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Thread: [Fic] The Great Dark War
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[Fic] The Great Dark War-Chapter 5 Update(however, slight change of plans)

The Great Dark War

By Arcesious


It has been 4,000 years since the Yuuzhan Vong War. By estimation, this is about 4100-4200 years after 'Return of the Jedi'. At this time, all known threats to the galaxy have been defeated, and the sith are no more.
The Jedi Order is flourishing like never before- a great wave of the force coming over the galactic population. Trillions and trillions of Jedi now live and work throughout the galaxy. In fact, the Jedi Order is in control of the galactic senate, and their wise rule has kept the galaxy in peace for four entire millenia. Not a single war or battle has broken out in 4,000 years, and galactic crime is at a record low. The galaxy is nearly a utopia now, and no one is expecting another threat to arise...

Chapter 1: The Imperial Remnant

Grand Admiral Tiran sat in his command chair aboard his massive, personal flagship; his chin resting on the knuckles of his hand as he looked intuitively into the expanse of space that could be seen through the ship’s forward view screen. He was deep in thought. His hair was military-cut style, black, with gray sideburns. He also had a short, rough, blackish-gray beard. His eyebrows were thick and black, and they always showed a look of determination. His eyes were cyan-gray in color, and he had a slim but muscular build. He stood 6’3’ feet tall. His uniform was black, with silver colorations symbolizing his rank. His appearance showed that he was intelligent, and fearless. The generalization of a great and strict leader.
His personal flagship was named The Dominance. It was 7200 kilometers in length, designed from a mysterious super technology Tiran discovered two years ago. The Technology was more advanced than any known technology or theorized technology in existence. It simply was perfection. Dominance was a long, somewhat wide, heavy, tough super battleship. It was shaped somewhat like a ‘Dracula coffin’. It was in basic design, resembling the standard imperial ship design style, but more compact and sleek, without the overextending bridge section notable of most Imperial-Class vessels. It’s coloration was a silver-white, and it’s lighting was a cyan-blue. Its engines were like long, thin rows of strips, like vents. It was heavily armored, it’s superstructure heavily protected. The hull itself at its thickest points was as much as two kilometers thick. The entire material mass of the ship was based off of a super-metal named Hydranosteel, which Tiran discovered as part of the super-technology he found. This metal was fully and completely resistant to all forms of energy, as it was a heightened state of matter much like metal. It did not have an atomic structure. It had some kind of quantum structure to it, which was somehow, unexplainably, 12-dimensional. A thin sheet of it, as thin as paper, could withstand anything short of a blast as powerful as the death star superweapon. A thin piece of it as thick as a hair couldn’t be bent by any level of gravity or force short of a black hole. However, it was vulnerable to itself. The only thing that could mold and shape it was itself. And the only form of weaponry that could cause any damaging effect on it was the kind of energy that the mysterious piece of technology Tiran discovered ran on. All other forms of attempted damage inflicted upon it only made it stronger. It was also more lightweight than any other form of known metal, which allowed for it to be used to be built in a massive amount without having much gravititational effect. The gravitational generators on Dominance didn’t have too much make up for in the terms of making sure that Dominance didn’t pull in planets and such towards itself in space, but it did need to heavily gravitize it’s decks for it’s crew, despite it’s massive size of 7,200 Kilometers in length.
The technology itself stored massive amounts of information, some of it, incomplete, but enough to make a mostly-functional super battleship with more firepower and strength than the entire fleet of all galactic ships combined. All this technology needed was a basic plan to be imputed into it, and a black hole to use as an energy source. It only took two years for a tiny piece of this technology only one cubic meter in size to build upon itself to being a massive warship 7200 kilometers long. Dominance was fierce, sleek, heavily armed, capable of great stealth, able to travel on a level past hyperspeed factors, and able to take any form or level of damage thrown at it. Its crew was half droid, half clone. The clones were humans, genetically enhanced to be superhumans with unlimited lifespans. This clone crew totaled 32.2 billion. It was liberally, invincible.
The ship was currently in the system named H-192A, an uninhabited system that security patrols never normally went through.
“Two MC-426 Mon Calamarian Battleships have been detected 33 million kilometers outside of the system.” (MC-426 Battleships are one of the newer models of the Mon Calamarian ship series, stretching 14 kilometers in length each.)
“Take us behind the 6th moon of the 3rd planet, and mask our energy signature as well as you can. Also, tell the engineers to get the cloak fixed soon. This hide and seek is getting tiring. I’d rather our presence remain unknown for the time being, as it is not yet the right time to strike in a way that will make our presence known.” Ordered Tiran.
“Ordered confirmed. Enacting specififed orders.”
Dominance, moved to the position Tiran had specified.
On the MC-426 Battleships, one of the crew noticed an odd, faint energy signature emanating from behind one of the moons. “Sir, I’ve detected something. I don’t know what is it, but it appears to be being masked by something.” The Mon Calamarian helmsman told the captain.
“Someone is apparently trying to hide… Likely a pirate cruiser judging by that energy signature…” The Mon Calamarian captain said.
“Open hailing frequency with our sister ship.” The captain ordered.
“Yes sir.” The communications officer obeyed.
“Captain, follow me and perform an ambush on a pirate hiding behind the 6th moon of the 3rd planet. Set your heading to 124 degrees. We’ll go in silent.” The captain ordered.
“Acknowledged.” Replied the other captain.
The two ships silently snuck up on Dominance.
“Tracking location of enemy ships lost.” The computer warned.
“Activate multiphasic sensors. Find them.” Tiran ordered.
“Enacting command. Enemy ships located 8 million kilometers away.” The computer said.
“Flip over 180 degrees and prepare to fire primary assault cannons.” Tiran ordered.
Dominance flipped over on its side in a split second, it’s main weapons array pointed right at the enemy ships.
The Mon Calamarian captains and their crews froze in fear at the sight of what they had thought was a small pirate cruiser before. Instead of a small ship they thought they could handle easily, they were facing a massive, 7200-kilometer long super battleship, capable of enough firepower to destroy anything it could possibly come in contact with.
“Well don’t just sit there in fear! Fire our entire arsenal to distract them and then get us out of here!” One of the Mon Calamarian captains ordered his crew.
“Activate tractor beams and communications jamming arrays. Don’t let them get way.” Tiran ordered.
The two ships fired, only to see their firepower be absorbed into the massive ship’s shields like tiny duds. When they tried to go to hyperspeed to get away, they were trapped. Not even their emergency transmissions got through.
“Hail them.” Tiran ordered.
“Hailing frequency open.” The computer confirmed.
The Mon Calamarians on the other side of the channel looked terrified. “What… What do you want from us?” One of the captains said with a shaking voice.
“I am Grand Admiral Tiran. I am the leader of the Imperial Remnant. Surrender your crew and your ship or be destroyed.” Tiran said coldly
“Wha- Imperial remnant? I thought the Imperial remnant was gone… We’ll never serve you!” The captain said.
“Fine, have it you way. Charge forward primary assault cannons.” Tiran ordered.
“Wait! We’ll serve you1 I’m sorry I-” The captain started.
Tiran cut him off. “Even the slightest sign of defiance in surrender and I destroy my enemies. I don’t want you as a liability anyways. Destroy them.” Tiran said, cutting the hailing frequency afterwards.
The two captains stood in complete and utter fear for the three seconds before Dominance’s massive weapons completely disinigrated the enemy ships.
“Too easy.” Tiran laughed.
“The enacted function of destroying these ships has set of this system’s emergency beacons. Many more ships will likely be coming soon.” The computer warned.
“Set a course for the Cadavine sector, and then once our cloaking systems are back online, hide us inside the gas planet of Zhar.” Tiran ordered.
“Course set.” The computer confirmed.
“Jump.” Tiran ordered.
“Jump initiated.” The Computer confirmed as Dominance jumped to the designated location.
Two seconds passed, and then they were at their destination.
“Jump completed.” The computer confirmed.
“Is the cloak ready?” Tiran asked.
“Two minutes to cloaking calculation completion.” The Computer said.
“Are there any ships within the vicinity?” Tiran asked.
The system was quickly scanned. “No ships detected, however, Zhar is creating a lot of interference, therefore this function has not been fully accurate” The Computer said.
“Launch an HKEMP.” Tiran ordered (An HKEMP is a missile designed to emit a system-wide Hyper-Kinetic Electromagnetic Pulse)
“HKEMP missile launched. Detonation sequence initiated. Forward shields engaged.” The Computer said.
The missile exploded, creating a massive discharge, much like a Seismic Charge, but on a much larger scale that would not harm any planets or other celestial objects, only ships that run on standard power systems.
“Report?” Tiran asked, as the wave of energy lightly bounced off of the forward shields.
“No energy signature feedback, sir.” The scanning officer reported.
“Set absorption shield generators to inverse, and pick up all the excess energy. I don’t want anyone knowing that we have weapons on this large of a scale, yet.” Tiran ordered.
“Shields inversed…” The computer said, and waited a few moments. “Missile energy absorbed.” It said after the shields had sucked up the energy.”
“Mon Calamari fleet approaching on long range scanners. Counting 51 MC550 class juggernaughts!” The computer reported urgently.
“Do the engineers have the cloak back online yet?” Tiran asked.
“Cloak reconfiguration will be completed in 30 seconds.” The computer answered.
“ETA of the Mon calamari fleet?”
“16 seconds.” The computer answered.
“Can we jump out of here?” Tiran asked.
“Not as close to a gas planet with a gravitational field as strong as Zhar has as we are.” The computer answered.
“Engage full inertial dampening field. Engage all gravitational nullification generators. Take us inside Zhar.” Tiran ordered.
“Even doing that, the enemy ships will still notice Zhar being heavily disturbed, due to how Dominance is.” The computer advised.
“Do it anyway. Prepare Auxiliary weapons for attack once we’re inside.” Tiran ordered.
“Enacting commands.” The computer obeyed. He then maneuvered the ship inside Zhar, the disturbance against Zhar’s atmosphere attracting the attention of the Mon Calamari fleet.
The 51 Mon Calamari ship approached, to discover a massive object moving into Zhar.
“I don’t know what that is but I don’t want to take any chances. All ships- open fire on whatever that thing is!” The Mon Calamari fleet admiral ordered.
The Ships opened fire. The Firepower bounced off of Dominance’s hull like duds.
“Object Identified as a warship. Unknown class. Similar to the Soveirgn Class Ultra Super Star Destroyer. Unknown technological systems. 7,200 Kilometers in length. I advice that we retreat!” The Mon Calamari tactical officer of the Mon Calamari fleet admiral reported.
“They’re sending a distress signal.” The computer reported.
“Jam it out!” Tiran ordered.
“Signal unable to be jammed.” The computer said as it quickly attempted to block the transmission.
“Then we need to distract the rest of the galaxy… Since it’s too late.” Tiran said.
“Fire Auxiliary weapons.” Tiran ordered.
“Command confirmed.” The tactical officer obeyed, and fired 51 particle beams at all 51 ships, instantly destroying them all.
“Get us out of this planet, and then set a course for the Mustafar system. We need a distraction…” Tiran ordered.
Dominance slowly came out of Zhar, and once they had cleared the system, they jumped to the Mustafar system.
“Destination reached… And Cloak is recalculated.” The computer said.
“Initiate cloak!” Tiran ordered quickly before any of the ships in the system saw the enormous monster that was Dominance.
“Use the gravitational arrays to move those two gas giants close enough to Mustafar to make the inhabitants only have two days to evacuate before Mustafar is ripped apart.” Tiran ordered coldly.
“Command confirmed.” The computer acknowledged.
“Gravitational arrays initiated. Task in progress…” The computer alerted.
After a minute, the two gas giants were moved five million kilometers closer to Mustafar.
“Task complete.” The computer acknowledged.
“Jump to the Tapani system.” Ordered Tiran.
“Order confirmed.” The computer acknowledged.
“Jump to Tapani system initiated.” The computer alerted.
In only three seconds, they were there.
“Set course for Fondor.” Tiran ordered.
“Course set.” The computer said.
In a few seconds, they slowly approached Fondor.
“Charge lance-cannons.” Tiran ordered.
“Done.” The computer said.
“Lock on all to orbital shipyards, and lock on to all capital cities.” Tiran ordered.
“Targets locked.” The computer alerted.
“Fire.” Tiran ordered.
Every orbital shipyard and capital city of the planet Fondor were instantly destroyed by Dominance’s special high-speed lance cannons, specialized cannons designed to bend their energy to reach their target, instead of firing straight and following the laws of ‘known physics’ like most energy weaponry.
“Targets destroyed.” The computer alerted.
“Jump to the Duro system.” Tiran ordered.
“Order confirmed.” The computer obeyed.
“Jump initiated.” The computer alerted.
A single second passed, and they were there.
“Target forward long range hypervelocity pulse cannons on Duros” Tiran ordered.
“Target locked.” The computer said.
“Fire.” Tiran ordered.
“Target destroyed.” The computer said as the planet Duros was completely destroyed.
“Set course for… The Teta system.” Tiran ordered.
“Course set.” The computer obeyed.
“Initiating Jump.” Said the computer as Dominance jumped.
They reached their destination in a second.
“Target Ruan with the weapons we destroyed Duros with.” Tiran ordered.
“Target locked.” The computer confirmed.
“Fire.” Tiran ordered.
Ruan was destroyed instantly, and the billions of people on ships near and the people on Coruscant saw the huge explosion in the distance that was the planet Ruan.
“Jump to Mon Calamari.” Tiran ordered.
“Jump initiated.” Said the computer.
The jump took three seconds.
“Target two thirds of the Mon Calamari shipyards.” Tiran ordered.
“Targets locked.” The computer said.
“Fire.” Tiran ordered.
Two thirds of the Mon Calamari shipyards were destroyed, the Mon Calamarian fleet left in chaos.
“Now they will know fear….” Tiran said.
“Jump to the great void. And then set a slow, quiet, and careful course for the galaxy cluster in the northern regions of space.” Tiran ordered.
“Confirmed command.” The computer acknowledged.
“Jump initiated.” The computer said.
In five seconds they were in the great void.
“Destination reached. Level 10 Stealth sequence initiated. Setting course for northern galaxy cluster.” The computer alerted.
Dominance then set its cloak and stealth protocols to its highest level and slowly traveled towards the galaxy cluster. (The speed being 3 times the hyperspeed record, but slow on the scale for how fast Dominance can go at full speed.)
About two thirds of the way through the trip, Dominance suddenly was pushed backward with amazing force. The ship lurched and the inertial dampeners went offline for a split second, knocking everyone off of their feet.
“Engage outer hull gravitation plating, full power to structural integrity, and magnetize the shields!” Tiran ordered as soon as he got back in his command chair.
“Reinforcements implemented.” The computer alerted.
The ship got knocked over again, by some sort of invisible wave, but the shields and structural integrity kept the crew from feeling anything.
“Scan level red in the direction of where that wave came from!” Tiran ordered.
The scanning officer scanned at the ship’s longest range.
“Unknown phenomenon detected 600 quadrillion AU away…” The computer reported.
“What kind of phenomenon?” Tiran asked.
“Unable to give accurate description.” The computer answered.
“Computer, transfer scanning array charts of this ‘phenomenon’ to the forward veiwscreen.” Tiran ordered.
“Action complete.” The computer said as it brought up an extremely complex ‘mess’ of information.
“Computer, explain this as well as you can.” Tiran ordered.
“Searching databanks… Unknown Astronomical Phenomenon. Attempting to classify…
Closest similarity is a black hole. However, this phenomenon appears to be both pulling and pushing out energy. Making advanced calculations… Unable to calculate. Function is beyond programmed mathematical calculation sequences. Object determined as infinitely dimensional. It is pushing out gravitational distortion waves. It will be impossible to go through these waves until more information is acquired.” The computer said.
“Huh…well then we’ll have to go there some other time. Change of plans…” Tiran said.
“Jump to Nar Shaadah.” Tiran ordered.
“Yes sir.” The helmsman said.
“Initiating jump.” The computer confirmed.
In two seconds they were at Nar Shaadah.
“Open hailing frequencies on Alpha spectrum band 736.2.” Ordered Tiran.
“Frequency open.” The computer reported once the frequency was open.
The face of a blue Twilek appeared on screen. “What is your business?” He asked.
“I need to speak to your leader.” Tiran said.
“Just a second…” The blue twilek said.
“He’s obviously stalling…” Tiran thought.
“I don’t can’t pinpoint the location of your ship. Who are you? Where are you?” The blue Twilek asked.
“I need to speak to your leader. Tell him it’s urgent.” Tiran said.
“I can’t do that. I don’t know who you are.” The blue Twilek said.
“I will pay you well if you let me speak to him. Will 60,000 Credits suffice?” Tiran persuaded.
“Now that you put it that way…” The blue twilek said, and then transferred the channel over to his leader. A very large Hutt appeared.
“Who are you?” The large Hutt said in Huttese.
“I am Tiran.” Tiran said.
“And I am Tawa the Hutt. State your business or leave.”
“Not so fast. I have millions of credits ready for you if you help me.” Tiran said.
“Millions, you say? What is your business exactly…?” The Hutt asked.
“I’m looking for a certain bounty hunter. I believe he goes by the name ‘Vaj’?” Tiran said.
“Vaj…? Not many ever need help like his… why do you need his help?” Asked Tawa the Hutt.
“Let’s just say I am in need of expert services…” Tiran said.
“What kind of services?” Asked the Tawa the Hutt.
“Assassination. Keep this quiet and I’ll give you 13 million Credits.” Tiran answered.
“You make a persuasive offer… Perhaps a little bit more and I’ll tell you.” Said Tawa the Hutt greedily.
“13 Million credits. No more, but perhaps less… Unless if you want me to leave…” Tiran persuaded.
“13 Million it is!’ Tawa the Hutt said. “He’s on Taris. He lives in the undercity of the Taris citadel.” Tawa the Hutt said quickly before he lost his chance.
“Good choice. However I cannot let you be a liability.” Tiran said. “Close the channel.” He ordered. The channel was closed, Tawa in great anger, about to shout some Huttese curses. “Pinpoint the location of this Hutt and his crime organization base and surgically destroy it with a MKVIII Tactical Missile. I do not want this planet destroyed, only the base of this Hutt.” Tiran ordered.
“Target acquired. MKVIII Tactical Missile programmed for controlled selective area implosion. Mode 3,448 engaged. Surgical stealth strike selected. Firing.” The computer said, firing the missile. The missile, cloaked, hit it’s target and exploded, then imploding and wiping out the entire base complex exactly, with no damage to any other structures. The explosion covered a two-kilometer radius.
“Target destroyed.” The computer confirmed.
“Jump to Taris.” Tiran ordered.


And that is the end of the first chapter... I hope you liked it. Comments and suggestions would be appreciated. If you are wondering, I do not intend to make Tiran's crew do any talking, only Dominance's computer itself, because I've invented doing things like that as a new imperial protocol meant to be used during military operations. I do not intend to disclose any other parts of the story to early either. It may take me awhile to finish it, as it will be in two parts. The Great Dark War, and the Transdimensional War.

