you, they''ll try to kill you as they hate Jedi and the people who associate with them. If you're alone, you could probably convince them that you're recon pilots and you landed here to have some tea."
"Sure, but what if they see your X-Wings?" Gavin asked.
In response, Filton pointed toward the fighters parked there. There were only twelve X-Wings there. The Sabers had engaged the cloaking devices before exiting.
"Good one." Gavin said.
"Okay, let's go," Filton said to the other Jedi and they started running towards the camp.

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The basic idea and characters are Quite good, however, it may just be me but i personally don't understand what is going on in the battle... I think you should add a little more detail on the battle. How the fighters are moving and stuff would be helpful IMO.

But keep up the good work.
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thanx for the advice and encouragement, ill add the details soon. thanx 4 pointing it out.

[EDIT]: Okay I've added the details of the battle. thell me what you think. does it make sense now?

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They stopped as soon as they started.
"Wait, said Filton. "Tira, I need you to get the mine cliche from your starfighter"
"You got it," she replied. Tira closed her eyes and stretched out to the Force and the cloaked canopy of her starfighter slid open, the seat folded up and stuck to the rear wall and a cuboid box came floating out towards them.
"Okay good, let's go," Filton urged and the five of them set off again, this time closely followed by a metal box.
They reached the camp wall in record time and leaned against it to catch their breaths.
"Right," said Filton."I'm sure that they'll notice us anywhere if we climb the wall because it's too high. We have to find another way in."
"What do you think, Filton?" asked Razer.
"Not even if all our explosives are put together can we get a hole in this wall. It's too thick."
"How about we cut a hole in it using a lightsaber?" Jaina suggested.
"It would work except for this." Tira said and drew her saberstaff and slashed two deep lines into the coral. The cuts stayed there for a few seconds then began to regenerate and in three seconds, they vanished.
"Chubba," Vinsa cursed. "This means we have to enter the right royal way."
"Yes, I suppose so." replied Tira while trying to buckle her saberstaff back onto her belt. She did so but it made her drop the fusioncutter she was holding back in her left hand. It's welding end got wedged into the wall. Tira bent to retreive it and in doing so, she accidentally pressed the power button and the fusioncutter sparked and flamed inside the wall. She hastily switched it off and tried to pull it out of the wall and along with it came chunks of charred coral. Filton was staring thoughtfully at the hole in the wall, expecting it to heal up. It did'nt.
"That's it!" he said. "The chemical flame of the fusioncutter weakens the coral and prevents it from healing up."
He stuck his lightsaber blade into the hole. This hole did not heal up either and it had gone clean through to the other side. Filton could peek through it and get a glimpse of the camp on the other side. It was similar to the camp on Belkadan that Corran Horn and Ganner Rhysode had witnessed, lots of little domes scattered around randomly and a big dome in the center.
"Okay, Tira, you have to make and outline of an archway from here-" Filton indicated a spot in the wall. "-to here." he indicated another spot."
Tira nodded and began her work. When she had made the archway, Vinsa drew her twin blades and cut along the outline Tira had made and the five Jedi were now on the other side of the wall.
Filton gestured for them to be silent and follow. They went to the nearest dome and Filton risked looking through the doorway. There were two Yuuzhan Vong warriors who appeared to be sleeping. Filton whispered to the others to check out the other domes and got the same results. All the warriors seemed to be resting as if preparing for battle. The five of them met back at the opening and began to whisper to each other.
"They seem to be sleeping," Filton said. "The coral their domes are made of is very vulnerable and can easily be blown out by a mine along with what's inside."
"Do you know how many domes there are in here?" Vinsa asked.
"I did a quick count, there are a hundred and ten small domes and one large one. That's two hundred and twenty warriors for the small domes, about the big one, I don't know. But there are more than enough to conquer Almania, what with its low population and all." said Jaina.
"Tira, how many mines do you have?" Filton asked.
"Three hundred," she replied.
"Okay, give each of us twenty-two mines and we split up and place the mines in the small domes. Once you've finished, head back to our entrance."
While Tira was handing out the mines, Filton gave everyone the domes they were supposed to mine.
"Remember, they must be changed from proxy to remote before you set them." Tira said to everyone. "Do it now itself for all of them and then proceed."
"And all of you, use your stealth field generators."
"Uh, Filton, I don't have one," Jaina said.
"Yes, I know, that's why I brought along and extra one from my ship, here,"
Filton tossed a belt to Jaina.
"Okay, let's move."
And five Jedi vanished under their stealth fields. Ignorant of the fact that the four cruisers were back.

