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Thread: [FIN]The Mandalorian Wars
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[FIN]The Mandalorian Wars

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Thanks to D'Albetot for making the pic.

Star Wars

The Mandalorian Wars

It is a great time of peril within the Republic.... The Mandalorians are attacking the Outer Rims. Carth Onasi, and his mentor Saul Karath, request that the Jedi help them to destroy the Mandalorians. The Jedi Council unsure of their intensions, debate on whether or not they should help for fear of some Jedi falling to the Darkside.

Revan, a Jedi Knight, disagrees with the Council's debatings. He gathers up hundreds of Jedi, including his best friend Malak and his brother Doshin, to go to the Outer Rims and attack the Mandalorians. But, a sixteen year old padawan named Bastila, was warning the Jedi not to go into battle, to heed the Council's warnings. Revan refused to listen to his friend, who in the Jedi Civil War fell in love with him.


"Do not go to the Outer Rims and fight the Mandalorians!" Bastila warned in the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine... "The Council said not to!"

"I don't care Bastila," Revan said putting on the mask that Master Kreia had given him, when he had decided to leave the Jedi Order.

Wait, Revan, I'm coming with you!" An old woman said running out of the Enclave.

"Kreia?" Revan asked, suprisedly. "You want to go?"

"Yes, an old woman can't go?" Kreia asked.

"No, now that's not what I said, I just asked why you wanted to go." Revan replied.

"There are many reasons... to destroy the Mandalorians is one." Kriea replied.

"Good-bye, Bastila, my friend, I will see you when the War is over." Revan said slipping on the Robes that he made, over a black Jedi robe.

"Fine Revan, but when you fall to the Darkside, you can't say I didn't warn you." Bastila replied.

What Bastila didn't know though was that Revan had already fallen to the Darkside, but he hid it from the Council.

The four immedately left Dantooine and went to Dxun.....

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Chapter 1

"Revan, we are preparing to land on the Onderon moon of Dxun." Kreia said.

"Very good!" Revan replied.

"Revan, when are we going to continure our search for the Star Forge?" Malak whispered into Revan's ear.

"Soon enough, Apprentice, soon enough." Revan said.

"BOMB THE WORLD!" Revan's brother, Valen, said.

"NO! We will fight this war, like the war with Exar Kun.... with Lightsabers and blasters." Revan said. "While you three; Valen, Kreia, and Malak; are down there, I'm going to look for something, a weak spot within the Mandalorian Base."

"Great Idea, but maybe I should come with you." Malak said.

"No, this is something that I have to do on my own." Revan told him.

Malak, realizing, what he was really going to do said, "Oh, yes of course."

Revan's ship flew to the Sith Tomb of Freedon Nadd. He got out and started to walk inside, when...... Mandalorians appeared all around him. They thought a Jedi? This is going to be very easy! Revan ignited his lightsaber, and deflected the Blaster Bolts, then used Force Lightning to end the Mandalorinans miserable lives.... he walked into the tomb.


"Malak, go to the Mandalorian base, and destroy them." Valen said.

"I do not obey you, Valen, but I obey your brother." Malak replied.

"You will do this, or I will end your life!" Valen said bitterly.

Malak backed down.... "Of course.... I will order the destruction of the Mandalorians...." Malak activated his comlink. "Saul Karath, and Carth Onasi, I want you two to lead the assult on the Mandalorian base!"

Saul's holographic figure replied.... "Of course, anything to help the Jedi."

Valen boarded a shuttle with Malak, they were going down to help the Republic win this battle. "Valen...." Malak started.

"Cut the small talk, Malak." Valen replied.

"Of course, but I was wondering, are you attracted to Atris?" Malak said continuing his question.

"Once upon a time.... I did." He replied... "But the shutta should have followed us... I could sense her wanting to."

"Now, now, anger leads to the Darkside...." Malak said mockingly. "Revan and I know that path far too much."

"What do you mean?" Valen asked Malak.

"Get ready to fight!" Kreia said, changing the subject so Valen wouldn't kill Revan or Malak.

The shuttle doors opened and all three jumped out, double-bladed lightsabers ignited in Valen and Kreia's hands, and a single hilt red in Malak's.

Kreia's red blades chopped Mandalorians into bits, while Valen's Purple blades deflected blaster bolts. Malak ran to the Mandalorians base, looking for Mandalore.

Back at the Tomb.....

"Yes, Revan, can I help you?" Freedon Nadd's disembodied spirit asked.

