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Thread: Returning player? A useful Getting started guide
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Returning player? A useful Getting started guide

First things first. You will be used to a totally different control system, so the current key map will drive you insane.

You can customise your interface to return it to pre-nge

For those who are accustomed to the classic SWG keymap and like to chat without pressing the enter key first, it is possible to get very close to the old controls.
After getting thoroughly sick of doing the "Crazed Crackhead" interpretive dance every time I try to chat with someone, and getting sick of hunting for the 1-= keys that now refer to the hotbar slots, I decided to create a custom keymap. I was pleased to find I could almost perfectly replicate the old keymap I am accustomed to.
Several people have told me that they hate the new keymap, so I figured I would make a post to describe how to get the old one back.
Step 1: Interface
Open the Options menu by pressing 'o' then select the "Interface" tab. There are two default options here that need to change:
Check the box that reads "Allow Overhead Map Rotation"
Uncheck the box that reads "Chat Bar Fades Out"
Step 2: The Keymap
Click the "Keymap" tab. A new window will open. At the top of the window select the "all" tab. There are quite a few changes to make to the keymap, and I will list them all below.

Commands and Bindings listed in blue need to be changed.

Commands and Bindings listed in red need to be cleared, but do not get a new binding.

Commands and Bindings listed in green do not need to be changed.
Click on the item name in the left "Command" column to select it (these names are shown in the left-hand column below).

Click the "Clear Binding" button to delete a current binding.
Click "Rebind" button and specify the new binding. If you see a message telling you that your new binding conflicts with an existing binding and asking if you want to overwrite it, click "Yes".
The final bindings are as follows:
1 - Abilities & Commands CTRL+A
2 - Attack Target APPS (the button between the Windows key and Ctrl key on right of keyboard)
3 - Autorun Toggle NUMLOCK
4 - Character Sheet CTRL+C
5 - Chase Camera Toggle NUMPAD. (the "." key on the numeric keypad)
6 - Chat Font Bigger CTRL+. (control and period together)
7 - Chat Font Smaller CTRL+, (control and comma together)
8 - Clear Target ESC
9 - Collapse Chat Box CTRL+ENTER
10 - Community CTRL+P
11 - Cycle Next Target in History SHIFT+CTRL+' (shift, control, and apostrophe together)
12 - Cycle Previous Target in History SHIFT+CTRL+; (shift, control, and semicolon together)
13 - Cycle Target In SHIFT+TAB
14 - Cycle Target Out TAB
15 - Datapad CTRL+D
16 - Examine Target CTRL+X
17 - Game Menu SHIFT+ESC
18 - Inventory CTRL+I
19 - Jump NONE (unbind this command)
20 - knowledge Base Help CTRL+H
21 -Lock Camera Angle NUMPAD0 (Numeric Keypad Zero)
22 - Mail CTRL+E
23 - Momentary Run / Walk Toggle SHIFT
24 - Options CTRL+O
25 - Pitch Camera Backward NUMPAD8
26 - Pitch Camera Forward NUMPAD2
27 - Planetary Map CTRL+V
28 - Profession Window CTRL+S
29 - Quest Journal CTRL+J
30 - Radar Map CTRL+M
31 - Reset Camera Angle NUMPAD5
32 - Start Chat NONE (clear the binding for this command)
33 - Start Chat Command NONE (clear the binding for this command)
34 -Start Chat Group CTRL+G
35 - Start Chat Reply CTRL+R
36 -Start Chat Tell CTRL+T
37 - Summon Radial Menu ~,`
38 - Target Group Member 1 CTRL+2
39 - Target Group Member 2 CTRL+3
40 - Target Group Member 3 CTRL+4
41 - Target Group Member 4 CTRL+5
42 - Target Group Member 5 CTRL+6
43 - Target Group Member 6 CTRL+7
44 - Target Group Member 7 CTRL+8
45 - Target Group Member 8 CTRL+9
46 - Target Self CTRL+1
Toggle 47 - Hud SHIFT+CTRL+H
48 - Toggle Light CTRL+L
Toggle 49 - Toggle Mouse Mode ALT
50 - Toolbar Pane 1 CTRL+F1
51 - Toolbar Pane 2 CTRL+F2
52 - Toolbar Pane 3 CTRL+F3
53 - Toolbar Pane 4 CTRL+F4
54 - Toolbar Pane 5 CTRL+F5
55 - Toolbar Pane 6 CTRL+F6
56 - Toolbar Pane 7 CTRL+F7
57 - Toolbar Pane 8 CTRL+F8
58 - Toolbar Pane 9 CTRL+F9
59 - Toolbar Pane 10 CTRL+F10
60 - Toolbar Pane 11 CTRL+F11
61 - Toolbar Pane 12 CTRL+F12
62 - Toolbar Pane Next CTRL+~,CTRL+=
63 - Toolbar Pane Previous CTRL+TAB,CTRL+-
64 - Toolbar Slot 1 F1
65 - Toolbar Slot 2 F2
66 - Toolbar Slot 3 F3
67 - Toolbar Slot 4 F4
68 - Toolbar Slot 5 F5
69 - Toolbar Slot 6 F6
70 - Toolbar Slot 7 F7
71 - Toolbar Slot 8 F8
72 - Toolbar Slot 9 F9
73 - Toolbar Slot 10 F10
74 - Toolbar Slot 11 F11
75 - Toolbar Slot 12 F12
76 - Turn Left NUMPAD1
77 -Turn Right NUMPAD3
78 - Walk Back DOWN (down arrow)
79 - Walk Forward UP (up arrow)
80 -Walk Left LEFT (left arrow)
81 Walk Right RIGHT (right arrow)
82 - Yaw Camera Left NUMPAD4
83 - Yaw Camera Right NUMPAD6
84 - Zoom Camera In NUMPAD+ (plus key on numeric keypad)
85 - Zoom Camera Out NUMPAD-
Step 3: Modeless Chat
Once you have completed all of the above, uncheck the box at the bottom of the KEYMAP window that reads "Enable modal chat (pressing a key to use chat)". A big warning box will pop up. Click "YES" then click the "OK" button at the bottom of the KEYMAP window. Please note: If you still have anything bound to keys that you typically use while chatting (e.g. alphanumerics or punctuation), they will perform their bound actions in addition to entering the text in the modeless chat box causing the aforementioned "Crazed Crackhead" interpretive dance. It is strongly recommended that you change all of the keybinds as described in Step 2 before completing Step 3.
The most important things to remember are to:
1.remove any mapping that has a single keybaord command and replace it with something you used to use pre-cu eg Ctrl D for datapad etc especially spacebar for "jump" and "Enter" for "start chat", make sure you unbind "/" too as that can cuase problems.

