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Thread: JK Outcast (Nar Shaddaa Starpad)
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Question JK Outcast (Nar Shaddaa Starpad)

I'm at the end of this level and I'm stuck here at Starpad at the fuel pumps, I can't find the way to activate the fuel pumps codes, I appreciate if you guys outthere can help me out to solve this problem and advance to the next level.
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Have you tried reading one of the GameFAQs walkthroughs?
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Nar Shadda Starpad [3 Secrets] {ns_starpad}
>>Current Force Powers: PUSH 1, PULL 1, JUMP 2
>>Force Upgrade: SPEED has increased to level 2, and MIND TRICK is now
available at level 1.
>>Objectives: Find Lando's ship, the Lady Luck.

To start, just follow Lando to his ship, the "Lady Luck". Start running
up the ramps, and at the top take out a Gran... from there just follow Lando
(you'll have to hit the switch on a lift). Stay in this control room until he
finishes speaking ("How's it look?"), otherwise a door down below won't open.
Those two platforms in this room that look like lifts are... later, when you're
running around on the catwalks outside, you'll pass the doors for these lifts,
but there's no way to call them. C'est la vie...
Once Lando has finished with his speech, there are two ways to go...
back down the glass corridor, or down the lift in here. If you go back down the
corridor, wait down below in the area where you killed the Gran (with the two
doors) until Lando mentions the safeties. If you take the lift... get on the
lift to the right of the door (the one without the Bacta) - at the bottom, exit
and you'll see a bridge with a locked door at the other end... across the bridge
and slash through the lock, bringing you back into the room where you killed the
From the corridor - the door you need to go through is the one on the
right as you come back down; from outside it's the one on your left. Through
that door - after Lando mentions the safeties - and into a room with a big red-
rimmed hole in the center. Through the door on the other side, and into a dark
room... you'll need to use your Light Amplification Goggles in here. Down to the
right is a short black container you can JUMP up on, then continue winding your
way through this room (ducking through that small arch, of course) to a door
leading to the outside (shut off the Goggles at this point).
Straight ahead from you out here - across the chasm - is a walkway and a
door, which leads into the starpad... but of course you need to take the long
way around. After you kill and slash in this cargo area, head down that catwalk
with the oval cutouts... on your left as you go is a door (which won't open now)
leading to one of the roof sections.
At the end of the catwalk, watch out... snipers, and Turrets which are
giving Lando problems. In the door, kill everyone, through the next hall (watch
out for the snipers firing on you from the windows at the end) and out the
door... straight ahead is a platform sticking out into space, get on that and
turn left.
JUMP up to where the Turrets are and take them out... then into the room
and kill off the Baddies in here. Out the door - this is the hall where those
snipers were firing through the windows earlier - and down the next hall, into
the next room... of the three doors in here, only the center one will open;
through that and up to the end. Hit the switch there, and get ready for Secret
[Secret 1] JUMP up through the glass ceiling (it'll take a little work)
and along it to a ledge on the right at the end. Get the Secret, then back down
through the glass ceiling.
In the room with the three doors (ignore the door under the glass
ceiling room at the bottom of the slope; you can't open that now), go through
the left door and get ready for Secret 2.
[Secret 2] as soon as you get out the door, look right and up... you'll
see a short darkened slope - you've got to get up there. Your best bet is to go
down the ramp some, turn and face that slope, then SPEED + JUMP up to that
darkened slope; from there, JUMP up to the darkened ledge above for the Secret
Once you've finished with Secret 2, head along the catwalk... watch out
for snipers firing from the other side of the chasm. That big octagonal
structure ahead is a fuel tank; go around it to the right to collect items and
kill off Bad Guys. Once all the way around it, you'll be on a short connector
bridge: facing down the chasm, ahead and on the left is where you hit Secret 2,
and ahead on the right is a walkway along a building, with a door... that leads
into the Starpad, but of course it won't open right now.
You'll have a pair of pipes overhead, with a fuel tank on either side -
the one on your right is what you'll need to get up on later to open the fuel
valves. Go around that tank to the right (counterclockwise), and down a darkened
passageway... you'll pass a door on the right (which won't open) which leads to
the other set of roof controls, and then you'll pass one of those lift doors
from the control room where you started; if you came down the lift, this is it.
To your right is that bridge with the locked door at the end, and straight ahead
is a large lift which opens on to the Starpad.
As soon as you hit that lift, Checkpoint. Be careful in this hanger,
because you need to keep Lando alive, which isn't very easy on the harder
difficulties. Run down to the back end of the ship to that door... Bad Guys will
come pouring in (note that when the door opens, you'll see a short bridge
extending to connect to the walk out here... across it is that glass ceiling
room from earlier). Once they're dead, run back to the other end of the hanger
and take out all the Bad Guys before they take out Lando.
Once everybody (except Lando) is dead, head up into the ship... you'll
hear Lando say that there's a problem ("So what's new?"). Note: if Lando gets
stuck in the hanger at any point, use PUSH or PULL on him to get him moving
again; he needs to get into the ship in order to continue. Once he's made his
speech, head around to the right side of the ship to check out the fuel
valves... the gray valve is a yellow 'x', while the red valve is a broken circle
with a slash through it.
Out the door at the base of the ship's ramp, and head left - watch out
for snipers. Straight ahead are two fuel tanks - the one on the left is what you
need to get up on, but you don't have enough JUMP to get straight up there.
Instead, get on one of the footings of the right-hand tank, and from there JUMP
up on the pipes and across to the other tank. Use the two valves up here,
changing the gray to a yellow 'x', and changing the red to a broken circle with
a slash through it... your Datapad will update when you've got it right. You
need to go back into the hanger to get to the roof controls, but first go get
Secret 3.
[Secret 3] from the tank with the valves, get across to the top of the
other tank (cross the pipes and JUMP up)... straight ahead across the way is a
darkened ledge which is Secret 3.
Back inside the hanger, on the right side of the ship is a pile of
crates... they can be blown up (or slashed) to reveal a grate in the floor;
slash that and drop in. At the end of this low tunnel i one of the roof control
rooms. There are five switches in here: one where that Rodian is firing at you,
and four others, one each at the half-pipes. You need to hit the four at the
pipes before you can hit the one on the separate control panel. To get back to
the hanger, either drop back down the hole you came through, or out the door -
that leads back to that darkened hall you went through before getting to the
Back in the hanger, on the other (left) side is a single crate against
the wall... PUSH it to reveal another floor grate. Through that tunnel and out
into the other roof control room, and again do the five switches. The door in
here leads back out to that catwalk with the oval cutouts, so you might be
better off going back through the tunnel.
Back in the hanger, get into the ship and up into the cockpit... just to
the left of the door is a gun control which you'll need.
After the brief cutscene, 'use' the gun controls and take out all the
Bad Guys outside. Be warned: the ship will start taking damage as soon as you
open fire, but most of the time you'll have no problem. Once they're all dead,
the level ends.

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