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Thread: [FIC]The Story Of Lon
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[Fic] Star Wars: Darkness Of The Past

This is a Fic set in an alternate version of the Star Wars universe I haven't set a specific date yet though I will later on.

*~Prologue: Death~*

I feel you in the morning
When at first I awake
Your thoughts are with me
With each decision I make

You'd been around forever
Since the first breath I took
Now I have to go on alone
But for love, I need not look

Cause by what you bestowed
In our short time together
Will last in my heart
Forever and ever

Although you've left
And now walk above
I'm never alone
I'm wrapped in your love

Enjoy now your long waited reward
Feel peace that your love continues on
What was taught to me, will be taught to mine
Cause you live on in me even after you've gone

Chapter I : Old Piece Of Junk

Lon looked out of the small cockpit window. The sight of the Tantooine dessert wasn’t a pretty sight but it was home. Jumping up he grabbed his hydro spanner and made his way to the back of the ship. He looked at the cluttered hyper drive room. Floor panels no longer intact, part of the hyper drive plaiting missing the ship had needed a lot of repairs and with little credits to spare the Old Crane had to do with Make Shift repairs. Lon relied on the ship with out the ‘old piece of junk’ he couldn’t deliver his shipments and when he didn’t do that. He was in trouble.

Lowering himself down into one of the holes left open due to the lack of floor plaiting Lon began to repair parts of the ship tightening bolts and repairing circuitry he was actually a good mechanic its just he wasn’t good with credits. Finnaly after a few minutes of tweaking the humming of the hyper drive generator returned and smiling to him-self Lon jumped up and returned to the cockpit.

“ Come on baby,” he whispered to the controls as slowly the Old Crane began to lift off of the ground he set the coordinates for Anchor Head then activated auto pilot and sat back his eye always on the ship status screen. If his ship had not been in such a bad condition that meant he had to stare continuously at the ship status screen he would have noticed the ship slowly travelling behind him. The ship of a Jedi Master.

As Anchor Head slowly began to appear over the mounds of sand in the Dune Sea Lon started to prepare for landing he quickly got up checked his cargo in the weapons cases then returned to the cockpit again glancing at the Ship Status green. He noticed how the hyper drive had gone from it’s ok Green sign to the needs attention orange sign and sighed. He didn’t know how long the Old Crane would last him. She was meant to have an investment a splash of paint he a small repair there and she’d last him a life time he had been told. He was told wrong. The Old Crane was an old XV19 Freighter series that had its production of spare parts stopped over 20 years ago and so the parts were rare and cost a lot of money meaning Lon had to adapt parts from the newer XV65 which in turn made things worse.

Ten minutes later the Old Crane slowly began to lower into the Anchor Head Docking bay part of the bottom plating falling of as it came to a halt Lon opened the loading bay and walked out into the dry and hot landing pad. A male Ithorian quickly made his way over and they began to talk.

“Excuse me am I correct that your ship is the Old Crane?” He asked in the Ithorian tongue.

“Yes you are correct im here with goods for Mr Dedo I have the ‘items’ he ordered,” Lon replied the Ithorian nodded and after a few minutes of inspecting the cargo let Lon pass. Lon quickly began walking towards the small shop owned by Mr Dedo a chiss from Nar Shadda who had moved here so he could increase his contacts black market prices and so as Lon walked in he was unsurprised by the doors locking down and windows dimming. Though it was not Dedo that he found.

“ You know handling illegal goods is a crime it’s self” The voice of a woman said Lon immediately turned round grabbing his blaster but found it flying across the room smashing into pieces against the shops wall. He stared into the corner where to bright blue eyes peered out at him. They began to get closer until it revealed the face of a young women dressed in robes. A lightsaber at her waist she smiled as Lon began to back away.

“Do not worry all the doors are locked there is no where to run,” She said mockingly as Lon tried to open the back door.

“Sithspit,” he swore under his breath he quickly grabbed a small canister off of his belt threw it but quickly found the women had with the twitch of her hand sent it back to him. The flash bang went off throwing Lon to the floor his blinded by his own grenade he felt a quick chop to his neck then fell unconscious.

[Center] |*~|My Work|~*| *~|~* Star Wars: Darkness Of The Past *~|~* Atop The Rakata Temple *~|~*

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Chapter II : Interegation

The buzz of his force cage was what woke Lon up. His yes flickering open he looked out into the small cell room. Republic troops guarded the to exits and facing away from him and working on a computer console was the woman from earlier. Pulling him self up he kicked the Force Shield making it let out a huge hiss the woman turned smiled then walked towards him.

“Your up early,” She said no tone in her voice she looked at him then turning away began to work on the computer again.

“What ever it is I don’t know anything,” Lon said looking around the room again. If he could get out of the cage he could knock the four guards out easily it was just them woman he’d have to take care of.

