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Thread: Imperial Commando Tie-In Story
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Imperial Commando Tie-In Story

I have some ideas for Imperial Commando, if it becomes a game, which could into be a good story. It follows the story of the new improved It has 5 planets: the Death Star, where the commandos have to make it to a landing bay and destroy a rebel ship, which escapes. The commandos then get new orders to follow it. Yavin 4, where the commandos must destroy the ships inside and around the rebel base. Hoth, where the Commandos infiltrate the rebel base and steal plans from the rebels, killing many in the process. And then your on the new Death Star where you find out that it is going to be destroyed by the rebels. Your orders are to find Darth Vader and the Emperor and get off the Death Star before it's destroyed.

Thinking up ideas for the first chapter now and it will be up in an hour at most, tell me what you think.
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|-\-\-\-Chapter 1-/-/-/-|
|-\-\-\-New And Improved-/-/-/-|
|-\-\-\-Aboard the Death Star, 1431 military clock-/-/-/-|

"Ah, the commandos of the empire. You shall do the empire's bidding, and so shall your brothers, but you are superior to them in every way. But what am I saying? You have probably heard this already when you but young ones on Kamino. You are dismissed, men." - Admiral Callor.

I looked down at my new Stormtrooper commando helmet, and the lifeless black eyes stared back at me. We'd been given shiny new armour and guns, from Lord Vader himself. The other clones, or should I say Stormtroopers now, where given lesser armour and weapons, meant only for death now, as they always have been. I was told when I was young that all clones were bred to die or eventually retire, and I didn't want to retire.
Us commandos were lucky that we were the ones that hadn't killed the Jedi. They had helped us in our missions in the past, they had beens some of the Republic's best fighters and some of our best friends. Now they had all been slain, and only the Sith remained.
"89?" said Theta-12, my team's computer expert, nicknamed 'Com' as he walked in.
"Ah, Com," I replied, "I've been waiting for you, where are the others?"
"They're coming along now sir, we just need to-"
"Lead-9!" called Theta-64, the team's demolitions expert, nicknamed 'Core'.
"Hello Core, you're late," I scolded.
"Sorry sir, I had a meeting with Admiral Keep, he wanted to congratulate me on my last training mission,"
"It's ok Theta, but where's-"
Once again, I was interupted. But this time is was by Theta-18, the team's sniper, nicknamed 'Stalker', as he came through the door saying, "Sorry Lead-89, I had to clean up my new suit, it wasn't clean enough,"
"I understand Theta," I said and nodded at him, "now we just have to wait for Admiral Callor to give us our orders,"
We waited in silence for around a half hour until there was large thud against the Death Star.
"Hold stance Thetas," I reassured them. A few seconds later, Admiral Callor came rushing in.
"Rebels have attacked the ship!" he panted.
We had all heard about this rebellion, but the commandos had never seen the rebels.
"Commandos, head down to hanger D, and destroy the rebel ship there. Lord Vader says it is of utmost importance. Also kill any rebels in you see. I would stay and give you more information but I am needed elsewhere. Commandos dismissed,"
And with that he ran back out of the room.
"Come on Thetas, let's get to that hanger," I said to them all and we exited the room.
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|-\-\-\-Chapter 2-/-/-/-|
|-\-\-\-The Death Star Is Destroyed-/-/-/-|
|-\-\-\-Inside a corridor leading to hanger D, 1505 military clock-/-/-/-|

"The Imperial commandos are the backbone of the empire. In fact, without them, there would be no empire. The wars won, would be lost, and I would of died long ago. The empire owes much to those brave commandos, as do I." - The Emperor.

A rebel screamed as he hit the ground, his body giving off smoke where he had been hit with our blasters.

"Rebel scum," Stalker said as he looked down at the dead body.

"This corridor is secure, Thetas, now let's go," I commanded.

We continued down the corridors, shooting and killing rebels as we went. As we were going over a bridge leading to the last corridor when I saw a young rebel man and woman swinging across two sides of the chasm we were in.

"Fire at them!" I cried and we started shooting. Sadly we were too slow to react and they made it to the other side. "Keep moving Thetas,"

We ran through to hanger D and saw the two rebels we had seen earlier, a new one and a wookiee. They seemed depressed as they climbed onto the ship we were meant to destroy. We looked around the room and saw Lord Vader walking towards their ship but a door closed on him. We ran down the stairs to the side of us and Com threw a homing device on their ship just as it left the port.

"Theta sqaud," came Lord Vader's rough voice down the intercom.

"Yes, my lord?" I asked.

"I want you to follow that ship and try to destroy it if possible, but if you cannot, find where it goes and report back to me,"

"Yes, my lord,"

We didn't know why it was so important to Lord Vader, but we knew what happened to those who did not follow his orders. We quickly made our way to hangar E and boarded one of the imperial ships.

"Follow that homing device, Theta," I said as Com manned the ship.

"Yes Lead-89," Com replied and set up a screen to follow the rebel ship.
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Is this fanfiction? If so, I know a place where you'll get more viewers. Btw, I haven't read this yet, but it looks interesting. I will.

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Originally Posted by Niner_777
Is this fanfiction? If so, I know a place where you'll get more viewers. Btw, I haven't read this yet, but it looks interesting. I will.
Yeah, he's right.

Try posting it in either of these places.
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Ok guys I will post on the first one. Thanks
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