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Thread: [FIN] Unsatisfied Hunger
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Diego Varen
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[FIN] Unsatisfied Hunger

Star Wars - Unsatisfied Hunger

Feel free to comment in this Thread by clicking on the first picture below, which was made by igyman (as was the other picture), a member from LucasForums (which is here). This was written from the 13th December 2006-28th December 2006. Thanks for reading and enjoy this Fic.

Authour's Note

This Fic is the short sequel to my previous Fic, Echoes of Darkness, which you can find by clicking on the Echoes of Darkness picture, which was also made by igyman, below.


I don’t own Star Wars or anything to do with it.

Star Wars
Unsatisfied Hunger

One year has passed, since the death of the SITH LORD, EMPEROR DEVON and the planet, TRAMOND XXV. The JEDI EXILE, SERA TANA and her husband, ATTON RAND have been blessed with their own child, KAVAR RAND, who was named after one of Sera’s JEDI MASTERS, prior to the MANDALORIAN WARS.

REVAN still hasn’t been seen for five years, since he ventured into the UNKNOWN REGIONS and the REPUBLIC ADMIRAL, CARTH ONASI is concerned of his whereabouts. Since the REPUBLIC is still being rebuilt and work on the new JEDI ORDER hasn’t even begun, Carth knows only one person who can find his old companion, during the JEDI CIVIL WAR.

Eleven years before the current events, prior to the Mandalorian Wars, a young JEDI KNIGHT discusses to the wise Jedi Masters on the JEDI COUNCIL, about the MANDALORIAN attacks on certain planets. Little does the Jedi Knight know that all of his decisions will lead him to the DARK SIDE
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Diego Varen
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“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering! I sense much fear in you.”
- Yoda

Zann Sturm, a Jedi who had recently become a Jedi Knight, stood before two of the Jedi Masters from the Jedi Council. He had requested a meeting with them, to discuss about the recent Mandalorian attacks on several planets in the Outer Rim. Zann had been very concerned at this, knowing that many innocent people were in danger and the Republic in which the Jedi Order aided were also losing to the Mandalorians. Master Vandar, the Grand Jedi Master, who was also the shortest and oldest of the Jedi Masters spoke first.

“Knight Sturm,” Vandar began, “You’ve requested a meeting.”

Zann bowed to Vandar before speaking. Despite Zann’s disagreements with the wisest members of the order, he had always respected Vandar with great interest. He had taught Zann the ways of the Force, since he had joined the Jedi Order, when he was very young. A Youngling, as Vandar and many of the other masters liked to call the members of the order who were thirteen years old or younger.

“I have master,” Zann began, “And I appreciate that you have let me speak to you about the Mandalorian attacks.”

“Well, we like to listen to what any member of our grand order has to say,” The elder Jedi Master, Vrook snapped.

Vandar held his hand up in the air.

“Patience, Master Vrook,” Vandar told Vrook, “I know that you and Knight Sturm haven’t gotten along in the past, but we must discuss what Zann wants to discuss.”

Well, what could Zann say? He knew that many innocent people were in danger and that the Jedi weren’t doing anything to help the Republic, who were trying to defend them from the Mandalorians.

“Masters,” Zann began, “As you might already know, I believe that we should send a small group of Jedi Knights to aid the Republic, who are failing with their task of defending the innocents. Isn’t it what we do? We’re keepers of the peace…”

“Not soldiers,” Vrook interrupted, “Vandar, myself and the other Jedi Masters have discussed this and we believe that the right time to aid the Republic is when we decide the right time to send help.”

“That is arrogant, wouldn’t you say, Master Vrook?” Zann asked, regretting the fact that he had sounded rude.

Zann was expecting a rude answer from Vrook, but there was silence. Vandar didn’t speak, nor did Vrook. Zann didn’t have anything else to say, until either of the masters spoke.

“We appreciate you for coming to speak to us,” Vandar told Zann, ending the silence, “Vrook, myself and the rest of the council must discuss this privately. We have nothing more to discuss. You may leave, when you are ready.”

