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Thread: [FIN] Echoes of Darkness
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Diego Varen
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[FIN] Echoes of Darkness

Star Wars - Echoes of Darkness

Feel free to comment in this Thread by clicking on the picture below, which was made by igyman, a member from LucasForums (which is here). This was written from the 13th November 2006-12th December. Thanks for reading and enjoy this Fic.

Authour's Note

This Fic, Echoes of Darkness was written by me. I decided to write it after having so much fun, playing my female Exile, Sera Tana. This Fic is set after the sequel of Knights of the Old Republic, The Sith Lords and it stars my Exile, Sera Tana, searching for Revan, who in my KOTOR game is known as Diego Varen (Varen being an anagram of Revan). Little does she know that the Sith have been restored by an evil Emperor.


I don’t own Star Wars or anything to do with it.

Star Wars
Echoes of Darkness

Four months have passed, since the JEDI EXILE, SERA TANA and her companions have gone their separate ways. Sera and her two DROIDS, the ASSASSIN DROID, HK-47 and the UTILITY DROID, T3-M4 are on their way to the planet, LEHON, where rumours have spread about a certain person being on the planet at some point, during the JEDI CIVIL WAR.

On the planet of TRAMOND XXV, a SITH LORD, known as EMPEROR DEVON is planning to find the Exile with the help of his personal SITH LORDS, DARTH SION and his old JEDI MASTER, NAUK GRELAN, who are also obsessed with the Exile and her adventures.

Meanwhile, ten years ago, before the events of the MANDALORIAN WARS, a JEDI MASTER and his PADAWAN fall out, because of going to the war with the fallen JEDI KNIGHTS, REVAN and MALAK

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Diego Varen
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“There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.”

- The Jedi Code

On the Republic planet of Coruscant, inside one of the many training rooms in the Jedi Temple, the Twi’lek Jedi Master, Nauk Grelan sat, deep in meditation. Nauk was one of the greatest Jedi Masters in the Jedi Order, who had been trained under Zhar Lestin, another Twi’lek Jedi Master. He had a dark, purple skin colour and blue eyes. His clothing was a Jedi robe, like every single Jedi in the Order. His particular robe was a blue coloured robe, similar to his master’s robe. Around his waist was his belt, which held his two important weapons. Two Lightsabers. A Lightsaber was the most important weapon in the Jedi Order and every Jedi used one, or in Nauk’s case, two.

“Master!” Someone shouted, “Master Grelan!”

Nauk’s eyes opened and behind him, he sensed his apprentice, Quallan. Quallan was a young Human apprentice in the Jedi Order. He was Nauk’s first and only apprentice who he taught. Nauk stood up and turned to bow towards his apprentice. His apprentice bowed back.

“Master Grelan, I have something to tell you.” He told his master.

“Go on,” Nauk asked his apprentice, wondering what he was going to tell him.

“Revan and Malak are leaving to help the ailing Republic against the Mandalorians,” He told Nauk, “And I’m one of the many who have decided to help them.”

Nauk immediately shook his head in dismay.

“No Padawan, you cannot join Padawans, Revan and Malak,” Nauk advised, “Heed the wisdom of the Jedi Council and stay with the Order.”

“Why?” Quallan asked, sounding slightly rude.

Nauk turned away from Quallan and looked out of the window to see Revan and Malak outside of the Jedi Temple, with many students from the Order. By the looks of the way he stood, he looked like he was giving an announcement. Nauk sighed, before returning to speak with Quallan.

“I beg of you, please remain here and wait for the right moment…”

“Right moment?” Quallan asked, his anger rising, “Master, this is the right moment! Millions of innocent people are dying!”

“There is no emotion, there is peace,” Nauk interrupted, reciting the first line of the Jedi Code.

“Master, the Jedi Code is flawed!” Quallan shouted at his master, “I thought Jedi were keepers of the peace!”

“That doesn’t make us soldiers, my young Padawan,” Nauk told him, “The Jedi are aware of the situation, but we can’t aid the Republic, until the time is right,” He paused to think on into the future, “It will not be long, until that time arrives.”

Quallan ignited his blue Lightsaber and struck at his master, but Nauk immediately blocked Quallan’s Lightsaber with his yellow and purple Lightsabers.

“Calm yourself Padawan!” Nauk warned, remembering to keep calm with the Jedi Code, “Come to your senses.”

Quallan switched off his Lightsaber and returned it to his belt. Nauk also returned his Lightsabers to his belt. The master and apprentice stood and stared at each other, shocked at each other’s behaviour. After two minutes of silence, Quallan ended the silence.

“I will not change my mind master. I’m going to help those who need it most and you are not going to stop me!”

Quallan stormed off, leaving Nauk alone once again. Nauk closed his eyes and muttered another line from the Jedi Code to himself.

“There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.”

Nauk then returned his view to see Revan and Malak, along with their army ready to leave Coruscant and fight the Mandalorians. Nauk felt ashamed for his apprentice, as he left the meditation room.
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Diego Varen
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Chapter I - Gate to the Temple of Ancients

"This planet's like a technological graveyard."
- Canderous Ordo, Mandalore

Ouch! Sera Tana, the Jedi Exile thought, as she rubbed the spot where her head had hit the above bunk. She let a small groan escape her lips, before getting up out of her bunk. She reached for her grey robes and slipped them over her lighter grey tunic. After a quick stretch, Sera left the port dormitory to go to the cockpit. She needed to check how much further it was to Lehon.

When she reached the cockpit, the communications system in the room behind her rung. Sera immediately got up and answered the call. When Sera answered the message, a hologram of a small man appeared. It was from Canderous Ordo, the Mandalore of the Mandalorian clan, Ordo. He was dressed in his normal silver armour, but he had removed his helmet, showing a face with grey hair and a long black beard.

“Sera, it’s Canderous,” The message began, “Kelborn and I have been beginning to colonise our new base, since our first base on Dxun. We’ve gathered outside the Temple of Ancients. Unfortunately there isn’t enough room for the Ebon Hawk to land, so you’ll have to land on the nearby beach,” The hologram started becoming static before the hologram continued, “But beware. There are several bounty hunters, still after your blood.”

The hologram turned itself off and Sera sighed, pushing her short blonde hair backwards. If there were still bounty hunters after her, then the Exchange must still be around. Sera sighed out loud. Sera was about to leave the communications room, when the communications system rang again. Sera sighed and answered the second call. Once again, the hologram of Canderous appeared.

“Sorry to disturb you once again Sera,” Canderous began, “HK is becoming impatient with the lack of native Rancors to kill. Please take him with you, he has been annoying me, since we landed on Lehon.”

Once again, the hologram turned itself off. The white-coloured Utility Droid, T3-M4 beeped, which startled Sera.

“T3, you made me jump,” Sera told him, “We’re on our way to Lehon, to meet up with Canderous.”

T3 beeped several more times before leaving the communications room.


Several Mandalorian warriors were helping to build the base. Canderous thought it was a good choice to build the base near the Temple of Ancients. If anyone attacked the base, then the Mandalorians could always retreat into the temple. He had a feeling that this base was going to be a lot better than the old one on Dxun. Of course, Dxun would still be used from time to time, but the more planets clan Ordo had, the better Canderous felt.

“Query: Are there any Meatbags to kill, Mandalorian meatbag?” HK-47, the red-coloured Assassin Droid asked.

Canderous sighed for the one-hundredth time in one day.

“Listen Droid, I keep telling you, no!” Canderous shouted, causing several of the clan to look at him, “Your master is about to arrive, so why don’t you go and greet her?”

“Statement: I will gladly do that, Mandalorian meatbag,” HK told Canderous, storming off into the unknown.

