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Thread: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Sith Teachings
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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Sith Teachings

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Sith Teachings

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

The times are hard and amongst it all a lone jedi stands. With the republic in crisis from The Jedi Civil War. The Sith whereabouts unknown, Jedi are being hunted.

The survival of the Jedi remains on one person, a lost jedi who has rejected the ways of the force from being hunted by the cruel bounty hunters who are now in nearly every system from the core worlds to the outer rim. With civilians rebelling against the republic. The only one that can stop the havoc from taking over remains anonymous fighting her own battle

Before Reading:
To understand this fan fiction you have to have played Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1 as a female and 2 as male on the light side.)

Please take what you read with a pinch of salt.

Chapter 1: The Wars of the Past

“Admiral Onasi, you should see this.” With his beat up expression and tiredness Admiral Onasi ventured forth unaware of poking thought in the back of his head. It’s been seven years and no reply and any glimmer of hope had now been distinguished. “What is it Sergeant?”
“The death striker is heading to the Tatoo system.”
“What that’s impossible!” proclaimed Admiral Onasi. The headaches he’d been happening lately were no coincidence. He had been thinking of it ever since it happened. “Sergeant, track it, we can’t let it go any nearer to its destination where ever its going. I’m heading to the north side, if you need me.”
“What will you be doing? Sir.” asked Sergeant Sharp.
“I need to speak someone.”
Forever it had been happening, the dreams, and the nightmares of what happened. Finding out the person closest to him was in fact the person who was responsible for everything that made his life go bad. Revan was nothing to him anymore, if Revan wanted to contact him, she would have done long before now. But he had this funny notion in the back of his head. What if she was dead? No, he would know.
Carth thoughts took him to the north side within a matter of minutes, with a slight knock on the door, he let himself in.
“I didn’t know if you would be in here, I’m sorry did I interrupt your meditation?” asked Carth politely.
“No, my mind has not been together for the last few days. I feel a disturbance in the force Carth. I dread something awful is about to take place. We need to be aware before this can happen.” said the lady, her Jedi robes slung over her body gracefully and her eyes gave Carth the warmth he needed to manage the days.
“Bastila, I’ve been thinking about Revan.”
“I can’t deny I haven’t either, I tried to find her through the force, but you know Revan if she doesn’t want to be found she won't be.” She sat down on the ship’s hard steel ground.
“Carth you can hide your emotions all you want but I feel them, you’re easy read, a misfortunate but an advantage for me. Only say the word, and we will talk.” said Bastila softly.
“I know, it’s just I feel like she doesn’t want us, anymore.”
“Carth, Revan has had many failings in her past, her path for redemption is not finished yet. I haven’t been entirely honest with you, I have felt her presence in the force. Her emotion its reached far above what I could have contemplated, all she thinks, all she wants is to put her past behind her she breathes redemption and that we can not get in the way of.”
“It just good to know she’s still alive.”

Nar Shadaa, one of the moons of Nal Hutta, the Hutts home world. The life of Nar Shadaa is in full flow. Aliens landing in the refugee pads so not to be seen. The humans in the refugees sector trying to survive the next day. And only one presence can be felt here to the core worlds. She watches the planet of Nal Hutta in the sky hoping that one day she may go not there but further. Further and far way from Nar Shadaa may be Telos or Alderaan. Somewhere with some hope, although those planets had their problems, it was no were as near as bad Nar Shadaa. May be I can become a freighter pilot to get me off this rock.
“You there get back to work, I pay you to dance not sit down and drink.”
“Listen Tail head, I’m on my break, and anyway this place isn’t exactly pumping.” proclaimed the girl, her body was tightly wrapped in a revealing body suit.
“Vogga the Hutt is looking for dancers, if you’re not careful, I’ll give you to him with a chain.”
“I work for you it doesn’t mean you own me.”
“If it wasn’t for me you’ll still be in the refugee sector, I needed women and you offered me your services.” said the Twi’lek mockingly.
“I’m not too sure I made the right choice.” said the girl sadly. If it had not been for this job she would still be in the refugee pad that much was true. Fighting in the Jedi Civil War all but destroyed her, watching as fellow Padawans died to take Lord Malak down, the nightmares were still with her. She never thought that one-day she would be on stage half-naked entertaining guys who spent all the credits on jugs of juma juice. But what choice did she have? she could have stayed and finally become like the others dead or part of a gang.
She was pretty sure no one knew she was a Jedi, it wasn’t the thing she liked being flashed about, and nearly every bounty hunter was on her tail. From the Duros thugs to Faggo’s personal hired ones.
So she will remain here until she had enough credits to get her off this stinking rock.

“Can’t you feel it, Master Vandar?” said a young man staring strongly into the eyes of his Jedi Master.
“I feel it, Mekel, but not as I think I should. I am not in tune with the force as I once was. It’s like a distant echo from far away. Listen young Padawan you have the power to do real good, I alone ask you for one favour.” asked Master Vandar quietly
“What is it?, Master Vandar.” asked Mekel nervously but intently.
“Do this and you will finish your training, a Jedi Knight will you be. I ask you to leave Dantooine and travel to Nar Shadaa and find a female by the name of Fera, she will be in a local cantina. Find her bring her here. You have the force strong in you, even when you were a Sith in the academy in Korriban.”
Mekel thought for a moment he would definitely do it to prove himself but being Master Vandar’s apprentice was enjoyable except for the odd moment like now where he would constantly remind him about Korriban and how he saw the error of his ways due to Revan, he owed her a lot. He never got the chance to thank her.
“Yes Master I will get a ship there straight away.”

The Harbinger II had seen better days. It’s passageways filled with Republic soldiers doing the hardest to stop the remnants of the Sith from taking worlds. However Admiral Carth Onasi just felt from his last battle which was with The Ravager, he hasn’t been entirely there, if he was honest with himself it was because of the exile he met, he was so full of power and the meeting just intensified even more when he left, he wondered if the exile had done what he had asked. Bastila said herself that his thoughts were hard to read. Although that could be because he himself was a Jedi, but Carth always thought there was more.
Not only that but also many of the Republic soldiers on board didn’t want a Jedi there since many hadn’t forgave them ever since the Mandalorian wars. So Bastila spent all day in her dormitory just using her battle meditation to help the republic but Carth knew himself that there was more a Jedi could be doing.
“Are you all right?” said a voice behind him.
“Yes I was just thinking.”
“When do you not.” said Bastila smiling.
“Bastila, when you think about Revan what do you think about?”
Bastila thought for a moment, could she be honest. But if she couldn’t be honest with Carth who could she be honest with?
“I think about how she saved me and how I once made her doubt the path she was taking how I once tried to lure her back to the dark side. It’s something that haunts me all the time.”
“I’m sorry Bastila I didn’t want you to remember all that.”
“No its quite alright, to be honest I’ve have been bottling it up.”
“You know you can talk to me about anything.” said Carth kindly.
“I know and I appreciate it, I feel like at the moment you’re the only friend I have. What with all the others taking their own separate paths. I have no one to communicate with.” told Bastila apprehensively.
“I thought at what time during our travels with Revan that we would always be together, all of us, Mission, Jolee, Juhani, I didn‘t think we would split so easily..” said Carth
“Bonds are lethal to a Jedi, Revan knew this and I believe that is partly the reason she left.
“She left because she had to, I wish she just made me understand before she did.”

Walking through Nar Shadaa in the dead of night isn’t what you would call safe with the commoners all wanting any spare credits you have on you. Fera for a former Padawan, was in her day in tuned with the force, everywhere she went she was told the force was strong with her until she was 5 when the Jedi Order asked her to train with them, 10 years later she was to take the trials until she was called to fight in the Jedi Civil War and then lose everything her friends , her home, Dantooine was destroyed, she had nothing left. She vowed to herself she would never feel that kind of lost again.
Apartment block 067 was not the best but for Nar Shadaa it was a palace. Fera was thinking about what the Tail head said about dancing for Vogga, she heard the credits were good but would it be worth it? Next thing she’d knows she could be getting fed to a Rancor. The worst thing about nights was taking off the dancing uniform. With all the dancing she would do, she would sweat and it would stick to her body like a Rodian during one of her breaks.
Placing her passkey on the table and laying on the bed she wished her life would rewind seven years when her life was much more happier.

Taking the Centurion Eagle out of the landing place. Mekel checked the supplies were full. The navigational chart while a bit rustic but was still intact. Looking out on the Jedi Enclave he felt a sense of foreboding. He knew the path he was taking was the right one but he had strayed out of the path before, in the enclave he was safe. The Enclave only housed Master Vandar, himself and three other students, its construction was taking a while but then again when he got there almost seven years ago it was devastated by the man he once served.
He did not want to leave because it was threatened and he wanted it protected.
“Hello” said a voice behind him.
“Spirit of Nadd, what are you doing?” said Mekel extremely startled.
“I am D-4TA, maintenance and translator droid at your service. However you are not Master Vandar can I ask what are you doing on his ship?” asked the droid politely.
“Master Vandar has sent me on a mission using his ship.”
“Then I am at your assistance.”
“Yeah, thanks just sit down, I’m not much of a pilot.”
So here it comes I hope I find her before someone else does.

The Harbinger II floats in space travelling slowly although it seems it has no target, it slowly keeps it distance from the Sith warship the Death Striker.
The Death Striker is one of two new warships. Its uses are that only for destruction. The Sith troops inside are doing whatever they can to get to the Tatoo system. Admiral Dalio has had his commands from the top to wipe it from the galaxy. Nothing must survive. The Admiral always thought this was a strange thing to ask there was no one of importance on Tatooine, sand people and Czerka employees wouldn’t pose much of a threat to the Sith.
However he was going to disobey an order from the top only if he wanted to end up like the Admiral before him.

“Admiral, The Death Striker is 10 000 miles off from Tatooine. What is your command if we want to stop it we have to do it now.
“Where not too sure of its intentions” said Carth. “If we do attack, I want it to be justified and I’m not going to attack a warship head on without seeing what other paths we can take.”
“But Admiral their only 10 00 miles away we need to know now or it might be too late.”
“We have only one bet, Sergeant, can you escort Bastila here.”
“How will that help? Admiral.”
“She maybe able to read what their intentions are.”
“Admiral, even Bastila isn’t that powerful, even if she does somehow read them from this distance , are you sure we can trust her, she said so herself that she once was a Sith. She may be a Jedi now but they once to turned their backs on us.”
“Sergeant we need to forget about the past there are more things at stake here, that is a command, obey it.”
“Yes, Sir.”

“Great, late for work, again.” Even for an ex-Jedi, Fera needs more than this. She has become a pawn of Twi’lek who cares only about the credits while she may be the only human dancer at the cantina, it doesn’t make it easy, the Twi’leks hate her. Fera is beautiful but she never wanted her looks to earn her credits she wanted more than that and unfortunately and stupidly she mentioned this during one of her breaks unlike her, they were doing it because they wanted to, she on the other hand had no other choice. Life, it came down to choices. Fera didn’t know if she had made the right ones but she knew the first opportunity she had to leave she would take it.
Closing the door to Apartment 060 block 067. She knew though her life was better than any others around here, it didn’t make it any easier, she had been load more before, now she was just some cheap dancer from the local cantina. She laughed to herself to think what the others would think, if they knew she was dancer, Jaris, Deen and Warren. Unfortunately she would never know.
“Excuse me, but is your name Fera Manis?” asked a voice from behind her, his feet shook the ground as he came closer to her.
“Look a Gammorrean who speaks Basic, why who wants to know?”
“The Exchange has a high price on Jedi. The bounty is high.”
“So you’re to here to kill me?”
“No your wanted very much alive. There is no need to struggle it will make things a lot easier.”
Fera walked in against the door behind her. “Let go of me.” The Gammorrean put his hand against her throat. Pulling something out of his pocket which looked like sedatives. “I don’t want to do this but you give me no choice.” Fera made her hand in some sort of movement and the Gammorrean let go of her, holding his hand to his throat. Fera carried on doing it until the Gammorrean fell to the ground. Fera moved his body inside her apartment. It wasn’t the first time she had to use her force powers to kill while she was here, three other bounty hunters had picked up that she was a Jedi. Hopefully there won’t be anymore.

Bastila sat down in her chamber, mediating feeling the force, any sign of Revan or what The Death Striker may be up to. There she felt it, their intentions were harmful. She nearly doubled over from all the energy it took to track it down. Someone behind her came in.
“Bastila are you all right?” asked Carth. He took her head and placed it on his arm and started softly shaking her. Bastila opened those warm eyes of hers and Carth looked into them directly and asked, “are you all right?” she looked in to his eyes. Carth he was always easy to read and he was just too easy to read now.
“Your concern is noted, Carth” she got up from his arm. “Their intentions are that of harm they hope to destroy Tatooine.”
“I knew I could count on you.” said Carth warmly. ”I’ll be going to the bridge will you be okay on your own?”
“I’ll be fine. You should go to the bridge and tell them what you have discovered.
“I didn’t discover anything. Bastila you did it.”
“Best not tell that, they may think I’m openly hoping you’ll attack so you all die.
“Bastila they do trust you, its just most have had bad experiences with Jedi before.
“It doesn’t matter, go time is essence.”
“Bastila I never told you before but I like having you around. Your needed to fight against our enemies your a great asset to us.
“Thank you Carth, now you should go.” When Carth left Bastila had her thoughts thrown back into her head. If she had thought of the relationship she had with Carth now, it would seem that she had felt he at the moment was the only thing standing in her way of her own self-destruction. She knew she was still on the path of the light but Carth thoughts were always on Revan, he loved her more than anything, and if she admitted to herself she loved her as well in a sisterly way. Revan was her path to redemption, Revan saved her but Revan has also destroyed her, she can no longer feel for anyone because it always means lost. She and Carth although close were no nothing like the bond she shared with Revan. Revan left partly because that love she was feeling for Carth was turning into passion for lust all paths to the dark side.

