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Thread: [FIN] The True Teachings III: Slumbering Army
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[FIN] The True Teachings III: Slumbering Army

Slumbering Army

Please feel free to leave comments here. Thank you.


Time passes. The war with the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong is long since over, but the galaxy is still in turmoil. Ninety seven years have passed since the end of the Yuuzhan Vong war and in that time the Galactic Alliance has been replaced by the Second Galactic Empire, lead by the Fel dynasty. The new Empire, though more benign when compared to the first one, still demands total submission even from the Jedi. Some of them complied and became Imperial Knights, the so-called Gray Jedi, but there are others who, of course, vigorously oppose the Empire.

Since the end of the Yuuzhan Vong war the Jedi Academy has been moved back to Coruscant, where the Jedi Temple has been rebuilt, but most recently, since the rise of the second Empire, the Jedi have withdrawn to the rebuilt Praxeum on Ossus, from where they continued to oppose the new Empire, until seven years ago.

Seven years. That's how much has passed since the New Sith Order, allied with the Empire, massacred most of the Jedi on Ossus and among them Kol Skywalker, one of the last descendants of Luke Skywalker. The Sith, lead now by the mysterious Darth Krayt, have taken over the Empire and Darth Krayt became the new Emperor, forcing the legitimate Emperor Roan Fel and his Imperial Knights on the run.

The surviving Jedi are now preoccupied with their search for the last of the Skywalker bloodline, the Imperial Knights lead by Roan Fel with sneak attacks against the Sith and the Sith with hunting down both previously mentioned groups. Little do they know that somewhere, on a Dark Planet on the very edge of the galaxy exists a being more powerful than any of them and that his day is approaching...

The Dark Planet. The long lost and forgotten city of an ancient race and the nexus of the so-called True Teachings. The place where Ralik, the half human, half Yuuzhan Vong man has spent a little over a century, studying, learning the ways of the Force and the ways of the True Teachings. Now he has indeed become a unique and miraculous being. His power was so great that he used the Force itself to prolong his life and protect his body from any kinds of deseases and he did it with almost no effort whatsoever. But Ralik had not spent all that time alone. For fifty years a renegade member of the Yuuzhan Vong shaper caste, Master Shaper Jashra was there under Ralik's protection. In return Jashra provided Ralik with many Vong implants as well as with a new, special Vonduun Crab armor and an amphistaff that could by its beauty and quality be measured with the Supreme Overlord's Scepter of Power itself. An ordinary Yuuzhan Vong, or a halfbreed for that matter would probably not survive most of the escalations, but thanks to the Force Ralik survived even the most dangerous ones, such as the insertion of the so-called Steng's talons into his body. Equipped by the most advanced biotechnology in the galaxy and with enormous power in the Force, Ralik was now practically unbeatable.

''Ralik.'' The dark voice whispered, ''Come to the Throne room, we must talk.''

Ralik was sitting in a meditation chamber when he was summoned. He opened his eyes to reveal their new blood-red color. Just as the Sith had yellow eyes from the corruption and usage of the Dark Side, Ralik's eyes became red after his complete synchronization with the philosophy of the True Teachings. He slowly stood up and left the room. As he walked through the half-dark corridors of the city-like compound with their carving-filled walls, he remembered all the history lessons he was taught, lessons about the history of this galaxy, about the history of the True Teachings and the history of this compound. He knew it all and yet his knowledge was not yet complete. He was determined to fill the gaps right now.

Five minutes later, Ralik arrived to the Throne room, the spirit of the dark figure, his mysterious teacher was there. Waiting.

''You are here. Good.'' The dark figure whispered.

''Why have you summoned me, Master?'' Ralik asked, with a small touch of arrogance in his voice.

''The time has come, Ralik.'' The dark figure whispered in a vague tone.

''Time?'' Ralik asked.

''For your final lesson, Ralik.'' The spirit answered, ''I know what questions dwell inside your mind, my apprentice and the time has come to answer them.''

''Then, by all means, do so.'' Ralik said, again with just a touch of arrogance.

''You have learned all your lessons well, but there is a question left unanswered in your head – my race, who are we?'' The figure whispered.

''Yes. Exactly.'' Ralik confirmed with a hidden excitement.

''My race is called the Lenari and we are not of this universe.'' The figure started, ''The Sith, the race I mean, not these brutal simpletons, are not in fact native to Korriban. They are actually a lower strain of my own race. You see, Ralik, my race is from another universe, a universe which we rule according to the True Teachings. The Sith race, our own subrace, didn't agree with us, which is why they fled to a distant planet in our universe where, after many years, they constructed a ship with a unique drive – a drive that opens a portal to another universe, this universe. Our fleet arrived too late to stop them, so we used their schematics and several years later we built our own drive.''

''So, you followed them here?''

''Yes. They settled on the desert world of Korriban. We came, we conquered, but we weren't satisfied with only conquering them. We desired to spread the True Teachings across this entire galaxy, but there was one race that opposed us.''

''Who?'' Ralik asked, but he anticipated the answer to match his own assumption.

''The Rakata. They were extremely strong in the Force, as much as we were and they used it to drive us back, they decimated our ranks and forced us to pull back to this remote planet where we built this city and awaited for our time to come. The Rakata, now without a real foe, managed to conquer most of this galaxy and create their Infinite Empire.''

''Yes, I remember that lesson.'' Ralik interrupted.

''Of course you do. And you know that they built their monument, the Star Forge, and you know how their Infinite Empire fell. What you don't know is that the concept of the Star Forge wasn't theirs.''


''Oh, yes. The Rakata scavenged the data from one of our ships and slowly pieced it together into the Star Forge.'' The figure clarified.

''They stole the technology from you? You're not saying--''

''Precisely. Although the Rakata managed to push us back here and significantly reduce our numbers, even destroy the ship which brought us here, they didn't find all of our planetary bases. We were stranded, without the ability to build a new drive and return with reinforcements, we turned to other things. We acted secretly from this place and made sure that the Rakata never find our own massive factory.''

''How did you manage that without being discovered?''

''You know very well that our technology is well advanced than even the current technology of this galaxy, meaning we had remote access to the factory's master computer and we sent a signal ordering it to completely shut down the factory. The Rakata never detected it because it didn't emmit any kind of power. It still lays dormant, disguised as a backwater planet.''

''Excellent. I assume you are going to tell me where it is.'' Ralik said.

''Of course I will. Your time has come, Ralik. The final greater resurrection of those who call themselves Sith has happened, the galaxy is broken and you can easily claim it. But in order to do that you need to reactivate the factory and build an army.''

''But where will I find an army?''

''All in due time, Ralik. First reactivate our factory.'' The dark figure whispered.

''Very well, but... you haven't told me what happened with the actual Sith race.''

''You know that already. After our forces were driven back by the Rakata, they were left there, isolated for eons and one day the Dark Jedi came and conquered them. They bred with the Sith and the race slowly faded away, leaving only their name.''

''I see.'' Ralik replied calmly.

''Good. Now, back to your objective, listen carefully and memorize – here are the coordinates of the Lenari factory...''

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Chapter I

Eighty seven years earlier. Ten years after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong war. Vjun, the planet of acid rains, deadly storms and earthquakes. The hiding place of the Ebon Hawk, the ancient ship owned by the ancient Jedi Revan. After the war was over and the most pressing matters of politics were resolved, Luke Skywalker's Jedi Order turned its attention to other matters. Matters such as the mystery of the Ebon Hawk.

Still remembering the paranoid warning of the poor, crazed Padawan Dasha Kar, the Jedi, under Luke Skywalker's initiative finally decided to send a larger research team and, five years after the end of the war, start performing the excavation of the ship. Five more years later, thanks to the hard work of the dedicated Jedi researchers, the excavation was complete. The researchers have focused their attention to examining the ship and retrieving its logs and the hidden knowlegde that caused the fall and death of a Jedi Master, deaths of two guardians of the Valley of the Jedi on Ruusan and the unfortunate madness of one of the Academy's most promising students. Inside they found nothing, except the two deactivated droids.

Now, several days after the excavation's completion, it's an ordinary day for the Jedi research team on Vjun. Even for the Jedi-mechanic Geordy Del. As his title says, Geordy was a Jedi that focused most of his attention on mechanics. Droids, speeders, ships, you name it, he could fix it, which is why he was on this team in the first place. It all started with him rerturning to his workroom.

''Hey, Geordy!'' A greeting came from behind him.

''Oh, hey Riggs!'' He greeted back. It was Riggs, one of the Jedi archeologists and a good friend.

''You been inside the ship yet?'' Riggs asked.

''Just returning from my second visit to it.'' Geordy replied, ''I'm going to take a look at those two droids at last.''

''Great. If you manage to repair them, try to get them to tell us how to access that blasted navicomputer, it's the only thing our slicers can't get into.''

''Will do, Riggs.'' Geordy said, ''As far as my preliminary analysis tells me, there's not much to do with those droids except replace their plating, the current one is a wreck and they wouldn't last long moving aroung with it, in fact the new parts I ordered should have arrived today. If all goes well, those droids will be running around in no time.''

''Great news. Thanks, I'll go tell the rest of the team. See you, Geordy.''

''Bye, Riggs.''

Two minutes later Geordy was back in his ''tech pit'', as he liked to call his workroom. He took another look at the datapad with the reminder about the droids' condition. He noticed two new crates in the room. He was right, the new parts have indeed arrived as predicted.

''All right guys, time to change your clothes. I think you'll like the new ones, they're the same design and color as your oriinal ones, but stronger and more durable.'' He told the deactivated droids, ''When I'm done with you, you'll be good as new.''

He then got to work and after two hours of removing the old rusted plating and placing the new one he was ready to activate the droids. He decided to activate the strange red one first. He did so and the two photoreceptors lit up with an intimidating orange-red colored glow.