Zann once again, bowed down to the two elderly masters.

“As you wish Master Vandar,” Zann told Vandar, “I appreciate your patience.”

Zann turned and left the room.


Several hours later, after their duty of sitting on the council was over, Vandar and Vrook returned to the same room where Zann had discussed with them about the Mandalorian attacks. They were going to talk about Zann, but it wasn’t really about their recent discussion.

“Master Vandar,” Vrook began, “Today, I caught him in a heated argument with my Padawan! His master refuses to properly discipline him. I want to know what action you intend to do about this!

“Vrook, I respect your wisdom, but it is not your concern,” Vandar told Vrook.

“But he isn’t disciplined, he is uncontrolled!” Vrook shouted, “Whatever the other Padawans see him do, they are quick to do the same, however, other students dislike him intensely!”

“I strongly disagree,” Vrook continued, hoping his master would listen to him, “He is a mediocre Jedi, who has a lust for power! It will lead to the dark side! Furthermore it will…”

“This isn’t a matter we cannot discuss, until what you are saying is proved Master Vrook,” Vandar told him, “This matter shall not be discussed anymore.”

Vandar walked off, leaving Vrook annoyed.
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Diego Varen
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Chapter I - Dream or Vision?

"In the end, you belong to neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone."
- Darth Malak

Inside a dark building, a young man, around his thirties, stood pacing around the large library. The library was the main part of the building. Many holodiscs and consoles were in the room. Normally, all the holodiscs would be stacked tidily, but the young man was obsessively looking through all the holodiscs, as if he was looking for something. Something that he had lost.

“Where is it?” He asked himself, “It should be here, I sensed it!”

In anger, he immediately threw the holodisc he was holding into the corner. He sighed and let his hands run through his long brown hair, as he thought for a moment. He seemed troubled, as he flicked through the other holodiscs, each of them receiving the same result, as they were thrown into the corner. As the man was looking through one particular holodisc, that seemed to be the one he was looking for, he heard a noise. A noise that seemed familiar, yet he couldn’t think of what it was.

“Who’s there?” He asked, grabbing onto his Lightsabers, but he wasn’t igniting them.

There was no reply. The only reply the man received was the silence and darkness of the night. The man heard the noise again, only this time it was louder.

“I demand to know who’s there!” The man shouted, igniting his purple and red coloured Lightsabers.

The man used his Lightsabers to see through the darkness, but he couldn’t see anything. The Force had also blinded his senses. The man felt more troubled than he was earlier. The fact that he thought that he wasn’t alone, terrified him even more. The man heard the noise again, this time it was directly behind him. The man turned around to see something, dressed in black, but the man couldn’t see the thing’s facial features, except for two eyes.

“Speak to me,” The man demanded, clutching onto his Lightsabers.

The thing said nothing as the thing forced the man opposite into a Force stun.


Sera Tana, the Jedi Exile, immediately awoke, her forehead sweating, as her eyes became accustomed to the dark. Her husband, Atton Rand was still asleep and Sera couldn’t hear their child, Kavar wailing for his parents. Sera got out of bed and walked outside to the garden, outside their home on the restored planet of Telos. Sera felt at peace, every time she was outside in the garden. She had always liked the great outdoors. Sera sat on the cobbled path and began to meditate, after flattening her short blonde hair.


Atton woke up and noticed that his wife had gone. Atton always knew where his wife was, every time she wasn’t with him. She was in the gardens, trying to escape the nightmares that plagued her mind every night. Atton got up and got changed into his clothes, before checking up on Kavar. Kavar had been named after one of Sera’s Jedi Masters, before the Mandalorian Wars had begun. Kavar slept peacefully as Atton brought the bed sheets back over him, to keep him warm. Atton gave him a kiss on his little head, before leaving Kavar’s bedroom. He had to check up on his wife.

Outside in the garden, Atton saw his wife in deep meditation. Her legs were crossed and she was silent. Atton couldn’t even hear her breath. He walked towards her and placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Darling,” He began, “You seem troubled, I can sense it.”

