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Thread: [Fic] The Adventures of Revan, Gray Jedi Master.
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[Fic] The Adventures of Revan, Gray Jedi Master.

This doesn't have fancy titles, since it was started before KOTOR 3 story.


Revan went to Kashyyyk after finding nothing of the True Sith, he's wearing Grey Jedi Robes all the time through the story, unless said otherwise. But he does have his Darth Revan robes, which are no longer with the taint of the Dark Side. He settles down in Jolee Bindo's old Stump-House. During the Millenia, he became extremely powerful. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, he is well respected by the Wookiees. He regularly spars with an exiled Wookie, so that the Wookiee can one day return to his home. Han Solo, along with Chewbacca, looking for supporters for the Rebellion, run into Revan in one such sparring match.

Other info.

Well, let's leave the rest to the story. Seto Kadin is my Revan in KOTOR, and will be Revan's disguise name. That disguise will be dropped in Chapter 3 with the revelation of a 'new' Sith Lord. By the time he gets to the GCW (Galactic Civil War.) he will be Level 50. He's also a Lightsaber Master. I will do an occasional First Person mode. For anyone but Revan, if they look or think about him. I will put Seto, since that's who they will know him as, until the Third Chapter. At first the POV's will be short.

Note: This is the Light Side entry.

' Speak ' Non-Basic.

“ Speak “ Basic

“ Speak “ Revan/Bastilla's bond talking.

Thoughts will be put in normal writing.

Pairings: Revan/Leia. Han/Luke at the start.

Yes, I realize the age gaps, but I like interesting pairings. Leia's blade color, is the same as EU one, Red. - Well, it's red in a book I have on all SW characters. - Bastilla/Revan never happened in this story. Don't not read just about that.

Chapter 1.

Seto Kadin AKA Darth Revan got off the transport ship that he had hired to go to Kashyyyk. The Wookiees nod in respect to him, recognizing him as the one that saved them from Slavery. Revan walks down the old paths, to the lift which will begin his self-exile, He walks to the Czerka created forcefield and destroys it. He then goes to Jolee's old house down here.

“It's a little run down, but it's going to be home soon enough.”

Millenia Pass.

Soon, Revan found himself a companion. An exiled Wookiee, he regularly starts to spar with the Wookiee, leaving enough animals to get stronger.

Han Solo looks around tired.

“You sure there's a guy around here Chewie?”

'I'm sure.' Chewbacca growls.

Han suddenly hears two swords clashing. He takes his blaster out. Han and Chewbacca run over to see two people with swords clashing in a way, that obviously means they are sparring. Han puts his blaster away.

Chewbacca roars 'That is the man we are looking for.'

Han watches them. The swords meet with clangs, and an occasional roar as the Man with obviously better skill than the Wookiee. Han suddenly realizes, that this man is quite buff. He then spots no animals around.

“Hey Chewie, I thought that Kinrath like to hang around this place a lot?”

'The man and the Wookiee regularly wipe them out enough to keep them down.' Chewie answers.

The Wookiee collapses breathing hard. The man puts his sword away. He then spots the visitors. But puts medpacs on the Wookiee's wounds before walking to meet them.

“Welcome to the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk. Please identify yourself my good man, I recognize you Chewbacca from when you were younger.” He says. “Not that much younger.” He says at Han's look. But is lying, but Chewbacca doesn't comment, He is Revan. - Don't start on his age. -

“Han Solo, I'm looking for people to assist me with defeating the Empire.” Han says. “Who are you?”

“Seto Kadin.” Revan answers.

“Nice name.” Han says. “Well, will you assist us?”

“Yes.” Revan answers, then turns to the Wookiee. “You may use my place when I am gone, the whole of the culling is yours.”

The Wookiee nods his thanks.

Han and Chewie lead the way. Revan walks away from them. They stop.

Five Minutes later.

Revan Returns with a backpack.

“This is my stuff, I sleep in my underwear.” He explains.

Han nods.

On the Millennium Falcon.

Revan settles in.

'Nothing like the good old Ebon Hawk, but it'll do.' He thinks.

Han walks in 10 minutes later, spotting Revan meditating.

“OI, your not turning Jedi on me are ya?” He asks.

Revan's eyes glow red for a second. But return to normal. Han spots that and backs away back into the cockpit and drops back into the seat he had vacated.

'What's wrong.' Chewie asks him.

“Sith, the guy's a Sith Chewie.”

