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Thread: [FIC]Playing as Revan in K2
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[FIC]Playing as Revan in K2


Alright. I have a very strange idea. An idea that everyone would laugh at, so they would not turn it into a Mod. And since I don't have the PC, I can't get it to be a mod. But I still think it would be good to try it out...so here is an idea: Write out The Exile. Have you play as Revan...

Some fanon and fan fiction are good, but for the most part, this idea is very...um...dumb. The idea is very cliched. I rather play new characters than just be given an old character to reuse over and over. All I would do is jury-rig the storyline. But, Revan is a fan by everyone (since it's "their" character...which I don't feel that connection, but eh). So, erm, please excuse me if this Fanon Text Mod (tm) won't have that much quality, but I will try to do such a conversion...

Since this is a text mod, I won't have to worry about such programming problems. But I will try to not change the focus of the game that much...
Starting Out:
1)You make your character. When you get to choose the character's face, you basically use the same faces you use in K1. It is up to you to find the face that you want for your Revan.

You also choose the alignment of Revan...LS or DS. This deter

You also choose the gender of Revan...Male or Female.

You also choose your name...make sure it is the same name you used for K1.

2) You basically use the data files from K1.

--Prelude: Ebon Hawk, Pergaus

"It is a perilous time for the
galaxy. A brutal civil war has
all but destroyed the Jedi
Order, leaving the ailing
Republic on the verge of

Amid the turmoil, the evil
Sith have spread across the
galaxy, hunting down and
destroying the remaining
Jedi Knights.

Narrowly escaping from a deadly
Sith ambush, an exiled
Jedi Knight clings to life aboard a
battered freighter near the
ravaged world of Peragus...."

You start off contorlling T3-M4 on the Ebon Hawk. Revan is wounded and need to be healed, as well as the old witch, Kreia...Prelude continues as normal. T3-M4 saves the Ebon Hawk and sends it to the Pergaus Mining Station.

At the Peragus Mining Station, you wake up, and nagivate through the Station. You then talk to Atton, who talks about Revan, and how he either got redeemed and saved the Republic if he was LS, or killed Malak and assumed the Dark Throne as DS. He, however, thinks that you are not Revan...but rather the assumed idenity that you have...with that assumed false Name.

Everyone thinks that you are nothing more than a random Jedi (thanks to Revan wearing a mask), but even a random Jedi is rare in this day and age, and is worth a ton of credits.

Game continues as normal, but Kreia seems to be a bit more friendly with the Player Character.

--Kreia's Dialouge on the Ebon Hawk...From Pergaus to Telos
Atton tells you to talk to Kreia in private. So, you do so.

Kreia reveals that she knows who you are...Revan. This is because she taught you in the past, before the Mandalorian Wars, as Revan's first (and last) teacher. Kreia state that you do not remember much about her, because of the Jedi mindwipe that was done before K1, so that they can use Revan to destroy the Sith.

Since this dialouge is basically bridging the gap between K1 and K2, the dialouge here will spilt. Place some cutscenes as needed...

LS Begining: You were honored greatly by the Jedi Order. You were given great awards...while the Sith Empire collaspes into civil warfare.

And then the Jedi Council brought you into their room for a mission...and then suddenly stripped you of the Force.

This was their plan to begin with. They believed that Revan was tainted so much with the Dark Side that he would fall eventually. To "save" Revan, they decide to disconnect him from the Force, so that all will be fine. You can talk to Kreia at this point if you were okay with the desicion, and if you 'wanted' to be disconnected from the Force or not. After being stripped, you were formally exiled from the Order, no longer a threat.

Many people in the Sith Empire hates Revan, and idolizes Malak for him being strong. The remenants of the Sith Empire, led by the Sith Lords (Darth Traya, Darth Nihlius, Darth Sion) seeks to destroy the Jedi Order, knowing that once they do so...then the Dark Side regins. They have wiped out most of the Jedi Order, and now concerate on the only enemy that could fight against them...Revan. They want revenge for him defecting to the LS.
DS Begining: You run the Sith Empire, and take over a lot of planets...The Republic crumbles, and is in the process of falling, while you embrace contorl over the Dark Side...