"Yes, I want you to train me in the ways of the Sith." He replied.

"Lesson One, do not let your guard down...." Freedon Nadd started to say.

BOOM! The tomb shook, and Spirits appeared around Revan, circling him. He ignited one end of his Double-Bladed Red Lightsaber. The spirits attacked....

Revan, cut through nine of them with one sweep of his lightsaber.... Only five more to go. He cut through four more, but the last one grew bigger and bigger, and a whole lot more powerful. The last one shot Force Lightning out of it's hand, but Revan deflected it and countered it with Force Lightning that was far more powerful than that of the spirits. The spirit disappeared.
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Anakin Skywalker
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Chapter 2

It wasn't long until the battle of Dxun was a victory for the Republic. Revan was out of the Tomb, and on his way to his flagship, when he got a message from Master Vandar.

"The Senate, requests to see you, Revan...." Vandar started.

"I know, I sensed that they were awaiting me...." Revan said.

"Good, they have grown impatient..." Vandar stated.

"Don't worry, just stall them as long as it takes." Revan said.

"I will Revan!" Vandar's holographic figure said, dissappearing.

Revan landed back on his flagship. "Malak, Valen, and Kriea... the Senate requests my presence... I am putting you three in charge of the Republic fleet... use them to your whim."

They replied in unison, "Of course, Revan!"

Revan got in a ship, that was docked in the Hangar Bay.... he took off, and in Hyperspace, a young woman jumped out of the sealed Cargo Hold, with a lightsaber ignited she ran to Revan, unsure of him.

"Yes, can I help you?" Revan asked without looking up from the controls. "Lower your lightsaber, young one, I can help you."

The woman kept her lightsaber activated. "Who are you and what are you doing upon my ship?"

"My name is Revan, I am a Jedi Knight..." Revan replied.

"I can see that..... from the robes you are wearing." She said. "My name is Arren Kae."

"Welcome Arren Kae, I sense you are Force Sensitive too." Revan said, warmingly.

"I am an Exiled Jedi, the Council exiled me, because I was emotionally attached to a man named Yusanis." Arren said.

"Would you and this Yusanis, like to help us? We are neutralizing the Mandalorian threat." Revan said.

"Ahh..... the Mandalorians, my friend Yusanis is part Mandalorian." Arren said.

Revan sensed a man coming down the corridors. "Hello, Yusanis." Revan said.

"Hello... who is this?" Yusanis asked.

"This is Master Jedi, Revan." Arren replied.

"Oh, I'm not a Master yet." Revan chuckled.

"But you are a Jedi, just like I was." Arren replied. "Why don't you go back to bed?"

"Yes," Yusanis replied, leaving the cockpit.

"I sense something about you, something I have not sensed since.... since.... my fall to the Darkside." Arren said.

"What... what... are you talking about..." Revan asked.

"I sense you have fallen to the Darkside." Arren said.

"I have, how did you find that out... I keep it hidden." Revan said.

"I did too, I still do." Arren replied.

[I]Well isn't that a twist?[I] Revan asked himself. [I]A fallen Jedi, preaching to me about the Darkside![I]

"I do suggest that you take this path, Revan..." Arren started again.

"We will not be to Courscant for a while." Revan said. "Why don't you stay here in the cockpit, I could use some company."

"I would be honored to keep a fellow Dark Jedi company..." Arren said.

Revan set the computer on auto-pilot, and pulled off his mask, revealing his dark appearance.

"Ahhh...... it feels good to have the mask off..." Revan said.

The instant Arren saw Revan, she fell in love with him. The Echani young man, had features that she had never seen before.He sat meditating with her... when she sensed him close his eyes, she opened her's attracted to him and his awsome power. She smiled, Finally I have someone who can actually please me! Arren thought. She stood up and walked over to him... he instantly stood up.

"Is there something you want?" Revan asked.

"I want to know more about you." Arren said, pulling Revan's face close to her's.

Revan, seeing where this was going, and obviously attracted to her as well, locked lips with her. They went to the Star board bedrooms.

"I love you, Arren!" Revan said.

"I love you too, Revan." Arren replied to him. They layed down, and Revan went to sleep.
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Chapter 3

Revan woke up a few hours later. Yusanis was holding a vibrosword at his throat.

"I know that your plotting against the Republic, I see that you're going to assassinate the Echani senator!" Yusanis said.