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Five hidden Jedi split up and went around to each of the domes assigned to them. They had no trouble placing the mines in the domes then concealing them and within 20 minutes, they had assembled near their archway-hole and disengaged their belts.
"Are all of them set on remote?" Filton asked to make sure. All of them were set on remote.
"Right now all we have to do is blow up the big dome and then we can go home. Come on, stealth fields on."
They made their way to the large dome and Filton peeked inside. What he saw was not good.
Eleven humans in bright orange flight suits all trussed up and bruised. Rogue Squadron had been captured. Two awake Yuuzhan Vong warriors were guarding them.
Maybe the Vong are against Recon pilots too, Filton thought as he turned back to his group.
"They've captured the Rogues," Filton whispered to them. There are two Vong in there guarding them. None of the Rogues appear to be implanted with the control seeds, so they will be able to escape if they are helped."
"What are we waiting for?" Razer asked. "Let's go!"
"Whoa, hey! Wait little brother, all of us will go together."
"Don't call me that."
"Sorry, but that was the only way to get your attention."
"Fine, can we stop bickering and go in there already?" Vinsa urged.
"Follow me," Filton instructed and the five of them moved in single file into the dome, still under their cloaks.
"These cloaks are capable of including anything you touch under the field," Filton thought while reaching out to the Force so that the four of them got the message in their minds.
"So ignite you sabers and keep them ready. The hum of the blade won't get through the field.
He sensed that they had done as he said and drew his own lightsaber and ignited it.
"Rogues, this is Filton," he thought to them. "We're under stealth fields and don't look around searching for us as it will alert the Vong. We're going to help you but before that we have to kill these two."
He shifted communications and thought to the Jedi with him,
"Jaina, when we start attacking the Vong, you free the Rogues and get them safely to the pit and get off-planet with them. We'll handle these guys."
"Okay, the rest of you listen up, Tira and I will take that one and Vinsa and Razer will take the one at the other end. Position yourselves near them and attack when I give the signal."
The Jedi obeyed and stood near th Yuuzhan Vong, who were casually leaning against the wall of the dome with their amphistaffs on the floor. In the small domes, some of the warriors were beginning to stir.

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"NOW!" Filton shouted and two Yuuzhan Vong warriors seemed to split apart from the waist.
Meanwhile, Jaina had slashed the ropes holding the Rogues and set them free. She motioned for them to follow and Rogue Squadron left the camp.
Tira emptied her mine cliche into the center of the dome after setting them on remote. The four of them ran out of the dome to their entrance. Halfway between the dome and the wall, Filton heard a soft 'thud' but did'nt look back. Once the were outside the wall, Filton pressed the button on the remote again and with an explosion later, they were being showered with pieces of dead coral.
When he turned to them, he saw only Tira, who was speaking into a comlink, and Razer lying on the ground with his eyes closed.
"Where's Vinsa," he asked.
"I don't know but we had better get off this planet now," Tira said.
"We're not leaving anyone behind," said Filton.
"There's no time, the Yuuzhan Vong are flooding the planet with plasma, we have got to go."
"I'm not leaving this planet without her," Filton said firmly.
"But...Oh! I understand, go save your girlfriend then. I only hoped you would chose someone who was human."
At this she turned on her heel and started running towards the pit. Filton told Razer to follow her and went back into the camp. What he saw was not good.
A Yuuzhan Vong warrior, probably the sentry, was dragging Vinsa by the arm to the main entrance.
"Hey, get your slimy hands off her!" Filton shouted.
The Yuuzhan Vong started and turned around. There he saw it. A jeedai with a bar of orange light in his hand.
The Yuuzhan Vong took a coil of what looked like a smooth rope from his belt and cracked it like a whip, it stiffened into a rod and he readied himself to leap at Filton. He never got the chance. Filton erupted into a whirlwind of orange light and jumped at the Yuuzhan Vong. The Vong swiped at Filton's face but hit Filton's hand instead, knocking the lightsaber from his grip. The Vong dropped his staff and launched himself at Filton. They were now engaged in a violent tussle, both of them growing more and more desperate each moment. A while later, when they both had recieved a fair amount of cuts and bruises, Filton blindly threw a punch at the warrior. But instead of blocking it, the Yuuzhan Vong dodged to the side and sank his teeth into Filton's passing arm, then he launced a punch at Filton's midsection, knocking the wind out of him. The Yuuzhan Vong then kicked him in the chest, making him fly backward and land on the ground hard. He hit the back of his head and momentarily saw stars. He could feel the numbness spreading up his arm and knew that it was poison.'They're doing the same thing they did with Corran on Belkadan,' he thought. When his vision cleared, he realised that there was no escape for him, so he closed his eyes and helped Vinsa regain conciousness. Then he levitated her over the wall and set her on the ground near the pit and said to her in her mind, "Go."
The Yuuzhan Vong, who had retrieved his amphistaff and watched Filton float Vinsa away with amazement. He was now circling Filton slowly, waiting for the poison to do it's job. Filton knew that the Force would have no effect on the Yuuzhan Vong but he tried anyway, and that saved his life in the long way. He concentrated deeply, letting the Force fill every nook and cranny of his body and pushed with all his mind, body and spirit. The Yuuzhan Vong seemed to sway a bit. Filton pushed harder and harde but the Vong did not move. " Go AWAY!" he bellowed and the Yuuzhan Vong obeyed. The Force flooded out of him like water out of a broken dam and pushed the Yuuzhan Vong away into the far wall, causing him to break his neck.
Filton left control of the Force and just lay there thinking. Thinking of the things that had confused him in his life. "Size matters not," Yoda' aphorism. Filton never truly understood it, now he did. But he would never be able to share it with anyone.
Tira's last words to him,
I understand, go save your girlfriend then. I only hoped you would choose someone who was human
Suddenly it made sense to him. It and the fleeting glances and stares she sometimes sent his way, her laughs at his dumbest of jokes, her approval of his silliest of plans, the magnitude of anger and jealousy as she said those last words. They all made sense to him now. Tira was in love with him. He searched his feelings and found that he too loved her. He remembered back in the Academy, when they first met. He was twelve years old and had defeated his opponent in his very first lightsaber duel. He was very happy, almost ecstatic and was running was to break the news to his eleven year old brother. He was'nt watching where he was going and bumped into a girl as he rounded a corner. She would have fallen if he had'nt caught her in time.
"Sorry," he said.
"That's all right, why are you so excited?" She asked him.
"I defeated Roon in my very first real duel."
"That's great! Congratulations!" she said with a smile on her face. She seemed genuinely happy for him and he could'nt help but to smile back. Then she set off the spark that ignited their burning flame of deep love,
"Shall we be friends?"
And now, this poison was the extinguisher, trying to put it out. But it would fail, Filton thought to himself. His last thought was to Tira, although he did'nt send it, "I will always be with you in the Force, Tira. Always."
Then the envelope of blackness encased him and he passed out.