And then, during an military campagin against Shelydron...the Jedi launched a last-ditch effort to capture you abord the Ebon Hawk...In the middle of the battle, the Sith Lord Bastila betrayed you, and was redeemed by a fellow Jedi. She turned her Battle Meditiation against you, and you had been captured by the Jedi Order. You are shocked to learn that it was Bastilla that caused you to lose, but Kreia tells you that is indeed what happened.

It is not in the interest of the Jedi Order to leave you alive, but they cannot kill prisonsers. It is not their...way. They put you on trial for betryaing the Jedi Order, where you tried to defend yourself. After the trial, you were stripped of your power and then exiled from the Jedi Order. Without the Force, you became nothing, a shell of your former self.

After Bastilla betrayed Revan and became the new Sith Lord, the Sith Empire collasped into a great civil war. Bastilla was unable to maintain her grip over the Sith Empire and has left Korriban. She has not been seen since. This "Sith Civil War" ended the Jedi Civil War, and the Republic is saaved...for now.

Many people in the Sith Empire hates Revan, and idolizes Malak for him being strong. The suriviors and remenants of this civil war, led by the Sith Lords (Darth Traya, Darth Nihlius, Darth Sion) were able to temproraily unite together, and seek to destroy the Jedi Order, knowing that once they do so, then the Dark Side regins. They have wiped out most of the Jedi Order, and now concerate on the only enemy that could fight against them...Revan.
Kreia states that you must take up a disguise, as a Jedi Knight. Since the Sith Empire and the Republic are looking for you, you must hide yourself, and kepe your "name and idenity" in K1, as you seek to surivie and live. (Hm...I am not sure if the party members should know you are Revan. On one hand, I would like for it to be an deep and dark secret, something that only a few people know...but on the other hand, it does not make much sense, and it might be fun to have some people talk to you discussing on you. I'll leave this up to you to decide...)

Kreia hints that there are more than meets the eye to this new threat, using the strange and secret teachings from long ago, and that it is up to you, Revan, to save the galaxy. You are its last hope.

Meanwhile, Kreia also hints that there is a reason why your previous self turned to the Dark Side. She notes that there is still more memory to be recovered, and soon, "the puzzle shall be complete".

Telos: Procedes as normal, with you dealing with either Czerka or the Ithorians in order to gain contorl of the Telos resoration project.

Bao-Dur has been cut. Disciple will take up his character slot.

At Atris, behind closed doors, Atris berates you for what you have done, as Revan, corrupting the Jedi and leading war against the premissions of the Republic. You can argue that you are sorry for what you have done, or stay resolute against Atris, stating that the Jedi did a crime by mindwiping you. You could, also, with a high Persuasion check, attempt to ally with Atris. If you manage to get an temporary alliance with Atris to destroy the Sith, Atris hands you her servant, the last of the Handmaidens, to help you.

(If you started off Dark Sided, Atris will need to be convinced that you INDEED won't betray the Jedi...AGAIN.)

If you storm out of a meeting with Atris, then the the last of the Handmaidens shall join you, betraying the rest of the Handmadiens and Atris.

You know little about Atris, after all, but she is part of the of the Council that stripped you of the Force...and seems to be very powerful. You draw comparisons with Vrook here...

T3-M4 meanwhile steals a copy of the Trial, where you actually see yourself being trapped and exiled by the Jedi if Revan is set to LS...or sent to trial and exiled if Revan is set to DS. After the whole orderal, the Jedi Masters on the Council talks about that there was a reason why they did such a thing, something that they should have told Revan...

You now have a desicion. You can save the Jedi Masters and find out the secret, or kill all the Jedi Masters in revenge for exiling you. The Search for the Jedi Masters begin, as well as your search to reconnect to the Force!

As normal. Visas is summoned by Nihlius to attack you, and ends up allying with you.

As normal. Disciple joins your party. He has left the order actually because of Revan leaving, and of the Order not responding to the Mandalorain threat. He also is a historian that knows a lot about the history of Revan.

Nar Shadda:
If you started off Light Sided, Ell-Zeek the Muppet will personally apologize for brainwashing you.