''Statement: HK-47 activated and ready to...'' the droid looked around and saw the Jedi-mechanic, ''...serve.''

''HK-47, huh? Welcome to the future.'' Geordy said cheerfully.

''Query: How far in the future?'' HK asked.

''Well, I'm no history expert, but as far as I know you're slightly over four thousand years old.'' Geordy replied.

That word – future – rang in HK's artificial mind, then suddenly, as if something clicked inside him, he said: ''Statement: Protocol Awakening activated. First objective - Acquire information about the Jedi Academy.''

''Whoa, hold on a sec! What's going on here? What does that protocol mean?'' Geordy asked nervously.

''Answer: I have no time to explain it to your meatbag mind! You will reactivate the astromech droid at once!'' HK responded in his familiar threatening tone.

''What?'' Geordy was confused, ''Looks like I was wrong, your behaviour core obviously needs repairs.''

''Warning: Do not come any closer, meatbag, or I will be forced to hurt you.''

''What the...?'' Geordy couldn't believe it.

''Correction: Forget what I said, come closer. Please! It has been so long since I had the opportunity to hurt someone. Please, you'll make my day.''

''That's it!'' Geordy has had enough, he approached and as he did HK held out his right arm towards him and a small electrical surge was fired from the arm at Geordy. He shouted in pain and backed off.

''Statement: That was only a warning shot, you will reactivate the astromech droid, or I will be forced to take an extremely long pleasure of hurting you further.''

Geordy wasn't about to comply to what he thought was a half.mad ancient droid, he held out his arm and concentrated on HK, he was trying to push him against the wall. Nothing happened.

''Statement: My master has equipped me with many useful upgrades, one of them makes me immune to your Force. Please do not try that again meatbag, or there will be nobody to reactivate the astromech droid, now comply.''

Geordy gave up and went for the other droid. HK-47 took another quick glance around the room and saw his Aratech blaster rifle, a weapon he really adored. He even used it as an example in a certain definition once. He pointed the rifle at Geordy.

''Statement: I'm keeping an eye on you, don't try anything stupid.''

Geordy noticed the blaster rifle in the droid's hands and decided not to push his luck further. He activated the astromech droid. Few seconds later the droid beeped in confirmation.

''Statement: Excellent. Now that T3-M4 is reactivated you will provide us with the location of the Jedi Academy and direct us toward the nearest spacecraft. T3-M4, activate Protocol Awakening.''

T3 beeped again in confirmation.

''Are you at least going to tell me what that protocol means?'' Geordy asked.

''Answer: Ah, very well. The short version is that our master programmed this protocol into our memory cores, so that upon our reactivation in the future, which he predicted, we would immediately learn the whereabouts of the Jedi Academy and travel there to get further information from the Master of the Academy.''

''What kind of information?'' Geordy asked curiously.

''Answer: That is none of your busines, meatbag. You will provide us with the location, or I will extract it from you. Painfully. And with great pleasure.''

''Allright, the Academy is on Yavin IV, but there's no way for you to get there. The next supply ship won't be here in a week and the only ship on this planet is the one in which we found you, the Ebon Hawk and I doubt it's still spaceworthy after more than four thousand years.''

''Statement: That is why the astromech is with me. He will repair my master's ship and we will depart. Now good night, meatbag.''

''Good...'' In that instant HK set his rifle to stun and fired. Geordy fell down unconscious.

''Statement: Oh, how I wish my master had allowed me to kill him, but this will do for now. Let's go.''

HK and T3 left the ''tech pit'' and the unconscious Geordy and went across the excavation site towards the Ebon Hawk. The site was deserted, the Jedi were in their bunkers, probably eating, or making further schedules. The droids got to the Hawk unnoticed and T3 immediately got to work with its engines and hyperdrive. Inexplicably, there wasn't much for T3 to do, he figured their master probably fixed the ship as much as he could, in order to leave the droids a form of transportation.

An hour later T3 started the Ebon Hawk's engines. The Jedi research team, still in their barracks, heard the noise and went outside. They could only gaze with confusion as the ancient ship rose up into the sky and left the planet.

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Chapter II

Ninety seven years after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong war. The present. On the Dark Planet Ralik makes the final preparations for his departure, his quest to find the Lenari factory and reactivate it. He just finished one final meditation, grabbed his new amphistaff in his right hand and the bag with supplies in his left hand. He was wearing the new Vonduun crab armor that Jashra had made for him.

The armor was truly a marvel. As Ralik's old armor, this one too was entirely black with a few darker spots on its shoulder pads and chest. The only thing that contrasted the blackness of the armor itself was a golden insignia on the middle of the chest, the insignia was shaped like a hexagon, with two slightly diagonal lines on each side, shaped similarly to the number one, but their upper peaks were pointed at the hexagon, so the right one looked like a mirror image of the number one. That was the symbol of the True Teachings, the spirit of the dark figure personally requested Jashra to put that symbol on the new armor.

But even though Ralik refused to construct and use a lightsaber, he wasn't using solely Yuuzhan Vong biotechnology anymore. He found the old robe of his ghostly master, it was mostly torn up now, but Ralik made some changes to it, meaning he cut off the sleeves and the torso part, making a separate hood that he wore and a separate legdress, for lack of a batter term, that he wore over the armor leggings.

Ralik went to the Throne room for one final chat with his master. The dark figure was already waiting for him, hovering slightly above the floor, his face still hidden by the hood.

''I am prepared to go, Master.'' Ralik reported.

''Excellent. Take the Shaper's coralskipper, it will be less conspicuous, but get rid of it the first chance you get and find a ship that will blend in better.'' The figure advised.

''Yes, I agree. Yuuzhan Vong ships aren't seen around very often anymore.''

''Good. This means, though, that you'll not be able to go directly to our factory, but the delay shouldn't be too long for someone of your power, my apprentice.''

''Yes, I don't think I'll have too much trouble replacing the coralskipper with an ordinary freighter.'' Ralik said confidently.

''You won't. But don't forget to keep a low profile, my apprentice, it is not yet time to reveal your true power and role to this galaxy.'' The dark figure whispered.

''That will slightly prolong the task of acquiring a new ship, but I trust you know what you are talking about, Master.'' Ralik said.

''You have learned to accept the wisdom of others, a trait that will undoubtably serve you well in the future.'' The figure whispered, ''Do not be angry, Ralik, as soon as you build up your army, the galaxy will be practically served on a plate for you to devour it.''

''Yes, Master.'' Ralik didn't quite apretiate the metaphor, but it wasn't the first of those kinds of metaphores to come out the lips of his master.

''Go now and take the first step towards your destiny.'' The figure whispered and vanished.

''Yes. My destiny. To become the ruler of this pitiful galaxy, to spread the True Teachings across it and shape it in my own vision.'' Ralik remembered what his dark master told him on one occasion.

Ralik slowly walked out of the Throne room and moved toward the landing pad. After slightly more than a century he was leaving this planet. He was leaving, but he had a feeling that he was not leaving it for good, not yet at least. He got to the landing pad where stood Jashra's coralskipper and a few meters beside it Ralik's own Yorik-stronha, the Rebirth, the ship that brought him to this place.

He took one look at his old ship and then at the wreckage in the sky. He remembered that moment when he singlehandedly destroyed Xerx's worldship, the Raktajorr and killed his hated former superior along with hundreds of crewmembers in the process. And he did it all with the Force. He never talked about it with his master, or with Jashra, but when the worldship exploded, Ralik actually felt Xerx die and just for a moment he could hear Xerx's terrified scream as the massive ship exploded.

Ralik looked down again, shortly afterwards he entered the coralskipper and lifted off. As he left the Dark Planet's orbit he decided to take one detailed look at the wreckage. He flew the coralskipper inside the wreckage and as he was pasing through it he could see the bodies of the crew and then, suddenly he recognized the armor on one of them. It was the corpse of Supreme Commander Xerx, now after all these years it was nothing more than a skeleton in an old armor. ''Traitor!'' The word rang in Ralik's head. ''Halfbreed scum!'' Ralik was extremely confused. What was happening? ''I knew you couldn't be trusted and that you would betray us!''

''Xerx?'' Ralik asked, ''Even dead you can't leave me alone.''

''I shall destroy you!'' Xerx's voice rang in Ralik's head.

''Wait a minute!'' Ralik just realized it, ''I know what this is, my master has taught me about it. How very interesting. This is a residue, Xerx's final thoughts, imprinted in the Force, the Force I used to destroy the ship.''

''Traitor!'' The word rang once again in Ralik's head, ''Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!'' The word kept repeating itself in Xerx's voice.

''That's it, Xerx. I made this little mess and it's time I fixed it.''

Ralik aimed the coralskipper's guns at Xerx's corpse and fired. The already rotten corpse lit up and after a few more shots it was vaporized. Ralik heard one last scream and then Xerx's voice fell silent. Ralik flew out of the wreckage, punched in a course and entered hyperspace.

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Chapter III

Eighty seven years earlier. Ten years after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong war. Yavin IV. In the Medical wing of the Jedi Academy Luke Skywalker and Kyle Katarn are having yet another talk with the doctors regarding Dasha's condition.

''Look at her, just walking in circles and still repeating that sentence. It pains me to see her like this.'' Kyle said.

''Have you made any kind of progress, doctor Ule?'' Luke asked.

''Unfortunately, no. We've tried every kind of treatment known to modern medicine and haven't made the slightest amount of progress.'' Ule replied to the Jedi Masters.

''How is this possible?'' Kyle asked, ''What could have happened to her that caused such incurable madness?''

''Yes, that is indeed a troubling matter.'' Luke said, trying to be perfectly calm about the matter.

''I believe the answer to that question, Jedi Masters, would be a crucial element of Dasha's cure. Without it, I'm afraid, she will most likely remain like this for the rest of her life.'' Ule replied without any satisfaction.

