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Thread: [FIC] Glory's Road
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[FIC] Glory's Road

I've been working on this for some time now, and after a small setback (namely the accidental total deletion of the document on my computer), I've completed the first parts of it. Since Kavar seems to be a character that doesn't have much history, he is the focus of the fanfic - it takes place during Kavar's time as a Jedi Padawan (an undetermined time before the first KotOR).

EDIT: Now a "determined time", around 3983-3963 BBY, after the Sith War and before the start of the Mandalorian Wars. I also did some minor changes to the headings, to differentiate between the present time and flashbacks.

I haven't done anything fanfic-wise for quite a while, so..... constructive criticism, as it is called, is always welcome.


City of Bestine
Approx 1100 Hrs.

Tatooine was hot every day, no matter what the season, but today it felt as if flames were continually curling up off of the sands. In all fairness to the twin suns that had lit up the desert planet for millenia, the feeling probably was not so much due to them as it was to the impatience of the Republic soldiers, who had been waiting on the desert sands for more than an hour.

There was no question that he would attack. In fact, the assault should be starting just about now, according to Republic intel. After having to stand in the heat, anxiously waiting for a battle, Kavar was at least glad for the sure knowledge that the battle would come.

Now he just had to wait.

Kavar glanced out over the city of Bestine, wishing that he were somewhere nestled in those air-conditioned towers and dusty structures that filled the Tatooine capital. And yet, he reasoned, those would be the most heavily hit areas..... it was probably safer in the outskirts with the gun emplacements.

He was standing near one of the Republic trenches. The area around him was filled with red and gold soldiers, some of who were tending to the large AA guns and turrets that Kavar desperately hoped would work in the heat. For most of the outlying encampments that surrounded the city of Bestine, the heavy guns were their only real defense.

Every one of them knew that the Sith outnumbered them vastly, but they hoped to take out enough Sith crawlers and/or ground troops until the Republic fleet arrived. Or, was rumored to arrive.

It seemed to him that the only real worry they had was-

"Dropships! Comin' down hard!" Kavar flinched and stared up into the sky, not even attempting to mask his fear from the red and gold-colored soldiers standing around him. The Sith ships were coming down hard, extremely hard. For the enemy, this was the most crucial time - they had to make it down amongst the blasterfire that was already erupting from the few anti-aircraft guns around him.

Kavar glanced back at Bestine, hoping that the Tatooine militia was really as skilled as they boasted they were; otherwise, a lot more ships would make it to the ground than they had planned for. Thankfully, they seemed to be. Kavar flinched as one of the carriers exploded in the sky, thanks to a well-placed shot from one of the city's AA batteries.

The Republic troops started sprinting, diving into the bunkers and temporary fortifications that had been erected only hours before. Kavar quickly followed suit, eager not to be a target for one of the landing ship's gunners.

An RPG hit nearby one of the walls, and Kavar nearly fell as the explosion shook the ground. He staggered to his feet and looked up, feeling himself grow even more fearful by the minute. A dropship was nearing the ground, spewing fire out of the twin-barreled cannons that dotted the frame.

The Republic troops returned fire in equal quantity, and Kavar saw several of the advancing shocktroopers fall as soon as they hit the ground. But the ship wasn't the only one. More explosions filled the air, and, as the smoke cleared, Kavar realized that several more transports had already passed the danger zone. Even as he looked they were releasing their loads of troopers onto the dunes that surrounded the Republic forces.

Kavar felt his body tense with a sudden feeling of danger from the Force, and he instinctively tried to shield himself. Small and simple as his Force barrier was, it was enough to deflect the advancing shockwave. Shouts came from behind him, and he gasped as a body slammed into him from behind.

The soldier picked himself up off of Kavar, and he felt a sudden horror as he realized that they were in range of Sith heavy weaponry. And if the main Republic turbolasers were occupied with the advancing Sith troops, that meant that many more ships would make it to the ground....

That wasn't the only danger. Sith crawlers were already moving across the ridge, into the valley that held Bestine. Just as Republic intel had warned them; they were going to surround them.... block them in, and decimate the city before the Republic fleet arrived.

The nearby soldier looked at him, panting with exhaustion. "Come on, sir, no time , you've got to fight. We can't hold this position much longer."

There was, after all, a battle going on. Not time to sit and swim in one's fears. Feeling the hair raise up on the back of his neck as a blaster bolt grazed the sand nearby shocked Kavar into action, and he ignited his blue lightsaber.