Goto treats you with a little bit more respect. You...are Revan, after all, and Goto is a Revan fan-droid. Goto explains that Revan wanted to unite the galaxy together under a stable power-force, and was...different from Malak. Goto becomes much more useful, as he will help you recover more information on your previous life.

After Goto's yacht becomes destroyed, Goto stays on your Ebon Hawk, but will seek to re-establish the Exchange as a power-broker. Goto treats you with much respect, and will also give you tips and advice in gaining "infulence" with the other Force Users to turn them into Jedi. The reason is clear: Goto wants you to re-establish a new order of Force Users, Jedi or Sith, so that they can take over the galaxy and so that you can regin as Republic figureheads so that the Republic can live.

In the Hidden Tomb, the visions are changed:
1) Malak recuriting a bunch of people to join you, Revan, in your crusade against the Mandalorians. You can attempt to stop Malak and call off the recuritment, which is the LS action (in which case, you get attached by everyone)...or you can help Malak in recuritment, which is the DS action (and you still get attacked by everyone).
2) You then go to see the battle at Dxun, where you wonder about why you have done the crimes, and wonder about the lives being lost.
3) You see Kriea being betrayed by your party.
4) At the end, you see Darth Revan and attack him. Sort of the past of Revan battling the present of Revan...
In this Hidden Tomb, you learn more about your past as Revan, which makes it very key.

In the Sith academcy, Sion derides you as a coward compared to Malak, "a real Sith".

If you start off as Dark Sided, you get to find a holocron of Bastila...which tells the truth. Bastila did not fire at your ship, and in fact, she is quite worried on your fate. Bastila, seeing the Sith devolve into civil war, and worried of you, decides to flee the Sith Order to look for you and save you from the Jedi. Her force bond with you allows her to conclude that Revan is alive...

Mandalore would be quite suprised to meet you once more, and assumed you have been killed off. He talks about how he left you after the duel on the Star Forge, and how he created the Mandalorian clans, to resurrect the Mandalorians once more. Mandalore also gushes on how great your military stragery is and is very, very willing to join your army and assist you in whatever you do. You are, after all, a great warrior.

If you are able to ally with General Vaklu, you can get him to give all of Onderon's Force Senstives to you, so that you can later form a Order. You can also get Queen Talia to give Force Senestives up to Revan as well to help you form an Order.

HK-47, HK-50 Syndicate Subplot:
You are able to rebuild HK-47, when you get the required parts. If you start off Dark Sided, HK-47 was destroyed in the Jedi raid. If you start off Light Sided, the Jedi were able to capture HK-47 and destroy it to prevent the robot from killing Jedi.

You already deal with the HK-50 prototypes, starting on Peragus, and you immeadily recognize them as knockoffs from the orignal HK-47 droid that you created. HK-47 hates these droids and wants them destroyed. He uses you to lure the HK-47s so that they can be interrogated. Then, HK-47 sneaks into the HK-50 Factory in an attempt to figure more about the menance...

HK-47 learns that the owner of the HK-50s is Goto, the Exchange boss that wants to help you. HK-47 will also find hints that suggest it was Revan himself that commissoned the building of the HK-50 Factory, but was shut down after the Jedi Civil War. Goto found the factory and restarted it, reprogramming the droids and taking them over.

There are two results. HK-47 may end up being reprogrammed and taken over by Goto...or HK-47 would be able to free the HK-50s, become their superiors and kill off Goto on Malachor V.

The Jedi Enclave:
Here at the enclave, there are two possible things that could happen, you could save all the Jedi masters, or you could kill them all.

Saving the Jedi Masters:

Once you are able to save the Jedi Masters, they are all there at the Enclave. You could ask to form an alliance to unite against the Sith, but they refuse, stating that they are fighting against shadows, and that by revealing themselves, they will die.

They will reveal that they knew of the existance of the "True Sith". These are remenants of an ancinet Sith Empire, wanting revenge after their loss in the Great Hyperspace War against the Jedi. "The true war is fought through the Force...it isn't about the Republic anymore."-Master Kavar

The True Sith manlipuated the Mandalorians to wage war against the Republic, but it was not to destroy the Republic. Instead, they used it to lure the Jedi out, so that they can be corrupted to the Dark Side. This is why the Council urged patience, but you, Revan, did not listen. You ventured into the True Sith's trap.