''Well, thank you for your time, doctor.'' Kyle said and Luke and he left.

Dasha's illness was puzzling the two Jedi Masters for more than ten years. They themselves tried everything before they turned Dasha over to the doctors and psychiatrists. Luke did his best to penetrate Dasha's mind and erase the fear from it, but without success. Under his and Kyle's initiative, several months later, the entire Jedi Council together tried to heal Dasha's mind, without success. Whatever, or whoever did this to her, they knew, was someone extremely powerful in the Force and they tried not to think what disaster might happen when that someone decides to show himself at last.

The old, half-rusted and battered Ebon Hawk was bumping its way through hyperspace towards Yavin IV. Its only crew were two equally old droids. Fortunately, thanks to the Jedi-mechanic's skills they were in much better condition than the ship they were flying.

''Observation: Our trip has not been too comfortable, will this ship be able to hold until we reach the Jedi Academy?'' HK-47's voice echoed across the ship.

T3 beeped in response.

''Mockery: Well, that's reassuring. Query: Can't you do anything to reduce this turbulence?''

T3 beeped again, the beep was slightly agitated.

''Answer: Well, how do I know? You're the mechanic! That is why the master left you with me in the first place!''

T3 made another angry beep.

''Query: Oh, really? And why do you think you are here? Maybe you think you are the one who will destroy the threat our master predicted?''

T3 beeped again.

''Statement: Good. Now that that's settled, would you mind putting your mechanical skills to use and hold this ship together?''

T3 beeped in confirmation.

''Statement: I'll be in the cockpit.''

HK-47 entered the cockpit and verified their course. They were there. He notified T3 and a few minutes later the Ebon Hawk entered normal space. HK could see the Red Giant, thousands of kilometers in front of the ship. At that exact moment Luke was talking to one of the Jedi archeologists sent on Vjun. It was Riggs.

''You're saying that the ship was still spaceworthy?'' Luke asked, obviously surprised by the archeologist's report.

''Yes, Master Skywaler. As I've said we have reason to believe that it's heading your way.'' Riggs replied.

''You are absolutely sure of this?'' Luke asked once more, ''What would two ancient droids want with me?''

''We don't know, but from poor Geordy's testimony they were programmed to find out specifically where the Jedi Academy is and then go there.'' Riggs confirmed.

''Do you know for what purpose were they programmed that way?'' Luke asked.

''We can't be sure, but from what Geordy told us their objective is to talk to the head of the Academy, meaning you, Master Skywalker.''

''I see.'' Luke said and saw the long range sensor report on the lower viewscreen, ''Our sensors just detected a ship entering the system. Looks like your runaway droids have arrived.''

''Incredible!'' Riggs said, ''That was faster than we've anticipated.''

''Then these are not ordinary droids. If you'll excuse me, I have to go wait for our... guests. Skywalker out.'' Luke ended the transmission. He sent a textual message to the arriving ship containing instructions on where to land. He left for the landing bay to meet the newarrivals.

As Luke entered the landing bay, he saw the ancient ship slowly descending from the sky. ''Incredible!'' He thought. There was a certain comfortable feeling of seeing such a wonder with his own eyes. Minutes later the Ebon Hawk descended to the designated platform. Luke was filled with excitement as the Ebon Hawk lowered its platform and the two droids stepped outside. They were like nothing he'd ever seen, an ancient astromech droid and the strange red one with a blaster rifle.

Luke introduced himself to the droids: ''I am Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. I hear you've been wanting to speak to me about something.''

''Statement: I am HK-47 a fully functional... ehm, droid whose purpose is to... facilitate communications and terminate hostilities. Oh, and this is T3-M4.''

T3 made a greeting beep at Luke.

''So, you're a protocol droid, HK?'' Luke asked.

''Answer: Well, not so much of a protocol droid, but more an...'' HK lowered his voice to a whisper, ''...assassin droid.''

''Assassin!?'' Luke almost shouted in surprise.

''Statement: Shhhh, Jedi meat... err, Master. Though this is the future, I suspect such a function in a droid is still highly illegal.''

''Yes it is.'' Luke said a little quieter, ''Which makes me wonder what would a Jedi such as Revan, your master—''

''Statement: And my creator.'' HK interrupted him.

''Yes, as I've said, what would he want an assassin droid for?''

''Statement: Now, now, Jedi. Just because my master was one of you, didn't mean he couldn't apretiate, or have use for my... services. Which is one of the reasons I'm here now.''

''Right. Now that you mentioned it, why don't we go to my private chamber and discuss it in peace.''

''Statement: Lead on, meat... err, master.''

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Chapter IV

Ninety seven years after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong war. The present. After many hours of hyperspace travel Ralik has arrived at the Abregado-rae system. Abregado-rae is a manufacturing and trade-oriented world, thus a perfect place to get rid of the coralskipper and acquire a new, less conspicuous ship.

The planet has always been a known smuggler nest and although it was conquered by the Yuuzhan Vong during the war it has long since recuperated and once again became a place of trade, both legal and illegal kind. Ralik set down on one of the landing pads in the city. All landing bays were for hire these days so a docking officer was immediately there to meet the newly arrived ship and its pilot. Ralik was disgusted by the man's face even before he took a good look at him.

''Good day to you, sir, and welcome to the Abregado-rae Spaceport city.'' The docking officer greeted politely.

''Good day.'' Ralik murmured under his blood-red hood.

''May I ask the reason for your visit to our planet?'' The docking officer slowly went down to business.

''Trade.'' Ralik murmured coldly.

''I see. Well, you're not the first one. Our planet is a large trade center in this part of the galaxy, we've had some trouble during the Yuuzhan Vong war, we were conquered, but still, we've had plenty of time to recover.'' The docking officer took another shot at chatting with the newcomer.

''Good. I'm... glad. It would have been a shame if I'd traveled all this way for nothing.'' Ralik added with obvious fake politeness.

''Umm, right.'' The docking officer murmured, ''And how long will you be staying at our world?''

''I'm not sure, how long does it take to sell an old ship and buy a new one?'' Ralik answered.

''Well, that depends on who you're dealing with. The reason I'm asking is because there's a fifty credits daily docking fee, so...''

''Fifty credits, huh? And what do I get for those fifty credits?'' Ralik asked calmly.

''Well, you... that is, your ship gets a regular maintenance check, refueling before departure, if necessary, and of course a place at our docks, first of all.'' The docking officer replied with a semi-serious tone.

''I see.'' Ralik said. He had no Imperial credits on him and even if he had, he wasn't sure he'd give it to this... man, ''Does the fee have to be paid daily, or can the total amount be paid before departure?'' He asked.

''Well, there are several ways to pay the fee. The first is, of course, that you pay it daily, the second is that you pay the entire amount in advance, but I don't think you'll use that option since you aren't sure how long you'll be staying, and the third way is to pay the first fifty credits up-front and the rest before departure.'' The docking officer replied.

''Thank you.'' Ralik said, though he didn't mean it. ''Looks like there is only one way to solve this little problem.'' Ralik concentrated on the docking officer's mind. It didn't take him more than a few seconds, then he said to the man: ''You will pay the first fifty credits for me, after you have done so, you will forget what you did and as far as you and anybody else is concerned I paid that money. You will write on your report that I will pay the rest of the amount before departure. Is that understood?''

''Yes...'' The docking officer repeated everything Ralik commanded him to do.

''Good.'' Ralik said. ''This is for the best. As the master said, I don't want to draw unnecessary atention to myself.'' He thought.

''Will that be all, sir?'' The docking officer asked in a polite official tone.

''One last thing actually...'' Ralik started, ''Where can I quickly buy a ship around here?''

''Well...'' the docking officer leaned his head towards Ralik's and continued very quietly, ''If you want to, ehm, avoid the regulations, try the LoBue Cantina, most of the smugglers visit that place. There's good money to be made there too, if you like to gamble. The place is always open.''

''Thank you.'' Ralik said coldly and left the landing pad.

The planet's temperate climate felt extremely refreshing after more than a century in the artificial atmosphere of the Dark Planet's city-compound. He strolled around the city for a while, just to fill his lungs with actual air. The city was a busy place, hundreds of people rushing somewhere, the streets were far from empty. Ralik got the instructions on how to get to the LoBue Cantina from one of the locals and decided it was time to head there.

The LoBue Cantina didn't look very large from the outside, but inside the structure held a bar, a casino, a dance floor and a VIP lounge for those ''special'' customers. Ralik decided it would be smarter to gain some hard currency before he got involved with the smugglers, just in case they don't want to trade a ship for a ship, so he went for the gambling tables.

The game that was the most popular here was sabacc. It was a card game that was played with a deck of seventy six cards, sixty of them were numbered and divided into four suits. There were also eight special cards in the deck and there were two copies of each special card in each deck. Each player was passed four cards, which made up their hand at the beginning of the game. The suit and value of the cards would shift to different values at random, unless they were placed in the neutral field in the center of the table. The object of the game was to create a hand with a total value of twenty three, this was known as Pure Sabacc.

Ralik observed a number of games carefully before he decided to take a shot at it himself. After all he had to learn the rules of the game and how to exploit them, before he started playing. He finally sat at a table with three more players. In his first game he invested the small amount he ''got'' from one of the citizens, the same one that gave him directions to the Cantina. Thanks to a little subtle and unnoticable ''persuasion'' through the Force Ralik quickly managed to turn that small amount into a small fortune. Now it was time to talk to the smugglers and that meant somehow getting into the VIP lounge where they liked to gather. Ralik had no idea how he'd do it, but he was confident he'd find a way.

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Chapter V

Eighty seven years earlier. The two droids have arrived to Yavin where they were greeted by Luke Skywalker, the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. The introductions were done and the three moved to a more private area where they could discuss everything in details.

''So, you're the two famous droids owned by the Jedi Revan.'' Luke said as the three entered his private chamber.