'He's not a Sith, but he's not exactly a Jedi either.' Chewie roars saying.

“Great.” Han mutters. “I don't know who's worse, Him, Vader or the Emperor.”

'Him.' Chewie answers. 'But he's not evil.'

“Thank god for that.” Han mutters.

2 Days Later.

Han lands the Falcon on Hoth. Revan walks out, Han and Chewie following. The troops and pilots walk up to them. Leia Organa walks over. Revan senses the Force in girl.

“Han, did you find anyone?” She asks.

“Ahem, little girl. I'm right here.” Revan says quite rudely. Which is to be expected when being ignored.

The Girl glares daggers at him.

“This is the only one we could get to come.” Han explains. “Your highness.” He says, adding the last part reluctantly.

Leia's POV

I can't believe that Han had brought a rude man along. Leia thinks. Then again, I thought. I did ignore him.

Normal POV.

Revan just smirks.

“My name is Seto Kadin.” He says.

“Leia Organa.” Leia answers.

“Not bad, Alderaanian Royalty?” Revan asks, not realizing that Alderaan is gone.

Leia glares at him.

“The Empire destroyed my home planet.” She says harshly,

“Oh, I've been out of touch for quite a while. So sorry.”

Leia's eyes soften.

Leia's POV.

I guess if you don't know, you don't know. She thought. This Seto, who was he? She wondered. She realized that he was talking to her.

Revan's POV.

I sigh, having lost her attention.

“Yoohoo.” I say. Trying a different tactic.

“Sorry.” She says.

Han's POV.

Maybe I can go soon. I think. But, the Princess would probably find a way to keep me here, if only to help with a quick escape. Han looks jealous as Seto plays a game with her, but then calms down when he realizes it was only to get her attention.

Normal POV.

10 hours later.

Revan is appointed the rank of Colonel, having proved himself worthy. Leia's temper had grown thin. Revan had called her to his room. When she enters, she gasps. There are a few robes hanging on the walls. Some of them quite old. As well as some Lightsabers, swords and some old blasters. Leia whistles at all the things. Revan walks out in loose baggy clothes.

“Aren't you cold?” She asks looking at him like he's mad.

“Cold temperatures strengthen you.” He answers. “Try it.”

Leia glares at Revan.

“Do it in private if you don't like doing it in view of me.” Revan says.

Leia walks into the bedroom and strips to her underclothes. She immediately feels the cold, but walks around to warm up. She walks out, to see Revan doing some punches and kicks. Leia watches. She notices he's quite fit. Revan stops not out of breath. He notices her.

“Nice.” Leia says.

Meanwhile with Han.

Han had realized that he didn't love Leia any more. He loved Luke. - This is only temporary and a joke -

Back with Revan.

'Good, with Luke and Han distracted, I can move on Leia.' Revan mutters in Rakatan.

Leia looks at Revan, not recognizing the language. Later, Leia had become Revan's apprentice.

“Princess Organa and Colonel Kadin to the control room.” The intercom says.

Revan gets his stuff, thinking he won't have time to get them later. Having a bad idea that they won't be here much longer. He puts his Grey Jedi Robes on. Leia was now sporting a Grey Jedi Padawan Robe. - Belongs to me, it's not canon - Revan and Leia run into the control room. The Head of the base notices the robes, but doesn't comment because Han had explained about Seto being some sort of Jedi.

“Report.” Leia says.

Revan takes up a pair of headphones and puts one ear piece on one ear and listens with the other.

“Some sort of signal.” The Base head says.

“Put it on.” Leia says.

They listen.

“Definitely not human.” The head mutters.

“Some kind of Droid?” Leia asks.

“Must be.” Revan mutters. “I'm willing to bet it's the Empire.”

“Get Commander Solo to investigate.” The base head says. “Just in case.”

“Signal preparations for evacuation.” Revan says to one of the technicians. “Just in case.” He says repeating the Base Head's words.

“Agreed.” Leia says.

The Base head nods. Revan walks out.

“Announce if anything comes through.” Leia says following him. “Seto?” She asks catching up.

“I'm looking for something to escape on if needed...” Revan says. “Oh my god.”

Sitting in the middle of two X-Wings is the Ebon Hawk.

“Where'd you find that?” Revan asks Leia.

Leia looks at the ship. Then grabs a Pilot.

“Where'd we find that again?” She asks him.

“It was on sale, the auctioneer was glad to sell it to us.” The pilot says.

