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Thread: Urban Death
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I played Red Faction and Portal for quite a while so I got distracted. Anyway here is a fan favorite song. (My friend memorised all the lyrics)

Minus 62 and COUNTING...

i've experiments to run
there is research to be done
on the people who are
still alive.

Still Alive - Jonathan Coulton
"Arch... Arch... spiders are your... friends too......"

Arch quickly awoke when his head hit the side of the ship's windshield. He suddenly spun around quickly to see what happened. Only noticing Vries had done it on purpose to wake him up.

"Glad to see I awoke you from your beauty sleep. Here we are" Vries said pointing towards the large blue planet of Kamino. Arch recognised the blue planet, even though he knew that any memories of Kamino he had were implanted.

"So you feel like talking now Arch?" Vries asked flicking several switched. He mearly shook his head and stretched.

"Well anyway, I am taking us in for a landing in Tapoca city. The apparent capital, you know the place right?" Vries motioned to Arch. He nodded half-heartly. Tapoca city wasn't only the capital, it was quite possibly the only city on Kamino that he knew of.

The ship slowly tore through the skys and atmosphere of Kamino. Finding itself drenched in heavy rain until it landed on a small platform suspended very high above water. As Arch walked out of the ship he felt the familiar water pelting him. Somehow the ocean world felt so good to him.

Meleena seemed to be in a sad mood to him. Vaguely reminding him of Guan Kleg before he found out she was 8t88. Though her spirits felt uplifted by the sight of an ocean she still looked sad. Possibly Yossk's death changed her in some way.

As they walked into the main building Arch lead them through the all to familiar hallways. Arch felt as if he had a mental map built into his memory of the entire complex. Soon they were greeted by a tall slim kaminoan.

"Ah master Arch. We have been expecting you." The Kaminoan said in a monotone manner with absolutely no emotion behind it.

"You know about me?" Arch asked as he shaked his coat of water.

"Oh yes. You are quite famous around the cloning facilities due to your genetic makeup. Please follow me, we have much to discuss." Arch was surprised that this Kaminoan didn't want to turn him in. He shrugged and motioned to the rest to follow them.

As they walked Arch found several Kaminoan scientists turning in his direction, then they began to continue walking in the same direction. Arch felt strange about the attention he was given. But shrugged at it as well. Even if someone alerted the hunters they still had four tapes sent to seperate locations. They could easily leave and go anywhere they wanted.

"So master Arch. How have the jedi been?" The Kaminoan asked him as they walked.

"Fine. I don't remember any of them because I got my memory wiped." He responded casually.

"Ah. Then your trip to the cloning facility will be all that much sweeter. You will be able to find who your doner was." She said with a hand jesture. Arch had never considered the possibility of meeting who's DNA he was cloned from. It was surprisingly uplifting.

The Kaminoan soon lead them through a heavily windowed hallway. As they looked down from it Arch could see a cafeteria, filled with dozens of types of species. But the most notable were Kaminoans, dressed in the exact same garb and looking exactly the same. The females were easily distinguishable from the males.

"So how do you determine what professions everyone is given?" He asked as he looked down at them.

"It is generally determined at random. Non Kaminoans are usually sent to their buyers as soon as possible. But Kaminoan's have a certain class system built into their minds once they are activated. It is determined by their eye color. If a Kaminoan is born with white eyes he or she is most suited to administration work. Yellow eyes are for skilled work and blue eyes are manual labour." They soon walked into a large room with a very large computer console. Several Kaminoans were sitting at it.

"But I have green eyes. How do I fit into this class system." Arch curiously asked.

"Ah well you were a special case Arch." The Kaminoan said as she lead them through another room. "You see now you were born through a very special project" the Kaminoan said as it lead them into a very large office-like area.

"I believe that you will find more information by yourself here. You can meet your donor if you wish." Arch nodded and motioned to the rest of them to hold back.

The Kaminoan lead him into a small office-like room. There was one Kaminoan sitting at a small white desk. Arch sat across from it.

"Who are you?" He asked as the door closed behind him.

"My name is not important. Just know that you were cloned from my DNA." He responded in a slow monotone way.

"Yeah among others." He slowly said now putting his feet up on the desk.

"Ah yes. Well now I can probably answer your question about your eyes. It is a tad complicated." He said slowly. Arch shrugged and waited.

"Roughly ten years ago I was selected as a donor for project Raziel. It was a highly secretive project created by the Returner organisation. Even most of the scientists here didn't know what we were dealing with. The Returner organisation sent us a DNA sample we had never found before. All produced genetic failures and were promptly terminated. As soon as that happened before we could pronounce the project a failure we discovered if we added human DNA to the combonation of Kaminoan and the unknown DNA we could create a specimen that was up to the Returner Organisation's qualifications. They of course sent us a very strange human DNA sample that they refused to divulge who it belonged to. Once we spliced these three DNA samples together you were created. However you were soon announced as a genetic failure do to your eye color. In Kaminoan culture we only have 3 eye colors. White, yellow and blue. However if a Kaminoan has green eyes it means a problem with the cloning procedure. However before we could terminate you the Returner Organisation gave us a very large sum of credits so you could be spared. After that you were cast out of Kaminoan society and apparently was discovered by some jedi and was sent to Yavin four. Project Raziel was soon closed after that." He said as he read off a datapad.

"Do you have any idea who the human donor was?" The Kaminoan shook his head.

"No. Like I said before they sent us a very strange sample. Anyway Arch. Now that you are on Kamino what would you like to know." He said closing the datapad.

"Nothing really. I just felt like something was calling me here. But like before I didn't recieve any answers." Arch sighed and sat up.

"Well thanks for your time." Arch said as he got up.

"Hey I have an idea. You may want to see one clone.." He said as he grabbed hold of a datapad in a cabnet.

"What do you mean?" Arch asked curiously.

"After project Raziel was shut down the Returner Organisation funded one other project called "Stagnency" Only one clone was created from two DNA combinations. You may wish to meet her." He said as he handed over a datapad. Arch took hold of the datapad and began reading.

"Alright i'll check out this... Snowy." He said reading off the datapad. Arch nodded as he walked out of the office.

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I have a feeling that Slate is one of Arch's donors, although I could be mistaken.

Very nice addition RakataDark!

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#5 in songs I based the fic off of

ACT 5: The Wrath of Darth Revan

Minus 61 and COUNTING...

Lurking in some darkened doorway,
Or crouched on a roof top somewhere,
In the next room, or this very one
The man with the golden gun.

The Man With The Golden Gun - Lulu
As Arch walked out of the office he caught the sight of almost everyone leaving. He quickly ran up to them.

"Arch." Drustale Arms called out. "We have a problem, Vries just got a strange signal from the ship."

"What? Someone's there?" Arch asked as Drustale began running.

"Vries is probably already there. Come on lets go." Arch followed Drustale down the hallways toward the landing pad. He soon caught the sight of the all to familiar rain.

As Arch ran onto the pad he caught the sight of Vries shoving along someone by one arm. He caught the sight of who it was. It was Genie, the Calibop from Coronet. Arch drew his pistol and aimed it at her.

"Arch?" She cried out in the rain. Arch's aim began to falter once more.

"I caught her trying to hack the launch codes and she set off a beacon. What do we do with her Arch?" Vries asked him letting go of Genie. Genie sunk down and knelt on the wet rainspotted ground.


Upon the bridge of the "Incarnate" Slate stood, marveling at the grandure of Kamino.