I do have pictures I've drawn of various things throughout this story, however, I do not have a scanner that I can use to put those things on my computer to enhance the story...

(Don't worry about the uberness of ships and technology and other things in this, Dominance and other things aren't going to be the most powerful things in this story... In other words, it will balance out. )

Please feed the trolls. XD

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Chapter 2 Update!

Chapter 2: A New Disturbance in the Force.

“There is a disturbance in the force.” Jedi High Master Jonn said to the other high council members as the meditated in the council room, and felt a sudden disturbance in the force. Master Jonn wore a light tan colored robe, with a darker brown tunic underneath it. He had two yellow lightsabers. He was a Caucasian skinned human, who was bald, and had a small, pointed, gray beard on his chin. His eyes were brown in color. He was a master of healing with the force, but not of fighting. He was the wisest and oldest member of the council.
“I sense it too.” Said Master Karr Navv as he felt it. He wore a light green robe, with a dark-green tunic underneath, and sported a single, green lightsaber. He was a master in combat, a Jedi Weaponsmaster. He was second in command of the Jedi order, next to master Jonn. He was a pale-skinned human who had black hair, and a rustic mustache and beard, and also blue eyes.
“As do I.” Said Master Tar’-Van as he noticed it. He wore a dark red robe, with a rustic reddish tunic underneath. He had a cyan-colored lightsaber. He was a dark tan skinned human, and had brownish-black hair and green eyes. He was also a master of combat, or a Jedi Weaponsmaster, like Master Karr Navv; and was third in command in the council.
“I also feel it…” Master Nevious said. She wore a navy-blue robe, with a purple tunic underneath. She was a Caucasian skinned human, and had long, black hair, and wielded a single purple lightsaber. She was a master in stealth, a Jedi Watchman. She was fourth in command of the council.
“We all agree that we can feel it, yes? Then what is it?” Jedi Master R’saan, a blue twilek asked. He wore a black-gray robe and tunic. He wielded a doublebladed blue lightsaber. He was also a Jedi Watchman, like Master Nevious. He had gray eyes. He was fifth in command of the council.
“It is something… powerful. It is hard to describe…” Master Le-Tiv’-San said. He was a Cerean, very similar in appearance to Ki-Adi-Mundi, with the exception of having gray-black hair. He wore a gray robe, with a white tunic underneath. He wielded two lightsabers, one blue, and one violet in color. He was sixth in command of the council.
“It is like… three waves of power colliding… Two of them, equal in power, one in the distance, and one nearby… And one becoming dissipated…” Master Haaman, a brown skinned human with black hair and a thick beard said. He wielded a viridian colored lightsaber, and wore a dark brown robe with a blackish-brown leather tunic underneath. He had great skill in using the force to defend and protect himself. He was sixth in command of the council.
“An accurate description… however, the question remains. Where are these three waves coming from? And what are they of?” Master Keyan, a dark-tan skinned Arkanian said. She had blonde-brown hair, and wielded a blue lightsaber. She wore a traditional Jedi master robe and tunic, and was one of the more ‘politically affiliated’ members of the council along with Master Jonn. She was a master of negotiation, and also a master tactician. She was seventh in command of the council.
“Death… One wave is death… I can feel it. Several planets have recently been destroyed… The only one I can pinpoint at this time is… Ruan.” Master Vynn said. Master was a Nikto, of the Kajain'sa'Nikto subrace of the Nikto race. He wore a red-brown robe and tunic, which was armored. He was a Jedi Weaponsmaster, and was often seen training large groups of younglings along with the other weaponsmasters in the council. He was skilled in use of the fore in battle, everything from creating lightning to moving very large objects with the force. He had a viridian colored lightsaber. He was seventh in command of the council.
“Yes, much death… We will likely be alerted of this soon.” Master Chos, a Jawa wearing a dark green robe said. He wielded a short, blue lightsaber, and was one of the great teachers/historians of the Jedi Order, knowing many, many things. He was ninth in command of the council.
“Then we should leave to attend to that matter, quickly.” Master Jonn said.
The other members of the council were:
Master Vorano, a gungan. He wore a gray robe and a black tunic underneath. He wielded a green lightsaber. He was a master of stealth and espionage, a Jedi Watchman. He was tenth in command of the council.
Master Fyor, a Selkath. He wore a white robe and a gray tunic underneath. He wielded a doublebladed blue-green lightsaber. He was skilled in using the force to move at great speeds. He was the 11th member in command in the Jedi council.
And last, Master Arven’-Si’-Nam, who was of the Weequay race. He was 12th in command of the council. He had a green lightsaber. He was a master in sensing things in the force. He rarely ever spoke, but he often enhanced the senses of the other council members in meditation, helping their minds be able to sense things they normally couldn’t.
“Agreed. Let us go to the Intergalactic Senate building, immediately.” Said Master Tar’-Van.
They all stood, up and then walked out of the council room, taking the turbolift down to the hanger bay. They then went inside their separate ships, and quickly took off towards the nearby Intergalactic Senate building.
After a short trip of all of them flying in formation in their Jedi Starfighters, they broke apart and landed at the VIP hanger landing platform.
Then they quickly got out of their ships and walked into the senate building.
The three highest ranking members of the council in command went on the central hover platform in the building, and as they went up, noticed a near-riot of many politicians from many different worlds arguing and rushing to get to their designated seats. The Rest of the Jedi went in groups of three on other platforms near the central platform, and flew up to positions around the central platform.
“Order, please!” Master Jonn ordered loudly. The arguing and disorder kept on going.
“Ahem! Silence, now!” Master Jonn ordered, but the disorder was only put into order slightly.
“You will listen to the head of the Jedi Council! Sit down and we will take your requests one at a time!” Master Tar’-Van ordered, in much louder and bolder voice than Master Jonn was capable of projecting. The senate came to order, finally, when they all heard Master Tar’-Van’s booming voice.
“Now that we have order, tell us, what is the problem?” Master Jonn asked.
The Senate Chairman stood up, in nearby platform, and his hover platform moved forward. “Two thirds of the Mon Calamari Shipyards have been destroyed, 53 Mon Calamari patrol ships on recon in other systems have been destroyed, the gravitational field of the gas Planet Zhar has been collapsed, the Two Gas giants in the Mustafar system have been moved much closer to Mustafar, giving two days evacuation time before the planet is ripped apart, Fondor’s shipyards and capital cities have been destroyed, The planet Duros has been destroyed, Ruan has been destroyed, and a large section of the city on Nar Shaadah has been destroyed.” The chairman said.
The Jedi council was shocked as well as saddened when they heard this.
“Does anyone have any knowledge of what caused this?” Master Jonn asked.
The Mon Calamari senator stood up and moved his hover platform forward. “We received an emergency transmission from our fleet of 51 ships, describing that there was a large vessel, approximately 7200 kilometers long, which apparently destroyed them the second after they sent the transmission. It was… of odd similarity to Imperial ship designs…” The Mon Calamari senator said.
The whole senate let out a loud gasp at hearing of the enormousness of the threat they were facing.
“This appears to have been a surgical strike. The galaxy itself is heavily dependent on all of those planets. Especially Mon Calamari, Duros, and Fondor. Ruan isn’t exactly a ‘military target’, so I suspect that it was destroyed in order to incite chaos in the core systems…” Master Keyan theorized.
“I propose that we vote to pass the emergency galactic aid plan at this time.” Master Karr suggested.
“I agree. Let us take it to a vote. Enter your votes now.” Master Jonn ordered.
The vote was quickly taken. It was unanimous- every single member of the senate voted for it.
“The Emergency Galactic Aid plan is passed- unanimously.” Master Tar’-Van announced after the votes were taken.
“May I request the Emergency Planetary Evacuation Plan be enacted for Mustafar?” The Mustarfarian Senator asked as he stood up and moved his platform forward.
“The Emergency Planetary Evacuation Plan is part of the Emergency Galactic Aid Plan, Senator Yar.” Master Karr said to the Mustarfarian Senator, Yar.
“Any other issues?” Asked Master Jonn.
They waited half a minute.
“None, sir.” The chairman said.
“Enact EGAP immediately.” Master Jonn ordered the chairman.
“Yes sir.” The chairman responded.
“This session is adjourned.” Master Jonn announced afterwards.
The Senators then started leaving, and the Jedi council also left, to go back to the temple. The 7th-12th Masters in command of the council then left to help with the aid that was part of the plan passed.
The 1st-6th went back to the temple, and then went to the council chamber and discussed the bad news.
“This is indeed, troubling. Master Le’ Tiv’-San said.
“Indeed, we have identified one wave of the force as part of this problem, but what of the other two waves?” Asked Master Jonn.
“As we remember sensing, one is nearby.” Master Nevious pointed out.
“Someone, here, on Coruscant?” Master Jonn asked.
“Yes, near, but faint. I cannot pinpoint the person though.” Master R’saan said.
“Can anyone locate this person?” Asked Master Tar’-Van.
They all concentrated for a few seconds, and then stopped.
“No, I do not believe we can.” Master Karr said.
“Then… I guess we’ll have to wait until it is revealed. Perhaps Master Arven’-Si’-Nam can help us locate this person when he is done helping with the Emergency Galactic Aid Plan.” Master Nevious said.
“Yes, until then…” Master Jonn said and stopped, and then after sensing something about to happen, he said, “Something is about to happen. Something big.”
“Do you know when?” Asked master Le’-Tiv-San.
“No… We do not… The darkside… It is blocking our ability to see what is going to happen.” Master R’saan said.
“The darkside hasn’t come back to power in four millennia… I thought the Sith were gone… How did this happen?” Master Karr asked.
“I can feel that the source of the dark side is now not of this galaxy… It is coming from beyond the outer rim territories, beyond this galaxy.” Said Master Le’-Tiv-San.
“If the dark side’s will was to conquer this galaxy, why now? Why didn’t it attack sometime in the past 4,000 years?” Asked Master Tar’-Van.
“Perhaps… This source of the dark side is so far away that it took four thousand years to reach here…” Said Master Jonn.
“Yet I also sense the darkside in this galaxy, from a source in this galaxy.” Said master R’saan.
“The source is coming from that ship the Mon Calamari senator told us about.” Master Karr said.
“Perhaps… but we cannot really know who…” Master Tar’-Van said.
“What shall we do about this massive ship that is threatening us?” Asked Master R’saan.
“Perhaps…. The Mustafarians can help…” Proposed Master Le’-Tiv’-San
“The Mustafarians?” Asked Master Jonn quizzically.
“Yes. They have been working on a new ship. Another massive one. It’s called the Infinitiii.” Said Master Nevious.
“What? This is the first time I’ve heard of this.” Said master Jonn surprised and slightly angry.
“They contacted me before they started building it. They knew that you would never allow them to build something so big… But I could feel that their intentions for building it were good.” Said Master Nevious.
“Just how big are we talking about?’ Asked Master Jonn with slight anger in his voice.
Master Nevious gulped nervously, and then told Master Karr telepathically.
Master Karr was immensely surprised. “Nine thousand kilometers long?! Are you kidding me?!” He blurted out.
Master Jonn gave Master Nevious a strict and unpleasant look.
“Look… I’m sorry, but… I considered it to be a good idea if the need for such a large ship as a defense ever arose. Also, I know it might be a bad time to tell you but… Multiple other ships of massive size are also being built, and not just be the Mustafarians...” Master Nevious said nervously.
“Well… I guess it’s all for the better. Hopefully this enemy ship isn’t more advanced in technology than the ships you claim to say are being built.” Master Jonn said.
“Just what races are involved in building these ships?” Asked Master Tar’-Van.
“The Mustafarians, Mon Calamarians, Mandalorians, Nikto, Arkanians, Corellians, and Arkanians… Each are building their own separate ships, all ranging in length from 3,000-9,000 kilometers in length.” Said Master Nevious.
“How long until these ships are completed?” Asked master Jonn, calming himself.
“Well, by estimate, it would take 30 years more from the 300 years they estimated it to take to complete them all at the current rate they are being built, But with those shipyards and such being destroyed… manufacturing large sections of the ships is going to be next to impossible, that and we are on a much tighter deadline now with this new threat, unless if we get the rest of the galaxy and it’s other shipbuilding planets and mining/refining corporations to help…” Said Master Nevious.
“So… The ships and the Mustafarians are our top priority to support?” Asked Master Jonn.
“Yes, put simply, that is correct.” Said Master Nevious.
“How will we tell the Senate? We’ll need their support.” Asked Master Le’-Tiv’-San.
“We’ll need Master Keyan to help us with the political problems this could create.” Said Master R’saan.
“Let us leave then. We will need to prepare for this. For now, it would be best for us to wait and see what happens.” Master Jonn said.
“Yes, wait and see, but we must stay on our guard, and be prepared to act fast.” Said Master Tar’-Van.
“Agreed.” Said Master R’saan.
The council then left the room, to wait and plan for what to do next.


Expect Chapter three as late as sometime next week. It will be longer than the first two were... And it is going to start gettign exciting...

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Chapter 3: Espionage

Dominance was at Taris only a couple moments.
“Destination reached.” The computer alerted.
“Locate the Taris Citadel.” Ordered Tiran.
“Location Identified.” Alerted the computer.
“Bring up Vaj’s biological profile.” Ordered Tiran.
“Searching Galactic database. Vaj’ identified.” The computer alerted.
“Scan for him.” Ordered Tiran.
“Vaj’ located.” Said the computer after it completed the scan.
“Initiate micro-wormhole generator. Bring him to the bridge, and project an energy barrier around the bridge.” Ordered Tiran.
“Command confirmed.” The computer said. It then ‘beamed’ Vaj’ off of Taris and to the bridge.
Vaj wore a sleek, dark-purple, armored suit. He had a large multipurpose rifle on his back, and a utility belt around his shoulder and across his chest. His armor as of Mandalorian design, however, it was much sleeker and more high tech than normal Mandalorian armor, even the kind of armor Mandalore himself wore. At his sides he had two sleek, black pistols. His armor had a jetpack built in, along with thrusters on his feet. These flying systems were well built into his suit, being very compact, and not bulky. His helmet was sleek and had three visors strips across it, and one straight down through it. His armor had a very complex rebreather system, as there were many tubes and such extending from his armor and helmet around his neck. His wrists also has built in wristblasters and vibroknives, and on his belt he carried two lightsabers, and a belt of plasma, ion, and cyroban grenades. (The two lightsabers were purple, which he had built himself.)
Vaj' was suddenly angrily surprised, dropping the drink he had in his hand and pulling out his two rapid-fire disruptor pistols. He then quickly did a back-flip, turned on his shield generator, and shot precisely throughout the bridge, with a perfectly exact aim towards all of the crew on the bridge. However, the energy barrier blocked the firing from hitting anything or anyone.
He put away his guns, and turned around, to see Tiran stand up out of his chair and say “Welcome, Vaj’.”
“Who are you? Why have you brought me here?” Asked Vaj with an angry semi-metallic voice, putting his weapons away.
“Don’t you remember me, Vaj’? I’m Tiran.” Said Tiran.
“Tiran…?” Vaj said with a quizzical and surprised voice as he looked around the massive bridge, and then looked out the veiwscreen, only to see the ship seemingly going on forever.
“This cannot be real. Either I’m drunk from all those cantina drinks… Or something really insane is going on…” Said Vaj’.
“I assure you, this is as real as it looks. I need your expertise.” Said Tiran.
“Well… After checking my visor, it says I’m not drunk and I am awake, so… I would guess that I can only assume that this is real. What exactly do you have in mind?” Asked Vaj’.
“I need your help to assassinate some members of the Senate, and some Jedi.” Said Tiran.
“Jedi…? It depends on who the Jedi is.” Said Vaj’.
“I need your help to assassinate the Jedi council.” Said Tiran.
“No way. No way am I going to try to kill those ‘Super-Jedi’ on the council. Do you know what happened the last time a famous expert bounty-hunter tried to kill a Jedi, much less a senator?” Said Vaj’.
“Yes, I do, but I can upgrade your armor and weapons to be immune to the powers and weapons of Jedi.” Said Tiran.
“I’m no Boba Fett, but… I am pretty good at my job. I could say I do have a price… What kind of technology are we talking about putting in my armor?” Asked Vaj’.
“The most advanced technology possible. Do you see this ship? It took only two years for the technology I’m talking about to build this ship.” Said Tiran.
“Besides the technology, how much are you willing to pay me?” Asked Vaj’.
“I can pay high. I’m talking millions. Millions of credits.” Said Tiran.
“Millions? This is starting to sound pretty good… How many credits can I have?” Asked Vaj’.
“As many as you want.” Said Tiran.
“When you put it that way… I’ll do it for 500 million credits.” Said Vaj’.
“100.” Said Tiran.
“300.” Said Vaj’
“200. Said Tiran.
“250.” Said Vaj’.
“Deal.” Said Tiran.
“Okay, so how about those upgrades you were talking about?” Asked Vaj.
“Computer analyze Vaj’s armor, and when complete, upgrade his armor to your technological level, while still retaining it’s original appearance on the outside.” Ordered Tiran.
“Analyzing…” The computer said.
It was done in ten seconds. “Analyzation complete Adapting armor…” Said the computer.
The computer then projected a green-orange beam of energy around the suit, and it could be seen from outside of the suit that parts were being replaced and changed as the computer regulated the energy into new parts and eventually a whole new suit that looked the same as the last one. After about fifteen seconds, it was finished.
“Computer, transport me and Vaj’ to the primary training simulation room.” Ordered Tiran.
The computer then transported them with two micro-wormholes to the primary training simulation room. “Operation complete.” The computer said.
They were suddenly in a massive, brightly lighted room.
“Computer, shield walls, and create Urban Battlefield Simulation A5.” Ordered Tiran.
Suddenly the walls projected huge amounts of red-green energy, which formed into holograms. When it was all done forming, it was an exact and perfect simulation of Coruscant’s city.
“This is… Coruscant. But how…?” Asked Vaj’ in amazement.
“I actually have no idea how any of this works… It just… does.” Tiran answered.
Vaj’ looked around amazed at how detailed everything was, and then felt one of the holographic buildings, which felt just as real as the real thing.
“Well, try out your new weapons.” Tiran said.
Vaj’ nodded his head and tried out his wrist blasters first. His visor then projected several different attack modes. The three modes were for his wristblasters to fire rapidly, fire powerful beams of energy, turn into lightsabers, create tractor beams, and much more. He tried several of them, the results amazing, an entire skyscraper toppled by the energy beams.
He then flew around with his jetpack and thrusters on his feet, to discover that his suit was now much more maneuverable, and also less restrictive, allowing him more dexterity. He then lifted up the toppled skyscraper with one arm, his suit having exponential strength. He also discovered that his shoulders had micro-missiles built into them. He fired the missiles, which were the size of toothpicks, to find that they were much more powerful than their size showed.
“Computer, activate combat simulation level H85.” Tiran ordered the computer.
The Coruscant landscape quickly turned into a space battle, with dozens of fighters racing past Vaj’, along with capital ships firing on him. His suit was completely immune to the damage.
“Try destroying all of the enemy ships.” Tiran told Vaj’.
Vaj’ then quickly destroyed them all with all of the amazing features in his suit, firing off massive blasts of energy from his wrists and blowing up the bigger ships with the micro-missiles.
“I could really get used to this.” Vaj’ said.
“Computer, end simulation. Transport us back to the bridge.” Ordered Tiran.
The computer then turned off the hologram projectors and transported them back to their previous location on the bridge.
“With this suit… I’ll become the most famous bounty hunter who ever lived… I could take over and rule an entire star system if I wanted to… and for 250 million credits… I’ll kill the senate and the Jedi council for sure now.” Vaj’ said with a happy but evil voice.
“Well, for now, I need you for reconnaissance on the enemy. I want to know everything they plan to do, before I choose any specific Senators or Jedi.” Said Tiran.
“When will we begin?” asked Vaj’.
“As soon as possible. I will provide you with a ship- your orders are to go to Coruscant and find out what the plans of the Senate and the Council are.” Said Tiran.
“Well then… I had better get to it.” Said Vaj’.
“Computer, transport Vaj’ to the forward hanger, aboard a C-01 Superfighter. Set the ship’s course to Coruscant, and allow him to leave aboard it.” Tiran ordered.
Vaj’ was transported to the fighter, which was sleek and lethal looking. It then opened the forward hanger bay doors, and the ship launched and jumped to Coruscant.
“Commands enacted.” The Computer alerted once it was done.
“Take us outside of this system.” Tiran ordered.
“Command confirmed.” The computer said, the ship backing up rapidly, Taris becoming smaller and smaller until it was not visible anymore.
“Orders completed.” The computer alerted.