You were so focused on destroying the Mandalorians that you fell to the Dark Side and accepted the beliefs of the True Sith. The True Sith then corrupted your struggle, and caused you to do horrible crimes, under the delusion that you were uniting the galaxy to protect it from the Mandalorians and from other threats, when you were really taking over the galaxy for the True Sith. "You went against your sense and your good jugdment...you became a pawn, a shell of your former self."-Master Vrook

Since the taint of the Dark Side is in you, they had to strip you of the Force, so that you would be unable to feel it, and once more be manlipuated by the True Sith. They are now fearful that your ability to reconnect yourself to the Force allows you to be infulence once more by the True Sith, and decides that they have no choice but to strip you of the Force once more, and then, to kill you.

However, Kreia intervenes, stopping the Jedi Masters. "Kae? I thought you died in the Mandalorian Wars?" "Died? No. Became stronger, yes!"

Kreia does not dispute what the Masters said, but argues that the Jedi Masters were cowards, who fled from the True Sith rather than confronting them heads-on. They should have seen the echo, rather than being afraid of the Dark Side. They should have followed Revan rather than doing nothing, and letting the True Sith slowly win.

Kreia kills the Jedi Masters and then wound you severly, leaving you for dead. She then flies off to meet up with Atris.

Kae/Kreia is revealed to be a True Sith (aka "Darth Traya"), who lured you to the Dark Side. It is she that is leading the Sith remenants to destroy you.
Destroying the Jedi Masters:

After you kill off the Jedi Masters, you are told by Kreia to enter the Enclave, because the last of the Jedi are being gathered over there, to prepare a resistance against you, Revan.

You march in, ready to slaughter and see...no one.

"Is it as you expected?"

Kreia talks about the Masters and how she wanted to see them to be defeated, for disrespecting her, for disrespecting Revan. All she has ever trained was seen as failures, and she wanted to defeat them, to prove them wrong, but not kill them.

She then asks if you feel any measure of peace. No matter what you respond, she knocks you down and wound you severly. "This is what you have wrought, countless murderers, slayers, assaisns, born of war that has always, taught the wrong lessons."

She reveals that all this time, you were being manlipuated by a threat, the True Sith. It was they that caused you to fall, and it was they that made you kill off the Jedi Masters in hate. The True Sith's main goal is to teach the galaxy endless war, chaos, and misery, bringing about the galaxy's death. This was their way of wrecking Revenge, and you played into their hands, without knowing it. You embraced the ideology of the Sith, believing it is the only way to save the galaxy from the Mandalorains, when in fact, it was all a ruse...

The True Sith then manlipuated the creation of the Sith Order of Darth Traya, Darth Sion, and Darth Nihlius, having them act as proxies, to hunt and destroy you. Now that you have destroyed the Jedi Masters, the war shall continue, and the True Sith has won.

"You have not heard a thing I have said, and for all I have said, you have never learnt to listen. ... You were my last hope, the one that can stop what is to come. And now you have left me nothing."

"Stay here and die appericnate, among the wreckage of the Jedi. It will be a fitting end, as the True Sith shall finally end their Shadow War and declare victory and take total contorl over the Republic. And, as you lie here, I pray that you will finally awake..."

She then flies off to meet up with Atris.

Kreia is revealed to be a True Sith (aka "Darth Traya"), who lured you to the Dark Side. It is she that is leading the Sith remenants to destroy you.
Regardless, you now fly off to Atris, to stop her from killing Kreia, and by implication, killing you via that Force Bond. You also have a fear that the Sith, under Darth Nihlius, will attack Telos, and you need to defend it/destroy Darth Nihlius.

You find Atris and battle her. She is told by Kreia to destroy you, because once she does, she will then learn the truth about the True Sith, and then be able to attack and elimnate the True Sith under the direction of Kreia. After you defeat Atris, she realizes that she was noting more than a training excerise, that Revan was here to defeat and humilate her. Once you kill her, Kreia talks through the holocrons telling you that you must face Darth Nihlius...and then later, Kreia.

