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Thread: {FIN}Star Wars: The Rise of Desann
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{FIN}Star Wars: The Rise of Desann

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Star Wars: The Rise of Desann

Kyle used force speed to get past the moving walls. He zoomed past the walls before they could crush him. He then entered a huge chamber; he looked around and noticed Desann standing in the middle of the chamber.

“Welcome, Kyle Katarn. Welcome to the future.”

“Your future is starting to look pretty grim Desann.”

“On the contrary, thanks to you. The weakling Jedi who scorned me will soon be erased from history, replaced by a new race of warriors. Strong warriors. Warriors who know that the Force is not a shield to protect the useless, but are in reality, a weapon to empower the worthy.”

“None of that's going to happen Desann. Most of your Shadow Troopers are being mopped up by real Jedi, ones who have been trained to use the Force. The rest blew up with your ship.”

“What a pathetic ruse” Desann said as he gets out Comlink. “Desann to Fyarr. Admiral? Admiral? Admiral Fyarr I order you to come in at once. I was wrong about you Katarn. Your failure as a Jedi hasn't made you weaker. It has only made you stronger. Come join me. You know in your heart, that you'll never truly be one of them.”

“Maybe, maybe not. How about you Desann, even now after all this pain it's not too late. Come join us.”

“You weak fool! Desann finished activating his saber.

Kyle also activated his saber. The flashes of the sabers filled the room as they clashed them together. Desann laughed as he shot out lightning at Kyle knocking him to the ground. He picked Kyle up with his hand chocking him. He through him across the room making him grunt trying to control his pain. Kyle finally gaining control got up and charged at Desann. Though the fury was great in him, Desann thought. Kyle’s had built up high enough to even beat his. He blocked Kyle’s saber in a strong saber lock.

“You have great fury Katarn, you just don’t use it.”

“I never will Desann.”

“Then you are weak.”

Kyle slashed at Desann. Desann ducked to the side and stabbed his saber into Kyle’s leg. He yelled in pain as he fell to the ground. Desann raised his saber and brought it down through his other leg. Before Kyle could even wince in pain Desann stabbed his two arms. Kyle screamed in pain, as Desann once again prepared to stab him. The saber came down into his stomach exactly were it would cause pain but not kill him. Ignoring the screams from Kyle, Desann used the force to take boulders to put them on Kyle’s arms and legs crushing his bones and pinning him down. Desann laughed as he left the chamber leaving Kyle to die.

Desann reached for his comlink.

“Desagg, I order you to come in at once”

“Yes brother.”

“Fyarr has failed; bring your army of sith here.”

“As you wish…my brother I-.”

Desann ended the talk by rudely shutting off the comlink. Now he would go after Luke.

Desann ran into the big quarters of Luke Skywalker’s academy. There sat Luke killing off the last of the Stormtroopers in the room.

“Desann, but Kyle”

“Kyle’s dead and soon you will be also.”

Desann activated his blood red saber planning to strike as he moved into his battle stance. Luke also activated his saber and stood in a similar but a defensive battle stance. Desann charged preparing to break Skywalker’s stance. But look parried to the side and brought his saber down removing Desann’s lightsaber emitter. In fury Desann jumped back thinking fast. He threw his saber handle, sending the spikes on the bottom into Luke’s head killing him. A shocked Luke died a second later. Desann grinned he would now rule the galaxy.

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