“And don’t call me a meatbag Droid!” Canderous shouted after him.


The Ebon Hawk prepared to land on the beach, which according to Canderous, was nearby his new base. Sera noticed that there were several people waiting for her below and she knew that they weren’t Mandalorians. As the ship landed, Sera clutched onto her Lightsaber and walked out of the ship, along with T3. Several blaster rifles were aimed at her. Well this isn’t the greatest greeting I’ve had in my life, Sera thought as she clutched onto her Lightsaber even more. The leader of the group walked towards Sera.

“So this is the last of the Jedi?” The leader asked, “I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed.”

Sera sighed.

“You know that you’re the second person to tell me that,” Sera told the leader, “Why don’t you return to Nar Shaddaa and try and make some money?”

“Oh we would,” The leader told Sera, “But if we bring you to the Nar Shaddaa dead or alive, then you’re going to make us rich and we will never need to work again.”

Sera immediately grabbed her Lightsaber out of her belt and ignited it, causing a blue blade to appear. The gentle hum of her Lightsaber accompanied the blade.

“If you don’t wish any of your limbs to be separated, I suggest you leave now,” Sera warned the group.

The group took her advice and ran off. The leader didn’t budge.

“Lightsabers don’t intimidate me at all, Jedi,” The leader told Sera, “So surrender and I can spare your…”

Sera could hear the sound of a blaster rifle nearby and the shots killed the leader. Sera squinted and in the distance, she saw HK.

“HK, you know a Jedi like myself can handle bounty hunters like that,” Sera told HK.

“Statement: Master, the meatbags clearly caused you a lot of difficulty,” HK told Sera, “Besides the Mandalorian meatbag sent me to greet you.”

Sera bowed towards HK.

“And that is how I’ll greet you from now on,” Sera told HK, “Now, let’s get to Canderous.”

“Statement: One problem there, master,” HK warned Sera, “I noticed several other meatbags after you. It is best that both me and the short bag of bolts come with you.”

“I’d appreciate that HK,” Sera told him, “Now let’s get going.”
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Chapter II - The Rakatan Elders

"Long ago the Rakata ruled all the known Galaxy; all species bowed down to us."
- Keeper Orsaa

Sera, T3 and HK ran through the lush beach land of Lehon. Nobody had attacked them and Sera had began to doubt what HK had told her.

“HK, are you sure there are bounty hunters around here?” Sera asked.

“Answer: Of course I’m sure, you stupid meatbag… I mean master!” HK answered, a bit ruder than his programming had expected.

Suddenly, both HK and T3 stopped right in their spots. They had been disabled, but not destroyed. Sera wondered who had disabled them. She thought that they were alone, but by the looks of it, it was obvious she weren’t. Perhaps HK was right. There might be some bounty hunters around.

“Is anyone there?” Sera asked.

Sera suddenly felt a twinge in her body, causing her incapable of moving. All she could do was listen to the environment around her. It made her feel uneasy. Despite being unable to move, Sera felt herself fall asleep.


When Sera awoke, she noticed several Rakatans were in front of her. One had medical equipment.

“Where am I?” Sera asked, feeling a sharp pain in her forehead.

We are the Elders,” One of the Rakatan told Sera, “I’m Keeper Orsaa, one of the main leaders of the Elder tribe. We encountered you and your two Droids on the planet and we believed you to be a threat.”

“Why?” Sera asked, “I’m no threat, I came here to meet up with a Mandalorian clan.”

Mandalorian clan?” Keeper Orsaa pondered, “We had no knowledge of a clan on Lehon, but I doubt they would prove a threat to us. They don’t, but anyway, it’s best we tell you why we’re here,” He cleared his throat before beginning, “The ship you arrived on, the Ebon Hawk has been on this planet before. This planet once belonged to no one, other than us, but when Revan destroyed our Star Forge…”

“Revan?” Sera asked, “Revan was here?”

Don’t interrupt young one, but yes, Revan was here,” Keeper Orsaa told her, “Now where was I? Oh yes, I remember, when the Star Forge was destroyed, the Republic took this planet as their own and didn’t care about us and now the Mandalorians have arrived, Lehon isn’t as secret as before.”

“Clan Ordo will protect you,” Sera told Keeper Orsaa, “I can assure you.”

Don’t interrupt, I keep telling you,” Keeper Orsaa warned Sera, “Today, some of our tribe noticed you running through the beach and we believed you to be intruders. So we disabled your Droids and paralysed you and took you to our home, making sure you aren’t a threat.”

After that, both Sera and Keeper Orsaa remained quiet. In the distance, Sera noticed both HK and T3 being repaired.

“I hope my Droids will work again, after this confrontation,” Sera warned Keeper Orsaa.

Oh they will,” Keeper Orsaa told Sera, “Now why are you here?”

Sera sighed.

“I already told you, I’m on my way to visit clan Ordo,” Sera told Keeper Orsaa, “Although I also wanted to enter the Temple of Ancients.”

Nobody has been in that temple, since Revan was here,” Keeper Orsaa told Sera, “We assumed all of the Dark Jedi who had supported Revan and Malak, during the Mandalorian Wars had been wiped out. But if you want to see the temple still, I can escort you and your Droids to the temple.”

“I’d appreciate that,” Sera told him, “How are my Droids?”

Good as new,” Keeper Orsaa told her, “Let’s go.”

Sera stood up and followed Keeper Orsaa. Behind her, HK and T3 followed them. Sera didn’t want to cause any panic for the Rakatans, but she could sense a dark force in the Temple of Ancients.
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Diego Varen
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Chapter III - The Temple of Ancients

"What greater weapon is there than to turn an enemy to your cause? To use their own knowledge against them."
- Bastila Shan

Why are you stopping?” Keeper Orsaa asked, looking behind him, noticing that Sera had stopped, panting for breath.

“Statement: Yes master, why, we’re near the Temple of Ancients,” HK continued.

Sera rubbed her head, feeling a headache.

“Nothing,” Sera told them both, “A precognition in the Force. Nothing more.”

Nobody said anything else and soon Sera, HK, T3 and Keeper Orsaa arrived at the Temple of Ancients and clan Ordo’s new base. Despite it being an old temple, Sera admired its appearance. It’s walls were pearly white, with a shade of grey. But inside, Sera knew there was a dark force in there. Canderous approached Sera and bowed to her. Sera bowed back.

“I’m sorry I’m late Canderous,” Sera told him, “I got a little… sidetracked.”

“No need to worry,” Canderous assured her, “Our new base has nearly been completed,” He continued, admiring his base as he spoke, “Who is this?”

My name is Keeper Orsaa, Mandalorian,” Keeper Orsaa told Canderous, “I’m here to help Sera enter the Temple of Ancients.”

Canderous sighed under his breath, muttering, “Great, first Revan and after he has left, now her.”

Sera didn’t hear what Canderous had said and Keeper Orsaa sat on the grassy floor, opposite the entrance of the Temple of Ancients. Sera noticed that there was a force field in front of the temple entrance. By the looks of it, Sera was glad that Keeper Orsaa was here. Only the Rakatans knew how to open the temple. Keeper Orsaa began speaking several words and while Sera was waiting, HK spoke his opinion.

“Observation: It looks like someone doesn’t want any meatbags or the master to enter this temple,” HK told T3.

T3 beeped his opinion.

“Statement: Your quite right my short friend,” HK told T3, “I don’t know why a meatbag such as the master wants to enter this temple.”

Keeper Orsaa stood up.

The temple has been opened,” He told Sera, “You may go in. In the past, only one person can enter the temple, but when Revan came here, two people escorted him. Perhaps we can also make this an exception and let you take your two Droids.”