“D-4TA, how far are we from Nar Shadaa?” asked Mekel. “Nearly three hours away.”
“Should we land at one of the refugee landing pads or near the docks?”
“Our best bet would be to land in the refugee sector most people who land there are ignored they are not really concerned with. It would be best as we don’t want to attract too much attention.”
“Your right, Master Vandar said we would find her in a cantina, how many are there on Nar Shaarda?”
“Around five, sir, but the one in the entertainment promenade has no dancers so we can delete that one on our list. The one on the Nar Shaarda inner city docks only employs Twi’leks so we can also delete that one. So that leaves Nar Shaarda South City Cantina and the privately owned one of Vogga the Hutt but I find that one very unlikely too.”
“So how long how will it take to get from the pads to the cantina?”
“If we rent a speeder not long at all I would say four hours.”
“Okay so Nar Shadaa here we come.”
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Chapter 2: Choices

“You are late again! If it wasn’t for you being an exceptional specimen you would be fired long go!” said the angry Twi’lek.
“It wasn’t my fault someone attacked me!” said Fera desperately.
“Attacked you? Who would want to attack you.” said the Twi'lek.
“I don’t know someone who wanted to try it on!” The Twi’lek put up his blue index finger up to her face. “You have one more chance, that's all and you won’t be paid today.”
Fera angrily got on the stage in front of the bith and started to dance. It felt like she had been dancing for a week and she wasn’t even getting paid to do it.
“Excuse me is your name Fera,?” said a young man from below her. “I get paid to dance not to talk.” said Fera off handily.
“You must speak to me, my name is Mekel and I have been sent by Vandar.” Fera was caught off guard by this comment, she looked directly at him, and there was something familiar about him. “Do I know you?” said Fera deeply.
“No, but you could, can you take a break?” he shouted over all the noise.
“I suppose so.” said Fera.
She got down and went to the bar. “A glass of Juma juice and whatever this young lady is having.” he nodded towards Fera. He noticed that Fera was exceptionally beautiful her brown hair floated down her back and her green eyes were like emeralds, but what did Master Vandar say, ‘Do not be distracted by the lures of the flesh’ He nearly forgot what with being a Sith or a near potential one, he was taught to give in to his passions. No longer would he.
“You said you knew Master Vandar?” said Fera she was getting exasperated, was this just a trick so he can get her to one side and offer a few credits for something else?
“Yes, I had a mission to collect you, I’m Master Vandar’s Padawan. He did not tell me why but he wants to meet with you on Dantooine.”
“So you’re a Jedi” said Fera quietly.
“Not really, I’m a Padawan, this is a trial if I complete it I will become a jedi Knight.” said Mekel equally as quietly.
“How do I know this aint a trick? I’ve had some exchange thugs try and sort me out. There are bounties on Jedi”
“Well I wouldn’t just tell you I was one, would I.” this was it thought Fera the chance she had been waiting for, but would she make the right choice?
“Where’s your ship?”

The Bridge of the Harbinger II was full of anticipation as Admiral Onasi walked in. “Has Bastila discovered what the Death Striker is up to?” asked Sergeant Sharp.
“She has Sergeant. Get ready the ion turrets we have no choice but to take the death striker down.”
“Admiral Onasi do you think that's wise? The Death Striker is a warship we are no more then a navigational one.”
“We will take it by surprise. Sergeant. Get the Ion blasters ready that is an order.”
“Yes Admiral.”
Bastila thoughts are there only things that accompany her, with no one trusting her inside the ship. If she kept thinking about Revan her brain would explode. She sits and slowly starts to meditate and slowly rising above the ground, she has the feeling of being watched. She turns and finds Carth watching. “You are need of my assistance?” asked Bastila politely.
“You amaze me every time you do that.” said Carth admirably. “You use to watch Revan too when she did it.”
“I used to watch both of you when you did it in the crew quarters on the Ebon Hawk.”
“The amount of times, Revan and I fell when we lost concentration.” said Bastila reminiscently.
“You miss her” said Carth.
“You have a knack for stating the obvious.” said Bastila jokingly.
“God damn her!” said Carth thumping his first on the lab, “Why hasn’t she tried to communicate, don’t we mean anything to her? Why did she do it, why did she make me fall in love with her first and then decide to jump ship when it got too deep.” Bastila knew how much Carth loved Revan but did he deserve the truth, the truth would hurt him and Bastila didn’t want to hurt him.
“Carth, Revan went down the dark path before she didn’t want to go down it again.”
“What has that got to do with anything, you see I lost my wife, I told myself I wouldn’t lose her, I would not lose anyone I loved again. But she didn’t want to be with me.”
“No Carth, Revan loved you but her love for you was becoming lust, passion, and all paths to the dark side.”
“We could have stopped it from getting that far. She could have tried.”
“Blind passion for you would have been her downfall. You wouldn’t want that on your conscious. I know that. Love is one thing, passion is another, Jedi can’t let bodily needs get in the way of the true things such as the force.”
“It’s always with the force with you Bastila, always come down to that stinking force.”
“Don’t be such a nerf-herder, Carth.”
“Did you just call me a nerfherder?”, squaring up to her. “You just admitted Revan left me to save herself.”
“No Carth she left you to fight the dark side.”
“I’m leaving” said Carth. “Carth I will not let you leave with all this anger you have.”
“I’m not a Jedi I can have as much anger in me as I want.”
“That anger will be the end of you.”
“You think so?” said Carth Bastila was getting slightly intimidated by Carth upfront anger, but she was going to back down.

Dantooine’s landscape of fields and grounds was welcoming to Fera as the ship docked she was full of excitement to get on and run through those fields once more and watch the Kath hounds. She ran down the bottom of the ramp, the enclave was being built and looked like it was taking time.
As she arrived in the main chamber of the Enclave and saw Master Vandar meditating she felt warmth she hadn’t felt for seven years.
“Master Vandar, your alive, I thought with the destruction of Jedi Enclave seven years ago, you perished. Like Master Vrook and-
“Master Vrook did not die in the destruction he was murdered two years ago by Darth Traya.”
”Darth Traya?” asked Fera confused.
“Yes Kreia of the Jedi Council on Coruscant turned to the dark side.”
“Oh.. so much has changed I have been away from it for too long.”
“Seven years, I have been trying to get the remaining Jedi back together however it has been hard, an exile two years ago got the lost jedi together and with his travels trained his companions in the jedi way. I have tried to find them, I have found one a handmaiden of Atris is here, two have died and two others can not be found.”
“But you found me”
“I felt you, I sensed you, and a Jedi you are.”
“Revan and the exile have gone to fight the dark side, of the rest I do not know. All I ask that you stay here and I will train you once again in the force, you may know lots of it but you need to be taught the way of the light and know this you are safe here from assassins and bounty hunters,
“Yes Master Vandar.”

Admiral Dalio wondered if destroying a planet with so much life was worth his own, if he disobeyed a direct order straight from the top he would be easily disposed of. He could not wait any longer he needed to give the orders of Tatooine destruction in less than two hours.
“Admiral, you are wanted by Lord Tracius he wants your presence now.”
“Tell Darth Tracius I will be there as soon as possible.”

Darth Tracius looked upon the galaxy in front of him. Tatooine had to be destroyed and he felt the doubt in his Admiral’s heart. He shall pay of course the Admiral should know that any doubts among the Sith are not called upon. He himself walked among the Jedi not to long ago, he was once famous for killing them destroying the allies until he met one fell in love and eventually killed her too. He never banked on meeting that exile though, saving him from a fate worst than death, shame he could not have stuck around longer. With his help maybe Tracius would not have fell down the path of the dark so easily, no matter. Things have turned in my way once again.
Darth Tracius looked upon the galaxy through the mask that now covered his face the silver of it made the dark lord glimmer slightly but the dark eyes made any trace of it soon disappear. Darth Tracius was once handsome, but when he fell in the path of the dark, he encountered the servant of Atris who wanted to show him the path of enlightenment. She did not stop him but only slowed him down and now his face to gruesome to behold had to be covered like so many dark lords before him and after him. Darth Tracius once looked up to Lord Revan and somehow in the back of his mind wanted to be like her. Who would think it in seven years later, he would.

“Darth Tracius you wanted an audience with me?” said Dalio apprehensively.
“Yes Admiral.” said a hoarse but loud voice said from under the mask.
“I asked you to give the order of the destruction of Tatooine almost 48 hours ago.
“I was just planning how this would be possible, sir. We destroy Tatooine, the Sith will be hated more than ever, Czerka have offices there, the republic has been ordered to protect it, the Hutts have business..” The Admiral was cut off he was holding his throat and struggling to breathe. “You will not fail me again, Admiral.”
“Yes sir.” said Dalio on the floor holding his throat.

Bastila thoughts were clear she could feel the force, its presence growing ever stronger. She had tried to put everything behind her. Her thoughts were lifting her up, the lab table was now hovering around her. Her lightsaber fell off it. The table was hovering over her head then laid flat in front of her. Bastila got up and picked up her lightsaber, she switched it on and a strong yellow blade came from it, she had been trying to tune it for a while but she was missing a crystal, The Kradin crystal the one she had in her old double bladed lightsaber, she can only get it in Dantooine Crystal caves but to go back there was now impossible she could not face Vandar, she knew he was building the enclave again, but could she stare Vandar in the eye knowing she fell to the dark side. She could hardly look at him during Revan’s commendation. No impossible, she missed Revan the bond she had with her never severed it had become weak that was true but it was still there.
Bastila went through the passage towards the training room, her lightsaber in hand. She needed to fight, not fall for her lust for battle but to get all this energy she has locked up inside her out. She got in and set one of the droids targets to organics. She switched her lightsaber and let the droid blast ions at her, quickly and easily deflecting them with her lightsaber and rushing at the droid and using the lightsabre to cut its head clean off. Well that was far too easy. She heard a knock.
“Ah Bastila, Admiral Onasi would you like a word with you in his bay.”
“Can’t it wait?” asked Bastila politely to Sharp.
“No he wants you there now and he looked anxious.” added Sharpe intently.
I’ll be there.” said Bastila and took her body to Carth’s private bay.
“Carth you wanted to speak to me.” asked Bastila apprehensively.
“Yes, The Death Striker is at its reach but it‘s not in combat mode to destroy Tatooine, it looks like its waiting for us I need you to read it for us, see if its intentions have changed.”
“That's what you wanted” said Bastila surprised. Carth looked at her in tentatively. “I‘m sorry, I didn‘t mean to be angry with you, I shouldn‘t have let my anger take control for me, I‘m sorry.
“I‘m sorry too, I‘ve been believing that I knew Revan more than you did, when in truth I didn‘t really know her at all, well not like you did.” said Bastila strongly.
“Bastila, I love you, you’re my friend and you always will be, I‘ll always be there for you. But maybe we should leave Revan in our past, she is no longer part of both of our futures.
“I know, you’re right, we shall discuss it no further.” said Bastila departing to her meditation chamber.

Fera stood as still as she could on the plains on Dantooine, feeling every living thing, every thought and every breath. She needed one hundred percent concentration. Her new Jedi robes bristled in the wind, her hair was tied in a bun so not to cause a distraction. She was back to where she belonged. The academy was not full but there were training jedi there. She needed this time to find herself once again, from the forever-casting shadows which was Nar Shaarda.
“Hello may I meditate with you.” asked a young woman with vividly white hair.
“Yes, I’m the handmaiden, I have heard lots about you from Master Vandar, when you were fifteen you went to fight in The Jedi Civil War that must have been scary.”
“It was, but I learnt not to let my fear control me.” said Fera.
“You mistake me, it’s just at such a young age.” said the Handmaiden.
“I was young yes and that is why I believe they kept me from the worse there was, that’s how I managed to survive and escape. Vandar was my master then and he was in control of the Jedi I followed a command. You travelled with the exile, do you know what happened to the other two companions, Vandar said he did not know. “I do know yes. The Miraluka who travelled with us is out there helping the ones in need and the thug who travelled with us he fell to the dark side, I believe it was always there, sometimes I sensed the darkness within him. I asked him about and he said it came from his past. I did not believe him when the exile left to fight with Revan, he fell and became Darth Raiden I fought and crippled him. That is all I can say.
“I see, why did he fall?”
“He gave in to his anger and passion for battle and death. I saw it coming I tried to help him, I failed.”
“It seems we both have had our share of stories.” said Fera thoughtfully
“I felt your presence on Nar Shaarda almost two years ago I did not say because I felt you were like many other Jedi, hiding.
“You would be correct. I have another question what's Mekel’s story. I had a feeling that I seen him before.
The handmaiden drew breath, ”That I can not say only he and Master Vandar know and they will not share it.”
“We should head back to the Enclave we have meeting with the Master Vandar, Mekel has become a full Jedi and no longer needs to stay here, he will be given a new lightsaber and initiation.”