"Sir Seeker has failed. Urban Death betting standings now show Arch in the lead. He has over one million credits bet upon him" Aquatos said as he walked towards Slate.

"Yes I know. Seeker had his throat ripped out by Arch in bloody rage. I underestimated the amount of darkside this young jedi has." Slate said in a monotone answer.

"Sir if he leans towards the darkside can he be corrupted?" Aquatos asked him earnistly.

"I do not believe he will. Arch has larger struggles then what he aligns himself with. I believe your sister Duan knew that before he killed her." Slate said in a cackling fixture.

"What!? Duan is dead? I thought pairing her up with Arch would save her" Aquatos gasped.

"Did you really believe this Aquatos? Arch is a killer, he was born a killer, he was raised to be a light sided killer and now he is following his own paths as a killer. Are you so surprised at how your sister's fate was?" Slate marveled at his own lie.

"I will cut off that long neck of his" Aquatos gurgled with his mouth.

"Very well. But I shall come down with you and Dardan. Be careful Aquatos, Arch is as bloodthirst as Seeker was." Aquatos bowed and left the bridge. Seeker cackled, causing the stormtroopers around him to cower in fear.


Arch soon lowered his pistol to his side and motioned for Genie to get up.

"Genie why are you here?" He asked her slowly.

"I... I want to come with you." She said slowly. Her right arm was bandaged up poorly.

"Oh really? I sliced off your arm and you want to come with me? Why?" Arch snorted in her presance.

"Because... I just do. I feel like going with you can give me more purpose then staying on Coronet. Besides, that job we worked on together to take down that Hutt was the most fun ive had in a long time." Arch laughed in Genie's presance, only she would enjoy throwing a corpse on him.

"Alright then Calibop. I already know I broke your spirit by sawing off you arm." Arch chuckled in her presance.

"I think you should do something about that though." He motioned to the stump where her right arm once was. "You might want to get a mechanical replacement." She nodded half heartly.

"Alright you guys stay here. I have to do something." He said as he walked back into the city. He slowly walked towards where this... "Snowy" was supposed to be.

The hallways felt more familiar to him now. He did truely remember walking down them before, but he couldn't really pinpoint when

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By far this chapter has proved the hardest to create. I have never had so much doubt about how to create a character for a fic before.

Anyway I got Rickrolled on youtube a few minutes ago and found the song actually appealed to this chapter better then the original song I chose for it. It is a pretty good song actually

Minus 60 and COUNTING...

We're no strangers to love
You know the rules and so do I
A full commitment's what I'm thinking of
You wouldn't get this from any other guy

Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley
"The day I met Slate in the flesh was memorable. It was the day I met Snowy, the day I liberated Genie and... the day I knew who I was..."

As Arch walked down the hallway, clutching his datapad he already felt annoyed at the large amount of staring in his direction. He conveniantly ignored them as he attempted to drain his trench coat of water and read the soaked datapad.

He walked for what seemed like foever until he made his way to the smaller cloning areas. The ones for more complicated clones and much older and skilled scientists.

He soon bumped into one outside the apparent place the datapad lead him to. He was another scientist who remarkably looked almost exactly like Arch did. Except for a smaller head ridge and was slightly shorter.

"Ah you must be Arch." The scientist said to him. Arch nodded in his presance.

"I was sent to see some girl named Snowy. Who is she?" He asked tucking away the datapad.

"Ah. Snowy is a troubled case. It wasn't like yours, but still confusing and troubling." The scientist lead Arch into the room. There was an office-like room with another door behind the desk.

Arch sat down behind the desk and noticed something about Kaminoans. Even their offices were identicle. Almost as if they wanted to emulate each other entirely by removing their emotions.

"So who is this Snowy then?" Arch asked curiously leaning forward.

"Ah. Snowy is the combination of two different DNA strains. Unlike yourself where we used three. These two were a Kaminoan doner, and a human donor. The Kaminoan doner has been deceased for a number of years as is the human doner."

"Who was the human donor?" Arch asked leaning back now. The scientist quickly rumaged through a case before he retrieved a miniholo. He switched it on the desk. The avatar of a woman appeared hovering inside.

"Snowy's project was funded by a wealthy mercenary party. Normally Tapoca cloning industries does not function outside of New Republic legality. But back when this project was considered several new rules were still in place." He said slowly. The human avatar still rotated on it's pedastil. It was a young human female who appeared to be in her twenties.

"Who was she?" Arch asked pointing towards the holo

"Well..." He said as he dug out a datapad. "I can't seem to find her name. However shortly after becoming a donor here she was convicted of murder and killed before she could go to prison. I do not understand why she was chosen by this third party. But irreguardless, would you like to see Snowy?" The Scientist asked him earnestly.

"Fine. Where is she?" Arch asked standing up. The Scientist pointed towards the door behind him. Arch nodded and walked through the door.

The door lead to a small room with a small bed, a table and a very small kitchen. Like a monitering area for special clones. Arch caught the sight of a female Kaminoan lying on the bed. She looked up at him once he walked in.

Arch was completely surprised at her appearance. The Kaminoan looked to be a little taller then he was. However that was not what he was surprised about. The fact was her body was shaped much differently then stock Kaminoans were. Her body held an hourglass shape that she appeared to flaunt. Surprisingly enough she didn't recognise Arch unlike the rest of them.

"Who is he? Another gangster type wearing cheap clothing?" She scoffed at him. Arch looked down upon himself and crossed his arms.

"Oh come on. This coat alone cost me 100 credits." He said pushing up his Trench coat's collar. Though it really didn't make Arch feel right doing it.

"Ah so I stand corrected. Ive never seen a Kaminoan wear a coat before. You seem different." Arch shrugged slightly at her.

"So your Snowy then?" Arch asked in her presance. She sat and stood up, then began walking towards him.

"Of course. You must be Arch." She said to him. The height difference Arch could already sense.

"Yeah. So what do you do?" She asked towards him.

"Anything really. So you just stay inside this little room?" Arch asked looking at her surroundings.

"You could say that. Occasionally they test me on the other brain dead Kaminoans but most of them are just to boring." Arch heard a slight screech behind him. He walked through the door back to the scientist's office.

"Why do you keep her in this room. Why not discharge her to this buyer?" Arch asked the scientist. He shuffled in his seat slightly.

"Well it is very complicated. To put it simply there is no buyer anymore..." He said very slowly.

"What do you mean?" Arch questioned curiously.

"Well shortly after Snowy was paid for this mercenary gang was taken down by the New Republic. Since she is paid for, for the next 5 years we have no choice but to keep her here unless someone decides to claim her."

"You like to think of living things as objects?" Arch asked smirking at him.

"It is a Kaminoan idiology that we treat non commisioned clones as objects. Though they have rights we still discharge them to their buyers." He said earnistly. Arch walked back into the room containing Snowy.

"So the scientist tells me you stay in this room for the next 5 years unless someone claims you or something like that." Arch said to Snowy. She shrugged and sat down on the bed.

"Like that's ever going to happen." She said to him. Arch shrugged towards her.

"Well have a nice time." He waved to her and walked back into the office. He sighed as he walked out into the hallway.


Aquatos's ship landed on a platform farther away from Arch's own ship. The only other occupant of the ship was Dardan. Dardan was already uneasy about trying to take on Team Hornet after being captured the last time and having to survive a few hours in the Krayt dragon pit.

"Dardan you get a good vantage point. But pick off Arch's companions first. I want to make this little jedi suffer to his last breath." He said to him, a golden vibroblade appeared, glinting in the starfighter's light.