“No, I’ll be fine thanks,” Sera told Keeper Orsaa, “Thanks for your help.”
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Chapter IV - The Lord of Pain

"Yes… of pain he has learned much. Of knowledge, of teaching, he knows nothing."
- Kreia

A Sith Lord, who had survived the events of Malachor V, meditated alone on top of the Temple of Ancients. His good eye was closed, blocking his view from the temple, but his white eye remained open, due to his incapability of the eye. He could feel his power flowing through his disfigured appearance, the signals of his pain, which increased his ever-growing power and his hatred towards the Jedi and his second master, also increased his power. Through every crack, wound and scar, his blood boiled, causing him to think about the one woman he had been trying to stop, since her arrival on Peragus. The Jedi Exile. Yet despite his hatred for her, he never knew her true name. His thoughts drifted away from his unstoppable power, onto the thoughts of his past.


He remembered the endless days of when his disappointed master kept her watchful eyes on him. Despite every chance he had tried to please his master, she always told him that nobody could please her more than Revan. Revan. He loathed that name. Because of Revan, he knew that his master wouldn’t think about him. If he ever met Revan, he knew that he would kill him and all that were either loyal to him or those who loved him. His master would be extremely upset, when he brought Revan’s body to her. He loathed both his master and Revan.


Once more, his thoughts drifted to the day when both him and another Sith Lord attacked their master. She sat, meditating in the Trayus Core, inside the Trayus Academy, unaware that both of her only apprentices were there to cast her out of the Sith Order. Both of them walked up to her and their master had sensed their presence. She immediately stood up, confused at why they both standing in front of her. None of them said nothing and the other Sith Lord used the Force to push their master into a nearby pillar. She crumpled to the floor, unable to use the Force to pull her Lightsaber towards her. The Sith Lord walked up to her and grabbed her face. He pulled her up towards his face and pushed her into the wall. He then punched her in the stomach several times and let her fall flat on her face. She was cast down, stripped of her power. Exiled. She suffered indignities. And was cast into the darkness.


He stood up, sensing a disturbance in the Force. She was here. The Jedi Exile was here. He smiled, as he put his robe on, to hide his appearance and announced.

“She is here.”
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Chapter V - An Encounter with a Sith

"Fear. Fear attracts the fearful... the strong... the weak... the innocent... the corrupt. Fear. Fear is my ally."
- Darth Maul

Inside the Temple of Ancients, Sera felt cold. She believed that the temple was tainted with the dark side, similar to the dark taint, she had sensed inside the Shyrack caves and the Sith Academy on Korriban. Only this time, it was different. The dark side felt stronger here, like there was no way to calm its taint. It was strange how nobody had attacked Sera at all. On Korriban, Sith Assassins and Hssiss, who were also known as the dark side dragons, had attacked Sera on Korriban. Sera decided not to think about the dark side, as she arrived at the top of the temple.


It was her, he thought, I hate you because you are so beautiful to me and in that weakness lies death. He ignited his Lightsaber and a crimson blade appeared. His opponent, the Jedi Exile also ignited her Lightsaber, causing a blue blade to appear.

“Who are you?” The Jedi Exile asked, pointing her Lightsaber at him.

He said nothing as he leapt towards the Jedi Exile and she parried his attacks.


As Sera and her new opponent were fighting, she felt as if she had fought her opponent before. But she had fought many Sith in the past and as one person had told her, faces tend to blend together over time. Or in this case, battle styles tend to blend together over time. Her opponent used the Force to push her backwards, knocking her into the wall. Just before Sera went unconscious, she noticed her hidden opponent sped off.


Inside the now destroyed Jedi Temple on Coruscant, the Twi’lek Jedi Master, Nauk Grelan looked at the thousands of the rotting, decaying bodies. He knew all of those Jedi. He had once taught them all how to use their Lightsaber well. Now all that training seemed to have gone to waste, after the attack on the Jedi Temple. He remembered that day well. Prior to the destruction of the Republic cruiser, the Endar Spire, a legion of Sith Soldiers had attacked. Nobody had an idea that it would case this much damage. Nauk was the only survivor. Perhaps many more Jedi would’ve survived, if the other Jedi Masters were at the temple. But would it make a difference? Nauk sighed as he sat down on the floor and once again, meditated.


Sera woke up. Another dream. It was about the same Jedi Master she had seen in her previous dreams. Sera decided to leave the temple. She knew where she had to go.


Sera left the temple and was greeted by Canderous.

“How did it go?” He asked.

“The dark side has returned,” Sera told Canderous, her face paler than normal, “I fought a disciple of the Sith at the top of the temple. He is a very powerful foe indeed. I don’t think it is suitable for you to have your base here, Canderous.”

“Don’t you worry,” Canderous reassured her, “Clan Ordo can handle any foe, whether it is a Jedi or a Sith, they’ll be killed straight away.”

Sera walked away from Canderous and looked up at the clear blue sky. She noticed a ship flying away in the distance. That is him, Sera thought, he is retreating from Lehon. I must stop him. Sera clutched onto her Lightsaber, which was in her pocket, before letting it go. The Sith had left and Sera knew that she had to follow, but she would need some help. From the Jedi Master on Coruscant.

“Good luck Canderous,” Sera told Canderous, “You can handle yourself here. I must defeat the dark side, before it is too late.”

Both HK and T3 followed her back to the Ebon Hawk and the ship left the planet, on the way to Coruscant.
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Chapter VI - Return

"An infinite mystery is the Force. Much to learn, there still is."
- Yoda

In the port dormitory of the Ebon Hawk, Sera lay in bed, wide awake, unable to get to sleep. She could hear T3 doing his continued checkups of the Ebon Hawk and she could hear HK polishing his blaster rifle, making the occasional statement about meatbags. The gentle hum of the Ebon Hawk’s engines also accompanied the sound of the Droids. Usually, Sera liked to have the occasional noise, but the noise wasn’t helping her sleep this time. She felt as if she knew someone else was on the Ebon Hawk. But who?

“Jedi…” A ghostly voice called out.

Sera immediately sat up in her bed, looking for the thing that had called out to her.

“Jedi…” The ghostly voice called out again, only this time, it was louder.

“Who is it?” Sera asked.

“Jedi…” The ghostly voice called out again, trying to get louder, but her voice was muffled.

“Tell me who you are!” Sera shouted.

There was no reply. Sera started to feel agitated, but decided to get to sleep, thinking that the mysterious voice would be gone.


Darkness surrounded Sera. She could see nothing at all. She couldn’t see any light, hear any sound, indicating no sound of life at all. With the aid of the Force, she could sense something. In the distance, she noticed a blue sphere in the darkness. It was the only source of light and it made a humming sound, similar to a Lightsaber. Sera ran towards the blue sphere, noticing that it wasn’t a sphere at all. It was a blue Lightsaber. The owner of the blue Lightsaber was fighting an opponent with a red Lightsaber. He had an advantage over the owner of the blue Lightsaber, who happened to be that same Twi’lek Jedi Master.

“Hey, leave him alone!” Sera shouted at the hooded black figure, which she could only see through the Force, “Try me if you’ve got the guts.”

The black figure disarmed his current opponent, leaving him weaponless, turning towards Sera. As Sera ignited her Lightsaber, her new opponent also disarmed her.

“Come on then!” Sera shouted, “Kill me then!”

The black figure said nothing as forced his Lightsaber into Sera’s abdomen.


Sera immediately shot upright, her entire body sweating. That was a dream she had never had before. It made her feel fear, an emotion that would lead a Jedi to the dark side.

“Jedi…” The voice called out again.

Sera was not in the mood for hearing strange, muffled voices. She couldn’t cope anymore.

“What!” Sera shouted, “Show yourself!”

