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Thread: MC: AOTE: Brothers in Arms
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Old 11-26-2008, 05:25 AM   #321
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Inside Beryl cringed, and at the very least wanted to say something sassy and insolent in reply to Reibe's demand. But on the outside, she remained cool, her expression detached and blank, and she said in a quite clear, quite confident, quite typically Imperial soldier voice, "Central Archive room, sir. Level 2." Beryl lifted her chin in a nod that indicated the left corridor. "That way to the lifts, sir. The Health and Safety equipment store is on the way, but we won't have a proper inventory control list until we obtain the datafiles from the Central Archive and then cross-reference them with all the job descriptions from personnel files."

She glanced askance at the guards. "Unless... someone were to call ahead and arrange to have that done for us, sir? If that were the case, we could leave the H & S inventory inspection for later and start off with the Research & Development and the current Budget files."

If the employees were put into a fluster, and the mainframes occupied with the busy work of searching and cross-referencing through personnel files while Reibe's 'inspection team' checked out the project files to see what phase it was in, that would hopefully cause less grief for Conn and Noelle when they tried to corrupt the research data.

Whenever they arrived, that is. Beryl had been trying to use the Force to detect Jeez and Cloud's presence, but she couldn't feel them nearby. Conn neither. Noelle, well... she couldn't detect Noelle if she were standing beside her anyway, so that didn't matter.

But Beryl was getting an odd feeling from within the Force that was making her feel increasingly uncomfortable. She wasn't sure if it was the foreboding feeling of Reibe's predicted betrayal, uncertainty about Jana's abilities, or the tension that had been building between her and Jeez and Cloud, or it could even be the sensation that Ryshanna, though gone physically, wasn't quite gone in spirit. Whatever the feeling was from, Beryl was becoming hyperaware of everything around her, and in her current physical state, it was making it more difficult for her to maintain her self-control. And this was not an opportune time for her to lose it.

Focus, Beryl, she told herself.

"But of course, sir, it is your decision," Beryl concluded to Reibe.

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It was dark and stuffy in a body bag, Conn quickly discovered. As a doctor in service to the Empire, he'd used his fair share of them, but this was his first time actually in one. And now here he was, all zipped up and floating on a repulsorlift tram, ready to infiltrate ChandraMed headquarters. He heard Jeez's and Noelle's steps next to him as she led the tram to the back door of the facility. She had assured him that not very many people traveled this way, but then again, it didn't take very many people to raise the alarm for the whole place.

The tram slowed to a halt and he heard Noelle punching a few buttons on the side panel. A mechanical chime let him know that they had been admitted. So far so good.


Noelle guided the tram into the building carefully, not wanting to jostle the men inside the body bags too much. She looked over at Jeez, the Jedi disguised as a doctor. So far, no one had stopped them or given them a second look.
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Beryl followed the on-duty facility manager down the corridor towards the lifts that led down to the Research and Development level of the ChandraMed facility, with Reibe, Jana, and Teser following close behind. The manager, a middle-aged, balding man of small stature and a nervous disposition who had introduced himself as Mr. Talbot, had obviously been notified of their presence by the guards and had hurried down to meet them.

Beryl had had a difficult time suppressing a smirk at his arrival. Their plan to cause panic, distraction, and disruption was obviously working. Mr. Talbot kept feverishly dabbing beads of sweat from his forehead with a handkerchief as the lift descended, and he chattered non-stop about the facilities excellent safety record thus far. Beryl and the others remained stoically unimpressed which just seemed to fuel his rambling.

"...were awarded an excellent rating with our last safety inspection," he babbled while the lift slowly descended to the lower levels. "Of course, that was last year, but we at ChandraMed believe that by continually striving to improve our procedures and policies not only ensures that we meet the current Imperial regulations and standards, but in some areas actually exceed them, which of course makes for happier and more productive, and, I might add, more creative employees so that we can remain leaders in research and development of new drugs, medical procedures, and treatments for...."

The lift opened.

"Oh. We're here," Mr. Talbot stepped out of the lift, followed by the others. "Erm... where would you like to start?"

Beryl glanced askance at Reibe. "Storage and inventory for new products. It's all well and good to have 'creative' employees, but creativity doesn't ensure production quantity or quality. The Empire is more interested in end results."

"Certainly, certainly." Mr. Talbot dabbed his sweaty brow again. "And I think you'll find that our quality control department is ...."

"We'll tell you what we find, Mr. Talbot," Beryl said stoically. "Not the other way around."

"Yes, yes, of course, of course." He started to lead the way.

"I think we can manage on our own," Beryl said, glancing over her shoulder at Reibe for a nod of 'approval'. "If you can manage to get those cross-referenced lists we asked for, it would shorten our visit."

Mr. Talbot didn't have to be asked twice. The shorter the visit, obviously the better in his book. "Yes, yes, right away!" He quickly backed his way to the lift. "Just let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you."

The lift door shut, leaving the four of them alone in the Research area.

Beryl frowned slightly. "Ok," she asked Jana and Reibe, "is it just me, or did Mr. Talbot seem a little more nervous than was necessary?" She paused, taking time to stretch out her senses through the Force. "The others are here in the building. I can sense Jeez, and Nic and Conn...." She grinned wryly. "Conn's feeling a bit claustrophobic, so he still must be in the body bag." Again she paused. "But I'm sensing something else as well." She stared at Reibe. "I can't quite put my finger on it, but it feels... like... like someone's 'expecting' me to do something. Or be someplace."

She thought it might be the spirit of Ryshana. Or perhaps it was Jeez attempting to project confidence to her to succeed. Or maybe it was something Reibe was planning to do. Beryl wasn't sure, and her heightened senses were making it hard for her to concentrate.

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"I noticed Talbot's nervousness also," Jana admitted, "but I was under the impression he was simply on edge due to our presence... Imperial inspection, and all that. He seems to be an easily intimidated fellow under ordinary circumstances... and these are hardly normal."

"Perhaps," Reibe murmured, and for once she seemed at least a little interested in Beryl. "Someone expects something of you, eh? Concentrate. What is it?"

But she almost immediately seemed to lose interest. "So, the others are in. Good." She glanced over in the direction Talbot had left. "I didn't like him overmuch... he reminded me of someone I..." She scowled. "It hardly matters. He'd better get back with those lists quickly, or..."

The lift door slid open and a droid scuttled into the room with the lists Beryl had requested. Jana arched a single eyebrow. "What, they keep the lists inside the lift somewhere?"

"We requested the lists before that... Tailbelly..." Reibe said as explanation, frowning at the name.

"Talbot," Teser helpfully supplied.

"Whatever," Reibe scowled. "We requested the lists before we were passed on to him. The droid undoubtedly was sent to collect them and sent to us. The nervous idiot will likely be down to deliver the same lists in a moment."

Jana snorted. "We should deduct points from their score for poor communication lines," she advised.

Reibe's scowl faded slightly. "Indeed."

Sure enough, a few moments later as the members of the little team were examining the information they'd been given, the lift slid open once more and Talbot reappeared. "Got them!" he exclaimed. "The lists, I mean. A bit remarkable they were already prepared, cross-referenced, and all that. We never used to... I-I-I mean it was always done by the inspectors in the past..."

Jana wheeled on him. "You're not only slow, you're too late. Our official inspection report will..."

Reibe gently touched a hand to Jana's shoulder. "Now, now. What have I told you about scolding the little people?"

Jana blushed. "Right." She turned to Beryl. "Reprimand him for his department's error of giving us the same information twice, and then dismiss him. We are busy."

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