"Alright then Aquatos. But you take this. Slate already said he would land in another part of Tapoca city. But we still don't know where the rest of Arch's companions are. Some could be in the ship while some could be in the city. Be careful." He tossed over a blaster to him. Aquatos walked out of the starship into the dark rain. Knowing where Arch would be.

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Good chapter. Snowy has personality!

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Very good chapters, Rakata!! All of them!! I got a bit distracted, but I am back on track now....I have a slight feeling that Dardan won't survive this time!

Anyway, keep writing good material!!


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I finally found a scenario to put a Mexican Standoff into

Minus 59 and COUNTING...

You know you just can't lose,
The way she moves,
You wait for her to finally release you.
It's not a big surprise to feel your temperature
You've got a touch of redline fever.

Heavy Metal (Take a ride) - Don Felder
"Guns are useless compared to claws..."

As Arch walked back to the ship he wondered what Genie would do to him there. Probably hug him for not executing her on the pad. Arch thought that stranger things had happened. Thoughts about Snowy entered his mind vaguely. He wondered more about her and if someone would claim her on the gangsters behalf.

As he walked back to the ship he caught sight of 8t88 walking by him. He called to the droid as he spun around.

"Ah master Arch. I am afraid there has been some trouble."

"Oh?" Arch asked him curiously.

"Yes. What do you wish for me to do? Normally in this position I would go to the local cantina and hire several guards to kill the enemies." He responded.

Arch quickly thought to himself. "How about you make yourself useful. Fine a gun and try and use it." He guessed. He didn't know how the assassin droid could be useful in a lightfight

As 8t88 walked away Arch reached for his lightsaber. However thinking to himself before hand he reached for his blaster pistol. It was wise not to draw unnecessary attention to himself. Especially outside in the rain.

Arch ran outside to see that the ship had taken off. Probably due to blaster fire of some sort. As he walked out into the middle of the pad he heard a blaster cock behind him. He spun around to see the Selkath Aquatos pointing a gun at him.

"That is far enough Arch. You are going to pay for killing my sister Duan." Arch was surprised. He expected something along the lines of "DIE!!!"

"Whatever lies Slate has been feeding you have been wrong Aquatos. I didn't think you would be stupid enough to think I would kill off one of my team mates." Arch challenged him. He almost put a finger on his trigger when he heard a noise. Aquatos heard it as well as they both turned their heads. Arch caught the sight of a ship flying extremely fast in the pad's direction. They both had to duck inorder to avoid flying off. The ship soon slowed down as short blue colored Squib jumped onto the pad. He had a very large blaster rifle in his hands, ready to unload a dozen rounds into someone.

"Check I am here. I see Aquatos and Arch." Arch could already hear a voice on the other end saying "Neutralize them both." Arch moved over to another side of the pad, Aquatos was to the left of him while the Squib was to the right.

"What is going on?" Aquatos asked as he pointed the gun at the both of them. Arch didn't know who to shoot first. The squib laughed as he aimed the gun at Aquatos.

"I am an associate with the Shock. The rebellion group against the Returner headquarters. The both of you are very important to the Returner Organisation and would cause the diversion needed to take down the main headquarters." Aquatos laughed at him. The squib's speach was more or less a squeak and threats were not to be taken seriously.

"Do you really believe Mouse that Shock can take on the Returner Organisation? Shock is probably like 20 mercenaries who are bitter about their payoff from us. Do you really believe they can take down the army that rests inside the headquarters?" Aquatos it appeared could not stop laughing in his Selkath Gurgling.

"We shall see fish. Once I kill you two here it should divert their attention long enough. Say goodbye to the both of you." He put his hand on the trigger.

"Whoa whoa whoa." Arch said to the both of them. "Before we begin killing each other can we at least do this in style?" The squib lowered his gaze and shrugged.

"What do you mean?" He asked curiously.

"Well shooting at each other blindly isn't going to help. Let's try to see who fires first." They both shrugged and stared at each other.

They all gazed at each other. Fingers on the triggers, rain splashing on the ground, eyes darting at each other. Arch's hand was intensely shaking, wondering who to shoot and who would hesitate. It was rediculous gazing at both of them for so long. He almost pulled the trigger on his pistol before he stopped. It felt like to much of a risk to shoot first.

Aquatos meanwhile was pressed apon who to fire at. Arch could be hard to take down because he was so slippery while the Squib could easily blow him off the pad with his blaster. It was far to much of a difficult decision to make. As his blaster moved side to side and his head in the opposite direction he continued to wonder.

The squib darted his eyes several times. Though he knew he could take on the both of them, the question was who first. Aquatos could probably get a well placed shot on him but Arch could probably jump out of the way or something. It was far to much of a risk.

Their gazes boiled down for sometime. Their entire gaze darted at all of them until finally someone pulled the trigger.

It was Aquatos. He fired one shot at the squib.

Suddenly a very loud distruptor shot could be heard in the distance. It barely missed Aquatos's left foot. The distraction was enough for Arch to fire at the both of them instantly. Arch downed Aquatos who soon found himself slipping off the side of the pad. The squib dropped his weapon and fell to the ground in pain. Arch caught the sight of 8t88 in the distance on another pad. He had done exactly what Arch asked him to do. Arch gave him a wave in support and ran to the side of the pad where Aquatos was grasping to pull himself up.

"Alright ********. You probably know I wouldn't be telling you this if you were hanging off a pad on Kamino. But I did not kill your sister. Why should I lie about it? Your about to die?" Aquatos still attempted to grasp on to the pad. Arch sighed as he used the force and levitated Aquatos slightly and pulled him up. The squib was still groaning on the floor from the blaster wound.

"I did not kill your sister! Slate has twisted your mind until you have become a reckless killing machine. Why did she go on Urban Death if you were so overprotective?!" Arch shouted at Aquatos in the rain

"I thought signing her up for Urban Death would get her off Manaan and protect her from her shop debts. Since you were there as well. I read your file before hand and thought you were the best. The one who could make the entire month." Aquatos was still grasping the large blaster wound he had.

"Well get the hell out of here before I change my mind." He pointed towards the door. Aquatos darted for it, causing his blaster pistol to roll to the side of the pad and eventually fly off. Arch soon pressed his hammer on the pistol and walked over to the still alive Squib. He was writing in pain from the blaster wound on the floor.

"Get up you mouse. Tell me about this diversion you were talking about." He said pulling him up. The Squib was still groaning in pain.

"I... I.. don't know. We were just trying to hit the Returners where it hurt the most. Urban Death." He said between gasps.

"Well tell your boss that Arch would like a chat. Remember that I didn't kill you." He said slowly. The squib nodded and limped rather slowly back into the main building. Arch sighed slightly as he waited, then he walked inside himself.

8t88 was soon running towards him. Apparently happy about his job well done. "Master I helped you win didn't I?" He asked in an apparently enthusiastic voice. Arch wondered if his programming to fend for himself was for the better.

"Yeah, yeah 88. Where is everyone else?" Arch asked him. 88 pointed towards the hallway he was coming from. They both ran down it towards where everyone else was supposed to be.

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Funny chapter. Nice work!

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Alright TURNING POINT. I kept Darth Revan ambiguous for this chapter. So that I don't get a few cannon nerds commenting on me being wrong or me being right

#4 in songs I based the fic off of

Minus 58 and COUNTING...

Through early morning fog I see
visions of the things to be
the pains that are withheld for me
I realize and I can see...