“You cannot kill, what you cannot see,” The voice told Sera, as the ghostly form of Sera’s previous master appeared before her, “And power blinded you long ago.”

“Kreia?” Sera asked.

The ghostly form of Kreia nodded.

“Yes, I had hoped as much,” She told Sera, “I’ve been calling out you all night, trying to speak to you, but as always, impatience took over.”

Impatience? Sera thought, since when have I been impatient? You were the one who scolded me for helping people.

“Why are you here?” Sera asked, “You died along with Malachor.”

“Changing the subject are we?” Kreia asked, before answering Sera’s question “Well, I’ve become one with the Force, a powerful technique that the Jedi forgot about.”

“Could you teach me that?” Sera asked.

“Not now,” Kreia told Sera, “You must get your sleep. The Jedi Master you’re searching for was once a Jedi who tried to kill me, during the battle of Tramond XXV, during the Mandalorian Wars. Are you sure you don’t remember him?”

Sera shook her head.

“He is the Jedi Master of the now deceased padawan learner, Quallan,” Kreia told her, “But be aware that Quallan may still be alive. There is always hope exile.”

Kreia disappeared, leaving Sera alone again, listening to the sound of the Ebon Hawk’s engines and the two Droids with their duties. Coruscant was a day away and hopefully, Sera would find the Jedi Master.
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Chapter VII - The Undercity

"Coruscant… the entire planet is one big city."
- Ric Olié

Courscant. The last time Sera had been here was when the Jedi Masters exiled her, for joining Revan and Malak, during the Mandalorian Wars. Compared to the last time she was on Coruscant, now it looked like a horrible place to live. In the distance, Sera noticed the ruins of the Jedi Temple. Once the building was a magnificent building, but now it was nothing more than a pile of rubble. Why would a Jedi Master come here? Sera thought as she sat in the cockpit of the Ebon Hawk, there is nothing to gain here. Suddenly, the Ebon Hawk shook wildly.

“What was that?” Sera asked loudly, “T3!”

T3 sped into the cockpit, unable to stop until he hit the co-pilot chair.

“Are you alright T3?” Sera asked.

HK walked into the cockpit.

“Statement: Master, I was about to give the bag of bolts an upgrade, but since this vessel shook wildly, like a drunken meatbag, he doesn’t trust me,” HK told Sera.

“Look I don’t have time to sort your problems, we’ve got problems!” Sera shouted at both Droids, “I think we’re going to crash land.”


“How are we T3?” Sera asked, as T3 sped into the cockpit.

He beeped several times, answering Sera’s question.

“Great…” Sera moaned, “Do you think you’ll be able to fix the ship, by the time I’m finished here?”

T3 beeped several more times.

“Well that’s good news,” Sera told T3, patting his round metal head, “HK will stay with you while, I find a way to the Jedi Temple.”

“Statement: Master, the short bag of bolts can handle himself,” HK complained, “Besides I need some meatbags to kill.”

“And if any meatbags decide to make refuge on this ship, then you can blast them all you want, if they prove a threat,” Sera told HK, “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”


Both’haniwo, a Bothan ran through the dark, deserted streets of the undercity. Several of the undercity locals were chasing him. Despite the fact that they were poor, they all owned weapons. In the corner of a dark alley, Both’haniwo found himself trapped. The large group of locals snickered and their crooked smiles, revealed their excitement of chasing him. The leader of the group got out a stun baton and held it at Both’haniwo’s furry neck. He spat at Both’haniwo and pressed the button on his stun baton, making Both’haniwo twitch.

“Hand over all your money!” The leader shouted, “Otherwise you’re dead meat!”

Both’haniwo gulped as he reached into his pockets, to find he had no money.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have any money,” Both’haniwo told the locals.

“Well then you’ll die.” The leader told Both’haniwo.


Sera could hear someone threating another person and Sera ignited her Lightsaber. In front of her was a group of local thugs and a Bothan.

“What are you doing?” Sera asked.

The locals turned around to see Sera. Before any of them could shoot her, Sera used the Force to pull the blaster rifles away from them.

“Leave now,” Sera warned them.

The locals immediately ran away, leaving Sera alone with the Bothan.

“Thank you for saving me,” The Bothan told Sera, “I’m Both’haniwo, a Republic medic who serves under Admiral Carth Onasi.”

“Carth Onasi?” Sera asked, “I met him a while ago.”

“Really?” Both’haniwo asked, “But enough of that for now, I was wondering why you were on Coruscant.”

Sera sighed as she cleared her throat, before beginning.

“I’m looking for a Jedi Master,” Sera told Both’haniwo, “I believe his name is Nauk Grelan. I sensed he was on Coruscant. Have you seen him?”

Both’haniwo nodded, wordlessly. He nodded upwards and Sera looked. She could see the ruins of the Jedi Temple from where she was, but it would take a while to get to there.

“Could you take me to the temple?” Sera asked.

“Of course,” Both’haniwo told Sera, “I would gladly help a Jedi out. Follow me.”


An hour had passed and Both’haniwo had led Sera to the ruins of the Jedi Temple. Sera felt guilty for the destruction of the Jedi Temple. This was the place where the Jedi Masters had exiled her, after her return from Malachor V. Now the magnificent silver building was a large pile of rubble. As Kreia had once told her, the once spectacular garden, where the Room of a Thousand Fountains had also been wrecked. Sera always remembered the days where she used to visit the Jedi Temple, after finishing her training. She always sat in the Room of a Thousand Fountains, always finding peace, as she meditated there. Now all Sera could feel was hate and anger that had occurred here.

“Excuse me master Jedi,” Both’haniwo told Sera, “Your Jedi Master is over there.”

Sera noticed the elderly Jedi Master. Nauk Grelan, once one of the proud Jedi Masters she had seen in her dream, had now been reduced to a single Jedi meditating around the fallen Jedi Temple. Sera walked towards the Jedi Master and stood behind him.

“Master Grelan?” Sera asked.
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Chapter VIII - Talks of the Past

"Once you embrace the Republic, the power of all Jedi is ready to serve you."
- Ulic Qel-Droma

Sera was expecting a reply from the elderly Jedi Master. But he said nothing and he continued to meditate. It was as if he hadn’t heard her. Sera had no choice, but to try and get the Jedi Master to listen.

“Master Grelan,” Sera said again, this time, her voice firmer than before.

The Jedi Master slowly stood up and turned to see Sera. He nodded to her.

“Now that is a name I haven’t heard in a long time,” He told Sera, “In fact, that isn’t a name I’ve heard since the Jedi Civil War. Since Revan left Republic space,” He paused and paced around, before talking again, “I myself have no idea where Revan has gone, but many believe that he will not return. But he knows that the Republic and the Jedi are safe from the Sith…”

“But they aren’t,” Sera interrupted, “I’ve sensed that the Sith have returned. In a dream, I saw a hooded black figure killing an innocent Jedi. And that Jedi was you.”

Nauk listened to Sera even more, repeating what she had just said, under his breath. He closed his eyes for a moment, thinking. When he opened his eyes again, he talked to Sera.

“The Sith Lord you saw in your dream was once a Jedi who followed both Revan and Malak in the Mandalorian Wars,” Nauk told Sera, “He killed my own apprentice, after he swore his allegiance with to the Republic, the Jedi and democracy. As Ulic Qel-Droma once said, once you embrace the Republic, the power of all Jedi is ready to serve you.”

“You sure do talk a lot, don’t you?” Sera asked.

Nauk pointed his shaking finger at Sera.

“Don’t be cheeky young one,” Nauk warned Sera, “I was once a hero, before the conclusion of the Jedi Civil War. But enough of my stories, why are you here? There is nothing to be gained here.”

