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Thread: [FIC] Squad Alpha
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[FIC] Squad Alpha

Hi. This is another story im currently working on. You'll see what its about as you go along.

NOTE: The Jedi Masters in chapter 3 and some of the storyline there is following a chapter of a fanfic a friend of mine is writing. He insisted i put Tyon (his char) and the 2 other Jedi in there.

Squad Alpha

Chapter 1: Meet the Team

It is a time of war for the Galaxy. In a recent attempt to assassinate Senator Amidala, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his apprentice Anakin Skywalker struggle to find the source of the attack. A lone bullet found by the Jedi Knights has lead Obi-Wan Kenobi to Kamino, a planet with extreme humidity and constant precipitation. He finds here what may be the last hope for the Republic.

As Streak ran into the training simulation, Jex and Zher loaded there weapons. I put on my helmet and followed him.
A hologram of droids, beasts, and other life forms of the galaxy appeared. I began to fire, still unable to maintain control of the blaster rifle. Jex soon ran into the room and quickly lobbed a grenade, destroying a few of the holograms. Zher seemed to appear out of nowhere with a pistol hitting everything he could straight in the eye.
When the simulation was finished, we heard our normal call from the Kaminoan Captain. “Excellent fighting, young troopers. The next few hours are for your personal use.”
“Thank you, sir,” We said in unison.
Jex left for his quarters as Zher ran back into the simulation. Streak stayed with me as he usually did.
“I feel like getting a little greasy. Want to go work on the Assault Craft?”
“Sure thing, bud.”
Streak and I headed through the facility to the Hanger 4B. When we arrived, we entered one of the ships.
I turned to Streak. “I’ll take the engines. I think the shield network might need some maintenance.”
“I’ll go…” Streak stopped there as we heard a crash in the cargo port.
“Grab a blaster. I don’t know exactly what that was.”
“I don’t have one on me. Looks like you do, however.”
Streak pulled out his pistol and spun it around on his finger.
“I’m sure there’s some in the cargo hold. There’s usually a lot of Gun Racks in there. There will be rifles too so don’t freak like you did last time.”
“Hey, hey! You would too if a crate almost smashed you!”
“Hehe, only joking. C’mon let’s check out that noise.”
We ran down the hall and into the Cargo hold. I grabbed a rifle off the rack but found something odd. There were a few rifles on the ground but none of them had any power. Why wouldn’t a Blaster Rifle have any power?
“Stay alert, Streak. I don’t think it was just a gun falling off the rack. It might have been a…”
“Agh! What the hell is this thing?”
A small tan bird-like creature was putting its mouth into Streaks gun. It was obvious what it was.
I grabbed the Mynock and threw it on the ground. I stomped on it and it quickly died.
“Haven’t you ever seen a Mynock before? They feed off electrically, Ion, plasma, or any type of power it can get its teeth on. If you hit a nest it could cause more trouble than an asteroid field. Let’s get this cleaned up and get to work on the ship.”
Streak went to the engine room and I went to the Shield Network Generator. I took a panel from the shell of it and began tweaking the insides. It gave me time to think about my friends.
Streak was my best friend, but not too far from Zher or Jex. Streak had the personality of a brute sometimes, but was an expert on weapons. He could master basically every weapon, but sometimes he just preferred to use his knife.
Zher was one hell of a scout. I remembered how he was in the training room. Showing up like he had been there the whole time. He had mastered the aspects of the Blaster pistol, making him adequate for combat.
Jex however was good with the big guns. I’ve seen him use a launcher once before. The mess he left wasn’t pretty. Not a thing survived the simulation. Damn near broke the hologram itself. He played a trick on me once with a blaster casing, making me think it was a grenade. Good thing I had my helmet on, or my head would have been in pain for days. But the point of that was that he has very good aim with throwing explosive objects. That can be a real asset on the battlefield.
Me? Oh, I’m the sniper of our Squad. My nickname is Sez. I didn’t have a Sniper Rifle during the session though. The Kaminoans often wonder how I can hit targets far outside the Rifles range.
These aren’t our real codenames, just our own little nicknames. Jex’s is Alpha 34,
Zher’s is Alpha 63, Streaks is Alpha 94, while mine is Alpha 46.
Before I knew it the Shield Network had been repaired. I screwed the panel back on and headed for the engine room. Streak was just finishing up.
“I’m going to go back to the simulation, see what Zher is up to. See you later.”
I ran out of the ship and back to the training. Zher was just finishing up a herd of holographic rancors.
He walked out of the room towards me.
“Want to try the Invasion Course? This time it’s Battle Droids!”
“You got it!”
We ran back into the session and took our place behind the fake walls of the real-time environment. We stood on a plateau with a small bunker, while an army of droids came up from the north. Time to show them our stuff.
Zher quickly slid down the side of the plateau.
“Zher don’t be stupid down there! No one has beaten this course yet, and we wanna be the first.”
“Ya, Ya. Just grab a Sniper Rifle and take out as many as you can. Take a launcher if you want.”
I ran inside and found a few grenades and a rifle. I threw the grenades down to Zher and he caught them. I set up my rifle between two rocks and fired away.
A head shot there, an explosion there. It was hell once they reached Zher.

