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Thread: Thoughts about the dark side...
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Old 05-18-2006, 10:59 AM   #1
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Thoughts about the dark side...

I recently played the Godfather-game and there is a point in the story where your girlfriend gets killed... Man, I was so mad, I got on a rampage that just got to an end when I got every Tattaglia wiped from the map...

What I want to say: This whole DS-thing in K1 and K2 doesn't work out, because it needs the player to be evil by free will. I think we all can behave like ar****les but we need a reason (at least most of us... ). That's where games have a big advantage over movies - they're more intense. We can see Ep.1 and QuiGon being killed and ObiWan being mad about it but it doesn't touch us like it would if we would play ObiWan in a computer game and see *our* master die.

IMHO the most interesting DS characters are the ones that had good reasons to "fall" to the dark side but the devs expect the PC to turn DS just for fun not using this big advantage they have. For K3 (I leave the 'if they make it' part out, it's to pessimistic) a major event like the PC's master or a good friend getting killed and a following hunt for revenge could at last make the DS the easy path and LS the challenge like it is supposed to be. With a little bit of fantasy one can even think of reasons to torture the little nobody, the PC reguarly meets after leaving the ship...
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Old 05-18-2006, 12:09 PM   #2
Non-false Jedi
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Lust for power and lack of compassion isn't good enough?

But i see what you mean.

I almost fell to the dark side after the REvelation in kotor I...didn't quite manage it though...too much of a softie.
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Old 05-18-2006, 01:27 PM   #3
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Good idea, never thought about that myself, but when you talk about it, I realize I've been missing it in the KotOR games
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Old 05-18-2006, 01:44 PM   #4
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In a way, it is free will because you choose to go to the darkside. You choose to do the things you do. True in the adverts they say whatever rocks your boat but you know, the devs expect some imagination on your part like pretending what it would be like if I found out this or that. I can say for certain that I would end up falling if someone killed someone that was close to me.
Your choices define who you are but in the case of the games, it would take a bit of effort on your part to imagine the situation.

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Old 05-24-2006, 08:38 AM   #5
Cygnus Q'ol
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It also depends on your frame of mind when playing. I've played both games so much that I usually change and play different levels of alignment each time.

In the cases where I do fall to the darker path, it's usually at different times in the game and for different reasons in my head. Sometimes I find it fun to have no regard for others except what they can do for me. Like utilizing powers, feats and skills of your companions or just having them soak up blaster fire. The quest for power and strength can be quite entertaining.

I just try to make sure I can reach the pinnacle of alignment so as to receive my alignment bonus before I get too far into the game.

Also, to me it seems uneccessary to be evil for evil's sake. I usually only complete evil deeds if it grants me DS points or XP.

It seems to me that I get more XP when lightside, but I seem more powerful when aligned with the dark. I also love the idea of a physical change in the character as he falls into darkness.


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Old 05-24-2006, 11:54 AM   #6
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ye but if u give kotor free will there would be like killing sprees and stuff which i dont think would be a good idea, i would like it if you could just like force choke everyone for no reason lol but i have never really liked playing dark dont like mindless killing
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Old 05-24-2006, 02:31 PM   #7
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I think that, when it comes to going DS in KoTOR, it's all about your character's personality, or rather the personality you choose him/her to have.
He/She can be good and kind and help people just because it's the right thing to do, or he/she can be evil and ruthless, enjoy using the Force to make others do as he/she pleases and help others just for the big money prize.

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Old 05-24-2006, 07:06 PM   #8
The Source
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I believe I understand what you mean. KotOR series is about having fun, and your reward is what alignment you follow. From reading a mess of Mara Jade novels, I believe her history is evident of what you are saying. Mara Jade was not out for power, but out for nieve reasons. She actually wasn't a Sith, but a Jedi who was uncertain of herself. When it comes to KotOR I and II, there really is no mental delema that causes the Jedi to go right or left. I am playing around with this in the DAP - Fan Fiction, and it is a really big challange.

In KotOR I and II, you don't have a pivitol-moralistic descision to make. In a way, KotOR I has a slight moment, which you have to decide on emotional aspects. However, it is not a life and death choice.

In KotOR II, there is absolutely 'no' pivitol moment, which you define the outcome of the story for good reason.

This is what I believe our host is talking about:
1. No death of a personal friend, which drives you to choose dark vengence.
2. No one suducess you over to the darkside by dangling temptation.
3. No emotional chaos, which forces the PC to choice a course of action. Good/Bad.

KotOR I had a slight personal attack on the PC, which Revan's apprentice trys to kill him, but it wasn't a pivitol moment, which caused Revan to turn to the darkside in the first place.

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