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Thread: Jedi Academy: Attack of the Sith
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Darth Macca
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Jedi Academy: Attack of the Sith

I got bored, so I thought I'd write part of a story...

Strel Vors struck down a fellow Jedi Knight. His anger was in full flow, he knew it totally out of control and that his hatred was really beginning to show. He de-activated his Lightsaber instantly as he look at the dead Jedi Knight. He soothed in the air through his nose as if he was delighted with himself. "My powers are beginning to grow. I will become the most powerful Jedi of all time." Vors said to himself. The Sith Lord stood grinning at Strel Vors. "Good." the Sith Lord said still grinning with anxiety. The Sith Lord was over joyed with what he just saw. He knew he would purchase a new apprentice very soon. "It was a necessary death. You did well." The Sith Lord carried on with his grin growing. "Your hatred gives you power, it gives you focus. Overcome the dogmatic view of the Jedi and become my new apprentice." The Sith went on soothing in confidence. Strel looked at the Sith Lord and he began to grin back. "My hatred has unlocked my true power. I never new the ways of the force as this. There is no breaking free of this power, it is natural. I must gain my strength through my passion...my master." Strel Vors said. "My new apprentice you are then. A very powerful Sith you shall become." The Sith Lord explained. "The Sith will become a great force within the galaxy with your elite skills. Once more the Sith will rule the galaxy!" The Sith Lord said with a great amount of excitement. "Indeed we will, my master." Vors said deeply grinning at his master with great evil. "As you are my Sith apprentice, you will need a name. I will grant you one. You shall be known from this day onwards as Darth...Eternus." The Sith Lord congruently denounced. "Excellent, my master." Vors replied viewing the name in his head. "Rise, Darth Eternus. We need to wipe out the rest of this frail academy. You will need to strike down the heart of this proceedure. I will look for Skywalker, you can despise the rest of this place. Only then you will have great power amongst the dark side." The Sith Lord told Vors. "It shall be done, my master. Skywalker is very skillful, you will need my help if you are going to eliminate him." Vors told his master with pity. "You underestimate the power of the dark side, young Sith. In time, you will grow to understand my powers and what the dark side of the force is capable of. I will take him myself and I will dispatch him." The Sith Lord explained on a more serious note. "So, the time has come. This day will spell the end of the ruthless Jedi Academy." The Sith Lord noted. Vors bowed in front of his master and they both turned away to destroy the Academy. The force was flowing through Vors' body at this time. He knew he was going to become a very powerful man if he conceded the objective given to him by the Sith Lord. Power was a vertue at this moment, it wasn't taken for granted. There was no demise nor pity in Vors' body. The great Jedi Knight he once was had died and consumed by Darth Eternus. Vors reached the doors of the Jedi arena. This is where they all trained and practised their Lightsaber skills. Vors sensed a lot of pain was about to be unleashed in this room. That is an early sign of a powerful Sith - pain before it actually happens. Vors opened the door slowly. He saw flashing colours of green, blue, purple and yellow colliding inside the room. As soon as he fully embraced the rooms atmosphere, every Jedi in the room stopped to look who had entered. "Strel Vors? Is that you?" said a Jedi frowning. "Yes. This is the end for you all." Vors replied looking across the room at the confused Jedi's. "I sense the dark side in you, Vors. I sense you have been turned by the evil Sith Lord." said another Jedi now coming to terms with the dark taint. "Turned? No. I have finally come to realise the true power within myself. There is pity no more, I am going to kill you all. Right here, right now." Vors said showing no mercy. He activated his Lightsaber, his blue beam struck up into the air. "The force is my allie. You will not come out of the Academy victorious!" Another Jedi claimed. Vors quickly took his guard position. His Lightsaber was crafted over his head and pointing at the Jedi. In an instant, Vors flipped into the air and landed - striking one of the Jedi's to the ground in the same motion. Up stepped another Jedi that was easily dispatched by Vors. There was hesitation from the rest of the Jedi. They knew he had grown in speed, agility and power. Vors took his guard stance once more, he stared into the eyes of the Jedi. Another Jedi took it upon the task to eliminate Vors. The Jedi was unsuccessful and he came to his death. "No contest. You Jedi are weak. I don't know how I never realised this." Vors said motionless. Up stepped two more Jedi, they began to throw stern attacks at the young Sith. Each attack was solidily blocked by Vors. The crashing Lightsaber's rebounded across the room. Vors was beginning to get the upper hand in this duel. Even two Jedi Padawan's couldn't keep up to Vors. With each Jedi attack being blocked, Vors lept into the air and landed behind one of the Padawan attacks. With great speed and venom, Vors cut the Padawan in half. The other attacking Padawan looked on at the sliced Jedi. He looked up at Vors, and before the young Padawan knew it, he had Vors' Lightsaber inserted into his torso. This effectivaly killed the Padawan as Vors pulled out his Lightsaber and the Padawan crashed to the floor. Vors turned around to see a feared look inside each Padawan. "Who's next?" Vors said.