Sera stood up and turned to see her husband.

“Atton, I’ll be back to bed soon,” Sera told him.

Atton chuckled slightly, as he took off his torn brown jacket and put it on Sera.

“It’s cold tonight, isn’t it?” He asked.

Sera nodded, immediately turning around, without replying.

“Don’t give me that,” He continued, “I can read you like a Pazaak Deck. You’ve been having nightmares all week and I can tell. You’re all shaky and it isn’t because of drinking too many Juma Juices.”

Sera sighed and turned around, to see her husband again.

“You still compare me to Juma Juices,” Sera told Atton, “Can’t you see that?”

“Of course I can,” He told her, “I’m your husband. Don’t shut me out from your problems Sera, let me help you,” He grabbed her hands and rubbed them together, trying to warm them up, “Let me help you, like you did on Nar Shaddaa for me.”

Sera walked towards the house, taking Atton’s jacket off and throwing it back to him.

“Kavar wants his mother,” She told him, before returning to the house and leaving Atton alone in the garden.
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Diego Varen
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Chapter II - Answers

"I can feel its power!"
- Darth Malak

The next morning arrived quicker than Sera had expected. Since looking after Kavar last night, after her discussion with Atton, Kavar had been asleep and neither Atton nor Sera had spoken to each other. Sera woke up early and began breakfast. By the time Sera had finished breakfast, Atton had woken up and sat with Sera at the table.

“Last night,” He began, “I’m aware that you couldn’t tell me your problem, but I need you to tell me. I can help you.”

“Well, I dreamed about someone,” Sera told Atton, “I think it was Revan.”

“Revan?” Atton asked, “That’s a new one.”

Sera swallowed hard, before continuing.

“I know,” She told him, “He was in a library of some sort, searching for something important. Something important to him. And there was a voice. A voice I haven’t heard for a while and while I think I recognise it, I don’t remember it.”

Atton shook his head, confused.

“You sure confuse me Sera,” Atton told her.

“It doesn’t matter anyway Atton,” Sera told him, getting ready to leave the room, “It was only a dream.”


Inside the hangar, opposite Sera’s home, Sera’s Wookiee friend, Roarboar, was repairing her ship, the Ebon Hawk. Like most of his species, he had brown fur, with a tint of grey, showing his old age. He was very tall and he made Sera feel small in his presence. When Sera entered the hangar, Roarboar immediately roared in happiness and left the Ebon Hawk to greet Sera. He immediately lifted her up from the floor and embraced her. Sera choked at the strength Roarboar was using. Soon Roarboar let her go.

“Roarboar, I think you broke half of my ribs there,” Sera told him.

Roarboar laughed at her and walked back over to the Ebon Hawk. Sera followed him. Roarboar was a Wookiee, Sera had saved, during the Jedi Civil War, in her adventures as an exile. He had been on Sleheyron, under captivity by the Trandoshan Slavers and Sera happened to be on the planet at the time and rescued him. Like most Wookiees who were rescued, he swore a life debt to her, but Sera knew that he had a family to return to and Sera told him that he would serve his life debt to her, by returning to Kashyyyk and staying with his family. It wasn’t until after the events on Tramond XXV, that Sera was reunited with Roarboar on Telos. Roarboar remembered his life debt and continued to serve her as a family friend. He had looked after Kavar, the two Droids that Sera owned, the Assassin Droid, HK-47 and the Utility Droid, T3-M4 and fixed the Ebon Hawk, when it needed fixing.

“Thank you for doing this Roarboar,” Sera told him, scratching under his furry chin, the one place that Roarboar liked being tickled.

“Query: Master, what are you doing with the furry meatbag?” HK asked, as he walked down the boarding ramp of the Ebon Hawk.

“Nothing HK,” Sera told him, “Where is T3?”

“Answer: He is on this vessel, tinkering around with the security systems,” HK told Sera.

“Well at least I know,” Sera told HK, before returning her attention to Roarboar, “Roarboar, I won’t be needing the Ebon Hawk for a while, so you and the Droids can come home for a while.”