Vaj’s ship jumped out of its traveling right above Coruscant. Vaj’ turned on the ship’s cloak, and flew it down though the atmosphere, and then landing on an abandoned section of an industrial complex near the Senate building and Jedi Temple.
Vaj’ then opened the cockpit and got out, and the ship’s cockpit closed as he walked away, cloaking it again.
Vaj’ then turned on his suit’s cloak and flew over to the Jedi Temple using his jetpack and foot-thrusters, the flames of which coming out of them were also cloaked.
He flew up to the Jedi Council room window, to find no one there.
“Locate Jedi Council Members.” Vaj’ ordered his suit. His visor then brought up a thermal imaging vision spectrum, highlighting and pointing out the six members of the council throughout the temple. "Where are the others...?" Vaj' thought.
He then flew to the front entrance of the temple, and simply walked in, right past the Jedi walking beside him, who didn’t even know he was there. Soon, he was behind Master Jonn, following him from a close distance.
He followed Master Jonn into his room in the temple, and master Jonn then picked up a datapad on a table in his room, and started typing on it.
“Zoom in on what is being typed on that datapad.” Vaj’ ordered his suit as Master Jonn typed on the datapad.
The visor zoomed in on it. Jonn finished before Vaj’ started reading, and he put it on the table.
It read:
“Today was a sad day for the galaxy. Several planets have been destroyed, heavily damaged, and such, and we’ve passed the Emergency Galactic Aid Plan. Master Keyan thinks that it was a surgical strike. What is most disturbing about this is what the culprit of this is capable of. Apparently, a massive ship seemingly of Imperial design is behind this. I and the council have felt three waves of the Force. One was the death caused in these tragedies, another seemed to be coming from somewhere here on Coruscant, from a person, and the last seemed to be coming from beyond this galaxy. Master Nevious and Master Le’-Tiv’-San have had a plan for defense against such a threat for a long time. Apparently a group of races are building several massive ships ranging from 3,000 to 9,000 kilometers in length, which are not yet complete, but have been planned to be used to fight this threat. We plan to tell the rest of the Senate about this soon, but it’s likely to make some races angry at each other for violating many various treaties…”
Master Jonn then cliccked the 'Enter Log' button on the datapad, and headed off to sleep, as his bed was in another room.
Vaj’ then turned off the zoom and went after the other Jedi Masters.
Master Karr Navv was training younglings in lightsaber combat, master Le'-Tiv'-San was reading in the archives, Master Tar'-Van was meditating, and Master R'saan was teaching his apprentice how to move large objects with the force.
None of which provided any valuable information from spying on, until he later went after Master Nevious.
He followed her to her room, and then into a secret room in her quarters. She contacted the races building the ships Master Jonn had mentioned in his log.
“Hello Yar, and Admiral Zarwarhi.” She said, to Senator Yar, and the Mon Calamari Admiral Zarwarhi.
“What is it?” Yar asked.
“Master Jonn and the rest of the High Six now know about your project. We’ll have to tell the senate, in order to hopefully get support from other planets to help complete your ships ASAP.” She said.
“The losses of half of our producing shipyards will most certainly halt progress. Even with all of the shipyards of the Galaxy helping, we won’t be able to finish these ships in time to fight this threat.” Admiral Zarwarhi said sadly.
“Then compromise. Stop building the other ships, and focus everything into completing what will be your most powerful ship.” Suggested Master Nevious.
“An excellent idea. Here are our coordinates. You will need to provide them to senate in order for them to know where to deliver help to if we can persuade them to see past the treaty violations and to help us.” Said Yar.
“Record the coordinates on the screen.” Vaj’ ordered his suit. His suit then recorded the coordinates as Yar displayed them for Master Nevious.
“What is your most powerful ship, if you don’t mind my asking?” Asked Master Nevious.
“The Infinitiii. Here it is.” Said Yar, bringing up a picture of the Infinitiii, which was in a massive dry-dock alongside other ships. It was only two thirds completed, some of its hull still missing. It was 9,000 kilometers long, and judging by the skeletal structure, it was designed to be fast and powerful. On the underside eight different weapons arrays could be seen, and all over the ship, massive engine arrays engines and vent-thrusters could be seen.
“Whoa… I wonder just whose side I should be on right now… That ship is giving me doubts about who I want to have allegiance to…” Vaj’ thought.
“A very fine ship… Focus on that ship only for now on. Nevious out.” Said Master Nevious, and then closing the channel. She then stood up, and then turned around straight at Vaj’, with a quizzical look. “I… sense something… Is someone here?” She asked.
Vaj’ quickly walked out of the room, and out of the temple, and went to the Senate Building to spy on the senators. Nightfall was upon him. The city was bright with many lights, but the sky was getting dark and the two stars in of Coruscant were setting. About this time, most of the Senators would be going to sleep.
Most of the Senators were asleep, except for the Niktos, Arkanians, and Mon Calamarians. He watched them having a conversation through a window, and turned on his suit’s audio enhancements, and focused on where the conversation was.
“-plan hopefully will work. Here it is.” The Nikto Senator said, as Vaj’ had started hearing him after he had started a sentence.
“Isn’t that territory too dangerous though? How will we possibly maneuver our ships through that, much less survive the energy belt?” Asked the Arkanian.
“My engineers have finally perfected the gravitational deflectors, and the Mustafarians say that their thermal shielding will hold up to almost anything. All we need to do is equip our ships with those things and we can fly right through the Asteroid field, while the asteroids are pushed away by the gravitational deflectors. And then, through the energy belt using the thermal shielding.” Said the Nikto Senator.
“Why do you want to go there anyways, Senator Xere’xes?” Asked the Mon Calamarian Senator.
“To map out a retreat route if we have to evacuate the galaxy. It’s our plan B. There is a large galaxy cluster far north of that area, and the only way to get there is to go through that massive asteroid field and that energy belt. We’ve tried going straight to the galaxy cluster before, through the Great Void, but some sort of gravitational distortion waves in that void make it impossible to go through. The way to it is by following that energy belt all the way to the galaxy cluster.” Said the Nikto Senator, Xere’xes.
“And what happens if the shields fail?” Asked the Arkanian Senator.
“Then, we’re pretty much dead. That energy belt has the highest temperatures we’ve every recorded in the galaxy. If it hits the hulls of our ships, it will vaporize the ships before they get the chance to explode from the energy hitting their quantum cores… But, I think it’s best that we try not to think about that…” Said Xere’xes.
A quiet beeping noise went off on the Mon Calamarian Senator’s wrist.
He held out his hand and a hologram was projected from his wrist and over his hand.
“Hello, Senator Xere’xes. Senator Uthalix, and Senator Kakklari.” Said Senator Yar.
“What is it?” Asked the Mon Calamarian Senator Kakklari.
“Change of plans. We are halting construction of all other ships, and focusing only on the Infinitiii. Our resources are too limited now, and the time too restricted to complete all of them in time to counterattack. I have orders from Master Nevious to do this. Also, the Jedi Council now knows of our project, and we’ll have to go before the Senate to get the help of other races, but I won't be there.” Said Senator Yar.
“What of the Mandalorians? Do they know?” Asked The Arkanian Senator Uthalix.
“Yes, in fact, their entire population has traveled from their homeworlds to here to help speed up construction. Sorry, but I have to leave. I’m on a tight schedule. Yar out.” Said Senator Yar, the hologram then disappearing.
The Senators then didn’t say anything, they only looked aroudn, as if having a feeling that soemone was spying on them, and quickly left.
Vaj’ then flew back to his ship and got in. It was nighttime now, and his ship quickly took off, and once clear of Coruscant’s atmosphere, jumped to where Dominance was.
Vaj’ then landed his ship in the forward hanger bay of Dominance as the forward hanger doors opened, and the computer transported him to the Bridge after he got out of the ship.
“Well, what have you found?” Asked Tiran.
“Oh , you’d be surprised…” Said Vaj’.
Tiran didn’t say anything. He could tell that something he didn’t want to hear was about to be said.
“Well… They have a certain ship that’s almost complete… They call it the Infinitiii. It’s 9,000 kilometers long, and Senators Yar, Uthalix, Kakklari, and Xere’xes, Yar, and the Mandalorians are in on it. The Jedi Council is aware of it, and the Senate is going to have a meeting over it soon. They also have several other massive ships, but don't plan to complete them, only the Infinitiii.” Said Vaj’.
“Do you have technical schematics of the Infinitiii?” Asked Tiran.
“No, but I do have coordinates of where it is.” Said Vaj’.
“And you’re sure it’s not complete yet?” Asked Tiran.
“Yes.” Said Vaj.
“Computer, download the coordinates of the Infinitiii from Vaj’s suit.” Ordered Tiran.
“Coordinates downloaded. New Course added to archives.” Said the computer.
Tiran thought for a moment, stroking his beard as he thought.
“I want you to go back to Coruscant, and assassinate all of the Senators at the Senate meeting except for the ones building the Infinitiii. Take the rest of the Senators hostage. Don’t kill the Jedi Council, yet. If they try to defend the Senate, which they undoubtedly will when you do this- tell your suit to activate the force suppression shield and you’ll be able to do it without any problems.” Ordered Tiran.
“At your command.” Agreed Vaj’.
“Computer, Transport Vaj’ back to his ship and set a return course for him to Coruscant.” Ordered Tiran.
“Transporting. Transferring Coordinates.” The Computer said, transporting Vaj’ to his ship and transmitting the coordinates.
The forward hanger doors then opened, and Vaj’s ship then launched and jumped to Coruscant. When Vaj’ was there, just as he had before, he landed where he had before, with the cloak on, and got out. He then flew over to the Senate building, and waited.

At the Jedi Temple, it was 'Padawan choosing day'. All of the Younglings coming of age would be randomly selected to fight with each other in a dueling ring, and the Jedi Knights and Masters would choose them as Padawans.
The entire Jedi Council was back from their working on the EGAP missions, sitting in the stands, waiting to watch.
A few rounds had passed, and then two Younglings named Nalan Cron and Veronisa Scallera were chosen to fight each other. Veronisa Scallera was the most promising Youngling of all of them, undoubtedly going to be picked as a Padawan, and Nalan was scared of fighting her. Nalan was 12, and Veronisa was going on 13.
The match started, after a tense minute of preparation.
They took out their training sabers, and circled each other.
Nalan attacked first, only to be knocked down be a force push.
He then attacked again, almost randomly swinging his blue lightsaber at her. She blocked it easily, and pushed him over into a wall with a return stroke of her blue lightsaber, which he barely blocked.
He attacked several other times, carefully keeping his footing this time. She still knocked him down, and he was starting to get mad and embarrassed.
He ran at her, and they went into a saber lock, which could only be won by whoever proved to be stronger.
Veronisa was slowly pushing him down, being not tired at all, while Nalan was getting somewhat tired.
Then, just when she was about to knock him down, Nalan felt a sudden jolt of energy violently pass through his body. He then felt an overwhelming burst of energy. He quickly knocked her backwards, shoving off the saber lock without exerting himself at all. She then rushed at him and they exchanged a quick battle of blocks and jabs between lightsabers. They then backed off for a few seconds, and started again, and then kept going on, faster, and faster, and faster. Nalan then felt several more pulses of energy jolt though his body, and then started to feel a sudden better handling of his lightsaber. He started using different attacks form all kinds of various lightsaber forms he had never mastered before.
She was pushed back, but quickly countered by equaling his lightsaber skill. This went on for two minutes, until they both backed off and switched off their lightsabers.
“Obviously we can’t choose the winner by the blade.” Veronisa said.
Nalan nodded his head, and then they started exchanging force pushes at each other and trying to knock each other down. Then, Nalan felt the biggest jolt of energy of all he had felt go though his body. He then jumped up all the way to the ceiling of the arena, about fifty feet, and then slammed down at Veronisa with a kick using the force. She dodged, and it left cracks in the floor. Then Nalan’s eyes started to glow, and energy started crackling around his body, until he seemed to be glowing. He got up turned around, and looked at her. He then lost control of his body, and suddenly saw his hand being controlled by some unknown force, and then it lifted up and casted force lightning at Veronisa, knocking Veronisa to the wall with tremendous force and leaving her unconscious. All of the walls around the Arena cracked and the temple shook after it happened. Then Nalan regained control of his body and looked and Veronisa, who was greatly burned by the lightning he had somehow thrown at her. He blinked, wondering if he was dreaming, and then looked at his hands, which were still crackling with energy. “How? How am I able to do this?” What just happened?!” Nalan thought.
There was a gasp in the crowd, and the aura of energy then left him, but he still felt a massive boost in his power in the force flowing though him. So massive in fact, that he was dizzy, and when he walked out of the arena, he almost fell over, only to be caught be Master Karr Navv before he fell. “Well that’s one for the archives… A youngling who has never learned the higher mysteries of the force using the art of force lightning…” Master Karr said, surprised.
A few medical droids and Master Jonn rushed over to help Veronisa.
Master Jonn looked at Nalan and said, “ I have no idea how a person like you was able to do that, but you have to learn to control your anger!”
Nalan took a deep breath and focused, getting rid of his dizziness. “The thing is, I wasn’t angry at all… I felt like I was… taken over by something…” Nalan said.
Veronisa regained consciousness, and looked at Nalan in great surprise. Master Jonn had healed her mostly of her wounds. “Continue with the matches. The rest of the council, and Nalan, follow me.” Master Jonn ordered.
They followed Master Jonn though the medical room, and he picked up and midiclorian counter, and a medical droid, and they went to the council room. Nalan was in shock of what was happening.
They then went in the council room and the Masters sat down.
“Nalan, what is your midiclorian count?” Asked Master Jonn.
“Umm… I think it was 8,300.” Nalan said.
Master Jonn gestured for him to come to him.
“Hold out your hand.” He said.
Nalan did, and Master Jonn took a sample of his blood.
He then gave the Midiclorian counter to the droid. “Analyze this.” He ordered the droid.
The droid took it, and inserted it in a slot in itself. It then did some scanning and then said “Midiclorian count is 150,100, and the Midiclorians seem to still be multiplying rapidly, and mutating to an apparently more advanced form.”
The council was speechless. Nalan then asked, “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”
“Well… Under the circumstances, I’d say it is… But I thought Anakin Skywalker was the chosen one…” Master Jonn said.
“Apparently not…” said Master Tar’-Van.
“Well… You’re going to need a master…” Said Master Jonn.
“Perhaps several.” Suggested Master Le’-Tiv’-San.
“I’ll take him as my Padawan.” Said Master Karr.
“Fine by me.” Said Master Jonn.
Nalan was now speechless.
“Master Karr, you and Nalan, leave and begin training immediately. We’ll talk about this tomorrow.” Master Jonn said.
Master Karr and Nalan left the council room to train, and the rest of the council meditated for a while.
"Is this boy the force of power we felt here on Coruscant?" asked Master R'saan.
"Undoubtedly. But what is his purpose?" Asked Master Haaman.
"But the chosen one... Hasn't he already restored balance?" Asked Master Le'-Tiv'-San.
"No... For all of my life on this council, I have felt that the force was, in the distance, still in conflict. Still unbalanced." Answered Master Arven'-Si'-Nam.
"Then... Maybe the prophecy was misread..." Suggested Master R'saan.
"There may be a second chosen one... And of course, the future is always in motion. We cannot always rely on these prophecies." Said master Tar'-Van.
"But, the prphecies have never faiiled us? Why would they nt tell of a second chosen one?" Asked Master R'saan.
"Perhaps... The will of the force was for us not to know about it until the time came that it happened..." Said Master Jonn.
"Agreed, but his purpose is still disputed. It isn't that ship we're fighting that is where the darkside is coming from- it's coming from somewhere else." Said master Arven'-Si'-Nam.
"Then we must meditate on this." Said Master Jonn.
They meditated for two hours, and then they left when it was time for the senate meeting.
Vaj’ was then in a cantina in the Senate building, having a drink, trying to pass the time, which had been six hours of waiting. He saw the Senators going to the Intergalactic Senate room.
He put down his drink, and put his helmet back on, carefully following them in a way that wouldn’t attract attention.
Once everyone was seated, the meeting started. Vaj’ went inside, cloaked, and flew into the room and stayed at the top of the room.
He pinpointed the Senators he was to capture and then locked on his stun weapons, and readied his Force suppression shield.
The meeting started, and the council announced the news to the Senate. There was a short uproar from the Senate that lasted a few minutes, and then subsided. The Jedi seemed to let down their guard, and h then took his chance at it. He stunned the correct senators accurately, turned on his force suppression field, and quickly and accurately killed the rest of the Senate members. The Jedi Council quickly attempted to attack him almost viciously, but then felt a loss of their force powers, and he quickly flew over and grabbed the stunned senators in a tractor beam, flying away, and flying out though the cantina next to the room and out the Senate building. He then threw the Senators in his ship’s cargo hold, and flew off away from Coruscant.
His ship then jumped to Dominance, and landed in the forward hanger. He and the Senator were then transported to the bridge.
“Transport the Senators to the brig.” Ordered Tiran.
The computer then transported them to the brig saying, “Prisoners confined.”
“Excellent job, Vaj’. Here’s your payment.” Tiran said, then tossing a data chip to him that he had the credits promised to Vaj’ on it.
“Thank you.” Said Vaj’ contently.
“Everything is going according to plan…” Tiran laughed.
“Computer, set course to the location of the Infinitiii.” Tiran ordered.
“Location set. Jumping.” The computer confirmed, and then the ship jumped.
The Infinitiii was much bigger from a distance. It was complete, all except for some hull plating and decks missing on it’s forward and starboard hull.
An alarm started to go off in the shipyard.
Yar was on the Infinitiii’s bridge at the time, and saw Dominance approaching on the veiwscreen.
“Destroy the shipyard.” Tiran ordered.
“Targeting… Target’s locked.” The computer said.
Yar watched as the Infinitiii registered Dominance powering up its weapons. All of the other Senators and leaders were at the Shipyard. There was no time for them to run.
“Emergency subroutines activate! Full shields! Pull out of dock immediately! All hands, battle stations!” Yar shouted orders at the Infinitiii’s computer and the crew on the bridge.
“Defenses at 45%. Shields at 32%. Structural Integrity at 78%. Engines at-” The computer on the Infinitiii alerted Yar.
“Fire.” Tiran ordered the computer.
“Transfer Manual control! Override command subroutines by emergency subroutine 921!” Yar cut off and ordered the Computer.
“Firing.” Dominance’s computer alerted as it fired.
As soon as he had Manual control, Yar shouted, “All hands! Brace yourselves!” He then ripped the Infinitiii out of dock, some pieces of hull plating ripping off, and a blast from Dominance’s forward super-assault array then fired and hit the side of the Infinitiii, some it going though the shield and burning the hull.
The entire shipyard and all the other ships under construction were completely destroyed instantly in a massive fireball as a chain reaction explosion formed.
“Shields down to 2.3%!” The computer warned.
“Activate prototype hyperdrive now! Set course to Coruscant! And run a fully intensive rapid scan on Dominance! And fire on its engines with all we’ve got!” Yar ordered.
The computer scanned Dominance and an Arkanian engineer fired the primary weapons of the Infinitiii at Dominance’s engines. Eight massive weapons arrays thousands of kilometers long fired in a focused, white-colored blast of energy, which made a massive lurch in the Infinitiii, and went right through Dominance’s shields and disabled it’s engines, leaving a huge scar on it’s aft hull section.
"Heavy damage to aft Ventdrive array. Jumping capability disabled." The Computer aleeted Tiran.
"No... They're going to get away... Repair time? Casualities?" Asked Tiran.
"Repair time estimated at 18 days. Casualties: 216,043,112. Injured: 142,551,620." The Computer reported. "Send repair and medical teams now! Restabilize life support on those decks, and increase shielding to maximum. Fire secondary weapons array at the Infinitiii!" Tiran ordered
A Mandalorian then climbed in the Helmsman’s seat and quickly entered the coordinates to Coruscant and activated the Hyperdrive, and the Infinitiii jumped at a record speed for Hyperdrive, arriving at Coruscant in 13 seconds.
Yar looked accross the bridge, and there was a sadness about it.
"They're... dead." Said the Mandalorian who had helmed the ship.
"Send distress signal to Coruscant, and alert them of our situation." Ordered Yar.
"Yes sir... And do you realize that since the Current grand admiral of our fleet is dead, that makes you Grand Admrial now?" Said the Arkanian who had served as a tactical officer.
"No, I didn't... I've always dreamed of commanding my own ship, but to command one of this scale... It'll be and honor." Said Yar.
And with that, The Great Dark Wars had begun.