A few hours later the session ended, Zher and me emerging victorious. The Prime Minister was there to congratulate us.
“In all my years of creating clones, I have never seen two so well grown. It is an honor to see how well you two are trained in combat. I hope to be seeing you in combat again.”

I left Zher and went to find Jex. I found him in the Lab, mixing powders and ingredients for best explosives.
“How’s it going Alpha?
“Not too bad. How are the explosives?”
“I just made a new glycerin that will blow a chunk from the stars. Wanna go try it out?”
“You bet I do!”
We ran outside and took cover behind a few crates.
Jex tossed the little grenade. Seconds later there seemed to be an earthquake. When the smoke had cleared we peered over the crates. The landing pad he had thrown it at had almost completely been blown away. There was still enough on one side to walk across.
“We better get out of here before someone sees this!”
We ran back to the Chem Lab and burst out laughing when we got back.

Chapter 2: War Has Come

I awoke the next day to the sound of alarms. Troops were rushing down the halls to the hangers. The intercom called for all Commando Squads to meet in the Prime Minister’s quarters. I gathered our squad and left immediately.
Inside the Minister’s office, Delta Squad had already arrived. Theta and Beta Squads were just arriving.
“I’ve called you all here for a reason. War has come to the Galaxy, and it is time for our “Commando Program” to take effect. The Jedi of the Galaxy are your new commanders, however it is a small chance you will take orders from one directly. They have given each squad a special assignment. Squad Delta, you will be infiltrating a droid foundry buried beneath the sands of Geonosis. Find their leader and kill him.”
“Squad Theta, you shall lead the attack with the enemy head on. Squad Beta shall lead an elite squadron of LAAT Gunships for an aerial assault. Squad Alpha, you will be traveling through the rocky canyons, killing all in your way. There is a small cargo port that a Techno Union craft has landed in. Take out that shuttle and proceed down the canyon.”
“All squads report to the hanger immediately. Squad Alpha, stay here for a moment.”
The other teams left.
“I personally chose a leader for the other teams because of their skill. Your team however, is almost equally trained. Your team must have a commander. Take this moment to choose who may be your leader.”
The team through for several moments. Zher eventually spoke with his decision.
“I concur that Alpha 46 should be our leader. He’s always helping us when we need it. I wouldn’t have passed the Invasion Course in the simulations if it wasn’t for him.”
It was Jex’s turn to talk. “I believe that 46 is the true leader of our group. He and I have been good friends since the beginning. 10 years let’s you get to know someone. He has brilliant tactics in combat. My votes for Sez.”
Streak walked up to me and put his hand out. I grasped it firmly and shook my arm. “Welcome aboard captain.”
“Then it is decided. Take this comlink and install it into your visor. Now take your leave and head to the hanger. May the force be with you all.”
We walked like heroes down those final hallways, holding our helmets at our sides, with our guns in our hands. Inside the hanger we were met with hundreds salutes from our men. At the end of the hanger stood an LAAT with the 2 pilots at the edge, awaiting our arrival.
We all looked at each other for a moment, then boarded the ship. The side doors on the ship slammed shut. We could now hear the sound of rain pounding against the sides. The weapons pilot turned his head back toward us.
“Hold on guys. Were switching to hyperdrive.”
Everyone grabbed on to the metal bars hanging over our heads. The hyperdrive kicked in.