Revan walks slowly over to it.

“That ship... is quite old.” Leia says. “Not to mention quite uncontrollable.”

Revan smiles.

“I'm taking that ship if we leave.”

Leia looks at him like he's mad. But then a call for them to return sounded.

“You were right Seto.” The Base head says.

“Imperials.” Leia mutters.

Luke runs in.

“What we going to do?” He asks.

“We start to move things for evacuation.” Revan says. “I need a Co-Pilot and a fine gunnerman.”

“Well, I'm fine on Co-piloting.” Leia says. “I'd be going with you anyway.”

“Agreed.” Revan says.

A man runs up to him.

“I'll be gunner.”

“Good.” Revan says.


Revan spots the Millennium Falcon having trouble, and runs over and attacks the Stormtroppers.

Leia soon follows and the Jack – The one to be Gunner – gets on the Ebon Hawk.

Han's POV.

I spot Leia and Seto attacking the Stormtroopers.

“I hope they can hang on.”

I then spot Vader approaching.

“****.” I mutter.

Normal POV.

“Darth Vader.” Leia says with a hatred that could crush a mountain.

“Get on the ship. I'll handle him.” Revan says, taking his Lightsaber out. - They'd been using Force Lightning -

Leia runs to the Ebon Hawk. The Storm troopers back away. Vader activates his Lightsaber. His red blade appearing. Revan activates his, revealing a Violet Blade. Vader attacks and Revan counter attacks. It's obvious that Revan's the better fighter.

Han's POV.

“That makes the spar on Kashyyyk look like kids playing with sticks, which is probably the reason he's so good.”

Chewbacca gets into the Cockpit, reporting that with C-3PO's help the Hyperdrive is working again. I tug the controls and take off. Hoping that Seto can buy us some time.

Normal POV.

“You're weak for a Sith.” Revan taunts. He then senses Han taking off. He chops Vader's Lightsaber hand off. He then runs to the Ebon Hawk and it takes off soon after he gets on.

Ebon Hawk's Cockpit.

Revan has set the ship on a course away from the planet.

“We need to help those transports.” Leia says.

“Fire on the Star Destroyer attacking the transports, try to get their attention.

The Gunner fires, peltering the Star Destroyer's shields. The Transports and Fighters get away.

“Let's go.” Leia says.

Revan punches the coordinates in and sets the ship into hyperspace and puts the ship on autopilot. Jack gets down.

“That's some fancy flying.” He says.

“Well, I have experience.” Revan answers.

Jack accepts that.

Revan walks around, spotting his old friend T3-M4 and activates him. After a reunion he continues. He spots HK-47 too and reactivated him.

“HK, no one on this ship is to be killed. But patrol the corridors.” Revan says. “T3, please monitor the ship for any problems.”

Both droids do what they are told. Leia spots both droids doing duties.

“Who's are the droids?” She asks.

“They came with the ship. Watch the red one though, it's an Assassin Droid.”

Leia's eyes widen.

“Meh, don't do anything. It'll do good against the Imperials.”

An hour later.

Leia is practicing her blaster deflection. Doing very well, she hides her moves as she had been told. Not broadcasting her moves. Jack comes in and sits down to watch. Revan walks in too.

“Ok stop.” He says.

Leia turns the Lightsaber off. The droid goes into hiding again, until being needed again.

“T3, come here please.”

T3 beeps he's just finishing something.

“Deflecting practice droids is one thing, try a real droid firing at you.” Revan says deactivating the Droid scanner for now.

Leia and T3 practice, Leia soon masters blaster bolt deflection. Revan finally teaches Lightsaber forms. Leia easily masters Shii-Cho.

“Good, that's the basic defense forms, all Jedi that I train need to master that.” Revan says. “Without that, learning things is difficult.”

Leia soon masters Soresu.

“Another Defensive form, now you will learn Ataru.” Revan says. “Please, try to use Shii-Cho or Soresu if needed.”

Leia finds Ataru difficult, but soon masters it.

Two days later they pull out of Hyperspace.

Leia has learned Makashi in the time. But was having trouble learning the other forms, so Revan told her to concentrate on the forms she had learnt. Revan sighs, bored. He had taken the Ebon Hawk out of Hyperspace to hide on a base he had created during the Jedi Civil War. He had been surprised that the base was populated by descendants of the troops and Dark Jedi he had left. Leia walks down the ramp. Revan leads her to one of his spare rooms. Leia uses her Lightsaber in practice swings. Revan watches her. Leia takes a break.

