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Thread: Jk2 Level 1 force field
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Jk2 Level 1 force field

I'm almost done level 1 in Jedi Knight 2, I just entered the codes into the panels and the bridge extended but the force field is still in front of the door.
Can someone please tell me how to disable the force field?
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Samuel Dravis
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The panel for the force field is above you on the platform. You have to get up there and shut it off.
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There is no control panel above me, That is unless your talking about the other control panel that had a force field around it which I shut off before and pressed it but that one isn't it.
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I'll start from the checkpoint so you have a marker.

"Stay here, Jan - cover our back." "Okay, I'll wait here... don't take
all day."
Drop into the lift shaft, through the small door. At the left end of the
corridor is a glowing red machine... you can shoot it if you want, but then be
prepared to *run* down the other way. If you don't shoot it, go down to the
other end of the corridor and use the wall switch to shut it off. Note that in
the next room - beyond the switch - there are a pair of grates in the ceiling,
one of which has a fuel tank sitting on top of it; you can blow that away from
below, but it just alerts the Troopers to your presence unnecessarily.
Circle around the red machine, and take the square lift up to the red
room. There are 'oxygen tanks' at the top of the lift which you can shoot if you
want (they explode). Shoot the grate and drop through, kill the Impy and get the
Key. Facing down the length of the room, there are switches on the right... use
all of them to unlock doors in the area.
Jan will run in to join you - don't shoot her! (I did once... silly me)
"I think this is a primary control console." There's really only one way to go
from here in order to continue the level, but if you want to do some additional
killing then skip this next paragraph and go on to the next.
{continue as normal} Go through the door... go left and straight through
that door, through the right door, go left - Gronk Droid (and several Troopers)
in the next room (you can kill the droid if you want).
{for some additional killing} Out through the door, turn right...
straight ahead of you is the door leading out to that grated lift, to the left
is a storage room with a few Troopers inside - go ahead and punch their tickets
(TDs - Thermal Detonators - and a Battery in here behind one of the crates). If
you shot at the fuel tank sitting on a grate from below (the opposite end of the
corridor from that red machine)... this is that room. Out of that room, turn
right... straight down to the end and through that door, turn left and through
that door. Kill everyone in here, then back out through the door - go through
the door straight across from you, turn left (Gronk droid and circular lift in
this room), and continue the level.
{continuing as normal} Up ahead on the right is a circular lift, and
around to the left is a large and small Crate... open the small Supply Crate
(face the red side, crouch, and hit your 'use' key) for a Bacta Tank, and get up
on the large crate to get the Light Amplification Goggles (defauly key for these
is capital O). The Light Amp Goggles will only be on top of the big crate in the
"Padawan" difficulty; on all other difficulties they will be in the smaller
Supply Crate.
Take the lift to a darkened area below; use your Light Amp Goggles
(default key is capital O) and work your way around the crates on the right for
Secret 2.
[Secret 2] - Bacta Tanks... there's a small Mouse droid in the area
which might lead you to this Secret Area.
"Kyle - the schematics show that the base is divided into three
Get into the next room (you can shut off the Goggles now), open the
small door and crouch through it. "There was a disturbance in Sector 10 this
morning." "What sort of disturbance?" "A droid set off the security system on a
lower level. That's the third time this month." "It won't be the last time
either." "Guess it was a scurrier." (I have no idea what they mean... perhaps
the Mouse droid?) Kill the Impys, and get the Blue Code Key (the blue symbol on
the wall... get close enough and you'll get a message about your Datapad
updating), then use both unlit switches on that panel. Look closely at the
graphic on the wall... that's a map of the base. The 'cross' at the right
(almost looks like a bullseye) is the walkways you'll be out on in a moment...
you'll see the one walkway goes straight off to the right into nothing; that's
the 'hidden' section of the base, which you take care of in level 2.
Through the arch door, shut off the forcefield and up the stairs - the
door straight ahead leads back to the room where you found the Light Amp
Goggles. Go left, down the corridor... the view slit in the wall (that corridor
on the left) looks out over the walkways. At the end of the corridor, get out on