The massive doors slid open. The air was dirty. Lasers streaked across the sky. Zher actually went to the edge of the ship and began firing his pistol.
The LAAT zoomed through the atmosphere, raining hell upon our droid enemy as we flew.
“Your targeted landing zone is just ahead.”
The ship landed in one of the few safe spots across the planet. Geonosian ships flew just above us. We jumped out as the Gunship went to chase them down.
“You ready guys?”
Zher turned towards me. “I’m ready.”
Streak and Jex gave a little nod.
“This is our moment. The moment of the Clones. Let’s do this.”
We immediately began to run down the canyon, jumping over cracks, climbing over landslides. When we stopped to take a breather, at least 4 or so miles from where we started, our destination stood before us. The gates to the landing zone, with robotic and Geonosian guards at the entrance. I grabbed my sniper rifle hanging on my back.
“You guys slowly move up. I’ll cover you. Jex keep a little distance.”
“You got it boss!”
The squad began to move up as I readied my rifle. I knelt down on one knee and took aim. I pulled the trigger. A Geonosian fell to the ground. The other sentries sound the alarm.
I then heard it. I looked around. They were coming.
I switched to “Full team radio.” “Guys we got trouble. 6 teams of 15 droids enclosing on your position! Get your grenades ready. I’ll see what I can do from here.”
I began rapid firing my rifle. It wasn’t enough. Only a few droids had been taken out. I slung my rifle over my back and pulled out my combat rifle. Time to join the team.
I jumped over the rocks and landed on a droid, crushing it. The team was already firing rapidly. Droids fell out our feet.
The Droids were constantly advancing on our position. Before we knew it we were back to back, all four of us.
Through the constant noise of blaster fire I managed to get an order to Jex to find a position and get his launcher ready.
“Everyone break up. Try to get the remaining droids in a group. Then we’ll show them what real explosives are.”
Everyone ran straight forward, in the direction they were facing. Streak had pulled out his knife and was jamming it into droid chest plates, and cutting the wires near their necks. Jex had gotten to my sniping position and pulled out his launcher. Zher was shooting with extreme difficulty with his pistol.
Over our intercom I yelled the order to get away from the battle.
“Ready Jex?”
“Ya, just get everyone out!”
Zher was still in the midst of battle.
“Zher get out of there!”
“Just fire the launcher!
A rocket streaked through the air. Droid parts went flying through the air, as the Zher flew from the wreckage slamming his back into the wall of the canyon. The battle was over.
We all ran up to Zher to see if he was alright. A few seconds later he came-to, and looked up.
“Damnit, my back feels like a boulder smashed it.”
“Can you stand? We need to get going.”
With a little difficulty he stood up, and grabbed his rifle.
“Let’s go.”