("Sir"? he thought to himself. He's calling a padawan "sir"? )

He leapt over the barricade that separated the two armies, and was instantly thrust into a swarm of blaster fire. Frantically batting most of the barrage away, he rolled to the side, jumping up and slicing his lightsaber through the body of a Sith soldier that had gotten a little too close to the wall.

His own men were still pouring blasterfire from over the wall, and some of the blaster turrets were still operational, but there were too many. Even Kavar could see this. The Sith crawlers were closer now, their treads churning up sand as their heavy blaster cannons opened up on the outlying outposts. He sincerely hoped that the troops in the city were holding the line; a retreat through enemy fire would not be pleasant.

He felt that same rush of fear come over him, and he shook his head. Come on, he told himself, you're better than this. But he still felt the courage leaving him.

Another Sith took aim at him, and he deflected the bolt right back into the trooper's black-tinted visor of his helmet. Feeling danger from his left, he spun and yanked the raised gun out of another shocktrooper's hand with the Force moments before he pulled the trigger. His blue blade swept up, and the Sith dropped to the ground, headless.

A shout came across the barricade. "Push them back!"

That was why they were here, to hold the Sith back. Just until the fleet arrives.... whenever that was.

Trying to redirect as many of the blasts coming at him toward the advancing troops as possible, Kavar saw several fall. He felt slightly encouraged as several other Republic soldiers took down a few as well, bringing their heavy anti-infantry turrets to bear.

Many of the tan and brown shocktroopers were already taking cover. They had finally stopped the momentum of the attackers, but Kavar realized with a jolt that it wouldn't last. The crawlers were even closer now, even larger than they had first appeared. He started shaking with fear as even more ground troops rushed out of the crawler's orifices.

The ground erupted close to him and he felt himself hit the ground, hard. One of the crawlers had gotten in range, and was starting to target their defenses. Kaver picked himself up and hastily retreated, hoping to keep out of the line of fire for the crawler's gunners. His men joined him in his retreat back to the larger, heavier barricades set in place - at least, a few of them. Many more already lay in the sand, their blood turning the gold into an even darker red.

It was hopeless. A half-erected wall of durasteel and stone would shatter like glass from one hit of a Sith crawler. Even if they could withstand the beating, the Sith would merely drive the large vehicles right over the top. If the Dark Lord of the Sith couldn't capture it, he would simply raze it to the ground.

"Fall back!" he shouted at the troops, who were already doing so. Thankfully, the gunners on the city's walls were laying down cover fire for their retreat back into the city, but even they were susceptible to Sith guns. They had to hurry, otherwise the space between Bestine and the Republic camps would become a slaughter zone.

Another blast from a crawler hit the large control center in the center of the Republic stockade, and it came crashing the ground. With the aid of the Force, Kavar was able to protect himself from most of the shrapnel that came hurtling outward, but others would not be so lucky - Kavar noticed several soldiers directly in the line of shrapnel.

Using all of his power, he threw out a barrier with the Force, feeling the strain as shards of steel and large duracrete blocks slammed into the barrier. The flying debris started to lessen, and Kavar could feel the force of the explosion weakening.... then his Force senses went wild.

He turned his head, feeling Force-compelled warnings pulse through his body. The front of a Sith berserker squad had broken through the wall, and one of the black-suited troopers had dropped to his knees. As Kavar continued to try and stop the shockwave, now advancing as if in slow-motion, he pulled out a Golan Arms' grenade launcher, mounted it on his shoulder, and fired it directly at Kavar.

Forgetting his lightsaber, forgetting his Force abilities, even forgetting the men still kept safe by the Force barrier, he threw himself to the ground. As the grenade passed mere feet above him, he threw up his arms in an attempt to shield himself from the blaster bolt that he thought was sure to follow.

But as the shocktrooper advanced, drawing his blaster pistol and pointing it at Kavar, he staggered. He could do nothing but stare as a gaping hole appeared in his chest, and the Sith dropped to the ground.

Kavar rolled over, suddenly remembering why he had been trying to maintain his Force barrier; and finally, he found the men he had been trying to save. They were on the ground, their bodies crushed ripped to shreds by the debris that had been flung outward by the explosion.