"I feel a monumentous disturbance in the force, Kyle." Luke Skywalker said looking very uncomfortable. "Yeah, me too." Kyle said looking over at Luke who was stook looking outside the Academy window. "I sense the Sith." Luke said. "Inside the Academy?" Kyle asked. Luke looked to the ground in dissapointment. "Yes." Luke replied. There was a silence in the room, then the room door was opened. In stepped the Sith Lord with his robe hood turned over his head. "Ah...you are right, Luke." Kyle said. The Sith Lord stood at the other end of the room looking at Kyle and Luke. Luke looked on at the Sith Lord, he stood their for a few moments. "The Academy will be destroyed come nightfall, Jedi." The Sith Lord claimed looking very vicious. "By who, the Sith?" Kyle asked frowning. "Yes...the Sith." The Sith Lord replied taking a few steps closer. "You don't have enough trained warriors to take down this place." Kyle said. "I see your knowledge of the force has betrayed you." The Sith Lord said still moving forward. Luke looked to the floor and looked at Kyle in the corner of his eye. "I sense a great deal of pain inside the Padawan room." Luke said under his breath. "There is a Sith taint. He is killing and gaining power." Luke went on. Luke raised his head as he finally realised the truth. "You have an apprentice. He is a turned Jedi Knight." Luke said looking at the on coming Sith Lord. "Indeed, I have. Darth Eternus is going to become the most powerful Sith of all time." The Sith Lord said grinning once more. "He will be dispatched, just like the rest of your squirmy apprentice's." Kyle said trying to regain the hope inside the force. Luke looked at Kyle in the corner of his eye once more. "This apprentice is deep inside the force. We must strike early if we are going to counter the Sith. Powerful, this Sith will become." Luke said looking even more uncomfortable. "Draw your Lightsaber's. Now you are about to experience the true power of the dark side." The Sith Lord said reaching for his Lightsaber from inside his robe. Kyle and Luke both reached for their Lightsaber's. "Be careful, Kyle. The Sith Lord is very powerful. Take great care in your movements. Remember, the force will guide you." Luke explained as they took their Lightsaber's from their belts. "This is the end for you, Skywalker." The Sith Lord said screwing up his face with hatred. The Sith Lord activated his Lightsaber. The red coloured energy rose into the air. Luke and Kyle activated their Lightsabers. The three warriors took their guard stance positions and where ready for battle. The Sith Lord jumped into the air, pointing his Lightsaber at the two Jedi. Whilst in the air, the Sith Lord twisted as if it was gaining him speed. He landed infront of the two Jedi Masters and the duel had begun. The skillful Luke Skywalker was throwing attacks at the Sith whilst Kyle tried to counter. The Sith Lord lept backwards into the air leaving space between him and the two Jedi Masters. As the Sith Lord landed he used the force to choke Kyle. Luke looked up at Kyle as the red force energy was wrapped around Kyle's neck. Luke walked forward and force pushed the Sith Lord which released Kyle from the grasp of the Sith Lord. "Thanks." Kyle said as he rubbed his neck on the floor. Kyle got to his feet and they both moved towards the Sith Lord. They both reached him and Luke threw and overhead attack with the Sith Lord blocked. Then Kyle tried to counter by throwing a low swipe at the Sith Lord which was blocked once more. This left Kyle open to an attack, the Sith Lord didn't dissapoint. He threw a lethal attack at Kyle which caught the side of Kyle's right arm. "Argh!" Kyle said suddenly holding his arm with the burn wound taking place. Luke took no feelings by this and kept his composure. Luke began to throw many attacks at the Sith, this was pushing the Sith Lord backwards. This was a good sign for Luke as he was putting the Sith under tremendous pressure. With Lightsaber's crashing, Luke tried a new plan. He lept over the Sith Lord's head and laded behind the Sith Lord. This was a chance to kill the Sith Lord. Luke threw a ferocious attack which to the surprise of Luke, the Sith Lord put his Lightsaber behind his back and blocked the attack. The Sith Lord turned around to throw some deadly attacks from all angles at Luke. He threw high and low and mid-section attacks at Luke. The skill of Luke was really beginning to show, he was blocking each attack with ease. The Sith Lord's hatred was really beginning to show. He was now throwing anger over head attacks at Luke. "Aaaargh!" The Sith Lord yelled as he threw constant attacks at Luke. With each attack blocked, Luke saw an opening to kick the Sith Lord off balance. This is just what Luke did, he blocked on the attacks and kicked the Sith to the floor. Luke went in for the kill. He raised his Lightsaber over his head and attempted to strike down the Sith Lord. The Sith Lord incredibly dodged the attack and he jumped to his feet. "You cannot win, Skywalker. My anger will rage and it will give me power. And with your pathetic compatriote down you shall be defeated. Soon, my young apprentice will come to finish you off alongside me." The Sith Lord said angrily. Luke didn't reply to the comments. He knew the Sith Lord was only trying to knock his concentration. It's an old Sith trait.

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Great read.

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darth plumber
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dude i read the first part only. besides this is the wron forum for stories. i think the forum that they put stories on is republic commando.....i think. oh well!

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Originally Posted by grnday2006
dude i read the first part only. besides this is the wron forum for stories. i think the forum that they put stories on is republic commando.....i think. oh well!
no on ces or something else mabey here too dont know?

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