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Thread: Chronicles of an Avatar
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Chronicles of an Avatar

The only thing that could describe the place was empty.

The only thing that filled the air was the thrum of a single lightsaber weaving though the air in countless perfected drills and dances. The room could be described as grand, with its massive stone columns, decorated stairs, and open air stage with nothing but a single place on the ground for one to sit. The room could have been described as perfect, with each stroke on the columns, each figure on the walls, with each curve of the statues in its rightful place. To take away even one fragment of stone would be to take away from the perfection of the room. Nothing could be improved, only diminished. The room could have been described as all these things, but it was not. All of the rest of the complex was old, barren, and crumpling rapidly, but not this room.

It was simply empty.

You could feel it as you walked around the pillars and gaze up at the massive storyboards on the walls. You felt no appreciation, you felt no awe. For the room was empty.

There was only the Force behind those giant stone doors.

The single Twi’lek much more danced then moved from drill to drill. Each swing perfect, each lunge centered. As if the weapon was not a tool, but an extension of the body. Even if the best user of the lightsaber watched her as she flowed, he would be filled with the same awe as then he first heard the snap-hiss and hum of a real weapon.

For the first time in millennia, there was something else to describe the room.

The doors did not open. There was no knock, no call to open and welcome in the guest. He simply walked though it. A man, dressed in rags, glowing brightly and transparent, walked slowly and deliberately toward the dancing Twi’lek.

She knew he was there, she had sensed his presence and his coming years earlier, but she still danced. This time however, instead of a mood of grace and elegance from her work, came the sense of pride and arrogance. Showing him that she could do something that he could not, and if he were to even consider challenging her, he would be quickly defeated.

As he reached the base of the stairs going up to where the Twi’lek practiced and stopped. The moment he stopped, so did she. There was no heaviness of breath, no signs that the drills had in any way affected her.

“Master Sadow.” She spoke. Her voice filled with authority, dripping with the crystalline purity of the Force.

“You still continue to mock me, after all these years? Can’t you see I am not dressed in rags compared to the glory and power I once had?” Asked the glowing man, it came in a voice that spoke much more then was said, behind each word was the promise of impending doom lest you not obey.

“All are equal in the eyes of The Force, Master Naga Sadow.” Came the response, slow and deliberate.

“I see Force Stasis has done well to you, with time stopped in this room, you’re still the perfect image of the young women I met so long ago. I wonder what its cost was to you?” He replied with contempt and mockery.

She raised her eyes, looking deep into his, like she was seeing exactly what was going unsaid. “All I have lost is my memories, which slowly fade. The Force keeps what’s important, I remember shattering your sword and scattering its pieces over the known.”

As she said this the same scene played in front of their eyes, of two monstrous figures fighting for days on end, a battle between two equal opponents whose only real contest was their will and what they believed to be true.

“I have become more powerful when I was. But I would not dare to return, for I know what you have learned in your time in this place.”

“Why have you come to me, Master Shadow? Is it my time to return to face another great evil?”

“You defeated me, and found that there is much more to the Force then the simple teachings of The Jedi Order. You found much of their ramblings to be wrong; you alone knew the truth of The Force. But what did you do with that knowledge? Reform the Jedi? Conquer the universe? No. Both of those were easily within your grasp. Instead, you devolped this place, where time does not flow, stopped by the Force. You stayed here. And you waited until there was another great evil to defeat. You rose from time to time, challenging and defeated the greats of that time. Ajunta Pall, Marka Ragnos, Exar Kun, all victims of your returns, if not defeated by you, their defeat was certainly caused by you.”

She stood there, unflinching, each memory passing by her mind’s eye as she recalled the exact details of each event.

“You didn’t come up to save The Jedi Order from Anakin Skywalker; you didn’t rise up to protect the New Republic from Palpatine. Simply because they were not evil enough. Your too powerful to be at beck and call. You come when you are needed. And when you defeat your foe, they did not die. They become your servants; the final judgement for their evils is serving the one who defeated them. That is what I am, and that is what we always will be.”
As he spoke, countless more glowing transparent ghosts floated into the room. Though the walls, though the statues. Though the doors, though the floors. There was no anger in the room, no jealousy or hatred, simply respect.

“Now it is time, Master TwinHits, you are once again needed in the real world.”


She rose to her full height, looked into the eyes of each of her defeated foes and whispered.

“All are equal in the eyes of The Force.”


Hey everyone, I'm looking for some feedback on this story. Just drop by and say if you liked it or if you didn't, or ask a question if you didn't understand something. Any comments are appreciated, thanks!

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Good story, wrong forum. You should've put this in the fanfiction sub-forum

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