Later on in the evening, Sera, Atton and Roarboar were sitting around the table. Kavar was asleep, as usual and the Droids had been turned off for a while.

“Sera, we didn’t finish our discussion this morning,” Atton told Sera.

“I can’t talk about it Atton,” Sera told him.

Roarboar roared sadly, hoping he could get Sera to talk to her husband.

“The dream was strange,” Sera told both Atton and Roarboar, “I believe Revan was there and he wasn’t on his own. He had company with him and he didn’t want any company. But the strange thing is. Is that I heard that strange voice before.”

There was silence. Sera took this opportunity to think. Perhaps it was a sign that Sera should go and search for Revan, like she did, before she had Kavar. The Force worked in mysterious ways indeed.

“I must see Admiral Onasi,” Sera told Atton and Roarboar, standing up.

“He’s in a meeting with the new Senate,” Atton told Sera.

“I know Atton,” Sera told him, “Carth has told me that I can see him at anytime and besides, politics and politicians aren’t my thing.”

As Sera ran out of the house, Roarboar laughed at Atton.

“Laugh it up fussball,” Atton told him, getting up to check on Kavar.
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Diego Varen
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Chapter III - The Meeting

“The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is.”
- Yoda

Sera ran towards the large, dome building, where all the meetings were held. The Senate Chambers was the most beautiful building on Telos. The sun always shone on it’s gleaming, white exterior and there wasn’t any dirt marks or anything on the building. As Sera approached the Senate Chambers, the doors automatically opened as she walked towards the first meeting room.


Inside the Senate Chambers, the Republic Admiral, Carth Onasi had called a meeting with the majority of the Jedi Masters. He wanted to talk to them about restoring the Jedi Order on Coruscant. Carth stood tall and proud behind his podium as the meeting began.

“Jedi Masters,” He began, “I’ve called you here this evening for one reason. To talk about restoring the Jedi Order.”

“Where is Senator Katare?” Brianna asked.

“She is on business on her homeworld of Alderaan,” Carth told the young Handmaiden, who currently resided in the secret Telos Academy in the polar part of Telos, “She has asked me to continue the meeting for her.”

Sera entered the room and sat behind one of her friends, the Miraluka, Visas Marr. As Sera got comfortable, Visas began to speak.

“Admiral Onasi,” She began, “The other Jedi Masters and I have decided that the new Jedi Order shall be restored on Telos. Both of the orders on Dantooine and Coruscant have both suffered and the people on the planet, don’t want us to return.”

“Well people will have to cope, since not everything will go the way they want it to,” Carth told everyone, sternly, “Coruscant was where the Jedi always gathered, before and after the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, shall be where the Jedi will be for many years to come.”

“So basically, you want us all to leave Telos for Coruscant?” The Zabrak, Bao-Dur asked.

“Yes, Bao-Dur,” Carth told him, “I’ve discussed these matters with Mical and he agrees that the Jedi Temple on Coruscant should be rebuilt and used once more.”

Sera stood up and walked to where Carth was standing. After all, she was the leader of the Jedi Order at this present moment in time and since Revan wasn’t here, she had to make the decisions.

“I agree with Admiral Onasi,” She told the entire Senate, “Coruscant is the perfect place to re gather the Jedi Order. When I was in the Telos Academy, the place was tainted with the dark side and I don’t wish any more Jedi to suffer like Atris did.”

Nobody replied, but they did agree with all of Sera’s points. In the end, it was all decided that the Jedi Order would be on Coruscant and the Jedi Orders on Telos and Dantooine would be forgotten. Everyone started to leave the Senate Chambers, but Carth had requested another meeting, this time with Sera and another Jedi Knight, Bastila Shan.

“Jedi Exile, Sera Tana, I’d like you to meet Jedi Knight, Bastila Shan,” Carth told Sera, “I served under Bastila, during the Jedi Civil War. You know, the one I told you about.”

Sera shook Bastila’s hand, before returning her attention to Carth.