Leia's POV.

Boy he's hot. Leia thinks. Stop it Leia, you love Han remember. She thinks telling herself off. But then again, he seems to like Luke more. She had decided to try Paul out.

Normal POV.

Leia puts her Lightsaber on the desk and walks over to Revan, slowly. Revan's eyebrow raises. Leia gets on top of Revan and their lips meet. Revan kisses her.

In the morning.

Revan wakes up to find Leia in his arms, she's still asleep. He remembers all about last night.

Wow, she's good. He thinks and she's all mine.

Leia wakes up.

“Morning.” She says, snuggling up to him.

“Morning.” Revan answers.

“We have to go to the Rebel Fleet.” Leia says getting up.

“But, we can't leave the troops and Dark Jedi on this planet.” Revan answers. “One of them has a Technique we need.”

Leia looks at him.

“Fine bring them along.” She says.

3 hours later.

The Ebon Hawk sits in a hanger on one of the old Sith Interdictors.

Leia's POV.

I walk onto the bridge. But see that Seto's not on the bridge. I then spot someone she hadn't met yet, standing watching the Hyperspace tunnel.

Normal POV.

Revan stands watching the blue tunnel in front of him. In his Darth Revan robes. He senses Leia entering the bridge. Leia walks up to him.

“Hello,” She says.

“I'm just wearing different robes.” Revan tells her.

Leia gasps.

“Nice.” She answers.

“Now, we are close to the Rebel Fleet.” Revan says. “We have explained to them about what is going on.”

Leia nods.

With the Rebel Fleet.

“That fleet you told us about just arrived.” Ackbar says to Mon-Mothma.

She looks Seeing the old designs.

“Where did Seto find those ships from? No one can find them to put in a museum.”

Luke runs onto the Bridge, having sensed a lot of Dark Side energies appearing.

“Sithspit.” He mutters.

“The Flagship is signaling, they say they are forming up.”

Ackbar nods.

Luke relaxes, knowing that if they had signaled that, then they are probably friendly.

Revan walks into the Medical room, Luke having exerted himself too much when he should be resting when he's lost his hand. Luke looks up to see the menacing form appear. The medical droid let's out a mechanical scream and hides.

“Don't mind the robes.” Revan says.

The droid returns.

An hour later.

“I can't believe that Vader sold Han to a bounty hunter.” Luke says. “He... was my father.”

“Luke, I'd like to train you.” Revan says, back in his Grey Jedi Robes.

“Train him, you will not. No Jedi are you.” A voice says.

Revan turns to Yoda.

“You will train, when I say you are ready.” Yoda says.

“Be silent old man.” Leia says. “Seto here has trained me and he can handle Vader quite easily, he did it on Hoth.”

“Then why is Vader not dead then? Hmm?”

“Because I will try to redeem him.” Revan says. “If that doesn't work, then I will kill him then.”

Yoda hits Revan with his walking stick.

“Bow to me, and swear yourself to the Jedi arts. Forsaking the...”

Revan had cut Yoda's head off.

“Out with the old Jedi who were too blind to see their true enemies. In with the ones to see them.” Revan says.

Luke gasps.

“He was a Jedi.” He says.

“I'm not.” Revan says. “It's thanks to idiotic codes like the one he teaches you that caused so many to fall to the dark side. Including your father.”

Luke looks down.

A year passes.

Soon Luke and Leia are Grey Jedi Knights.

Revan had rediscovered Bastilla Shan, in a cryogenic pod and had awoken her.

Soon, the Rebellion discovered where Han Solo was being held.

“Tattooine.” Revan mutters. “I hate this place.”

Luke looks at Revan.

“Try growing up here.” He says.

“Yeah, fair.” Revan says.

Revan sighs and lands the ship. He then goes and puts his Darth Revan robes on.

“Let's see if Jabba likes to see an Ex-Sith Lord.” Revan says jokingly.

Leia and Luke smile following him. C-3PO and Artoo Detoo had still not returned. HK-47 followed the Grey Jedi down the ramp. They hadn't had any word from Lando or Chewie either.

2 Hours later.

Revan, Luke and Leia stand outside Jabba the Hutt's palace. Luke gets them in and past the first person. But has no luck against Jabba. Revan takes over and force chokes Jabba. Boba raises his blaster, but doesn't do anything. Since he's got a blaster aimed at his head. HK's work.