Bastila sat on the floor trying hard to concentrate, where is it? she thought, show yourself, whoever she was reading on the ship, he was hard to read, very hard, he kept playing paazak in his head, she didn’t think this was a thing one would do on board a warship, what are you trying to achieve? she thought. Then it was there Abort the destruction of Tatooine, why? she thought after all the resources they used, unless this particular person was indeed bluffing. He was obvious skilled at hiding his true thoughts. She needed to do it again read someone else someone more easier, she concentrated again. The master wants us to abort the destruction of Tatooine. It was no bluff. She needed to tell Carth. Bastila got up and tried to use the comn system but what was coming up was only static. She got up and headed towards the bridge she knew Carth would be up there.
“Admiral” said Bastila. “They have decided to abort the plans of the destruction of Tatooine.”
“Are you sure Bastila?” said Carth intently
“Yes I read two people. One was particularly hard.” said Bastila.
A loud alarm went off in the background and the lights started flashing dangerously red. “What’s going on?” asked Bastila.
“Intruders in the hanger bay.” said a soldier.
“Can you find out who they are?” asked Carth.
“Yes Sith War soldiers and it looks like sir, a Sith warlord.”
“I must face him that is Darth Tracius. The new Sith lord, the one responsible for the destruction of Mandu, the republic space station.”
“Be careful Bastila. And may the force be with you.”
said Carth to her.
Bastila ran through the crowds of agitated Republic soldiers. She headed straight to the elevator to head him off. Carth remained on the bridge. “I want the war droids activated it should give us some time.” commanded Carth.
Bastila ran through the passageway and saw it at the bottom, there stood a Sith lord. “Ah you must be Bastila, I felt your presence while you were in my mind. Let me introduce myself I am Darth Tracius, a few years back I would wholly try to get your company but now..” said Darth Tracius initiating his red crystalloid light sabre. Bastila initiated her yellow crystalloid light sabre. “We might not have to do battle you can see the error of your ways and follow the path of the light. Its not too late.” asked Bastila serenely
“But I fear it is, but I feel great darkness in you young one. Give in to your anger for me and strike me down I am unarmed” said Darth Tracius un-initiating his lightsabre.
“You think me a fool,” said Bastila. “I went down there once I will not do it again.”
“So be it.” Darth Raiden pushed her with his force power and Bastila got up and threw her lightsabre at him.

“Admiral Onasi we must leave the Harbinger now.” said Sergeant Sharpe. “Where’s Bastila?” asked Carth over the sounding alarm in the big ground, the ground under his feet shook violently. “She was last seen on the fourth level we can’t trace her. But you must leave now.”
“I’ll be there.” said Carth but he headed along the fourth level looking for any sign of Bastila. He ran and tripped over, he saw a hand underneath amass of rubble. He pulled and saw Bastila lifeless body, “Bastila! Can you hear me? Speak to me he dragged her lifeless body from the rubble and took it with him to one of the escape pods. He placed her body on one of the seats , the nearest planet is Tatooine. Wait I can get to Dantooine from here may be Vandar will help us.” said Carth as he typed in the co ordinates. As the pod flew through space the Harbinger in the distance exploded behind it.
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Chapter 3: The Paths of Redemption

Mekel was in the main chamber of the Enclave waiting for the others to come to his initiation, He could hardly believe that he was become a Jedi, on the path of the light. If truth be told, he always thought he would be initiated as a Sith. The horrors he had done when he was a student making people suffer, while he watched. Taking pleasure of torturing Republic soldiers.
He hadn’t forgotten, and he would never forget but he was on the right path.
“Master Vandar, is everything prepared?” asked Mekel politely.
“Yes, young Mekel, but before you become a full-Jedi we must first find out if you are a Jedi guardian, sentinel OR consular. It is hard a choice but let me feel you, let down your barrier... I see you are a Jedi Guardian meaning take this.” Master Vandar gave him a blue crystal, “you may now start constructing your lightsabre.” told Master Vandar.
“The others will be here soon, you will be given a full set of new Jedi robes and you will sear an oath to the Jedi Order.” told Master Vandar.
“I am ready, Master.”

Fera had a feeling that things were becoming, back to normal before the war, before Revan.
“You said you use to serve a Jedi Master? who was it?” asked Fera persuasively.
“Her name was Atris, a powerful Jedi she once was, before she turned to the Dark side.” said the Handmaiden sadly.
“It seems everyone turns to the dark side, all the of the most powerful Jedi Masters, maybe the lure is indeed hard to resist.”
The two carried on talking until the voices met the courtyard. “ Can you once believe the Enclave once homed 30 or 40 more Jedi. Its like I can still feel them, the screams, their fear.” said the Handmaiden very intently.
“I knew most of those Jedi, some were very young even younger than me. Taken away from the parents when they were very young, just like me.” said Fera.
“Do you ever regret becoming a Jedi?” asked the Handmaiden curiously.
“Truth be told, I do wonder, but the force would have been always with me, my parents owned some grounds quite far from the Enclave, they were arrogant obsessed with their riches, I always thought they were corrupt. But when I left the Jedi Enclave two days before the attack to head to Coruscant. When I heard they died there too I felt great sadness, but if I hadn’t become a Jedi I would have died there too.” said Fera.
As the girls continued to chat both of the feet quivered with the shaking of the ground. “What was that?” asked Fera.
“Look over there!” said the Handmaiden. She pointed to a stream of dark smoke over near the plains. “It looks like something has crash-landed.”
“We should check it out, they maybe injured or worst.” said Fera. As the two girls ran over to the source of the disruption. Fera felt a great disturbance in the force. “Did you feel that?” asked Fera to the Handmaiden as she stopped her in her tracks.
“Did you feel something?” asked the Handmaiden.
“Yes, something bad has happened, I felt their fear,” said Fera.
“They carried on to the wreckage and opened the hatch. They found two unconscious bodies inside.
“That's Bastila and Admiral Onasi of the Republic,” said Fera. “What happened? It looks like an escape pod, they must have been on a republic vessel.” said Fera.
“they’re both still alive I can feel their energy. But we must take them back to the Enclave to Master Vandar , they must be stabilised.” said the Handmaiden warily.
“Come on help me carry them.”

“Are you sure, it’s done?” said Darth Tracius under his silver battered mask. “Yes Lord, the Harbinger II has been destroyed unfortunately we have our loses too. We lost 12 men. Including Admiral Dalio.” said Captain Luton.
“He was weak and never strong enough to be a Sith, I hope you won’t make the same mistake, Admiral Luton.” said Darth Tracius through his solid silver mask.
“Yes milord,” said Admiral Luton bowing down as far as his back would allow.
“Leave I must feel if Bastila, is still alive, it was never my intention to harm her, she must remain alive.” said Tracius.
“May I ask why milord.” asked Luton from his bow.
“You may” said Tracius, “You see I have heard that she has a strong force power of that of Battle meditation, I believe if she can be turned she would remain a very powerful weapon.” said Tracius.
“But Bastila, is strong, milord, Lord Malak tried to turn her and he could not succeed.” said Luton.
“You are wrong, Malak did succeed, but he never banked that Revan had any influence over her. With Revan out of the picture, fighting her own battle. Bastila is fit for the taking.” said Tracius maliciously.
“But that was seven years ago, Bastila’s alignment with the force would have been strengthen by then.” said Luton.
“When Bastila and I was battling, I felt her anger, I felt her darkness in her heart, and she won’t be as hard to turn as you think Admiral.” proclaimed Tracius
“You are right of course milord.”

“How are they doing, Master” said Mekel from within the main chamber.
“They are resting, the medical droids are tending to them.” said Master Vandar, “It was good the two Padawans got there when they did.”
“Master, something has been badgering me ever since you told me about the mission, I had to do, I believe you when you said it was vital to get Fera here, but there was more wasn’t there, I feel you are not being entirely honest with me, as you were not entirely honest with Revan.” said Mekel.
“Fera is a Jedi, Mekel and I am trying to stop the Jedi from being extinct, as you know.” said Master Vandar.
“Of course Master Vandar.” said Mekel as he walked from the chamber.
“That one is more powerful then he knows, he may know in due time.”

“When am I?” asked Carth as he got from the bed he laid on. “Bastila?” asked Carth as he saw her lay on the table before him. Behind him the door slid open. “You are wake” asked Fera as she looked at Carth. “You must rest, your landing didn’t go down to smoothly. Your friend, Bastila will be fine we have enough Kolto supplies to see she gets well.” said Fera kindly.
“How do you know Bastila” asked Carth surprised.
“She was being trained here the same time I was.” said Fera truthfully. “Always the best in her class, when it came to sword play, to meditation to studying.” said Fera half-heartedly.
“My name is Fera Manis, I am a Padawan here at the academy. Don’t worry I know who you are you served during the Jedi Civil War alongside Revan, like I did.” said Fera. Carth was surprised this girl in front of him looked no older than 21 making her around 15 when she must have battled.”
“You look a bit young to have battled.” asked Carth intently.
“I was 15, but I had been training for 10 years and they needed all the Jedi they had.” said Fera.
“May I ask why did you crash land here on Dantooine, where you escaping a battle perhaps.” asked Fera curiously.
“You would be right, my ship, the Harbinger II was taken over by Sith war soldiers, I just hoped most of my men got off too.” said Carth hopefully.
“The Sith, they’re still out there, I fought we destroyed them all during the Jedi Civil War.” said Fera.
“Destroyed the Sith?” said Carth, ”Impossible, we only slowed them down once a Sith lord dies another one takes over,”
“You met a Sith lord?” asked Fera astounded as she tended to his wounds.
“Yes, two actually but not the one that was on our ship. Bastila fought him, but he disappeared before I got there, we believe it to be Darth Raiden, the newest Sith lord now, he’s taking the remaining remnants of the Sith and banded them together.” said Carth.
“But this is bad, really bad, the Republic isn’t popular as it is, and now the Sith are still out there, you have to be joking.”
“I wish I was.” said Carth. behind him something was stirring, a groaning came from the table beside him.
“Bastila, is awaking, she’s stronger than she looks." said Fera.
“Bastila are you okay.” said Carth.
Bastila opened her eyes slowly. “Carth?” said Bastila fearfully.
“Its okay, Bastila, where safe, where in the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.” said Carth
“Oh no, Carth why didn’t you take us Tatooine, we have to leave now.” said Bastila getting up.
“What are you talking about, were safer here then we would ever been on Tatooine.” said Carth exasperated.
“Do you really think Master Vandar would want to see me, after what I have done?” said Bastila nervously.
“Bastila, Master Vandar has an ex-Sith as his apprentice, he has forgiven him, and he would surely forgive you too.” said Fera reassuringly. She had heard all about Bastila fall to the dark side and how Revan saved her.
“How can you be so sure? I was Lord Malak’s apprentice and fought against the Republic.” said Bastila.
“I think this is more than that, I think you haven’t forgave yourself. And you want to be punished” Carth told her honestly.
“He is quite right of course, Bastila, a Jedi I am and forgiveness is exactly the punishment you deserve.” said a small voice from below. Master Vandar hobbled in looking at Bastila with those big green eyes that gave anyone around him reassurance. “The Jedi before us have made mistakes, exiling Jedi is no way to go now, we must learn from our mistakes and it has be seen before us, that you punished yourself for seven years, you must forgive.”
“But how would you be able to trust me?” asked Bastila apprehensively.
“You only know the answer, Bastila.” said Master Vandar. “Unfortunately your timing was not the best, we have halted Mekel’s initiation.”
“Wait that guy who was with Dustil in the Sith academy.” asked Carth intently.
“He has seen the error of his ways.” said Vandar clearly.
“He is not to be trusted, he nearly tried to murder Revan while in the tombs in Korriban, if it wasn’t for her he would have been killed long ago.”
“He is now a Jedi, you remember the past of Revan? Her crimes were far more trivial.” said Vandar.
“But Revan couldn’t remember what she had done, he knows exactly what he was doing.” said Carth.
“Which makes it all more the better, the people he killed for pleasure will haunt him forever.”
Fera looked at Master Vandar intently. She had felt his presence on Nar Shaarda, she knew her instincts were right, he had been a Sith and one of from the academy, while she was on Korriban. She had felt his presence on Korriban, Fera stopped breathing and starting thinking out loud, the hatred was spreading through her.
“He’s a Sith, a Sith” Fera repeated. “He is tainted.” said Fera. Her mind was everywhere, she was only 14 at the time when she was sent on a mission with her teacher, one of the trials to make her full Jedi. “And you knew, he was a Sith. And you knew.” she spat at Vandar.
“I wondered how long it would take for you to feel his presence.” said Vandar. “But I can not repeat myself he has seen the errors of his ways.”
“Are you serious, he was a Sith, he chose the path, freely.”
“I must leave, you need to suppress your anger, young Padawan, or it will take over you.” As he left Fera hands began to shake. Was vengeance an evil thing? Not if it was to bring justice.