Suicide is Painless - Johnny Mandel
Arch continued to run with 88 until they made it to a large Cantina. This one vaguely reminded him of Lumiere's place. Not to big, not to small, just tucked away for people who have nothing better to do.

8t88 pointed to the small group in a corner and finally Arch felt relieved. He quickly rushed over towards them and spoke.

"Alright we have to get off this planet now. I think Slate is here." Arch said to all of them. Most of them gasped speachless while Vries simply shrugged.

"I took the ship to another pad for security. Where were you Arch?" Vries asked holding a datapad with the launch codes.

"Long story. Basically we won't have any trouble from Aquatos. But some Squib came and told me he is from some resistance group named Shock. Anyone heard of it?" Most of them shook their heads.

"Well irreguardless. We have to get off this planet before Slate finds us." Arch was surprised to hear a gun cock behind him.

"To late" the voice said. Arch spun around to see Dardan the sniper. Pointing a distruptor rifle at him.

"Slate is coming to this little Cantina Arch to execute you himself. Did you know you beat the record for longest running Team? Well Slate here deems you worthy to die in his presence." He said now cocking the distruptor rifle. He fired one shot into the air. Causing the entire Cantina to shriek and cry out. Soon it was entirely empty except for the group and Dardan.

"You should be fearing me Dardan. I am the one here who can cut your little rifle in two. Along with your head." He spat at him.

"Bold threats jedi. But I do not care right now what you do. It is either this or the Krayt Dragon and I would rather take this." He spat back at him. Arch felt the presence of Dar-Resh behind him.

"You cannot kill all of us Dardan. What makes you so sure that Slate will come before your head falls to the ground?" Dar-Resh said to him in a calm tone. Dardan's aim soon began to falter.

"Your threats do not scare me. Infact the Kaminoan here is the one you should be scared about." He said taking his aim off the scope."

"What are you talking about?" Arch asked him, confused.

"Oh? Well I highly doubt your little Jedi Master knows. We found this out from the Head of the Returner Headquarter's painful research about you."

"Why did you have to start without me Dardan?" A dark voice said from the hallway leading into the cantina. Arch could sense a pitch dark presence emerging from the robed figure walking into the Cantina. Arch already knew who it was however. There was no mistaking the dark disfigured mask of Slate.

"Now Arch. You may be a good Hornet, but this little charade is over. Right now you will die, on your home planet only a kilometer from where you were born. Fitting isn't it?" He said taking a lightsaber out into his hands. Arch already had his.

"You forget Slate. I have Dar-Resh backing me up." He said pointing to the kel dor.

"And me." Another voice said behind him. Arch turned his head to see Genie, but slightly different. She now had a mechanical replacement where her right arm once was. Her lightsaber was clutched in it.

"Do you really think puny jedi that I fear your combined efforts? The only being I fear in this room is you. Fear grants power towards the darkside and therefore it fuels me for my powers." Slate cackled towards both Genie and Dar-Resh while speaking.

"Slate I am up for a good laugh. Indulge me as to what your lackey here was saying earlier" He said motioning to Dardan who now looked positively bored.

"Oh? I was hoping to release this after I had sawed off all your limbs. But if you are this impatient then fine I shall tell you. I know who your human donor is." He said clutching a datapad in his hands.

"Really?" Arch asked surprised. Even the scientists couldn't tell him as to who it was.

"Yes the Returner organization funded project Raziel remember you dim witted Kaminoan. The Returner head extracted several bits of information about a Republic extraction on Korriban."

"Oh really? What does that have to do with who my donor is?" Arch asked smirking slightly.

"Oh quite a bit. You see during that extraction they found DNA samples that were preserved in a very strange machine. They were perfectly alive for over three thousand years. These samples were then immediately sent to the Returner headquarters for further study. Once we discovered who these samples belonged to we sent them to this planet for Project Raziel because a defective alien sample we wished to hybrid wouldn't splice. Then we created you." Arch patiently waited as he listened, much of it felt to unbelievable to be bull****.

"Alright Slate. But none of this answers anything. You still haven't told me who I am cloned from." He said crossing his arms and shifting his weight.

"All in due time. The information report is right here. Dardan" He snapped towards Dardan who appeared to be staring into space.

"Give this to the Kaminoan." He shoved a datapad into his hands. Dardan reluctantly walked over to Arch and passed a datapad into his hands. Arch peered upon the contents curiously.


Darth Revan stood aboard the bridge of the Ebon Hawk. Bound once more for the Unknown Regions. The former sith lord reluctantly looked over the contents of the DNA samples that were sent to Carth. The ones that Carth would bury in a specific place during a specific sandstorm as a personal favor to the former Sith Lord. Darth Revan had meditated for quite some time since the battle against Malak aboard the Star Forge. Overtime the Sithlord's previous abilities returned. One of these was the ability to look into the future.

"The angel of Urban Death would need these samples. For reasons I have no idea to. I just know that in order to stop another age of darkness I must do this." The sithlord thought slowly as it read over the details of the DNA samples.

"Carth. Have the samples been deposited in the way I requested?" The Sith Lord asked, by hailing Carth's ship near Korriban.

"Yeah Revan. I still don't understand why you have to go back to the unknown regions. I mean what you saw last time..." Revan waved away Carth's words.

"Look it doesn't matter what I saw. I need to go back and in order to do so I need to tie up a few loose ends. Did you remember to leave the stone?" Carth's face nodded on the screen.

"Yeah. Forged into it saying "and so ends the age of basic and reason". Then I packed it up into that machine you requested. But I don't understand why you want to do this. These samples aren't going to be found for thousands of years. Revan waved him away again.

