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Thread: Knights of the old Republic III, The Unknown Regions
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Knights of the old Republic III, The Unknown Regions (Chapter I)

(This is the opening scroll.)

Star Wars

Knights of the Old Republic

Episode III... The Unknown Regions.

It has been five long years since the Exile left Malachor V in search of Revan in the unknown regions. His young Padawans have opened a new Jedi Academy on Telos, and have been training new apprentices. The Republic Fleet has dispathed probe droids into the last known course of the Ebon Hawk as it left Malachor V, but to no avail. Beyond them the Ancient Sith Empire awaits...

(as the scroll fades away, we see the Ebon Hawk returning from the nebula it had gone off to years before- making its approach to Telos and landing in the hanger bay of the polar academy. The exit ramp of the ebon hawk lowers revealing two figures- T3 and HK47)

Chapter I: The Ebon Hawk Returns.

There is a loud series of beeps and chirps from T3 as it wheels towards the hanger exit, leading to what was the holding cell the Handmaidens had placed T3 in years prior. It had been their hope to download T3's data banks to find out just exactly where the Ebon Hawk had been with Revan at the helm.

"No T3," replied HK47 in an irritated voice. "I don't believe they will try and interrogate you this time around." He looked around and added, "Although I would derive great pleasure in seeing that. "Perhaps I can convince these meatbags here that you are in need of interrogation."

As his last words echoed through the hanger, the hanger doors opened revealing a robed clad Bao-Dur flanked by his remote. "I see our prodigal droids have returned," he began, looking over the two with keen interest. Bao-Dur, a Jedi Guardian, had modified the left sleeve of his Jedi-Knight robes to accomodate his cyborgnetic hand and force fielded arm. "Are you in need of any repairs?" he added, looking over the two droids carefully. "No Master," replied HK47, "but I could seriously use an oil bath- my joints are practically seized up."

As the two droids proceeded up the side ramp to the hanger exit. Bao-Dur realized something. "HK47... Why did you call me Master?"
HK47 turned, replying "Why, because you are my master now-That is what my former master- the meatbag you refer to as General, told me before he sent us back from-"

Bao-Dur waited several moments before prompting HK to continue. "From where HK47?"

"I'm sorry master- I believe my memory circuits have suffered extensive damage-perhaps if you where to hook me up in the interrogation room I might have better luck," he added, continuing through the door to the adjoining hallway leading up out of the hanger. They proceeded through several rooms past two young padawans sparring with low intensity light sabers. These would only stun upon contact, rather than a normal saber which would cleave instantly.

"Is there anyone else in the ship?" asked Bao-Dur to the droids. "No master, Mira did not return with us either." replied HK47. Because she had piloting skills, Mira had been the only team member to accompany the Exile to Malachor V along with the droids. Both Bao-Dur's former probe and Goto's droid were destroyed when the mass shadow generator was activated-despite the fact that Goto tried to stop the probe. Bao-Dur had installed overides as well as a droid oxidizer for the probe to escape the stasis ray the Goto droid had used.

"You mean Mira is still with the Exile in the unknown regions?" asked Bao-Dur.
"No master, after they left Malachor V. the Ebon Hawk rondezvoused with a Mandalorian ship captained by Mandalore. I believe she is on Onderon or perhaps Dxun." replied HK47.

They arrived at last in the audience chamber of the polar academy, where Brianna, Atton and Bastilla had assembled. Brianna was the Jedi Historian, a Guardian-wearing Ossus Keeper Robes. She had not cut her hair since the Exile had left Telos and her long platinum hair was held back in a pony tail. Bastilla, a Sentinel, stood on her right, wearing Norris Robes and wearing her hair in the familiar bun she had always worn. She was flanked by Atton, also a Jedi Sentinel, garbed in brown and white Jedi robes. "Welcome droids, Do you have any news to share with us about Revan or the Exile?" asked Bastilla.

"I believe my counterpart here has a message to play for the council," answered HK47. As he said this, T3 began the holoddisc recording. There stood the Exile, garbed in his Grey Jedi Master robes, the hood shrouding his eyes.

"Greetings my Padawans, I'm sorry I have not contacted you sooner. This planet we are on was not on any of the hyperspace routes, so we had to find it using sub-light speeds. It appears this is one of the planets colonized by the Dark Jedi's that were banished by the Republic nearly a thousand years ago. Kreia had told me once that the Sith are not a race, but a belief. I have not made contact with any living inhabitants and have downloaded to T3 a newly plotted hyperspace route. Please give this information to Admiral Onasi as well. The Republic may have to send a fleet this way if things go wrong,"

There was a brief pause followed by the voice of HK47. "Master, I'm picking up organics approaching from the Southeast. I believe they are cloaked," he added.

"Looks like the welcome wagon is here," stated the Exile. You two droids get back on the ship. If this goes badly I'll need you to deliver the hyperspace route."

"Nonsense Master," stated HK47, "I'm sure if there is trouble we can negotiate an end to hostilities."

The message ends abruptly.

"What has happened to Master Therja?" asked Brianna- using the Exile's name- her voice quivering with emotion.

"Master was quite alive when we left him, I assure you. Although what has happened since we left I cannot say for sure," replied HK47.

"Hey, He's gotten out of a lot tougher scraps than a few Sith," remarked Atton. "I'm sure he's OK- I say we go and find out though," he added.

"We must discuss this further," declared Bastilla. "Droids, please go to the maintenance area where the Padawans can tend to your repairs," she added as two young padawans entered, motioning for the droids to follow them.

More to come...

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Diego Varen
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Looks good. I was also thinking about doing a KOTOR III called The Unknown Regions, but I didn't think it would be good. Please post Chapter 1 soon.
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Jason Skywalker
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Ditto,lol.Can't wait for Chapter I.
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you just stoped it there?!?! cmon you need to feed me some more!!!

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