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Thread: What Flaws Did You Find In BF II?
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What Flaws Did You Find In BF II?


More disapointment then enjoyment.

Sorry to be so harsh on this game but this is what I found. (for Xbox version)

Well I thought this would be a great thread for pointing out your flaws for BF II.Well I have a few flaw too point out for this game. First of in space battles you couldn't get into a space ship with out some enemy ass getting up your bum and turning you into bantha meat even before you gor off ground.So really there was "no fair go" exploring the maps because you wouldn't get a chance to do any thing.

Also there was no "easy" AI level. The AI levels were just "normal" and "elite" which was dispointing.It would be nice to have an "easy" level to start off with so you can get use to the game.

and The controls to the X-wing or any other ship were dam right difficult. In a ship you would have a a ship that would spin right around which was just way to difficult to get use to because you would be use too BF I turns and stuff. And buy the time time you figure out where you are "you are dead".

And the jedi are lousy in a way. You can't deflect blaster fire very well either. the jumping of a Jedi is a little lousy. and the time limit also is stupid for been a Jedi because you can't get any fun feeling with out the timer running out and telling you are dead.

And, there seems to be no bot commands where you can order your troops to follow you. If there is it seems to be dam right difficult to figure out. I mean I didn't get any bots to help me out at all and I am like fighting al by my self. Just no real sense of feeling at all.

and for the Xbox version if there is bot commands the writing also gets in the way of the screen which is very annoying because you can't see where you are going because the writing is in the road.

But a part from all this the games okay. I guess i will play more to get use too it.

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My response is:
1) Well, I don't mind the difficulty, but I often felt that I was doing everything with my co-op partner and that's it. No bot support. In fact, I dunno why the bots are there sometimes.

2) LEARN TO FLY! Left thumbstick is pitch up/down turn left right, right thumbstick is throttle up, throttle down, ROLL left/right, R3 for boost. I became an 'ace' in less than 5 minutes. It helps if you've ever played 'arcade' flight games. Remember, these babies fly like planes, without the curse of gravity.

3) Try double, triple and quad jumping to see Obi leap to victory. Also, the point of BF2 is not to make it so one Jedi is invulnerable and other people online kick you off the server for killing the entire opposing team single handed. That's why they have a timer, so SKILLED Jedi will get the true benefit of their power. Also, why block blasters, when you can 'dodge'?

4) Press digital up, when facing a bot. It'll follow you. Press it again, it'll 'bugger off'. Lame, I know.

I'm not used to how much they nerfed the vehicles. I am still sour at what the rebels get. The "Super turbo ultra power tank of mass destruction" yet it is so easily to kill.

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RPGs don't cause you to take flight. I would think a weapon that hits with enough explosive energy to nearly kill you would give you a good view of the scenery.
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im with red. also it sounds like you have something agianst the game lol your listing every little flaw. also their not really flaws. its all based off of perspective.

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red has a point. i found the flight controls very easy.. ofcourse i crash when i go int a hanger SOMETIMES.. but not that often... only reason im kinda disgruntled about the space battles is that i only get to play 3 min of it lol... not enough time to do anything. -.- blasted demo

and thus yoda said "whoop your ass i will, yes"

waaaaa jeeedddiii

geeks are not afriad of hell. we know how to get around the fire wall.

"judge not, lest ye be judged"

"an act is not a true act of kindness unless the person preforming the act is doing so with out expecting so much as a second thought or thank you from the other person. " - me
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I think the graphics are pretty dated and don't stand up well to other games of the type.

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I agree prime, the graphics were ok when I put it on 480p HD, but still they could've put a little more effort in them. I agree more with red on the flaws listed in the first post not being so serious though.

The space battles, GCW especially, seem a bit unpolished. Of course if there is a sequal, this could be fixed easily with different objectives and more interesting ship interiors. More frigates/capital ships could also spice things up a bit.

One glitch I found is that on an Imperial Star Destroyer, if you take off out of the hanger and then land just as your taking off, you can get out on the edge of the star destroyer and run the perimiter.

Overall though, space is new to this sort of game, so it is a good start and the ground battles are vastly improved... so I think that it is a very enjoyable game.
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So far, I've found three more wall hacks that are not in the beta.

(I may not agree with thoughts posted under this name)
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Originally Posted by Prime
I think the graphics are pretty dated and don't stand up well to other games of the type.
Battlefront 2 took many ideas from Battlefield 2. I mean, the beta menu was nearly exactly the same as Battlefield 2! There are also those unlockable classes/weapons. But, I do like the "Total War" influences with the fleet movements.

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I do like the unlockable weapons though, it encourages me to 'show some skills'. Yep, I spend all my time jacking vehicles in Kashyyk!

I'd like to add to my last point, that while Jedi are balanced, Sith certainly are not! Darth Maul is brilliant! All his levels are narrow and his double-sabre will kill groups of people standing around him. Add sabre throw and I've literally dropped their unit count in GC all the way to 29 single handedly!

