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Thread: Knights of the Old Republic 3[My Interpretation]
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Darth Raum
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Knights of the Old Republic 3[My Interpretation]

This story is actually based off of playing kotor 2 too much. I began to develope a backstory for my character, Darth Raum, and this is what became of it. I am currently working on a kotor 2 file that will lead to these events.

Knights of the Old Republic III

At last she was dead. After all that she had taught him, all his training, she was finally dead. Yet, strangely, he felt a satisfaction from the depths of his mind. After revealing to him the future, Kreia, his teacher and mentor murmured one last claim,
“You are not truly a sith. And for that, I loved you”
Those words had been what opened the door to a whole new meaning of power for him. With one final strike he had cut her down, seeing the look of shock as he ran his lightsaber through her heart. Now Kreia, the greatest sith lord ever to walk the surface of Malachor Five, lay dead before his feet.
“You were a fool Darth Traya,” he said proudly, using the force to lift the lifeless corpse, “You thought that you could teach me to master the force, without living up to the destiny that you had formed when you first took me to be your learner. Too bad, I finished for you, what you had started.” He levitated the body over to the edge of the massive circular platform on which he stood. “By killing you, I have become the new Dark Lord, more powerful than Revan, more powerful than you!”
With those words, he released his grip and watched her body fall into the massive, open hole leading down to the shining, green mass of evil that was the core of the massive asteroid.
He turned slowly on the spot.
“No longer am I a servant of the republic. No longer will I follow the order of a dying, democracy. There will be a new rule, one led by me, Traya’s successor, The Dark Lord Darth Raum!”

Back on the Surface of Malachor Five, six outcasts clustered together around a self powered generator.
“Great, our ships gone, leaving us stranded on the surface of this dead rock.” One said. His pale face contorted into a shape of rage.
“Calm yourself Atton, when the master gets back he’ll find some way out of this.” A veiled girl replied calmly.
“You’re trust him too much Visas,” Atton said angrily. “Have you seen what he’s done? How do we know he and that old witch haven’t taken off on some ship without us? For all we know they could be halfway back to Telos right now!”
A soldier clad in the armor of a Mandalore, the high ruler of all Mandalorians, stood up abruptly.
“I doubt that he would. He said that he came here to get revenge on that woman. I’d have gone with him too, had I not been unconscious at the time he left.”
“Say what you want, Mandalore. I think we should try to find a transport somewhere on this planet and take off.”
‘We will remain here until he returns. I sense that he has not left this planet.” Visas said calmly.
“Would all of you just calm down!” Shouted a woman.
“Why should we believe you? You’re the one who ran to Atris when you thought our master was evil.” Atton retorted.
“That matter is beside the point. The droids are gone. For all we know they’ve gone out looking for him.”
“Brianna has a point,” Said a Zabrak, “My remote is missing too.
“I don’t remember asking for your opinion Bao-dur,” Atton said, rising to his feet.
“I’m in command here. If any of you try to stand against me I’ll ki-” Atton began to gasp and fell to his knees.
Raum emerged from a path leading down toward the lower depths of the massive canyons. His hand was slightly raised, and as he lowered it, Atton ceased choking and glanced up.
“I did not open your mind to the force just so that you could claim you’re above me.” Raum’s voice was cold and dead, “You are nothing but my underling and a slave. All of you are. If any of you ever try to overthrow me, I will take great pleasure in torturing you all personally until you beg for mercy.”
The entire group stared in fear at Raum.
“It’s good to have you back general.” Bao-dur piped up.
“None of you are to refer to me as my former name, or in you case Bao-dur, general. I have killed Kreia in the place she thought she had power. I have inherited the title of dark lord and will be known as by my enemies and allies as, Darth Raum. All of you will call me, master.”
Visas stepped forward and bent down on her hands and knees.
“Master, you have achieved greatness, please teach me in the ways of the sith.”
“Yes Visas, you have always been loyal to me. Your mastery of the dark side is a great accomplishment. I will teach you many things in time. But for now, I wish to escape this pathetic rock and find Revan.”
Atton stepped forward.
“Revan is dead. He hasn’t been seen since the end of the Jedi civil war.”
“You are wrong there Atton. Before I killed her, Kreia revealed to me the future. Revan has traveled to the outer rim to, as she said, fight the war against the sith in his own way. If we travel there I shall seek his power. It should not be difficult to track seeing as he was once the Lord of the Sith as I am now. We will travel there and find out what has become of him.”
Brianna spoke out, “Or are you going there to kill him? To show the galaxy that you are as powerful as you make yourself seem to be?”
Raum glanced at her with such ferocity; she tripped while backing away in fright.
“Do not open your mouth unless you are addressed, slave.”
“I-I-I’m sorry, my master.” She stuttered helplessly, clasping her hands together.
Raum rounded on Mandalore.
“Kreia told me that your true name was, Canderous.”
“That’s right. Back when I first met Revan on Taris, I wasn’t the Mandalore of clan Ordo.”
Raum seemed thoughtful at this news, but regained his original train of thought.
“Send a message to Dxun. Tell your Mandalorians to bring transports, and troops. We should be close enough to Onderon for you to send a successful transmission.”
“No problem. Some of them may still be at Telos. If they are, shall I ask them to bring some of the T.S.F. with them?”
“No, I do not want any transmissions going through to Telos. I have a surprise in store for General Onasi.”
I promised Carth I would bring Revan back. Raum thought to himself. I intend to keep that promise, although the reunion he’s expecting may not be as heartwarming as he originally intended. With this thought in mind he smirked, planning his next move.