Only his shock kept him from screaming aloud. Kavar knew he could have kept the debris at bay, he had felt the pressure lessen and knew that he could have stopped it. If only he hadn't let his fear paralyze him... he could have dodged the grenade, he could have flung it aside with the Force-

His thoughts were interrupted by movement among the bodies. A hand, still holding a blaster rifle, had flopped to the ground. Kavar suddenly realized that the soldier must have been the one who shot the Sith trooper, saving him.

Saving him; and he was the one who was supposed to save them.

Kavar changed direction and sprinted back toward the walls to the downed soldier. He got to his side, thanking the Force that the man was still alive, and he hoisted him to his soldiers. "Sorry- sir." The man grunted. "I-"

"Don't talk," Kavar panted, feeling his throat catch with emotion. He struggled to carry him toward the city in the path of the retreated Republic troops. And as another blast hit one of the walls, turning them into dust and rubble, Kavar turned around and drew his breath in sharply. They were closer than he thought.

Shocktroopers were already past the walls, barely yards behind him and firing wildly into the line of retreating Republic troops. With no free arm to block incoming fire, Kavar had to drop to the ground after seeing one Sith soldier raise his blaster at the two of them. Before he could fire again, he was thrown off of his feet by Kavar's Force push.

Pulling the soldier to his feet again, Kavar dragged him back again. He noticed he was shaking again, but he fought the feeling off. The Sith troops were filling the dunes like ants, and he could see Republic troops dropping to the ground as the Sith trained their blaster cannons on the retreating mass.

He glanced up at the walls of the city, hoping desperately that the gunners would be able to hold back the Sith long enough. It was too much. Crawlers were already started to fire at the armaments mounted on the outside of the walls, and the other guns on the tops of the tan-colored Tatooine buildings were having their own difficulties from the Sith fighters harassing the city's defenses.

Kavar was shaking worse than ever. The shocktroopers advanced, bringing them closer and closer. Desperate, the Republic soldiers stopped and tried to push back the attackers from their position closer to the city. Kavar grabbed the soldier with one arm and pulled out his lightsaber, afraid that one of them would be struck down by a stray shot. Just a little bit closer, and they would be behind the second line of barricades....

But the Sith had deployed more than just ground troops. Kavar looked up with fear as he saw beams of red light ignite from within the crawlers, and a new wave of enemies jumped out into the fray.

Darth Kolraa, it seems, had sent his dark Jedi.


Jedi Enclave
1 Year Before Present Time

"I can't do this."

"Yes, you can." his Master persisted. "You just have to conquer your fear."

But wasn't that the problem? Conquering his fears? Kavar could never let go of that fear that always paralyzed in the worst moments. Now, he looked up at the training droid that hovered over him, dueling blade held inches from his chest. If Master Astelear hadn't stopped the droid in mid-slash, he would have been dead....

"You let the heat of battle get to you. You have to concentrate-"

"How can I concentrate when I can't even swing a lightsaber correctly?" Kavar was frustrated, almost to the point where he wanted to kick something, anything. "I'm the least among any padawan when it comes to dueling; how do you expect me to fight against even a training droid?"

Kavar gazed at the ivy-colored walls of the Dantooine Enclave, wallowing in his own disappointment and anger. It was strange how, to any other person, those walls would be peaceful, full of life and history. Comforting, even.

But to him, they always seemed to be ominous and dark looking. It was if, every time he failed his Master, they looked down upon him with disdain.

"Again." His Master said quietly. The droid came to life, spinning its blade in an automated warm-up move and advanced on him. Kavar lifted his lightsaber quickly, caught off-guard and unprepared. As much as he tried to be optimistic, he knew he still couldn't beat the droid.

He was right - he still couldn't.


Present Time

"Enjoying this, Jedi?"

Kavar went flying, landing on the sand flat on his back. The breath knocked out of him, he rolled over frantically and looked for the soldier he had been carrying. He too was on the ground, lying motionless. Thankfully, the dark Jedi ignored him.

Kavar gritted his teeth and jumped to his feet. The dark Jedi had the advantage, but Kavar was determined not to fail this time. He swung his lightsaber at him, but the Sith parried it and started a flurry of strikes from all directions.

Nearby, another dark Jedi had caught up with the retreating Republic troops, and without any other help, they were being slaughtered. Kavar watched as the dark Jedi cut them down one by one with his twin blades, as if it was sport. Hearing their cries for help, Kavar charged at his opponent. Anger rushing through Kavar, the tide of battle turned, and the dark Jedi found himself on the defensive.