Sera ignored Nauk, as she took a look around the ruins of the Jedi Temple. Why had she come here? As Nauk had told her, there was nothing to be gained here. But why was he here? Had a hero become so mad, he had to be near the Jedi Temple? Unanswerable questions ran through Sera’s head, forcing her an answer. But Sera knew that she couldn’t answer. Sera sighed.

“Then why are you here?” Sera asked, trying not to be rude, “Do you miss the Jedi so much that you sit here, meditating in the fallen Jedi Temple?”

Nauk sighed.

“No,” Nauk told Sera, hinting to her that, that was his only answer, “I was one of the Jedi who defended the temple against the Sith. I am the only survivor and I must accept responsibility for all of these who had perished, during the battle. Just like you, when all those deaths of the Mandalorian Wars hung on your shoulders.”

Sera ignited her Lightsaber, afraid of what Nauk would say next.

“How do you know about me?” Sera asked, a tone of anger in your voice.

“Put away your weapon, Jedi Exile,” Nauk commanded Sera, his words hissing when he said Jedi Exile, “I won’t hurt you. And how I know you? A discussion for another time.”

Nauk walked off and sighed.

“Coruscant,” He began, “Once the heart of the Republic and the home of the Jedi. What is it now?”

Sera put her hand on his shoulder, causing Nauk to turn around.

“It will return to its former glory,” Sera told Nauk, “I promise you.”

Nauk smiled and immediately started to lighten up.

“I sense that you were searching for me,” Nauk told Sera, observing her as he spoke, “You dreamt of me and because I was a Jedi, you sought me out and I suspect you’re going to ask me to travel with you.”

“How do you know that?” Sera asked, surprised that he knew about her even more.

“My insights serve me well,” Nauk told Sera, “And that isn’t me bragging either. So, do you have a ship?”

“Yes,” Sera told him, “The Ebon Hawk. It’s in the undercity.”

Nauk smiled even more.

“The Ebon Hawk?” He asked, “That ship is still in one peace. I’ve always wanted to travel on the Ebon Hawk. Come, show me the way.”

Sera walked off, Nauk following her. Both’haniwo had waited for the two Jedi.

“Thanks for your help Both’haniwo,” Sera told him, “You can return to whatever you were doing last.”

“No,” He told Sera, “I will join you in your quest. I heard your discussion and you lack a decent pilot, if you somehow crash landed in the undercity.”

Let me guess, Sera thought, another crew of madmen. Her thoughts of Atton, Mical and Bao-Dur reminded her of Nauk and Both’haniwo.

“What are you waiting for?” Nauk asked excitedly, “We need to get started.”


When the two Jedi and Both’haniwo returned to the Ebon Hawk, Sera was surprised that no one had tried to attack her or her two friends. T3 beeped as Sera, Nauk and Both’haniwo entered the Ebon Hawk. Sera patted the Droid on the head.

“Thanks for fixing the Ebon Hawk T3,” Sera told him, as she entered the cockpit and sat in the co-pilot’s seat.

Opposite her, Both’haniwo sat in the pilot’s seat.

“So my Jedi friends, where are we going?” Both’haniwo asked, “If you don’t say anything, my suggestion will be cruising through space, until he see lines.”

Sera sighed. Just like Atton.

“We’ll go with your suggestion for now Both’haniwo,” Sera told him, “I’m going to see how Nauk is doing.”

Sera left the cockpit and walked off to find Nauk.
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Chapter IX - A General’s Escape

“He is too dangerous too dangerous to leave alive.”
- Kreia

In the Onderon prison, inside the most guarded cell, the commander of the Onderon armies, General Vaklu, sat in his cell, still annoyed at the fact he had been in the cell for over a week. He bitterly remembered the day when he was so close to becoming the king of Onderon, during the end of the Onderon Civil War. His cousin, Queen Talia was close to her death, by the hand of Vaklu and his army, but then the two Jedi saved her. After the one Jedi, who Vaklu remembered as the Jedi Exile, both fought and Vaklu immediately lost and he remembered when Talia told her guards to execute him. The Jedi Exile immediately advised Talia not to execute him and after a debate between the two, Talia decided to let her cousin live, deciding that he would be in one of Onderon’s most guarded cells, until the day of his trial. That day was tomorrow. Vaklu knew that Talia would show him no mercy. Once a Republic war hero, who had allied with the Sith wouldn’t receive any forgiveness. Especially from his own cousin.


Dusk had fallen on the city of Iziz. Two hooded figures walked through the deserted streets in Iziz. Anyone who was out in Iziz, nobody noticed the figures walking through the darkness. It was as if they had blended in with their surroundings. One of the figures began to speak, her voice was as loud whisper, making sure not to attract attention to them both.

“Master, where are we going?” The one figure asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” The other figure told the first figure, “Iziz has already suffered a civil war and soon it will suffer another.”

“How did you work that one out?” The first figure pried.

The other figure didn’t reply as he clutched onto his Lightsaber. The building in front of them wasn’t lit, but the two of them knew why. Like them, the building didn’t want to attract attention. And that was how it would remain.


Vaklu sat in his cell, hearing a familiar sound. It was the sound of a Lightsaber. Vaklu noticed the guards outside running towards wherever the sound was coming from. One of the guards immediately spoke.

“Who are you?” Vaklu heard the guard ask, his voice quivering with fear.

“I have come for the general,” A gruff voice replied.

Vaklu heard the sound of the Lightsaber kill all of the guards. Vaklu knew this, because of their screams. The metal door opened and a hooded figure entered Vaklu’s cell.

“Who… Who are you?” Vaklu asked, stuttering as the figure stood in front of him.

The figure didn’t reply as he lifted his hood down. The appearance intimidated Vaklu. His body was scarred and his one good eye blinked as he stared at Vaklu.

“I’m Darth Sion,” He told Vaklu, “One of the surviving Sith from Malachor.”

He ignited his Lightsaber and held it towards Vaklu.

“Sit,” Sion commanded.

Vaklu sat down, unsure of what Sion was going to do to him.

“I’m no longer allying with your kind,” Vaklu told Sion, “You failed me, just as I was about to become the king of Onderon.”

Sion slashed his Lightsaber at the wall, making a long, thin black line in the wall.

“You have no choice general,” Sion warned him, “Like it or not, I need your help, to lure out an old friend. If you aid me in my quest, I shall give you the one thing you’ve wanted for so long. To become the king of Onderon.”

“I will serve you for now,” Vaklu told Sion, “But after this, our business is concluded.”

“Kneel general,” Sion told him, “I will call the shots. You serve me now. I’ve done enough serving in my time and now it is your turn.”

Sion put his Lightsaber away and prepared to leave.

“Lord Sion?” Vaklu asked, “What will we do now?”

Sion turned around to see Vaklu, still shaking from his appearance.

“Since my master failed to aid you on your quest to become king, I shall aid you, as I’ve already told you,” Sion told Vaklu, “But before we jump to conclusions, we must lure out a Jedi who managed to stop you from becoming king. My apprentice shall take things from there. Once my apprentice has completed her task, it is our turn to strike.”
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Chapter X - Arrival

"We fought many soldiers during the Mandalorian Wars. The Onderonians were certainly brave - but they were disorganized and stupid."
- Canderous Ordo, Mandalore

Sera and Both’haniwo sat in the cockpit, starring at nothing. They had nothing to do. Both’haniwo had suggested that they went to his homeworld, Alderaan and Nar Shaddaa, to escape the pressures of life. Sera had told him that she had been to Nar Shaddaa at a bad time, the last time she was there. The Exchange had put a bounty on the remaining Jedi and since everyone believed that she was the last Jedi, bounty hunters had been after her, since she had landed on Nar Shaddaa.