Revan just stared at him, his clothes were gone, meaning that his lightsaber was too. Revan Force Pushed Yusanis against the wall, knocking him out. He found his clothes under his pillow, so he put them on, and went to the cockpit, where Arren was.

Back with Malak, Valen, and Kreia....

"Prepare to land on Onderon!" Valen said to the others.

"But General Bracus, the Mandalorians aren't on Onderon..." The capitan said.

That's what you think...." Valen said. He could feel a Dark Aura eminating from his own being, and he knew Malak could sense it to. "Just land in Iziz.... I need to speak to Princess Talia and Commander Vaklu, anyway."

"Yes, sir!" The Republic Capitan said. It wasn't long before the gigantic ship landed on the skyramp.... Valen walked down the ramp on his ship...

Commander Vaklu met him.... "Can we help you, Master Jedi?"

"I need to speak to you and Princess Talia, alone!" Valen said.

"Of course Master Jedi." Vaklu said.

Malak was yelling orders left and right above the Ice world of Illum. The Mandalorians had not yet landed on the planet, they saw their oppritunity to stop more Jedi from coming, be destroying their lightsaber source... the crystals.

Kriea was above the planet of Yavin IV figuring the Mandalorians would come back to ravage the world for their primitive wepons. She was correct, the Mandalorian war ships were flowing out of hyperspace, when Kriea's ships fired at them. The Mandalorians were so suprised, that they could react to the attack. Kreia's ships had destroyed every ship that belonged to the Mandalorians... and then she commanded them to jump into hyperspace, she was gonna scout out a planet.... Malachor V.

Revan was finishing up the speech in front of the Senate, then he would get back to the battle grounds. Finally, I'm almost finished! Revan thought.

Kreia went to the surface of Malachor V and used the Force to mask her presence... she ran around the planet, looking for a Mandalorian base. She finally found one on the North side of the planet.

Valen grew tired of the bickering cousins, so he finally shut them up... "The Mandalorians are planning an attack... Vaklu, I'm putting you in charge of an "underground" resistance. Talia, you are now the Queen of Onderon..." Valen started.

"But how am I the Queen, my mom is still ruling..." Talia asked.

"Leave that to me." Valen said leaving and walking to the Palace. "Queen Malinea, your rule is over, hail the new queen of Onderon, Queen Talia!"

"But Talia is just a teenager, she cannot rule the city!" Malinea said.

"That's what you think, but I sense some Force Sensitivity in her, and I will train her, and she can rule on her own... with out YOU!" Valen ignited his lightsaber, and Force Jumped towards the Queen and quickly chopped off her head. Her guards just sat there staring at him... and didn't move, Talia came through the door. "Ahhh.... the young Queen is here...... I will train you in the ways of the Force Talia, I sense great Force Sensitivity within you."

"Nothing would give me greater pleasures than learning the ways of the Je...." Talia said.

"Ahhh..... I am not a Jedi, I am a Dark Jedi, just like your family line, Freedon Nadd... I will train you in the ways of the Darkside!" Valen said, his facial features finally showing his rapid desent into Darkness.

"Of course Master!" Talia said. She pulled out a Lightsaber that she had found in the Palace, hidden underneath one of the tiles in her room. "This was my great grandfather's lightsaber!"

"Yes, I can sense the Darkside flowing through it!" Valen said.

Revan ship pulled out of hyperspace, over the outer rim world of Taris.
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Chapter 4

Revan had just set a young Cathar girl free, to make him look like a hero, instead of the villian that he is. He left immediately after he freed her.

Back on Onderon.....

"Yes, good Talia.... you learn quickly.... one final lesson, before I leave...." Valen started.

"I want to go with you!" Talia stopped him.

"Well, since I know that the Mandalorians will be trying to kill you, I suppose you could come with me." Valen started.

"Thank you master." Talia said.

The two left the planet....

"Malak!" Revan said, sneaking up behind his best friend. Malak jumped thirty feet into the air, aided by the Force.

"Revan, I..." Malak started, landing on the ground.

"You what?" Revan looked angry.

"I was waiting for the time to strike the Mandalorians above Illum." Malak answered.

"Strike NOW!" Revan said. I am going down to Illum, to steal the Red crystals growing there!

He jumped into the closest shuttle.... when he reached the planet, there were Jedi in the caves...

Vandar is here? Revan thought to himself. Well this shall be interesting...

