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Thread: [FIN] The Adventures of Jaden Lennon
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Diego Varen
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[FIN] The Adventures of Jaden Lennon

Please feel free to leave comments here. Thanks.


Looking back, Jaden Lennon, now known as the Exile, didn’t regret his choices of going to war. The Republic needed help and Jaden knew that the Jedi Order wouldn’t help them, until it was too late. The transport ship arrived at the entrance of the Jedi Temple, the sanctuary for all the Jedi and once Jaden. Instead of immediately getting on, Jaden took one last look at what was once his home. Now he knew that it would be a place where none of the Jedi Masters would wish to see him again.

“Come on!” The pilot shouted at Jaden, “I haven’t got all day!”

The pilot beeped his horn impatiently. Jaden sighed, picking up his suitcase, with all his remaining possessions inside. He sat down on an empty seat near a small window. The transport shook slightly and moved away from Jaden’s only family. The only family he ever knew. Now he would be living the exile life, trying not to come in contact with any of his Jedi companions. As the transport left Coruscant, Jaden decided where he would go next. He would go into the furthest reaches of the Outer Rim, somewhere where he wouldn’t be recognised.

“Attention passengers!” The pilot announced over the transport, “The Harbinger will be docking at the desert Planet of Tatooine! If you plan to leave here, please don’t leave any of your belongings behind and prepare to leave.”

Tatooine. The perfect place for an exile to start. The only thing Jaden wondered was what he was going to do once he arrived.

Stay tuned for Chapter I Arrival
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Diego Varen
@Diego Varen
Left and may not return
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Contest winner - Fan Fiction 
Chapter I

The memory of his exile still flashed in Jaden’s mind. The Jedi Temple stood before him, as the Jedi Master, Jorran Corral and the soldier, Carth Onasi, had escorted him.

“I can’t do this.” Jaden told them both.

“Don’t fear my young Jedi friend,” Jorran told Jaden, “I myself have been through the worst of times. Times of the war with Exar Kun, but that is another story.”

“Perhaps the Jedi will let you stay with them.” Carth told Jaden.

“I doubt it,” Jaden told him, “The Jedi sometimes can’t forgive the crimes that their own apprentices had done.”

Jaden turned to walk towards the Jedi Temple.

“Good luck!” Both Jorran and Carth shouted from behind.

Jaden didn’t reply. He just wanted to get this over with.


The winding corridors soon led Jaden to the council room. The Jedi Council included five Jedi Masters. Master Vrook, a grumpy old Jedi Master who was always there to criticise the padawans. Master Vash was one of the only female masters on the Jedi Council, the other being Master Atris. The other two Jedi Masters were Zez-Kai Ell and Jaden’s own master, Master Kavar. The trial began.

“Do you know why we have called you here?” Master Vrook asked, a tone of impatience in his voice.

Jaden sighed. He felt weak, being interrogated by the Jedi Masters. Now he knew how prisoners felt if a Jedi was interrogated.

“You have called me to answer for my crimes on Malachor V.” Jaden admitted, feeling ashmed.

"As Revan summoned you, so have you come full circle to return to the Jedi.” Master Kavar continued.

Jaden didn’t know what that meant, but didn’t ask any questions, since he thought it would make him feel even guiltier.

"Why did you defy us?” Master Zez-Kai Ell asked, “The Jedi are guardians of the peace and have been for centuries. This call to war undermines all that we have worked for.”

“Is Revan your master now?” Master Atris asked, who like Vrook, had a tone of impatience in her voice, “Or is it the horror you wrought at Malachor that has caused you to see the truth at last?”

“I realise that following Revan to war was in violation of the Jedi Code,” Jaden told them all, trying to remain as calm as possible, “And I broke it, knowingly defying the wishes of the Jedi Council.”

“You refuse to hear us,” Master Zez-Kai Ell told Jaden, “You have shut us out, and so have shut yourself to the galaxy. Know that there is no turning back from this judgment. It is good you recognize this. It means you will understand why you must leave us. We feel that your true understanding of what happened at Malachor V will only happen in time. And it cannot happen here, near the battlegrounds where you fought.”

Why I must leave them? Jaden thought, it can’t be. I’ll be exiled I just know it.

“You are exiled, and you are a Jedi no longer.” Master Vash told Jaden, speaking for the first time, since the trial began.

There is one last thing.” Master Vrook told Jaden.