“Onderon,” Nauk suggested.

Sera and Both’haniwo turned to see him.

“Onderon?” Both’haniwo asked, “Master Jedi, use your common sense, a civil war has recently happened and I’m guessing they will prevent all visitors from landing in Iziz.”

“I’ve sensed a disturbance in the Force,” Nauk told Both’haniwo, “The Sith are returning and one of the survivors from Malachor V has allied himself with General Vaklu.”

“That’s impossible,” Sera replied, “Vaklu is under Onderon’s most guarded cell, how could he escape?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Nauk enquired, “The Sith searched for Vaklu and rescued him from the cell. I have no idea where they are now.”

“Perhaps they are still on Onderon,” Both’haniwo suggested.

“Then we must get to Onderon and warn the queen,” Sera told them both, “If Vaklu is allied with the Sith, he will probably be after the queen.”

The Ebon Hawk approached Onderon and landed in a hangar, in a part of Iziz where Sera hadn’t been before. She got up and left the Ebon Hawk. When she was out of sight, Nauk spoke with Both’haniwo.

“Stay here with the Droids, Bothan,” Nauk told him, “I suspect that there will be people still after the two of us.”

“Yeah?” Both’haniwo asked sarcastically, “Three people are better than two.”

“And three is a crowd,” Nauk countered, “Now stay with the Droids and you’ll know when we’re in trouble.”

“How?” Both’haniwo shouted as Nauk left the Ebon Hawk.

“There will be a disturbance in the Force,” Nauk told Both’haniwo, “Now, I must leave.”


As Sera and Nauk entered the small town in Iziz, a guard approached them. He was dressed in the royalist clothing, as most of the employees under the queen wore.

“Hello and welcome to Iziz,” He told the two Jedi, “Do you have five hundred credits that will allow you to land?”

“You don’t need any money friend,” Nauk warned, waving his hand at the man, “You’re sorry you bothered us.”

“I don’t need any money friend,” The man recited, “I’m sorry I bothered you both.”

As Sera and Nauk walked off, Sera noticed the man rubbing his head in pain. Sera knew that it was wrong to use a Jedi Mind Trick, but she decided not to argue with him. Where would Vaklu and the Sith be?


Soon, Sera and Nauk had arrived at the sky ramp, which was directly outside the palace. What was strange, however, was that there was no one guarding it. Had something happened? Different thoughts ran through Sera’s head that were once again, unanswerable. Even though the sky ramp was unguarded, Sera and Nauk walked up towards the palace and once again, entered it without ease. They even managed to enter the throne room without ease. What worried Sera was that the queen wasn’t in the throne room.

“Your highness!” Sera shouted.

“I’m afraid the queen isn’t available at the moment,” A hooded figure replied, lifting her hood down.

Her appearance was exactly like Sera’s. Except for one major difference. The dark side of the Force had corrupted her. She also wore a black robe, unlike Sera who wore the brown robe of a Jedi. When she ignited her Lightsaber, it was red. The complete opposite of Sera’s blue.

“You shall die!” The clone of Sera shouted at the two Jedi, “My master has allowed me to kill you by my hands!”

Sera ignited her Lightsaber and beside her, Nauk ignited his two Lightsabers, one blue and the other purple. For a while, Sera and Nauk stared at their enemy, expecting her to make the first move. Soon their enemy immediately leapt at them, her attack parried by Nauk’s Lightsabers.


Sion and Vaklu walked up the sky ramp. Those who remained loyal to Vaklu surrounded him and Sion as they talked to each other. The queen had been chased out of the palace by Vaklu’s army and since there wasn’t a Jedi Master guarding her, she and her royal guard ran away from the palace. Now the palace was Vaklu’s, once the Jedi Exile and the Jedi with her were defeated. Sion had told Vaklu everything.

“Lord Sion, are you sure you’re apprentice will be able to defeat two Jedi?” Vaklu asked.

Sion turned to look at him. He smiled, despite what he was going to say.

“No,” Sion told Vaklu, “My apprentice is nothing more than a person created by the Mandalorian Wars. Her death means nothing to me. Even if she manages to defeat the Jedi Exile and her companion, I will be the one who separates her head from her diseased body.”

The palace was directly in front of them. Sion knew his plan was working.


Sera blocked another attack from her enemy. Despite her opponent being the same as her, her power was much stronger and she was a lot more agile, compared to her. Nauk tried to stab the enemy with one of his Lightsabers, but the enemy managed to knock his Lightsaber out of his hand, causing Nauk to pick up his Lightsaber, leaving Sera alone. Sera and her opponent’s Lightsabers clashed together, both of them trying to break out of the Lightsaber lock. Sera’s opponent gritted her teeth as she tried to push Sera down with her Lightsaber. Sera immediately pushed hard, causing her opponent to stumble and fall over. Nauk took his chance and immediately pierced his Lightsabers into her heart. After a loud scream, their opponent was silenced and she had been killed. Sera and Nauk smiled at each other, before preparing to leave. Just as they were about to walk out, a large army approached them and shot at them. However all the blaster shots were set on stun. Sera couldn’t move as she was hit. She didn’t know if Nauk had been hit, but Sera guessed he had. Someone approached Sera. It was General Vaklu. Sera wanted to ask what he was doing here and how he got out of prison, but how could she reply, when she was stunned?

“Not so tough are you Exile,” Vaklu taunted, “If I wasn’t under strict orders from my associate, I would let my army kill you straight away, but since I’m not allowed, I’ll let me and my associate deal with you both later.”

Vaklu punched Sera, knocking her out.
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Chapter XI - The Interrogation

"Bring 'em on! I prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking around!"
- Han Solo

As Sera’s eyes slowly opened, everything seemed blurry. It reminded her about the times when she got drunk at cantinas. The result was always the same. There was always a hangover. That was how she felt right now. Sera noticed that Nauk was half asleep, although he was aware that Sera was still awake. Sera kept hearing announcements outside the interrogation room she was in. It sounded like Vaklu, trying to bring the Onderonians to his side. All Sera kept hearing were lies about how reliable he was and how Onderon would never be attacked by the Sith and would no longer be involved with the Republic and the Jedi, due to the fact that they were evil. Lies. All of what Vaklu was saying were lies.

“Someone is coming,” Nauk whispered to Sera.

Nauk was right and the large brown door opened. A hooded figure walked into the interrogation room. He pulled his hood down and Sera knew who it was.

“Sion!” She shouted, “This is impossible, you’re…”

Sera was interrupted by a hard punch by Sion.

“You’re still the same Exile!” Sion shouted at Sera, “You fought exactly the same on Lehon.”

“You!” Sera shouted, trying to break free from her chains.

“I’d advise you to save your strength,” Sion warned Sera, “Your Jedi Master friend here has already wasted his energy trying to escape.”

“Where’s Vaklu?” Sera asked, anger rising within her.

“Somebody’s getting awfully angry aren’t they?” Sion asked, in a mocking tone, “Goodbye Exile.”

Sion left the room, leaving Sera and Nauk alone. Suddenly he turned back round and spoke again.

“Why are you here?” He asked.

“None of your business,” Nauk warned, still half asleep.

Sion punched Nauk in the stomach.

“Tell me!” He shouted, “Or next it will be my Lightsaber through your heart.”

“I sensed a disturbance in the Force,” Nauk admitted, “The dark side has tainted this…”

“Bah, I don’t care what you say,” Sion told him, “This planet is the dark side, it’s just you Jedi and the people of Onderon don’t know it. Goodbye to you both. I have other matters that require my attention”

Sion left the room.

“Well that wasn’t much of an interrogation” Sera told Nauk.