Mandalore drifted off from the group and activated the specialized comlink on his wrist cuff.
“This is the Mandalore of clan Ordo, come in clan Ordo.” He spoke into the microphone.
“Transmission received, this is Kex.” A voice spoke back.
“Kex, gather the men. Go with them to Onderon and get some of Vaklu’s troops. Tell them Mandalore sent you”
“What’s this all about?” Kex asked.
“You’ll know when you get here. Once you’ve recruited some of his men, come to Malachor Five. And bring some Basilisks with you!” Mandalore demanded into the comlink.
“Malachor Five! What are you doing there?”
“Don’t question my orders. I’ll tell you when you get here.”
“Do you want me to send a transmission to Bralor? He’s still at Citadel Station. I could get him to bring some of the Telos Security force with him.”
“Don’t send any word of this to Telos until I’ve confirmed you clearance.”
“Why not?” Kex asked curiously.
“Because otherwise you’ll wish I’d been the one who kills you. Now get a move on!”
“Yes sir!” Kex exclaimed.
Mandalore deactivated his comlink and returned to the group.

They waited for a couple of hours before Mandalore received a call on his comlink.
“Report position.” Mandalore spoke into the com.
“This is Vaklu. I will be coming with you to Malachor. Kex has already told me that you need my troops and it’s been awhile since I’ve fired off a blaster.”
“Good,” Mandalore replied, “You have a good knowledge of War, we could use you.”
“Vaklu out.”
Mandalore deactivated his comlink once more. It was just then that he noticed Raum was looking at him. Mandalore pretended not to notice and began pacing around the camp.

