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Thread: Reply to LV on the Great SaberStaff/Single Debate
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Reply to LV on the Great SaberStaff/Single Debate

You know, I am going to be articulate in my response to this argument: SHUT THE F&$K UP!!!! This game is meant to be enjoyed, not argued over. Oh, and LV, the topic of this thread is JUST about the technical skill. Now, if its not, I at least, have the honor and common sense to admit that I'm wrong. I PROBABLY AM!!

Oh, and by the way, since I don't post that often, I admit that I don't know how to make the quote thingy pop-up.

"And what's this about tables? I've never said anything about tables, I only mentioned observation data, which I actually have stored in my head from hours spent playing freaks. My only assertion regarding the data in and of itself is that it is very readily observable and confirmable at higher levels of NF saber play. I mean, do you really need a table to prove that staff and dual have better block, better guard penetration, and better damage/time due to them? Most of what I've stated becomes pretty obvious after awhile." LV

Okay, by even mentioning that you stored the 'data' in your head, that PROVES right there that you SAW these tables somewhere, which therefore means that these tables that you say you didn't talk about DO EXIST. Now, if you're going to keep this stupid argument going in your own VERY ARROGANT, EGOTISTICAL, SELFISH, AND ANNOYING way, Im sorry for your relatives and friends.

Now, Im probably arrogant and snobby, or just like Im being hypocritical about arguing in an egotistical way, but well then f&$* it. I am glad the moderators, the administrators, and razorace, someone of TRUE skill, finally stepped in and tried to peacefully end this flame war.

Okay, one thing about the saberstaff backflip, have you noticed that the saber attack part tends to occur AFTER you are already above the opponents head? That right there disqualifies your argument about the backflip.

Okay, Im going to admit right now that I use the ForceMod III. So that might have messed up stuff.

Oh, and I applaude StaffSaberist for saying that he's sorry in an attempt to end this argument.

You know, when you challenge someone objective to go up against you, then act in this egotistical, arrogant, and snobbish manner, that gives anyone good reason to be un-objective to you. And like we said, OUR F&$%ING VIEW'S ARE JUST BASED ON OUR PREFERENCE. So we are not FOOLS like you say.

Oh, one other thing that makes single saber strong... have you noticed that Strong style pretty much kills anyone who isn't cheating or using Force Speed to block really fast, because when it comes back up from an attack, it slices into you and usually kills you?!?! Now, that might just be in ForceMod III, but oh well its a valid point anyways. And since staff and dual sabers are usually really fast, its almost impossible to guard against this.

Oh, and your experience is inadmissable. After all, most of us have a lot of experience, and are not n00bs. Ive played plenty of games on servers where im using a staff, and i actually have the most experience, and all the others are still learnng how to use a freakin mouse. And yet they wiped the floor with because EACH AND EVERY one of them used single sabers and got really freakin lucky. Like I said, your experience is inadmissable because it gives you a biased opinion, and this is about technical skill, not battles and all that other crap.

Now, I am a staff user, myself, because ITS MY F&#@IN PREFERENCE YOU EGOTISTICAL, STUCK-UP, GOOD FOR NOTHING, ARROGANT, GODD$%& MOTHER-F&@%ING JACKA$$!!!!! SO IM NOT AN IDIOT, LIKE YOU CALLED THE OTHER TWO, DEMONMSTRATING THAT YOU ARE UNFAIR IN YOUR DISCUSSIONS!!!!!!! Im also a staff user only sometimes, because I switch between all three styles so I can master them all, and you know what, it is not unbalanced. I looked at all my scores in games where I was using dual, staff or single, and for your info, they were perfectly proportional, the dual and staff and single being almost equal except that when i used my staff and dual styles, i lost a lot more. And godd%$n it, since you say that have spent a year of studying the rulebook, guess what, Ive spent some time studying the attack and rulebook of every STARWARS game in the jedi knight series, but only marginally, because unlike you,
*** * * *** * * *** *** * *** *** *** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* *** *** * * *** *** * * ** *** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*** * * * * * *** * * *** *** * *** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But you know, since you've proved yourself a dumbass, Im going to assume you can't read ant tell you that it says: I HAVE A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Obviously you don't if you spend that much time studying this stupid stuff!!!

And I know this is late, but I just read this post. TOO BAD, YOU BIG BAST#$D!!!!!!!!
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