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Thread: Luke Skywalker vs. Jacen Solo
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Luke Skywalker vs. Jacen Solo

Alright, before I begin to write this story, I just wan to let you know, I KNOW THIS WILL PROBABLY NOT HAPPEN.

Anyway, this fight take's place on Coruscant and it was suppose to be the final battle to a fic I was writing, but I scrapped the fic. Instead of letting the fight leave me, I hung onto it wrote a lot of notes down. So, here you all go. I present to you the final duel of "Star Wars: Dark Empire Returns - Rise of the Insidious One" in all it's beauty.

- - -

Luke Skywalker knew that he'd fallen. The Force told him so clearly, so powerfully, it would almost impossible to ignore. Then, only a split second after the startling revelation, the Force rippled with the death of another.

Luke only intensified his run.

He could hear the Senator's final, painful cry as the lightsaber took his life in a single stroke. No, he couldn't hear it...he could see it. The Force showed it so clearly to Luke, it was like watching a movie. The vision played over and over in his head and as he approached the blaster scarred door, the sadness in Luke's heart intensified.

The door opened with mechanical hiss and Luke stood in the doorway. Standing over the senator's body was Jacen Solo; blue-white blade humming angrily in his clenched fist. Luke reached to his side, retrieving his own and activated it with a low snap-hiss.

"I knew you would come, uncle." Jacen said softly, his breath fast and rugged. It looked as if speaking was an exhausting task. "But you came much sooner then I had expected. You figured out my plan far to soon."

Luke's eyes narrowed as he glared at his nephew's back, squeezing his blade tightly.

"Where did my teaching's go wrong?" Luke asked, letting his shoulders slump visibly.

Luke had only a split second to react as the Force tingled in his mind. His green-white saber snapped to life as he parried the sudden whirlwind of slashes and stabs. Their blades cut deep into the doorway, leaving red-hot crevasses in the wall.

Luke pushed Jacen's blade out wide and delivered a solid heel to his stomach. Jacen staggered back, unbalanced by the blow and gasped as Luke's blade sweeped in for the fatal blow.

Unfortunately for Luke, the Force was with them both.

Jacen slipped on the stairs leading to the veranda and fell onto his back as the blade passed over. Luke clutched his saber tightly mid-swing and brought down into a crushing blow. But the blue-white blade met his and yellow flashes illuminated the two warriors as the struggled against one another.

In that instant, Luke Skywalker knew all was lost. He peered deep into the yellowy-red eyes of his nephew and saw nothing but sheer, unbound hatred. The hatred ran so deep it ate at his very soul, corrupting him in every possible way.

Every memory Luke had of the twin's flashed before his eyes. He remembered the day he first spared with them; when he first spared with Jacen. The day Chewbacca died, the pain Jacen had felt, Luke was there to help him soothe it. Everything, every moment pain or sadness loomed over Jacen, he had been there to help in some way...

Luke blinked and felt the Force swirl around him. But where had he gone wrong? Why did Jacen turn?

None of it mattered anymore. Not now, anyway. Jacen delivered a brutal heel into Luke's thigh and thrust the other into his chest, throwing the Jedi Grand Master through the air and into the far wall. It buckled under the impact and Luke fell to his knee's.

"YOU WILL DIE!!" Jacen screamed and sprang through the air. The Darkside prickled the back of Luke's neck as he heard the air whistle around him and instinctively, he called to his lightsaber.

In answered with a roaring snap-hiss and Luke swung the blade in a wide arch, pushing Jacen off balance. He did not see the impact, he only heard it. He heard the wall buckle again in the Force and he felt the pain his nephew was feeling.

It lasted for only one long, agonizing second...

Luke sprang to his feet and whirled around as he clashed blade's with Jacen once more. They moved in masterful weave that took them down the stairs on to the veranda itself. Those fortunate enough to be driving by watched as the Jedi Grand Master dueled a fellow Jedi Knight.

Luke slashed high and wide then twisted, whirling the blade over his head, and slashed low at Jacen's knee. Each time the blue blade was there to meet him and each time it countered.

Luke stepepd back and drew his blade up, blocking slash aimed for his head and eagerly returned it. Jacen ducked, whirling the blade behind his back in an arrogant block and side-stepped whirled, striking for Luke's knees.

Except he was no longer there.

Jacen looked up, seeing Luke pounding from balcony to balcony, running for the rooftops. With a sadistic smile, Jacen gathered the force within him and sprang...

The Sith would rise again this day. Jacen would see to it...

* * *

More to come people! ^-^ What do you think so far?

The Chronicals of the Dark Lord

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Interesting, looks pretty good.
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Skywalked flipped through the air and landed with a crack against the roof. He did not remain still for long and fell into a turn, arching his blade high. The blue-white blade anxious met it and the force sent Luke staggering back. Jacen fell into a crouch and suddenly sprang forward, slashing towards Luke's abdomen. A quick inward thrust halted the blade and a vicious, sweeping roundhouse sent Jacen whirling the air. The roof buckled under the impact and Jacen skidded into the side with a hard groan.

"Why would you do this?!" Luke shouted, squeezing his blade tightly. "How could you turn you back on the Jedi?! On your family?!"

Jacen's head snapped up and Luke was taken back by the hatred in them; he thought it could go no further.