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Next is the epilogue and then the story is over. after that, you are free to comment on the story

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'Are all Jedi blind when they become one with the Force?' Filton thought. 'Or are my eyes closed?'
He opened his eyes a bit and a dazzling light greeted him. He snapped his eyes shut again.
'Maybe they aren't blind when they become one with the Force, but they are made blind by this darn light.'
"Hey, can someone dim the lights here?" Filton said aloud.
"Filton? Are you awake?" came a female voice.
'That's no dead Jedi,' he mused. 'That's Tira, I'm alive!'
"Yes, I'm awake," he replied and tried to open his eyes again. It was still bright but his eyes soon got accustomed to the light and he saw the beautiful, tear-stained face of Tira Norm looking at him.
Filton sat up and Tira hugged him.
"I'm so sorry," she said, not letting go of Filton. "I'm so sorry I said all that to you. I knew I should'nt have left you there. It was lucky that we came back."
"That's okay," Filton assured her and broke the embrace. He looked at her face and she looked back. They drew closer and closer.
The voice of Razer came through the open door,"Okay, I'll tell him, but I want you to hold him back just long enough for me to make my getaway."
"Will you just go?" Vinsa's voice floated through.
"Right, right, calm down"
Footsteps grew louder on the other side of the wall and Razer's head popped through the door.
"Fil-" It was then that he saw Filton and Tira locked in their first kiss as lovers.
"I'll come back later," he said and went back.
"Did you tell him?"asked Vinsa.
"No, he was busy."
"Some lame excuse. Just when are you planning on telling him that you ripped off the starboard wings of his starfighter?"
Filton's eyes popped open and broke away from Tira.
Tira gently turned his face to look at her.
"By the way," he asked. "Where am I?"
"Commander Pellaeon's Imperial Star Destroyer. The Rogues sent out a call for help and he was in the neighborhood, so he came along with three other Star Destroyers and blasted those cruisers into oblivion."
"How did I get here?"
"When I came back to get you, you were unconscious. So I commed Pellaeon for a shuttle and he picked you and me up. Razer and Vinsa used the Force to navigate our ships into the hanger bays. Razer had a slip and your ship's cockpit canopy and both the starboard S-Foils were ripped off."
"That brother of mine," Filton growled angrily. "One of these days he's gonna destroy all that I own."
"Sure, but before that," Tira said and drew Filton into another kiss and he did not break it.
In the hangar bay, a worried Razer was standing in front of Filton's ruined ship.
"I'm never gonna get this fixed by myself." he mumbled.



Duct Tape is ALWAYS the answer

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okay thats it. the Lightsabers were transported to Yavin 4 and Filton chased Razer halfway around the Academy till he comromised and agreed to help Filton fix the starfighter. comments may enter now.

Duct Tape is ALWAYS the answer
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