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Well, car jacking is best done on Polis Massa, as a CIS engineer. All you can jack w/o fear of annoying Clones!!! (Clones/Imp/Rebels take constant damage outside the station)

I found BF2 rushed, and unfinished in many places:
1) Many 1st person views of vehicles are taken out, and I don't mean the nice looking view panels, you can't even drive that tank in 1st person mode(sure you can do it in stuff like X-wings/ATAT, but not even tanks/ATST and such). Hope this will be fixed. ALso, at least allow us to play those tuskens/jawas/ewoks in 1st person mode, 3rd person mode is too hard to aim.

2) The Quit function does not work, esp in story/campaign mode. It basically just kinda restart the mission, or boosts you to next step.

3) Some models are not skinned, most notably the first person mode of a wookie's fusion cutter(Try 1st person mode on HUNT mode, and use wookies) Not a big problem, but still it shows some more work should be done.

4) Hoth is WAY too bright in BF2. Basically everytime I am in that level I have to turn down the brightness of the monitor. Maybe its realistic, but I call it "you have sun glasses in the helmet" ... so please, dim it up a bit. Not like people cannot dim the screen by pressing the brightness button.
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The Space Battles - Could have been more exciting. Unless the developers had only one spawn ship per side for fear of lag issues, I think they should have incuded plenty more to make the combat more exciting.

The Maps - Many of the new ones are too forgettable, like Polis Massa, Dagobah, Felucia, and Utapau. Also, why are there no aircraft in ground battles (excluding Hoth)? Gunships played crucial roles on Geonosis and Utapau, and it would've been nice to divebomb Rebel tanks from a TIE Bomber, even if only on a handful of maps. Also, I pity the fool(s) who took out Rhen Var and Bespin.

The Classes - Though I like some of the changes they made to the orignal classes, the new ones seem like knockoffs of each other. Engineers are WAY too similar with all the shotguns, and instead of classes that generally have the same aspects of the officer, why not make a seperate officer class all together and make the Magna Guard and Bothan spy seperate unique classes? Speaking of unique classes, they needed more of 'em.

And that ends my rant.
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I'm not to fond of the way some of the maps are designed, mostly in the terms of command post placement. I guess I just think there are two few command posts on some maps and that they should be placed in more out of the way, easily defendable postitions, not sitting out in the middle of the battlefield. An example is Kashyyyk, the one command post is located in the middle of the beach, yet when you spawn from it you show up on the platforms, I guess I just think the platforms should have there own seperate control point.

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Well, most of the Episode 3 maps aren't really well known, so that's what to be expected though their lack of immediate fanbase. I don't mind the lighting on Hoth though.

As for aiming in 3rd person. The REAL HINT is to aim using the cursor! I mean, the FPS view is rubbish and just shows a pair of arms and a gun that has the wrong model anyway (compare every side's shotgun).

I think they took aircraft out of ground levels because it's too hard to create levels that work for them. Hoth is mainly empty and boring for the most part. Old Geonosis is worse, you can camp as the Cis and still win, while the gunships don't have any freedom on where to go, it just looks tight and crappy.

Bespin was not made for flying. It takes less than 5 seconds to fly from one side of the level to another. If you're a fan of sharp turns and flying slow, OK, but the space levels NEED that boost button for a reason.

At the mo, it isn't possible to have 10 000 a side huge battles which would actually be big enough that aircraft can flitter around without hitting the brakes all the time.

I don't mind the unique classes, the imp officer sucks anyway. Clone commando is where it's at. Also, why would the rebels have an officer on the field?

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So far I've found many of the same disappointments/annoyances from the previous game.

1) Lack of demo recording ability

2) Lack of a true console

3) Inability to view the score table while you're dead and waiting to respawn.

4) Inability to chat during the ending score screen or exit quickly.

5) The fact that you have to cycle between explosive types. They supposedly removed the ability to go prone because there were "too many buttons" (well and that "nobody used it" they claim), but this is really a console issue more than anything. Why else would you have to hit a button to cycle through explosive types and not have the ability to bind each type to a different key? JA had as many buttons as this game and yet you could still bind individual force powers or items to individual keys, and it was really easy to do with the cfg files or console. I guess I'm spoiled by the ease of the UT and Q3 engines.

6) Lack of voice chat. Unless there is voice chat in the game.. I just haven't figured out how to use it. I don't mean the taunts/command keys, I mean like a built in ventrilo type thing.

7) Crappy "forced flying" of the starships. As before, you constantly fly forward (often crashing into things) unless you hold down the brakes. That's annoying. Why can't you just have a throttle that has to be held or is like a real throttle (a slider on your joystick or mousewheel)?

8) Lack of linux dedicated servers, limiting the number of servers for the game.