Darth Nihlius:
On the Raverger, you finally face Darth Nihlius, a powerful Force User that gobbles up planets. You manage to weaken Darth Nihlius by killing off Visas (or, with a High Persuade, convice Visas to kill herself). Since Visas and Nihlius both have a Force Bond, Nihlius becomes quite weak, and you are able to finish him off before he uses his Force Drain on you.

Carth/Bastila (LS):
If your Revan is set to Light Sided, you get to have a small talk wit Carth and Bastila, who both surivied the events of K1. Bastila tells you more about Kae/Kreia, and how she was exiled from the Jedi Order because of her strange teachings, combining both Jedi and Sith ideologies. Carth talks about how the Republic is weak, and why he really cares for you and hopes for its surivial. They both wish you luck as you go to Malachor V, which is where you as Revan embraced the Dark Side and laid the ground work for the Jedi Civil War.

Bastila (DS):
For a Dark Sider, the Bastila subplot finally ends when you enter into Traya Academcy and finds Bastila's dead body in the Traya Proving Grounds. A datapad along with Bastila's body reveals that Bastila was captured by Sion and brought to Darth Traya to be killed off, just before Darth Traya's exiles and the events of TSL.

Kreia would later admit the truth. It was she that actually worked with the Jedi Masters to capture you. It was she that fired on your ship, so that you can be captured. The reason she has done so was simple...You were running an empire, and taking over the galaxy. Once the galaxy would be taken over, the True Sith can then launch a military coup against you, Revan, and then finally take over the Sith Empire, and win the war.

Sion hates you and love Darth Malak. He believes that you had a chance to heal the fractured galaxy, and should have done so, by accepting power. Instead, you (LS) gave up your power/(DS)lost your power. Sion is a fan of Malak, and a "heir" to his legacy. Sion however has been broken by Darth Traya. Once you defeat him, Sion will give up the Force and die, stating that his life really was not worth living, due to the pain the Force gave to him.

"I am a True Sith, but the True Sith uses us all, me, you, everyone, and that is abhorrant to me.

Because I hate the True Sith. I hate how they seem to have a will, how it would manlipuate us all to achieve some goal, to complete some sort of pitful, useless revenge from long ago, in the Great Jedi Purge, killing off innocents for some measure of "balance".

The galaxy must be freed from the True Sith, because if the True Sith finally achieve its goals, finally takes over everything, then there is no hope for us. The galaxy would finally fall to the Dark Side, and there will only be death.

But in you, I see the potential to see the True Sith die. You were used by the True Sith, but your mindwipe, that taint of the True Sith, was cleasned. You are the only one that can understand this threat, and you are the only one that can destroy the True Sith.

I have taken up the goal to train you, to guide you on the path, to let you understand all about the True Sith, about your past, about the reasons for you combating. It is you that holds the galaxy in your hands, and it is you that can save us all from what is to come.

I was the one that caused you to fall to the Dark Side and become Darth Revan. And now, I am your redeemer."
To end your training, you must kill off Kreia. This proves that she has trained a Force User greater than any she have ever trained, even you.

She had you face your past, and by destroying Atris and the Jedi Masters, the Jedi, who were cowards and unable to face the True Sith, can be replaced by the Lost Jedi, warriors who will be more proactive and able to attack and destroy.

If you end up as a Light Sider at the end of this game, you destroy Malachor V and then fly off to the Unknown Regions, to take the fight to the True Sith, to wreck your revenge.

If you end up as a Dark Sider at the end of this game, you establish a new Jedi/Sith Academcy on Malachor V and take up the Dark Throne, with the main goal of preparing an army to defend the galaxy from the True Sith...and maybe to destroy them.
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Sounds interesting but somehow there are things that simply don't fit. IF you remember from KOTOR, Revan was not cut off from the Force but merely had mind damage. It sounds as if you are trying to place Revan in the picture instead of the Exile. You had the right idea with the cutscenes to compensate but somehow I am not sure if that will work.

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A great Alternative Reality story of KoTOR 2!
Although, if Bao-Dur was cut, how did they find the Ebon Hawk on the Telos Academy according to the computer at the Czerka Base? (Seeing as Revan is not a Tech Specialist, neither is Atton or Kreia).
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