The woman let out a small giggle then walking up to the cage flicked a switch lowering the shield.

“Even if you do knock out the guards and me your in the middle of a republic base we need your help urgently if you refuse you will be arrested for regular activity with Black Market however if you help us take it down you’ll be released,” She said she turned round and walked over to the console leaving Lon to think she pressed a few buttons then finnaly after removing a Datapad turned and gestured for Lon to follow.

They left the small holding room and began to walk through the long corridors of the republic base the woman greeting people as they travelled to the interview room when they entered the rooms were dimmed and they sat at a table two chairs on one side and a single stool on the other. Lon sat on the stool as a man walked in. A ruff bearded on his face and a mechanical eye in place of his right he cave Lon a harsh stare then sat next to the woman. He pressed a button on the table and the Holorecorder began.

“ Interviewing Lon Tisani is General Von Gal and Jedi Master Tera Shan,” The man said he gave Lon a harsh stare and the interview began.

Question of how long he had been dealing with Black Market traders and who there boss was were thrown at him throughout the interview but the one thing that kept on cropping up were two planets. Coruscant and Nar Shadda finnaly at the end of the interview the General got up left the room and told Lon that quarters were being arranged for him.

“Lon may I ask you something?” Tera asked Lon look up at her from his stool and nodded. Tera gestured for him to sit in the chair next to him and so Lon afraid to say no did she looked deep into his eyes as if looking into his mind then said.

“Have you ever done anything out of the ordinary for example moved stuff with out touching them or jumped extraordinarily high?” She asked Lon stared at her thinking back to some of the jobs when he had just happened to pull a thugs weapon out of his hands with out touching him. That had been unexplainable and yet it kept on happening when ever in danger the strangest things seemed to happen to Lon he could sometime run faster or his wounds would heal faster then normal Lon had never considered asking anyone about it he thought he was ‘special’.

“ Well uhh once or twice,” Lon started he was trying to think of what to say but just couldn’t get to grips with the fact this woman Tera Shan a Jedi Master was asking him about something he thought no one else could do. He had heard of a Jedi abilities but didn’t think were any connections.

“ Yes I thought as much the force is strong within you I can feel it the first time I laid eyes on you in fact I felt it,” She said getting up she walked out of the room leaving Lon to wait after a few minutes Lon was greeted by a droid who took him to his quarters. He knew he would see Tera Shan again.

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Chapter III: The Dream.

Lon’s shirt clung to him as he attempted to dodge the lightsaber strikes lifting his own lightsaber up he blocked as many of the attacks as he could but found himself slowly being pushed back by his opponent he pushed back against one of his opponents attacks and looked at the figure he had been fighting cloaked in shadow he could not see it’s face even with both lightsaber lighting the dark room.

Lon and the figure began to fight again matching each other move by move until finnaly Lon began to win he kept pushing back his opponent slowly coming against the wall until finnaly tears rolling down his face Lon silenced the figure.

Lon woke up his bed drenched in sweat his alarm going off he switched off and pulled off his covers walking across the room he switched the light on. It had only been a dream he thought to him self as slowly he began to calm. Pouring himself a cup of coffee he flicked on the TV and switched on to the Pod racing. It was light on Mos Espa and Lon has set the alarm purposely so he could watch the race.

Each of the pods were shown until one in particular flashed on the screen. His pod. Back when he was a kid he had helped his friend Val make it and now she drove it in all her races. It was particularly famous for it’s engines which were small than most but bared a long Ion edged blade on each. One knock against someone else and they were usually out of the race if not it took two.

Just as the race ended there was a knock at the door Lon looked up as Tera walked in wearing the same brown Jedi robes she pulled out a chair.

“Your up late,” She said she pulled out a loaf of bread and gave some to Lon who was watching the results of the race. Again his pod had won.

“Ahh you like the races then”

Lon nodded and then switched off the TV he went over to his bed and sat.

“I had a dream and I’m not sure what it means,” He said Tera face remained emotionless as she walked over and sat with him still chewing the bread she thought for a moment. Should I tell him? She thought. Should I tell him he is Force Sensitive and that the council wished to speak with him.

“What kind of dream?” Tera asked Lon looked at her face now showing caring and kindness he decided he should tell her the whole story.

“I was in a Dark Room in my hand was a lightsaber its blue blade lighting the room along with another person. I could not see there face but they wielded a green lightsaber we were fighting but not as practice these were harsh attacks I blocked them and began to be pushed back but managed to gain the upper hand until finnaly backed up against the wall… I killed them.” He said Tera showing no emotion she did not speak she just stood and left leaving Lon who lied down wishing he knew what the dream meant. And fell back to sleep.

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I like it a lot.

you can find me here since I have left LF :

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Nice Job

Darth Ardius,
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