And that's the End of chapter 3... I may add more detail later, but I finished chapter 3 quickly so I didn't have to keep people waiting until the end of the week... Cahpter 4 coming soon...

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Chapter 4: An Unexpected Turn of Events.

The Jedi Masters had regained their force powers shortly after Vaj’ attacked and left. The Entire Intergalactic Senate was dead. Three kidnapped, and 219 dead out of 222.
Master Tar’-Van quickly left the room in a force jump, and alerted the Coruscant Security forces. The other Jedi masters tried to heal the Senators, but to no avail. Master Tar’-Van then went to the communications center of the Senate building and sent out an emergency distress signal, just as he received one at the same time.
“Attention All leaders of the galaxy, and all Jedi and military forces- this is an alpha-alpha-alpha level emergency distress signal. All leaders of the galaxy; please come to the Intergalactic Senate building immediately. This is of the highest priority.” Master Tar’-Van said.
“This is Grand Admiral Yar, formerly Senator, now in command of the Infinitiii. I am in orbit of Coruscant and require assistance.” Yar said.
“This is Master Tar’-Van speaking. What is your situation?” Asked Master Tar’-Van in response.
“The Shipyard at which we constructing our defense fleet has been destroyed. I narrowly escaped aboard the Infinitiii, however, the Infinitiii is damaged and isn’t complete yet either. I think that we disabled the enemy ship’s engines, but their weapons definitely were able to damage us easily.” Said Yar.
“Stay in orbit. We have our own problems down here. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait.” Said Master Tar’-Van, ending the signal.

“They got away… That isn’t good… Enhance cloak to highest level. Target all populated non-essential outer Rim planets and fire long range Hypervelocity Particle Cannons. We can’t let them tactically reinforce…” Tiran ordered.
“Cloaking device at highest frequency. Targeting… Firing.” The Computer acknowledged, firing half a thousand beams of energy.
“528 Planets destroyed.” The computer alerted.
“Good. Now, transfer weapons power and engine power to Long range sensors. Scan on the highest level. I want to know of every movement they make.” Tiran ordered.
“Confirmed. Transferring power. Scanning…” The computer acknowledged as it followed Tiran’s orders.

“Infinium Possibility Omega 11111 Effect Detected.” The Computer said.
“Calculate whether or not we need to intervene.” Said a deep, powerful voice.
“Full intervention is 93% required, Hyperious.” The Computer said.
“Engage. Prepare for full defense layering and diplomatic facilitations. Destination: Coruscant.” Hyperious ordered.
A massive fleet of planet-dwarfing ships of sleek and fierce design started moving, and then traveled in a split second across the great void and to the Galaxy in need of aid.
A massive fleet of blue-metal, sleek, fierce ships was surrounding Coruscant.
“Communications initiated.” The Computer said.
“Do not be alarmed. We are here to help. We will have a meeting in the Senate with you immediately.” Said Hyperious.
“Closing Channel.” The Computer said, following a precise plan with Hyperious for use in the occurrence of Omega Possibility 11111.
Hyperious was then transported to the senate building, and the Jedi council was also transported from the temple to there.
“I come in peace.” Hyperious said, his massive body hovering in midair.
“Who are you? What are you?” Asked Master Jonn, just as the Council was about to take out their lightsabers.
“I am Hyperious. I come on behalf of the Dalasian Transempire. I am a Dalasian. The first of my kind. We are the perfect species, both mentally and physically. Our Empire is perfect, and our technology far more advanced than any other. We come in the time of your need.” Hyperious said. His body was aquatic and lizardlike. He was 17 meters long, with tough scales, six forearms, and four hind legs, long, sleek, muscular, and tough, with six eyes and rows of sharp, metallic teeth. He wore body armor, with various technological components and such.
“How can we trust you?” Asked Master Jonn.
“You can, and you will. Yes, it is true that we could destroy your entire disorderly galaxy any time we wanted, and even overcome your powers of the force, but you will see in time that our alliance is trustworthy. We will prove it to you by helping you fight off that new threat of yours, and fix your galaxy.” Hyperious said.
“Could you tell me what exactly this threat is?” Asked Master Jonn.
“One of your kind apparently obtained access to our technology, and is using it to attack your galaxy. We’ve already pinpointed his location. You’re welcome to come with us. Also, where are your senators and representatives?” Said Hyperious.
“They were killed, and some captured, but there’s no time to waste. Let’s go.” Said Master Jonn.
Hyperious nodded his head, and they were transported aboard his ship in orbit of Coruscant.
“Jump to the location of the rogue ship.” Hyperious ordered.
“Yes sir.” A Dalasian at the helm said.
The Dalasian fleet jumped to the location of Dominance, which was cloaked, but visible on the scanners of the Dalasians.
“Scan the ship. Identify strengths and weaknesses, and best course of attack.” Said Hyperious.
“Unknown fleet of ships detected, fifteen million kilometers away. They are scanning us, and are aware of our presence. They have similar technological configuration to this ship.” The computer aboard Dominance said.
“Disengage cloak, full power to shields, weapons, and sensor dampeners. Scan them, look for the lead ship’s computer core.” Ordered Tiran.
“Enacting orders.” The computer said.
“Sir, sensors are unable to penetrate the ship. It’s engines are badly damaged, and it is also decloaking, and powering its weapons and defenses.” The Dalasian tactical officer said.
“All ships, prepare to fire on my mark. Open a channel to that ship.” Ordered Hyperious.
“They are hailing us.” The computer on Dominance alerted.
“Engage neural command interface, put communications on screen.” Tiran ordered.
“Surrender now and we will not have to destroy you.” Warned Hyperious.
“Prove to me that I am in the weaker position.” Said Tiran.
“Erect dampening fields around the prototype gravitonic engine, and engage that engine. What has been retrieved from their computer core?” Tiran asked the computer through the neural interface.
“Your engines are damaged. You are a very easy target to hit, and, if you haven’t noticed already, we outnumber you, and have superior technology.” Hyperious said.
“900 Octiquads of information retrieved from enemy ship’s computer core. Strengths and weakenesses obtained. Upgrade schematics obtained. Adjusting weapons and shields for attack. Prototype graviton engine at 100% capability.” The computer told Tiran through the neural interface.
“Making demands, are we? I have some of your people hostage. You wouldn’t wants to kill them, would you? I have this ship primed to kill them the instant anything gets through my shields.” Tiran said.
“Nice bluff, but that isn’t enough to make us surrender to you.” Hyperious said.
“He does have captive prisoners of ours.” Master Jonn told Hyperious.
“Even so, what are a few lives in exchange for stopping such a threat as you?” Said Hyperious.
“You know, you are a really bad tactician…” Tiran said, smiling coldly.
“Insults won’t make us surrender to you either.” Hyperious said.
“Well, it’s true. While you’ve been talking to me, I’ve managed to hack into your computer core, and I’m about to destroy you. Oh, and what’s this? Your homesystem? Dalasias Alpha… I’ll have to pay a visit here. Thanks for the information, but I’m afraid I have to destroy you now.” Tiran said.
“Close channel. All ships, open fire!” Hyperious ordered quickly.
The Dalasian fleet opened fire on Dominance, but all of the firepower was absorbed by Dominance’s shields.
“Cease fire! Evasive maneuvers. Target the enemy ship from behind.” Hyperious ordered. The Dalasian fleet then performed some incredible maneuvers, firing on one fixed point of Dominance.
“Evasive manuevers. Target all enemy ships with the primary hypercannons.
Dominance suddenly started moving very quickly, to the Dalasians’ surprise. And fired on five ships, each on getting destroyed in one shot.
“Retreat back to the homesystem!” Hyperious ordered. All of the rest of the fleet escaped, as Dominance destroyed seven more.
“Follow them.” Tiran ordered.
“Jumping.” The computer said.
Dominance was quickly right behind the Dalasian fleet, and they were suddenly traveling through a massive energy belt.
“Fire at will.” Tiran ordered.
“Firing.” The computer alerted.
Before they reached the homesystem, Dominance destroyed a dozen more ships.
“Engage system defense network!” Hyperious ordered quickly.
Suddenly, a split second after Hyperious was in the system, a huge shield went up, and Dominance crashed and bounced off of it violently.
“Shields at 32%. Large enemy fleet converging on our position. Best course of action would be escape, however, gravity wells have been engaged by the enemy.” The computer warned.
“Is there anywhere we can hide?” Asked Tiran.
“The spatial anomaly nearby this system could possibly be used for hiding. This spatial anomaly matches the gravitation signatures experienced when attempting to cross the great void. Scans indicate that is both a white hole, which also is a wormhole. Destination of wormhole unknown. It seems that no engine signatures from traveling through it are present. The Dalasians have never explored it, according to the records obtained from their lead ship’s computer.” The computer said.
“Travel through it then.” Tiran ordered.
“Moving…” the computer alerted.
Dominance traveled through it, experiencing massive gravitational stress, until it finally, after a few more seconds, was in another dimension.
“Massive energy signatures detected.” The computer warned.
“Tiran… You are finally here. Your obedience to me will be rewarded. Come to me.” Tiran heard a voice in his mind, and it took over him.
“Manual control…” Tiran ordered, a very evil look on his face.
“Transferring manual control.” The computer said.
Tiran then maneuvered the ship to a large, black planet. The surface was harsh and had many spiked mountains.
“This looks a lot like Malachor…” Tiran stated as he looked at the planet.
Suddenly a dark, shadowy figure, like a spirit, appeared on the bridge it was tall, and carried a long, black staff. The ship defense turrets fired on it, but the energy passed right through the figure.
“Cease fire… He is… Welcome… He is… My… Master.” Tiran said, his willpower in his mind fading, and a more evil willpower appearing, and he got out of his chair and kneeled before the dark figure.
The ship ceased fire.
“Well done, Tiran… You may stand. Now, I can finally leave this place.” The dark figure said.
“Yes… Master… Dark Lord… Eternilus.” Tiran said.
“Good… good… you are making progress… Let the dark side consume you. Free your anger.” Said Eternilus, the dark figure, lord of the sith.
“The galaxy shall be yours, my lord…” Tiran said evilly, standing up, his eyes turning yellow in color, and his face slowly gaining a gray coloration to it.
“Now, I need you to help me repair my flagship.” Eternilus said.
“It will be done, my master…” Tiran said, losing all of his willpower, and now being consumed by total evil.


And finally, chapter four is finished. It wasn't very long, but It took me awhile to figure out what would be the best way to make this chapter. Sorry for the long wait. (I hate it when I get writer's block...) Chapter five will be comign sometime, probably not as long of a wait as chapter four was though.. You'll probably be suprised at what happens in that chapter. It'll hopefully be the best one yet.

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Chapter 5: Silence

It took 15 years before Tiran was able to repair Eternilus’s flagship. In this interim of time, Nalan had become a Jedi Knight, the most powerful Jedi ever to live, and the Dalasians and other residents of the galaxy had created a powerful alliance. It was thought that the threat of Dominance attacking the galaxy had left, destroyed in the attempt to escape though the unexplainable, unexplored energy fountain in the middle of Dalasian territory. The Dalasians lived off of the energy fountain; it was an infinite source of energy, far greater than a black hole. It is theorized by Dalasian scientists that the energy of this fountain formed the galaxies in the dimension they existed in. The Dalasians knew that there were other dimensions- they had achieved a feat of which they called ‘Transdimensional technology’; a highly adaptive and seemingly perfect technology by which their entire race was supported, all Six-hundred-decillion of them. However, they rarely traveled to other dimensions, as this technology was very dangerous, and every time used, it inflicted great damage on the infinite-dimension structure of the universe, leaving it more unstable each time it was used, as it left holes between dimensions, allowing the contents of those dimensions to mix, and cause possible contradictions of factors that could cause a chain-reaction collapse of many other dimensions.
The Dalasians and Mon Calamarians almost instantly formed a massive ship construction and technology alliance. The Mustafarians had been forced to evacuate from their homeworld, Mustafar, and the Dalasians provided them with three new homeworlds in their core territory, Malared I-III.
The Dalasians also helped many other races in need. However, their technology was not advanced enough to bring back the lives of those lost, and restoring and recreating the outer rim planets with what they called 'Galactic terraforming' would take a long time.
Even so, Tiran and Eternilus were about to launch their plan.

“Power online.”
“Engines online.”
“Shields online.”
“Weapons online.”
“Life support online.”
“Structural reinforcement network online.”
“Cloaking network online.”
“Crew online.”
“Secondary systems online.”
“Auxiliary systems online.”
“All other systems have been activated.” A smooth, metallic voice said.
“Excellent…” Eternilus laughed evilly on the bridge of his personal flagship.
“Initiate a transdimension jump to previous Dimension in which Dominance was fifteen years ago. Attack and take over the Dalasian territory, stealthily.” Ordered Eternilus.
“Confirming… Jumping to location.” The smooth, metallic voice of the ship’s computer said.

“Large energy signature detected bearing mark 339-7267-308. Engaging galactic defense network.” The Dalasian core computer said to Hyperious in Hyperious’s home.
“How pathetic… They’ve put up a shield around their territory. You know what to do…” Eternilus said to the ship.
Suddenly, the shield simply shorted out unexplainably, surprising the Dalasians.
“Get a lock on whatever is attacking, now!” Hyperious ordered, now aboard his own flagship, the Hyperion, named after himself.
“The energy signature has disappeared. We can’t get a lock, but it’s there… somewhere.” The Dalasian tactical officer said.
“All ships, fire a full spread of fire into the sky. Once you have a confirmed hit, focus all firepower on that point.” Hyperious ordered.
“Firing- Sir! Something has just hacked into all the computer mainframes of the entire fleet, and our entire territory!” The Tactical officer reported, alarmed.
“Override it!” Hyperious ordered.
“I can’t. We’re locked out. And we’ve just lost weapons, propulsion, shields, everything but life support! And the droid crews on all of our other ships are no longer under our control either!” The tactical officer said.
“Then we’ll have to surrender. We’ll have a better chance to strike back at them later. Can we send a warning to the other galaxy?” Asked Hyperious.
“Yes, we still have communications, but barely.” The tactical officer said.
“Send this message to Coruscant. Attention, all galactic residents, we have been attacked and taken captive. Prepare to retreat. Don’t defend yourselves at the great rift. Don’t try to save us. End transmission.” Hyperious said.
“Message sent. However, some it got jammed out by the droid-controlled ships of our fleet.” The communications officer reported.
“Let’s hope they’ll get it and be able to escape in time.” Hyperious said.

