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Thread: An Unknown Enemy
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Diego Varen
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An Unknown Enemy

Star Wars - An Unknown Enemy
A Role-Play set after A Dark Hope


As it says above, this RP (Role-Play) is set after the first in my Fan Fiction series, A Dark Hope. A Dark Hope is an alternate version of A New Hope and its following two stories are also alternate versions of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi respectively.

The alternate version of the Star Wars Original Trilogy begins when Obi-Wan Kenobi was defeated on Mustafar, instead of Anakin Skywalker (known now as Darth Vader). Darth Sidious is also killed shortly after and Vader is left to rule the new Galactic Empire, under an iron fist.

More events begin to change as Vaderís wife, Padmť Amidala Skywalker, survived the events on Mustafar and begins to remain in hiding, until nineteen years later, as a battle begins, to destroy the space station, the Death Star. The lives of Vader and Padmeís children, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa (adopted by Senator Bail Organa) also change, as Vader finds Luke and trains him to be his apprentice, leaving Leia to be the last hope for the galaxy.

That so far, is the planned lives of the alternate Skywalker family have been shown, but there are other changes too, but this RP doesnít deal with any of them.


Basic Overview

A recent battle has ensued, between the small Rebel Alliance and the feared Galactic Empire. Many pilots from the alliance had sacrificed their lives to save a planet from being destroyed by the Death Star, a space station that belongs to the empire and is currently Vaderís favourite new toy.

It is currently unknown to the alliance, if the Death Star has been destroyed, but either way, things arenít looking too good for them so far.

As the majority of the alliance has now moved on from the recent battle, a small team are still trying to find any survivors from the empire, but a new enemy is threatening the team and their lives. The trouble is that they donít know who their enemy is. Is the enemy an ally to the empire? Or does the enemy have a different motive?

That is what the team have to find out and it is up to them, if they are to find, an unknown enemy.


Basic Profile Template/Team Positions

Basic Profile Template

Basic Appearance/Picture:
Favourite Weapon(s):
Favourite Vehicle(s):
Team Position:

Team Positions

General - Topsite
Second-in-Command - steven
Pilot - ???
Alliance Solider - ???
Scout - ???
Scoundrel - ???
Former Imperial - ???
Computer Expert - ???
Assassin - Empress Padme


My Character

Name: General Kahn
Nickname: ďThe BossĒ
Age: 60
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Basic Appearance/Picture: Tall, thin. Damaged left eye (blind), short thinning grey hair and blue eyes.
Favourite Weapon(s): E-11 Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle
Favourite Vehicle(s): X-Wing
Team Position: General
Biography: General Kahn, a well-respected general, during the Clone Wars, who stood by the Galactic Republic, during its darkest hours. Other than this, nothing else is known about him.



1. Please join in and enjoy yourself.

2. No characters from the Star Wars universe are to be used (possibly mentioned but beyond that nothing) and no Jedi/Sith are to be involved.

3. No more than three humans in this RP. I would appreciate some aliens in this (no Hutts, Gizka or anything stupid like that).

4. Only seven more places available (no more than two characters, except myself who will play the unknown villain later on).

5. Make all posts longish, descriptive and try to post frequently, otherwise your character will be killed off be myself shortly.

6. Donít let this RP die.

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Empress Padme
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Name: Hana Kast
Basic Appearance/Picture:Red Twilek.She is missing her left arm but has a mechanical one.Golden eyes
Favourite Weapon(s):Vibrosword
Favourite Vehicle(s): X-Hawk II
Team Position: assassin?
Biography:A former smuggler she was saved accidently by a Sith but nonetheless pledged her life to the Sith/Empire.She is Force Sensitive but doesn't know it.She has led a harsh life due to being different.This has caused her to become a rather bitter and angry young woman.She lost her parents when the Rebel Alliance accidently hit her parents ship ,the X-Hawk.She found herself ( okay stole) a new ship and named it X-Hawk II.

you can find me here since I have left LF :

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^I'm with Genius^
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Name: Tobin
Nickname: None
Age: 55
Gender: Male
Species: Mon Calamari
Basic Appearance/Picture:Click Here(armor is much darker)
Favourite Weapon(s): DC-15A blaster rifle
Favourite Vehicle(s): Big ships
Team Position: Second-in-Command
Biography: Tobin is a highly regarded explosives expert who served in the Clone Wars, mostly under Kahn. And after the clone wars ended, he continued his work for the Republic/Empire until he was ordered to bomb a civilian apartment building which would be blamed on Rebel Alliance General and his old comrad, Kahn. Although Tobin planted the bombs, they were all fake and used to make the Empire look stupid. Tobin left his position in the Imperium and sought out the Rebel Alliance and more importantly, Kahn. He is now Kahn's second in command in most missions he leads.

Make love, not toast.
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Diego Varen
@Diego Varen
Left and may not return
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 4,850
Contest winner - Fan Fiction 
Nice characters all. I was afraid that nobody was going to post in this thread. Also, Empress Padme, since Assassin isn't available, I'll add it, but nobody else can have a class that isn't listed.
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