Raum was deep in thought about Mandalore. So, Mandalore traveled with Revan. This could work to my advantage. Raum thought to himself. If I can lure Revan into a false sense of security, I could kill him. But then again, why loose such a powerful, ally.
Just at that moment, Raum was stirred from his meditation by the sound of roaring engines.
The Mandalorian Basilisks came streaking out of the sky, jets of light blue streaking out behind the massive red mass of iron. With just three meters between the transport and the ground, it swooped out and dozens of small exhaust outlets, spewed steam and smoke, causing enough pressure to let the ship down with out disturbing the ground in the least.
A large hatch on the back of the Basilisk opened and a soldier wearing a Blue helmet with a small view slit and blue assault combat armor emerged.
“We’ve found them. The space probes locked onto the self powered generator they had set up.” The Mandalorian said into his portable comlink.
“Zuka! It’s about time you showed up. What took you so long?”
Zuka nodded his head and said,
“We had some trouble finding you. We sent out energy seeking probes and they locked onto 3 different locations. We dispatched a strike team in Basilisks to each location. Glad I found you guys first.”
Raum stood up.
“Recall the team you sent to the largest source of energy. The only thing they’ll find there is a deserted sith academy.”
Zuka flipped up his comlink.
“Recall the team you sent to sector 2. I want a report from the group sent to sector 1.”
“We lost contact with sector just after they landed. We’re not sure what happened. Vaklu’s gone to investigate.” A voice responded from the comlink.
“We’ll go there.” Raum said. “If they’re dead then we’ll recover any weapons they had. I also need to speak to Vaklu immediately.”
“Climb aboard. I can pilot us over there with out having to go into a full descent.” Zuka said proudly.
In order to fit inside the Basilisks, Raum went with Visas, Mandalore, and Zuka, while Brianna, Atton, Bao-Dur, and Hanharr, who was a wookie accompanying the group, split up and went in the other Basilisks in two groups.

They took off and hovered over the ground while avoiding outcroppings and cliffs.
“We’re picking up the power reading on our long-range scanners.” Zuka reported. “Whatever it is, it’s definitely not a bunker of some sort. The reading is large, but not large enough to be considered some sort of shelter.’

Meanwhile, Bao-Dur thought to himself the possibility of the power reading they were heading towards.
It may be the mass shadow generator. He thought to himself. But my remote was supposed to wait for the general’s signal. It may have malfunctioned during the crash. If my remotes activated the generator, then we’ll be dealing with more than just a massive explosion.

“The signal’s within range of our area scanner.” Zuka announced after flying for awhile more. “That’s odd. There are 3 signals.”
“Three?” Mandalore questioned in surprise.
“Each signal is no larger than a strong stealth generator, almost like droids. But most droids would’ve short-circuited after a few days of functioning in this magnetic atmosphere.”
Mandalore looked at Raum.
“Do you think those signals are from our droids?” He asked. “They were missing when we woke up.”
“We’ll find out in a minute. I can set us down here and we’ll walk over. I’d rather not lose any basilisks if we’ll need them as much as you suggest we will.” Zuka said, gesturing to Raum.

They touched down about 3 km from the coordinates Zuka got from the short-range scanners. After exiting the craft, Raum closed his eyes and felt out with the force.
“I can sense Vaklu’s troops up ahead.” Raum said, opening his eyes. “Try to contact them on the comlink.”
Zuka pulled flipped up a panel on his armor and pressed down a button.
“Group one come in.” Zuka waited a few seconds. “Group one come in!”
When no answer came, Zuka reached into his hip pouch and pulled out several plasma grenades. He nodded at Mandalore, who raised a blaster he had taken from the Basilisk, and primed it.

As Zuka and Mandalore rounded a corner, Vaklu came scrambling out from behind an outcropping.
“It’s about time you Mandalorians got here. The droids, they’ve got us pinned down!” Vaklu said, gripping the edge of Mandalore’s armor. He had a gash running down his face, and his armor was covered with scorch marks.
“How many of them are there?” Raum asked carelessly.
“10, maybe 20 assassin droids surrounding some kind of buried ship. But they’re not like the standard HK-50 series. Their armor is more enhanced, and they’re far more accurate than anything I’ve ever seen.” Vaklu said.
Mandalore turned to Raum.
“I could take a group around the south path here, and ambush them from above that crashed cruiser.”
Raum stepped forward, and began down the path to the ship.
“Mandalore, stay here. I won’t be long.” He said.

The scene was grimmer than Raum had expected. The corpses of Vaklu’s troops littered the ground. As Raum stepped out onto the battlefield, the droids turned to face him, but did not fire. Raum walked through the cluster of assassins and entered the long-buried cruiser.

At first glance, the picture was odd. Bao-dur’s remote was hovering next to a console, while the large black droid that once belonged to Goto (the leader of the galactic crime organization known as the exchange), lay smoldering next to it.

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