Gracia Dulgon, a female Zabrak bounty hunter ran through the deserted streets of Iziz. She knew that her bounty was nearby. While General Vaklu was bringing the Onderonian people to his side, she decided to take her chance to capture the Exile. With the Exchange defeated, Gracia knew that the Exile was going to be worth a lot more. The interrogation tower was directly above her. Gracia got out a grappling hook and shot at a pillar. The grappling hook wrapped itself around the pillar and Gracia pulled herself up. Her useful gear was why she always managed to get around. The door was locked, so Gracia decided to find a window, so she could capture the Exile.


Nauk finally woke up and the two Jedi knew their fate. Sion would convert them to the dark side and if that didn’t work, then he would kill them straight away. Sera heard a noise and turned to see a Zabrak. She had her finger over her mouth, warning them to keep quiet. She started using a lock pick to unlock the lock and let Sera and Nauk go.

“Who are you?” Sera asked as quietly as possible.

“I’m Gracia Dulgon,” She told Sera, “I’m a bounty hunter, who was after you, since you landed on Nar Shaddaa. I would capture you and take you to Nar Shaddaa right away, but since you’ve got nearly all of Onderon against you, I’ll let you leave and once you die, I can take you both to Nar Shaddaa.”

She leapt out of the interrogation room and Sera and Nauk were once again alone, with no weapons. The door suddenly opened.
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Chapter XII - On the Run

"The crystal is the heart of the blade. The heart is the crystal of the Jedi. The Jedi is the crystal of the Force. The Force is the blade of the heart. All are intertwined: the crystal, the blade, the Jedi. You are one."
- Luminara Unduli

Two guards were loyal to Vaklu entered. One ran towards Nauk, while the other ran towards Sera. Sera knew that they had weapons, so Sera used the Force to pull their blasters away from them. The two guards were shocked, but before they could run off, Sera immediately shot them both. She knew that she would have to keep her blaster rifle for a while, until she and Nauk retrieved their inventory. As Sera and Nauk ran out into the open, several guards greeted them. Both Sera and Nauk shot the guards, using the Force to avoid the blaster shots.

“Now what?” Sera asked, as soon as all the guards were defeated.

“We need to find Queen Talia,” Nauk told her, “And I know where she would hide. The underground library. Now come on!”

Nauk sped off and Sera sighed. An underground library? Now that was new. In all her time as an exile, during her travels around the Outer Rim, she had never been into an underground library before. Sera managed to catch up with Nauk, as he found the security room, where their entire inventory had been kept. Sera and Nauk nodded to each other, before Nauk kicked the door down. The security guards inside were confused and shocked. They did nothing.

“Err…” One began, “Hello.”

“Hello,” Nauk replied, immediately shooting them all.

Sera grabbed all their gear and threw the blaster rifle on the floor.

“So uncivilised,” She told Nauk.

“Agreed,” He told Sera, the two Jedi leaving the room.


Luckily for the two Jedi, the citizens of Iziz were still listening to Vaklu’s lies, in the distance. Nauk seemed to know where he was going. Soon he and Sera stopped in the middle of a street.

“What is it, why are we stopping?” Sera asked, sounding exactly like one of her companions from a while ago.

“Hush!” Nauk whispered sharply, “This is the spot where the underground library is located. Don’t say you can’t see anything, but if you concentrate, this is one of the places in Onderon where the dark side is located. Close your eyes and feel the Force flow around you. Particularly the hatred and oppression that Onderon has suffered from, because of this underground library.”

As Sera closed her eyes, Nauk’s speech reminded her of someone.

“You speak of the dark side,” Sera told Nauk.

“Do I?” Nauk asked, not really caring about what Sera was saying, “One must study the ways of both the light and the dark side.”

“But Exar Kun studied the dark side and he was defeated, because of it,” Sera told Nauk.

Nauk ignored her as he knelt down and used the Force to lift several bricks off the floor. They floated in midair, innocently, before Nauk threw them behind him.

“You go first Exile,” Nauk told her, “Vaklu and especially Sion will be after your blood more than mine.”

Sera had no choice, but to jump down into the dirty underground below. She used the Force to slow herself down in the air, to save herself getting injured. Shortly after, Nauk followed. Sera noticed that they had both landed in dirty, green water. This was not her idea of heaven and she of all people, hated getting wet. She hoped Nauk knew what he was doing.

“Come,” Nauk whispered, “Much there is, to be explored.”

He ran off, with Sera travelling behind him.
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Chapter XIII - Betrayal

Inside the dark, damp underground library, Sera felt cold, as if the dark side had tainted this part of Onderon. Sera now knew what Nauk was talking about. This place was one of the worst places Sera had ever been in. The room was filled with sewage water that was up to her knees.

“Where are we Nauk?” Sera asked.

“Don’t move,” He told Sera, “I sense a disturbance in the Force. Close your eyes. See if you can sense it.”

Sera did as the Jedi Master told her and she closed her eyes. She sensed a dark presence in the room. It was a familiar presence that Sera hadn’t sensed in a long time.

“Lord Grelan,” A familiar voice sounded, “How pleasant of you to come here.”

Sera ignited her Lightsaber at the sound of the voice.

“Sion,” She muttered as she turned to face him.

“You might have managed to escape Vaklu’s prison cell,” Sion warned Sera, “But you won’t escape here, not where the darkness flows strong.”

“You told me the same thing on Korriban,” Sera told Sion, “And what did I do? I escaped.”

Sion didn’t reply. There was no reply between the two Jedi and Sion. Nauk and Sion also ignited their Lightsabers. For a while, the three of them stared at each other, waiting for someone to reply.

“So Nauk,” Sera broke the silence, “Who are you?”

“I…” Nauk began, “I’ll be honest with you, I’m a Sith. One of the Sith Triumvirate, under the command of the Emperor. I’m sorry, but my deceit was needed. I, Nauk Grelan return to the dark side as Lord Grelan.”

Sera noticed Sion smile as Grelan walked over towards him, his Lightsabers still in his hands.

“Sleep, exile,” Sion told Sera, as he knocked her out with one punch.

“We should get to Tramond XXV immediately,” Nauk told Sion, “Devon will be waiting for us.”
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Chapter XIV - The Final Battle

"There are dark places in the Galaxy where few tread. Ancient centers of learning, of knowledge. But I did not walk alone. To be united by hatred is a fragile alliance at best. But my will was not law. There were disagreements, ambition… and hunger for power. There are techniques within the Force against which there is no defense. I was cast down, stripped of my power, exiled. I suffered indignities, and fell into darkness."
- Kreia

Sera woke up, feeling tired and noticed Sion and Nauk who was now dressed in a black robe. Despite being a Jedi, Sera wanted to kill Nauk right where he stood for betraying her, but she didn’t have the strength. Unlike the prison cell in Onderon, the chains that held Sera captive would cut off her power from the Force, making her feel weaker at the same time. She noticed Sion walk off, leaving Nauk alone with Sera.

“You’re finally awake,” He began, “Emperor Devon shall soon meet with you. He has been impatient for ten years.”

“Why?” Sera asked, “Why did you betray me?”

“As I told you on Onderon, you were needed for future events,” Nauk continued, “Only one as strong in the Force such as you, could bring the Sith back to it’s true glory,” He paused and moved out the way for another figure, “This is Emperor Devon, lord of the Sith.”

The hooded figure walked towards Sera and remained silent. He used the Force to push Nauk into the corner and Sion stayed with Nauk. Emperor Devon began to speak.

“So this is the Jedi Exile,” He began, grabbing her Lightsaber from her pocket and admiring it’s build, “And this must be her weapon. A Lightsaber.”

He threw it to Sion, before speaking again.

“You’ve taken a great risk for trusting Lord Grelan here,” Devon continued, “Being a dark lord of the Sith and second in command, I’m surprised your senses betrayed you.”