Mekel lay on his bed, his lightsabre at hand, could he have been honest with her? Told her the truth when he first met her? No he couldn’t. Mekel was in his new Jedi robes and he could now leave the Jedi Enclave whenever he wanted to go and fight against the dark side. But it didn’t help that he knew the lure of the dark side and how tempting it was, just giving in, but he was stronger, now. But where would he go? He could take the Centurion Eagle, would he help with the unsettlements of Onderon or would he go and help the Republic in Manaan.
Where ever he went it would have to be far from Fera and his past which has now come to smack him in the face.
Deciding to get some fresh air and clear his head he got from his bed. Then his head exploded and he knees bent smashing it to the hard ground.
:: Jedi, betrayer, you think it wise to leave with so much hate in you ::
“Whose in my head” said Mekel doubling over. “What do you want?” asked Mekel.
:: I want you to stay where you are and watch the girl who’s with you, the Jedi by the name of Fera, watch her ::
“I won’t harm her!” said Mekel loudly. Holding his hands to his ears blocking the intruder from getting to his head.
:: But you will, your hate will take over::

Bastila looked upon the plains of Dantooine as though looking at them for the first time. Now was the time to go to the crystal caves and claim the Kradin crystal. She could handle the kinrath in the cave. But could she handle the presence of Revan, the embedment of where she once walked? But if she couldn’t do it now when could she? As she headed towards the crystal caves of Dantooine, she heard rustling behind her, “Kath hounds” she whispered to herself. Initiating her lightsabre. She heard a voice. ”It’s only me!” said a young woman. Holding her hand out.
“Fera, what are you doing here?” asked Bastila.
“I have word from Vandar he wants to see everyone altogether. He said it was important.” said Fera. Fera knew she must have interrupted her in something important, Bastila face expressed no concern.
“Ok, let’s go.”

Master Vandar sat in the main chamber waiting for Fera and Bastila, he knew he would be asking lots of them. But more was at stake. Tracius had become even more powerful due to the bond he now shared with the exile. He could feel Tracius’s thoughts, the exile should have known training him was a risk. But he was powerful even when he wasn’t a Jedi. Tracius had to be stopped but for that to happen, they needed to stop him in his plans.
“Master Vandar, what is of importance?” asked Bastila as she and the rest entered the chamber.
“I fear Tracius has plans of great destruction.” said Vandar.
“Then how do we stop him?” asked the Handmaiden.
“He can not be stopped, but he can be shown, I feel the goodness still in him. He does not kill his admirals like other Lords did, he has a habit of giving second chances. The only reason he is still in power is because of his great knowledge of the force, his peers are strong in the force strong like Revan’s peers was were.” said Vandar.
“What is he planning?” asked Mekel. Was it Tracius that was in his thoughts?
“He is trying to get his hands on ancient Sith teachings, which have the secret of Darth Nihilus power to suck the power of Force sensitives and destroy on the scale of Katarr.” said Vandar.
“But if there is still good in him, why would he want to..”
“Even when he was a follower of the exile, he only cared about himself, he only did what was best for him and little has changed.” cut Vandar.
“So what do you want us to do?” asked Bastila.
“Darth Tracius does not know where these teachings our, he thought them be on Korriban but he is much mistaken, he withdrew his plan to destroy Tatooine for the same reason. He feared it may have been there, but he was wrong. I know where these teachings to be and only I knew them, Atris in her time begged me to tell her, but I sensed the anger in her heart, I have told no one until now. If I thought telling you this would help, I’ll be wrong, that is why I need you all, even you Admiral.” he added Vandar looking at Carth.
“But why have you not tried to tell us about this sooner?” asked the Handmaiden.
“Because I believe they would have been safe there however the time is now closing in on me, I believe my time is coming to an end.” There was moment, no one knew what to say, was Master Vandar trying to tell them, he would die soon, but any doubt soon evaporated as Master Vandar carried on.
“With the little time I have I need to know these True Sith teachings will be destroyed, the teachings are on the planet of Lorahn, a new found planet on the outer rim, it will take a lot of resources to get there. That is why I need you all, it is also a very dangerous planet with powerful priestesses and tu’katas. However these teachings will need to be unlocked and that is where I haven’t been entirely clear with you Mekel, you know what the key is.” said Vandar mysteriously. Did he? Mekel could never remember Vandar telling him this piece of information. Only if, no but it couldn’t be.
“What is it?” asked Bastila. She didn’t need these cryptic words now, not when so much was obviously at stake.
“Unfortunately Bastila I can not divulge this with you only Mekel knows and he shall. I ask you take the Centurion Eagle. D-4TA will assist you on your journey. That is all I can say, I would go with you but I must stay and try to train the remaining students.” said Vandar he looked at all of them intensely and said, “May the force be with you.
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Chapter 4: A new World

Darth Tracius was heading to the bridge to command an armed fleet to go to Onderon, when he felt it, the echo of his former master, Tracius wondered if it meant he had been killed, if it was true there was one more thing he didn’t have to worry about, it had been two years since the exile had abandoned him on Dxun. As Darth Tracius entered the control bridge the atmosphere took on a stab of foreboding. “Admiral Luton, has the armed fleet arrived on Onderon?” asked Tracius with a slight impatience.
“The armed fleet has landed if Queen Talia doesn’t know where they are? Then where at square one.” said Luton.
“She knows Admiral, her ancestor Freedom Nadd was the man behind it all.” said Tracius.
“But she has no force power, non did her mother it was her grandmother who had all the power.” said Luton as he watched the Tracius walk from the bridge.
“That may be the case Admiral but the secret is bedded in that palace.” said Raiden fiercely as his cloak swished out of sight.

The Centurion Eagle stood in the landing pad. As Carth looked upon it. “Do you think you can pilot that thing?” asked Bastila. Looking up at Carth.
“Its navigational system looks familiar to the Ebon Hawk, it shouldn’t be to difficult.” said Carth. All the supplies on board?”
“Yes, I wanted to talk to you about the argument we had before about Revan.” said Bastila.
“I’m sorry” said Carth, “Your my closest friend and I nearly lost you through my anger for her.” said Carth sincerely.
“I know Revan hurt you, she didn’t mean it, you know that?” said Bastila.
“Don’t make excuses for her Bastila. I know her, I did know she loved me, as I said loved.” said Carth “Maybe we should just forget about it. She obviously has forgotten about us.” said Carth a though the conversation was closed.
As the two boarded the Centurion Eagle, it gave Bastila the familiarity of the Ebon Hawk except the Centurion Eagle had a much bigger set of crew quarters and the Centurion Eagle didn’t have a hanger like the Hawk.
Fera unpacked her Padawan robes, she was wondering when she would ever wear Jedi Knight robes like Bastila, she stuffed them underneath her bunk. She started to meditate when as soon as she started she felt someone watching. “What do want?” she asked not turning.
“To talk” said a male voice.
“I don’t want to talk to you.” said Fera off handily.
“You said that when we first met, but we need to speak about the mission.” said Mekel, there was silence.
“You remember...” said Mekel. “You remember, don’t you What I was. You know I once was a Sith” asked Mekel.
“I do.” said Fera “You would be correct.”
“I wanted to tell you,” said Mekel. “But I feared you would reject me and not give me a chance to redeem myself.” said Mekel heartedly.
“You were right.”

The Handmaiden took to the medical bay and started unpacking all her medpacs and antidotes in the cabinets. She felt this mission was going to be tough she could touch the future within her, but one mistake she wouldn’t do and that was what Atris did she kept the Sith teachings and holocrons, if they needed to be destroyed they will be. She set off to the control center. She saw Carth busily working on the navigation system. “How long will it take for us to get there.” asked the Handmaiden. “We can’t go straight there, Vandar said we may be being followed so we’ll need to make some stops try and get them if there are any, off our tail. So I’ll say a week using light speed” said Carth.
She obviously was causing Carth a distraction so she departed. “So you fought Tracius?” said a voice from behind her. She turned and saw Bastila in twinning some of the ship computers behind her. “Vandar said you did too. I fought him, I tried to show him the path of the light, he fell because he saw an advantage of using his force power for himself. He lust for battle and the kill seem to be his doing. When he fell on Dxun, I tried to help him, we were their together to try and get the Mandalorians on our side. The exile asked this before he departed to fight with Revan. When he fell, we fought and his face, I destroyed it. He let me live, any mercy he had left he let me live.” said the Handmaiden sadly.
“Fighting Tracius was different from fighting anyone like it before, unlike Malak, their was a thirst inside Tracius to prove himself. Even to help, to show me the true extent of the power he said I had.” added Bastila.
“He was always a sweet talker.” added the Handmaiden.

Onderon, a planet controlled by Queen Talia. Its history was that of great story telling. One of the Queen’s daughter married a beast rider, Oron Kira, making peace between the royalists and the beast riders. That was around 50 years ago. Now, however the palace is once being invaded by intruders that of the Sith fleet.
“What are you doing?” asked Queen Talia to the Sith troop brandishing his blaster at her.
“The Dark Lord asked for your presence with him.” said the troop.
“I’d rather die” spat the Queen.
“That can be arranged.” said a hoarse voice from the chamber door. Darth Tracius walked into the Queen’s chamber knowingly perfectly well that the Republic soldiers will be there in a short while.
“But unfortunately for you. I have this.” said Tracius
“What?” said the Queen frightfully.
“This.” said Raiden and flashed hils hand and the Queen fell on the group in a deep sleep. “Unfortunately for you, Queen, you have no Jedi protection you once had, what with Kavar dead. Killed by Kreia, she was an old witch but thankfully she did something right for once. I would thank her if she wasn’t dead.” said Raiden maliciously.

The Centurion Eagle flew threw space quietly not gaining any attentions from the planets between them. The five life forms on the ship were blissfully unaware of what just took place on Onderon.
Fera lay on her bunk. Thinking about her time on Korriban. The man who killed for fun was on this ship pretending to be one of them, to be a Jedi. But a nagging thought at the back of her head, was reminding her not to let her anger take over. Could she forgive him though. He had by all means been training as a Jedi for the last 7 years on Coruscant and Dantooine. But he had so much hate when he cowardly murdered her teacher to get prestige.
“I was wondering could we talk?” asked Fera to Mekel in the main bay of the ship. “I was a bit fast when I said I wouldn’t forgive you. I just needed time to think, Vandar obviously think your path is that of the light, but when I remembered who you were, that memory couldn’t go away. I also believe if we want to make this mission work we have to work together.”
“I would really want that, I am truly sorry for what I have done to you, Fera. I just hope one day I could make it up to you.” said Mekel sincerely.
“Were good now, we should leave it.” said Fera departing from his presence.
Mekel smiled to himself, she was honestly trying to forgive him. He would not make the same mistake again.
:: She’s forgiven you, that’s good. You must not harm her until you get to your destination, then let your passion take over::
“Never I’ll sooner die.” said Mekel.
:: Be careful what you wish for young Jedi ::

“Awaken, Queen.” said a hoarse voice. She opened her eyes to see the mask of the new dark lord. The Silver mask was shaped in a V and the eyes behind it showed no sign of emotion.
“What do you want?” asked Queen Talia her voice quivered slightly but she looked defiant.
“You know where the old Sith teachings of Freedom Nadd are? Tell me where and I may allow your planet to carry on orbiting.” said Darth Tracius fiercely.
“I do not what you are talking about!” said Talia honestly.
“Fine, Queen Talia, you have the honour of being the first person I ever torture just scream when it gets to much.” said Tracius.

The crew within the Centurion Eagle where playfully having fun playing Paazak, While the ship was on auto-pilot heading towards Tatooine.
“I kinda understand how to play it now” said the Handmaiden.
“I learnt how to play Paazak in the Paazak Den in Nar Shaarda. It was kind of a way to spend the hours when I wasn’t dancing half naked in the cantina.” Fera told them.
“You were good at it.” said Mekel from the other side.
“Yeah I saw you looking for a good ten minutes before you actually started talking to me.” joked Fera.
“I’m sorry to disturb this meeting between you, but it seems we are headings right into a asteroid field.” said D-4TA.
“What!” shouted Carth. “Alright what are we going to do!” shouted Carth.
“I told you, you should have remained at the controls” said Bastila irritatingly.
“Wait we got company!” said Carth over the noise.
“Look likes Sith fighters.” said Bastila.
“Alright I’m going to head into the asteroid field.” said Carth.
“Are you crazy, you do want to do this mission, don’t you!” said the Handmaiden beside him.
“Hold tight” said Carth.

Master Vandar quietly mediated in his chamber. Blocking off any doubts he may have in his mind, He hoped Mekel got the hint. But should they fail Darth Tracius would become powerful, power fuller than even Revan if he got his hand on those teachings. That couldn't happen, he knew they were heavily guarded but if Tracius got his hands on the key. Freedom Nadd was a powerful Jedi and an even more power fuller Sith, he knew what he was doing when he put his Sith teachings hidden. But Vandar didn’t count on Ulic Qel Droma turning to the dark side. The past is always a Jedi’s most power fullest weapon.
He could feel Raiden’s presence, he could sense his feelings whatever he was doing he was enjoying himself.
Was it the Exile that failed him, left him knowing full well that he had all the signs of falling.
Whatever failed Tracius failed him bad. But he chose the path he now walks. Where ever the exile and Revan where they must be doing what they said they would but with all the happenings at the moment weren’t they better here.
And the only one who could stop Tracius would also have the same fate.
Master Vandar’s other two students were fighting with vibroswords in the next chamber, would they fall like so many of the others during these dark times.