We headed into the landing port, killing everything that was still alive. When we came upon the Techno Union ship, we entered it from a small elevator on the bottom.
The inside was a lot bigger than it seemed from the outside. Thousands of droids were deactivated within.
“Let’s get to the bridge and sabotage it. These droids can’t be allowed to live.”
Streak spoke up. “This place is a little big isn’t it? We should split up to cover more ground.”
“Good point. Everyone split up, and if you happen to come upon an engine control, or generator of some sort, destroy it.”
“Let’s go!”
The team ran there own directions. I headed up the elevators until it stopped going up. It only went to about half way up the ship.
A transmission from Jex came over the intercom. “I found the Shield Network. It’s a piece of junk. I don’t even need to use a bomb. Just pull this wire here…”
The whole ship rumbled.
“Agh! Damn, that hurt! Sorry, boss. Didn’t know it would blow up like that.”
“It’s ok Jex. Streak, meet up with Jex on sector 14. Zher, you find anything?”
“Not yet, still looking.”
I continued to find my way through the ship. I eventually found my way to the bridge via a small staircase. There was a lone Geonosian commander at the controls. He laughed a little and pressed a button. I shot at him to try and stop it but I was too late. The alarm went off. On the computer the words “Emergency override accepted. All droids activated.”

“Oh my god…Squad! Get to the bridge immediately!”
“What’s with the alarms?” Jex asked frantically.
“All droids have been activated by a Geonosian commander! Get here immediately!
Droids began to flow up the stairs. I frantically shot at them to hold them off, when Zher came charging through them up the stairs. Soon Jex and Streak did the same.
“You guys hold them off. I’m going to try and contact another squad, see if they can help. Jex get a bomb on the main terminal!”
The only squad I was able to contact was Beta.
“Can you read me? This is Alpha 46, commander of squad Alpha, requesting assistance.”
“This is Beta 57, commander of squad Beta. What assistance are you in need of?”
“We have hundreds of battle droids coming up on our position. We can’t hold out much longer. We desperately need an emergency pickup.”
“Affirmative. Dispatching a unit right away.”
A few minutes later an LAAT appeared. We shot at the window on the top of the ship and a rope came through the hole. We climbed up it one by one until we were each in the ship.
“Jex you got the bomb set, right?”
“Yep, want to have the honors of detonating it?”
“Nah, you set it, you blow it.”
A few moments later, when we were a good distance away, Jex activated it. The Techno Union Ship blew into thousands of pieces. Metal rained from the skies, as smoke still rose from the wreckage. This was a great moment for our team, but our task wasn’t over.

Chapter 3: The Catacombs

My radio buzzed as the LAAT soared through the air. I clicked it and heard a voice. The voice of a clone commander.
“Alpha 46, good job with the Techno Union ship. I just received a new objective from HQ. Apparently Jedi Master Tyon decided to go a little cave crawling. A group of 30 clones, Assault Squad Omega, went with him, but we haven’t heard back from them. I’ve already told Beta leader to drop you off at the specified point. Do your job right, or don’t do it at all. Out.”
Alpha Squad was already looking at me, waiting for the news.
“We’re to go into the catacombs, in search of Master Tyon and Assault Squad Omega. We are to report all news to HQ. We’re heading to a hidden entrance, deep in a nearby crevasse. We’ll have to use wires to slide down. The LAAT can’t go down that low.”
Streak gave a little nod. Zher pulled out his pistols, ready for combat. Jex spoke up. “Woo! We get to get a little dirty! Maybe I should throw a grenade down the hole, just to make sure…”
“No, don’t do that. This is supposed to be a covert operation. Try not to do anything stupid.”
“Got it, sir.”