"I don't care. All I care about is that someone will eventually read "and so ends the age of basic and reason"...

~~~back to the present~~~

"And it became clear. As soon as I saw that rock in a picture on the datapad. I saw the words beaming "and so ends the age of basic and reason". I knew who I was, it clicked into my head instantly. I was part Alien, Part Kaminoan and part Human. The Human once wore the title of Darth Revan..."

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Once again, a nice chapter. Though I like chapter 59 more
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Sweet! A Kaminoian Jedi that has Revan's genes. Wow.

Nice chapter!

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Alright. I just recently went to EB games and was extremely happy to see Star Wars Knights of the Old republic for Xbox on sale there for 10 dollars. I bought it and was very, very happy for the purchase. Even though I have the game for the PC I must say I truly enjoy playing it on the console a lot more. I guess I am more of a console gamer then PC.

Minus 57 and COUNTING...

She's got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything
Was as fresh as the bright blue sky

Sweet Child o' Mine - Guns and Roses
"Hell... sweet is the sorrow. Half of my being at that point wanted to break down, to try and understand what was being implied there. Was I truly the Dark Lord Revan? Some ancient Sith lord from 4000 years before. If that was the case, what was the alien species I was also cloned from. This thought plagued me as I dropped the datapad I was holding"

"So Arch. How does it feel to know you are the spawn of an ancient Sith Lord who once conquered the entire galaxy?" Slate asked crossing his arms. Arch felt like he was losing a game of Sabaac. The previous Skitzoid thoughts from before resurfaced.

"How does one walk without one's mind? How does one kill without a body? How does one... love without a heart? You have neither a heart nor morality to love..."

Slate quickly dug into his comlink and began speaking. Vries, Dar-Resh, Meleena, Genie, Drustale Arms, 8t88, and Reaver. They all backed down as Arch slumped to the ground on his knees. The thoughts were to much for him

He remembered the vision of Darth Revan he first had. Aboard the long dead ship as he radioed his friend about DNA samples. Did that mean that Revan had intended Arch to be born? Did he know everything about him 4000 years before? It was to much for him to comprehend.

Dardan's face began suddenly snapped into focus instantly. Something that suddenly surprised Slate so much that he quickly turned off his comlink. Dardan reached for his throat as it constricted tighter and tighter. Soon he fell to the ground as he suffocated.

"If I am the spawn of darkness. Why do you come alone?" Arch whispered off the ground. Slowly standing up. He reached for his lightsaber instantly. Then both Dar-Resh and Genie's lightsabers ignited.

Suddenly 10 Stormtroopers ran straight into the Cantina. All armed with blaster carbines.

"Kill them." Slate ordered the stormtroopers. Arch smirked at Slate's cowardice.

As Arch began deflecting blaster attacks Slate quickly readied himself toward Arch. As Dar-Resh and Genie began fighting off the stormtroopers Arch charged for Slate. Causing him to be taken by surprise and stumble slightly.

"Yes good. Feed your anger Arch. You know where it leads you, doesn't it feel familiar?" Slate taunted as Arch attacked with his saber.

"I'll make you eat your words once you lie on the ground without your lightsaber." Arch snarled at him, continuously attacking him. As Arch slashed Slate he quickly jumped up onto the counter.

"Time to limit the Hornet rouster I am afraid." He said. Pointing his lightsaber directly at Meleena. Before Arch could do anything to stop him, Slate's lightsaber had already done the work. Two halves of Meleena's head fell to the ground in a charred heap.

"And now Arch. I will bid you goodnight." He said as he jumped toward a plastisteel window nearby. He quickly slashed it and jumped into the freezing rain.

Arch roared as Slate ran off. Meleena was dead and they had accomplished nothing.

"Stupid, I lead us all here for answers and what I didn't know was that ghost knew them all. Now Meleena lies dead because of my stupidity." Arch continued to yell as he turned a table over. Glasses of Blue Milk flew everywhere as he did so.

"Arch calm down. Look it wasn't you fault." Vries said walking up to him. Arch turned his saber and pointed it toward him.

"You better be careful Vries. I might just cut you in half just like Slate." He snarled at him.

"Arch calm down. Look at yourself." Dar-Resh said calmly to him. Arch soon looked down at his arm, then at Dar-Resh. His finger moved toward his kill switch.

"I am sorry... I dunno... I never expected some ancient sith lord to be my human donor." He said depressed as he sat down at a bar stool.

"Look we can give small talk later. Right now we have to leave." Vries said to him. Arch nodded as he jumped up. Everyone quickly ran out of the Cantina in the direction of the ship.

~~~1 hour later~~~

The ship was slowly filled with all of Team Hornet quickly and quietly. A silent murmur went out with everyone. More specifically Drustale Arms and Genie.

"So Arch's a sith lord then?" Drustale Arms whispered to Genie. "What should we do? What if he goes insane and kills us all? I mean he threatened Vries with his lightsaber." He continued to whisper to the Calibop.

She shrugged slightly. "He doesn't scare me. But I think at least we can keep him around. I mean he didn't kill me after I threw some dead bitch on him." Genie whispered back. Causing Drustale Arms to recoil in horror.

Arch sat in a dark corner of the cargo hold. The datapad containing the picture of himself and Dar-Resh was in front of him.

"People fear what they do not understand."

Arch sighed slightly as he looked upon the picture. He didn't know what real was anymore. Before he thought he was just a simple CBLE detective. Then he thought he was some famous Jedi. Now he thought he was the spawn of a dead Sith Lord. This was certainly an interesting week he was having.

Arch continued to sigh as he heard the door to the cargo hold open. He turned his head slightly to see a shadowy figure in the doorway.

"What do you want?" Arch asked the figure. The figure slowly walked into the light. Revealing itself.

"A purpose" The female Kaminoan said. Arch was completely surprised that she was here. It was Snowy, the female Kamioan who was abandoned by her sponsor.

"What are you doing here?" Arch asked, reaching for his pistol.

"Relax. I just want to come with you. I escaped that little cell I was in and stowed aboard your ship." She waved to him. Strangely enough it looked like a jedi mind trick.

"If it was so simple why didn't you do it before? Why stow aboard with someone who wears cheap clothing?" Arch asked puffing up his collar again.

"No reason. I just never found anyone who took an interest in me before. Everyone else was just some dim witted mercenary or boring Kaminoan. But you were different. You were intelligent and had a purpose. Something different then what I imagined.

"Yeah, who cares now. I don't. I don't understand why I have my blaster pistol in my pocket right now. I half expected that I would blow my brains out all over this wall right now. Just let the others get rid of me so their little suspicions would go away." Snowy walked toward him as he spoke.

"Please. Do you really believe that blowing your brains out would solve anything?" Snowy asked sitting down beside him. Arch shook his head and placed his face into his right hand.

"I don't know. My Jedi master Dar Resh is meditating right now. As soon as I tried to meditate right next to him he got up and walked away. 8t88 has been congratulating me ever since the ship took off. Saying I was a born ice cold killer. Even my pet beast Reaver looks at me differently." Arch said as a small tear came from his eye. "I don't want to be a killer. I don't understand why I kill people anymore. Before I thought I was doing it in my own way of justice. Now I believe every time I kill someone, I am just making myself more like Darth Revan. More like an evil bastard, like that racist Reliques. More like Slate..." Arch said as a few more tears came to his eyes.

Arch turned his head toward Snowy slightly. Without looking her in the eye. "It was my fault Meleena is dead. It was my fault Duan was dead, it was my fault Drossk was dead. It was my fault everyone was dead. I took responsibility when I chose where we should go. I took responsibility when I didn't die on Korriban at the hands of Black Widow. I took responsibility for everything. Now I don't want to take responsibility if it means I have to kill more people." Soon his green eyes welled up. Arch remembered first and only time he ever cried before. It was the day he saw Du'Karn, leaving Coruscant in a small ship. Bound for who knows where because of her Stigma. Because she didn't want to infect him with her life threatening disease.

Snowy sighed as Arch broke down from his emotions. "Well Arch. You can sit here and mope for a while but that isn't going to change things." She said standing up.

"I don't care." He whispered so softly only he could hear it. Snowy closed the door behind her and went to the recreation area to introduce her to the rest of the crew. As well as shed some light to the rest of what Arch had said.

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Sweet. Arch is seeing his mistakes. Great story you have going here RakataDark, it is really entertaining.

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Minus 56 and COUNTING...

No wrong, no right
I'm gonna tell you there's no black and no white
No blood, no stain
All we need is one world wide vision

One Vision - Queen
"I'm... tired..."

Arch awoke to the darkness of the ship. His neck felt far to short for his body and his bones felt far to long. He grumbled as he shook himself fully awake. His trench coat and robes felt strangely damp for some reason.

"What the?" He asked as he slowly got to his feet. Arch was soon forced to close his trench coat, though it still felt far to cold to bear.

"What is going on?" Arch mumbled as he walked out of the cargo hold into the recreational area. As he noticed no one else was on the ship he continued to search it. He finally concluded that the ship was empty. Once he walked into the cockpit he marveled on the planet they had landed on.

The galaxy map listed the planet as Rhen Var. Strangely enough Arch had heard of this planet before. It was some snow planet like Hoth. Except it had some ancient ruins on it for some reason that no one understood. Why would Vries just simply decide to land here?