“Sir, we’re receiving a transmission. It’s garbled, but it’s from Hyperious.” The communications officer on the Infinitiii reported.
“Put it on screen.” Yar ordered.
“I can’t, only the audio got in.” The Communications officer said.
“Very well then…” Yar said.
“Attentio-… zzzzz… residents… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… we have… zzzzzzzzzzz… attacked… zzzzzzzzz… capti… zzzzzzzzzzzzz… prepare to… zzzzzzzzzzzz… defend… zzzz… the great rift… zzzzzzz… save us…” The message was.
“Send a message to all ships in the galaxy, now. All people in the galaxy, anyone with battle-capable ships, come to the great rift immediately. The Dalasians need our help, End transmission.” Yar said.
The communications officer sent it out.
“Jump to the great rift.” Yar ordered.
“Jumping now.” The helmsman said, setting the coordinates and making the Infinitiii jump to the great rift.
The Infinitiii was there in 8 seconds time.
The great rift was, essentially, a massive belt of energy stemming from the energy fountain in the middle of Dalasian territory, and extending all the way down to the other galaxy, almost like a massive arm; the same belt of energy that the senators Vaj’ kidnapped were talking about when he listened in on their conversation about a plan of escape if needed, in the senate building.
The great rift was much bigger and more amazing than Yar had imagined. It was of cyan-colored energy, and it seemed to go on forever in all directions.
As many ships from all across the galaxy gathered for battle, including a good number of Dalasians ships that had been away from the attack on Dalasian territory were in the fleet, using their technology to upgrade other ships quickly. After three days, the entire fleet was ready, all 300 million ships, not including fighters and small freighters.
The fleet waited, and waited, and waited. It was too quiet. Four more days passed by, so they sent a small scout fleet to check on what was going on, and the scout fleet, 20 capital ships in total, never returned. Whatever was going on, the Jedi council was unable to use the force to find out what was going on in Dalasian territory either.
Nalan had received his own personal ship, along with a small crew of a few soldiers and the top three members of the Jedi council, a ship designed between the Dalasians and Corellians as a prototype mini-warship the size of a medium sized cargo ship. It was disguised to look like a Dalasian automated light cargo ship.
Nalan and the Council knew that something wasn’t right, and they could feel that something was going to happen, but they didn’t know what it was.
Eventually, after his ship, named Destinous, was upgraded to be as powerful, fast, and stealthful as possible, he was sent to scout out what was going on in the galaxy cluster of the Dalasians. He managed to infiltrate the territory, but after he was in, there was no way to get out. The scout fleet was a small field of debris on the outer edge of Dalasian territory, and the entire territory was silent.
As he slowly infiltrated the territory, he and the council members with him could feel that something was seriously wrong, and it didn’t seem like it was just the fact that someone had taken over the Dalasians. It was something else…
As part of his plan, he was to explore and infiltrate key planets and areas of the Dalasian territory. The first planet was Randix, a massive, rogue jungle-world untouched by technology, and a possible place for the Dalasians to hide, because the massive jungle canopy was able to mask life signs with it’s own heat.
It was eerily silent as he passed through, the other Dalasian warships passing by. It was an odd silence- the entire fleet of the galaxy was on their doorstep, in plain sight, and they did not seem to be mobilizing for war.
"What are they doing? Nalan thought.


Okay, Chapter 5 was not as good as I was intending it to be, and it is short, but that's because I found out that, in typing up this story, it would be best to put two more chapter in before the exciting parts start, because I recently remembered some ideas I had for my story that I had originally intended to happen before this part, which I forgot about until now, so, what I was talking about with how I said 'chapter 5 will suprise you', make that 'chapter 7 will suprise you'.
Chapter six won't be boring though... I intend to have 12 chapters in the end, and possibly more. I may also add soem details later on of what happened between those 15 years, but I can't do that until after a certain point, because then I'd be forced to give away information I intend for use as a cliffhanger.

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Chapter 6(Part 1 of 3): The Dream

The journey to Randix would be long, as stealth required going at slower speeds than Destinous as capable of.
Nalan was sleeping. He remembered back to the time when he built got his lightsabers on Ilum, a vivid, detailed dream of rememberance.
"Remember, Nalan, anything you experience in this cave; it can be of either the light or the dark side. Many have seen visions of the future, and of the past. When you enter this sacred place, you will find the crystal that responds to you, and that will be the crystal by which you create your lightsaber." Said Master Karr.
"Yes Master." Nalan said, entering the cave.
Nalan walked down the cave, colums of crystals glowing, the deeper he went, the brighter they glowed. He then turned a around a corner in the cave, as if led by something, and started going deeper and deeper, going past more and more corners. Then his feet stopped. He had hit a dead end, but he felt something calling out to him behind the wall of stone.
He touched it. It was perfectly smooth, and searing hot to the touch, and then suddenly cool. The wall pulsated with energy of the force. Then, he felt a roughness on the wall. He looked at it closely. It was an encryption, in old galactic basic.
it read:
"He who enters this place will gain ultimate power. This power will only yield to the true master of the light."
He then toughed the wall where the encryption was, and the wall disappeared. A massive chamber of crystals was inside. He then looked more closely at everything as he entered the chamber.
The ceiling went on forever, seemingly, as did a seemingly bottomless pit. In a spiral along the walls going from the bottom of the pit to the ceiling were columns of crystal, resembing humanoid beings in shape. A closer look at them showed many familiar faces he had seen in the history lessons of the Jedi, and many unfamiliar.
A narrow walkway led to a giant pillar of blindingly bright silver-cyan crystal in the center.
He was led by an overpowering feeling to go over to it. He did, and he touched it.
He suddenly had a vision.
Many bright figures of energy surrounded him in a huge cascade of belts of cyan-white energy. A larger figure stoof in front of him.
"You are the chosen one. You will bring balance to the force." The beings started chanting.
Then the large being raising his hand, and they stopped. He put his hand down and then spoke, "I will guide you, chosen one. Many things remain unrevealed to you at this time. I cannot reveal my identity to you as of yet, and many secrets of the future must remain hidden until the time is right. I will give you the power to fulfill your purpose."
"Who are you?" Asked Nalan.
"That is not important at this time." The being said.
"Why me?" Asked Nalan.
"Things not within my control have led to your existence, things which I ca now manipulate through you. Your purpose is far greater than you can possibly imagine. Do not fail me. Now I must go."
"Wait!" Nalan said.
"Do not worry. You will see me again. Do not tell anyone of this, yet." The being said.
He then woke up out of the vision, in the dream. He had two lightsabers in his hands. Very sleek in design, and they seemed to be very high-tech and flowed smothly in his hands. He activated them. They each emited a cyan colored blade, and the lightsaber blade itself was very abnormal. It was like fiber, like an actual sword. They had weight in their blades.
Suddenly, the culumn of crystal sytarted transforming in shape, forming a figure. It soon was done, and it was no one he recognised, until he looked closely at the face. It was himself.
He walked across the narrow walkway out of the room, and the wall closed behind him. He looked more closely at his lightsabers, dicovering that they could link together a number of ways. One way was by an energy fibre cord between them, which made them like num-chucks in his hands, another way linked them together to act as a doublebladed lightsaber, and the last way linked them together to form one, single, extremely strong blade.
The lightsabers created pulses of energy flowing throughout his body. After a few seconds, he felt as if his power had multiplied ten times.
He turned then off and went to show the mysterious lightsabers to his master. Then the dream shifted to another dream, a vision, of soemthing he had not seen or experienced before.
He saw a crystal planet. A planet entirely made of colorful crystal, from the core to the surface. It glowed like a star in the sky. The surface was covered in sharp, spiked mountains of crystal. He then saw a tiny, green seed on the crystal ground of the planet, and then the dream was over.

He woke up then. He did not know what it meant, but he could feel that the dream and vision were someway related to his mission. A feeling as if he was soon to experience deja vu.

Chapter 6(Part 2): Fall of the Jedi

It was like a silent chaos in the other galaxy not of Dalasian territory. (If someone could tell me what George Lucas named the main starwars galaxy then that would be appreciated, as it gets annoying and undescriptive to not have a name for it)
The Jedi Order and all of it's members reinforced as many planets as possible, training it's padawans as quickly as possible to make them Jedi Knights. A large perentage of the order had gathered on Coruscant, at the temple, which at this time was now far bigger than it used to be, being almost twenty times larger.
An cold wind flowed into the council room, where all the members except for the highest ranking three members were.
"I sense the darkside. It is here." Said Master Arven-Si-Nam.
"I don't sense anything." Master Vorano Said.
"It is here. Draw you lightsabers, I have already alerted the rest of the Jedi in this temple with the force." Master Arven-Si-Nam said, with a look of determination on his face.
They stood up and activated their lightsabers.
"What is it? I cannot sense it." Said Master Le-Tiv-San, worried.
"It is approaching. Trust me on this." Master Arven-Si-Nam said.
"It is approaching this temple. Why would the darkside wish to face four-hundred-thousand Jedi at once? Should we combat it?" Asked Master R'saan.
"A good point. Perhaps we should retreat." Suggested Master Keyan.
"No, it is faint. The darkside has always made the error of overconfidence. We can face it. Let's go." Master Arven-Si-Nam said.
The Jedi council agreed, silently, and they left the council room. They walked to the front of the temple, where all the other Jedi were already gathered, sabers drawn.
The weaved their way through the crowd to the front of the massive barrier of jedi before the temple.
A slight, faint shadow could be seen apparoching, only a few hundred yards away, coming up the steps to the temple.
"Stand you ground. Whatever this is, it is overconfident. Together we can surely defeat it." Master Nevious said strongly, but with some doubt.
"I have a bad feeling about this..." Master Fyor said in his native language.
A few tense moments passed. The figure was only about a hundred yards away now. It's figure was becoming more defined the closer it came.
A wave of a sense of death passed through the council.
"The Jedi... They are all dead. Every Jedi not here at the temple is dead... They have all just died, just now..." Master Arven-Si-Nam thought fearfully as he felt the wave of a feeling of death.
The dark figure stopped about ten yards away, and became perfectly defined, holding a long staff, but his face was unseeable.
"Go back, now." Master Vynn said to the being.
"I am your death." The being said with a booming, yet silent and still echoing voice, that whispered into the minds of the Jedi.
"Who are you?" Asked Master Arven-Si-Nam.
"I am Eternilus. I am the essence of the darkside itself. I am it's core. I am the most terrible thing you will ever face. And the last..." Eternilus said, activatign the lightsaber in his staff, which was actually black in color, not a lightsaber at all- in fact, spreading shadows of darkness upon the Jedi.
He twirled his staff aroound smoothly in his hands as a show of expertise in combat, and the sky turned dark. A storm suddenly formed out of nowhere when there had originally been no clouds.
"The prophecied destruction of the Jedi... It has not happened yet... It wasn't Anakin Skywalker's doing... It is today..." Master Chos thought, backing away from the crowd.
Master Vynn also sensed it, holding up his viridian colored lightsaber, and slowly backing away from the crowd with Master Chos.
None of the other Jedi knew, and suddenly, Master Vynn and Master Chos had lost their voices, as if something had taken them away from them, before they could warn the rest of the Jedi to retreat.
Lightning formed in the sky, and the entire city of Coruscant went dark. All of the lights shorted out, and tornadoes formed in the sky, ships in the sky lost their power and dropped down towards the ground. Massive tremors and earthquakes suddenly started under the city, ripping it apart nearby.
Eternilus then held out his hand, and then waved it across the crowd of Jedi. A dark lash of shadow flew accross them, completely vaporizing all of them. Master Vynn and Master Chos ducked and dodged it, and, deactivating their lightsabers and running as fast as they could.
Master Chos ignited his saber to block a bolt of dark lightning, which destroyed his lightsaber on impact with it.
On the other side of the Universe, Nalan felt the disturbance in the force as the nearly entire Jedi Order was murdered.
He raced to the bridge of Destious, and disregardign his mission, and disregarding the importance of staying hidden, flipped the ship around on its axis and put in the jump coordinates to Coruscant, setting the ship to go it's highest speed.
It jumped, a massive burst of energy leeping out of it's engine, and was immediately at Coruscant in less than a second. He manuevered Destinous down through the atmosphere, above the temple, and saw a dark figure lashing out at Master vynn and Master Chos, who were dodging his powers as well and they could, now cornered. Masters Jonn, Karr, and Tar-Van knew what was going on as the ran up to the bridge and saw the ashes of the entire Jedi order in front of the temple.
"Open fire on that dark figure with everything this ship has. I'm goign to go protect those two Masters." Nalan said boldly, runnign out of the bridge to the exit ramp ont he side of the ship, opening it and jumping down nearly two-hundred feet.
Master Karr took the controls and started circling Eternilus, firing at him.
Nalan took out his lightsabers and started blocking Eternilus's powers. The firing from Destinous did little more than annoy Eternilus, so for a split second, he turned around and used the force to throw Destinous into a skyscraper a few kilometers away.
Master Vynn and Chos ran towards Destinous using the force to run as fast as they could. Nalan kept on blocking Eternilus's attacks.
Eternilus got extremely angry, and then his power quadrupled before Nalan, nearly knockign him down, almost killing him, leaving a huge, bleeding gash on his face, and breaking his right arm.
Destinous quickly came racing in, with Master Vynn and Chos aboard, and Nalan jumped up to the exit ramp and go inside. The Jedi Temple then collapsed, and Master Karr jumped Destinous back to the massive fleet at the great rift.
Now they realized why they hadn't atacked the fleet yet. While the fleet was waiting for battle, Eternilus had killed all the other Jedi in the galaxy; while they were trying to protect that same galaxy by blockading the great rift.

Chapter 6(Part 3 of 3): Infiltration

The remaining council members, Nalan, and the highest ranking leaders in the fleet gathered in the Discussion chamber aboard the Infinitiii, which was off to the side of the bridge.
"Alright, so what happened?" asked Yar.
"I'm sorry, but I have to be to the point. Some Sith Lord calling himself Eternilus attacked and destroyed the entire Jedi Order..." Master Vynn said blunty.
"Why?" Asked Viceroy I'sord, Hyperious's second in command, who had been in the main galaxy when the Dalasians were attacked. I'sord was the second Dalasians to ever live, Hyperious's son. (Dalasians are an Asexual species with only one gender.)
"Indeed yes, why? I thought the darkside was gone." Said Master Chos.
"You know why. The prophecied fall of the jedi order didn't actually happen when Anakin Skywalker and the 501st Legion attacked the temple so long ago." Said Master Jonn.
"True, but that reasoning is flawed. The Jedi order has not yet truly fallen. We still live." Pointed out Master Tar-Van.
"Then the question is, will we stay alive?" Asked Master Karr.
"I'm not entirely sure. I was able to hold my own against that Sith for awhile, but once he actually started trying to defeat me, he injured me pretty badly." Nalan said, touching the scar on his face with his right hand. The Dalasians had healed his arm, but his scar was too deep to fully restore the original appearance of his face.
"Next time you go ino the Dalasian's territory, they will recognise your ship as rogue, seeing as how your ship's astrogation logs show that extremely fast escape and rescue tha was sure to catch their attention. We'll have to redesign Destinous to look different." Said Yar.
"So, does anyone have any ideas of how to beat this Sith we encountered?" Asked Nalan.
"Some battles cannot be fought and won directly." Said Master Tar-Van.
"I agree. The wisest course of action would be to infiltrate the enemy, and beat them indirectly. I will modify your vessel to look different. When you get back in our territory and resume your mission, I would suggest that one of the planets you go to is Keniner. It's a massive gas giant in our hoemsystem, Dalasias Alpha, and it has massive shipyards aroudn it, which, last tiem I checked, were building an automated fleet. If you can take control of that fleet, we may have a chance to beat whatever force comes to attack us in the great rift, as those ships are being designed to have the most state-of-the-art technology we have." I'sord said.
"Very well then, now, go, quickly. We do not know when they will strike, Every moment we have to prepare is important.." Yar said.
The Jedi agreed, and left. At that same time, I'Sord quickly ordered the Infinitiii to change the appearance of Destinous to look like a different ship.
When they got to Destinous, in the hanger, it looked much different. It was like a miniature version of Dominance, in shape and design, mimicing the appearance of a 150-year-old patrol ship design of the Dalasians.
They launched from the massive hanger bay, and jumped to Randix. The trip, requiring stealth, took three days. Eventually, they were in orbit of Randix.

Getting through the atmosphere was hard. The planet somehow, instead of pulling thigns toward it, puched things way, which explained why it was a rogue planet, not orbiting any stars.
Master Karr took Destinous in for a landing on a massive tree branch.
Randix was huge, and it's jungle seemed to go on forever. Scans indicated that it's core had a massive, abnormal energy signature.
they got out of Destinous, the soldiers with them staying to keep Destinous under guard. The jugle was full of life. Many different kinds of species and plants, including soem from the main galaxy not in Dalasian territory. Destinou's computer databank showed that it was originally used for a Dalasian wildlife experimenttion and study, but the project and the planet were later abandoned.
They traveled for awhile, and suddenly heard what sounded like energy blasts and animal roars. They ran in that direction, hearing some louds thuds, footsteps, and more roars.
Eventually they were in a clearing, the groudn composed of piles and piles of compacted leaves on top of a large network of interwoven branches.
There were five rancors, seeming to be evolved, much bigger, and more powerful than the rancors that were known in the main galaxy. These ones were tenty meters tall, four times bigger than the average ones in the main galaxy.
A metallic figure was fightign them in the distance. As they got closer, the figure picked one up by the leg with his bare hands and threw the rancor high up in the northern direction, the racnor flyign past the skyline and a huge thud being able to be heard far away, alogn with soem suprised animal screeches.
The figure then said, "Oh this pointless. I might as well do tit the easy way." He said, grabbing a huge rife off of his back, running back a bit, and then firing it at the rancors who died instantly at he headshotted all four of them.
Then ten more rancors came, and he sighed, held up his rifle, and said 'For the last time, I'm not food!" And then he shot off a few warning shots, and whent he other rancors saw their that part of their heard was dead, the backed off and ran.
"Yeah, that's it, maybe you'll finally learn your lessont his time." The figure said.
Nalan and the Jedi approached the figure, who quickly reacted to their presence once he realized that they were there, firing at them.
Nalan blocked the firign with his lightsabers, and then the tall, robotic figure came closer, puttign his rifle on his back, and saying with sarcasm, "Nice moves, what are you, a Jedi?"
"Actually, I am. and so are the rest of the people with me." Said Nalan.
"Do you have a ship?" Asked the robotic figure, coming close enough for the details of his design to be easier seen. He was eight and a half feet tall, humanoid in design, heavily armored, high tech in appearance, armed with all kinds of guns and such all over him, with an ammunition belt and toolbelt on his chest and aroudn his waist. His body had an odd type of muscular lookign system in them, glowing blue-purple tendons that appeared to have an energy-liquid mixture inside them.
"Yes, but who are you?" Asked Nalan.
"I'm ED-37, Extremiphilious Destoyer Mark 37; but you can call just me Ed. I've been looking for a way to get off this planet for centuries. Sure, I can fly, but my gravitatonal repulsors have been damaged beyond repair every since I crash landed on this planet. I can't imagine how out of date my technological systems probably are by now..." ED-37 said.
"Well then... Ed... Welcome aboard." Nalan said.
"Thansk. Can we go now? This planet has really gotten annoying to me over time. and don't hand me over the Dalasians. I crash landed here for a reason, that being, I was a protype droid they were testing in attempting give real sentince to droids, and, in doing so, I became more independent than they were expecting, and I was forced to fight to get free. Hopefully you can persuade them not to take away me sentience, but I would liek it if they'd upgrade me. Some of the features I have are really-" ED-37 said, but Nalan cut him off, "Okay, okay, you can talk to my ship's compuer all you want about this, but as long as you're part of my crew, I'd prefer it if you wouldn't talk so much."
"Have you seen anyone else on this planet lately? Any Dalasians?" Asked Nalan.
"No, but ther is soemthing really cool about this planet that I'll show you if you want." ED-37 answered.
"What is it?" Asked Master Jonn.
"The core of this planet, underneath all this jungle- it's made of crystal. My canners have picked up a lot of 'the force' going through the crystal, and I though that it might interest a Jedi." ED-37 said.
Nalan suddenly remembered the dream he had, the crystal planet, and the seed. That planet he dreamed about was Randix.
"Maybe soe other time. We're on an important mission." Master Jonn said.
"No. This may be important. I had a dream about this place, and I think the force is guiding me to something here." Nalan said.
"Very well then." Master Jonn said.
"Climb on my back. I may be unable to escape this planet's atmosphere, but I can fall pretty fast." ED-37 said.
"I'm not sure it I want to do that..." Said Master Chos reluctantly.
"Don't worry, I'll project a shield around us that will cut through all the branches and things in our way. It'll be a 40,000 kilometer fall, so it may take awhile." ED-37 said.
"Okay then..." Master Chos said, reluctantly climbing up onto ED-37's shoulder.
The others climbed on after him, and the ED-37 jumped up twenty feet, flipped down headdown, and activated the shield.
They fell extremely fast, as ED-37 activated his thrusters in his feet, pushing their speed up to ten thousand kilometers per hour.
The trip took four hours, and ED-37 flipped over on his feet the instant before they touched ground, landing hard, leaving crater impact marks where his feet were, but safely.
The Jedi got off, Master Chos a little dizzy, and looked at the crystal surface. The crystal was every color there is, but mostly silver. As Nalan and the other Jedi tocuhed the groudn, huge surges of the force went through them, increasing their powers immensely, until it stopped after a few seconds.
"I feel.. energized. So this is what you felt like when you got all that power at the padawan training matches." Master Karr said.
Nalan stood up. His hair had turned white, and his eyes had turned silver. The scar on his face was gone, and it was as if he was glowing with the force.
ED-37 scanned Nalan. "Whoa dude... That's some serious power you've got there... 5 million mutated midiclorians... Any more and you'd probably give off radiation." He said.
"You'll have to train a lot more. That much power can be extremely dangerous to everyone if it is left untamed." Master Jonn said.
"The rest of you are three times more powerful than you used to be." ED-37 said after he scanned them.
"Yes, I know our powers are extremely amazing, but we have a mission to complete. Let's go." Said Master Chos, climbing up on ED-37's shoulder.
"Why have you disturbed our sacred grounds?" A whisper asked.
"Huh? What was that?" Asked maser Vynn.
"We are not alone." Master Jonn said.
"I don't detect anything out of the ordinary." Said ED-37 after scanning the area.
"We, Nevarians, are within your presence. What si your purpose of violating our territory?" Asked several whispers together.
"We are on a mission. This entire galactic terrirtory has been taken over by a force of the darkside." Nalan answered.
"The darkside? Then indeed the prophecies are true. Are you the chosen one?" Asked the Nevarians.
"Yes, he is." Master Jonn answered.
They all felt something reach into their minds, except for ED-37.
The ground started to change, and transparent, liquid like beings stood up and came out of the groudn, and crystals around them.
"These beings... They are shape shifters, telepathic, and very adept with the force." ED-37 said after scanning them.
"You need our help. Our brotheren need our help. We will silently help your effort to fight this enemy. The homesystem of the Dalasians will be reclaimed within a few days. Now, leave us. We need not exchange any more words, as we now know what you know." The Nevarians said unanimously.
One of them seperated from the group and stepped forward. "I will help you on this quest. I am Jasiin, the leader of my species."
"Thank y-" Nalan started to say, Jasiin cutting him off saying, "There is no need for words. I know what you know."
They all climbed onto ED-37, who raced upwards, the trip back up taking another four hours. They then went to Destinous, taking off, and started traveling towards Keniner.