Oh great, I knew there would be something. Jaden thought.

“Your Lightsaber. Surrender it to us.” Master Vrook continued.

Jaden hung his head in shame and reached for his Lightsaber. He took one last look at it, before igniting it, revealing its blue blade and before thrusting it into the stone. Without turning to look at the Jedi Masters, Jaden turned and walked away.


The Jedi Temple doors opened and Jaden walked out, not prepared to do anything. Carth ran up towards Jaden.

“How did it go?” He asked.

Jaden didn’t say anything. He still felt shocked from his trial.

“Leave the poor boy alone,” Jorran told Carth, “He has been exiled, I can sense it.”

“Why don’t we talk to the Jedi Council and see if they will allow him back?” Carth asked.

“In time, they will,” Jorran told him, “Things like this pass in time. But not now, not while they still fear for his life.”

Jaden turned to his old friends.

“I will take a transport and leave Republic space,” Jaden told them, “Perhaps I will have a more successful life out there then the life I spent here, learning the ways of the Jedi.”

“Jaden, please don’t do this,” Carth told him.

“I have no choice,” Jaden told him, “The Jedi are no longer my life. I need to find myself a new life and I can only do that if I leave.”

“Well if you’re sure,” Jorran told him, “Carth and I shall be leaving now. Carth go on ahead, I need to talk to Jaden alone.”

Jorran walked towards Jaden and placed his hand on Jaden’s shoulder.

“It is has been great telling you stories and teaching you,” He told Jaden, “Know this. Know that the fate of your future will be your new adventure. I hope to see you again.”

“Thank you Master Corral.” Jaden told him.

“Oh please, just call me Jorran.” Jorran told him, laughing, before walking off.


“We’ve arrived at Tatooine!” The pilot shouted, “Remember if you want to get off here, please get your belongings and pay up here.”

Jaden picked up his suitcase and walked towards the pilot. He handed him one hundred Credits and got off the transport ship. He had been dropped off at Anchorhead. It was an establishing mining facility, but it did have several places of work and housing. A new life. A new life to live out.

Stay tuned for Chapter II Baklos and Utiinil
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Diego Varen
@Diego Varen
Left and may not return
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Chapter II
Baklos and Utiinil

Anchorhead was very busy. Both miners and citizens were around, making the small settlement crowed, so it was hard for anyone to move about. It was a busy evening and the twin suns of Tatooine, Tatoo I and Tatoo II, were setting.


Cantinas in Anchorhead were the only place, where anyone could enjoy themselves. That was why the place was so busy. Usually, many thought that a busy cantina meant it was a popular cantina. It was. The only problem was that this cantina lacked staff, so when Jaden noticed that the cantina needed staff, he didn’t pass up a chance of getting a job. The pay was good, as Jaden found out from his boss.


Days passed and the job seemed long and endless, so when Jaden was given an hour off, he left the cantina and took a long walk around Anchorhead. He could hear someone shouting in the distance.

“Get everything you need from a very, very low price!” Someone shouted.

Low price, Jaden thought, this might be useful. Jaden ran down and saw a Selkath and a Jawa. They seemed to own a small stall, selling cheap items from across the Galaxy. Still, it was strange seeing a Selkath and a Jawa working together. Even stranger was the fact that the Selkath species usually liked watery Planets like Manaan and this Selkath seemed to speak Galactic Basic. Most Selkath never spoke Galactic Basic.

“We’re selling house working Gizka from the zoos of Manaan!” The Selkath shouted, “Get it hear for five Credits!”

The crowds that watched them didn’t seem to be interested in them. Some even started to walk away.

“No, wait, don’t walk away!” The Selkath shouted, hoping to get some of the crowd to return, “You may regret this for the rest of your life!”

The Selkath sighed and threw the box on the floor. The box broke and some of the Gizka hopped away.

“No!” The Selkath shouted, “Come on Utiinil, let’s go home!”

The Jawa, Utiinil, seemed to agree and was about to leave with the Selkath.

“Hey wait!” Jaden shouted, “What are you doing?”

The Selkath turned to see Jaden.

“What does it matter kid?” The Selkath asked, “My partner and I are trying to earn a living and it don’t look like that would be happening now, will it?”

“Oh come on don’t be like that,” Jaden told the Selkath, “With those prices, I’m sure people like that take you seriously.”