“Carth I have to admit your a hell of a pilot.” said Mekel “To get us off that asteroid field was just pure magic.” said Mekel even more awe stricken.
“It wasn’t magic just hard training.” said Carth. “I’ll remain at the controls until Tatooine.”
“What happened to the Sith fighters” asked Fera.
“They didn’t have as enough training as Carth to make their way through.” said Mekel.
“Do you think it would best to change our course they could have read our navicomputer.” said Bastila.
“Bastila’s right.” said the Handmaiden we would be best to head to Onderon instead.” told the Handmaiden plotting the course.
“We head to Onderon. Get some supplies while where there, we’ll need an open star port visa if we want to land.” said Bastila.
“The Centurion Eagle has one, mistress.” said D-4TA.
“Well that's good to hear.” said Bastila. “We should all rest before we get there. You too Carth.” added Bastila warmly.
“Tired?” asked Mekel to Fera, when she went to Crew quarters. “Yes, I need just time to rest, it’s been a really strange week.”
“You know you can talk to me. I’m here for you.” added Mekel intently.
“I appreciate it.”

“You are tougher than you look your highness, but you will soon break.” said Tracius viciously.
“I know all your force tricks it won’t work on me.” said Queen Talia.
“Then good old pain will have to suffice.” said the Dark lord as he bolted lightning all along her body her screams echoed throughout the whole chamber.
“You are the ancestor of Freedom Nadd, my troops could not find the evidence in your palace meaning you know where he hid his teachings.” said Tracius.
“I do not know, my family only have any remnants of Oron Kira only. My mother rejected her side of the force.” said Queen Talia.
“You may speak the truth but I will allow my guards to continue torturing you in case you may slip.” said Tracius.
“Have you found out where the Centurion Eagle was going?” asked Tracius to Admiral Luton.
“Our fighters lost them, sir.” said Luton nervously. Tracius left without another word.

“Onderon, beast rider world, this is Iziz the city of Onderon , if we want to do anything we must do it now.” said Carth. “
You seem to know a lot about this place.” pointed Fera from behind him. “I was stationed out here for a while. When I first joined.” said Carth.
“I will go the local supplies store.” said Bastila
“I will be going to local news hologram and see what's going on here,” said the Handmaiden.
“I think I will go to the cantina.” said Fera excitedly.
“Yeah me too.” said Mekel.
“You two be careful, I heard that cantina has a lot of rough people in there.” warned Carth.
“Hey you are speaking to two Jedi we can take care of ourselves.” said Fera.
“Nonetheless be careful.”
The Handmaiden walked along the high street, she didn’t like Onderon, it seemed something was always going wrong for it. It had a bad vibe. “Hey you off-worlder why don’t you go back to where you came from?” said a man from in front of her. “And how do you know I’m not a citizen?” asked the Handmaiden. “Because you don’t look like one.”
“You will leave me alone.” said the handmaiden persuasively.
“I will leave you alone.” said the man. Idiot, thought the Handmaiden, maybe if she would have suggested a planet she should have suggested Telos, there were just too many imbeciles here.

-The break in at Queen Talia palace has many led to believe to a Republic conspiracy. With no real evidence however no charges can be made. The Queen’s whereabouts are still unknown. However there were several reports of Sith troopers near the area.-

“So why choose to be a dancer?“ asked Mekel curiously.
“The credits were good and I still had my freedom, well sort of.” said Fera off-handily. The two were in the dingy cantina in the western square were mostly beast rider thugs hung out. The drinks were also like the place, tasteless. It seem to be the only place on Onderon were one could have a slight ounce of fun.
“They don’t even have real dancers here they use holograms.” said Fera. “I think we should head back to the ship, I feel like we should be doing the task at hand.”
“Your right, I wonder if-”
“Hey we’re getting a transmission and its Carth, what does he want?”
“Get back to the ship we have trouble it seems the Queen has been kidnapped.”
“Kidnapped? But-”
“We’ll speak more at the ship.” said Carth.

“Who you reckon did it?” asked Fera. Everyone was in the ship. “Its obvious it was Tracius but why kidnap the queen only if Tracius believes she knows where it is.” said Bastila.
“But Vandar told us, only he knows, so the Queen could be getting tortured for nothing.” said Fera. “We got to stop him, we need to get on The Death Striker and find her and save her.” said Fera.
“Slow down, its not as easy as it sounds.” said Carth pointedly, his face seem to say it all. “The vessel’s protection is advanced they learnt from their mistakes with the Leviathan.”
“So what did you propose we do Admiral?” asked Fera. If Carth wasn’t as stressed as he was he had the flicking feeling that Fera was being sarcastic. But he had no time for it.
“We have to carry on the mission, there are more things at stake here.” said Carth.
“Do you have no feelings, the Queen life is at stake.” said Fera.
“And there be more lives at stake if we don’t complete the mission.” shouted Carth.
“If the Queen dies what chance does Onderon have?” spat Fera.
“I think it doesn’t matter.” said the Handmaiden.
“What?!” said Carth as he turned to look at her. More than 10 Sith war troopers stood behind her.
All four jedi initiated their lightsabers.

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Chapter 5: The parting ways

Darth Tracius could feel the Queen’s pain from where he stood on the bridge. If she didn’t know where the Sith teachings were, well she could now be disposed of.
“Lord Tracius, we have been told, that Bastila and her companions are on Onderon. “ said Admiral Luton.
“I want her alive Admiral.” said Tracius from underneath his mask.
“Yes milord but first I think you should she hear what we found out about her other companions.” said Luton intensively.
“This better be good.” said Tracius fiercely. He was in no moods for idle chatter.
“We found out that Bastila is travelling with TSF admiral Carth Onasi, she also travels with Atris’s handmaiden and a former Sith student Mekel, apparently in his records at Korriban he would have been a worthy Sith IF Revan didn‘t turn him. “ said the admiral.
“I know this Admiral, for a time now I have been aware of his presence on Dantooine, I have been trying to turn him to our way of thinking.” said Tracius.
“Yes milord but they have a new companion, out scouts have spotted her, Its Fera Manis, first daughter of Queen Nadila. Sister to Queen Talia, ancestor of Freedom Nadd. We have been torturing the wrong person milord.” said Admiral Luton heavily.
“Very good, Admiral, but how could I not feel her presence... unless? You have been clever Vandar.” said Tracius thoughtfully.
“What is your course of action, milord.” said Luton apprehensively.
“Send a squad there before they get off the ground, they have most likely heard of the Queen’s kidnap. “ said Tracius.
“Do you think a squad could take down four Jedi milord?” said Luton nervously.
“Of course not that’s why I am sending my apprentice Malicious with them as well.” As a man from beneath the shadows showed himself.

Inside the Centurion Eagle, bodies laid on the ground and all four Jedi were in stasis. Fera tried to move her arm towards her lightsaber. But the stasis was too strong.
“All four of you were quite a challenge.” said a gladded man in the shadows. “My troops although dead now, were quite the distraction, I needed to get you all standing still.”
The man from the shadows walked into the light, his face was hooded and his face not seen.
“Malicious! I thought you were dead, the Mandalorian wars...”
“The Mandalorian wars did not kill but made me stronger, unlike Revan and Malak I went not to stop the Mandalorians but to help them. I was second in command even before Malak, Revan helped me see. I also showed her the way, the Mandalorian Wars were not the only things to blame for Revan's fall.
“So now your Tracius’s apprentice. Even I thought you had more self respect than that.” said Bastila spitefully.
“You think I Tracius’s apprentice? No I am but using him to get to the Sith teachings. He is far to arrogant and when he finds them, he shall die and I shall be the new Sith lord.” bellowed Malicious from under his cloak.
“I was hoping you knew where my old teacher was Bastila, while I was in hiding during the Jedi Civil War, I heard you and her, had become close.” said Malicious.
“Even if I knew where she was, I wouldn’t tell you.” spat Bastila.
“But with all the troubles going on here, she has deserted you and the Republic? I find that hard to believe.
“So what were you hiding for all this time Malicious.”
“I was centring myself, finding my true power. I knew Revan would take down Malak, but I also knew that I helped her along the path of the dark and when she had defeated him, I would find her and together we would become as we did before Master and apprentice.
“You were never Revan’s apprentice, you were just her lap dog her errand boy, Malak was always her apprentice.
“Then why was I second in command on Malachor.” asked Malicious.
“Because you could easily be disposed of.” said Bastila
“No because she trusted me more than Malak. I would never betray even for a Sith. Unlike that traitor Malak.”
“And that’s how she knew you were weak.” said Bastila.
“Enough! You are now mine and Tracius’s prisoners.”

“We have the Centurion Eagle and its crew in the hangar bay, milord.” said Luton.
“Good, I want them placed in force filed generators I want my apprentice Malicious to guard them, until I get to interrogate them myself.” said Tracius.
Darth Tracius went into his private chamber away from the eyes of his men. Without hesitation he took off his mask. Looked in the mirror from across him. His face was unbearable for him to look at, he couldn’t even look at himself, but nonetheless it is a scar from battle. It taught him one important lesson never turn your back away from an enemy.

“Ah I hope you find your living quarters comfortable.” said Luton sarcastically as he walked into the detention area with two guards behind him.
“Couldn’t they be a bit more roomy?” asked Fera equally as sarcastically.
“Darth Tracius has been looking forward to meeting you, especially.” said Luton.
“Why would that be?” asked Bastila.
“Don’t worry Bastila, the Lord has his uses for you too if you feel left out, he knows all about your Battle Meditation very well indeed, but I have spoken enough.”
As Luton left the room, Malicious came in. “This is why we Sith are stronger than you Jedi” said Malicious as he switched the button on the side and in succession make them all scream.
As Darth Tracius walked into the detention area of the Death Striker, he saw the unconscious bodies of the four Jedi and the republic lackey.
“Awaken” said Darth Tracius in his hoarse voice. All of them awoke. Fera looked up and saw the silver gleam of the mask which was Darth Tracius, she looked straight into the dark eyes and tried not to blink.
“So while I was torturing the Queen for information for the Sith teachings, the key to the whole thing was right in front of me. Bastila was it you he assigned to protect it? Did Vandar make you protect it?” questioned Tracius in a superior voice.
“What are you talking about?” asked Bastila.
“Not you, so it must be the ex-Sith who found himself a conscious on Korriban.”
“You are wrong,” said Mekel.
“I feel deception from you. You are not being honest with me.” said Raiden. “It must be you, you have been serving him, you didn’t respond to the thoughts in your head, the meeting with Revan made you stronger but I sense the darkness within.” said Tracius.
“Redemption is a path to the light side.” said Bastila firmly.
“And you would know all about that Bastila once being a Sith yourself.
“And once being a Jedi yourself, Tracius, you can also follow my path.” pleaded Bastila.
“Now that I have felt the dark side, I won’t turn back I saw the look on my former Master face when I asked him to train me. He felt the darkness by I was drawn to him, in my own stupid ness. That will never happen again. I have my own apprentice and I have shown him the true path.”
“You mean Malicious? Well he wasn’t as complimentary of you when he captured us." announced Fera from beyond the force field.
“I know the way he feels and when he does challenge me, the stronger of us will be the victor. I feel great darkness in you young Jedi something tells me you will fall easily.” said Tracius.
“But until now, young Jedi, you know where the teachings of Freedom Nadd are.” proclaimed Tracius.
“You talking to me? I have no idea what you are talking about!” said Fera.
“But I fear you do. As you should know, as you are-”
“Don't!” proclaimed Mekel. “I’ll tell you everything you want to know. Just don’t tell her.”
“No she is needed to get my hands on the holocrons.”
“I will be back once I have told the Queen, myself the good news of your arrival.” said Darth Tracius as he walked out. Malicious waited for Tracius’s footsteps to disappear and said quietly.
“You need to get out of here and I don’t need Tracius to get his hands on those holocrons yet.” said Malicious.
“Are you proposing, that you get us out of here.” said Bastila startled.
“Don’t trust him, Bastila, none of you.” pleaded Carth.
“What other choice do you have? To wait and get tortured to death or that he forget about you and you starve to death” said Malicious.
“He’s got a point.” said Mekel.
“I don’t trust you either, your both corrupt.” said Carth.
“I will let the force field go, now but I need you not to save the Queen but make your way to your ship as quickly as you can.” said Malicious. “My master is right I can’t take him now, the years I have been hiding have indeed made me weaker, while he has been battling with the exile. Make no mistake I am not showing you mercy but allowing me time to grow stronger when I do face him.” said Malicious.
“But we can’t just leave the Queen here.” said Fera.
“You may have no other choice” said the Handmaiden.
“Unless you free her,” said Fera to Malicious.
“No deal, I want the Queen dead and this may be the perfect time.” said Malicious.
“But the Queen knows where the teachings our,” lied Mekel.
“If I do set her free where would I take her? What would I do and if Lord Tracius finds out what I have done, he would kill me for sure.” There was a trace of fear in his voice.
“Not unless you convince him, we overpowered you and set the Queen free ourselves.” said Fera.
“The Queen is heavily guarded, but unless I slice the computer, the Queen is protected by war droids meaning if I can get into the systems and switch off their priority functions then there could be a way. I will do this now make your way to the hangar the Queen will meet you there soon after, however if I do see you again, I will kill you.” said Malicious.
“Leave 10 minutes after I have, it would look suspicious,”
“No it would look suspicious if we leave after you, you stay here play unconscious and we leave.” said Bastila
“If that was so it would give me 5 minutes to do the transaction and 3 minutes for the Queen to get to the Hangar bay and that will not include the time I have to convince the Queen I am trying to free her.” said Malicious thoughtfully.
“We’ll risk it.