Additions to this will soon be added... probably tommorrow. I may also edit other chapters and change a few things later on.

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Contest winner - Fan Fiction 
You have an interesting story here. One thing I did pick up straight away is, it is spelt Yuuzhan Vong.

Another thing is to try and space between dialogue. It just helps the reader to distinguish who is speaking and who is not. And there's alot of dialogue there.

It's interesting, and I feel that it has the potential to be a very, very good fic. You're a talented writer. There is a few spelling errors here and there. You have been able to give some personality to the characters you have.

Interesting concepts, with a mixture of nigh-on impossible instances (the jump to another dimension ... Don't worry .. I liked that idea), it's becoming an enjoyable read.

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I'll go through it and try to add more personaity to the characters then. I'll be adding 2 more edits adding parts 2 & 3 to the chapter 6 post, and I'll put it in the title of this thread once I've fully edited those chapters.

Edit: Chapter 6-Part's 1-3 done. I'll go back and edit later. Fill in some details, fix some spelling errors, etc, etc...
This should be done at least sometime in June or July... What will the June voting poll be about?

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Chaopter 7 Update

Chapter 7: Battle of the Great Rift

“Lord Eternilus, I have taken captive prisoners. Would you like me to interrogate them?” Asked Tiran.
“No, I will interrogate them myself.” Eternilus replied, walking to the cell on Dominance where the prisoners were being kept, and entering it.
He then left, a few minutes later, a few screams echoing from the cell.
“They don’t know anything very useful.” He said, and then said to the guards beside Tiran, “Go clean up that cell. It’s a mess.”
The guards went to clean up the cell, which was bloody with the prisoners in many various conditions of dismemberment. (Further description of that will not fit a PG-13 forum)
“Gather the entire fleet. We will now attack the enemy force at the great rift, and defeat them swiftly.” Eternilus ordered Tiran.
“Yes, Master.” Tiran said, and Eternilus them faded away, returning to his own ship.

“Sir, Destinous is back.” The Tactical officer reported to Yar.
Destinous landed in the Infinitiii’s hanger, and the crew, being: Nalan, Masters Jonn, Karr, Tar-Van, Vynn, Chos, ED-37, and Jasiin; walked to the bridge.
“Hello…. Who are you?” Yar said, then seeing the new additions to Nalan’s crew.
“I am ED-37, and this is Jasiin, leader of the Nevarians, who are now allied with us.” ED-37 answered.
“Very well then. I suggest that you get go back to your ship and prepare for battle. Whenever that may be.” Yar said.
They then left and got onboard Destinous, launching from the hanger, and waiting nearby the Infinitiii For battle.
Several massive ships then came in behind the Infinitiii, the rebuilt and completed ships of the different races that had been building ships at the secret shipyard.
“Pride of Mandalore, reporting in.” A massive, 6000 KM long imperial-like dagger shaped ship colored black and red came in beside the Infinitiii, the Mandalorian flagship.
“Majestic Reporting in.” A 3000 KM long white hulled ship ‘shaped like a beetle’ came in under the Infinitiii, the flagship of the Arkanians.
“Archammer IV reporting in.” A 4,000 KM long hammer shaped ship with a dull, brown hull came in on the starboard side of the Infinitiii, the flagship of the Nikto.
“Eye of Mon Calamari, reporting in.” A huge, 9,000 KM wide crescent shaped ship came in over top of the Infinitiii, the flagship of the Mon Calamarians.
“How did those ships get rebuilt so quickly after being destroyed?” thought Yar.
A hailing frequency came up on the forward veiwscreen.
“Yar, if you are wondering, I helped the races allied in your shipbuilding effort to built their ships quickly. As may have already noticed, half of the Dalasians ships in your fleet are ranging from 2000 to 7000 KM long and wide. We are very capable of building massive ships quickly, even isolated from our major shipyards.” I’sord said to Yar, then closing the channel.
A few days passed.
“Sir, 200 Quadrillion ships are registering on scanners, coming in to the Great rift. We are completely outnumbered.” Yar’s tactical officer reported.
In a few seconds, millions upon trillions upon quadrillions of ships jumping into formation, far more numerous than the stars of the sky, into the great rift, in a formation of a massive line.
“All ships, battle stations!” Yar and I’sord ordered from their two ships.
The shields of the entire fleet went up, weapons charged, and fighters launched from their hangers.
Then, once the entire enemy fleet was in formation, nothing happened. The leaders of various ships stared down at the enemy fleet in an uneasy silence.
“Why aren’t they firing?” Asked Yar.
“I have no idea. I say we attack anyways while we still have most of our fleet. I don’t know why Hyperious told us to defend ourselves. This is suicide!” I’sord replied on the secret battle comm. Channel.
“Fine by me.” Yar replied.
“All ships, target every ship you can, and fire on my mark.” Yar ordered.
“All ships, open fire!” Yar said after a few seconds.
The laser fire impacted on the front line of the enemy fleet, destroying a few hundred million ships, but not making very much of an impact.
“Return fire. Show now mercy.” Eternilus ordered aboard the bridge of his personal flagship.
The enemy fleet then fired. A third of the entire fleet was destroyed.
“Evasive manuevers! All ships attack at will!” Yar ordered.
The fleet then came out of formation, scattering, targeting the many various ships on the enemy fleet, each side losing millions and billions of ships within seconds. Chaos rang throughout the battle, fire coming from all directions, explosions causing chain reactions of ships exploding, fighters being lost and launched in a massive minefield of chaos.
“Sir, our core command fleet has been exposed to enemy fire!” The tactical officer warned Yar.
“Command fleet, stay close to my ship. We are going to go in and strike the enemy fleet directly in a lightning strike.” Yar ordered.
I’sord pulled his massive ships alongside the Infinitiii, and the command fleet raced out of position for the center of the enemy fleet.
Destinous picked off the fighters coming near the command fleet, thousands of fighters a minute.
The Infinitiii went beside a massive enemy ship, and a broadside battle ensued for a few seconds, the Infinitiii winning due to superior shielding.
Pride of Mandalore went between several enemy ships, broadsiding all them from both sides, and destroying them.
The Fist of Mon Calamari raced in, firing it’s massive weaponry, destroying many ships in the path of the fleet, while the Dalasian ships protected the core fleet from all the other enemy fire.
Majestic picked off many ships attempting to ambush the fleet from under the Infinitiii.
Archammer IV headed the frontal assault, conjoined with the Infinitiii’s massive superweapon array, destroying many various enemy command ships.
Then, one third of the main fleet was left, barely a noticeable dent in the enemy forces.
The enemy fleet was in disarray as its command ships were lost and the control of many of its ships was lost.
Archammer IV was then destroyed, along with the Majestic.
The remaining ships took advantage of this and started destroying the enemy fleet by destroying the largest enemy ships, whose explosions set off chain reaction explosions among the massive fleet.
Then the enemy fleet started fall back and separate into two separate parts, the remaining command ships under Yar’s command racing off after them and destroying them.
Only one sixth of the fleet was left, but the enemy fleet was destroyed, after the battle had lasted for five hours.
I’sord opened a comm channel to Yar.
“That was too easy, even if we did lose most of our fleet. I suggest we fall back and wait to see what happens.” I’sord said.
“Agreed.” Yar agreed, closing the channel.
The command fleet then moved back, and the ships left formed into a defensive formation.
The 50 Quadrillion enemy ships then retreated back to their space.
An uneasy silence was throughout the great rift, as debris set afire floated throughout the area.
A hailing frequency then came up on the Infinitiii and all the other ships.
A dark figure stood up from a chair on an extremely high-tech, massive bridge.
“I am Eternilus. Surrender and I might show you mercy.” Eternilus said.
“Never.” Yar replied confidently.
“Very well. If death is your destiny, then so be it.” Eternilus said. “Lock all weapons and decloak the ship.” He ordered his ship.
Suddenly, a massive area of space started seeming to fluctuate with energy. A massive metallic wall filled the entire sky.
The ship slowly decloaked, going past kiloparsecs in length, and eventually reaching megaparsecs.
It was a massive, sleek, fierce ship, measuring 700 Quadrillion Megaparsecs in length, dwarfing entire galaxies with its size.
Several small cannons locked on to the fleet from the massive ship.
Aboard Destinous, ED-37 recognized the ship.
“I recognize that ship. It’s Vengeance! A secret ship the Dalasians found drifting in space, from who knows where, and attempted to destroy by sending to another dimension though the great energy fountain. There is no way we can beat that thing. We have to retreat.” ED-37 said.
I’sord also recognized it.
“Yar, all of our ships have to retreat. There is no possible way that we could beat that ship right now. We have to retreat.” He said to Yar on the secret comm channel.
“All ships, retreat!” Yar ordered.
“Fire on their fleet.” Let the non-Dalasian command fleet escape, but destroy all the remaining fleet and the Dalasian ships. I want someone left to tell of the power this ship has, to strike terror and obedience into the minds of the civilians of that galaxy before we invade it.” Eternilus ordered his flagship, Vengeance.
“Firing.” The ship confirmed.
The few cannons targeted fired on the only three times, the massive blasts of energy vaporizing the ships, only the Infinitiii, Pride of Mandalore, Eye of Mon Calamari, and Destinous escaping back to the main galaxy.
It was a major defeat. With such a powerful enemy, and an impending invasion, the chances of the Jedi Order and the galaxy surviving were extremely unfavoring odds.


That's chapter 7, which I may add more detail to later. Chapter 6 part 3 has also received a large update important to the story that wasn't there before, so I'd suggest reading that part again.

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Coup

The Nevarians went to the moon orbiting Randix, Randii Prime, which was also a jungle world like Randix; using their crystalline ships, which were able to transform into various forms, much like the Nevarian physiology.
They landed on the moon, which had a thick, cloudy, upper atmosphere. It had a watery surface, making the entire planet a massive swamp planet.
They went to the biggest mountain on the planet, which was the capital of the Randii race.
The Nevarians were welcomed gladly by the Randii, the owners of the Randix system, who had allowed them to live on Randix, which was not the Nevarian homeworld.
The Nevarian viceroy, Yeivon, spoke to the Randii leader, Rasviil.
The Randii where a sentient Myriapoda race, of the Anthropod phylum. They were massive insectoids, like millipedes, with green-brown exoskeletons, with black diamond markings across their backs. They have two sets of eyes in their head, and eight sensing antenna, which serve for taste, hearing, and smell. Their eyes are highly developed and able to see as well as humanoid eyes are typically capable of. They average from 15 to 26 meters in length as adults, the females being smaller than the males. They have 30 body segments, with 32 pairs of legs, two pairs of legs in their head segment. They are closest in comparison to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harpaphe_haydeniana, and they are herbivores. Their technology is incredibly advanced and intricate, mostly in the area of computers and engines, but lacking in weapons and defense technology. They, in unison with the Dalasians, invented the ventdrive system, a system estimated to be 5000 times faster than hyperdrive technology.
They also helped the Dalasians create the most powerful computer technology possible, opening new possibilities of how intricate Dalasian technology could be. With Nevarian help, the Dalasians were able to start creating heavily adapted technology in usison with Randii computer systems, which eventually developed far enough to be able to work in unison with Dalasian weapons and defense technology and Nevarian transforming superadaptive technology as transdimensional technology, the most adaptive technology ever created, able to transform to adapt to anything, due to highly complex subatomic technology managed by Randii computer technology.

The Nevarians and Randii quickly formed together, conjoining their forces to help the Dalasians. They amassed a fleet of 210 Dalasian battleships, warships, curisers, destroyers, frigates, and dreadnaughts.
They first set a course to nevarious, a massive, blue and purple colored rogue gas giant with a very precise and unlikely set of moons, the biggest moon having seven moons orbiting it, and 3 moons orbiting each of those seven moons. These moons were Nevarous Prime, and Nevaria I-XXI. At Nevarious, the Nevarians and Randii kept a massive strike fleet specifically designed for counterattack in an event such as this.
They gathered the ships, 600,401 ships in total, and jumped to Dalasias Alpha.

They met a massive blockade of enemy ships, along with noticing Vengeance in the sky, which was launching millions more ships every second.
They managed to break through, and took control of the hidden gas giant, Oosumi, which had five moons, which was orbiting Ra, of the two binary stars in Dalasias Alpha, Ra and Tau.

Oosumi was cloaked, both visually and temporally, but was known to the Dalasians and Nevarians, not kept on computer records. It’s five moons, Caar, Jueven, Kendaran, Raiken, and Likani where specially outfitted with various defense systems, Caar, Jueven, and Likani with massive weapons arrays, and Kendaran and Raiken with massive shield and cloaking generators, and also Transdimenional wormhole generators, designed to transport Oosumi to another dimenion if needed. Oosumi itself had three massive space stations hidden inside it, one at each pole, and one in it’s core.

These stations were, in the north and south, named Oosumi Alpha, and Oosumi Omega, and the core station was Oosumi Prime. The north and south stations were massive disks, each measuring 22,000 KM in diameter, the core station 11,000 KM in dimater, and the planet itself being 750,002 KM in Diameter.

They took control of Oosumi, using it as a foothold position in Dalasias Alpha, using the massive twenty million ship fleet at Oosumi to punch through the blockade, and take Vieil, the massive, icey moon of Dalas, Dalas being a massive water world home to the Dalasians.
Vieil had a massive network of shield projector arrays and supercannons, which were capable of defending Dalasias alpha on a massive scale, the shields sheilding every planet in the system, and the supercannons capable of destroying massive planet-dwarfing ships. The used it to sheild their fleet, and quickly took back Dalas, freeign the Dalasians, and their leader quickly. Once Dalas was captured, they took control back in the entire system in a massive coup, however, Eternilus used Vengeance to lock them out from taking back control of the rest of Dalasian territory.

(Specific details on Dalasias Alpha, the Dalasians, and all that other stuff will be provided later, IE, details on almost every aspect of every planet in the system, including a map.)

The Dalasians and Nevarians were trapped, using Vieil to project all of its shielding capability around the system, which, at the moment, were impenetrable by Vengeance’s weapons.

At this very tiem, however, Eternilus was already sending his massive fleet to take over the main galaxy. Defense would be futile, but the galactic residents would soon gather their ground forces together to defend their planets, in one last, final act of desperation.


Yeah, it was short, but I'll add more detail later, as I keep saying, and I will do... Eventually. In mean time, I just want to get the 'core idea' of the story done.

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9: The Invasion and the Rescue

“Is the invasion force ready?” asked Tiran onboard Dominance.
“Assault force adapted to specific invasion protocols. Defenses against Hyperion Class ships enacted. (Hyperion Class ships are any and all ships exceeding 1000 kilometers in length. Most Dalasian warships are much larger than 1000 kilometers.) All ships destroyed in great Rift battle have been rebuilt and repaired. Currently, 800 quadrillion ships are on standby.” Dominance’s computer replied.
“Hail Vengeance.” Tiran ordered.
The hailing came up on Dominance’s forward veiwscreen.
“What is it?” Asked Eternilus, turning around. Javelin, Tiran’s son, could be see in background, in red and black sith robes, wielding two red lightsabers being trained by Eternilus.
“The invasion force is ready, my lord.” Tiran said.
“You may give the command. I have my own matters to attend to. Particularly killing the Jedi who escaped me… I suggest that you send out that bounty hunter of yours- tell him to find those Jedi. I have something special planned for them…” Eternilus ordered.
“As you command, my master.” Tiran said, closing the hailing frequency.
“Computer, launch invasion force. Also, alert Vaj’ to find the jedi that Eternilus was speaking of.” Tiran ordered.
“Enacting commands.” The computer alerted, sending the invasion command to the fleet, and also alerting Vaj’ of his next mission.