Malak ignored Revan's thoughts.... "All ships, prepare to attack the Mandalorians!" Malak yelled over the roar of the fire hitting the ship. He threw a sheild up over the ship with the Force, knowing that even four more hits, and the ship, along with him would be destroyed. Malak ran to the Escape Pods, and jettisoned out of the ship.

Revan saw the escape pod slam into the ground. Malak! Revan thought. What in the name of the Force are you doing here? But Revan got no reply, so he landed and ran to the escape pod, where he found Malak unconscious. He picked up Malak's body and threw it into the shuttle, and then ran to the caves.

"Don't think.... it will come naturally." Vandar was saying to a young boy. "Ahhh...... Revan.... my favorite Knight."

"Master Vandar, since no one in the Order uses red crystals, I was wondering if I could take them, just in case someone lost their lightsaber, or it got destroyed." Revan said to the very old master.

"Yes, Revan, that is a wonderful idea.... that way that you'll be back home in the temple sooner." Vandar said. "But we the Council still do not approve of the War."

"Of course you don't master, I don't either..." Revan said lying... but Master Vandar couldn't sense any deception. "Well Master Vandar, I'd better get those.... who is this?" Revan asked staring at the young man, he could see the destiny written on his soul.

"This is Padawan Skywalker..." Vandar said.

"Does he have a master?" Revan asked.

"No, unfortunately he doesn't, and he is almost thirteen." Vandar replied.

Skywalker looked at Revan and was amazed... If I want anyone to be my master, I want it to be him! He thought.

Revan hid his dark aura... and his facial features, and took off the Mask. "Master Vandar, if I could, I would like to train the young man...[/I]

"I don't know Revan, your off to war..." Vandar said.

"Don't worry master... he will be safe, I will make sure of it!" Revan said.

"Very well... Elon... meet your new Master. Jedi Knight Revan." Vandar said.

"Elon... your first lesson is building your lightsaber.... Master Vandar, you may leave." Revan said.

Vandar left and before anything happened Revan made sure he was gone.

"Alright Elon... I'm not going to train you in the ways of the Jedi, but rather in the ways of the Sith!" Revan said.

"Master, it is your choice, I am but the learner, and you are the Master." Elon said, turning his aura dark.
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Chapter 5

"Master..." Elon said to Revan. "I sense a disturbance."

"Indeed? You are very strong... and at such a young age." Revan said to his new apprentice.

Elon smiled... happy that his new master was complimenting him.

"But do not over-estimate your powers, there is much going on that you don't know about..." Revan said.

Elon's smile dropped, and then he sat meditating.

Revan sensed a pending attack on Iziz, there was a huge city... so he and his new found apprentice took the Republic troopers to the city.


"Talia! Watch were your swinging that thing!" Valen said.

"Sorry Master!" Talia replied.

The Darkside flowed around both of them.... Talia killed thousands of Mandalorians, in one swipe of her lightsaber.

"Master.... I was.... wondering.... can you teach me anything more about the Force?" Talia asked.

"What is it you wish to know, Talia?" Valen asked, without taking his eyes off the Mandalorians running towards him.

"I want to know how to kill more enemies with the Force." Talia replied.

"Well you could always go with either one of my favorite Force powers.... Force Crush.... or Force Lightning." Valen said. "Force Crush will only allow you to kill one at a time, but it is very useful, especially since it can't be countered, nor resisted."

Revan's apprentice was standing over Malak, wearing a newly made Sith robe. His hood was pulled over his head, but he bore no mask. Malak woke up and saw the Sith standing over him, unaware of who he was he activated his lightsaber. Elon, or now the Sith Lord Darth Shylan, Force Choked the pathetic Jedi.

"Who... who.... who.... are.... you?" Malak asked, grabbing a hold of his neck.

"I am Darth Revan's apprentice, Darth Shylan!" Elon said. "And you are?"

"My name is Malak, I was Revan's apprentice before you!" Malak said.

"Ahhh.... here comes my master now..." Elon said sensing Revan coming closer.

"Ahhh.... Elon, I see you met my old apprentice?" Revan asked. "You may let him go... he will not harm you."

Malak deactivated his lightsaber, and Elon let go of the Malak's throat.

"Watch yourself Malak..." Elon said, glaring at him.

"ME? I am a Sith Lord... and you are a child!" Malak said.

"Master, can you please give me permission to kill this pathetic Loser?" Elon asked.

"Come with me, Elon..." Revan said.

"Yes, Master." Elon said.

The two left the room....

