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Thread: Skipping Land Combat
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Skipping Land Combat


I was a fan of the early Star Wars strategy game "Supremacy" and despite it's awful interface I loved the gameplay.

I bought Empire at War relishing the thought of playing a similar game but with much improved interaction and graphics. However, several things about the game I don't understand:

1. Can I skip the land combat sequences? I'm just not interested in RTS tactical land combat - I have C&C for that. I know about auto resolve but that seems to skip all tactical combat, including the space battles.

2. What is the Empire galactic campaign start scenario? I'm presented with several scenarios but I'm not sure which one is the actual "beginning" of the game?

3. Why doesn't Darth Vader appear on the Empire at War scenario?

I'm a complete noob to this game and I WANT to like it but currently the land combat leaves me cold and I need to have it auto resolved somehow without losing control of the space battles. The land maps look brilliant but I'm just not interested in that aspect.

kind regards

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Yes you can. In the XML's, there is a file called 'planets'. All you do is edit it with an XML editor. For the planet Sullust, there is a line that says something like 'ground=no'. Just search for it, its easy to find. Anyway just copy and paste that (use the auto replace feature) into the info for every planet.

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...That's the solution if you want to mod your copy of the game. If you want to play with "vanilla" (out of the box) Empire at War, then you can just have it always ask you whether you want to auto-resolve combat, and just push the auto-resolve button when you are presented with any ground battles.

It sounds like you are looking at Galactic Conquest maps and expecting campaign maps. If you want to play a story-based map, then you should start a new campaign game. The Galactic Conquests are freeform games with no driving story--just planets to take over. And in those maps, Darth Vader is a hero who only appears when you reach tech level 4. In the campaign, you have him from the beginning.

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Yeah wedge is correct, what you want to do is go to Single Player and start a new campaign. That a way, you can play the "missions".

To skip land combat simply press auto resolve, but be advised that on missions you cannot skip the land battles. So you will have to play them out, but for the other battles just push autoresolve.

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...and expect poor performances from your "auto-resolved" troops. You'll take a lot more casualties. -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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I used to auto-resolve land combat, but it kills you tactically. You'll stop once a Rebel Infantry Squad somehow defeats three units of ATSTs
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I'm going to sound like a party crasher but...

I can understand that someone wants to skip land battles. But are you sure that you are playing the right game then? EaW's galactic mode is meager compared to Supremacy's, and if you choose to fully ignore land battles, you are ignoring nearly half of the game.

And I wouldn't recommend using auto-resolve... Like IonFizzle07 said, it can lead to strange results, to say the least.

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Yeah, once I went to capture a pirate controlled planet, and I sent like 4 AT-ST squads, 3 TIE Maulers, and like 5 Stormies. they lost like two squads of pirate missile troops, 1 infantry squad, and I lost.
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