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D20=computer experiance 29 74.36%
I am not sure 4 10.26%
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Thread: D20 or realisted combat
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Old 10-31-2005, 12:19 PM   #41
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Originally Posted by RedHawke
Here we go again... *Takes a big sniff* You can just smell the drama here!

If you truely "HATE" debating with us then why post when we do? Let alone a post like this?

Right back at you Vlad... In the future I suggest if you want to discuss things rationally with me you leave your usual "self-persecution" and "drama" out of your posts. OK!

Oh and FYI, there is no "used to it's maximum" or "improving" the D20 system as it is reprisented in KOTOR...

That's the way the combat in D20 looks like... love it or leave it I say!

Seriously, the games rules makes movement a no-no as it is a turn based, fantasy RPG system (D&D), so what you seem to want cannot be done whilst using that system, combat movement is limited to closing on your opponent for an attack (Melee)... Or standing still and shooting (Ranged), and forget hitting anything with Ranged weapons if you move, severe attack penalties are incurred by any sort of combat movement when using a ranged weapon, so that is why you stand still to shoot.

While visually it looks like "dodgeball" as you put it, that is the way it is.

Sorry to burst your bubble... The D20 system cannot be examined any more as the rules are reprisented carefully, and accurately by the game, this is the problem you have with it actually, it is a faithful reprisentation of PnP RPG combat using the D20 game system... so I'm sorry but what you want isn't going to happen in this game series!

But if there is another RPG set in Star Wars after the KOTOR trilogy is completed, I hope they use the D6 RPG system instead, combat at least would be more to your liking. Come to think of it, it would be more to my liking as well.
Am I really that of a bad person? All right... I'll stop posting in this section... (I admit my views are extreme and I apologise for not being fit enough to behave smarter)
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Old 10-31-2005, 12:35 PM   #42
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Originally Posted by Vladimir-Vlada
Man, THIS is the reason why I sometimes HATE arguing with you and RedHawke: As soon as someone coplains that the D20 system hasn't been used to it's maximum (which I believe that it isn't) you start jumping to conclusions that that persons wants a FPS system; and then we all go "You're a hypocrite. (from me)" "You are ignorant and you are mindless and all you can come up with is 'it will suck' because you are stupid, and the best thing to do is listen to us, because we know best and we know more than you (from you two)".
Vlad lighten up and stop over-reacting with melodramatic posts. Nowhere Redhawke's post says this. The boards are for discussion and expressing opinions on different topics and it is exaclty what Redhawke does. You have the right to disagree but don't get like that because someone thinks differently.

As for my opinion on the topic, I think they should continue to base it on the d20 system.
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Old 10-31-2005, 01:29 PM   #43
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Originally Posted by Vladimir-Vlada
The ranged combat looks more like a game of childrens static dodgeball to me, rather than a sort of combat.

Well, for starters, I would examine all of the D20 rules carefully and use them to a maximum to make the combat look more natrual, without breaking any of the rules of that RPG system. And I'm pretty sure that there is surely something that can be done to improve it without hurting the rules.

That's all what I can say at any rate...
I think what you're complaining about has more to do with the graphical animations during the combat scenes rather than the combat system itself.

I don't think they can tweak the system itself, but I think they could add a better variety of animations to go along with it so it doesn't look as repetitive.

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Old 10-31-2005, 05:13 PM   #44
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That's because it's how turn-based RPG really is.

Final Fantasy's (and most of Square's RPGs) ranged combat looks even more atrocious.
It's wait. Move in. Hit. Move back.

The other "RPG" system is the point and click, à la Diablo or Dungeon Siege. Neither game dwelves very deeply into their story. Understandable as the focus is combat alone.
In purely technical terms, this would be considered manual aiming.
It doesn't fit KotOR however, as no story-driven RPG (that I know), uses such a superficial system.

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