A few minutes later, the cords were connected to our belts, and our long decent began. For awhile we all just slid down normally, but then Streak decided to loosen the rope and freefall. When we finally reached the ground. He was already there, but said his back hurt. Must’ve landed wrong.
The area was basically pitch black. We all switched on our lights, and ran into the tunnel entrance. The path inside slowly ascended. The farther it climbed, the light slowly crept back.
At the top of the path, a room, full of dead soldiers, lay before us.
“What the hell?” Streak yelled as he ran up to a body. He checked the numbers on the armors. He slowly stood up.
“This…this is the remnants of Assault Squad Omega.”
“Then it is as I feared.” I said. “Master Tyon is most likely dead. We should search for his body. His lightsaber will give the Counsil proof that he’s gone.”
I tried to contact HQ. We were still too deep to radio. We were alone, in the dark.
The team flinched as we heard a flicker of wings behind us. The Geonosians knew we were here, and were ready to fight.
The room flooded with the bugs.
“Fire! Kill them all!”
The room lit up with blue lights, Jex tossed a grenade, which was basically useless against them.
A Geonosian grabbed Jex by the neck, and threw him across the room. Streak pulled out his knife and stabbed the one that threw him in the back. Blood flew across his visor.
Zher was going all out. Pistols blazing, not scared the slightest bit. I noticed that the hallway on the other end of the room was clear.
“Squad, to the opposite tunnel! Now!”
We charged through the Geonosians to the other end. We ran down the next hallway with the flittering of wings behind us. Every now and then one of us would fire our weapon behind us.
The next room was just ahead, with an access panel next to it. I shot the access panel. The door began to close, descending from the ceiling. I slipped under it, as Jex and Streak did the same. Zher stood by the door. He didn’t enter.
“Zher what are you doing? This is no time for heroics!”
“You guys won’t make it unless something distracts them. Run.”
“Zher come in! You can still make it!”
“Don’t worry, I’ll make it out.”
The door was almost closed.
“Don’t do this, Zher!”
The door slammed shut. The sound of blaster fire could still be heard on the other side.
“He chose to do it, 46. I think he’ll make it out. We have to run!”
I thought for a moment. I gave a small nod. We ran.

Many hallways and empty rooms later, we heard a sound, almost like the sound of a blaster, yet with a hum, and never ending. Flashes of light could be seen at the end of the hall. We slowly crept up to the entrance of the next room. Inside, droid, more of a cyborg, held 4 lightsabers. Against him, Jedi Master Tyon held his saber in an attack position. They attacked, moving with extreme speed and agility. It seemed to me that the cyborg held the advantage, but Tyon soon overpowered him. They fought there way up a nearby staircase, until they reached the top, and only the sounds could be heard.

We managed through the tunnels until we found ourselves in open air. The outside of a hanger. I clicked on the intercom.
“This is Alpha 46. Can anyone here me?”
After a moment, I received a response.
“Alpha Squad, it’s good to here from you. Did you find anything of Tyon and the Omega Squadron?”
“I’m sorry to say that Omega Squadron didn’t make it. There bodies were spread across the halls. Also…Zher…he sacrificed himself so we could finish our mission. He…”
I was cut off by an all too familiar voice.
“Sacrificed myself, eh?”
“Zher! Where are you? What happened?”
“I’ll tell you later. Just pick me up at coordinates 45G, 23E.”
The commander cut in. “We’ll get you a pickup ASAP. 46, what of Tyon?”
“We found him. We we’re unable to speak with him, however. He was doing battle with some sort of cyborg. He held 4 lightsabers.”
“The Council will be informed of this.”
“We believe Tyon to be somewhere nearby. Requesting pickup.”
“We’re sending Masters Trendar and Trasder to investigate. Stay patient for a few minutes.”
“Affirmative. Alpha Squad, out.”

A few moments later, a transport came, with Zher, Trasder, and Trendar. The Masters used the Force to throw open the door. Behind it, Tyon was there, looking as if he was still in a battle. The floor was spread with clones corpses. The Jedi masters engaged in a conversation, while we took a moment to talk to Zher.
“Well, what the hell…how did you get out alive?” Streak said with amazement.
“Well, after the door closed, I pulled out my blasters and blew the hell out of a few of them. I used my knife to charge through them, and eventually found my way back to the crevasse. I climbed up as far as I could go, and rained hell on them. When I thought I killed them all, one of them got behind me and threw me down the canyon wall. He jumped at me and got a bite on the soft armor on my shoulder. With my other hand I jabbed my knife directly into its face.”
We all looked at his shoulder. Blood was dripping from it.
“How’d you get out of the canyon?”
“As hard as it was, I climbed. As soon as I reached the top, I passed out. When I came-to, I intercepted your message. And here I am.”
“Damn…you deserve a medal or something for this.”
“No, I don’t. You guys finished the mission, I just assisted you.”
“Well, you at least deserve a relaxing day in the confines of a bacta tank. Those wounds look pretty bad.”
Jex put his head between us. “Guys we better get out of here before our ride takes off!”
We looked at the LAAT. The Jedi were just boarding it. We laughed and jumped in.