9) The lack of a multiplayer Galactic Conquest mode for PC users. This is simply inexcusable. They could have done it in an online fashion unless the engine is that crappy... and if anyone says split screen is "impossible" for modern pc games, take a look at 'Serious Sam' sometime.

10) Leaderboards are nice, but Ngstats are far better. This isn't so much a criticism, since most games don't have this feature, but still, Leaderboards just aren't as good (they only honor people who play the game tons, they don't let you chart your invidual progress, or the outcome of an individual match or bot session).

11) Crappy chat. The font's too small, it's located in a place that's easy to miss (if you focus on chat, you're dead). It makes no sound cue, and is affected by framerates and lag so it's hard to type a coherent sentence without going REALLY SLOWLY, which again, ensures hitting the T key will get you killed. If it were easier to bind stuff to keys this might not be such a problem. In any case, it leaves much to be desired! They seem to have assumed everyone would use voice communication, which again, favors to the console crowd.

12) Not really related to the game itself, but the stupid marketing ploy of Lucas's company combining the total sales of the ROTS DVD and SWBF2, without differentiating them, thus making it appear that they both are individually more successful than they are. They would make their case stronger for dual marketing if they gave the dollar values and unit sales for EACH version of SWBF2 and each version of the DVD, not just the combined figure, as if it were all the same product.

13) Crappy Dedicated Server launcher. Okay, this one is somewhat minor because I just use batch files for commands, but c'mon. At least they are trying this time with creating multiple beta launchers, but the core one, the one ported over from SWBF1 sucks. It doesn't include all the basic options, plus its a non-resizable window, that requires you to increase your desktop resolution just to view the whole thing! Talk about poor design... anyway this could be remedied much more easily than the game itself and hopefully that's what's going to happen.

14) Lack of PC Demo. The beta helped, it really did, but not everyone could take advantage of this. PC users got gipped out of a demo the first time around, and it appears there's no sign they'll get one this time either. Sad.

Things that uniquely annoyed/diappointed me so far:

1) Lack of cockpit huds for vehicles/starships like the previous game. If it's such a big deal for screen space, make it toggleable. Instead they just nixed it completely. I guess it saved them having to design a few more graphics, but at least they could have given us the ones from the old game!

2) The removal of first person view from most vehicles. Throw out realism in favor of making the game more console friendly.. ugh.

3) The lack of prone ability. Okay so I rarely used it, but I felt it was a nice option to have. I had a feeling they removed it just so they wouldn't have to fix the numerous "hide inside the wall you clipped through" bug exploits on various maps, but they claimed otherwise.

4) They left out so many good maps. They said "we can't include everything" but this is frankly BS. This excuse ONLY works if you're talking about the console versions, which are limited via disc space. PC's have things called "hard drives" which can hold a lot more data. They don't have to stream it all from the disc like most consoles. So they should have at least included the ROTS themed maps since that is what this release was all about. I can understand not wanting to totally kill sales of the previous game, but they said over and over "This is the game we always intended to make" yeah... except leaving out half the maps from the original, which were quite popular!

5) Lack of radar in Space Assault mode. Granted, I was able to live with this since the area you're going around in isn't that large, but still. Other space games have radar, so it just seemed unnatural to have it suddenly gone here. And yes, I know you can bring up the radar with the key in Space Assault, but it obscures your view. I'm talking about the mini-radar that is in the corner of your screen.

6) Crappiness of Jedi fighting. The Jedi are just hack 'n' slash and rather boring to use against each other. Don't get me wrong, it's hilarious and fun to hack up a bunch of troopers with your blade. What's boring is trying fight one on one vs. another hero. I didn't really expect this game to have quality dueling though. But I will admit it's far inferior to the standard, which is Jedi Outcast/Academy. Also the lack of a first person view for Jedi is also a bit annoying (thank you again Consolitis!).

7) Lack of taunts/voice for Heroes. Do commands given by Heroes even do anything? In any case, hearing the characters say their commands would have been nice. This means more voice acting, but its another bit of polish that would have been nice to add to the game.

Now there are some things I really like about this game, but this thread is just about the bad, so there you go.

There's several bugs in the full version that were in the beta, and even more than were in the beta (for example none of my voice commands produce any sounds, even though I have the volume cranked), but hopefully those will be fixed soon in the first patch. It's been 10 days I think they are coming up due for one soon... at least by the end of November... throw us a bone!

Sadly I think the fact that this game was rushed shows. If we hadn't had SWBF1, I might be more impressed. It is an improvement on its predecesser in many ways, but many core flaws still remain (mainly due to its being aimed squarely at the casual SW fan console crowd) and in a few cases it's a step back.

Anyway, these impressions are after playing the game sporadically for about a week. I'll probably have more thoughts after I've had time to play it more. A shame I won't get to play it over my short thanksgiving break (PC's too big to take home!).

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One thing....the fact when you start a space battle, you see the battle but you can't select any units. Happened to me once when I was facing the Empire in GC, with only one planet left to take.

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