Suddenly Arch heard a the sound of a hailing frequency. He quickly patched it in.

"Come in. Come on come in." A voice said on the other line. Arch recognised it as Genies.

"Genie. What is going on?" He asked responding.

"Arch? Oh your there. Well we have a slight problem." She said. Arch could hear a very worried tone in her voice.

"Why? What is going on over there?" He asked now crossing his arms.

"Well Vries landed on Rhen Var because some organisation known as Shock hailed us about their hideout. But then we were given some assignment to go into some ancient jedi ruin they excavated. But you had better get down here..." Genie said with a surprised tone in her voice.

"Alright. Where is this ruin?" Arch asked now sitting down and bringing up a radar.

"Shock's headquarters are due north. You'll know what it is when you'll see it. They'll help from there. Come quickly Arch we need your help." The hailing frequency then died instantly.

Arch shrugged as he brought the drawbridge down. However the snow drew him back. It was far to cold to go out in simple jedi robes. He could easily get frost bite and die.

"There has to be something on here I can use." Arch said as the drawbridge rose. He made his way to a passenger cabin where he saw some plastisteel containers. As he opened them he saw some clothing with a note scratched into the side of the container.

"Frotenesque.... You Owe Me" It appeared someone was quite angry when they got rid of the ship. Arch dug through the clothing until he found a simple blue collared long sleeved shirt. He quickly got out of his jedi robes and put the shirt on along with a pair of very long dark brown pants. Then he dug around until he found green turtleneck. Surprisingly enough the turtleneck went all the way up his thin neck and rested rather comfortably.

As he got out Arch felt slightly warmer. He rose the drawbridge and proceded to head north. Towards shock's headquarters.


Slate sighed as his ship entered hyperspace. Though his mission was declared a failure he was still satisfied that Dardan was dead. His constant whining was growing very annoying.

He was expecting a transmission from the Returner head. When he finally recieved it Slate recoiled in horror as it appeared.

"I thought I told you to capture Arch. Why has he left Kamino?" The distorted voice of the Returner head said. The Returner Head's avatar was just a simple shadowy head that couldn't make out any features.

"I am sorry... master... but he killed Dardan quicker then I thought. His angered dueling stance was far more powerful then mine. I had to flee before I could be captured." He knelt where he stood.

"Very well Slate. But remember you can not fail once more. But I have some more news about both Arch and another problem I am facing. Arch is on Rhen Var. However I want you not to chase after him. Instead wait until he leaves the planet and follow him to a more public setting. So we can get some more ratings for the hunters." The betting for the Hunters was completely down now. Several gamblers had now won thousands of credits by betting on Arch. He was becoming much more renowned now.

"Yes master. But why not chase him? I do not believe even the combined efforts of a long dead sith lord and a cocky Kaminoan can defeat all of us." He said still kneeling.

"Do not question my orders Slate. I can make and break you, do not make me punish you again." The voice said far more angry this time.

"Y...Yes Master. I apologise." He said slowly.

"Very well my Apprentice. Now I have another problem. Black Widow's killswitch has deactivated." He responded with uncertainty.

"What do you mean it has deactivated. Surely she died on Korriban." He said standing up now.

"That is what I believe. Now I think that Black Widow has left Korriban causing the killswitch to activate then deactivate. But that is not the problem. I have another ancient sith lord to deal with besides Arch. Wait for my orders Slate and do not act upon impulse again." He said the final words much more angry.

"Yes... yes my master. I will await your orders." Finally the transmission clicked off.

~~~Several days earlier~~~

"Yes... yessss... I feel the power..." Black Widow said inside the dark tomb. It was on Korriban in a long dark sith crypt.

"Now you see pathetic Zeltron the true power of the darkside. Do you desire this power? Surrender yourself to the power of the darkside now. To the power of betrayal as your master betrayed you. As the force has betrayed you." A dark shadowy voice now said.

"Yesss..." Black Widow now said kneeling down. "I surrender myself to the darkside. Please... I desire this power more then anything." She begged as she knelt.

"Very well. Now Zeltron. There is a Imperial Star Destroyer far away from this planet. If you truely wish to wield this power you must KILL the one who has shamed you." Only one name came to mind as the voice said it

"Arch." She spat on the ground.

"Yes. The Kaminoan is far to powerful for you. His power of the grey and Darth Revan are far to strong for your simple darkside. You must find his weakness and exploit it. That is the true way of the sith." The voice whispered into her ear.

"Yes... I will take this star destroyer and use it to destroy Arch... thank you my master..." She said to the voice as she walked out of the tomb.

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Minus 55 and COUNTING...

I like the way you walk
I like the way you talk
I like the way you walk I like the way you talk
Suzie Q

Suzie Q - Creedence Clearwater Revival
The blinding white of the snow stung his eyes as he walked out into the cold wilderness. Arch had never before been on an ice world before. It felt to surreal to be anything but a dream. The large ruined spires that sprouted from the icy ground. They were dark remnants of fallen civilisations that no one would ever talk about before. As he began walking to the Shock headquarters he wondered. It was possible thet people feared these massive spires and their creators. People once before were terrified of them, creating these castles and temples to please them. Now thousands of years later people would just laugh in their presance. He wondered if thousands of years from then, would people remember the evils of the Returner Organization? Worse yet, would people remember him?

The snow seemingly enough seemed to feel as if it had been on the planet for sometime. He remembered doing research in the CBLE library about various planets around the galaxy. More specifically he learned something about Tatooine. Historians believed Tatooine was once filled with luscious oceans and carniverous forests, ones that would have rivaled Yavin 4's. However again they believed a strange occurance happened and the planet was terraformed to become a dry desert. It wasn't that far fetched that the planet was just one very long beach. Just waiting for the tide to come in.

The snow seemed to soften as he continued to keep walking. Arch turned his head slightly to see he couldn't see the ship any longer. His white foggy breaths seemed to escape his mouth much faster now. Snow began falling very suddenly, quicker then Arch had ever expected.

With no choice Arch continued to walk forwards. Hoping to see whatever Shock's headquarters would look like. But he didn't see anything until he recieved a blow to the head and blacked out.

~~~1 hour later~~~

Arch's vision didn't clear until an hour later when he awoke inside a dark room. The back of his head wouldn't stop throbbing until he felt someone pull his head out.

"He's awake. Drench him." A voice said in the darkness. Arch felt a very soothing amount of warm water splashed onto him. It felt so nice to feel warm after being in the cold snow.

"So Kaminoan. Do you know why you are not dead?" A voice asked him in the darkness.

"Let me guess. Your planning to ransom me to your lover?" Arch replied casually. He prepared himself for a very hard punch to the face. Causing blood to seep from his mouth.

"Funny. I never thought Kaminoans bled." The voice said.

"Well I do." Arch said as warm blood soon dripped from his snout. "...and I hope you do have a reason for keeping me alive." Arch spat at the voice. He looked towards his surroundings a little more carefully. He primitively tied to a chair by strands of what seemed like vines.

"Yes we do Kaminoan. Since you didn't kill our hitman we do feel to owe you a small explination. At least your companions were more willing to comply with us." Arch pictured Snowy instantly.

"Where are they?" Arch asked, now he was mumbling.

"Oh? We asked them to give us a reason why we shouldn't drop them off on Coruscant and get caught by an Urban Death fan. We sent them to this tomb we excavated to check it out." The voice laughed as it spoke.

"Why send them there?"