Luton looked at the camera of the detention room and saw to his surprise that all five captives had got away and Malicious was lying on the floor he raised the alarm and called from behind the computer to Darth Tracius.
“Milord the prisoners have escaped and Malicious looks like he has been overpowered.” said Luton. "Give Malicious the order to guard the Queen.” said Tracius calmly.
“While I deal with our captives.” said Tracius.
As Tracius walked towards the bridge doors he turned back and looked at Luton.
“And if they escape I will make your job expendable Admiral.” said Tracius directly at Luton.
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Chapter 6: Nearing the battle

As they made the way through the guards with the help of their lightsabers. They sliced the terminal and ran straight to the hangar where the Centurion Eagle stood without a scratch as they heard the alarm behind them Carth stopped suddenly. “They know we've escaped.”
“It took them longer then I thought they would” proclaimed Fera.
“But we can’t leave until the Queen has gotten to the ship” said Bastila.
“Lets just get in the ship we’ll be safer there then we would be out here.” said Carth.
“Going somewhere?” said a voice from behind them.
“I don’t know how you escaped the detention area but your journey ends here.”
“Your dumber then you look, has anyone ever told you that?” said Fera straight at Raiden.
“This is no time for jokes.” said Bastila.
“Which one of you dares challenges me?” asked Tracius.
“None of us our fighting you alone” said the Handmaiden.
“So you Jedi also take in cowardly acts, the last time we fought you were lucky.” said Tracius
“I wasn’t lucky you just had one ounce of compassion in you.” said the Handmaiden. “And its not too late, you can still look at yourself and know once you protected a man you once looked up to, who showed you the ways of the force.” said the Handmaiden.
“Are you trying to save me? I have fallen and I like it.” said Tracius.
“But you showed acts of bravery and loyalty, while during our time together.” said the Handmaiden. Tracius thoughts became confused, remembering himself the way he once was.
“I cant...No you shall not try and distance me from the dark side. Prepare to die.” said Tracius.
“Everyone on the ship, I’ll take care of Tracius,” said the Handmaiden.
“No, he doesn’t want you, he wants me, said Fera.. “He wants me he shall have me.” Fera went into combat stance, but as Tracius closed in, the vessel shook and Tracius felt to his feet.
“Its our chance, lets go.” said Carth.

Inside the Centurion Eagle, tempers remained high, they did not save the Queen, all four Jedi on board the ship couldn’t. As Fera walked into the crew quarters she saw a person laid on her bed. She reached over and pulled her so she was facing her. The Queen was resting on her bed, still as a statue.
“We couldn’t save the Queen meaning Onderon will get even worse, their are still supporters of Vaklu out there. They take this advantage and cause another civil war on Onderon.” said Bastila.
“Don’t worry about that,” said Fera behind them. “The Queen is alive she’s on one of the bunkers, it looked like that lap dog’s of Tracius came through for us.” said Fera.
“That’s good, but we can’t go to Onderon now , it would be to risky.” said Bastila.
“Well where is are next destination?” asked Fera.
“I think our best bet would be Telos, we’ll be safe their and the TSF can take her to Onderon safely, that also gives me an opportunity to see how things our. They must be looking for me.” said Carth absent mindedly.
Mekel was in his bunker, quietly meditating on his own. He tried to clear his thoughts. It was too difficult. Tracius nearly found out the secrets of Freedom Nadd. And his first mission as a full Jedi would have failed. But was it that, did that really bother him? Or was it the fact that he would have to admit to Fera that he had lied to her. Meaning she would definitely never speak to him again. She had already forgave him for his crimes while at the Sith academy.
But Fera who was seating in the main deck, didn’t come to ask him. She remained there for a while, quietly thinking. Why did Master Vandar ask her to go on this mission? She was only a Padawan It made no sense what so ever.
“Well be in Telos in around 3 hours,” said Carth from the cockpit.

Malicious stood before Tracius, his posture so low it was in danger of being sucked into the ground. He remained like that until Tracius himself spoke.
“You have failed me, my apprentice, we had the four Jedi the admiral of the TSF and Queen Talia in our grasp and you let all of them escape, I fear that remained no accident, tell me my student, did you allow them to walk free?” asked Tracius menacingly.
“of course not my Master, the four Jedi overpowered me and they freed the Queen before I got there.” said Malicious.
“I feel no deception from you but we both know you are good at covering your true feelings. “ said Tracius.
“What is your next course of action master?”
“There will be no need to capture them, while the Centurion Eagle was in our hangar, our techs placed a tracking device meaning we know exactly where there going, they’ll take us straight there.”

“This is Telos?” asked Fera looking at the planet rather bemused. “I thought it was mostly grasslands and trees?”
“That’s the restoration zone, where on Citadel station. We can only stay here for a small while.
“I was wondering if we could have a talk?” asked Mekel to Fera quietly. They were walking through docks 126. All the rest of the group decided to stay in the ship while Carth went to speak to Lieutenant Grenn in the TSF station with the Queen.
“What about?” asked Fera to Mekel. She already knew what he was going to say but she had felt it while on The Death Striker he was deceiving her. She had no time for it, whatever her cause for the mission she was going to come through. He got her to a side and came close to her.
“I was wondering.” he breathed in her ear. “Don’t you want me to explain what happened aboard the starship?” asked Mekel.
“I don’t know why I haven’t asked you about.” said Fera honestly. “I just don’t think I can take any more lies and deception anymore.”
“Deception? I would never do anything to hurt you intentionally, in truth, Master Vandar did ask me to watch you and I have been watching you, I think more so than I should be doing. I’m always watching you.” said Mekel honestly.
“I had a feeling Master Vandar said that but it doesn’t have anything to do with what Tracius said and why you covered it, if there is something behind your protection for me, I don’t want to hear it.” said Fera intently.
“I would have protect you without Vandar asking.” said Mekel angrily.
“I thought you had changed but the anger its still with you can’t you see that.”
“I do, but maybe its you, may be its you that's making this anger grown, I shouldn't have come. But this was a test, your right maybe with all these lies and deception around, I better go.”
“No wait, I’m sorry, your right too I do make you angry and I’m sorry I know whatever your doing for Master Vandar your doing it for the best intentions.”
“Fera... I’m starting to, it.. hard that's all to be around you, I’m staring to feel drawn to you but for all the wrong reasons. I-”
“I think I’m staring to let my passion for you take over.”
“Passion, no I think you mean love. Your just trying to make it less worst. I feel it to Mekel.”
“Love? I don’t love”
“I know when you were a Sith, you didn’t love, you’ve probably never loved anymore in your life but don’t try to blame the feelings you have on the dark side.”
“Love? But I’ve never.” He looked at Fera, her eyes spoke more words than her voice ever could, when he looked at her. She was everything he had thought of, everything he cared about. He wasn’t going to let anything harm her while he was with her.
“Just give in.” pleaded Fera.
“To my passion?”
“No, to your love” said Fera and with those words she lent over and they gave in and kissed.

“Is everyone here?” asked Bastila while on board the centurion Eagle.
“Mistress, I have some rather bad news we have suffered some damage to the main hyperdrive while on board the Death Striker, it will be impossible to use light speed.” said D-4TA politely.
“Great, what do you suppose we do about it?” asked Bastila to the droid. She and the Handmaiden where the only ones on the ship.
“The only one possible to fix such a damage would be a utility droid.” said D-4TA helpfully. Bastila sighed heavily.
“And how much would that set us back?” asked Bastila. “A basic utility droid on Telos would go for around 3000 republic credits. But we need a T3 model.”
“When you need T3-M4 he’s not here. And when he is.” said Bastila heavily. “Well is the no way we could fix it?” asked Bastila to the droid.
“No, unless you have very high repair skills.” said D-4TA.
“Where can we get one?” asked Bastila.
“An excellent place would be, Telos Droids ‘n’ Supplies but that is at the other end of the station.”
“Do we have any other choice?” asked Bastila.

“Bastila? Fera?” shouted Carth as he boarded the ship. He saw the handmaiden quietly meditated in the crew quarters.
“Erm... have you seen Bastila or anyone?” asked Carth to the Handmaiden. The handmaiden got up from the floor.
“Bastila has gone to purchase a T3 utility droid on the other side of the station with D-4TA. He said something about damage to the hyperdrive.” said the Handmaiden as she walked past Carth.
“What the hyperdrive isn’t damaged? I think that droid may be getting short circuited or something.”
“Well it was convinced it was.” said the Handmaiden.
“I don’t like the sound of that.”

The Death Striker floated closely to Telos but not too close to be censored by the TSF. Quietly it waited for any sign of the Centurion Eagle leaving it’s surface.
“Admiral Luton, the Lord requires your presence.” said Lieutennant Venda. The Admiral gulped. He had failed the dark Lord he had let the prisoners escaped and someone had to pay for it, Malicious wasn’t going to, the Lord couldn’t afford to lose his right hand man.
“Do you know what about?” asked Admiral.
“No sir, he wouldn’t tell me.”
“Very well, I will be there in a short while.”
As the Admiral walked through the Death Striker, he knew that these would be his last moments. As he felt the dread intensify he was at Darth Tracius’s main chamber.
“I have more important things to do Admiral. Come in and close the door behind you.” said the voice from within the chamber.
“I know milord I have failed you but I ask for your mercy. I will not fail you again.” said Luton pathetically.
“Of that you are right Admiral.” said Darth Tracius.
Darth Raiden got from his seat and Luton felt his insides being crushed.

“Bastila are you alright?” asked Carth as Bastila came in the ship. She was slightly out of breathe but no bodily harm could be seen. She sat down and drew breathe.
“D-4TA attacked me.” Said Bastila from her slumped position.
“How is that possible?“ asked Carth. “You don’t think it was a trap by the Sith.”
“Where are you Carth? Cause we already got there.” said Fera sarcastically from across the room.
“Listen I’m getting sick of your sarcastic marks, missy.” said Carth angrily.
“Oh and what are you going to do about it? Big republic soldier.” said Fera.
“I don’t have time for you, you just a smart mouth kid.” said Carth.
“Kid? Who are you calling a kid? I’m 21 years old.” said Fera.
“Then act it!” said Carth furiously at Fera.
“Where not all old grumpy men like you.” said Fera.
“Hey! Less of the old!”
“ENOUGH!” said Bastila. “Before your little argument, I was going to say something important.”
“I’m sorry Bastila. What did you want to say?” said Carth apologetically sitting down ignoring Fera.
“While I was in the droid shop, I saw HK-47, he was badly damaged and the clerk said he found him on a scrap pile but he obviously knew I wanted and he wouldn’t sell it for less than 5000 credits. He was a Decisarian so my force powers wouldn’t work on him.”
“HK-47 would be a good addition to our team and he could probably tell us what happened to the exile.” said Carth
“Unlikely Carth I’m 100% sure he would have had his memory wiped.” said Bastila.
“Then why would we need him?” asked the Handmaiden. “I remember him being an annoying droid only asking if he could kill anything that moved.”
“We need a translator droid and he may gain his memory in time like the way he remembered Revan.”
“Is he fully functional?” asked Fera.
“I’m sure if we all chip in.”
“Do you have a spare 1000 credits lying around cause I don’t?” said Carth.
“Maybe I do.” said Fera.
“We could use D-4TA to help make the payment his metal has got to be worth something.” said the Handmaiden.

Darth Tracius walked into the control bridge of the Death Striker, he had had another of waiting he had enough of following he wanted action. “Our they are still on Telos?” asked Tracius impatiently.
“Yes my Lord they have set a course for Lorahn.” said Captain Edimen.
“Lorahn, the blind priestess world? Yes that is where Freedom Nadd would hide the Sith teaching, Get my shuttle ready, I do not want the Death Striker to go any further to Lorahn. And inform Malicious, he will be coming with me.”
“Yes milord.” said Edimen.
Malicious walked his way to the bridge to meet up with Lord Tracius.
“You asked for me for Lord Tracius?” said Malicious from his bowed down position.
“You will be accompanying me to Lorahn.”
“Lorahn? Are you sure the teachings are there?”
“I am sure.”

The crew of the Centurion Eagle seem to be all in bad moods, the journey to Lorahn, near the outer rim was taking a while. Fera made her way to the storage hub at the back of the ship.
“Hello?” asked Fera to the bashed droid in the corner.
“Statement: What do you want, Master?”
“I’m not your Master, Bastila is.” said Fera. The droid looked up at her.
“Conscending answer: Bastila is not my Master, Revan is my true Master, I’d rather not serve any of you meatbags.”
“Apologetic statement: Sorry eh? how can I serve you Master?” asked HK-47
“Do you know how you ended up on that junk pile?”
“Statement: No.”
“Are you always this erm.. helpful?”
“Mocking statement: Are you always this nosy?”
“The handmaiden was right about you, you are annoying.” said Fera leaving the hub.