"Elon, I need Malak to help me destroy the Mandalorians, but then I will need him to help me find the Star Maps... and then you can kill him!" Revan said to his young and eager apprentice.

"Glad to hear it master...." Elon said.

"Now, why don't you go get some rest.... we'll talk later." Revan said.

"Yes, Milord!" Elon said, walking to his chambers.

Now for a way to keep Iziz safe.... Revan thought.
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Chapter 6

Revan, Arren, Valen, Kreia, Malak, Talia, and Elon all stood above Malachor V.

"Valen, Talia, and Elon... all three of you are going down to Malachor's surface.... Kreia, Malak, and I are going to scout out this planet's natural resources for the Republic." Revan said.... "Arren you stay here, until I get back."

Valen, Talia, and Elon went to the surface as they were commanded by Revan. Elon, and Talia's purple blades were ignited, but Valen's double bladed Orange was not.

"Master is there a problem?" Talia asked.

"Problem... problem... YES! There is, I just remembered we need to get off of Malachor's surface!" Valen replied.

"But Valen, Malachor reminds me of Dantooine, the lush gardens, the grass, the Iriaz, and the Kath Hounds." Elon said.

"You don't understand, Malachor is going to become a Graveyard!" Valen said scooping up Valen and Talia and taking them to his shuttle, by the time they were up at the capital ship, Bao-Dur had started the Mass Shadow Generator.

Half the planet blew to smitherines, and the other half all that was left were HUGE rocks and boulders. From the Mass Shadow Generator, came forth Beasts of Terror and darkness, Storm Beasts. Revan returned to the ship, and found that Mandalore was taken prisoner.

"Take him down to Malachor V, I will deal with him and the other Mandalorians there." Revan said.

Even though the Mandalorians on Malachor were dead, the Mandalorians didn't give up. Thousands of troops rained from the ships and began to battle what remained of the Republic's forces.

There were two Mandalorian Generals left, one's name was Canderous Ordo, the other one was Mandalore himself, but he was captured by Revan. Canderous set out to free the captive Mandalore, but when he saw Revan walking up to Mandalore, he sent a battalion of troops to fight the battle for him.... he knew Revan would kill him, if he went to fight him.

Revan tossed a double-vibro sword at Mandalore, "You will fight me, and the winner will declare the Galaxy his."

Mandalore picked it up and ran towards Revan, but Revan just moved to the side, and the sword cut Mandalore's leg. He screamed in pain.

Revan ignited his own double-bladed red lightsaber, and charged at Mandalore, the Mandalorian dodged a few blows, but then at when Mandalore thought he could get Revan and kill him, Revan Force Choked him and then quickly sliced off his head. Revan bent down and picked up Mandalore's helmet and shoved it in his inventory pack. He just realized that a few Mandalorians were charging him, but he killed them easily with Force Lightning.

Revan went back to his ship and found Arren Kae in pain. "Arren what is it?"

But before she could reply, a droid came into the room and shooed Revan out. About two hours later, Revan heard a baby crying... What the... Revan thought.

He walked in the room to find his wife dead, but a baby girl in the droids arms. Revan took the girl from the droid, and stared at her. The little girl had silver hair, like her father, but the facial features of her mother. "Brianna..." Revan said.
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Revan was building a droid, when his daughter Brianna walked in.

"Yes, what is it?" Revan asked.

Brianna said nothing, but her expression said it all.

"The Jedi are looking for a way to reach the Star Forge." Revan said.

Brianna shook her head, and her long silver hair was slapping Revan in the face until she stopped.

"Daddy, Malak won't leave me alone." She finally said.

"What do you mean?" Revan asked.

"He keeps telling me that I'm weak, that I don't know anything about battle." Brianna continued. "But, I have a special ability, an ability that not even you have...."

"What? What ability?" Revan asked.

"Battle Meditation... I can use it to stop the Republic." Brianna said.

Revan was shocked, his daughter had Battle Meditation, like Bastila, and he didn't even know it. Her connection to the Force was just as strong as his and Arren's combined. Which in retrospect was very, very powerful.

The Force was getting Darker by the minute.... as Malak approached.

"Your daughter is weak Revan!" Malak said.

But Brianna had enough, she sought aid from the Force, and Force Choked the dumb apprentice, and then shot Force Lightning at him, making him scream in pain.

"Weak am I, then why can I feel no pain, and you can?" Brianna said, laughing.

"Let him go..." Revan said.

Brianna did as she was told, and then ran off to her room aboard the Star Forge.
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