“Sir, long range sensors are detecting 800 Quadrillions ships converging on this galaxy.” The tactical officer onboard the Infinitiii reported.
“Tactical Options?” Asked Yar.
“Attempting to defend this galaxy would be suicide. We should retreat, to as far away as possible.” The Tactical advisor beside the tactical officer answered.
“Would it be possible to rescue at least fraction of each of the races in the galaxy?” Yar asked, after thinking for a few moments.
“It would be impossible to save the lives of almost every important sentient in the galaxy with only three ships, despite the size of our three ships, but yes, we could rescue possibly several to a few hundred million of each species, but doing so, we’d be putting life support systems on our ships to the limit, considering how many planets there are, and how much we’d have to augment the life support to suit various species with different environmental settings besides the normal oxygen-nitrogen-carbon dioxide atmosphere most species need. I suggest we only save leaders, scientists, and high ranking military personnel.” ED-37 said, walking on the bridge.
“That plan could work. Let me consult with the other Admirals…” Yar said.
“There is no time! I have calculated how much time we have to perform a massive rescue operation, and we cannot waste any more time. I only have a two-minute time limit to speak until it becomes impossible to do this. Instruct the computer to alert the other two Admirals of the plan, and then we’ll start.” Ed-37 said, nearly taking charge.
“Computer alert the other two Admirals of ED-37’s plan.’ Yar ordered the computer.
“Okay, so how exactly would we do this?” Asked Yar.
“Give me control of all three ships, the most efficient way to do this would be for me to coordinate this myself.” ED-37 said.
“Very well then…” Yar said, standing up out of his command chair, and allowing ED-37 to sit in it. ED-37 quickly overrode the security systems, and took control of the three ships: The Infinitiii, Eye of Mon Calamari, and Pride of Mandalore.
ED-37 adapted and fused his hand into the command console, linking with it, for a direct ‘neural’ link to control the ships.
“Diverting power to transport systems, stealth networks, engines, shields, and long range communications.” The Computer alerted.
“Fleet separation initiated. Triangulated chain jump rescue scenario initiated.” The computer alerted, all three ships separating and going to different planets, rapidly, transporting millions off of the surface of each planet. The rescue went smoothly, each rescue at each planet taking only a few seconds, and the whole operation taking a quarter of an hour. The three ships regrouped outside of the main galaxy, along the edge of one of its spiral arms.
“Operation complete. Estimated 15 billion passengers onboard ships.” The computer alerted. (Each ships carries a crew averaging a billion to three billion crewmembers, the Infinitiii having 3.5 Billion, Eye of Mon Calamari having 2.5 Billion, and Pride of Mandalore carrying 1.5 Billion. Split between the three ships, this is about a 200% increase in people on the three ships.
Ed-37 stood up from the command chair, defusing his hand from the command console. “It’s done. You may have you command back now. What we do to defeat the enemy will be another issue entirely.” ED-37 said.
At that same time, Eternilus’s forces invaded and took over the main galaxy, each planet falling under control within minutes. Trillions died trying to defend their homeworlds, leaving a massive wound in the force.
“Then I suggest we gather all our leaders for a meeting about what we are going to do, then.” Yar said.

Nalan was asleep on Destinous, in the Infinitiii’s main hanger. He was dreaming, having another vision, but this vision only being one he could hear, but not see.
“Never, never since Revan, have I ever seen such potential, such power…” An old-sounding, female voice said.
“Who are you?” Asked Nalan subconsciously.
“My identity, along with the identity of the one you spoke with before, cannot yet be revealed… The force is reaching the point of a great collision. This, you must manipulate, and heal.” The voice answered.
“What collision? How do I heal the force?” Asked Nalan subconsciously.
“Something is wrong with the force. In the past, I never understood it truly, until I met it face to face, in death. Dark times best left unspoken…” The voice answered.
“What is wrong with the force?” Nalan asked subconsciously.
“In the time I was mortal, I wanted it dead, and in that, there was a wound in it, one I tried to manipulate, and that wound killed me. Now, I finally see it. I finally understand its purpose… It is ironic in itself, chosen one… In its attempts to achieve order, all it has ever achieved is death… Time and time again… These events have repeated themselves many a time… The collision… You must not allow this collision to collapse the very framework by which the force exists- a mistake you have made many times in different times.” The voice said.
“What? Why? I don’t understand…” Nalan said, suddenly becoming conscious in the dream, seeing a figure of light almost identical to the other figure of light he had seen in the other vision.
“Have you ever asked yourself the great questions, chosen one? Have you ever considered that it may be something more than what you know and can perceive? The greatest question being; what is the purpose of life, of the universe? The greatest questions; they are what the purpose of the force is. The force is the essence of all things, this essence, seeking order to answer that very question, and to finally discover its final purpose…” The voice said.
“I still don’t understand…” Nalan said.
“Without chaos, there is no order. Without order, there is no chaos. Neither one can exist without the other, and when one is lost, nothing and everything happens.” The voice answered.
“Nothing and everything? That doesn’t make any sense…” Nalan said.
“No, you do not understand. By nothing, I mean nothing. Nothing exists when that happens. When that happens everything will cease to exist- everything. Including the framework of the force. And it will all happen all over again when there is nothing to stop everything from happening. This time, it must be different! That is the purpose of the Chosen one. To bring balance to the force, to intervene and stop this collapse from ever happening.” The voice explained.
“That doesn’t make any sense…” Nalan said, confused.
“It will, eventually. In time, the pieces will fall into place, and you will understand…” The voice said.
“Why? How?” Asked Nalan.
“It is because… From curiosity can come fear… And from fear… self-destruction.” The voice explained.
“I think I understand a little better now… What would you have me do?” Asked Nalan.
“Be a leader.” The voice answered imperatively.
“How?” Asked Nalan, realizing that the words of whom he was speaking to in vision seemed to always have a hidden meaning.
“There is one… Searching for you… I believe he is called Vaj’… He does not know any better than to follow the dark path… Seek him out, and show him the force. Speak none of this… There is also… another…”

The voice said, the vision then suddenly ending.
Nalan then woke up.
“So, you have been touched by the force… More than the others or I have… Why?” Asked Jasiin, coming into Nalan’s quarters.
“Apparently, I’m the chosen one…” Nalan answered.
“The chosen one? That title bears with it much weight…. To walk the path of the Jedi… It is not easy… And for you… You seem to be something more… but I can’t seem to see what that greater something is…” Jasiin said, studying Nalan.
“You are tense… But you may keep your secrets…” Jasiin said, walking out of the room.
“That was… odd…” Nalan thought.
“Come, Nalan, Grand Admiral Yar has called a meeting with everyone. We must all go to it.” Master Jonn said, walking past Nalan’s quarters to get to the transport room on Destinous.

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Not bad Arc.

I think that it is really interesting to see something in a story with such a large scale. I'm not saying that it is a bad think at all, it is just something that you don't normally see in a story. I do have to say that you are quite creative with the character's names!

Good job Arc, I think that there is potential in this story. I do have one tip though. When a new person is talking, you should start a new paragraph. It makes the story much easier to read. Good job!

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Preparation for attack

"All in attendance come to order, please." Yar ordered all of the various people of different species across a massive table in a huge discussion lounge, Yar seated at the center right side of the table.
"As you can all see, you are aboard three different massive warships. This meeting would be smoother if we all breathed the same gases and lived in the same temperatures but that's not possible, so only some of you were able to come to this room." Yar said.
"We have a problem. The entire galaxy has been taken over by a being of the darkside, whom controls a massive ship identified as 'Vengeance'. As you can tell, we are in need of a plan." Yar said.
"The most logical course of action was to first save as many as we could. The next part is to figure out how we could attack and defeat an enemy as strong as this." ED-37 explained.
"Oh, indeed, that plan does bear logic, but I have a better plan in store... Nalan, we must leave. Travel to Coruscant. There are things you must face. The woman's voice from the vision said inside his mind during the meeting.
As the leaders were conversing Nalan stood up and asked to be excused, and then left, to get on Destinous and leave.
He then took the ship out of the hanger and jumped to Coruscant, cloaked, and landed. The instant he stepped out of his ship, Vaj's suit's sensors detected him.
Vaj' brought his ship in behind Nalan, and a dark figure wielding two red lightsabers approached him.
"Come to the Darkside, or die." The figure said.
Nalan could sense massive power in the force in this being. The being wasn't Eternilus though. It was someone else.
He could see the person clearly now, right in front of him. He had a familiar face.
"Who are you?" Asked Nalan.
"I am Javelin." The person said, holding his two red lightsabers in an offensive stance.
"What do you intend to do?" Asked Nalan.
"Capture you, for my masters." Javelin said.
"I think not." Nalan said, taking out his two cyan lightsabers.
"Very well then. Die." Javelin said, attacking Nalan.
Nalan dodged, and they crossed sabers.
They both tried to hit each other; to find that every move they did was nearly identical. Javelin was perfectly countering Nalan.
"You're good... But not good enough." Nalan said to Javelin, then increasing the speed of his attacks, knocking Javelin off of his feet.
Nalan went in for the kill, but then a beam of energy hit him and held him. A stasis field.
"You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?" Taunted Vaj', flying behind him.
"Feel this one's mind. Show him the force." The woman's voice said in Nalan's mind.
Nalan reached out, and attempted to persuade Vaj' with the force.
Vaj' shook it off, and said, "Sorry, but mind tricks don't work on me."
"It wasn't a mind trick..." Nalan retorted.
"This is pointless. Let's take him to Tiran." Said Javelin.
"Alright then." Vaj' said, taking him into the cargo hold on his ship, having the cargo hold project a stasis field, and the two then traveling out of Coruscant's atmosphere, and landing in Dominance's hanger.
They then transported to Dominance's bridge, Vaj' holding Nalan in a stasis field.
"So, you have the Jedi. My master will be pleased." Tiran said.
"I'll never turn to the darkside." Nalan said.
"So quick to jump to conclusions, are we, Nalan?" Asked Tiran provokingly.
"No. But you are." Nalan said.
"You have no idea just how big this plan is... See... there's something you don't know about me..." Tiran said.
"And what is that?" Asked Nalan.
"I, Nalan... I am your father. Tiran Cron." Tiran said.
"Oh don't be trying to pull 'a Vader' on me..." Nalan said, not believing it.
"Oh, it's true. I am your father, and Javelin is your brother. You will turn, eventually." Tiran said.
"No. I am not the son of a murderer!" Nalan said angrily.
"Good... Feel your anger. Come to the darkside..." Tiran said evilly.
"Computer, give me a biological sampler tool." Tiran ordered the computer.
"Enacting command." the computer obeyed, transporting what he asked for into his hand.
"With this, your power will be mine..." Tiran said, showing him the tool. Tiran then jabbed it in his arm, and it took a sample of his blood, and violently took it out when finished.
"Computer, scan this sample, and devise a way to clone the midiclorians in his blood." Tiran ordered the computer.
The computer then took the blood sample, transporting the tool out of Tiran's hand.
"Why do you do this, murderer? Are you so blind as to allow the darkside to consume you?" Asked Nalan provokingly.
"It is more than you think. I was once a Jedi, like you. But the darkside... It made sense. Its call was undeniable. And, it filled something in me I that have lost... A memory... I know it's gone but I don't know what it is. And this side of the force- it filled it. Not your side- his side!" Tiran explained, pointing out of the ship viewscreen at Vengeance.
"You have been deceived. If all you seek is to regain your memory, why join him?" Asked Nalan.
Tiran thought for a second.
"This conversation... Is over! Throw him in the brig. Highest security protocols." Tiran said and ordered.
"You will have to face it eventually, father..." Nalan said.
The stasis field around Nalan then suddenly dropped.
The woman spirit that spoke to Nalan then went into Vaj’s mind, and showed him the error of his ways.
"I see it now… You will not take him!" Vaj' suddenly, unexpectedly said, taking out his blasters and firing at Tiran, who took out two green lightsabers and blocked the fire, saying, "You traitor! You're on his side!"
Before anyone could do anything, Vaj' transported himself and Nalan back to his ship, and then raced out of the hanger, shooting open the hanger doors.
He then transported Nalan to Destinous, once out of Dominance’s shield radius.
Nalan was at the cockpit of Destinous. He took off, and got in line with Vaj's ship.
Vaj' hailed Nalan as they began evading laserfire from Dominance and other ships in orbit of Coruscant.
"At first, I didn't believe you, but now, thanks to you, I finally realize that I was on the wrong side." Vaj' said.
"He's activated a gravity well projector!" Nalan said, as the sensors indicated one coming from Dominance.
"Detonate some quantum missiles beside your engines, and then try to jump." Vaj' said.
"Okay... This had better work!" Nalan said, firing the missiles.
They detonated by the engines, creating a shockwave, and for a few seconds, nullifying the gravity well's effect of Destinous due to the interference from the quantum missiles. In those few seconds, he got the chance to jump, going back to the main fleet, coming in beside the Infinitiii.
Vaj' did the same, and also escaped.
“Enemy fighter detected. Activating anti-fighter defenses.” The Infinitiii computer said the instant that Vaj’s ship jumped in behind Destinous.
“Enemy targeting scanners locked on vessel.” Vaj’s ship alerted him.
Vaj’ hailed the Infinitiii with the neural control link on his ship. “Hold your fire! I am on your side!” He said.
“Computer, cease anti-fighter defensive protocols.” Yar ordered.
The Infinitiii’s anti-fighter turrents recoiled and powered down.
After that, Vaj’ and Nalan joined the leaders in their meeting.
“I possess Vengeance’s schematics. In studying it for weaknesses, I found none. It is not a Dalasian ship. It more advanced than Dalasian technology, so advanced that it’s intricacies are impossible to understand by the Dalasians and myself. The Dalasians did, however, possess a special means of travel. Trans-dimensional jumps. We can escape to another dimension for as long as we need, and plot out a plan of attack. We need to gather resources. It would be in our best interests to attempt to free the Dalasians, a task I believe is possible.” ED-37 said, then bringing turning on the massive veiwscreen in the lounge.
A map of the entire universe, and nearby dimensions was brought up. It showed Vengeance above the Dalasian territory, its size making it fill up a third of the entire dimension.
ED-37 zoomed in on the Dalasian homesystem. It showed a quarantine-like shield being kept around the system, by Vengeance.
“I believe that a lightning strike in coordination of our three ships on the part of Vengeance projecting this shield around Dalasias Alpha could work, and free the Dalasians. Last time I remember in my memory core, the Dalasians were working on a superdefense system, a massive disk around their homesystem, which could act as a massive shield generator, cloaking array, Transdimensional jump gate, and a superweapon on a intergalactic scale. I would estimate that it at this time is capable of transdimension jumps, but it can’t do that with a quarantine-like shield projected around it blocking it’s access to subspace. Once the shield was down, we could all jump to a nearby Dimension, traveling through a previously used Dimensional portal. Traveling through a previously opened hole between dimensions instead of making a new one would be the safest was to avoid a dimensional collapse. And that, that is the only plan my tactical database says could work.” ED-37 said.
“All in favor of this plan; say Aye.” Yar said, as ED-37 finished.
Everyone agreed, saying Aye.
“Then there’s no time to waste. Let’s get our ships prepared for attack.” ED-37.


Yes, I realize that the past few chapters are a little substandard, but I'm kind of in a rush in attempting to get to the good parts, and eventually tot he next part, the Transdimensional war. I'm sort of getting a mild writers's block from writing the parts I myself consider boring, but important. The Great Dark war will probably be 12-15 chapters, and the next one will be a lot better, and a lot longer. Who knows, I may even make the next one a series of sorts... Also, if a moderator could change the title to not include 'Chapter 5 update', I'd appreciate it. It's already chapter 10... And I can't change the title to say 'chapter 10 update'...

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Not a bad chapter there Arc!

"It wasn't a mind trick..."

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I added a little more between Tiran and Nalan in chapter
10. Chapters 11 and 12 will be quite action packed...

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11: The First Assault

“All ships in formation. All systems report back green.” The Infinitiii’s computer reported.
“Carry out programmed attack plan.” ED-37 said from command in Yar’s command chair, through the ‘neural’ interface with the command console.
“Jumping. Triangulated assault patterns initiated.” The Infinitiii alerted, jumping the three ships.
They were, in seconds, at Dalasias Alpha. Vengeance, with a quick reaction time, instantly opened fire.
“Evasive patterns activated. Countermeasures activated.” The Infinitiii alerted, the three ships splitting up and then projecting their shields in rapid fluctuations, effectively deterring enemy fire.
“Converging on energy projection point.” The Infinitiii alerted, the three ships powering weapons and firing on the projector system. However, it didn’t work, because Vengeance’s shields were too strong.
“Initiating adaptive programmed plans.” The Infinitiii alerted.
Pride of Mandalore broke off and kept maneuvering evasively, devoting weapons power to scanning Vengeance at the area the shield was being projected around Dalasias Alpha.
“Rotating frequency locked. Adapting weapons. Course of action: Divert source of power. Selected.” The Infinitiii alerted.
The Infinitiii and Eye of Mon Calamari fired their superweapons arrays on a rapid rotating frequency, at the beam of energy projecting the shield around Dalasias Alpha. The beams were so powerful that they glowed with a blinding white-purple coloration.
Pride of Mandalore shielded the two ships while they focused on taking down the shield. It took twenty seconds, Pride of Mandalore’s shields down to 44%, but then, the firepower finally disrupted the shield, pushing it back towards Vengeance.
“Shield disabled. Alerting Dalasias Alpha of plan.” The Infinitiii alerted.
Once the shield was down a huge disk around Dalasias Alpha suddenly decloaked, and locked gravitational beams on everything in the system, holding them in place. The Disk then started sending pulses of energy throughout itself, the pulses coming faster and faster, until the disk fired three huge beams of energy at each other, and then a huge object like a column decloaked in the middle, and send out three more beams at the disk, which them converged at one point inside the disk. The disk then rotated, and a vortex of energy slowly formed. Then, once formed, the disk jumped through it, and the three ships followed. One everything was through, the vortex disappeared.

“Find them, and follow them!” Eternilus ordered.
“Further transdimension jumps with this ship has a 82% probability of causing a chain-reaction dimentional collapse. That action would not be advisable. Sending smaller ships to follow through previously opened transdimension portals would be the most advisable.” Vengeance’s computer said.
“Very well. Send in Dominance, and a small portion of the fleet.” Eternilus ordered.
“Enacting commands.” The computer obeyed.

The three ships pulled into spacedock at the green-white gas giant, Keniner. A massive gas giant, possessing three huge disk-like shipyards encompassing the entire planet.
Then, Yar and the highest in command were transported to the high command room on Dalas.
“Thank you for your help.” Hyperious said to them.
“You received our message of a plan, right? We’re in the wrong dimension.” Yar said.
“No, where you wanted to go was the wrong dimension to chose. Where we went and are now is the safest one we know of. Thanks to your help, we may have bought the time to complete the IOTSDA, or Isordious Omega Transdimensional Superdisk Array. We will upgrade your ships as well as we can, but apparently, the best was to attack Vengeance is to attack it directly. It doesn’t have any weak spots. We have devised a possible plan, besides just going into all-out battle with it. Before you ask, the Dimension you are in is called Dalasias Omega- it is our secret emergency military fortification site, which we intend to use to recapture your galaxy for you.