the walkways.
Go through the green insignia door (watch out for ceiling Turrets - on
the lower levels if you're fast enough, you can run past them without getting
hit), through the door, through the small door on the right and up the stairs.
Hit the switch in the control room (this shuts off the ceiling Turret in the
room you just passed through) and pick up whatever you need (Ammo, Armor
Regenerator, Bacta).
Back down these short stairs and go straight... past the stairs going
down, past 2 locked doors, left (at the base of the stairs going up), through the
door, and down. Down the stairs, kill, and on the right is another of those
semi-circular control panels... this one is coded, so you yourself can't use it.
However, Jan can... 'use' the control panel, then escort Jan down here -
quickly, she's under fire.
The fastest way to get back to Jan: when facing into the control panel's
alcove, turn left... head down to that end of the room, and on the left is a
door. Through that, up the stairs, right, and through the door on the right (not
the small gray one straight ahead). Through here, back out to the walkways, take
the right-hand walkway, down this hall and in the first door on the left.
Back to the second control console... Jan does her thing. Note that even
if you run all the way back, she'll follow you, even if she does drop behind.
Once you get into the room, stand next to the alcove containing the control
panel - don't get right in it.
Up the stairs and through the door, turn left, and up those stairs...
first go in the small gray door straight ahead, hit the switch on the panel (to
shut off that Turret). From here, you can check out the green door on the
right (as you exit this small control room)... behind the green door you'll find
that circular lift you were on earlier - through the small gray door in here
(past the lift) is a Supply Crate with a Bacta canister in it. The other
unlocked door in this corridor has a weapons rack hidden behind a pair of fuel
Down the stairs, jog left into the corridor, and the first door on the
left is the one that Jan just unlocked for you (across from the red console).
Inside, kill the troops (for fun, shoot the glass panels), and get the Green
Code Key (again, your Datapad will update). Continue through the stairs section
of the room (Bacta and a Large Shield Booster in here), through the door... look
Go left, past the stairs and through the door at the end (on the right)
and back out to the walkways... go through the red insignia door (more Turrets),
through the small door on the right and up - use the switch, then back out and
up the next set of stairs (straight ahead and on your left).
There's a semi-circular ledge which gives you a view of the room where
you would have ended up if you had gone past the stairs. Go left and up the lift
(Small Shield Booster in here on the left) and hit the switch (shoot out the
windows if you want). Go out on the narrow ledge and hit the switch out there to
activate the computer at the walkways. Back to the control room, kill the Impys
coming up the lift and get the Key.
Back down the lift, down the stairs, go left and through the door
(through the room you saw from the semi-circular ledge). There's a red glowing
column... to the left are 2 Bacta Crates, to the right is a control panel. Use
the panel (the blue one under the graphic of the satellite dish) for some
foreboding... use it a total of 4 times. Note the suspended corridors in the
viewscreen - you'll be there soon.
Down the corridor - past the locked door - and Regenerators are on the
left. Through the unlocked door (watch out for the fuel valves, get the
Batteries), and out into the suspended corridor.
Run down the tunnel... as you get to the end the game will break to a
short cutscene - the tunnel collapses behind you. There's a door up ahead on the
right, then stairs going down... there are 3 Probe Droids at the bottom.
There's a square lift on the other side of the glass panel... don't use
it yet. Use the other lift instead (Ammo & Regen at the top), through the door
to the other tunnel arm and some Thermal Detonators. This tunnel will blow as
well, so back down to the Probe Droid room and take that square lift up.
Watch out for the Probe Droids out here. You can't destroy the dish, but
on the same ledge as the dish is a Large Shield Booster (look past the dish and
you'll see the control booth where you turned on the base defenses way back
when). Along the top of the tunnel - you can shoot into the control room from up
here - and drop down into the control room. Through the door on the other side,
kill the Impys, and get the Red Code Key.
Through the grey door - the red column room is on the right. Through it
and back out to the walkways. Enter the codes at the appropriate consoles (kick
out to your Datapad occasionally)... you'll have to go back and forth between
the three switches for each Code Key. After all the codes are entered, go around
to the fourth side and hit all three switches.
Across the new walkway and through the door to end the level.

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