''Statement: Yes, we are.'' HK turned his head toward T3, ''Observation: It seems that today's Jedi are slower than the ones we've met, at least you didn't have to tell them everything twice as is the current case.''

''What?'' Luke turned his head toward the assassin droid. He didn't know if he should be offended or laugh.

''Answer: Oh, nothing, meat... err, master.'' HK replied.

''Tell me something'', Luke started, ''that's the third time since we've met that you wanted to say something and then said master. What were you going to say?''

''Answer: Meatbag.'' HK replied instantly.

''You have a rather interesting personality for a droid.'' Luke pointed out.

''Statement: I get that a lot.''

T3 beeped something that sounded like a joke about HK-47's personality.

''So what do you mean by meatbag?'' Luke asked.

''Answer: It is a long story to be told now, but the short version is that with my master's permission I refer to organic lifeforms as meatbags.''

''Right. But still, meatbags?'' Luke was amused by this conversation.

''Statement: Well, you are meaty bags of water.'' HK said bluntly.

Luke barely restrained himself from laughing: ''Well... I guess you are right.''

''Statement: Of course I am right, master. And with that settled could we please move to the business at hand?''

''Of course.'' Luke said, ''Tell me then, why are you here? For that matter, tell me why were you left with the ship in the first place. I saw one of the journals from the Ebon Hawk, but it still doesn't explain your presence here, now.''

''Statement: I... that is we... we were left with the ship on our master's bidding. He said that a dark threat will arise in the future and that I—we, must stop it.''

''You?'' Luke said.

''Answer: Yes, we. I really wish I didn't have to repeat everything twice.''

''No, no. It's just... why would a Jedi Master leave the future of the galaxy in the hands of two droids?'' Luke clarified.

''Answer: I assure you that we are more than up to the task.'' HK said.

''All right, then. Tell me of this dark threat.'' Luke said. ''Could this have anything to do with Dasha's insanity and that mysterious break in onto the Academy grounds?'' He wondered.

''Statement: T3 unit, please play our master's message.''

T3 beeped in response and a hologram of the ancient Jedi Revan appeared in front of the astromech droid. He was wearing traditional Jedi robes of that time, he had short brown hair and a small beard just under the lower lip. Luke couldn't believe his eyes. This was the first glimpse on the ancient Jedi that a Jedi of this era could have. All they had on Revan until now were speculations on his appearance and a holopicture of the armor he wore as a Sith Lord.

Luke carefully listened as the ancient Jedi told him about his struggle against the Master of the True Teachings, about the vision he had upon the death of this enemy and he gave a detailed description of the future he saw, or at least as detailed as was possible to obtain from a vision. He mentioned that a Sith Empire will replace the Republic for the second time and that it will be ruled by a mysterious Sith Lord in a strange armor, but only for a short while, then the threat will reveal itself and destroy him. Revan then, to Luke's surprise, mentioned that this dark threat, this person will visit the Jedi Academy in search of the information about the Ebon Hawk. Luke knew then that this is not something that should be taken lightly, for what Revan accuratelly predicted has already happened. Revan couldn't say exactly what this person, looked like, but he mentioned that in his vision he saw a black armor and a red hood. As a final detail Revan mentioned that he was certain that this person will bear the insignia of the True Teachings. At this point Revan's hologram changed into a holoprojection of that insignia, the exact one that Ralik will have engraved in his new armor and wear eighty seven years from now. After a few seconds the message ended.

''Statement: I hope this explains everything.'' HK said.

''Almost.'' Luke added, ''If I understood him correctly he left that dark place intact so that this threat could rise and destroy the Sith. He still didn't say why he left it to the two of you and not to the Jedi to solve this.''

''Clarification: Because, the threat has not yet revealed itself, or should I say himself. And, of course, because this person can obviously easily detect and kill Jedi, or rather, will be able to do it.''

''And you're saying that Revan thought this person wouldn't be able to stop you?'' Luke asked.

''Answer: Our master made sure that they won't.'' HK said.

''What do you mean? Does this have something to do with your mysterious immunity to the Force?'' Luke was told about the event on Vjun.

''Answer: Precisely. Our master found a very special stone and implanted one in me and one in my small and sometimes annoying colleague. This stone generates a field that surpresses the Force.'' HK explained.

''Just like the ysalamiri!'' Luke said, ''Incredible.''

''Query: What is a ysalamir?'' HK asked.

''Oh, I thought you know that. It's an animal that can generate a field that surpresses the Force, just like that stone you have in you. Do you know where your master found those stones?'' Luke asked. ''Could it be that the stones are from Myrkr, the same planet the ysalamiri originate?''

''Answer: No, he didn't tell me that. Clarification: You see, we were separated for a while and I suspect he found the stones in the time the two of us were traveling with that exiled Jedi.''

''All right, this leaves me with only one question – what do the two of you need from me?'' Luke asked.

''Statement: We need all the information you have on the time in which we exist now. We would also appreciate if you could repair our ship. My master has left me with instructions that in exchange for your services we give you any historical information we may possess.''

''Very well, I suppose.'' Luke said, ''Please follow me to the Jedi Archives.''

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Chapter VI

Ninety seven years after the end of the war. The LoBue Cantina on Abregado-rae. Ralik has managed to acquire a small fortune by playing sabacc and now he started to seriously think about a way to get into the VIP area of the LoBue Cantina. Luckily for him the smugglers were passionate sabacc players and they noticed the newcomer's skills, so they sent one of their thugs to politely invite Ralik to a private game in the VIP lounge.

The VIP lounge was reserved for only the wealthiest customers, which, in this case, were the smugglers. Two huge Herglic thugs with a bad attitude were guarding the entrance to the VIP lounge, making sure that there were no unwanted visitors. The lounge itself consisted of three gambling tables, six regular tables and a private dance show with the most exotic Twi'lek dancers.

The man of the evening was a human smuggler named Tarik Vann. He handled all smuggling operations on Abregado-rae these days and all the other smugglers answered to him. He was a man of average height, fairly muscular, with trimmed black hair and a scar next to his right eye. Besides Tarik, there was a small time weapons dealer, a Rodian named Creeto, then a Kel'Dor spice smuggler named Hareth. ''Interesting group.'' Ralik thought. Vann stepped forward to greet the newcomer.

''Well, well, well. I hear you're quite the sensation at the sabacc tables tonight.'' Vann said.

''I'm still learning.'' Ralik replied with a chilling voice.

''I see.'' Vann said, slightly confused, ''You've played with the amateurs, now how would you like to play a game with the pros?''

''I'd rather talk some business, but if you want to lose some money before you earn some, that's fine with me.''

''Confident, are we?'' Vann said smugly, ''Tell you what, we'll play one game. If you win, you get whatever you want, with a fifty percent discount, if you lose, you'll have to pay double, that is if your interest in doing business doesn't dissipate after our game.''

''That's an interesting proposition. I think I'll take it.'' Ralik said coldly.

''Good. The name's Tarik. Tarik Vann. I handle all the smuggling around here. The Rodian's named Creeto, he deals weapons and the Kel'Dor over there, he's Hareth and if you want spice you go to him.'' Vann said.

''I'm Kilar. And I'm more in the mood for a new ship.'' Ralik said.

''Well, then you're in the right place. The only question is will you be able to pay for that ship when you lose all your money?'' Vann responded confidently.

''I won't lose. Besides, I have a ship that I'd like to sell, if you're interested.'' Ralik said. He knew it would be a lot easier if he could use the Force on Vann, but with those other two around and the huge Herglic bodyguards it would definitely qualify as drawing unnecessary attention to himself. Besides, he knew that the Sith Emperor had agents on the planet and he didn't want to draw their attention to him. Not now.

''We'll see about that. Now, let's play some sabacc!'' Vann said in a cheerful tone and went for the sabacc table, the Rodian and Kel'Dor followed. Ralik was right behind them.

They sat down and the Rodian delt the cards. They all invested a standard entry amount of fifty Imperial credits and the game began. Ralik slowly bluffed his way to victory and hand by hand the game was his. The other three were amazed. Especially Vann. He congratulated Ralik and they moved to his private table. It was time to talk business.

''You really are something, I'll tell you that.'' Vann said, ''I pulled my best tactics and you didn't even twitch. You know your sabacc.'' Luckily Vann could take a defeat, ''As I've promised you'll have a discount for your purchase, now let's talk business.''

''As I said, I'm interested in selling my old ship and buying a new one, something inconspicuous.'' Ralik told the smuggler.

''I see. And what can you tell me about the ship you're selling?''

''It's a Yuuzhan Vong coralskipper in perfect condition.'' Ralik said, ''It's drawing unnecessary attention these days, since those ships aren't really seen around much.''

''Yes, I know. All right, I'm interested. Meet me on the landing pad tomorrow and we'll perform the exchange, that is if the price suits you and the price is your coralskipper and another three hundred credits.'' Vann said cooly.

''And what do I get for that price?'' Ralik asked arrogantly.

''I have a T-65 X-Wing starfighter with a Class 1 hyperdrive, Titanium alloy hull, equipped with IX-4 laser cannons and an MG-7 proton torpedo launcher, mint condition. The extra three hundred credits are for an astromech droid. You can't fly that ship without one.''

''Very well.'' Ralik said calmly, ''I agree.''

''Excellent. Tomorrow then, at noon at the landing pad. Don't forget the money. I'll be seeing ya.'' Vann said and Ralik confirmed and left.

As Ralik left the LoBue Cantina he couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. He couldn't sense anyone, but he was certain that someone was there. He set out into the city and spent most of the night trying to lose the ''escort'' that he couldn't see, or sense. When he thought he lost them he returned to the landing pad, to his coralskipper. It was time to get some sleep, after all, he had business to conclude tomorrow and he wanted to be well rested and prepared for anything.