Fera made her way to the cockpit, she was no mood to talk to anyone not even to Mekel. She was unsure what was going to happen to her, maybe she should have asked. As she arrived in the cockpit, Carth was busy navigating the ship. His face shown all the stress he had been going through, Fera felt sorry or him at that point. Maybe she should lay off him.
“Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to just stand there.” said Carth irritably. On second thoughts, thought Fera maybe not.
“What its against the law?” said Fera.
“If you aren’t the most infuriating girl I've ever met.” said Carth angrily.
“Well you started it.” Fera left she had no means wanted to start an argument for no reason.
“I was wondering can I have a word?” asked Bastila from in the medical bay.
“You can have a sentence even” said Fera jokingly.
“Your amusement ponders me,” said Bastila. She shut the door when Fera came in. “I don’t want anyone to over hear us.” said Bastila.
“Its just I’m worried about you, through our journey I sense you have many faults and many of those faults are your own doing. I fear your joy of making jokes in serious matters and your hunger for doing battle, will lead you to the dark side and without proper guidance its even a worse threat.” said Bastila honestly. Bastila watched her for a second she could see the thoughts processing in Fera’s head but would she take the opportunity to put things right.
“I understand, Bastila. It’s just I haven’t been a Jedi for a while. I mean I haven’t, I lost the way to control myself, in Nar Shadaa it was the only way to survive, to crack jokes and sometimes kill to survive. I’m not saying it was right but I was scared.”
“You would be a fool not to, but now you have a back up of people who want to help, even Carth although it would pain him to say.”
“Ok, Is that it?”
“No both me and the Handmaiden have noticed, an attachment.” said Bastila.
“An attachment?” asked Fera amused.
“Yes we have noticed how much time you have been spending with Mekel. You know such attachments are dangerous to a Jedi even a Padawan.”
“Mekel and I are just friends”
“I sense deception, Fera, there is no need to lie but you must end it for both your sakes, I would have spoken to him about it but I believe you would have the power to end it.”
“Yes, your right. “
“The relationship you both have could put our mission in jeopardy.”

The Centurion Eagle flew threw space and none of the crew inside could feel the presence of The Death Striker coming ever closer to Lorahn.
Mekel laid on his bed as usual there were a lack of things of one could do. As he laid he thought of Fera. Her smile, the smell her hair, he was going way over his head. He didn’t know what to do.
“Hey how are you doing?” asked Fera mindfully. Mekel couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. The way there wasn’t a hair out of place, how her deep green eyes easily penetrated him. Her cheekbones , her lips...
“Fine, so what's going on?” asked Mekel. Fera looked at him, he seemed to be formal with her. He hadn’t even spoken what happened on the docks since it happened.
“I just wanted to talk about what happened?” said Fera. Mekel knew this would happen sooner than later.
“Whatever you have to say.” he said getting up so he could be face to face with her. “It wasn’t a mistake, we both wanted it.”
“Don’t you see, were Jedi we should be able to control ourselves I think about my training and its failed me like it has you.”
“I know but I just love you so badly.” said Mekel.
“You love me?” asked Fera,
“I don’t know.”
“You either do or you don’t there’s no maybe.” said Fera angrily.
“Well what do you want me to say? I love you, is that it or I don’t, what do you want?”
“Its difficult that all. Can’t you see we shouldn’t even be in this situation, the others have started to notice as well and I think were putting our mission in jeopardy,”
“You didn’t seem to care before when you asked me to kiss you.”
“I didn’t ask you to kiss me! You did that all by yourself.”
“I didn’t see you try to stop me.”
“Because I wanted it to happen.” Silence followed after Fera’s words. She had been so loud she wondered if anyone else heard it on the ship.
“I love you, I don’t know if that’s what you wanted to hear, but I do and there’s no changing that,” said Mekel he wished he never had kissed her.
“If I say I love you, our mission is doomed, I can’t we just have just to forget our feelings for each other for the sake of the mission.”
“The mission... your right the mission is most important.”

Bastila sat next to Carth in the cockpit. “I think our young sweethearts our having a tiff.” said Carth jokingly.
“Yes it reminds me of something.” said Bastila bemused.
“Hey Revan started most of those arguments.” said Carth Smiling at Bastila.
“Well those two our Jedi, they shouldn’t be having attachments not when there’s so much at stake.”
“Why not there young.” said Carth off handily.
“There Jedi as well. And we both know were such attachments can lead, Carth.” said Bastila.
“I’ve never been overjoyed with the whole Jedi not loving anyone.” said Carth.
“Well of course you wouldn’t but such attachments can lead to the dark side. Relationships lead to anger, hate.”
“They can also lead to joy and happiness.”
“But that’s a risk Jedi can’t take.” said Bastila, in the tone of her voice it seemed the argument was closed. The ship headed to Lorahn. Lorahn world was that of beauty, the Red planet was so beautiful that it was hard to keep your eyes off it.
“Is that a landing pad close?” asked Bastila. sitting in the chair with he eyes on the planet.
“There’s a small colony. Mostly made of humans no priestesses though. They hang out in the own little tribes.
“These priestesses what are they?” asked Bastila.
“They look a lot like that Miralukas, there blind and they’re eyes are covered. These priestesses use the force only for there own benefit but never for evil.” said Carth.
“Centurion Eagle 0-125 You have permission to land on pad 45-k” said a voice from within the cockpit.
“Here we go.” said Carth.

The planet of Lorahn was a sight to behold. The planet surface was made of fine grasslands and the greenest trees in the whole galaxy. The sky was a deep red whenever the time. The planets housed three different type of alien species. Blind priestesses and sedians and hadoians.
As Fera got off the ship she was welcomed with the fresh scent of the planets many flowers. Fera had the sense of someone continually watching her. The party made their way into the small colony settlement. The settlement housed many different type of aliens. Many smugglers came to Lorahn to smuggle Lorahn’s spice. which was made by turning Lorahn's plant life into powder, this was however illegal.
“Where are we meant to go now?” asked Fera looking around.
“The force will guide us?” said Bastila.
“Not if the force doesn’t want us to find it.” scoffed Fera.
“Wherever it is, it will be heavily guarded.” said Carth.
As the party walked deeper into the settlement. A sense of familiarity came over Fera.
“I feel like I’ve been here before.” said Fera.
“What do you mean?” asked Bastila.
“I don’t know like in a past life or something.” said Fera. off handily.
“I know why you are here!” said a voice from behind them. An old woman was sitting behind them from behind her stall, she seemed to be selling different type of swords. Her eyes were covered with what looked like a green bandage and her posture seem to have given up.
“What do you mean madam?” asked Bastila.
“I mean you seek the teachings of Freedom Nadd.” said the old priestess.
“How do you know about these teachings?” asked the handmaiden.
“Because it was my people who hid them with the advice of Master Jedi Vandar.” said the priestess.
“Does that mean you know how to get past the security.” said Mekel nervously. He didn’t need her telling Fera what he had to do.
“No but I know where they are.” said the priestess. She got up from her stall and walked over to them. “Are you prepared for what's to come?” asked the priestess.
“Yes, I’m not afraid.” said Fera determinedly.
“I sense much anger and fear in you.” said the priestess she was so close to Fera she was in danger of falling on top of her.
Fera didn’t say anything.
“Are you taking us or are you going to direct us.” asked Carth.
“I can not go, you will have to go alone. The droid with you, it will also have to stay.” said the priestess.
“Mocking statement: Says who?“ said HK-47.
“I do, as soon as you get there, your programming will go insane, you’ll probably explode.” said priestess casually.
“Its probably best if you stay.” said Fera.
“As you wish Master signing off.” said HK-47.
“So when are we going to go there?” asked the handmaiden.
“We will not go there now, we shall go in the morning. If we go there now we shall be in danger of being attacked by a herd of terentak.”
“A herd?” said Bastila. “I though they were solemn creatures.”
“Not on Lorahn.”
“In the morning now rest.” said the priestess as she showed them inside her hut.

“We need to talk” said Fera to Mekel from within the hut.
“I thought you wanted nothing to do with me? I accept that. But don’t make it harder.” said Mekel.
“I’m not making it hard. I just want us to be friends. Is that so hard?” said Fera sadly. She still stood in the doorway. She was scared to get any closer.
“Yes, when were not friends it gives me no reason to be around you.” said Mekel.
“A reason? How about the mission, Mekel? We need to be friends for the mission.”
“No we don’t!” said Mekel angrily. “The only reason you want to be friends so you feel less guilty for yourself. Listen I don’t want to be your friend. I’d rather not have you anywhere near me.” said Mekel angrily getting up.
“Fine.” said Fera quietly.

All 7 of them sat in the main room of the hut. The priestess was looking up at the ceiling. They all sat part from HK-47 in a circle. The priestess started chanting and the room was filed up with smoke. The map laid on the floor was started to move with the smoke. Then a cold breeze went past them and the smoke rushed into the map.
“Did it work?” asked Carth.
“There’s only one way to find out.” said Bastila.
She got up and walked over to the map. “Yes it did, its in the Deep Koran Forest.” said Bastila. “Dead centre.”
“What do we thinks guarding it?” asked Fera. “I mean are we talking a bunch Kath hounds or we talking about a krayt dragon.”
“Numerous things could be guarding it. I feel though like the temple, it may have some sort of shield to be broken.”
“We get to that when it comes.” said Mekel.
“No its better to be prepared.” said Fera standing up like Mekel.
“We don’t need another lovers tiff” said Carth.
“Who asked you to get involved old man!” said Mekel.
“Less of the old! Besides I never trusted you from the off, to me your a still a sith, no matter what Vandar said.”
“Enough Carth, this is not helping only making matters worse. I feel the dark lord presence coming closer. Darth Tracius has tracked us here and if were going to do anything about it, now is the time.” said Bastila.

The Deep Koran Jungle was made of nothing but trees as the party walked into it. The four jedi had their lightsabers at hand occasionally cutting low branches.
“Damn this jungle is huge.” said Fera. “Are we going straight there?” said Fera.
“No we’ll have to set up camp.” said Carth.
As the night grew older, the party made a camp and were quietly making discussion.
“This is when were going to be tested in the force. The lure of those teachings any sith would want them. You must control it.” warned Bastila as they sat around the fire.
“I’m tired” yawned the handmaiden.
“Yes I think it would be wise if someone guards the camp while the rest some of us rest. I’ll guard.”
“No, I’ll guard Bastila, Jedi need there rest.” said Carth.
“Are you sure Carth?” said Bastila.
“Yeah besides I got loads to think about.” said Carth.
While everyone was asleep, Carth was accompanied by his thoughts. He didn’t know what to do anymore. He thought constantly about Revan what she was doing, was she thinking about him or had she forgotten about him altogether. He told himself along time ago, that she was nothing to him but that wasn’t true, she was everything, the fact that he may someday see her again was the only thing that kept him going.
“Hey are you okay?” said a voice from the ground. Carth turned around and saw Fera looking up at him.
“I'm fine.” said Carth he didn’t want to share his thoughts with a punk nosed kid.
“No your not, listen I’m sorry I’ve been in a pain in the back side haven’t I?” said Fera getting up sitting next to him.
“I guess we both have.” said Carth, he put his hands through his hair.
“Listen, are you okay?” asked Fera seriously.
“Its just... I’ve been thinking about Revan a lot, how... I don’t know.”
“You loved her?” asked Fera she looked very serious.
“Yeah something like that. I just can’t believe she left me.” said Carth.
“You know what? You need to get over it.” said Fera.
“What?!” said Carth caught off guard.
“She obviously has, I know Revan was a great Jedi, I fought along with her in the war and I mean it doesn’t make her an expert on love. She did you wrong, she didn’t know how it would effect you.” said Fera.
“Your right..” said Carth.
“Of course I am” joked Fera as Carth laughed.
“But you might what take some of your own advice.” said Carth.
“What do ya mean?” said Fera.
“What’s with you and Sith boy?” asked Carth.
“Nothing, I don’t love him he doesn't love me and besides the Jedi code forbids any attachments.” said Fera.
“That code. I hate it, love doesn't make a Jedi fall to the dark side.” said Carth fiercely.
“I guess it doesn’t but me and Mekel are just, I mean I hate him.” said Fera.
“I thought Jedi weren’t meant to hate anyway you don’t hate him, you want to be with him that you build barriers.”
“I can’t believe it, we’re taking advice from each other about love.”
“Hey let’s see if it works. I’ll move on and you be honest with yourself.”
“Deal.” said Fera smiling.

As the shuttle docked on Lorahn, the citizens of Gurl, the docking city of Lorahn, placed themselves inside their huts. Darth Tracius walked down the ramp quickly followed by Malicious.
“Master I feel her presence on this planet she is on her way.” said Malicious to Tracius.
“Yes, Bastila is here. She and the ancestor of Freedom Nadd. Malicious I want you to go and track them I will follow you shortly. They must not go near the teachings.” said Tracius.
“Is that wise, Master?” said Malicious quietly. “I mean there are four Jedi there, don’t you think strength in numbers.”
“Are you afraid of Padawans?” asked Tracius.
“Of course not Master but Bastila is powerful for a Padawan and Fera she has hidden powers she does not know of.”
“You may be right but you are not the Master yet Malicious.” said Tracius.
“As you command. milord.”