Kavar brought his hand up and sent the dark Jedi flying with the Force, returning the favor. As the dark Jedi jumped to his feet, Kavar turned to the other soldiers and thanked the Force that only a few bodies were on the ground. The rest were still up, firing shots at the other dark Jedi who had split their group in half. It wouldn't be enough, though; the Sith was deflecting them with his two lightsabers with ease.

Gathering his force strength again, Kavar sent a blast of energy out toward the second Sith, and, with the element of surprise at his side, was satisfied to see him go hurtling through the air as well. Without hesitation, the Republic troops turned and riddled his body with blaster bolts.

In his moment of triumph, however, Kavar had forgotten the other dark Jedi. He barely had time to block a brutal slash aimed for his side before a fist crashed into his jaw. He fell backwards and leapt away from the Sith, trying to regain his balance before his combatant could reach him again.

For perhaps the tenth time during the battle, Kavar felt his Force senses come alive. He felt, rather than saw that bolt of energy that hit the dark Jedi mid-stride, and instinctively - seeing the injured soldier laying on the ground close by - flung the man away from the blast with the Force.

When the dust cleared, there was nothing left but a smoking crater in the ground. Kavar turned and nodded gratefully toward the Republic gunners operating the larger turbolasers at the wall; overkill, perhaps, but he had no complaint.

Unfortunately, the soldier he had flung to side probably had not fared well, and as Kavar knelt to the ground beside him, he realized that he had to get the man to a medic soon. He was already staining his uniform with the blood spewing out of his wounds from the shrapnel.

Picking him up again, he turned and ran toward the city. No longer worried about the Sith shocktroopers behind him, or about any dark Jedi that might catch him, he was only concerned about one thing: saving the only remnant left of the squad that had died because of his fear.


Jedi Enclave
6 Months Before Present Time

"Why can't I fight this fear?" Kavar was back again, inside that same training room. There was no droid, but instead there was a large fully-grown boma, trained by the settlers to be a suitable opponent for Jedi padawans. While having been taught not to actually harm any Jedi - and even if it tried, it would be stopped by a Jedi nearby - it was also trained to be menacing, and act in such a way as to test an apprentice's courage.

It could be extremely frightening, sometimes.

The boma retreated toward the corner with a treat from Master Astelear, and Kavar sat down on one of the benches. Sweat ran down his face, and he was trembling, partly out of heightened adrenaline, and partly out of fear. He dropped the small training staff he had been wielding and looked up at his Master.

"You will, one day. You just haven't been able find the strength, yet." Astelear looked at him kindly. Kavar was thankful again that his Master was at least patient with him when he failed.

"I don't think I ever will." He replied.

"Don't worry." His Master looked over at the Boma, deep in thought. "One day, you will. I sense great things in store for you."

"You mean, one day, I'll actually beat the training droid?"

His Master chuckled. "You'll do more than that." At a sign from him, the Boma crawled to its feet and approached again. "I feel it."

Resigned to his fate, Kavar got up again, and spun the staff a few times in his hands. He looked around the room at those same walls he had stared at so many times before, trying to calm himself - and failing, of course.

The walls still looked foreboding.


Present Time

Try as they might, the Republic troops couldn't drive the Sith back. The crawlers were in range of the walls now, and the main body of the Republic forces was behind the defenses of the city, trying to regroup. The heavy Sith guns were pounding the walls and energy shields now, and they realized that it was only a matter of time before they broke through into the city.

Unless the fleet arrived soon, they would be slaughtered within the confines of the city. The few Republic cruisers in the Tatooine system might be able to keep the Sith strike fleet from unloading a bombardment on the city from space, but they would be crushed by the thousands of Sith troops that surrounded Bestine.

Outnumbered, they stood no chance. Not just in numbers of ground troops, but in Force-users; Kavar, and a Jedi Sentinel (a Twi-Lek who Kavar had only met briefly before the battle) that frequented the system of Tatooine to aid the moisture farmers, were the only adepts left to fight perhaps a hundred or so dark Jedi.

They would raze Bestine to the ground. And there was no one to stop them.

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O.K. I'm hooked. These are some very well described battle scenes. They are realistic but exciting at the same time. Its nice for once to not see the jedi as invincible warriors. I always liked Kavar.

There were probably minor mistakes but I didnt look very hard as I'm hopless when it comes to commas and such. Theres alot going on in this battle and I found it a tad overwhelmed in an area or two but nothing a quick reread didnt fix.