“They don’t kid,” The Selkath told Jaden, “My name is Baklos and this is my partner, Utiinil. We are traders on an extremely important mission.”

Jaden laughed. The Jedi Masters used to say the same thing.

“What’s so funny?” Baklos asked.

“Nothing,” Jaden told him, immediately deciding to change the subject, “What were you trying to sell?”

“Didn’t you hear me shout?” Baklos asked, with a tone of impatience in his voice, reminding Jaden of Master Vrook, “We’re trying to sell household Gizka.”

“Household Gizka?” Jaden asked, “Stone me, Baklos, there is no such thing as a household Gizka. You’re conning the locals.”

Baklos seemed embarrassed and knew that Jaden knew about him.

“Yeah I know,” Baklos told Jaden, “We’re just trying to earn a living, like the miners here and I suppose you’re one of them too.”

“No,” Jaden told him, “No I’m not. I’ve just received a job here as a bartender at the local cantina. I’m just on my shift.”

“Don’t worry kid, we’re off soon,” Baklos told Jaden, “Utiinil and I are hitting the road to Taris, hoping we can sell some of these household Gizka. See ya kid.”

Before Jaden could say bye, the two traders ran off. They obviously had a bad day. Jaden then realised he was late and that his shift had ended ten minutes ago. He ran back to the cantina, hoping his boss would forgive him.


“Idiot!” The boss shouted, “I can’t believe how incompetent you are! After tonight, you’re fired.”

The boss left and Jaden realised that he didn’t even get a single paycheck. Looks like his day was almost as bad as the two traders.


Soon, all the customers left the cantina and Jaden stayed to drink away his sorrows. What was he going to do? When he was a Jedi he never had trouble as bad as this. It seemed as if life was almost fading away from him. He heard the door opened behind him.

“Bar’s closed.” He said.

“Then why are you here?” A familiar voice asked.

Jaden turned to see Baklos and Utiinil.

“I work here,” Jaden told them, “Well I did.”

“Did?” Baklos asked, “What the boss fired you kid?”

“Yeah,” Jaden told him, “I’ve got no money, no place to stay. Nothing!”

He threw his half full glass against the wall and cried. Jaden felt Utiinil’s small hand on his shoulder, reassuring him.

“Hey kid, how do you think it feels for us?” Baklos asked, “We’re the worst traders in the Galaxy, but we’re still standing strong. If you have no place to stay, then the two of us offer you a place on our ship.”

“Really?” Jaden asked, regaining his confidence.

“Of course,” Baklos told him, “Utiinil and I always love to lend a helping hand. The only thing is that you’ll be on Taris with us.”

“No problem,” Jaden told him, “When do we leave?”

“Tomorrow morning,” Baklos told him, “The setting of the twin suns.”

Stay tuned for Chapter III Trader’s Tales
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Diego Varen
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Chapter III
Trader’s Tales

Baklos and Utiinil led Jaden through Anchorhead to the spaceport. This was where all the ships had docked. Perhaps Baklos and Utiinil had a ship? Jaden didn’t know, but he hoped they did. Taris would be a nice change from Tatooine and Jaden hadn’t even been on Tatooine for a day.

“Please pay one thousand credits.” The spaceport assistant told them.

“One thousand credits?” Baklos asked, “We can’t afford that can we Utiinil?”

The small Jawa shook his head in disappointment.

“I’m sorry sir, but I’m afraid you can’t leave.” The spaceport assistant continued.

Jaden knew he had to act fast. Perhaps he could still use his persuasion powers to help out the two traders. He waved his hand out in front of the spaceport assistant.

“You don’t need one thousand credits,” Jaden told him, “We may leave.”

“Ah you don’t need one thousand credits,” The spaceport assistant recited, “You may leave.”


Once on the trader’s ship, the Forbidden Star, Jaden noticed how small and cramped it was. What made it even worse were the large boxes containing the “household Gizka”. It seemed to take up the most space. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t have been as bad. There were only two bunks aboard and they were right next to the cockpit. It must’ve been terrible to sleep on board, but this was the only home the two traders had, so he didn’t decide to be rude.

“Nice place.” Jaden stated.

“It’s a tip isn’t it?” Baklos asked Jaden, even though he knew the answer.

He sat on one of the bottom bunks, forcing the mattress down to the floor.

“Make yourself comfortable.” Baklos told Jaden.