2.For the targetting tab, remove any actions for primary and secondary attack and leave them blank, select left-click for "set intended target" and make sure "actions can be fired from the toolbar" in the boxes at the bottom of the keymap window.This means you can click on another player or whatever without initiating combat etc.
You'll need to select 2 more keys of your choice, one to toggle between aim/auto-aim (which you seldom need to press once it's set) and one in a handy position for "repeat auto-attack". This means that if you double-click on a critter you'll start auto-attack automatically, but if you target something with tab and fire from the toolbar it means you have to press the repeat key to go into auto-attack which is a little annoying as it means it'd be back to pre-cu controls if this was the case (I use numpad zero since it's next to my directional keys). right-click for "summon radial menu"

Once you have done that,
Rescue your structures. If taxes etc haven't eaten into your pot of money, pay up maintenance etc. Also, it will be worth checking for 'Lost items' - Use the radial menu on the structure terminal.
If you have pre-nge rewards, such as paintings, minatures, holo pets etc, old jedi village stuff (apart from the ore) collectors are paying top dollar for these. If you have an old Rancor or Kimo as a pet, their DNA is currently fetching anything upwards of 140million credits.
Village items are sold between 20-100m - sculptures and banners fetch the top end prices.

Next, you can get straight into the action. If you are a combat toon or a crafter, visit an entertainer. They now give Buffs, which 'inspire' you and increase your levels. Theres a few to chose from, so depending on your armour type, or trader type, will depend on what you can select. If you ask an Entertainer, most are helpful. But here is a small guide to buffs.
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Inspiration Buff Types
Below is a list of all the current buff types available for inspiration buffs:
Buff Name
...adds to the buff


Attribute bonus: + strength

Attribute bonus: + constitution

Attribute bonus: + stamina

Attribute bonus: + precision

Attribute bonus: + agility

Attribute bonus: + luck


Action Cost Reduction
Reduce action cost

Critical Hit
Increased chance for Critical Hits in combat

Increased chance for Glancing Blow in combat


Flush with success
Increases experience gain

Harvest fair
Increases the amount gathered by harvesters

Increases the power of healing abilities

Reduced damage from by DoT effects

Go with the flow
Increases you movement speed

Second chance
Chance to automatically heal damage during combat


Bonus to your Kinetic defenses

Bonus to your Energy defenses


Advanced Assembly
Crafting assembly bonus + experience point gain

Structure assembly bonus + experience point gain

Booster Assembly
Booster component assembly bonus + experience point gain

Chassis Assembly
Chassis assembly bonus + experience point gain

Food assembly bonus + experience point gain

Droid Tech
Droid assembly bonus + experience point gain

Engine Assembly
Engine component assembly + experience point gain

Clothing assembly bonus + experience point gain

Weapon assembly bonus + experience point gain

Armorsmith assembly bonus + experience point gain.

Shields Assembly
Shield & armor component assembly bonus + experience point gain

Power Systems
Engine & Capacitor assembly bonus + experience point gain

Weapon Systems
Ship weapon component assembly bonus+ experience point gain


This replaces the old skill trees to some extent. THIS GUIDE will help all professions understand and calcuate how to spend points

Galactic Civil war (GCW)
All returning players will notice that they have lost their current ranking for their faction. The new Galactic Civil War (GCW) is basically the same as the old system but players gain more points for pvp and pve. The old Combatant and 'Special Forces' are there. Special Forces is the old 'overt'.

Base Busts are weekly, ask someone in your faction for details. This is where you will make more GCW points and gain ranks. Each rank will yield extra powers as you progress up.

Now takes place mostly in Restuss, on Rori. This is a pvp zone and the moment you enter, you will be a target for enemy factions.

If tehre is anything else players need help with, post away!
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