The Infinitiii was patrolling the outer dimensional boundaries, when suddenly, a transdimension portal opened.
Dominance came out, along with a small fleet.
“Full stop!” Tiran ordered, as he saw the Infinitiii right in front of Dominance few thousand kilometers away.
All the ships stopped.
“Scan Dominance.” Yar ordered.
“Scans inconclusive. Sensors jammed.” The computer said after the scans came back with nothing.
Yar sat in his command chair, and waited, not knowing what to do.
“He wants us to make the first move… Why…?” Tiran said, thinking out loud.
“Scan the entire dimension.” Tiran ordered.
“Scanning… scans complete. Large technologically advanced galaxy cluster detected 600 million megaparsecs north. Attack unadvisable.” The computer said.
“Give me a thorough scan, and give me manual helm control.” Tiran ordered.
“Enacting orders.” The computer alerted.
“Scans complete. Galaxy cluster previously mentioned is heavily fortified with Dalasian technology. Attack with a larger fleet would be advisable.” The computer said once it completed the scans.
Tiran then took control of the helm, and flew right over the Infinitiii, brushing shields with it, and the bridge sections passing close enough for both Yar and Tiran to see each other for a brief moment, then, Dominance and the fleet swung back in the other direction and went back through the transdimension portal.
“That was odd… Why would he come and not attack…? Unless… If he knows about our secret base…” Yar said in realization.
“Jump to Dalas- maximum speed!” Yar ordered.
“Jumping now, sir.” The helmsman obeyed, flipping the ship around and taking it to Dalas at full speed, the trip taking half an hour.
Yar arrived back at the Dalas command center, and called a meeting with all the leaders.
After everyone say down, he said, “Recently, I encountered Dominance, which scanned this dimension. Tiran left in an apparent retreat, but I think he’s probably going to bring back a large fleet to attempt to take us down. We have to attack Vengeance now, but we need a plan. Does anyone have a plan?”
“There are several problems with attacking Vengeance. For one, it’s size. Attacking something that big is impossible without fast enough engines and good enough shields and weapons. Second, its shields are pretty much impenetrable as far as I can tell. If we try to attack it directly without proper shielding ourselves, we’d wind up being vaporized by its shields. Thirdly, the technology it has is much more advanced than ours. I don’t even need to mention all the other things… I say we keep hiding and try to advance our technology far enough to be able to eventually fight it.” Hyperious said.
“There may be no time…” Yar said.
“There’s enough time to escape to another dimension if we need to, and-“ Hyperious said, A jolt like an earthquake cutting him off. Everyone then went flying into the south wall of the command room, and the atomic structure of the entire area started to vibrate. Then, suddenly, it stopped, and an alarm started going.
Red lights started flashing everywhere.
“What just happened?” Hyperious asked the computer in the command room.
“This galaxy has somehow been thrown into the previous dimension we are in, right on top of the main galaxy of the other species’ of this dimension.
“What? How?” Asked Hyperious.
“A massive gravititational jolt pulled this galaxy through this Dimension and our previous location’s transdimension portal.” The computer answered.
“Oh feirfek…” ED-37 said, after using his built in long-range scanners.
“What is it Ed?” Asked Yar.
“Vengeance is right on top of us, on top of this galaxy cluster. Powering its most powerful weapon, which is pointed straight at this galaxy... In a few days, this galaxy, and all of us, will be gone from existence in every aspect of existing. We have to attack Vengeance. I might also add that I have managed to come up with a possible plan, but the chances of it working are slim. I have some prototype engine designs for a new, faster engine system for our ships. We only have a few hours, and in this plan, I’d say that engines are more important than shields. We’ll need the entire fleet.” ED-37 said.
“Get to it then.” Hyperious said.
“Right away.” ED-37 said, transporting himself to Keniner with a portable transporting system he had inside him.
It only took a few hours, but the fleet was quickly ready, and the IOTSDA was completed, once all available resources were donated to it.
After everything was ready, they began immediately.
“Okay, here’s the plan- We use the IOTSDA to punch a hole in Vengeance’s shields, and then we go in and race to it’s bridge section, The Dalasian fleet giving cover fire, and allow Nalan and his crew on Destinous land in the enemy ship and take over it on the bridge. Once they’ve landed, we provide cover fire as a distraction.” Ed-37 said over the fleetwide hailing frequency.
They then launched, a small fleet of several trillion automated Dalasian ships, and the three main ships racing in. Vengeance fired at all of the ships mercilessly and with deadly accuracy, quickly destroying the front line.
Then, the IOTSDA focused it’s energy, and fired, disrupting the shield slightly, and ina few seconds slowly breaking through. After a few more seconds, here was a momentary break in the shield, and the entire fleet went through it quickly. At they stared down and raced across Vengeance’s massive hull, ships began to get destroyed faster and faster the farther they went. Eventually, every single Dalasian ship was destroyed, and they had barely even made any progress across Vengeance’s hull. It was a massive firefight of evasion, as the trip to Vengeance’s bridge took almost six hours, the shields on the three ships barely holding, and Pride of Mandalore getting destroyed first, but luckily, the crew was transported onto the Infinitiii in the knick of time. Eye of Mon Calamari was able to keep the shield working, while the Infinitiii used it’s engines and a gravitational field to do most of the engine work for it and Eye of Mon Calamari. Then, the shield started to get weaker. Then, out of nowhere, the gravitational field was disrupted, and the ships fell away from each other, separated by millions of parsecs. They tried to get back together, but the attempts to do so were unsuccessful as Vengeance tried to slow them down any way possible. The Infinitiii was able to dodge a new, much more dense and powerful spray of firepower for a while, until a huge cannon fired and hit it on the side, knocking out its shields. Then, several cannons fired from out of nowhere, forming one precise beam, and punching a huge hole through the Infinitiii’s starboard side.
Then several more massive blasts hit it as it’s engines struggled to keep balance, and several of its main maneuvering ventdrives were knocked offline. The Infinitiii was then send careening out of control, flying on its side. It then hit Vengeance’s hull- hard.
As it made contact with the hull, the friction and force crushed and ripped apart it’s entire forward starboard side, like a nail file cutting down out a smooth fingernail to a jagged, mangled edge on its side.
The Infinitiii screeched to a halt on Vengeance’s hull, a fell over on its side.
“Engines down! Shield generators down! Forward starboard section destroyed! Primary core section exposed. Six hundred million casualties-” The tactical officer on the Infinitiii reported, and Yar cut him off, “That doesn’t matter all that matters is that we get this ship far enough to deploy Destinous. Hopefully Eye of Mon Calamari will be able to pick up.”
And sure enough, Eye of Mon Calamari, slightly scarred, used several tractor beams to pick up the Infinitiii, hauling it to where it needed to go, barely dodging the firepower coming at them.
Tiran watched as the battle took place, from the bridge of Dominance.
“My son is on that ship…” Tiran thought, and then remembered how he had felt he had forgotten something.
“Computer, scan my brain, on all frequencies, are there any anomalies?” He asked.
“Scanning… Yes, there is an electrical anomaly blocking most of your brain’s memory cells from all the other cells. This was not previously noticed due to it being hidden on a very low subspace band.
“Can it be removed, so that I have access to that part of my memory?” Asked Tiran.
“No, it is to integrated with your brain. Surgery to remove it would be fatal. They only way to remove it is to remove it all at once instantly. It also seems to be composed of darkside force energy.” The computer answered.
“It is? Can you tell if it’s coming from somewhere?” Asked Tiran, curiously, with a hunch.
“Scanning… It’s emanating from the bridge of Vengeance.” The computer answered.
“He’s been manipulating me all along… Raise shields on all deflective bands!” Tiran ordered.
“Enacting orders.” The computer alerted. Tiran suddenly felt a huge flood of memory come back to him, and the darkside vanished from him.
“Now I remember…” Tiran said remembering the rest of his life.
“Give me manual control. Activate all weapons, shields, every combat system on the entire ship, and lock on to Vengeance.” Tiran ordered, turning back to the lightside.
Tiran took control of the ship, and maneuvered it into Vengeance’s shields, passing through them, and racing over to where Eye of Mon Calamari was hauling the Infinitiii. The trip would several minutes.
“Tiran, what are you doing?” Eternilus asked Tiran on a hailing frequency.
“Joining the battle, sir. I wanted to fight an old enemy of mine…” Tiran said, trying to sound like he was still under the control of the darkside.
Eternilus looked at him intuitively. “This isn’t your battle, it’s mine.” Eternilus said.
“Okay… Then I’ll just stay ready by trailing the battle if any backup is needed.” Tiran said.
“Very well. But don’t get too independently minded, my servant.” Eternilus said, closing the channel.
Then, Eye of Mon Calamari was destroyed, a few seconds after The Infinitiii got it’s engines back online and focused its shields around its damaged section.
The Infinitiii raced on, with Dominance in pursuit.
And then, suddenly, a huge volley of blasts hit the Infinitiii on the starboard side, passing through the shields.
A huge burst of light came, and then, a surge of energy went through the Infinitiii, and it exploded, it’s primary power core hit, the explosion breaking it into two huge pieces, which quickly started careening down to the bridge section.
“No… I must save them! Computer, intercept and tractor the pieces of the Infinitiii, transport their crew on board and jump to Dalasias Alpha.” Tiran ordered.
Dominance quickly, on autopilot, raced up to the Infinitiii and transported its surviving crew on board, along with Destinous, and locked tractor beams on the two pieces of it, and raced to Dalasias Alpha. Dominance’s shield phased it through Dalasias Alpha’s shields, and the remaining Dalasian fleet quickly came to intercept.
“Tiran? I’m going to make to suffer for all the deaths you’ve caused.” Hyperious said to Tiran, on the hailing frequency he had established to Dominance form the Hyperion.
“No, I come in peace. I can explain. I’m not your enemy any more. I was under the control of Eternilus.” Tiran explained.
“I still don’t believe you, but… We have you at a disadvantage right now, so I’ll take my chances and let you explain. What say you?” Asked Hyperious.
“Well, it’s a long story…” Started Tiran...


Chapter 11 is finished. Chapter 12 will be the last chapter, I think.

My next story will be The Trandimensional War, which will happen not too long after this story is finished. I think the next one will be much better. I may have to ask advice about how to do it first, though.

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Feel free to ask, although I might not be of much help.

That wasn't a bad chapter at all. Just trying to get a grasp on how large these ships are and how many people are on them is hard. I have never read a story that has such a large scale. I guess that I am just thinking out loud though. Great chapter though, and I am certainly looking forward to more. Keep up the great work!

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Chapter 12: Defeat of Eternilus

After a long conversation, Tiran and Hyperious were able to trust each other. But they would soon have to enter battle again, and attempt to stop Vengeance and Eternilus before it was too late. Seven billion lives had already been lost in the last battle.
They gathered for a meeting, to plan for the battle, Tiran heading the meeting.
“As discussed with Hyperious, I am now on your side, and I deeply regret my previous actions. But we have little time for that. I will tell you my plan and we’ll go from there.” Tiran said.
“What is your plan?” Yar asked.
“In my time serving under Eternilus, the time was taken to put all tactical data of Vengeance on my ship. As you must have noticed, Dominance was able to handle Vengeance quite well, due to upgrades based on Vengeance’s technology. I intend to rebuild the Infinitiii as quickly as possible, and our Yar and my ships will head an attack run on Vengeance, and drop off Destinous in the bridge section of Vengeance, as previously planned by you. Except this time, we’ll have an advantage. Our ships will be equal in power to Vengeance’s technology.” Tiran said, then pausing.
“The only problem is, well, Eternilus. He has great power, and I wouldn’t be sure if it would be possible to take him down in combat. Therefore, Nalan will lead a group to confront Eternilus, and distract him, while the other group takes attempts to destabilize Vengeance’s primary power core. Before that though, there is a chance to bring back the lives I have ended. Vengeance isn’t just a massive battleship with superweapons. It’s also capable of recreating things on a massive scale. We can use this ability to bring back the lives of those lost, and reform everything lost in the galaxy, including planets destroyed in the time of the reign of the empire, and in all other cases in which innocent lives have been lost. But please, don’t get your hopes up. In all the battles I’ve served in and commanded in, I have not won all of them. We will have to be prepared for surprises. It would be useful to leave Vengeance intact, but I think that is far too much power for anyone to have, so it must be destroyed. We have only a about an hour before vengeance fires on us, so we have to do this quickly.” Tiran said.
“Questions?” Tiran asked.
Hyperious looked around. “None.” He answered.
“Good. Let’s go.” Tiran said, leaving the room.
In a few minutes, Tiran used Dominance’s technology to rebuild the Infinitiii quickly, and heavily upgraded it, especially in the structural integrity area, giving it a massive boost in defensive capability, weapons and engine power.
After that was done, they got on board, but before that, Mandalore came up to Yar.
“For millennia, the clans of my race have been conquerors, without true honor. Only until we met forces like this, and were forced to defend the galaxy, did we realize what true honor was. There was no honor in what we did so long ago, in the Mandalorian Wars, and now that my clans and I realize what true honor is, we wish to aid you on your vessel, and be able to return from battle as saviors instead of conquerors. To redeem our name.” Was what Mandalore said to him.
Yar agreed, and the Mandalorians came on board the Infinitiii, to man every gun and weapon, and participate in the great battle.
Tiran and Yar lined their ships up alongside each other, and then jumped to Vengeance, racing at incredibly high speeds, to fast for its weapons to hit the ships. They came up at the bridge section in minutes, and launched Destinous.
Destinous raced in firing, blowing out a hanger door and racing inside, blowing through walls of Vengeance, going towards the main bridge section, whilst Vaj’, Jasiin, and ED-37 went to the ship’s computer core and main power core sections.
It only took five minutes to blast through the lightly defended internal structure, and onto the bridge. Nalan landed Destinous right in front of Vengeance’s forward veiwscreen, and all the Jedi came out to confront Eternilus.
Eternilus approached them, his shadow-saber staff ignited.
“You dare face me?” He said.
“You are fools. I am much more powerful than any of you.” He taunted coolly.
“Why do you follow the darkside?” Nalan asked.
“Why? Isn’t it obvious?” Eternilus said.
“Anyone can be redeemed. The Lightside has always triumphed.” Master Jonn said.
“You do not understand.” Eternilus said.
“No, we understand perfectly well. It is you who doesn’t understand.” Master Tar-Van said confidently.
“I am the darkside. I am its heart. I, we, are and am the sum of the souls and forces of all the darkside. It is what I am. I am the chaos that brings order in darkness.” Eternilus said.
“That’s impossible. You’re lying.” Master Jonn said boldly.
“Am I? Would you care to feel my power? No? If you will not turn, I will have to bring the darkness to you.” Eternilus said.
The Jedi then all took out their lightsabers.
“Then you will fall.” Master Chos said.
“No. It is you who have fallen.” Eternilus said, lashing out a huge wave of dark energy, vaporizing the entire Jedi council, while Nalan blocked it with his lightsabers.
“Nooo!” Nalan yelled angrily, seeing the ashes of the Jedi council, and running at Eternilus and attacking him savagely.
Eternilus easily blocked, and with a flip of his wrist knocked him down.
“Are you so arrogant as to think you can challenge me? I am chaos incarnate! You cannot stop me! You cannot turn me! It is my nature, to bring chaos, to bring death. Only when all is dead will there be order, a darkness worth my while.” Eternilus said.
“No… You must have a weakness.” Nalan said, standing up and slashing his lightsabers through Eternilus’s spirit, which had no effect.
“Still trying to erode my will? It is impossible. My will knows none else than this. You are close to the darkside…one more blow to your mind and you’ll be mine for eternity.” Eternilus said, cruelly.
Then Javelin appeared, coming up to the bridge.
Eternilus grabbed javelin with the force, strangling him.
“Do you wish to see your brother die? At first, he was pure, innocent. Then, I showed him the way things must be. The way I am. He still has good in him I can sense it. Deep in the back of his mind, I can feel that he wishes freedom. But I can crush his soul. He is so eroded to my will that I can destroy his soul. I will let him go free. If you turn.” Eternilus said, smiling evilly at Nalan.
“No. Nothing will turn me.” Nalan said strongly.
“Then, you shall die.” Eternilus said, attacking him.
Nalan blocked his lightsaber blow, coming back with his own.
They exchanged multiple blows and attacks against each other for several minutes
Then, a light could be seen coming from the main galaxy, extending into space for as long as Vengeance is in length
“It is time. Now I will defeat you. I will destroy you, and your pitiful friends.” Eternilus said.
Eternilus reached out his hand, and the beam of energy started bending toward him, and quickly raced toward his hand. Nalan intercepted it, pulling it into his hand, feeling a massive surge of power flow through him. Then, his lightsabers glowed silver-white, as energy passed from him to his sabers.
He linked the two lightsabers together into one lightsaber, and extended their length, attacking Eternilus.
A few more quick jabs passed between them, and then, they both tried to stab at each other at the same time, and the tips of their lightsabers collided, and then didn’t move when they tried to pull away.
The lightsabers where fused by the force.
Eternilus then took control of the beam of energy, pulling it away from Nalan, and sent massive bursts of power from his staff to Nalan’s saber, who tried to push it back. Nalan then suddenly felt a massive disturbance in the force.
“It is I. The first one who spoke to you. Qui-Gon Jinn. This duel is not one for the mortal flesh to wage.” A voice said. Then, a being of light appeared in on the bridge, came towards Nalan, and took his lightsaber. He was equal in height to Eternilus.
“Qui-Gon? I thought you died at the hands of Maul.” Eternilus said, surprised.
“You’ll find that I’m full of surprises, one of chaos.” Qui-Gon said, sending a huge pulse of energy through the lightsabers at Eternilus. They then struggled to pull each other’s power back, and eventually, Qui-Gon won out, and the energy overloaded Eternilus’s staff, Eternilus vaporizing in the light of the explosion, a faint voice saying “This is far from over…”
“It is done.” Qui-Gon said, disappearing, giving Nalan his lightsabers back, which returned to their cyan color.
Vaj’, Jasiin, and ED-37 managed to take control of Vengeance’s computer core, and use its superformational array. They then used it to reform everything destroyed in the galaxy. Every planet, every person, every ship, everything.
Then, they set it to self-destruct, ED-37 bypassing the computer’s security systems, and left.
Nalan then also left on Destinous, with the jedi council, who the superformational array recreated.

They left to Dalasias Alpha, and Vengeance exploded and then imploded, it’s shields keeping the explosion from destroying anything.

Afterwards, Everyone had a huge celebration at Coruscant, everything rebuilt and everyone who had died alive again, including the entire Jedi order. The slight feeling of nostalgia gained from that short time put everyone back up on their guard, but also happier than ever. This new peace would not last long, however… As the spirit of the woman spoke to Nalan in another dream, telling him it was far from over, just as Eternilus’s last words were.

The End, or is it?


Okay, I want to get to the next story ASAP, so I'll just post this the last chapter of this story. I'll probably edit this story a bit for more quality during the time I write my next story and start posting its chapters soon.

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