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Thread: Prophecy of Damnation
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Darth Manus
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Prophecy of Damnation

Two years after the final destruction of Malachor V

The dry winds of Korriban swept the Valley of the Dark Lords, kicking up dirt in their wake. Not a single trace remained of the latest generation of Sith's clumsy attempt at plumbing the secrets of the valley.
The deep caves, once infested by Shyrak, were silent. Only a few scattered bones remained after the Exile's incursion.

Suddenly, outside the tomb of Naga Sadow, a small distortion appeared, slowly growing. The air rippled with energy, until the distortion took a human shape. With a flash, everything returned to normal, and a tall, muscled figure was standing there. He was wearing a strange black armored tunic that covered him from neck to toe and a pair of goggles with reflective lenses that hid his eyes. His head was shaved and there was a straight diagonal scar on his forehead.

"So this is Korriban... Not much to look at. I wonder why he'd send me here of all places."

Reaching into his backpack, he produced what appeared to be a Sith holocron. The pyramid shaped device came to life at his touch, and it opened like petals of a flower, displaying the image of a figure clad in black hooded robes.

"I see you have arrived." the figure said.

"I still don't understand why you'd send me all the way here."

"You are developing the ability to see shatterpoints. That will prove useful. But you need time to hone your skills. Time you did not have in the present."

"Still, sending me nearly five thousand years back is a bit of a stretch. And how am I supposed to go back when I'm done?"

"The holocron contains the instructions to build another warp device. I will show you when the time is right."

"Fine... But why send me to Korriban? You said it yourself that these Sith are pathetic fools who seek power for its own sake only to lose it due to their habit of trying to dominate each other."

"Indeed. But one of them learned the folly of his ways and crossed over into the light. His tomb is nearby, and it may be possible to summon him."

"What's the point of that?"

"Though you have made admirable progress, you would not be considered a fully fledged Knight yet. Ajunta Pall has gained a unique insight from his incorporeal existence. He may deem you worthy of instruction."

"All right. I will seek him out. But I can't wait to get off this rock."

"Once you have learned everything you can from Ajunta, you are free to continue your training as you see fit. Just remember the rules."

"That again? I got it the first time."

"Just making sure. If you get careless, you could end up destabilizing the timeline. We already have enough problems as it is. You may challenge any Jedi or Sith, but you must not kill anyone under any circumstance. And do not seek out my past self unless something happens to the holocron."

The stranger nodded and the figure vanished, confident that it had managed to get the point across. He carefully placed the holocron back in the backpack and surveyed the silent valley.

One thing that fools will never understand is that only a weakling lets the darkness control him. A mix of light and darkness is a powerful thing. Volatile, yes, but also unexpected, and thus even more dangerous.
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I'm a Mage
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Good start!

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This sounds like it could be very interesting...time travel is not something I've seen too much of in the Star Wars Universe. I look forward to your next installment!

"You'll find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view."

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The Rhythm Schism
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I concur. It is an interesting start and I am in need of knowing what is happening and who these characters are!

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