I just wonder though: Is Kavar still a padawan when he is on tatooine? If so, where is his master?

Very nice job overall. Definitly looking forward to more.

Viva La Resistance!
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Originally Posted by HIGH ON PIE 14
I just wonder though: Is Kavar still a padawan when he is on tatooine? If so, where is his master?
He is still a padawan during the time on Tatooine; as far as force ability, he is moderately well-trained, but he is still far from being a match for a capable knight.

As for the second part of your question - why the heck he is on Tatooine, and little bit of the story leading up to the battle - will be answered in the next chapter.
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Very nice job Rob! I too, like your story, so keep up the great work, and make some more chapters!

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I didn't think someone would make Kavar as the protagonist. But this is a very good idea. Keep it up

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Chapter Two


Jedi Master Vandar's Personal Log
Entry Date: 1 Month Before Battle of Bestine
Location: Enclave of Ossus

Is it evil?

Is it a lack to combat evil?

Or is it inevitability? Is there no way to stop the endless cycle of war after war, conflict after conflict? I know, and have long conceded, that wars will always plague parts of the galaxy. But is it necessary to go through wars that will bring pain and hurt to not some backwater world, but the whole of the galaxy?

After we finally come through the end of the Great Sith War of our time, we find ourselves in danger yet again. A Sith, who somehow managed to construct a sizable fleet and army right under our noses, comes on our heels. With no warning. No, no warning at all. Merely a cryptic warning sent to the Senate by this Darth.

Things progressed very quickly. It was no sooner that we received the warning than Togoria was hit, mercilessly. The attack seemed to many of my fellow Jedi to be an example, to try and show us what this Kolraa (for we had learned of his name in the attack) was capable of. But as Togoria is a distant world, reaction from the Republic was rather slim. The people did not want to deal with another Sith war, and who could blame them?

Then it happened again. Rodia was hit, and this time, they were after more than just creating fear. The Sith invaded Rodia, wrecking one of their major cities, stealing several of their light attack ships and treasures worth millions of Republic credits. Our Jedi sent there to aid the Rodians reported a second Lord of the Sith, different in appearance from the one we had seen in the message.

So now, there are two. Master and apprentice, perhaps? Or two Masters, whose apprentices we have not yet seen?

Or two apprentices of two unseen Masters... The future is clouded, clouded beyond some of our abilities to penetrate. The dark side has sprung suddenly from the edges, and it may be too late to stop it from coming in the door. None of us know where this Kolraa, or this other Sith bases their operations from, nor do we have any idea where the originated from. They strike at the one place we have unguarded, and then vanish. It is as if they can outguess our every move, and every attempt to stop them.

Indeed, I fear that we may have a traitor in our midst...

We must find a way to engage them firmly in battle, and destroy them. I and the other Masters have devoted ourself single-mindedly to this task.

End of Entry


Jedi Master Vandar's Personal Log
Entry Date: 28 Days Before Battle of Bestine
Location: Enclave of Ossus

He is here.

I know he is. Somehow, he is here. I felt it, just for an instant. A touch in the Force, one that originated out into the uncharted regions of space. Whoever it was, they touched here. And I wondered for so long... was it a probing, from the dark side of the Force? Or was the presence trying to contact someone? Someone here, inside our very midst?

But who? Who is privy to our innermost councils? There are a few, perhaps, maybe...I...no trouble from...if at all possible...%!e$c1... [entry data corrupted]

But whoever it is, they must not know. I must find them.

*Entry Deleted**Entry Deleted**Entry Deleted*


Jedi Master Vandar's Personal Log
Entry Date: 14 Days Before Battle of Bestine
Location: Dantooine

We know more, now, but not much more. We know now who exists behind the steel mask, the battle-helmet painted with Mandalorian blood symbols and the gold Turak reaper carvings. He hides behind that mask, like a shield, painted with fearsome images to terrify those who oppose them. I feel a kind of Mandalorian honor, but... it is a perverted honor, covered by the dark side like his black cloak covers him.

When I say that we know who exists, I mean that we know a "being". He is a being filled with anger, filled with some amount of honor, and there is also a strange feeling of... unreliance in the Force, perhaps. As if he considered his power in the Force to be merely a tool, and even unimportant. And also.... a small amount of remorse. I was not the only one who sensed it - Zhar sensed it as well, when we confronted him.