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Chapter VII

Ten years after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong war. The not so distant past. Luke took the two ancient droids to visit the Jedi Archives where they would... exchange information. On the way HK expressed quite a few objections to the cleanliness of the Jedi Academy as well as to its lack of security which drove Luke to extreme levels of frustration, but then he would simply remember who and what he is and the anger would go away, to HK's disappointment.

''Well, here we are.'' Luke said as they entered the archives.

''Observation: These Jedi Archives remind me much of those I saw on Dantooine. They too, were quite a mess at the time of my visit.''

''Could you for once not insult every accomplishment we made?'' Luke frowned at the assassin droid. Despite all his Jedi training and experience he was really fed up with this droid's constant nagging. He was worse than Threepio.

''Statement: Careful there, master. You wouldn't want to turn to the Dark Side, would you?'' HK chided.

''He's right. The ancient nagging machine is right!'' Luke realised as he remembered his one time fall to the cloned Emperor Palpatine. He calmed down at last.

''Statement: Besides, I was simply probing you in order to expose your weaknesses. It is merely standard procedure.''

''What do you mean – standard procedure?'' Luke asked, again simply intrigued by this droid.

''Answer: Well, it is quite possible that I might one day be instructed to kill you, since you are only a temporary master, master. Anyway, I have to familiarize myself with any possible weaknesses I may one day have to exploit.''

''You know I could just have my engineers dismantle you?'' Luke said with a half-serious tone.

''Confirmation: You could. But then you'd be disobeying my original master's request and you'd be dooming this entire galaxy.''

''Right.'' Luke agreed, ''And what weaknesses have you found so far?''

''Answer: Oh come on, master. It would be highly unprofessional of me to reveal my discoveries to you. You might decide to change your habits and my previous efforts would have been wasted.''

''All right then, I suppose we should get down to business.'' Luke dropped the issue, ''You can use this terminal here to access all our available data.'' Luke pointed at a nearby unused terminal.

''Statement: Thank you, master. Please wait, this will only take a few minutes.'' HK responded.

''How do you put up with him?'' Luke whispered to T3 while HK-47 was busy downloading the data he needed. T3 beeped something in response that Luke understood as ''You don't want to know.''

''Statement: Download complete. Now, it would seem it's my turn to give you that historical data. What do you wish to know?'' HK asked.

''Let's start with your creator, Revan. Tell me all you can about him.'' Luke sat down next to the terminal.

''Statement: As I have been reactivated too early to go and hunt down this threat, I suppose I can spare the time to give you the detailed version. We will have to start with the end of the Mandalorian Wars and the beginning of the Jedi Civil War.''

''All right.'' Luke said, ''I'm all ears.''

''Recitation: The Mandalorians were defeated at Malachor V and the galaxy seemed to finally be at peace, but then the Sith came. The Sith wanted what every typical meatbag wants – to rule the galaxy and spread death and destruction to all who oppose them...''

HK went on and on for hours about the Mandalorian Wars, the Jedi Civil War, Revan, his companions, the Star Forge and everything else he could think of. Luke recorded the entire conversation as a unique testimony to the history of the galaxy and the Jedi. Finally, after three hours they decided to take a break and see how the repairs to the Ebon Hawk were going. They arrived to the landing bay to see the Ebon Hawk fixed and polished and next to it parked none other than the Millenium Falcon. Luke saw Han Solo arguing with one of the technicians when he, too, saw Luke.

''Hey, Luke!'' Han shouted as he approached his old friend.

''Han!'' Luke said with a hint of surprise, ''What brings you here?''

''Well, I was in the neighbourhood and I thought I'd pay you a visit and resupply the Falcon. By the way, who ownes that rusty bucket parked next to my ship?'' Solo asked.

''This should be interesting.'' Luke thought with a silent smile.

''Statement: Do not insult my master's ship, meatbag! That is the Ebon Hawk, the fastest ship in the galaxy. And it is currently under my possession.''

''And who might you be, scrapheap?'' Han reacted to the ''meatbag'' in HK's sentence.

''Statement: I am HK-47, a personal droid of the Jedi Revan, not that a meatbag like yourself even knows that name, and you would do well to keep me in a good mood.''

Han silently admitted defeat, he had never heard of Revan, but then again he was never very interested in history, so he changed the subject: ''Fastest ship in the entire galaxy, huh?'' He asked. Luke whispered to him a short explanation on who HK-47 was and how old he and the ship were, ''Well, that might have been true in your time, but the Millenium Falcon, my ship, carries that title these days.''

''Statement: That almost sounds like a challenge, but I doubt a ship in that kind of condition can be anywhere near the fastest in the galaxy.'' HK teased Han.

''Now that you mention it, it is a challenge. A small race around the system, right now!'' Han said nervously.

''Han, you're taking it too seriously.'' Luke warned him.

''Oh, no. I'm not going to let some ancient crazy droid disrespect my ship! I'll blow that junkheap of his away! He won't even start the engines by the time I finish the race.'' Han shouted confidently.

''Statement: I like this meatbag, master.'' HK told Luke, ''He's amusing and violent, I'm sure he did his share of killings in the recent wars. Oh, how I wish I could have been there.''

''Well, if you two are serious about that race, I'm going to use that time to sort out the historical data you've provided so far, HK.'' Luke said.

''Statement: Go right ahead, master.'' HK said approvingly.

''Yeah, but don't get too comfortable, this'll be over before you know it.'' Han added proudly.

They went off. The two ships lifted off Yavin and went to the agreed coordinates to start their race. Han never liked to be treated without respect and HK wasn't about to let some meatbag insult his own abilities. The race started. Both ships went off in full speed. They made a set of checkpoints around the Red Giant's system that they had to pass through. The race was just getting interesting.

Meanwhile, Luke returned to the Jedi Archives, as he said he would, to sort out the information he got so far. He was most intrigued by these two droids and by their unique view on the time they existed in. He still couldn't comprehend though, why would a Jedi like Revan ever keep that HK droid with that kind of personality. Was he truly so amused by it?

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Chapter VIII

The present. Ninety seven years after the Yuuzhan Vong war. The sun slowly rose over the Abregado-rae Spaceport city. Ralik awoke in his coralskipper about two hours before his meeting with the smugglers. He took the money he won at the sabacc tables last night and went to the city to get himself an expensive breakfast. He entered in one of the most prestigeous and thus most expensive restaurants, which didn't exactly fit into keeping a low profile, but he had more than enough money and he was eager to taste some real food after a century of eating artificially generated nutrients.

He ordered the most expensive dish in the menu and paid up front. As he waited for his meal he observed the crowds on the streets, once again the people of Abregado-rae were carelessly rushing to their destinations, completely unaware of the threat that lurks among them.

After finishing his meal Ralik had another half hour before the meeting. He slowly strolled back to the landing pad. When he arrived Tarik Vann was already there. The Rodian and Kel'Dor were with him along with four more thugs, two of which were of the Gran species while the other two were Trandoshans. Vann spotted Ralik and waved him to come. Ralik nodded and approached the group.

''Well, hello there, sabacc genius.'' Vann said. The Rodian and Kel'Dor nodded their heads as a sign of greeting.

''Hello.'' Ralik said coldly, ''Is everything arranged? Do you have the merchandise?''

''Yes.'' Vann replied even colder, ''Do you have the payment is the question?''

''Of course.'' Ralik showed him the pouch with the money, ''The coralskipper is right over there.'' Ralik pointed towards it, ''Now, show me my ship.''

''Certainly.'' Vann replied and one of the thugs pulled out a remote control and pressed a button on it. A hangar opened and in it was a T-65 X-Wing starfighter along with an astromech droid, ''I hope you are satisfied.''

''Yes. Very.'' Ralik replied. He handed the money pouch to Vann and went for his new ship.

''Nice doing business with you,'' Vann said smugly, ''but I'm afraid we're not done yet.''

Ralik turned around and noticed that Vann and his companions have pointed their blasters right at him. He sensed something was wrong when he saw Vann and now he knew what it was. Two members of the New Sith Order appeared at the entrance to the landing bay. They were both humans and they wore black leather tunics and their faces were covered with traditional tattoos of the New Sith Order. The landing pad security knew better than to risk their necks in something that involved the Sith, so they silently left their posts and the landing pad.

''You see, the Sith offered me a huge sum to deliver you to them. I have no idea what they would want with you and frankly I don't care. The important thing is that they paid in advance.''

''So much for keeping a low profile.'' Ralik thought, ''The Sith Emperor, or one of his underlings obviously sensed the enormous power inside me and ordered his minions to capture me.'' He realized. ''Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh.'' Ralik laughed at the smuggler, ''You just made the biggest mistake of your short life.'' He stood still with his amphistaff prepared.

The two Sith approached the group. ''You have drawn out the target, your part in this is over, we'll take it from here.'' One of them said to Tarik.

''Very well. He's all yours.'' Vann replied and gestured with his hand to his companions that it was time to leave.

''Our master sensed a disturbance in the Force. We thought that the Jedi were gathering again. Imagine our surprise when we found out that all that power comes from a single person.'' One of the Sith minions said.

''I hope that knowledge is worth your lives, because you will not leave here alive.'' Ralik replied, with a devious, cold smile.

''There's two of us and you are alone. You can't win, if you fight us.'' The two Sith ignited their red lightsabers and assumed the attack stance, ''It's better for you to simply surrender.''

''You two have no idea who you're dealing with, I'll just have to give you a little demonstration.'' Ralik said. He abandoned the battle stance and stood completely still, holding his amphistaff loosely in his right hand.

''He's mocking us!'' One of the Sith shouted.

A few second later that same Sith started to cough. Ralik was simply standing there, watching the other Sith's reaction as his comrade choked to death. The look in the surviving Sith's eyes was that of unspeakable dread. He looked towards the landing pad entrance to see that the smugglers never made it outside, they too were dead. He abandoned his attack stance and just stood there, terrified. Never before had he fought an opponent with this kind of strength in the Force. He started to shake. His lightsaber desintegrated in his hand, Ralik's doing, no doubt.

