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Thread: Live Dev Chat Transcript - 09/29/2006
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Live Dev Chat Transcript - 09/29/2006

Here is the transcript from today's chat:

<StarWarsPhreak> Hello everyone, welcome to the chat.
<StarWarsPhreak> Send all your questions to either myself or DarthMoeller.
<StarWarsPhreak> Let's let our guests introduce themselves.
<Darth_Torpid-PG> Hey guys, I'm Pat Pannullo, designer/writer guy
<SAGEKING-PG> hello everyone! I'm the community manager, Kevin Yu
<Kearns_PG> Eric Kearns here -- Lead Artist and mutant
<Gary-PG> I'm Gary Cox, Studio Art Director...
<lec_bertrand> Hey everyone, I'm Bertrand Estrellado, Production Assistant

Will the DSII be able to attack planets?
<Darth_Torpid-PG> Yep. It works pretty much the same as the original Death Star, but you'll have an extra button in tactical that allows you to target ships.

<SAGEKING-PG> btw guys, we have the lead artist and art director here too they weren't at the xfire chat so feel free to slam them with some art questions

Could you please describe a little what role Thrawn will have in the game?
<Darth_Torpid-PG> Thrawn is a vehicle hero similar to the Accuser in the original game. He has some nice combat bonuses to all units in space. He will also play a part in the story campaign as Tyber and Thrawn have had some run-ins in the past.

Are the skirmish maps going to be larger?
<Kearns_PG> A lot of the maps I beautified are much larger than in the past... so yes!

Are you adding any new Galactic Conquest maps?
<Darth_Torpid-PG> There are six new galactic conquest campaigns that will allow for three-way combat in solo play. Most are the "conquer the galaxy" type, but one or two are themed.
<Kearns_PG> We have a nice variety of new land maps with improved visuals like Kamino (floating platforms), Felucia (terrain heights are drastic) and Bespin (floating city of course and nothing but cool skies below and above)

What is ARC Hammer's weapons, how does it produce Dark Troopers, and will it need Kuat or Mon Cal?
<Darth_Torpid-PG> Arc Hammer has a few hard point of the usual type (turbolasers, concussion missiles, etc) and has fighter garrisons, but it is mostly a factory ship. As long as it is in orbit, Dark Troopers will appear on your production menu. It is a hero unit, so it spawns rather than being built.

How will guerilla warfare work?
<Kearns_PG> From what I've played in MP in house there are some infantry only areas that make an attack a surprise if the other player isnt watching his mini-map
<Darth_Torpid-PG> Well aside from the whole attacking from stealth thing, the Consortium works in many ways by setting up the battlefield ahead of time through corruption and sabotage in the galactic mode. There are many combinations of units that are used that are just downright nasty, and many ways to indirectly destroy your opponent though things like remove bombs and mines.

Will the Zann comsortium be similiar to the GLA in Command and Conquer Generals?
<SAGEKING-PG> They will be similar in the fact that there are 'sneaky' abilities for the Zann Consortium, but different in the fact that Zann also has some heavy hitting capital ships and tanks which also aren't cheap.
<Kearns_PG> Having played with the Consortium in MP quite a bit they have a nice hit and run feel when it comes to Droidekas. You also have options with stealing other units like the Imperials do. Self Destruction is a nice tactic for the underworld with some vehicles

What is meant by "form unlikely alliances"?
<Darth_Torpid-PG> This phrase refers mostly to the story campaign, in that Tyber contacts many familiar faces in order to get what he wants. Such people as Thrawn, Prince Xizor of the Black Sun and Jabba, Even Darth Vader at some point help Tyber to his ultimate goal, knowingly or not.

What is being done to balance corvettes and fighters in multiplayer?
<SAGEKING-PG> There are more types of fighters now such as the TIE Defenders, Bwings, etc which pack quite a punch. A diverse squad could definitely handle corvettes or even capital ships. Going along with the latest patch, corvettes will remain in tech 2 as well.

How did Zann get his hands on dated clone war era droidekas?
<Darth_Torpid-PG> That will be revealed in mission four of the story campaign Without giving too much away, the Republic/Empire missed a factory on Hypori that was long buried by the Geonosians.

Is it true that you are weakening the SSDs?
<Darth_Torpid-PG> I suspect you are refering to the rumor raised by people viewing the E3 video from a few months ago. The Executor was weakened in that demo for effect, but it will not be that weak in the final version of the game.

Is the Eclipse Super Star Destroyer a background unit or does it have hardpoints?
<Darth_Torpid-PG> It is a background unit similar to the Death Star, and will ONLY appear in the story campaign. What the modders do with it after that is all up to them

Why is Piett not in command of the Executor? I thought Vader should have been more like how Tarkin was, Just providing a fleet bonus.
<Kearns_PG> My thought is that in the timeline of the films you never see Vader commanding a TIE-Adv anymore and he lives on that SSD most of the time. It's his flagship for the Ep V and VI

<Kearns_PG> I will say in the last 2 weeks of testing MP... land battles have been totally improved and are seriously fun with all the new units and abilities. 3 player matches with 3 factions all going at it are a blast!

<SAGEKING-PG> Forces of Corruption > Chuck Norris, be sure to buy it and go corruption crazy for Xmas >

How many SSDs are you allowed to have?
<Darth_Torpid-PG> Just the Executor, though again, the modders can certainly change that.

<SAGEKING-PG> Exploding Ewoks for the win if you guys haven't seen the latest MTV video (link at

<Kearns_PG> I certainly like playing some of the mods you guys make. Good ideas and good fun too.

what is going to be added in space combat?
<Darth_Torpid-PG> Aside from larger maps and new units, there are new capturable structures and new options on the space build pads. You can now repair your station hard points (unless they are completely destroyed) and other such things.

Who'll replace Tarkin for the Empire?
<Darth_Torpid-PG> Since galactic conquest remains a "what if" sandbox, Tarkin is still available. Only the story campaign restricts heroes due to lore.
<Kearns_PG> I really think you will like how land has shaped up in FOC. Great improvements to the game all around!

How powerful will the SSDs be?
<Darth_Torpid-PG> Let's just say that many people complained until I moved it to tech level five It's pretty powerful, but there are always ways to defeat the strongest foe.

<StarWarsPhreak> I got one: Who is currently the best EAW player at petroglyph?
<Kearns_PG> Adam Pitts -- He is called the "Machine" around here because I get destroyed almost every game
<Kearns_PG> He's a fantastic artist on FOC

<StarWarsPhreak> And that's it for this live chat. Any last thoughts?
<StarWarsPhreak> Comments, shameless promotions?
<Kearns_PG> This is a monster XP for the money. You will not be disappointed
<Darth_Torpid-PG> Thanks for being here guys, and I hope you enjoy the expansion. If you didn't get a question answered, feel free to ask on the forums.
<Kearns_PG> Land Combat is awesome people!
<StarWarsPhreak> Thank you guys for coming, I look forward to Empire at War: Forces of Corruption!
<SAGEKING-PG> Yeah the 3rd faction opens up the game a lot! Thanks for coming. We'll have plenty of updates on the website so stay tuned!
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Cool, after reading this I can't wait for FOC lol.

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The more I hear about FoC, the better I like it.

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Originally Posted by Darth Anarch
The more I hear about FoC, the better I like it.

ex-UEAW Mod Team Mapper.

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