Utiinil tried to encourage Jaden, so he sat on the bottom bunk, opposite Baklos. That mattress was also forced to the floor. The mattress was one of the worst he had ever been on. It felt like the mattress had a ribcage, which rubbed against Jaden’s body. Jaden noticed Utiinil climb onto the bunk above Baklos. Despite the uncomfortable mattress, both Baklos and Utiinil were okay.

“Hey kid, what did you pull back there?” Baklos asked.

“What?” Jaden asked, confused with his question.

“You’re a Jedi aren’t you?” Baklos asked, his voice getting angrier, “You used the Force to trick that guy.”

“Yeah, so?” Jaden asked.

“We don’t like Jedi!” Baklos shouted, throwing a small screwdriver from below the mattress at Jaden.

“Well I used to be a Jedi, but I was…” Jaden started.

“I don’t care what you were, I want you off this ship as soon as we land on Taris!” Baklos told Jaden, “And I don’t want to see you again!”

Utiinil smacked Baklos on the head. Jaden thought it was an amusing sight, seeing a Jawa hit a fully-grown Selkath.

“Look, I’m sorry kid,” Baklos told Jaden, “It’s just that we’re broke and working with a Jedi might not help.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t want to work with you,” Jaden told them, “Trading isn’t my thing, I just want to get to Taris and find a reasonable job.”

“Well okay then.” Baklos said finally.


“Baklos?” Jaden asked.

“Yeah?” Baklos asked.

“How did you and Utiinil ever meet up?” Jaden asked.

“Well its kind of a long story,” Baklos began, “It all started on…”


“The cantina on Nar Shaddaa. It was one of the worst cantinas in the Galaxy. The bouncers always got beat up and all the customers didn’t like anything. “What do you mean, thank you?” and “Get out of my face!” were some things that everyone used to say, to start a bar brawl. Going to that cantina was a nightmare, but it was my only home. A home to get drunk. It was five years before the Mandalorian Wars. The Galaxy was mainly the same as it is now.”

A younger Baklos sat drinking away at his fifth Juri Juice. It wasn’t a drink that made you drunk, but Baklos had no choice of what to drink. The bartender had forced Baklos to drink the lot. Most nights, Baklos would be drinking foreign Tarisian Ales, which made him drunk.

“Bartender, I’ll have another.” Baklos told the bartender.

Someone approached Baklos. It was a Human male and he seemed to be a troublemaker.

“What do you want shortstop?” Baklos asked.

“Shortstop?” The man asked, angry by the name that Baklos called him, “I ain’t short!”

The man punched Baklos, forcing him to the ground.

“Oi watch it!” The bartender shouted, “I’ve got a cantina to run here, if you’re going to fight, fight outside!”

Baklos stood up, angry.

“Oh we will alright!” Baklos shouted, punching the man, forcing him through the entrance door.

The two fought for several minutes, until Baklos was knocked out. When Baklos regained consciousness, he realised that he had lost all of his credits. Suddenly a Jawa walked up to him and helped Baklos up.

“Thanks,” Baklos told the Jawa, “What is your name?”

Baklos could understand the Jawa language and Baklos soon found out his name was Utiinil.

“It’s nice to meet you Utiinil.” Baklos told Utiinil.


“That’s how me met,” Baklos finished, “The two of us began a partnership and off we were.”

It was a nice story. Jaden had thought his life was hard, but after hearing Baklos’ story, he knew that his downfall was nothing, compared to Baklos.

“Well that it explains it,” Jaden told Baklos, “Thanks for telling me.”

“No problem kid,” Baklos told Jaden, “Now if you don’t mind, I want to get some kip.”

Both Baklos and Utiinil soon fell asleep. Jaden had trouble and decided that walking around might help. He went over to the boxes containing the household Gizka and took a look inside. Some of them started to look ill. Jaden felt sorry for them, but left them, since Baklos and Utiinil needed to sell them. Jaden returned to his bunk and tried to fall asleep. It would be a busy day soon.

Stay tuned for Chapter IV Ewan Kenobi and Amber Skye
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Diego Varen
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Chapter IV
Ewan Kenobi and Amber Skye

Taris. Some referred to this Planet as the sister Planet of Coruscant. Both Taris and Coruscant were similar in almost every way. Except that Taris didn’t have a Senate or a Jedi Order. There wasn’t anything bad about the Planet. Nothing at all. Jaden had only been to Taris once. And that was during a mission with Master Kavar, several years before the Mandalorian Wars began. Before Jaden was an exile.