“Of course I remember Admiral,” Sera told him, “She fell in love with Revan and…”

“I already know all of that exile,” Bastila told Sera sternly, “This is what the Admiral, you and I need to discuss. I had a dream, or a vision of Revan.”

“What a coincidence,” Sera told Bastila, “So did I. He was in a library, of some sorts.”

“We can’t discuss about this now,” Carth told the two ladies, “Revan is alive and from your discussion on the vision, I believe he is somewhere in the galaxy. The only question is where. Look come back tomorrow and we can discuss this matter in more detail.”

“As you wish Admiral,” Sera told Carth, bowing to him, before leaving the Senate Chambers.

Questions ran through Sera’s mind as she left. She had heard many rumours of Revan returning to the light side, during the end of the Jedi Civil War. Was he the same person as he was in the Mandalorian Wars? Sera doubted it, since people changed over time. Sera knew this. She was once the independent sole traveller, during her exile, but after meeting Atton on Peragus, it all changed. Whether Revan was alive or not, changed or not, Sera was determined to find Revan.
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Chapter IV - Leaving Telos

“He is a wound in the Force, more presence than flesh, and in his wake life dies… sacrificing itself to his hunger.”
- Visas Marr

The noise was getting louder. The man could hear it coming closer to him. The noise sounded more and more threatening as it got louder. The man kept his Lightsabers on as he waited for the thing to show itself. Soon, in front of the man, the thing appeared. The thing wore a long white mask and he was dressed in a long black robe. He spoke in a language the man didn’t understand.

“I’m no longer Revan, I keep telling you that!” The man shouted at the thing, “I’m Diego Varen, Darth Revan is dead.”

The thing became angry as he started shouting in his strange language. Diego, however, could understand it very easily.

“Why are you here?” Diego asked, his Lightsabers still on, “You continue to appear to me, every night, threatening me. Why do you do this, Darth Nihilus?”

Nihilus spoke again.

“I’ve heard about you,” Diego told Nihilus, “Even rumours are spread to the most hidden of places. Here. You’re not alive, Sith. You died.”

Nihilus started becoming angry, his sounds becoming louder and faster.

“Somehow, you’re hunger for power has kept you alive,” Diego told Nihilus, trying not to be intimidated by him, “You’re the Lord of Hunger and all you live for is for hunger. You killed many of my masters on Katarr. For that you’ll pay.”

Nihilus said nothing as he walked off, as if he wasn’t ready to battle. Diego turned his Lightsabers off and remained in the darkness.


Another nightmare. Sera was getting sick of these reoccurring nightmares and wanted to end them. Perhaps finding Revan, or Diego Varen, whatever he called himself nowadays, would end these painful nightmares. This time, however, Sera didn’t feel afraid. It was a sign. A sign from the Force. As she got out of bed, Sera could hear Kavar crying, so she decided to tend to him first, before doing anything else.


Inside the Senate Chambers, Carth and Bastila were inside Carth’s office, discussing about what would happen over the next few days. Bastila was worried for Revan, as she had not seen him for five years, since he left. She was also worried about Sera, since she had changed, since her meeting with Carth, before she had left for Malachor V.

“Sera,” Bastila told her, bowing towards her, “It is a pleasure to see you again.”

“Same here,” Sera told her, before turning her attention to Carth, “The Ebon Hawk is all ready to go. The Droids will also accompany us.”

“I suppose they could come,” Bastila told Sera, “We may need their help in this journey.”

“So when do we leave?” Sera asked.

“Right now,” Carth told Sera, “But it is your choice. You can say goodbye to your closest friends and family, but I fear for Revan’s life. He’s been in the Unknown Regions for too long.”

Sera and Bastila walked towards Carth, before leaving the Senate Chambers. As they left, Sera knew that she had to say goodbye to her family and friends. In particular, Atton.


When Sera walked into the house, Atton was alone. Sera guessed that Roarboar was over at the hangar and Kavar was asleep in his bedroom. Atton immediately got up off his chair and hugged Sera.