"Turn...my...back?" Jacen repeated slowly. He stood with renewed vigor and summoned the lightsaber to his hand. It ignited with a snap-hiss. "YOU TURNED YOUR BACK ON ME!!!"

The words stunned Luke. He felt his heart shatter, like an invisible knife had been driven into his chest. Had he really slipped this far? Luke raised his blade, seeing the desire, the hunger to kill in his nephew's eyes. Jacen attacked again, this time quicker then before.

Luke had only a moment's notice in the force of the blade that plunged for his heart. He whirled his blade around to block but at the last second the blade changed course. Jacen whirled around, side-stepping to Luke's left and drove his blade straight for his hip.

Only a deserpate whirling slash to Jacen's head saved him and the sudden strike forced Jacen into retreat. Luke raised his blade again, furrowed his brows and prepared. He would not let that happen again.

"I never turned my back on you!" Luke shouted and stepped forward, swinging down. Jacen threw his blade into a rising slash block, pushed Luke's high and then cut back, slicing towards his face. Luke ducked and with a thrust of his palm sent Jacen flying through the air and crashed into the roof again. "I was always there for you!!"

Jacen wiped his jaw of blood and stood up again. "Always there?" His grin turned into a hateful snarl. "WHERE WERE YOU WHEN SIDIOUS KILLED KYLE KATARN?! WHERE WERE YOU WHEN SIDIOUS KILLED ANAKIN?! WHERE..." he seemed to calm, his shoulders slumped forward. "Where were you when Sidious struck down my sister..."

This was the moment Luke needed. Jacen's knee's shook with a mixture of rage and sadness. They threatened to buckle and spill him to the floor. Luke reached out to the Force, feeling the one blazing, white hot flame now a simmering fire just waiting for fuel. Luke smiled; Jacen was still fighting between the Light and Darkside. Luke hadn't lost him yet.

"Jaina isn't dead, Jacen." Luke stated, his green blade rested at his side. Jacen looked up at him with wide, shocked eyes. "Jaina's in a Bacta Tank in the Jedi Temple! She's injured but alive."

Suddenly Jacen's face twisted into contemptuous rage. "YOU LIE!!" Jacen screamed, jabbing the saber at Luke. "ALL YOU JEDI LIE!!" He clutched his blade with both hands and sprinted forward, dragging it behind him. Luke threw his blade out and met Jacen's half way. They danced across the roof once more; whirling, slashing, stabbing and cutting at every opprotunity.

Luke flipped high over Jacen's head and landed gracefully on both feet into a run. Jacen sweeped around a mere second to short and his blade only clipped a few peices of Luke's hair away.

"I'm not lieing, Jacen!" Luke cried, choking his lightsaber hilt, stepping back towards the edge. "Jaina's alive, waiting for you! Leia, Han..their all alive! Kyle too..."

But his words fell on deaf ears. Jacen glared at Luke and raised a single hand. The force termored and Luke winced, knowing exactly what was coming. Blue-white lightning arched from his hand and snapped at Luke's face. However, an emerald green blade intercepted and the lightning coiled around the slender rod and fed into the power cell.

Luke stood emotionless, deep in concentration. His face flickered with flashes of blue, green, white and his eyes narrowed against the onslaught. But the show wasn't done yet. Luke barred his teeth now, clutching his blade tightly with both hands. He could feel the lightning surge through the tips of his fingers - or servo-motor's - and into his arms. They had become painfully numb and it took every ounce of power to keep his blade steady.

But it wasn't enough.

A final burst of blue-white lightning exploded from the blade and slammed into his chest. The force carried him through the air, over the edge and crashing onto another roof a handful of meter's below.

A jolt of pain shot through Luke's back but he didn't have enough time to regain his composure for Jacen was already falling through the air, blade angled to impale him. Luke kipped up and back as the blue-white blade sank into the roof. Luke could hear the terrified shrieks of the rooms occupants below. A twitch of the force summoned his blade to his hand and with another twitch, the green-white blade flared to life to meet Jacen's.

They stopped at the edge of the roof once more; arms, body and hands shaking with strength and rage. Their lightsaber's were only handwidth away from their throats and their faces were illuminated by the humming sabers. Calm met Rage; Light met Dark; Good met Evil...Luke Skywalker, Grand Master of the Jedi Knights met Jacen Solo, Dark Lord of the Sith.

The blades broke into a whirling slash and the crack of the sabers split them apart. Luke angled his blade into thrust at Jacen's waist, but he twisted to Luke's left and fell into an overhand slash so impossibly quick, Luke barely had enough time to pull back and let their blades collide.

That was entirely too close. He had almost lost both his arms at that moment. Thankfully, the only injury he sustained was his legs being pelted by plaster from the roof.

Jacen whirled around and away, cutting his blade through the air, but Luke twisted the blade over his head and then down, slapping Jacen's high into the air. Luke shot his leg out into vicious side kick that struck his Nephew hard in the stomach and sent him stumbling backwards...

...and over the edge.

- - -

OH! Cliffhanger'd!

XP I hope you enjoy this so far; there's a LOT more to go << REmember, this isn't a full Fan Fic, it's just the ending fight that I really liked of a fic I scrapped.

The Chronicals of the Dark Lord

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i think this is great, though it would be better with the fic

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