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Thread: Doom Communications
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Exclamation Doom Communications

I have reached the communications aray. I can not figure out the code to manually set the red, green & blue codes. Can anyone help? How do I get the aray online to use it?
If it matters, the door behind the blue comm room is locked & I can not get in.
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Doomgiver Communications [3 Secrets] {doom_comm}
>>Current Force Powers: PUSH 3, PULL 3, SPEED 3, HEAL 2, GRIP 2
>>Force Upgrade: JUMP and MIND TRICK upgraded to level 3, LIGHTNING
upgraded to level 2, Saber Defense upgraded to level 3,
and the 'Strong' style of Lightsaber is now available
(represented by a red arc on your weapons gauge).
>>Objectives: Search for Jan.
Find Doomgiver's communications array.
Contact Rogue Squadron using the communications array.
Set Doomgiver's sensor array to Rogue Squadron's
communications frequency.

LIGHTNING at this level (and higher) works nicely on Turrets and
mechanicals... and it's an absolute riot to go running through a crowd of
Stormies while spraying LIGHNING.

Through the doorway (and the Stormtroopers), down the ramp and down the
lift. Watch out for the ceiling Turrets on this next deck. Hit the switch in the
sunken area to open the blast door behind you... more Troopers to play with.
Three doors... the one on the right needs a Key (just a few items in it), the
one on the left is open (again, just a few items), and the one straight ahead
contains a lift and a Green Reborn. Clear out the room then take on the Reborn
and watch him die.
Down the lift, kill the Impy and get his Key, then down the short ramp.
The door straight ahead is locked, the door on the left is unlocked, and the
door on the right leads to Secret 1.
[Secret 1] - blast the grate and JUMP up through... a couple of
Interrogation Droids up here, as well as several items to pick up. Back down
through the hole.
In through the other open door in this area... just as with Secret 1,
blast the grate on the ceiling and JUMP up through - Interrogation Droids in
here, but you can take them out easily with a Saber Throw as their only weapon
is that syringe. The passage up here forks immediately... head down the left one
for more Interrogation Droids and a few items (and a locked Crate), then down
the right fork - blast the grate and drop through. If you're careful (and
lucky), a full power Saber Throw will take out both the grate and the Impy
below... if not, just drop through and slash.
Kill the Impy and get his Key (which opens that locked Crate in the
ceiling area), then go open the door. Now you get to play around with an R5...
hit the red/brown control panel, drive R5 out the door (as an interesting note,
it's a different R5 every time you do this), past the doors on either side and
up the ramp to the lift where you first entered this room. To your left and
right are small force-shielded doorways, but the R5 can pass right through
those. Facing the lift, just to your left (behind where the Impy was) is a small
door with a droid lock... use that to reveal a PAS.
It doesn't really matter which forcefield you go through, as either one
will accomplish your purpose... but the best way is to do both. Still facing the
lift, go through the forcefield on your right... down the ramp, and to your
right is the door you need to open, but not yet - instead go around to the other
side of the room and a large open door (a lift shaft)... to the right of that is
another small droid door with yet another PAS. Once you've opened that, go
around to the big locked door... use the droid lock on the left side of the
door, and scoot out through the now-unlocked door before you get blown away.
Back out into the main area, and head through the forcefield to the left
of the lift (facing it)... down the ramp and to the left for the locked door in
here. Unlock it and scoot out quick, though you might not make it - that
squealer C3 droid spoils your plans.
Leave the R5 (just hit 'jump'), and from droid control you can go in
through either of the now open doors... I'd suggest doing both and killing
everybody (especially that C3 droid!). Take either big lift down. The yellow
doors in here (one is at the bottom of the stairs) lead to the TramCar system,
but they're locked right now, so head out through the unlocked door.
All sorts of mechanicals in this next room... Attack Droids, Turrets,
little mobile shooters... for fun you can PUSH the Attack Droids into the pit.
After everything's dead, you can go through the other door in here (at the foot
of the stairs), but there's nothing in there... it's a mirror of the TramCar
room you've already explored.
Jump across to that piped area in the center of the pit; around the left
side is Secret 2.
[Secret 2] - around the corner is a small opening you can crouch
through... don't waste your Light Amp Goggles in here.
Inside the piped area is a window in the floor... go down through. Down
that corridor are a bunch of Interrogation Droids and at the end is a lift -
use it, of course.
At the top are a few Impys (I love how their head comes off when using a
Saber Throw) and not much else... in the next room a few R5s are wandering
around. This is TramControl... hit all four of the switches on the panel (you
really only need to hit one, but since you're here...), then out the door -
this room should look familiar. Through either door, and now the yellow doors
are open... these are the TramCars. One of the panels isn't lit; hit that one.
(Yes, you can ride the TramCar back and forth along this stretch)
Kill everyone (including the floor Turrets), get the Key and unlock the
door... more Troopers and Turrets through here. Down in the pit if you hit the
switch... "It's offline". Out either door, down the stairs... the switches in
the booths here (the Main Communications Array) are the same story, offline.
Down the stairs and take the lift down (between the red and green booths).
This can be a confusing area, but it's not really that hard... check
your Datapad for the three symbols you'll need to input, and their
corresponding colors (Red down arrow, Green tri-bar, Blue triangle). Basically,
just go through each structure on each floor, and when you find the one
corresponding to the color and symbol indicated by your Datapad, hit it... but
*don't* hit any of the others - if you do, you'll have to go back and hit the
correct one again. You'll need to JUMP from catwalk to catwalk (you can also
JUMP to the gray cubes with the purple beam thingie in the middle, and from
there to a catwalk) to check all the rooms on each level, and then make your
way down to the next level, etc. until you've hit the bottom (Red is this top
level, Green the next one down, and Blue at the bottom).

While you're bouncing around the blue level, look around for a small
platform partially hidden behind and below one of the cubes... that's the last
Secret Area of this level. From the door, it's all the way on the other side of
the room, behind and under the Blue cube in the center.
[Secret 3] - get to it any way you can, though there isn't much here.
(Bacta Tank, Small Shield Booster, Seeker Drone)
Once you've got all three codes entered at the proper spots, head back
up to the Main Communications Array and hit those three switches which were
offline before (those three booths). You'll notice that instead of flickering
through the various symbols, each booth now has the correct one showing. Now
head back into the other room up here (the doors behind the Red or Green booths)
and hit that now-unlocked control panel to communicate with Rogue Squadron
(it'll show an Imperial symbol). This chat gives you a clue as to how the next
level is going to go...
Head to that now-unlocked door in the Main Communications Array (behind
the Blue booth), through and to the left to end the level.

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Thanks a lot!!! This is very detailed information (even more than I needed). Thank you for taking the time to help.
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NP man and if you're stuck again just let me know.

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