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Thread: [TSL]A few thoughts
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Cool Guy [TSL]A few thoughts

The First: About Hanharr

Well, you know Hanharr, that psychotic wookie, and his lesson of Strength, which involves the exile let him break the wookiee tradition and do not care about life debts anymore.

How about......a choice like this?
If the exile is lightside, has high influence with Hanharr and has decent persuade skill, he/she can give a new meaning of life debt to Hanharr(i.e. see the lifedebt as a right rather than a duty) and make Hanharr and himself/herself more powerful by making them wiser? Well, I guess both the exile and Hanharr would probably get the attribute bonus(wis or cha mainly; I don't think this will get the exile more muscles) right after the conversation because I doubt Kreia would like that idea.

Then...furthermore, another idea.
How about the idea of the exile trains Hanharr into a Wookiee Jedi like Tyvokka after resolving the lesson of strength in the way above? Cuz actually if the exile resolves the lesson of strength in the way above, he/she actually teaches Hanharr about the strength of one's mind, and this is the strength of the Jedi.

Well, we do not know whether Hanharr is force sensitive or not, but let us assume that.

I understand this is pretty crazy. Turning away from the Dark Side after getting Hanharr? Well if somebody makes this mod probably people will try.

The Second: about teammates' forms.

I was inspired by USM. After installing USM you can teach your Jedi teammates, giving them attribute bonus, FP bonus, or bonus force powers. How about new forms?

While in TSL the exile can learn 4 basic forms and 3 advanced forms from Jedi masters. However, your companians only have 4 basic forms. How about we let them learn one or two advanced forms?

Here are two ideas:
1)The exile teaches his/her teammates; if the exile knows the form, and the companion can learn it(i.e. Jedi Guardian cannot learn Niman, Counsular can only learn force forms, etc), then the exile can teach his/her teammates about the form.

2)Give every Jedi companion a specific advanced form that reflects his/her nature the best. For example Handmaiden should probably have Shien or Juyo, Atton should probably have Niman, and etc. Well...probably we should let them get the forms automatically when they hit lvl15 or something in their Jedi classes so that we do not have to tamper with their dialogue files and it can be compatible with other mods that change the dialogue options.

Another thing:
I think we should probably give one teammate only one advanced form. The exile can learn 3 because his/her talent is unrival. For others, it still takes time to perfect one form. This also helps distinguish teammate from teammate. Well, Kreia can probably have many forms(at least all force forms).

The third: a small thing.

You know, on ebon hawk Handmaiden spars with the exile and teaches him(this time, male only:8) battle precognition. However, she does not have it herself. Probably she can teach battle precognition without having the power herself, but actually the exile caught her utilizing it.

Unfortunately battle precognition is a force power. So how about giving her this power right after she becomes a Jedi? It won't matter much though, because her wisdom is pretty low and we would probably not focus on wisdom when choosing her equipments.

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