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Thanks to Mach's review, I went through and fixed many stupid mistakes I made when I posted it, spelling and sentence's fitting in to make sense.

Also, I am working on the next chapter at this moment. Should be released tonight (unlikely) or tomorrow (after school, highly likely.)

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Good chapter, even with some spelling errors. I really liked Republic Commando (The Game). Why don't you insert some funny quotes between commandos? THis will make this story more readily. []

Eh...Next thing is can you double space the paragraph? I mean skip line between paragraphs because this makes not only me but to all readers easier to read.

One last thing: Welcome to our forum. Hope having a good time here!

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Originally Posted by CSI: Nihilus
One last thing: Welcome to our forum. Hope having a good time here!
Actually, he joined three months before you CSI: Nihilus. Anyway, why don't you seperate your Chapters in three posts? Good though, I might read this.
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I just copied and pasted this from Microsoft Word. It takes away the indents and a few other things.

Btw, this has been posted up here for awhile now. I just never worked on it.

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Chapter 4: Beneath the Trees

When we boarded our assigned cruiser, we were called to the bridge. There, our Clone Advisor was waiting for us. He apparently was the captain of the ship, as well.
“Good job on Geonosis, squad. In our recent reconnaissance we searched the wreckage at the landing zone. We found plans for a Battle Cruiser, unlike any other seen before.”
“Except for ours.”
“Sir, did the plans reveal the location of the prototype, or possibly the production facility of the ship?” Zher asked.
“They may be hidden within it. The hardware is deep encrypted. It will take some of our top slicers to decrypt it. It’s been sent to Kamino. We recorded the plans for the cruiser here in our ships database, however.”
He walked over towards one of the computers on his left. He clicked a few buttons, when just where he was standing before, from a small hole in the ground, came a hologram of the ship. It was large enough to study it carefully.
The ship was created for all out war. It had nearly a thousand guns stuck to it. If any cruiser came within range, it would be in critical health just a few minutes later.
Jex whistled. “Damn! That’s one all out machine!”
Streak decided to speak. “Sir, you don’t need to study it. There’s an entrance right here.” He walked up and pointed us to a small maintenance port near the engines. “We could easily slip in there; all we would need was a stealthy way to get in.”
I turned to my squad member. “Good work, Alpha. If we can just get close enough to jump in, then we’d take it down from the inside.”
“True, but we can’t wait for it to set off. As soon as it’s approved, thousands more will be made. We must destroy it while it’s still under construction. You’ll have to travel on ground.”
“But what if it’s being constructed in space? Then we’ll have to board the shipyard, and those things have max defenses.” Jex was right.
“We’ll have to wait and see, Alpha Squad. Get some rest, and we’ll call for you when we’ve discovered its location.”
“Let’s go guys.”

About a week passed aboard the ship. We were rarely attacked, but when we were it was just a few Vultures. Nothing more.

Finally, we were called to the bridge. The Advisor seemed rather concerned.
“What is it, sir?”
“The ship has been located. It’s buried deep within the Kashyyyk jungles.”
Zher asked rather quickly. “Kashyyyk, sir? How is that possible? There aren’t any clear spaces on Kashyyyk for that kind of equipment.”
“Yes, there is.” Streak said.
“How do you figure?”
“There using a holographic projector. They cut down the trees, installed the equipment, and used a holographic projector to make it seem that the trees haven’t been cut down. It’s quite simple. If they were stupid enough not too, then the mass tree disappearance would have been reported.”
The Advisor was extremely surprised. “Well done, Alpha! Sez, your squad will be dropped off several miles away from the construction site. You’ll have to travel on foot until you find a clear enough area to drop off some Recon Bikes. Squad, suit up. You set off tomorrow.”