“Don't even try Mandalorian Meatbag.” HK-47 says.

“Try again Luke.” Leia says.

“You will bring Captain Solo and the Wookiee to me.” Luke says. “If you do, my friend will release you.”

'DO IT!!' Jabba croaks in his native Hutteesee.

Revan reluctantly releases Jabba. Lando and HK jump down off of Jabba's stand and get behind the Grey Jedi.

“Have a nice day.” Luke says when Han and Chewie are brought.

They all walk away.

“KILL THEM...” Jabba starts, but HK had shot him.

“HK.” Revan snaps jokingly.

“Statement: But master...” HK starts but spots Leia and Luke laughing.

“I'm kidding HK. I heard what he said.”

Boba runs towards them.

“Boba's following.”

Revan stops and turns to Boba.

“May I join you?” Boba asks. “Not your Rebellion, but you personally.”

“You may, but it will include the Rebellion too.” Revan answers.

Boba nods.

The Millennium Falcon, the Ebon Hawk and the Slave 1 all leave Tattooine's atmosphere and head to the Rebel fleet.

In the meeting when Han is looking for a crew.

“I'll do it.” Revan says. “I've already shown a couple of people how to fly the Ebon Hawk.”

Han nods.

The more Jedi, the better.

“I'll stay with the ships.” Bastilla says. “I'm going to help with my Battle Meditation.”

Revan nods to her.

Later on the assault shuttle near the Death Star 2. Revan is wearing his recently created Grey Jedi Master robes, and is holding a waterproof Lightsaber, Luke and Leia are sporting similar except are wearing Grey Jedi Knight robes. Han sits watching the Imperial fleet, waiting for them to respond.

“Vader's on that ship.” Luke says.

“Don't worry kid there's a lot of ships.” Han says.

“He means the big one your flying around.” Revan says bored.

Han nearly loses his track of movement at that.

“Jesus, don't do that.” Han says. “I'm trying to keep us calm.”

“Don't worry about Vader.” Revan says. “We'll handle him. You just do your job.”

Han nods.

“What was the intelligence report? The fleet was all over the galaxy? It looks like it's all here to me.” Revan says suddenly.

Han looks and goes pale.

“You're right.” He says.

“I'll contact the Rebels through my bond with Bastilla.”

Han nods. Having had that part explained.

“Bastilla, the whole Imperial Fleet is here at Endor.” Revan says.

“That's impossible.” Bastilla answers.

Revan shows her the image of the fleet.

“Leave it to me for a second.”

After 2 minutes.

“Revan, don't get yourself killed, we're changing our strategy. We're coming in fighting.”

Revan looks at Han.

“They're coming in shooting.” He says.

“Man, this is going to be difficult.” Han answers. “I'm glad you insisted on a bigger assault force.”

“Thanks.” Revan answers.

On the planet.

Revan, Luke and Leia along with Han and Chewie lead the way the troops follow.

“Scout Troopers.” Han says.

Revan pushes their bikes into each other.

“Nice.” Han says.

The Rebels surround the scouts, Revan sends Force Lightning through bushes. The rest hear two more Scout Troopers scream. The remaining Scout Troopers lead them to a back entrance of the complex. Then suddenly hundreds of mini creatures surround.

'We don't mean you any harm.' Revan says in their tongue. 'We wish to remove other outsiders.'

The creatures stand down.

In the morning.

“Luke's gone.” Leia says. “He went in the night.”

“We need to shut that shield generator down.” Revan says.

Revan and Leia gasp.

“The Emperor is dead.” Revan says.

Han looks up at that.

“Then who's in control of the Imperials?” He asks.

“I don't know, but let's get moving.” Revan says. “Bastilla was sure to feel that.”

The Creatures and soldiers follow them.

With the Rebel fleet.

“Someone strong in the Force is dead.” Bastilla says.

“Seto? Luke? Leia?” Mon-Mothma asks scared.

“None of them.” Bastilla answers. “I think... it was the Emperor.”

Ackbar looks up at that.

“Then who's in control of the Imperials?” General Riekkan asks.

“Good question.” Ackbar says.

“We don't change the moving time.” Bastilla says.

“How?” Ackbar asks.

“Because that's a tactic I'm familiar with. The Imperials that know are most likely in chaos.” Bastilla answers. “That makes it nearly impossible to use my Battle Meditation. The time stays.”

Ackbar nods.

On Endor.