“It’s good your home,” Atton told Sera as the two of them broke away from their hug, “You’re trembling. I can feel it, what’s wrong?”

Sera felt a tear pouring from her eye, as she looked up at Atton’s face, feeling embarrassed. She shouldn’t be embarrassed, but she wouldn’t see Atton for a while. Maybe, she wouldn’t see him for a long time. Sera knew she didn’t want to leave. The last time she had left Atton behind, she had missed him so much and she didn’t want to experience that again. Perhaps Atton would protest against her and beg her to let him come along with him.

“Revan,” Sera whispered, “Bastila and I are going to find him. It will be a long journey and I won’t see you for a while.”

“Hey, why can’t I, you’re loving husband join you in your new quest?” Atton asked, in a mocking tone.

Sera sighed. She knew Atton would behave like this.

“I’m sorry Atton,” She told him, “I’m afraid this quest can be taken by Bastila and myself only.”

“You need a decent pilot,” Atton told Sera, hoping he could change her mind.

“No, Atton,” Sera warned him, “Kavar needs someone to look after…”

“What about the furball?” Atton interrupted, “When you and him were reunited, he promised to look after our child when we needed him. And this is a time that we need him to look after Kavar. Don’t tell me you don’t trust him anymore.”

“I do, but…” Sera began, only to sigh, “You’re right Atton. Roarboar is capable of looking after Kavar. But Bastila may not wish you to come along.”

“Hey, don’t worry,” Atton assured Sera, “Any lady can’t resist me. Look at the manipulative witch.”

Sera coughed out a little laugh.

“Kreia only tolerated your presence, because she believed you had use as a pilot,” Sera told him.

“And I have use now,” Atton replied, “As a pilot. So when do we leave?”

Once again, Sera sighed out loud. Another adventure had begun.
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Rhen Var

Chapter V - Bad Start

“Despite my Jedi training, I still tend to act a little rashly sometimes.”
- Bastila Shan

Two hours later, the Ebon Hawk was ready to leave. Both HK and T3 were aboard and Atton was getting used to the Ebon Hawk’s controls once more. He hadn’t been pilot for it, since his last adventure with Sera, a year ago. Outside of the Ebon Hawk, both Sera and Bastila awaited Carth’s final words, before they began their adventure to find Revan.

“Today, you both go on to represent the new Jedi Order and the Republic it protects in finding Revan,” Carth told them both, “Good luck.”

Bastila shook Carth’s hand, before leaving to get on the Ebon Hawk. After she’d left, Carth walked up to Sera and shook her hand.

“Good luck Sera,” Carth told her, “If you find Revan, remember to tell him that Admiral Onasi is following his orders.”

“I will Admiral,” Sera told him, before turning to get aboard the Ebon Hawk.


When Sera entered the Ebon Hawk, T3 was on his rounds of fixing the ship, HK was at the workbench, polishing his rifle and both Atton and Bastila sat in the cockpit. Once again, Bastila was the co-pilot, like her days during the Jedi Civil War, when she was co-pilot with Carth next to her. However, this time, Atton was the co-pilot and she didn’t like him. In fact, she didn’t like him at all. They had got off to a bad start. Sera could hear their argument, from the port dormitory.

“Listen sister, I don’t want to pilot the Ebon Hawk, with you by my side,” Atton began, “But I’m doing this for Sera’s sake, not yours.”

“And I’m here to find Revan,” Bastila countered, “I’m not here on some spice run.”

“Spice run?” Atton asked, feeling insulted at what Bastila had said, “Sister, this isn’t any spice run, it’s more serious than that. Obviously the Jedi Civil War was nothing for you.”

Sera ran into the cockpit, getting annoyed with their argument.

“Shut up!” She shouted, “We can’t afford an argument. Now where are we off to?”

“Well, I remember Diego said he was on his way to Rhen Var, before heading into the Unknown Regions,” Bastila told Sera, “Perhaps there might be some clues to his adventures, after the Jedi Civil War.”