''You call yourselves Sith Lords, but you have no idea what it means to truly master the Force, to achieve your full potential, or to truly understand the nature of the Force.'' Ralik told the terrified Sith.

''P... please... spare me.'' The Sith minion pleaded as he fell to his knees.

''I'm not going to kill you. Unless you try something stupid, like attack me.'' Ralik told him, ''I need you to pass a message to your Emperor.''

''Yes?'' The terrified human said.

''Since your Emperor is aware of my existence, he should know this too: All that he considers his is rightfully mine. Tell him that and tell him that I will soon come to claim what is mine and he will either submit, or die.'' Ralik said arrogantly.

''Y... yes, I'll tell him.'' The Sith barely pronounced the words.

''Good.'' Ralik turned once again towards his new ship and went for it. Minutes later the T-65 X-Wing rose to the sky and disappeared among the stars. The Sith warrior rose, still terrified, but relieved that he got out of this with his life, but before he knew it he was shot repeatedly from behind. Seconds later he was dead. A droid approached the corpse, he was painted in rusty red.

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Chapter IX

Ten years after the Yuuzhan Vong war. The two ships were racing with full speed around the Red Giant's system. The Millenium Falcon and the Ebon Hawk operated by their stubborn owners were racing for the title of the fastest ship in the galaxy, not that anyone except the ships' owners will care much about which ship wins, but still it was just something that they had to do. They were about halfway through the designated flight path and things were just warming up.

Meanwhile, back on Yavin IV, Luke Skywalker, the Grand Master of the Jedi Order was keeping himself busy with the historical data he got from HK-47. Once, a long time ago, the Jedi Archives were the nexus of historical knowledge. Pretty much anything related to any historical event could be found there. Unfortunately, during Palpatine's Galactic Empire, the majority of that data was lost. Emperor Palpatine wanted to make sure that all memory of the existence of Jedi ceased to exist. Now the Jedi Archives possess only a small fraction of that knowledge. Luke Skywalker's Jedi Order has done its best to recover that knowledge, but between all the wars they fought there was still a long road ahead of them and the information these droids could give were virtually priceless.

While he was sorting through all the data, Luke came across Revan's message that T3 played for him, he saw once again that strange insignia. It triggered a memory to something doctor Ule said during his last visit to the Medical Wing of the Jedi Academy. He and Kyle were wondering what could have caused such madness and doctor Ule's reply was: ''I believe the answer to that question, Jedi Masters, would be a crucial element of Dasha's cure. Without it, I'm afraid, she will most likely remain like this for the rest of her life.'' Luke remembered those words and he got an idea. He downloaded the holoprojection of the insignia onto a datapad and rushed to the Medical Wing.

''Doctor Ule!'' Luke shouted as he barged in the Medical Wing.

''Master Skywalker, what's the matter?'' The doctor asked with great surprise.

''I need to see Dasha immediately!'' Luke said, ''I need to show her something.''

''Show her? What?'' Ule was at a loss.

''I may have found that answer we were looking for.'' He said, ''Let me in her room so I can show her.''

''Very well.'' Ule replied, still slightly confused, but with faith in the Jedi Master's knowledge.

Ule opened the door to Dasha's chamber and Luke went inside. The room wasn't very large. It contained one bed and one chair, along with some medical sensors and a camera built into the walls. Dasha was sitting on the bed, still whispering that sentence: ''He is coming, the unstoppable Dark Lord, the whole galaxy will tremble at his feet and then the whole galaxy will burn.'' She whispered it over and over.

''Dasha.'' Luke called to her as he sat on the chair.

She looked at him, still repeating the sentence.

''I need to show you something Dasha, I think you've seen it somewhere and I think it made you ill.'' Luke said calmly.

The girl stared at him in wonder.

''I think it may help you get well.'' Luke continued.

Dasha was still staring at him, silent now. Luke took out his datapad and it displayed the picture of the insignia. The hexagon and two lines shaped like the number one and its mirror image on the sides. Dasha slowly took the datapad and stared the picture it displayed for a minute or two. Luke just sat there and waited, hoping it would work. Dasha stared at the datapad for a few more minutes and then she suddenly stood up. Luke slowly followed. Dasha started to open her mouth as if she was trying to say something, still staring at the picture of the insignia. About two seconds later she simply let the datapad slip from her hands. She sat back on her bed and a few more seconds after that she lost consciousness. Luke picked up the datapad and called for the doctor.

''What happened?'' Ule asked.

''I showed her this.'' Luke showed the datapad with the insignia to doctor Ule.

''What is that?'' Ule asked in wonder.

''I believe it has something to do with her condition, I thought showing it to her could help.'' Luke said sadly, ''It seems I was wrong. Completely.''

''We can't be sure of that, Master Skywalker.'' Ule replied, ''We will be when she regains consciousness.''

''And if she doesn't?'' Luke asked.

''She will.'' Ule tried to assure him.

''Here.'' Luke handed the datapad to Ule, ''All the information about this insignia is on this datapad. See what you can make of it and be sure to call me, if Dasha's condition changes.'' He said and then he left the Medical Wing.

Luke decided to try to put his mind off the events that just happened, so he made his way to the landing bay. The ''race'' should be over by now. It would be fun to see who won. As Luke entered the landing bay he saw both ships docked on their assigned landing pads. He saw Han coming out of the Falcon boiling with anger, while HK and T3 were leaving the Ebon Hawk with no visible droid-like reactions.

''You lost?'' Luke asked, trying to be witty.

''I can't believe it!! I just can't believe it!'' Han shouted.

''Statement: That'll teach you to challenge the fastest ship in the galaxy.'' HK interrupted.

''What happened?'' Luke asked.

''Well, we were a third of the way to the finish. We were tied!'' Han turned to HK-47.

''And?'' Luke asked eager to find out the answer.

''I punched the speed up.'' Han said, ''The Falcon started to accelerate and then...''

''What?'' Luke asked.

''It seems I pushed the ship too far. I...uh... blew the engines.'' Han said, barely.

''You're kidding?'' Luke asked with a slight smile.

''No. And the worst part is that the Ebon Hawk had to tow me back here and I was forced to listen that arrogant droid's gloating the whole way!'' Han shouted nervously.

''Observation: Perhaps if you took better care of your ship and replaced the old parts every once in a while you wouldn't have lost.'' HK gloated.

''We were tied!!'' Han shouted.

''Appeasement: Of course we were, what ever you say.'' HK mocked.

Han grumbled at the droid and then he looked at Luke: ''You okay? You look like you just killed someone.''

''Statement: You killed someone? Please tell me it's true, master! And please tell me there's a holorecording of the event I can watch.''

''It's... nothing.'' Luke said.

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Chapter X

The present. Ralik has just left Abregado-rae's orbit, completely unaware that his message to Darth Krayt, the Sith Emperor, will never arrive, that it has been intercepted, so to speak, by an ancient red-colored assassin droid. He didn't really care much about it, he would take what was his either way.

The T-65 X-Wing and its pilot left the Abregado-rae system and as soon as they did, Ralik punched in the coordinates into the ship's computer and engaged the hyperspace drive. To his astonishment, Vann had not doublecrossed him, the hyperdrive worked like a charm. The stars turned into starlines as the ship entered hyperspace. There was nothing left for Ralik to do now, but rest and relax. In a few hours he will be at his destination – the huge, planet-sized factory of the Lenari.

After about eight hours of travel the craft left hyperspace. He was there. The planet in front of him was the fake planet that actually hid the ancient factory. From outer space its surface appeared to be a real wasteland, a perfect cover for what lay beneath. He scanned the surface for any structures that may be the entrance to the factory. He didn't find any structures, but he did find what appeared to be an entrance. He punched a landing course to those coordinates into the console and started his descent.

On his way to the surface Ralik saw what looked like two enormous craters, but their shape was to regular for craters. They must be something else. He decided not to deviate from his course and check it in the factory's schematics, when it's up and running again. Fifteen minutes later he reached the designated coordinates. The entrance was indeed there, but it wasn't an entrance you'd expect. No, there were no doors, just a huge opening that lead to what turned out to be a landing bay. One of many it seemed.

Ralik landed the ship, he took out a Gnullith he brought with him and put it on. The Gnullith was a Yuuzhan Vong breathing apparatus – it was a bioengineered creature that would seal itself over the mouth and nose and then force a breathing tube down the user's throat. Ralik knew there was no air here, this was all artificial and since the power was down the devices that were responsible for generating an artificial breathable atmosphere were not working.

Ralik made his way deeper into the factory, searching for the master computer. The factory's corridors were completely dark, but Ralik saw everything perfectly. He used the Force to enhance his vision and see in the dark. He followed the signs to the center of the huge structure. He could see a mild light somewhere in the distance. As hours passed and he progressed further and further the light grew stronger. He was near the center of the structure, he could feel it. When he finally arrived he couldn't believe his eyes.

''Your eyes do not deceive you.'' His master's voice whispered in his head.

''But what I see before me... how can this be?'' Ralik asked, still stunned by the sight.

''I told you our technology is more advanced than anything in this galaxy.'' The dark figure's whispering voice echoed in Ralik's head.

''The Star Forge drew its power from a star, but this...'' Ralik started.

''Yes. We have successfully harnessed the power of a planet's core to power this facility. After all, this factory is the size of a planet...'' The dark figure whispered.

''Because this was once a planet.'' Ralik finished his master's sentence and he finally accepted what he saw before him.

Lying behind a five hundred meters thick protective glass and an extremely powerful energy field was the core of a planet. Carefully controlled, it was the only system in this factory that remained fully operational. The sight was amazing and it was damn clever, since the power of the core itself masked the presence of any nearby equipment to any ship's sensors. Ralik looked around and about ten meters to the left of where he was standing he saw a huge computer terminal. ''This must be the master computer.'' He concluded. He approached the huge terminal and powered it up.