"Many of our workers have heard noises from within. So instead of casualties we decided to send in your companions. If you want to live your going to join them."

"It doesn't seem like I have a choice." Arch mumbled slowly as more blood oozed out.

"Yes Kaminoan." Suddenly the vines were severed. "Now, let us bring you there." Arch stood and held his head up to stop the blood flow. Soon through the force the blood stopped running.

"Thats some punch you have there." Arch asked the shadowy voice. Suddenly an Ughnaut came out from the shaodw.

"You don't know the half of it. Now rather then have you slaughtered and send in a crew to find your remains we are going to give you a weapon." The lights in the small room suddenly came on. Revealing a Trandoshan holding a very old hunting rifle.

"Czerka 6-2AUG2. We found it off some punk who landed near here. I think you could find more use with this then your jedi weapon and blaster pistol." The Ughnaut said as the Trandoshan thrust the weapon into his arms.

"Look at this thing. It's huge." He said as he aimed through it. The rifle was almost as tall as he was up to his neck.

"Here. This may come in handy." The Trandoshan tossed him a lazer sight. Arch fastened it to the top of the rifle. But it still seemed far to unnecessary.

"Alright Arch. We'll show you to the ruins. Once you check to see nothing is wrong then we'll protect you from the Hunters." Arch leaned the rifle on his shoulder.

"Alright. Show me the way." The Ughnaut nodded as he lead him up several flights of stairs and through a few hallways until they were outside.

After a short speeder ride they made their way to what seemed like 5 spires dug into the dark snow. Arch peered around to see what seemed like a castle in the distance.

"How old are these ruins?" Arch asked peering at the spires.

"Several thousand years old at least. Anyway your friends are already inside." He pointed towards a large hole dug into the ground leading down into the middle of the spires. What looked like makeshift stairs were dug into it. Several lights were shoved into the snow inside.

"Well alright." Arch responded to the Ughnaut as he walked into the hole. He wouldn't be surprised if he was walking into the mouth of a Rancor

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Great additions. I really like how you create suspense.

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#3 in the songs I based the fic off of

Once again I keep Revan ambiguous in this story. However this time I have placed it that Revan chose the light side (since I really preferred the lightside ending)

You ask me how I make my way
You ask me everywhere and why
You hang on every word I say
But the truth sounds like a lie

Live To Win - Paul Stanley
As Arch walked into the dark ice tunnel he could see the light was becoming far more faint, he could barely see ahead of him. As he walked Arch felt rather claustrophobic, a quality he didn't know he had. Though he guessed that everyone had irrational fears that could easily be

This is the way of the Dark Side, Malak - All things end in death.


~~~3000 something years before~~~

The Ebon Hawk glinted in the sunlight as Revan walked towards it. On the Star Forge shortly before killing Malak Revan found a custom robe synthesizer which created replicas of the robes once worn. This time they were lighter in color and did not include a mask. Revan sufficed with this by wearing a Stabilizer mask that Carth bought on their last stop roughly ten hours earlier.

Killing Malak had put Revan's emotions at ease. Finally relaxation could occur. However unlikely it sounded.

The Rakata were overjoyed once Revan presented them with an ancient Rakatan mind trap. Revan recalled receiving this mind trap on Korriban and having a small riddle contest with the occupant. However Revan decided that the Mind Trap would benefit the Rakata and their research to their past.

As Revan walked over to the Ebon Hawk memories flooded the mind of the now redeemed dark lord. Memories of Taris, Dantooine, Manaan, Korriban, Kashyyyk, Tattooine and finally the adventure on Lehon. Fighting Black Rakata and baby Rancors. It was quite an adventure and finally Revan was glad that finally that could all be put behind. The sun on Lehon soon began to set as the Dark lord walked into the Ebon Hawk, the ship that became an icon to the adventure.

The rest of the crew were all relaxing in the main area of the ship. Bastila seemed to finally regain the trust of the rest of the party after betraying them all just over a week before. Jolee seemed confident after recieving the Star of Glory, now he looked ready to die knowing he saved the galaxy. Carth seemed the most glad that this was all over. He wore his cross proudly on his orange bomber jacket. Mission and Zaalbar were now excitedly talking about everything that had just occurred recently. Juhani was peacefully meditating in the small hidden room on the side. T3-M4 slowly rebooted himself, as if he didn't understand what had just happened. Revan always wondered why they took T3 with him. Sure he could slice through anything faster then anyone. But he was completely useless besides that. Revan couldn't even understand his monotone beeps. Unfortunately one of the languages studied on the academy on Dantooine and the Republic academy wasn't droidspeak. HK-47 seemed to be the most disappointed. Sure his Star of Glory was proudly displayed on his frame. He seemed sad he didn't have anything to kill now. Canderous meanwhile simply slept sitting down

Yes the crew of the Ebon Hawk were all glad. Glad that this was finally all over. Now what to do next rose up. Everyone had different destinations in mind for where to go next.

Mission and Zaalbar both wished to go back to Kashyyyk to see if his father had finally managed to drive off all the Czerka slavers. Juhani and Jolee wished to see what remained of the Academy on Dantooine. Carth of course wished to go to Telos to meet Dustil, his son. Bastila didn't seem to mind where ever they would want to go.

"So Revan. Where do you believe we should celebrate?" Carth asked walking up to the former sith lord. Revan shrugged slightly, walking towards the cockpit.

"I don't know" Said the voice synthesizer behind the mask. "I mean Ive done everything. Ive killed my old apprentice, I helped the Selkath with their problems, I helped the Tusken Raiders on Tatooine so they could find a better place to live, I helped Zaalbar's wookiee friends, I helped you find your son, and I helped the Rakata here learn their culture so they can be reintegrated into society. Right now what I want to do is relax. The first thing I am going to do is help you all one last time. By dropping you off on your respective planets.

"What Revan?" Juhani asked standing up now.

"Yes. I felt a premonition in the force and I feel I must go somewhere. All of you have your own destinies now. Ive helped you all rebuild your lives while I didn't do anything to rediscover mine. I helped Bastila with her mother, Mission with her brother, Carth with his son, Juhani with her broken hearted crush, I helped Canderous with his Jagi problem, I even helped Zaalbar with his wookiee problems. Currently right now I feel I have something else to do. You all can go wherever you wish for now. I am off to seek my own destiny." Revan motioned to both Carth and Bastila.

"The both of you I will return to. For different reasons of course." The goodbyes took quite a while. Soon Revan flew the party members to their respective destinations. Juhani and Jolee to Dantooine, Carth to Telos, Bastila to Tatooine, Mission and Zaalbar to Kashyyk and Canderous to Onderon. Goodbyes were heartbreaking to Revan. These people owed their life to the former sith lord. It took quite a while until there was no one left.

Finally the ship lifted off the ground and blasted off into space. Revan slowly shifted the galaxy map. The Ebon Hawk was bound for the unknown regions. Where finally the former sith lord could try to find answers.

~~~Back to the present~~~

Arch stumbled over as the flashback slowly disappeared. The images contained inside to vivid and real. He didn't understand many of the things he saw. Especially about Revan

As Arch stumbled he heard a very soft cry farther along in the tunnel. He held the large hunting rifle out and walked along to see who it was.

"There's gotta be a better way to make a living"
-Kyle Katarn
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I love the description! I wonder who is at the end of this tunnel...

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Minus 53 and COUNTING...