“Get to the point Devon!” Sera shouted.

“The dark side of the Force surrounds you,” Devon continued, remaining calm, “It will consume as, as Tramond XXV did when you killed me in battle. Remember me?”

“Quallan?” Sera asked, “Quallan Devon, how did you survive?”

“My Jedi Master, Nauk resurrected me, soon after the Jedi Civil War and in doing so, he surrendered himself to me and the dark side I serve.”

He stood backwards and fumbled around his pocket, bringing out his Lightsaber. Sera observed it for a while. It was a normal Lightsaber that most dark siders used. Devon’s Lightsaber was slightly longer than Sera’s Lightsaber, but that didn’t really matter to her. All she knew was that she would become the one thing that would bring the dark side back to its full power.

“Goodbye my love,” He began, “Goodbye, Sera Tana.”

Devon ignited his Lightsaber and was about to strike at Sera, but Sion stopped her.

“No my lord!” Sion shouted, “Let me kill the Jedi Exile! It is what I’ve been trying to do for a long time!”

“No!” Devon shouted back, “She is mine to kill!”

“No, she’s mine!” Sion shouted, running towards Devon, Lightsaber in hand.

Devon immediately turned round, stabbing his Lightsaber into Sion’s abdomen. Sion was gasping in pain, as the Lightsaber remained in his abdomen. Devon kept forcing his Lightsaber through his abdomen, eventually, killing him.

“You should’ve known exile,” Devon told Sera, “Only the dark side was capable to kill Sion here. He managed to survive Malachor V, though he never survived Tramond XXV. Now, where were we?”

“No!” Nauk shouted, “Fight her! Feel honour as you strike her down!”

Devon looked at Nauk for a while, before releasing Sera. Devon threw Sera’s Lightsaber back to her.

“One chance to survive exile,” Devon warned her, “I’m going to enjoy this. Let’s finish what we began on Tramond, ten years ago.”

Sera ignited her Lightsaber and waited for Devon to make the first move. He did. Sera immediately blocked his attack, striking at him, with her own attacks. Devon parried them, causing the two Lightsabers to lock together.

“You’re too weak exile,” Devon taunted, “I always remembered you as a very strong adversary.”

Sera broke the Lightsaber lock, striking at Devon again, who again parried Sera’s attack. Devon chuckled.

“Surely you can do better?” He taunted once again.

Sera once more broke out of the Lightsaber lock, immediately striking again, but Devon forced her to the floor. Devon shot thousands of bolts of lightning at her, causing Sera to scream in pain.

“Come on, get up!” Devon shouted, “If I managed to get up from your attacks before, surely you can get up!”

Devon shot more bolts at Sera, causing her to scream in pain more and roll across the floor. She couldn’t escape the wrath of the dark side though, not here. Devon stopped and spoke again.

“And now exile, you’ll die a slow painful death.”

Devon shot more bolts, but as Sera was about to die, two Lightsabers stopped the bolts of lightning.

“Grelan!” Devon shouted, “What are you doing?”

“Returning to the light side once more,” Nauk told Devon, “You always were an impatient apprentice. This is why you fail.”

Devon pushed Nauk backwards.

“You always were the philosopher of the Force!” Devon shouted, “I would never become what you always wanted to become. I realise now that you took the dark side as your path to find out my plans. For that, you will die.”

Nauk immediately leapt towards Devon, kicking him backwards into a nearby pillar.

“You always were clumsy during duels,” Nauk told Devon, as he got up, “I should know, I was once a Jedi duellist.”

Devon said nothing as he ran towards Nauk, immediately getting kicked back down again.

“The dark side is nothing young Quallan,” Nauk told Devon, “End this charade.”

Devon ignored Nauk’s words and immediately stabbed Nauk in the leg, causing him to yell in pain as he fell to the floor. Sera immediately got up and kicked Devon backwards into another pillar, causing several other pillars to fall on top of him.

“Sera,” Nauk whispered, “Sera.”

Sera walked towards Nauk.

“What?” She asked.

“He isn’t dead,” He told Sera, “There is only one way to stop him. You must kill me. I’m his link and I’m the only one who can kill him. But a Jedi, a true Jedi must kill me in order to do this.”

“What?” Sera asked, “I can’t do that, despite what you did to me.”

“And that is why you must kill me,” Nauk told Sera, “Save the galaxy, save yourself, save the Jedi Order. Do what I always wanted to do. But beware, when Devon dies, this planet also dies. You and your crew must leave quickly”

Sera nodded as Devon immediately came into sight. Sera looked at Devon for a while, before forcing her Lightsaber into Nauk. Both Nauk and Devon shouted in pain, for a while. Sera immediately pulled her Lightsaber out of Nauk’s now lifeless body and stabbed her Lightsaber back into Nauk’s body. Devon finally died and the planet started shaking. Sera picked up Nauk’s body and ran to the Ebon Hawk, opposite.

“Quick take off, we need to leave!” Sera shouted.

She leapt onto the Ebon Hawk and watched as the planet destroyed itself as the Ebon Hawk escaped the planet.
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Contest winner - Fan Fiction 

"Wesa free"
- Gungan

When Sera returned to Telos, Admiral Carth Onasi and Chodo Habat greeted her. Both’haniwo was reunited with Carth, leaving Sera with Chodo. The Ithorian spoke.

“Telos has been restored!” He shouted, also talking to the large crowd behind him, “The Sith have been defeated, I can sense it. Thank you exile, you are a true Jedi.”

Sera bowed to Chodo in respect.

“Thank you Chodo,” She told him, “It is great to be back.”

The large crowd behind Chodo cheered even louder as Sera walked forward, coming into view. HK and T3 were with her as the crowd cheered. Carth walked towards her and shook her hand.

“Both’haniwo told me your short adventure looking for the Sith,” He told Sera, “And you found them and defeated them. Well done.”

“Thank you Admiral,” Sera told Carth, “But I never found Revan.”

“I’m sure he would like us all to celebrate,” Carth assured her, “I haven’t given up hope on him though.”

Pushing through the crowds was a man who Sera hadn’t seen in a long time.

“Atton?” She asked.

“Sera!” He shouted as he ran towards her, immediately grabbing her.

The two shared a passionate kiss and broke away.

“I’ve missed you.” Sera told him.

“I’ve missed you too,” Atton told her.


After that, the rest of the night was all a blur. Atton had gone out to buy some food and supplies, while Sera was relaxing. She had some great news to tell Atton. As he was her husband he had a right to know. The door opened and Atton entered.

“I’m home!” He shouted, kissing Sera, as he put what he bought down.

“Atton, I have some news,” Sera told him.

“What?” He asked.

“I’m pregnant.”
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Contest winner - Fan Fiction 

Jason Skywalker, CSI: Nihilus, Revan Master of Darkness, Darth Grivis, Mr_BFA, AkumaSF and many others who I might have forgotten to mention, who also commented on this Fic, during it’s rushed run.

igyman, for creating the Fic’s banner and giving me some helpful advice, like others have, but igyman is one who stands out in my mind.

Emperor Devon for letting me use the name, Emperor Devon and for coming up with his past, etc.

Wookieepedia for helping me on information on things.

Jae Onasi’s Fic, The Adventures of Jolee Bindo, for giving me the idea for making a credits part of a Fic.

Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb game for the PS2 for giving me some ideas to use in my Fic.

LucasForums, for being the great place it is, with all it’s great people and Moderators and other staff who keep this place going.

Bioware for creating KOTOR and Obsidian for creating it's sequel, TSL.

And finally, George Lucas for creating Star Wars. I’m sorry, if I missed anyone/anything out.
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