“There it is,” Baklos told Jaden and Utiinil, “Taris. The sister Planet of Coruscant.”

“Well are we going to land?” Jaden asked, impatient to see the Planet once more.

“Maybe,” Baklos told Jaden, “Maybe I would if we weren’t being caught in a tractor beam!”

Jaden heard it. It looked like Utiinil had heard it too. The sound of the tractor beam. A sound of a whirring noise, which kept repeating itself.

“I can’t break free!” Baklos shouted, “The tractor beam is too strong! I have a bad feeling about this.”


The tractor beam held the Forbidden Star. It soon pulled the ship towards the one above. Jaden wondered who had captured them. And what they wanted them for. Knowing the future, those questions Jaden asked himself, would soon be answered.

“Ah, the Forbidden Star,” A feminine voice said from the outside, “I always wondered about the day I would meet the two infamous traders.”

“Yeah?” Baklos asked, “Then why don’t you come in and say that to my face!”

“Shouting won’t help,” Jaden told Baklos, “Whoever has captured us, we must keep calm. Who is speaking?”

“Amber Skye of the Sky Eagle,” She told them, “My partner here is the first mate and pilot, Ewan Kenobi.”

Ewan Kenobi? Jaden knew who Ewan was. He was one of Jaden’s best friends, starting way back when Jaden had joined the Jedi Order. Ewan had been assigned with Master Vrook and Jaden was assigned with Master Kavar, just after they had been accepted into the Order. Jaden hadn’t seen him since the Mandalorian Wars.

“Ewan Kenobi?” Jaden asked, “The same Ewan Kenobi who fought with the Jedi in the Mandalorian Wars?”

“Yes,” Amber told Jaden, “Do you know him?”

“Know him?” Jaden asked, “Of course I know the old dog, is he here?”

“Yes,” Amber continued, “I’ll let you and the two traders on board. Please be aware that Ewan likes to take his time nowadays.”


Two future padawans, Jaden Lennon and Ewan Kenobi stood before the Jedi Council. Both padawans were nervous of their future with the Jedi, but hoped to be trained by one of the Jedi Masters. Both of them remembered the teachings they had learnt, since they first joined the Order. Whatever the consequences, there was no anger, just peace.

“Your thoughts betray you both padawans,” Master Vrook scolded them, “I doubt the two of you have any future with the Jedi.”

“Patience Master Vrook!” Master Vandar told Master Vrook, “Both of these padawans have excelled, during their time here. It is only a matter of time, before we find out if these padawans have a future with the Jedi.”

Master Kavar stood up.

“I have good news,” He began, “I will train young Lennon and Master Vrook has decided to train young Kenobi. Congratulations.”

“Thank you Masters.” Both Jaden and Ewan recited, bowing to the Jedi Masters.

Jaden felt glad that he had received a place in the Order, but he pitied Ewan for getting such a harsh master.

The council left, except for Master Vandar, Jaden and Ewan.

“I congratulate you both,” Master Vandar told them, “I sense a great future in you both. But always be wary of the dark side. You may leave.”


“I’m sorry Ewan is late, but he has arrived finally.” Amber told them.

Ewan entered the room and was surprised to see Jaden.

“Jaden?” He asked, “Jaden Lennon?”

Jaden stood up.

“Ewan Kenobi, you old dog,” Jaden told him, running to him, giving him a hug, “It’s been a while.”

Ewan laughed.

“It sure has,” He told Jaden, “Both of us have seen our fair share of battles.”

“Don’t forget me.” Amber added.

Ewan ignored her for a moment, because he wanted to catch up on all the news.

“I see these friends with you are the ones Amber has been looking for.” Ewan told Jaden.

“Yeah, you did a good job too.” Baklos told him, angrily.

Baklos didn’t want to be here right now. Jaden knew where he wanted to be. He wanted to be on Taris, selling the household Gizka.

“Oh I know what you’re thinking,” Ewan told Baklos, as if he could read his mind, “You don’t want to be here, but don’t worry. The Sky Eagle is one of the best ships in the Galaxy.”

“You got it right there Jedi.” Baklos told him.

“Come on Baklos,” Jaden told him, “Ewan is an old friend of mine, he’ll be fine. Besides, I could use a break from travelling right now.”

The End
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