Are You OK Annie?
You've Been Hit By
You've Been Struck By -
A Smooth Criminal

Smooth Criminal - Micheal Jackson
Soon the rough tunnel lead to a larger frozen cave. It appeared this cave had been carved into a very nice and clean glacier. Light could now be seen much more clearly through the ice, Arch felt calmer knowing that he wouldn't get suddenly jumped by something.

As Arch walked he felt he could hear whispers sounding him. As if echoing around the ice, the idea didn't seem that far fetched. However it still sounded far to crazy and Skizo to make any sense at all. Arch aimed the rifle in several directions. Until he bumped it on a Stalagmite of ice.

"Damn thing. It's so long." He said hitting the rifle against the ice wall. As Arch walked he noticed the large glacier chamber getting smaller and smaller. Until it ended with a very long and steep ridge downwards into a dark mist. Something inside of Arch told him to give up, go back to the ship, take off and forget about everyone else. Logic told him that the Ughnaut went back and got more people to help him.

Logic was such a liar.

Arch crouched down and felt the hardened ice. As his hands neared the edge towards the ridge he noticed the ice became softer and sharper. Preventing any climbing whatsoever once down there. Since that was the case Arch figured he would need to find another way out once down there. Arch sighed as he sat down and heaved himself forward

The swirling vortex of the mist flew past him as he slid down. Arch felt as if he was going into the very heart of Rhen Var. But strangely enough he felt as if he had already been there once before. In some sort of dream. The entire slid down looked like a dream.

As he landed onto his feet Arch noticed that there was little light in this chamber. He could hear another blood curtailing scream coming from nearby to the east. Arch rushed over towards a nearby passage where the scream originated.

This chamber was far different and granduer. Now Arch felt as if he had just stepped into a Korriban tomb. The chamber was covered in new shining bricks, as if just polished. Arch marveled at the roaring fire in the middle of the chamber as it reflected all over. The only figure in the room was Snowy who was shivering near the fire.

"Snowy" Arch called as he walked towards her. But before she could react Arch saw a blood red beam of light appear infront of him. It was a lightsaber.

Arch turned his head towards the bearer of the lightsaber. He was completely garbed from head to toe in black. His mask had dark goggles piercing out of it.

"Arch watch out." Another garbed dark jedi jumped down from the rafters of the chamber infront of Arch. Then another opposite the original. Arch could sense another garbed figure come from behind.

"Glad you could join us jedi. We hoped to see if this alien girl could lead you here. It appears it worked." Arch was already moving his hand towards his lightsaber.

"Your first mistake was hurting Snowy." He said taking the lightsaber out into his hands. He could see dark black bruises on her skin.

"Oh? What was the second mistake then?" One of them said igniting his lightsaber.

"Not killing me when you had the chance." Before any of them could react Arch impaled one dark jedi with his lightsaber and quickly pushed the rest away. The dark jedi crumpled to the floor in a heap.

"Kill him." The dark jedi said simultaniously. Arch bent down in a ready stance. Waiting for the first attack.

"There's gotta be a better way to make a living"
-Kyle Katarn
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I think that Black Widow is out to get Arch...

Nice job!

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I greatly apologize for the lack of update. I got several new games over the past few days and needed time to break them in

Minus 52 and COUNTING...

Once upon a time you dressed so fine
You threw the bums a dime in your prime, didnt you?
Peopled call, say, beware doll, youre bound to fall
You thought they were all kiddin you

Like a rolling stone - Bob Dylan
Arch ducked under a coming lightsaber. He instantly took the dark jedi's arm and pushed it in the opposite way. Arch waited until he heard the bone shatter as he threw the dark jedi at another one. The Dark jedi stumbled under the weight of the one with the broken arm. Arch quickly gunslinged his blaster pistol into his hand and aimed it at both of them.

"Glad you messed with me?" He asked as he squinted at both of them. Arch motioned to the door as the two dark jedi ran out of the room. Snowy slowly got up and walked over to Arch

"Arch that was amazing. How did you do that?" She asked breathlessly.

"I... I don't know." Arch said sighing as he placed his pistol back into his trench coat pocket.

"We... we don't know what happened. We were ordered to come down here and these... things came at us. I was told with Genie to go and get help. However I was caught by these *******s to lure you here." She shuddered as she spoke.

"Get back to the surface as quickly as you can." Arch said motioning to the door.

"What are you going to do Arch? I heard Dar-Resh calling one of those monsters a Tarentatek or something." Arch shuddered as he heard this. He remembered that book he read in the CBLE library. About how a true jedi could kill a Tarentatek.

"I think I have an idea." Arch said picking up the fallen rifle from before. It was still far to long for him.

"What are you talking about?" Snowy questioned curiously.

Arch ignited his lightsaber and set it down on the stock of the rifle. Instantly he sliced right through it. The now smaller Czerka hunting rifle was sawed off and was little longer then his pistol. Arch smiled as he gunslinged his rifled around his finger.

"I'll be fine." He said amused as he walked down the chamber opposite him. He could now hold both his blaster pistol and the sawed off akimbo style. It amused him greatly to see what his first obstical was.

Arch watched as Drustale Arms was attacking what appeared to be fighting a dark black dog. Apparently the dog gained the upper hand on Drustale arms and brought him to the ground. Arch readied his aim with the rifle and fired. Hitting the dog and knocking it off of him.

"Thanks man." He said getting up. "I knew having some mixed up sith lord would do us good."

"You can save it Arms. Just get out of here now." He said pointing towards the back way.

"Alright." Arch looked around to see where the black dog could be, but seemingly enough it disappeared. "Where in hell?" Arch said slowly. Then he turned around at Drustale Arms walking back.

"Wait!" Arch called to him. But it was to late. The dog had jumped at him from the shadows. Arch watched in horror as once Drustale Arms went down the dog ripped his throat out. The young hotshot was now cut down in his prime.

Arch felt a burst of free anger take him. Arch dived for the demonic hound. Ripping him off the human corpse. Arch throttled the dog, bringing it's head towards a large stone.

"You like biting things huh? Well lets see you bite this." Arch said as he slammed the dog's head onto the rock. Holding it's head properly Arch laughed as he mashed the dog's brains into the sharp jagged rock. Only stopping when he couldn't sense any force radiating off it

Arch wiped himself off and walked over to Drustale Arms. He had a blank expression on his face. Blood trickled down from his mouth. But this was nothing compared to the large gaping wound in his neck.

"I'll show those Shock guys who they were messing with, Arms once I get everyone out of here." He said slowly as he turned around and looked around the chamber.

There was a massive lighting problem in this chamber. The light from the previous room was almost non-existent. The entire other side of the chamber was swallowed in shadow.

"Well lets hope the force can shine my way though." Arch whispered as he walked into the shadowy darkness

"There's gotta be a better way to make a living"
-Kyle Katarn

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Dude, don't worry about it. I am the same way when I get a new game.

very nice update. Sad that Arms had to go and get himself killed though. Everyone seems to be dropping like flies. Very nice update though.

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No updates??

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Rev7, don't rush him It's just been over a week, and he'll post when he's ready. Plus thread bumping is not encouraged

The sun goes down and the sky reddens, pain grows sharp.
light dwindles. Then is evening
when jasmine flowers open, the deluded say.
But evening is the great brightening dawn
when crested cocks crow all through the tall city
and evening is the whole day
for those without their lovers

-Kuruntokai 234, translated by A.K. Ramanujan

[Fic] Shreds of a Dying Belief
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Oh, I am not trying to rush him. I meant it in more of a sarcastic way anyways...:P

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