For we did confront him, if for a short time. I was returning to Dantooine and its peaceful hills aboard the Praetor. During our journey had a short rendevouz with another Republic ship, the Hapan Queen, to transfer supplies, fuel, and men. It was then that they chose to strike.

Three light attack vessels, bearing the marks of these Sith, swept down upon us. I do not think that they expected to find us almost done with the transfer - I believe their plan was to come upon us while we were docked together, which would have resulted in a severe disadvantage for us. However, the transfer had progressed quicker than expected (the captain had told Zhar and I as much), so the Force turned in our favor.

They tried to board us, and it was this Sith's ship that reached us first. The rest tried as well, but by that time our ships had broken apart and were no longer sitting targets. The two Republic ships were more than a match for the Sith ships, and we thought we had the Dark Lord cornered.

Zhar and I (Master Den-Echo had been resting in his quarters) found him cutting down the Republic defenders as we hurried toward the boarders. Only a few of his Sith soldiers were left as well, and we made short work of the rest. Our brave soldiers drew back, and only he was left.

"I am Tel."

That was his only words. And he attacked ferociously, striking first at me, then at Zhar, then spinning back to me. When our combined strength started to push him back, he fled, carving a path through the soldiers and fighting off our attacks as he raced toward the escape pods. He was fast, extremely fast in the Force - it was this that kept us from apprehending him. And almost before we knew it, he was gone, his pod caught up by one of his attacking ships. Not long after, they retreated as well.

Darth Tel...


Jedi Master Vandar's Personal Log
Entry Date: [corrupted]
Location: [corruped]

Its him, I know its him. He hides under his Jedi robe...nothing I can do#$...Shaddaa can hide...wwish* (?) were here...But if #Shadow?/Hunter?# persists...no...I am more powerf#d**...

Unknow* to me if Tel hnows whar i* is no#8dd... can't concentrat*...Why...!$#e*...the feelings...thoughts running throughhj my head...soundsounds# of drums, battle-calls...not only...[data corrupted]

Entry Corrupted Beyond Recovery


City of Bestine
Approx. 1200 Hours

The thoughts running through Kavar's head might compare to Vandar's at least in intensity, although Kavar's were more born of adrenaline and anxiety than musing on the dark tidings that had swept through the galaxy. Worse, there was a rhythm to them. He could hear it as he raced through the city streets, boom...boom...boom...

It was the sound of the hollow booms that reverberated through the air. For Kavar and the Republic troops, it could have been a drumbeat of doom; the sound, as every one of them knew, was the relentless pounding of the Sith crawlers' heavy cannons.

Shields and solid, fortified walls could only take so much. And as much as Kavar hated to acknowledge it, available Tatooine shielding generators were, well... Tatooine-ish. They sputtered and broke and rusted and drove Republic engineers crazy. They resisted the sand well, though, he had to give them that.

Now, as he sprinted through Bestine, he could hardly think of anything else but the inevitable destruction the Sith would wreak on the city, and for no apparent purpose. He dodged a frightened cleaning droid that was running rampant through the streets, and jumped up a flight of dusty steps leading along a second level of dwellings. One of the larger structures caught his eye, and noticing that it was one of the few that was reinforced with durasteel, and surrounded by Republic colors (and soldiers), he made straight for it.

"Halt!" Kavar could have sworn that at least five soldiers shouted the command, but he couldn't blame them. A single human racing towards the command center with simple clothing and wielding what looked like a lightsaber was not a welcome sight for most, as 98% of any such people would be dark Jedi. Not to mention that Kolraa had been known to affect the minds of captives and send them rushing at Republic installations carrying live thermal explosives...

"Its- its just me," he panted. "Kavar, I'm a Jedi, I'm on your side." He was weary, and the words spewed from his mouth as if he was desperately trying to find the words that would persuade them not to shoot.

They had already lowered their rifles. "Go ahead, Jedi." A man said, and Kavar hurried into the Republic HQ.

"-and we can't keep the walls up for long, shields are already at 36 out of 100. Either way, we're screwed; we can't hold the walls for much longer, and we can't fall back because we give up control of a large portion of our blaster cannons and anti-aircraft guns. Without those, we're sitting ducks for Sith fighters, and, all the crawlers have to do is roll in and start blowing whole city blocks to hell."