The four Jedi and Carth walked through Koran and were suddenly placed still. “Do you feel that? A disturbance in the force.” said Bastila. “I feel great dark power ahead. We are close.”
“What do you think is ahead?” asked the Handmaiden.
“Whatever is it is powerful.” said Bastila.
They carried on walking, as the day grew old and Fera could feel a chill in the air she was started to shake violently she doubled over and put her hands to head she could feel a screeching noise in her ear.
“Fera! Are you okay?” shouted Mekel. He tried to lift her up but she wouldn't budge. She started screaming.
“What is wrong with her?” asked Bastila nervously.
“Nothing is wrong with her, nothing that won’t kill her.” said a voice ahead. Bastila ran and used her lightsaber to cut through the heavy branch in front of her.
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Chapter 7: The End of the Battle not the War

A magnificent temple stood in front of her and Malicious came walking towards her. His face as always covered with his black robes. He removed him to show his true face. Nothing was wrong with it, he had no scratches, no scars. His young appearance startled Carth.
“What is this, his just a kid?” said Carth.
“Do not underestimate him, Carth!” said Bastila angrily.
“Yes I may look weak but I am not, Bastila knows. You know Bastila I never thanked you if it wasn’t you for you I would never had been second in command or Malachor.” said Malicious.
“What happened to you Lonso? You and Revan and Malak too, you were the hope of the academy. You wanted to peace, justice.”
“I never wanted any of those things, well not until I met Revan, she showed me the way and I showed her the way. We helped each other. If I didn’t go into hiding I would have been her apprentice not that traitor Malak.”
“Well Malak’s dead now and Revan is on the path of the light.” said Bastila.
“For now, but I will find her and I will make her fall again.”
“I have been sent to capture you Bastila but I come in peace, be at my side Bastila and we can take down Tracius” said Malicious.
“Look whose the traitor now!” said Bastila.
“I can betray Tracius he means nothing to me.”
“Looks to me all he wants is a girlfriend.” said Carth from behind Bastila.
“You and your battle meditation is want I want, you are a powerful Jedi, Bastila and the council knew this that’s why they wouldn’t let you take the trials. They didn’t want you to overpower them.”
“My issues with the council are over, Malicious.”
“Oh well, Tracius wanted you alive but I can say you something else got in the way.”
“You can’t possibly think to fight us all.” said Fera.
“He doesn’t, because I’m fighting him alone, this is my fight,” said Bastila.
“Bastila no!” said the handmaiden. “He’s too strong.”
“Silence!” said Bastila and she put them all in stasis.
Malicious initiated his lightsaber. as did Bastila.
“I’m going to enjoy this.”
“Like wise” said Bastila.
Bastila was one step ahead and force pushed Malicious to the ground and flung her lightsaber at Malicious vulnerable back but Malicious stopped it with his own. He flipped up and the two fought with the lightsabers. Getting each other once and while. Bastila and Malicious lightsabers were neck and neck and they both closed in on each other. Malicious tried to get his lightsaber to her neck but Bastila pushed it away with her own. Malicious then got his lightsaber and hit Bastila on the arm where it burned. She held it and Malicious used the opportunity to knock Bastila’s lightsaber out of her hand.
“As I said Tracius wanted you alive but if I can’t have you he isn’t”
Malicious brought his lightsaber over his shoulders preparing to bring it down. With a glint of pure evilness is his eye he brought it down. It was one inch away from Bastila’s face, when Malicious started choking. He placed his hands on his throat.
“Now now Malicious, you are not playing fair.” said a hoarse voice from behind him. As Malicious fell to the ground moving no more.
“Tracius!” said Bastila.
The other four ran to Bastila and saw Tracius over Bastila.
“Atton!” said the Handmaiden.
“That name has no meaning to me anymore.” said Tracius. “Ah, the girl I wanted to see. You see I can’t open the temple doors. So be a good Jedi and open it.” said Tracius.
“What? I can’t open the doors.” said Fera confused she fell to the ground again.
“How could you fall so easily?” asked the Handmaiden desperately as Mekel try to help Fera.
“We’re not going through this again?” said Tracius.
“But you were our friend, you helped us, you were a Jedi.”
“I also used to kill Jedi as well.”
“Yeah but you were my friend you was -
“I was abandoned by that exile, he left me and you.”
“He had to he had to fight.”
“Fight the sith? I am sith now and his not here defending you?”
“He couldn’t tell us but he had good reason.”
“You always were weak. I saw a chance to get some real power, you didn’t”
“Your going to have fight all of us if you want those teachings!” said the Handmaiden.
“You think I came alone?” said Tracius as around 50 sith troopers appeared through the bushes and grassland.
Tracius grabbed Fera who was still on the floor her hand over her ears.
“Kill them” said Tracius to the troopers.
The troopers swarmed them and Mekel struggled to get to Fera but was overwhelmed by the number of troopers.
Fera was being dragged towards the temple and through the troops who were getting to the rest of the group.
The other three jedi ignited the lightsabers and started striking at the closest troops while Carth got out his vibrosword and did the same.
“At your command Master!” said a voice from the bushes. HK-47 came with his blaster.
“HK-47, what are you doing here?” asked Bastila while fighting 5 troops at once, taking three of there heads.
“Statement: It seems our old friend was working with Tracius, who wanted us to find the temple. He has destroyed her and I followed him here, she lied. I am in one piece.”
“OK, just kill whatever you can!”
“Agreement Master.” said HK-47 as he started shooting at the troops five minutes before she said.
Tracius had got to opening of the grand old priestess temple. He threw Fera at the door.
“Open it!” said Tracius.
“I don’t know how!” said Fera desperately.
“You don’t know how? said Tracius angrily. Fera ignited her lightsaber and striked Tracius with it. Tracius brought his own lightsaber and the two duelled.
Mekel was running towards the temple and striking at any troops getting in his way.
Bastila, the Handmaiden, Carth and HK-47 were bringing them down. Carth had many cuts on him the rest seemed unharmed.
“So you are Freedom Nadd’s ancestor, I’m disappointed.” said Tracius from behind his lightsaber.
“What did you expect?” asked Fera from behind hers.
“I expected a worth adversary, you are weak.” said Tracius.
“I am not weak, your ignorance clouds your judgement.”
“You should know all about that.”
“What do you mean?”
“The one you travel with, the former-Sith, you love him.”
“No I-”
“Don’t worry he doesn’t love you.” said Tracius
“Why do you think you were brought along, for your deep understanding of the force?” mocked Tracius. They stopped fighting.
“He was going to kill you to get to the teachings for himself.
“Your lying.” said Fera angrily.
“You hope, he never loved you, he strung you a long the whole time, he planned from the off, he doesn’t love you he hates you and wants you dead.”
“No! Stop! Stop lying!”
“That's it I feel it, your anger, let your hatred for me take over!”
Fera attacked Tracius, then she felt it the power of the temple, it was consuming her and she was letting it. All the power was going through her, She screamed and Tracius flew threw the grass. She looked up both her eyes were both red.
“You want the Sith teachings? You’ll have to go through me!” said Fera. She brought her lightsaber down and Tracius blocked it with his and they duelled again but Fera had the advantage now, the temple power was fuelling her force powers, she had never felt this sort of power before. The power of the dark side.
Mekel could see the two duelling. He ran closer.
Tracius was getting tired and Fera used force wave to push him . He was on the ground.
“The Sith teachings will be mine and you will be dead. Not as weak as you thought” said Fera.
“Tracius was on his knees. The temple's tower was glowing brightly.
“You win you have the teachings I am nothing compared to your power.” said Tracius
Fera moved her hand and Tracius started choking he collapsed on the floor.
“Now you are nothing!” said Fera victoriously.
Mekel ran over to Fera. “Are you okay?” said Mekel a she collapsed into his shoulder. “You killed Tracius.” said Mekel looking down at his corpse.
All the other were still busy fighting.
“How do I get in the temple?” asked Fera in Mekel’s shoulder.
“Fera, its you, your the key to open the temple. Your-” said Mekel as he looked in her eyes and saw the redness there was.
“What happened-?” said Mekel
“This temple showed me the power of the dark side. Its power is incredible. Mekel.” said Fera. “I am Freedom Nadd ancestor. He lives through me, I consume all his dark power.” said Fera.
“No its the temple that is doing this Fera.”
“You can join me, you were once a Sith you could have all the power you can be with me, on my right hand side.” said Fera.
“No, that is behind me.” said Mekel fiercely.
“Being a Jedi would never make us happy, it wants us to be apart if you just give in we could be together.”
“And betray Vandar, Bastila? No!”
“You weak pathetic excuse for a Jedi, you were once a hope, you could be as powerful as I am now. But you choose the noble root, you will suffer for your misjudgement. Tell me I’m the key what do I have to do to get in?” asked Fera.
“You have to die” said Mekel lifting up his lightsaber striking her down.
“Fool! You think to strike me down here while Freedom Nadd power runs through my body?” asked Fera. “I gave you opportunity and you threw it in my face.” said Fera getting up. She used force lightning on him and Mekel started screaming.
The other four ran towards them and saw Fera over Mekel. “What’s going on?” asked Bastila.
“Oh look!” said the Handmaiden pointing at the corpse of Tracius.
“Who killed him?” asked Bastila. The handmaiden ran over to Tracius and removed his silver mask. She was face to face with the corpse of her friend Atton, his disfigured face showed no sign of life.
Fera stopped and spoke to Mekel. “So this was your plan bring me here and kill me to open the temple?” asked Fera.
“I thought by now there would be another way to stop it from happening I didn’t want to hurt you!” said Mekel from the ground
“But now things have changed?” asked Fera mockingly.
“You have given in, your blood needs to be shed for it to open. “But I still love you” said Mekel. Fera stopped fighting. “You love me?” said Fera.
“Yes!” said Mekel.
“Your lying, I know you planned from the beginning, you always hated me and wanted me dead.” said Fera pitifully looking at the ground.
“No. I do love you, the dark side is consuming you, you can turn from this path” said Mekel.
“Yes, your right.” said Fera.
She hugged Mekel and kissed him.
“Forgive me” said Fera with tears in her eyes.
“You’ve done nothing.” said Mekel.
“No, for this!” and he started to choke. “Fool, you should never leave yourself defenceless against your opponent, hasn’t Vandar taught you anything.”
“I know this isn’t you!” said Mekel from behind his lightsaber struggling to breathe.
“You still think I have feelings for you? I never loved you and now you will die.”
“Fera! No!” said Bastila she ran over to her. Fera force pushed Bastila. Handmaiden ran at her and Fera put her in stasis. The power of the temple was so powerful that no one could stop Fera. Carth fell to the ground, while HK-47 was stunned. She smiled to herself she could fell Freedom Nadd’s power go through. She would have the Sith teachings and become more powerful than even Revan and Tracius combined.
Mekel looked up at Fera and saw the darkness in her he struggled to find his lightsaber.
“So my blood needs to be shed she got her arm and raised her lightsaber.
Mekel saw his opportunity and he sunk his lightsaber into her stomach. She looked at him and he pulled it out. She collapsed.
Mekel looked into her eyes they were red no more. Blood started trickling down her mouth. He looked down at her and saw her eyes, she was Fera again.
“I’m so sorry!” said Mekel as he bent down he was crying like he never done before.
“I’m sorry too.” said Fera struggling “I do love you, Destroy the teachings and tell Vandar and the rest I’m sorry.” said Fera as she breathed her last. Just then the doors of the temple opened.

The Jedi Academy on Dantooine was bristling with new students. Master Vandar, Bastila, Carth, Handmaiden, HK-47 and Mekel where in a chamber in the sublevel.
“You have done a great act of nobility for the Jedi Order,” said Master Vandar.
“The teachings have been destroyed Tracius has been destroyed and Malicious is no threat.”
“What I don’t understand Master is Fera said she was brought up here. But-”
“Fera was adopted she is the daughter of Queen Talia sister. Who died during childbirth.”
“Master Vandar I want to ask you something?” asked Mekel from his solidarity.
“You may” said Vandar.
“Did you know Fera would be consumed by the darkness of the temple and fall or did just want me to kill her-“
“I knew, that is why I brought her there. There was another choice she could have fought it and also activated the opening but she fell and wanted the darkness to take over.”
Everyone was quiet. “I can’t believe she’s dead” said Carth. “She was so I mean she had a mouth on her but she was so full of good.”
“I don’t think she was evil.” said Bastila. “I think she fell to make it easier for you.” said Bastila to Mekel.

The fields of Dantooine was lit up by red. A fire was brewing from underneath the sky. The body of Fera Manis was lit up with fire. Bastila, Carth, Vandar, handmaiden and Mekel stood around it, all the jedi in their jedi robes.
The handmaiden was clutching Raiden’s mask and she flung it to the fire. Mekel held her hand knowing how hard it was.
Fera’s body burned brightly. The Kath hounds howled silently and tear came trickling down Bastila’s face.

The morning was bright and the sun shone over Dantooine’s plains as bright as a torch. Carth was preparing the Centurion Eagle to fly. “So what are you going to now?” asked Mekel to Carth. “I’m going to go back to the republic. I’m still an admiral”
“Bastila going with you?”
“Yeah she wants to aid the Republic. What are you going to do?”
“I’ve been assigned another mission. I have to find more force sensitives.”
“Good luck with that. Listen whatever happened, she wasn’t evil.”
“Yeah just misunderstood.”
“No, it wasn’t her fault that she could feel the power of that place so strongly. I think even Revan wouldn’t be able to fight it and she did love you.”
“You still going to search for Revan.”
“No, before she died Fera gave me some good advice I’m going to use it.”
“Hey I wondering could you give me a lift to Telos?” asked the handmaiden to Carth.
“Sure, why?”
“Vandar thinks I am ready to leave. I want to go back to Telos and learn more about the force from Atris’s teachings.”
“Where taking HK-47 with us too.” said Carth.
“Where are you heading kid I could give you a lift?”
“I got shuttle to Coruscant. Thanks” added Mekel.
“I’m sorry by the way for the way I behaved around you, your a true Jedi.”
The centurion Eagle started up and Mekel watched it disappear from the sky.
“Another day. Another mission”

Story by Andosan Lover
Based on a story by George Lucas
Special thanks to Bioware
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