“Rhen Var?” Atton asked, “Rhen Var. When I served under Revan, during the Mandalorian Wars, he was never the cold type.”

“People change through the years, Atton,” Bastila told him, “Like you have.”

“Let’s just get to Rhen Var,” Atton told her, sighing.
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Chapter VI - Kreia’s Second Visit

“You cannot kill, what you cannot see and power blinded you long ago.”
- Kreia

Later on, the crew knew that they needed their beauty sleep and took their own beds. Atton and Sera took the port dormitory, while Bastila took the starboard dormitory. They still hadn’t arrived on Rhen Var, but were close to arriving there. The next day, Sera knew that they would arrive on the planet. Knowing this, however, didn’t help the problem she had now. She couldn’t sleep. Opposite her, Sera could hear Atton snoring away, relaxed as ever. Atton’s snoring wasn’t Sera’s problem though. Her problem was that she could sense a familiar presence around her.

“Kreia?” Sera asked, calling out through the Force.

Slowly, the Force ghost of Kreia appeared. Kreia’s Force ghost lit up the port dormitory.

“Yes, I had hoped as much,” She began.

“You know, you said that, the last time you visited,” Sera told her.

“Did I?” Kreia asked, obviously bored of talking to Sera, “Looks like the fool and the one Revan once travelled with are with you.”

“Yes they are,” Sera told her, “Is that a problem?”

Kreia didn’t say anything, but Sera could tell that she was thinking. She had always disliked Atton. Ever since all three of them had met on Peragus, Atton and Kreia’s first meeting with each other immediately started off bad. They had names for each other too. Kreia always referred to Atton as “the fool” and Atton always referred to Kreia as “the old witch”. Sera always tried to keep the peace between them, but overall, they never got along.

“There isn’t any problems, anymore,” Kreia assured Sera, “But keep your eye on him He was once an assassin of Revan, but this also causes an advantage for you. He also knows much about Revan, like you and the woman who travels with you both. Keep this in mind.”

Kreia disappeared, before Sera could speak to her. Sera heard Atton yawn as he rolled off his bunk. Men, Sera thought, as she pulled the covers over her.
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Chapter VII - Farewells

"Saying goodbye is a hard thing for many to do. Especially when they are close friends or if they are deeply in love with each other. Sometimes, they promise that they will see each other again. However this isn’t always the case. Sometimes they may never return. This is a small account of the redeemed Jedi, Revan, before he left for the Unknown Regions over four thousand years ago. This is indeed ancient history of the Jedi."
- Luke Skywalker

Revan was sitting in the cockpit of the Ebon Hawk, looking over the rebuilding Planet of Taris. He thought about the recurring nightmare he was having every night. A nightmare about the true enemy. The True Sith. Revan had believed them to have died a long time ago. But these nightmares were a sign. A sign of something bad that would happen in the future. He knew he had to leave, but how would he tell the love of his life? Bastila Shan. She was another Jedi that Revan had travelled with to destroy the Star Forge and over the time they spent together, they found themselves deeply in love. Revan knew that he needed to go to the Unknown Regions, but what would Bastila say. Would she fear for his safety? Would she want to go with him? Would she prevent him from going? Revan could only find out by telling her. He got up and decided to find Bastila.


Bastila was mediating in the port dormitory. She had no idea that Revan was watching her.

“Bastila.” He said.

Bastila immediately leapt from her position of mediating and immediately stood up, accidentally hitting the ceiling above. Revan heard her whisper ouch and she rubbed the spot where she had hit the ceiling. She then remembered Revan and turned to him.

“How can I help?” She asked.

Revan laughed.

“You say that every time I need help,” Revan told her, “But seriously, there is something I must tell you.”

Revan remained silent. Bastila wondered what was wrong.

“Revan?” She asked.

“There is something I must tell you,” Revan started, “And I don’t think you’ll like it.”

“Please tell me Revan.” Bastila told him.

Revan sighed. How to break the news? Should he build up to it or just say it straight away.

“Bastila, the nightmares I’ve been having have gotten increasingly worse over the year.” He told her.