"It doesn't matter." A voice responded. Kavar tried to adjust his eyes from the brightness of the Tatooine day to the rather dark interior. "We have to hold it just as long as the Republic fleet gets here with reinforcements. Kolraa didn't send his entire armada, just a moderate strike force."

"That completely outnumbers ours," the other replied. Kavar now could see the discussion being carried out by two officers, both leaning over a holographic display on the conference table.

"It doesn't matter," the one said again, "We have no choice. At least, here in the city, we have some advantage. It'll be tough for any ground troops to take the city with any efficiency. We have plenty of surprises for them."

That at, least, was true. Republic soldiers had been warned extensively of the various traps set in place for any Sith troops that entered the city.

For the second time, Kavar heard a voice shout the command "Halt!". Yet another guard blocked his path and raised his rifle, but the first officer stopped him. As Kavar's eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, he recognized the man as Colonel Partmas.

"General Ceen, this is Kavar - he is the other Jedi assisting us, the second out of the two we have." He spat the word "two", making everyone well aware of his disapproval. Ceen, however, ignored it.

"Thank you for your assistance, Master Jedi." Kavar couldn't help but notice that he didn't look very grateful.

Which was understandable.... Kavar felt that just about the only thing he had done right was carry the wounded soldier back to the city and leave him at the care of the battle-medics. And yet, that soldier wouldn't have been wounded in the first place if Kavar hadn't lost his grip through fear. He desperately hoped the soldier would live.

But he didn't even know the man's name.

"-if I can get both Jedi, him and Master Nedden-"

"You can't be serious. We only have two Jedi. They can't hold back an entire army."

"But they can slow them down until the fleet gets here. If we can seal up some of the holes in our defenses, we sitting right in the middle of a veritable stronghold. It will take them a while to breach the fortifications; our little traps will cause them some troubles as well."
"Fine." Ceen replied. Partmas turned to Kavar. "Master Jedi, I would assume you would be willing to help us?"

No, he wouldn't. "Er... yes." What exactly was he supposed to be doing?

"Good. If you would join the regiment on the west side, then, they will be very grateful of your assistance. Captain Shevu should fill you in once you get there." He turned back to Ceen. "We need to reach Master Nedden somehow - last I heard, he was with Captain Klis."

Kavar turned away from the table, letting the conversation fade into the background. So, Kavar thought resignedly, he was to be sent out again into the fray like just another soldier. That was the worst part, he decided - half the time you were rather well-respected by Republic forces simply for your value as a Jedi, and the other you were expected to prove that value by fighting on the front lines like just another soldier for hire.

There was nothing to do but do as Partmas had so graciously requested (and yet had been very clear about): go join Shevu on the west wall.

He shouldn't even be here, of course. By rights he should have been with his Master, taking care of a land dispute on Alderaan. He could almost hear the conversation again.

"Why am I not going with you?"

"Because I think it would be good for you to take on some diplomacy by yourself, and the only other person that would be convenient to send is already busy. There's no need for you to come with me."

"But Tatooine?"

"Don't worry, you'll be fine. If you have to, buy something from them - that'll make those angry Jawas lighten up so fast you won't believe it." Astelear tossed him a small pouch carrying a small amount of waipiupi.

Yeah. Some diplomatic mission.

He could hear the crashes and thunder of the laser cannons grow louder as he drew nearer. He felt a small part of him crawl with anxiety, but he shoved it back down, hoping that he would at least come in control of himself,

Stang. Where were those reinforcements?
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Jae Onasi
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Originally Posted by RakataDark
I didn't think someone would make Kavar as the protagonist. But this is a very good idea. Keep it up
I made Jolee a protagonist--why not Kavar? I thought Kavar was one of the most interesting of the Jedi Masters in TSL and actually did something useful while he was in sort-of-hiding.

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Originally Posted by Jae
I made Jolee a protagonist--why not Kavar? I thought Kavar was one of the most interesting of the Jedi Masters in TSL and actually did something useful while he was in sort-of-hiding.
I must agree. You did a great job with Jolee too...

Very nice job Rob, I am most definately wanting to read more! Keep on writing!


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Hey, sorry for the total lack of story additions for a while. A couple weeks ago, my computer totally went kaput (I mean as in totally dead), and it might be a while until I can try and recover my files. Anyways, I'll try and continue the story (I'm using a different computer) but it might be a couple days.
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Don't worry about it. Its not like you LIFE depends on it.

Take your time Rob.

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