Back in our quarters, we all prepared our weapons and armor. The guns were reloaded, and our armor was given camouflage paint. We were ready.

The blazing green planet of Kashyyyk lay below us. The pod pushed off from the ship. We zoomed into the atmosphere.
Small legs on the pod soon pushed out, and the ship had a rough landing. We all stepped out and took a look around. It was as we thought. The tree’s shadows had forced it to be extremely dark. Much, much darker than the tunnels of Geonosis.
“Well, ready to set out,” I asked.
“Yes sir.” Zher replied.
“Got your back,” Streak replied.
“Yep. I’m ready, let’s go,” Jex responded.

We trampled through the forest for about on hour, through vines, stones, and darkness. We eventually came upon an open area, but it wasn’t large enough to land any speeders.
“I’m sure Command will want a report. I’ll contact them now,” I said to my squad. “Secure the area.”
Zher went and hid behind a large root of a tree. Jex had his blaster between two rocks. Streak ran part way up a tree and set his right foot down on a branch.
I clicked on the comlink. “Command, this is Alpha 46. We’ve traveled some way into the forest, but still haven’t found an area open enough for speeders. We’ll continue through right away,”
“Sir! It get’s darker up ahead. Stay alert squad!”
We gathered together and continued through the massive forest of wroshyr trees. In the darkness, we could hear the growls and threats of the unknown creatures among us. We each had small amounts of fear slowly growing within us. It dissipated as soon as we saw the light.
Ahead, the tree’s had naturally grown in separate directions, leaving a rather small area, but large enough to drop speeders. The squad let out a sigh of relief when the LAAT had appeared above the opening.
My comlink buzzed in. “I hope you like your present, Alpha Squad. We detected your tracking signals not too far way from the opening, when the trees were fewer. Good luck Alpha. Advisor Alpha out.”
“Woo hoo! Yes! I bet I’ll beat every one of you there,” Jex exclaimed.
Zher turned his head and looked at Streak, with a smirk under his helmet. “Is that a challenge?”
“You bet it is. Let’s do this.”
I didn’t say a single word. I gave a small grunt.
“What’s the matter 46?”
“Listen, I don’t mind if you guys have a little fun, but you’re forgetting the mission.”
“Forgive me sir. I didn’t mean to.”
“Apology taken. Now, let’s find that cruiser.”
The small engines of the speeders roared. I gave a nod to the team. We zoomed off.

Trees bracken zoomed behind us as we shoved the engines to full speed. About half an hour passed at this point. Streak lost control of the speeder at this point, and was about to ram head on into a tree. This was when we realized we were close.
Streak rammed it head on, but he didn’t crash. In fact, he didn’t even ram it. He went straight through it. We were in the range of the holographic projector.
“Ok, squad. Pull over. We’ll need to go on foot from here.”
They all slowly pulled the throttle down, and stopped entirely. We gathered up.
We didn’t say a word. Silence was the key.
I lead the troops just a little farther through the trees, when the trees just suddenly stopped. When we looked up, we could see the top of the trees. They made the image that the trees still remained, when looked at them from above. In front of us, a massive construction project was. Drills buzzed, plasma torches flamed. Droids, and Geonosians, were scattering around, constructing the vessel.
We loaded our blasters. Time to blow it up.

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Just read the chaps, and i never really read the fics about the clones and stuff, cause i never really was fond of them that much. But i have to say, that i enjoyed reading this, and you should keep it up. Hope to see more soon

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Diego Varen
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Another good Chapter. I'm looking foward to more.
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