“So…” Bastila asked, trying not to be rude.

“So this means I’m going to leave.” Revan told her.

Bastila looked shocked.

“What?” She asked, “Why?”

“These nightmares are about the True Sith,” Revan told her, “They are a threat to the Republic and I must protect them.”

“What why you?” Bastila asked.

“The Force has told me.” Revan told her.

Revan turned to leave. Before he left, he told Bastila one last thing.

“This is all I will say on the subject.”


The next day, Revan said farewell to Bastila and the Republic Admiral, Carth Onasi. Revan knew that he might never see them again, but the Galaxy was under threat. It was time for Revan to fight the True Sith.
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Chapter VIII - Decisions

Bastila was strong, but she was always impatient and headstrong. Malak preyed upon her weaknesses.”
- Jolee Bindo

Bastila immediately awoke. The vision she had received from the Force had caused her to remember her last meeting with Revan. It had been some time since that meeting. Five years in fact. Sera entered the starboard dormitory. Bastila knew that Sera had shared her vision. The one thing that Bastila didn’t know was if Atton had also shared the vision.

“I had a vision,” Sera began, “Of Revan. You’ve had it too, haven’t you?”

Bastila nodded speechless.

“You should know where Revan went, then we can find him,” Sera told Bastila.

“No, I don’t know where Revan travelled to,” Bastila told Sera, “He wouldn’t tell me.”

“Why?” Sera asked rudely.

“I don’t know!” Bastila shouted, “I… I don’t know. Our vision caused me to remember some bad experiences. Revan leaving was one of the hardest times of my life as a Jedi. He wouldn’t let me, or anyone else travel with him.”

Bastila reached into her pocket and grabbed a small datapad. She pressed a button, causing the datapad to activate.

“See here,” Bastila asked Sera, pointing at the small holographic planets that flashed above the datapad, “These were the locations of where we found the Star Maps, five years ago.”

Sera snatched the datapad from Bastila and looked at it, before handing it back to Bastila.

“Was this what caused Revan to leave?” Sera asked.

“No,” Bastila told her, “It was afterwards. After the mission to defeat Malak, after the mission to. No, I can’t tell you, it doesn’t matter.”

“It does matter,” Sera told Bastila, “What mission?”

“We have no time to discuss this matter,” Bastila told Sera, “We need to find Revan, the True Sith.”

Bastila stormed off, leaving Sera alone, in the starboard dormitory.
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“I’m afraid I have no choice,” Diego started, “I have no other choice than to kill you, Lord Nihilus.”

Nihilus spoke more and ignited his Lightsaber, which clashed with Diego’s Lightsabers. Nihilus tried to break out of his Lightsaber away from Diego’s, but Diego knew what he had to do. He threw his other Lightsaber towards a nearby pillar, causing it to break. Diego managed to leap out of the way, avoiding being crushed by the pillar. Nihilus, however, wasn’t as lucky. The pillar had crushed him. Diego left the temple, leaving the eternal darkness.


Soon, Diego arrived outside in the cold climate of Rhen Var. The Ebon Hawk was there. Bastila ran towards Diego and she immediately pulled him towards her and kissed him.

“It’s so great to see you again Diego,” Bastila told him.

“You too Bastila,” Diego told her, grabbing her hand and holding it tightly.

Sera walked out of the Ebon Hawk.

“It’s been a while,” She told Revan, “I’m Sera Tana. I once followed you to war against the Mandalorians as your general.”

Diego walked over to Sera and shook her hand.

“It is great to see you again, Sera,” Diego told her, “Yes it has been a while and I can’t remember you, since my memories were lost, but it will be great to know you once again.”


Returning to Telos, Sera, Atton, Diego and Bastila were honoured as heroes and Carth wanted Sera to no longer be known as the Jedi Exile, but one of the wisest Jedi Knights of this era. Diego’s return would greatly enhance the Republic and the Jedi Order to return and Sera, Diego and the wise Jedi Master, Xarg would lead the Jedi Order, from this point on.
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