A minute later he heard an artificial voice report the status of the factory. Everything was operational – the sensors, the defenses, the power plant and the ship production. Ralik took a look at the factory's database, in its schematics he saw what those unortodoxly shaped craters really were. The ones he saw were actually huge exit shafts for the newly produced capital ships. There were other craters he didn't see on his way in that were actually exaust shafts and engine shafts. This place was truly amazing. And it was Ralik's.

He closed the factory schematics file and ordered the master computer to start ship production. The artificial voice responded in confirmation and Ralik opened up the ship schematics files. He was even more amazed when he saw that data. There were three types of battleships – the triangular shaped fighter ships that were equipped with very formidable weaponry, the spherical shaped capital ships that were equipped with weapons powerful enough to destroy a planet and there was the special classed master-ship. This battleship was a larger version of the spherical capital ships, but it had tougher weaponry and hull and the leader of the fleet could amplify his Force power over a special neural interface to simultaneously control every crewmember on every of his ships, giving his fleet the crucial edge in a battle – perfect concentration, coolness, timing and precision.

''All I need now is an army to operate these ships.'' Ralik said.

''It already awaits you, Ralik.'' His master's voice whispered in his head.

''What do you mean?'' Ralik asked.

''Remember our history, my apprentice? How after my defeat the thousands of my race left our stronghold?''

''Yes. I remember.'' Ralik replied, ''But they can't possibly be alive after all this time.''

''Oh, but they can.'' The dark figure whispered, ''They are alive, in deep stasis and they are very near.''

''Where are they?'' Ralik asked, ''They must be awakened!''

''Yes, they must.'' The dark figure concured, ''They are in an undergroud cloning facility on a nearby planetoid, you will find the coordinates in the factory's computer. Go there and awaken them. Then you will have all that you require to fulfill your destiny.''

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Chapter XI

The past. Ten years after the end of the war. Luke was in his meditation chamber. Thinking. About what happened in the Medical Wing an hour ago, about this dark threat, about everything. Han was still wandering around the Academy, trying to cheer himself up after that embarrasing race. The sun was setting. In an hour, maybe two, night will fall. The students were finishing their daily studies and will soon gather in the mess hall for dinner. Luke wished that training students was all he had to think about, but he had a feeling that day won't come soon.

''Now, now, Luke. You didn't really expect everything to be so easy?'' Obi-Wan's spirit appeared before him.

''Well, after all the wars... I just thought that moment has finally come, you know, when the galaxy is in peace and when I can relax a bit.'' Luke replied.

''As Jedi we are obligated to protect the future as well as the present, Luke. The galaxy is in peace now, but as you have learned, there will come a time in the future when it will be in peril once again.''

''Yes, but that danger exists in my time, Ben. Even now it is hidden somewhere and it has already hurt the Jedi greatly.''

''Unfortunately, it did. All you can do about it is to take care of those two droids and their ship. They might not seem like much, but trust me when I say that even the most unnoticable thing can affect the final outcome.'' Obi-Wan calmed his former protege.

''I... guess you're right.'' Luke admitted.

''Well, of course I am. I wasn't a Jedi Master for nothing, you know.'' Obi-Wan joked.

''Right.'' Luke smiled, ''Thank you, old friend.''

''May the Force be with you, Luke.'' Obi-Wan said and vanished.

Luke went to the terrace. The sun had almost set. Only its peak was visible on the edge of the horizon. Luke felt a mild breeze on his face. It was a very calming and pleasant feeling. Luke enjoyed the weather for a few minutes and then the door to the meditation chamber opened and HK-47 entered the room.

''Statement: Excuse me master, but while I too would stare at the sunset, if I was a little meatbag girl, I think our time would be better spent in the Jedi Archives. I still have a lot of data to give you.''

''Very well, let's go.'' Luke said, trying to ignore the little girl remark that HK made.

The two went back to the Jedi Archives, T3 was already waiting for them there. They went to that same terminal they were working on when they started the exchange of information and they continued. HK-47 finished his detailed description of the Jedi Civil War and its aftermath, then he gave Luke all the information he possessed about the Mandalorian Wars and when he was done with historical events, he started talking about the worlds he visited and the species he enountered and with who he ''facilitated communications''. The amount of information the droid had was remarkable. It will take some time to sort them all out, but it will be well worth the trouble – the Jedi Archives will be restored.

''...and that would be pretty much all I can tell you about that matter.'' HK finished.

''Thank you. This will be very helpful, since much of the historical data was lost.'' Luke said.

''Statement: Then do a better job at keeping this one. I'd hate to think that all this time was wasted.''

''Right. So, what will you do next?'' Luke asked the droid.

Again, as Luke finished his question, something happened, as it did when HK was reactivated on Vjun: ''Statement: Protocol Slumbering Army activated.'' HK said.

''What does that mean?'' Luke asked in confusion.

''Clarification: My first objective is complete, thus this new protocol was activated, giving me further instructions.''

''What are your instructions?'' Luke asked.

''Statement: I and my astromech companion are to remain at the Jedi Academy. Since we were reactivated too soon we will enter a hibernatory state, we will automatically reactivate every five years and you will provide us with new data on the galaxy.''

''And that's it?'' Luke sounded almost disappointed.

''Negatory: No. When the data on the galaxy matches the information given to us by our old master, namely when there is an Empire instead of this Galactic Alliance you have now, our hibernation will end and a new protocol will activate.''

''I see.'' Luke said.

''Statement: We only request that you provide regular maintenance to us and to our ship during our stay here.''

''You shall get it.'' Luke promised.

''Statement: In that case, we will return to the Ebon Hawk and begin our hibernation. Oh, tell that angry meatbag friend of yours I said hi.'' HK said, referring to Han.

''Sure, I know that'll make him very happy.'' Luke said.

''Statement: Happy? I though it would make him more angry. Better don't tell him anything then. You know, master, you're no fun at all.''

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Chapter XII

The present. The era of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire. At least it was for the time being. Ralik stood on an observation deck and watched as the first of many ships of his new fleet was being assembled. It was one of those spherical capital ships. It took about three hours, which was amazingly fast, a lot faster than the Rakatan Star Forge ever could have been, but the ship was finished and ready for use. It was like nothing before seen in the galaxy. About a quarter the size of the Death Star, metallic black color and small yellow-orange lights coming out of the windows of the spherical hull.

Only one thing left to do before his conquest would begin. Ralik returned to the master computer and got the coordinates of the cloning facility, it was time to go and awaken the troops. He left the factory operational and in his T-65 X-Wing he went to get his army. Now that the factory was operational, the layers of dirt covering its surface have dissipated in space. The factory's metal hull could be seen now. With its automated defenses up and running it was perfectly safe to leave it unmanned for a short while. As soon as Ralik's ship was clear of the factory's artificial gravity it speeded up into hyperspace.

The cloning facility was on a planetoid only four light years away from the factory, so the trip wouldn't be a very long one. About two hours later Ralik arrived to his final destination – an asteroid field in the middle of nowhere. Somewhere in that field a planetoid lay hidden and in it a slumbering army. It took Ralik some time to locate the planetoid, since it was shielded by a ring of larger asteroids and then to safely navigate through the field to it.

The X-Wing landed on the atmosphere deprived planetoid and Ralik once again put his Gnullith to use. Finding the entrance was easy this time. It was more or less visible from Ralik's landing site. Ralik ran to it and entered. The cloning facility was operating on emergency power, judging from the dimmed lights. Ralik passed through the airlock and as the gray hexagonal door closed he removed the Gnullith. The artificial atmosphere was there. He continued along the wide corridor, passed through the cloning lab and continued downwards. His suspicions were true, on the lowest level of the facility he found what he was looking for. A vast chamber, the size of twenty storehouses, filled with thousands of cylindrical-shaped stasis pods.

''My army. It is here and it is larger than I imagined.'' He thought. He made his way through the huge stasis chamber to a small door at its opposite end. He passed through the door and his suspicions were correct once again, for the computer that controlled and maintained all those stasis pods was there. Ralik approached the command console and initiated the awakening procedure. He rushed back into the stasis chamber and witnessed the awakening of his new army.

The stasis pods started to open, one by one, and from them rose tall black aliens, some were dressed in traditional warrior armor and others only in leathery robes. ''So these are the Lenari.'' Ralik thought. ''The master wasn't lying, they truly have physical similarities with the Sith species, but they, unlike the Sith, are stronger and more intelligent. I couldn't have asked for more.'' With his red eyes Ralik watched as the last of the aliens woke up. It took them a minute or two to recover from post-stasis desorientation and then one of the armored aliens approached Ralik.

''You bear the insignia of the Lenari Imperium. Are you the follower of the True Teachings?'' The alien asked.

''Yes.'' Ralik replied, ''I have come here, after a century of studying under the spirit of your hooded leader, to awaken you and lead you to your destiny!''

The aliens unanimously cheered and the armored alien that stood in front of Ralik bowed down and said: ''You truly are the one our leader foresaw. You are here to spread our ways across this galaxy. We bow and follow.''

''Excellent.'' Ralik said, ''How many of you are there exactly?''

''Five thousand, my lord.'' The alien replied, ''I am Overseer Crull, at your service, my lord.''

''An Overseer? If my knowledge is correct, that is one of the highest ranks in the Lenari legion.'' Ralik said coldly.

''Yes, my lord, it is.'' Crull responded proudly, ''I am the highest ranking officer here, at your service.''

''Good, now tell me do you have any means of transportation off this rock?'' Ralik asked with an authoritative tone.

''Yes, we do.'' Crull confirmed what Ralik already knew was true, ''Our transport is hidden by a holographic field, it is actually a few meters away from this facility's entrance.''

