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Thread: [FIN] Saviour, Conqueror, Hero, Villain
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[FIN] Saviour, Conqueror, Hero, Villain

Saviour, Conqueror, Hero, Villain

War will always be on man’s heart. There will always be the urge to wage war, but there will always also be to defend. The Mandalorians, brutes and savages, conquered and destroyed many planets, and only one Jedi could stop them. Revan. With the help of Revan and the Jedi that went to the war, the Republic started winning. And all of that culminated on one single planet no Mandalorian can visit ever again, the place of death for many, a graveyard for others : Malachor V.

Many ships were above Malachor V. A Jedi with a black cape and robe, Revan looked from the bridge of one down to it. The door opened as Jedi Generals, Jaden Skyrider and Kyra Femella. Skyrider wore a brown cape and a tan robe and had blonde short hair and had green eyes, and so did Femella. She also had blue eyes and blonde hair with a short ponytail. Beside Revan stood a tall, bald and pale man. It was Revan’s best friend, Malak. He didn’t wore the traditional Jedi Robe like Revan, but instead used a orange armor with black clothing underneath. Skyrider approached Revan.

“Sir, the Mandalorian Forces are already in Malachor. What are your orders?,” Jaden asked.

Revan thought for a little about the war and then replied.

“We land…and we fight, for the Republic, and the Force,” Revan bravely said. “Assemble the troops Generals, and go. Malak, you go with them,”

“But Revan,” Malak said before being interrupted by Revan.

“Don’t worry. I shall be along shortly,” Revan said before the door opened and Jaden, Kyra and Malak got out. He stared a little more at Malachor…and at his fate before going out. He eventually reached the hangar after they landed. As he got out, he got a glimpse of what was coming. Many Storm Beasts walked in their own filth, like a barrier for the Mandalorians that had landed a little more up. Many Jedi left the ship, ignited their green, blue, yellow and purple lightsabers and fought the Storm Beasts. The beasts were quickly overwhelmed by the strong and trained Jedi. Now the real threat: The Mandalorians. The Jedi left their lightsabers ignited and ran at the shooting Mandalorians. Many Jedi died in the first assault for the Mandalorians had good precision. They were leaded by The Mandalore and General Ordo. The second wave came and the Mandalorians changed their rifles to their vidroblades and many swordfights began.

Eventually, the Jedi made the Mandalorians to retreat further. Suddenly, many Basilisk War Droids started shooting and crashing at the Jedi as rain started to pour.

“It is time Generals. The time has come.” Revan said. He quickly ignited his blue lightsaber as Jaden ignited his cyan, Kyra her purple and Malak his yellow. They ran at the Mandalorians although none of them attacked them. They were soon confronted by The Mandalore and Generals Ordo who wielded dual vidroswords and a Heavy Blaster Rifle, Paithan who wielded a single vidroblade and General Selas who wielded a red lightsaber.

The Jedi and Mandalorian Generals ran at each other and engaged in combat, Ordo shot repeatedly at Jaden who simply deflected the shots. Knowing it would be inuseful, he took out his two vidroswords and swung from down at Jaden who parried. Paithan engaged with Kyra who had an intense duel. He swung up and down as all she could do was parry the strikes until she Force pushed him into a wall as an avalanche of rocks fell down and killed him. 1 down, 3 more to go. Jaden swung at the side and hit Ordo’s body. He fell in pain as Jaden turned off his lightsaber. Malak in the other side, pretty much dominated Selas with his impressive lightsaber skills. He then cut Selas’s hands who kneeled before him. He then cut off his head before a watching Jaden and Kyra could do anything.

“Why did you do that? He had already surrendered,” Jaden shouted at Malak. Malak shrugged.

“He was too dangerous to be kept alive. But now be quiet, Revan is going to fight the Mandalore,” Malak said.

Revan turned on his lightsaber as did Mandalore. Revan used his fearsome stance, Aggressive Back. It gave fear to his opponents and he used the Force to take away their will to fight, but it wouldn’t work with the Mandalore. Revan ran at Mandalore and swung his lightsaber diagonally, and Mandalore parried the strike. He spun around with his lightsaber and knocked Revan down to his feet. Revan quickly jumped from the ground and kicked Mandalore in his face, covered by a mask. He tried to stab him but Mandalore back-rolled and Revan stabbed the ground. He grabbed his saber tighter, flipped to his front, landed on his feet and threw his lightsaber at Mandalore’s throat who simply dodged the lightsaber, twice. Mandalore ran at Revan and swung his saber side-wards, in sort of a wave, but Revan back flipped, and Force pushed him to a wall. He quickly got hold of himself and sneakily threw a Thermal Detonator at Revan who didn’t notice as it exploded right in front of him. He got knocked to his feet and Mandalore slowly walked to him. Malak got the urge to help him but Kyra grabbed his arm and gestured with her head. Mandalore then tried to stab Revan who back-rolled, got up and threw his lightsaber at Mandalore’s throat, cutting his head.

It was finally over, the Mandalorian Wars where over, but at what cost? The Republic was crumbling, and the Sith were returning. There was only one thing for Revan to do. Save the Republic, he would have to conquer it, to be the Galaxy’s greatest hero, he would have to be it’s worst villain, and he chosed it. He grabbed the Mandalore’s red lightsaber, and got his mask. He put it on, and ignited the red lightsaber. Malak Force Pulled Selas lightsaber and Jaden and Kyra quickly ran away to a ship and went to Coruscant. Revan put his hood up. The Galaxy would once again crumble, and everyone would fear the name. Revan and Malak got to the ship where they noticed Jaden and Kyra where gone. Everybody bowed at Revan as Malak shouted:

“All Hail Darth Revan, New Dark Lord of The Sith, Conqueror and Ruler of the Galaxy!”

It pleased Revan. Everybody now would know what a Jedi could do to save it’s beloved galaxy.

The End
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