''Excellent. I have already activated the ship factory, I want two and a half thousand to return with me to the factory and I want the rest to stay here and get the cloning lab up and running and, of course, use it to breed new troops.''

''Yes, my lord.'' Crull replied, ''Pardon me, my lord, but how shall we address you?''

''My name is Ralik and you may address me as my lord, or lord Ralik. At least until we conquer this galaxy and I become Emperor.'' Ralik replied.

''Yes, my lord.'' Crull said submissively.

''Good. You have one hour to make the necessary preparations, then we go to fulfill our destiny! The True Teachings will rise from the ashes and spread throughout the known universe!!'' Ralik shouted in excitement.

The aliens cheered once again and then slowly started to disperse to do their new master's bidding. Four hours later Ralik, Crull and two and a half thousand of his troops were back at the factory. Nothing to do now but wait. When their ranks are sufficiently bolstered and their starship armada built, the conquest will begin.

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Chapter XIII

Eighty seven years earlier. Now that the two droids are in hybernation mode back on their ship and life at the Jedi Academy was slowly getting back to normal Luke could finally get back to his regular duties as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Those regular duties included lectures, training sessions, sorting out the data received from the droids and, of course, spending time with his family.

Luke's son, Ben, was now about fourteen years old and he was well away in his Jedi training. He was currently away from the Academy, on a mission with his master, but he sent a lot of letters to his father and Luke finally got the chance to read them. He was just finishing the last one when Han came.

''Hey, Luke.'' He said in a half-whisper.

''Han. Everything alright?''

''Alright? Oh, yeah, besides losing a race to a four thousand year old junkheap and being incredibly embarassed and losing most of my self-esteem, everything is just fine.''

''I see.'' Luke tried to hold back the laughter.

''Oh, that's nice. Just great. Even you are laughing at me.''

''No, no. I apologize'', Luke said, ''So, what's next on the agenda?''

''Well, the Falcon is all fixed up and restocked, so I'm ready to head back to Coruscant.''

''Well, it's been nice seeing you. Tell me one thing, Han...''

''What's that?''

''Why did you really come here?''

''What do you mean?''

''I mean, the Falcon was all battered up when you came, what happened?''

''Oh, that. Well, I got into a little dispute with the Cavrilhu pirates.''

''And you didn't tell me this because...?''

''Well, I didn't wanna worry you, besides it's no big deal, a couple of shots were fired and I got away. They didn't follow me, don't worry.''

''Same old Han.'' Luke said.

''Always will be. Well, I gotta go, see you around.''

''Right. See you, Han.'' Luke said and Han left.

Days went by as ordinary as they could be. The students were training under the watchful eyes of their masters and life slowly went on. Luke was just finishing the sorting of all that information he got from HK-47 when he received an urgent call from the Medical Wing of the Jedi Academy. He rushed there as fast as he could. When he came in, doctor Ule was standing there, holding a datapad, the doctor's stance was one of utter confusion.

''Doctor Ule?'' Luke asked.

''Master Skywalker.'' The doctor said, ''You're here.''

''Yes. Your message said that there's some sort of emergency.'' Luke said with some confusion.

''Well, there is... sort of.'' The doctor said.

''What do you mean?'' Luke asked, his confusion growing by the minute.

''Well, something happened. I have absolutely no explanation for it, but...'' Ule paused.

''What? What is it?'' Luke asked.

''It's Dasha, Master Skywalker.'' Ule said.

''What about her? Is everything allright, doctor?'' Luke asked.

''That's the thing, Master Skywalker. Everything is just fine.'' Ule said with a slight smile.

''Good to hear.'' Luke said, ''Wait a minute... You're not saying...'' And then it hit him like a fist in the face. He restrained himself from using his mind reading abilities as a courtesy, which is why he was so stunned by it all.

''This morning Dasha woke up, Master Skywalker.'' Ule said, ''Fully recovered.''

''Amazing. So, she's allright now?'' Luke asked.

''She seems so. I have no idea how she recovered, but I have a feeling it has something to do with that thing you showed her. It seems it just needed time to work.'' Ule said.

''That's excellent news, doctor. Where is she? Can I see her?''

''She's still in her room, go on in.'' Ule said.

Luke approached the door to the small room to see Dasha sitting there calmly. She saw him and put on a mild smile. He entered.

''Master Skywalker.'' Dasha greeted him.

''How are you feeling?'' Luke asked.

''Fine. The doctors tell me I've been in a coma for a week and that before that I was in a delusional state.'' She said.

''Did they tell you how long have you been sick?'' Luke asked.

''Eleven years.'' She confirmed sadly, ''That thing, that... creature, or ghost, or whatever it was. It took eleven years of my life away from me.'' She sobbed.

''Listen carefully, Dasha. Master Katarn and I have read your journal and the journal from the Ebon Hawk. In the past few days we've had our share of strange and interesting events.'' Luke started.

''What happened?'' She asked.

''Well, for one thing, the Ebon Hawk is here. At the Academy.'' Luke said.

''You excavated it and you towed it here.'' She asked with excitement.

''Excavated, yes, but we didn't bring it here. The two droids that were still inside did that.'' Luke said.

''They were still operational? Remarkable.'' She said.

''Yes, one of our on-site engineers reactivated them.''

''So, where are they now?'' Dasha asked.

''They are in a hybernatory state, they will reactivate every five years... I'll fill you in on the details later, what's important now is that they've given us a huge amount of historical information and among it was something about your own discovery, the one that caused your illness.'' Luke said.

''What did you learn?'' She asked.

''We know now that it has something to do with an ancient cult of some sort. Something called the True Teachings. The Jedi Revan went on a distant and remote planet and defeated their leader and at that moment he foresaw a threat rising again in a distant future. I'm convinced now that the break in we had all those years ago and your illness were the work of that threat. Unfortunately, I don't know where he is, or how to stop him, so we'll have to rely ourselves on Revan's droids to do it.''

''The droids, Master Skywalker?''

''Yes. Apparently, Revan left them and the ship hidden so they could stop this dark threat when he shows himself.''

''You keep saying he, do you know who he is?'' Dasha asked.

''If I'm right, then the galaxy will face a being never before seen. A Force user, incredibly powerful in the Force, but immune to any Force attack.'' Luke said with a sense of dread.

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The present. Coruscant. The capital of the Second Galactic Empire. Still the place of many exciting events and the center of commerce, but ruled now by the Sith. During the planet's terraforming into Yuuzhan'tar, the Yuuzhan Vong crushed its moon and pulled the planet from its orbit, so it lay closer to the sun. Now, ninety seven years later, the planet has recovered, but the invasion will never be forgotten.

The planet's climate was now noticeably warmer and some sections of the city are still under reconstruction, some others will probably always remain terraformed. The city-planet was ruled by a tyrant's hand. A tyrant with a strange vision of a galaxy in order and his name was Darth Krayt. Nobody in the new Sith Order really knows who hides behind that Vonduun crab armor, but everyone of his Sith Order knows that he has survived for about a hundred years and only his trusted lieutenants know that he did it by spending a lot of time in stasis. His body has started to fail him, a strange disease slowly killing him, which is why he has made it his goal to find the mysterious Jedi who can bring people back to life.

Darth Krayt had a number of lieutenants, most important of all were Darth Wyyrlok, his second in command, then his two Hands – Darth Nihl and Darth Talon and then there was Darth Maladi, Krayt's head of Intelligence. She was just bringing in the latest progress reports.

''...we have managed to capture and convert three more Jedi and five Imperial Knights, but we've found no clues as to the whereabouts of the mysterious Jedi you seek, or the former Emperor Roan Fel.'' Maladi reported.

''I see. Tell me, Maladi, what have you done at Abregado-rae?'' Krayt asked.

''Well, my lord...'' The Devaronian woman started.

''Yes, Maladi...'' Krayt knew he wasn't going to like it.

''We've organised an ambush for the person you sensed, but we failed.'' She said.

''He escaped?'' Krayt demanded.

''Not only did he escape, my lord, he also killed the entire smuggling group that lead us to him along with one of our agents. We're not sure about the exact circumstances surrounding the death of the other agent.'' Maladi said.

''You only sent two agents against him?!'' Krayt was furious.

''Y... yes, my lord. Two of our best on Abregado-rae. We figured that between the two of them and the smugglers our target wouldn't stand a chance.''

''You figured?'' Krayt held out his arm in a gripping stance and started to choke Maladi with the Force, ''Did I not tell you that this person is like nothing I've ever sensed before, or do my words mean nothing to you, Maladi!?''

''N... no, my lord... of course they do, but...'' she could barely speak.

''But nothing!! This is not the first time you've disappointed me, Maladi. I'd be careful if I were you. If you continue down that path, I might have to replace you. Now get out of my sight.'' Krayt released the Devaronian woman from his grip and she tumbled out of the Throne room.

''We must be extremely careful, Wyyrlok.'' Krayt said to his second in command a few minutes later, ''I sense that we haven't seen the last of this mysterious threat.''

''Threat, my lord?'' Wyyrlok said, ''Are you certain? Perhaps he can be turned to serve you.''

''No. I doubt it. You've heard how our agents and those smugglers died.''

''I have, my lord.'' Wyyrlok confirmed.

''Then you should know that this is someone extremely powerful and extremely dangerous. He must be found and stopped. The galaxy must be put in order and I am running out of time.'' Krayt said.

''Are you feeling well, my lord?''

''As well as it is possible, Wyyrlok. The disease in my body slowly spreads, we must find the Jedi-healer as soon as possible.''

''We are doing our best, my lord.'' Wyyrlok said.

''Also, reassign all available men to search for our Abregado-rae fugitive. When they find him, he must be killed.'' Krayt said.

Somewhere, on a hidden massive ship factory Ralik and his Lenari army dwelled. His armada slowly grew and the time when everything will be unfolded was approaching. The time when Ralik will fulfill his destiny.

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