Revan looks down onto the Imperial Shield Generator. After one of the Ewoks had distracted most of the guards.

“Only one guard left.” Revan says. “HK.”

HK-47 shoots and kills the scout instantly.

“A little over the top, but it will do.” Han says.

“Let's go.” Revan says jumping down.

After they secure the control room.

“Start placing the charges, I'll watch the entrance Leia, watch the ones in here.”

The charges are set.

“The Rebel Fleet has arrived.” Revan says to the soldiers.

“All charges set.” Han says running out.

“Stay there and be good Imperial followers.” Revan says insanely and runs out too.

“Do it.” Revan shouts as he gets out.

Han pulls the trigger. The complex explodes.

With Vader.

“Luke, my son. I'm willing to return to the light.” Vader says.

“Then come father.” Luke answers leading the way.

The Rebels attack the Imperial Fleet, while the fighter squadron enters the Death Star. Led by the Ebon Hawk, while the Millennium Falcon backs the fleet up. Luke and Vader escape as the Death Star starts to explode.

On Endor.

“WOOHOO.” Leia says.

“Yes, Yes.” Revan says.

The Imperial Troops drop their weapons and puts their hands in the air. Revan nods.

“Ha.” Han says.

Chewie nods.


Revan sits watching the celebrations. Luke and Vader walk over to him. Revan stands.

“Welcome back to the light.” Revan says offering his hand to Vader.

Vader nods in respect. Leia spots this and walks over.

“Luke.” Leia says hugging her brother.

Vader backs away. Leia looks at Vader.

“Leia... I'm sorry about what happened.” Vader says.

“Well, I can't forgive you, not yet.” Leia says.

“Give it time.” Revan says to Vader. “I'll work on her.”

Vader nods his thanks. Luke walks over to the others. Vader hangs back.

“Come, follow me.” Revan says.

Vader follows, but doesn't make happy moves. Revan hoped that he wouldn't though. The Rebels jump up, having spotted Vader in their midsts. Luke points out that Vader had killed the Emperor, at great danger to himself. The Rebels relax. Mon-Mothma walks over to Vader, carefully. Revan stays close.

“Darth Vader, for killing the Emperor. I have decided to give you a chance to redeem yourself for your crimes against the galaxy, instead of arresting you.” Mon-Mothma says.

Vader nods his thanks and respect.

Rebel Troops surround Vader, asking him questions. Vader answers as best as possible.

Bastilla walks over to Revan and smiles.

3 Years later.

The Millennium Falcon drops out of Hyperspace outside Kashyyyk.

So. Revan thinks. We need to save them.

Revan, Bastilla and Revan's most recent apprentice Anakin Skywalker stand in the main area of the Falcon as well as HK-47.

Han puts the ship into the Shadowlands. Revan walks down the ramp. A Wookiee hunting party is seen fighting Stormtroopers. Han and Chewie fire blasts at the Stormtroopers. HK fires too.

The Stormtroopers all fall down.

The Wookiees walk over to them.

'You... are the one that lives down here.' One Wookiee says to Revan.

“Correct, we are here to clear the Stormtroopers out.” Revan answers.

Soon, all of them have an army ready.

“This is horrible.” Revan says. “Forcing the Wookiees out of the trees and onto the ground, taking over the place for their own uses.”

Han looks at Revan.

“What we going to do?” He asks.

“Ok, all Wookiees climb the trees and secure the top. The rest of us will go on the lift.” Revan says.

Revan goes behind a tree and puts his Darth Revan robes on. When he walks out, Han backs away. Bastilla just rolls her eyes. If HK-47 could smile he would. Anakin acts small.

“Let's go.” Revan says. With his mask on.

Han's POV.

God help the Stormtroopers. I think.

Anakin's POV

“You make me in the Darth Vader suit look like a child in comparison of scariness.” I say to Seto.

“Thanks.” He says in response.

Normal POV.

Revan activates the lift and they go up.

End of Chapter 1.

Please comment, this is barely 14 pages long.

I'm doing very good on the POV's aren't I. Originally, Bastilla wasn't going to be in my story, so meh. A lot of lines in this, but a few paragraphs. I recently changed what I write my stories in to something with a spellchecker, so expect a lot more correct spellings. I'm not for canon, myself in this story. Please don't ask me to tell you about how Revan's still alive after all this time. Since, I just wrote it let's go with the idea of that Jedi actually living for a thousand years thing with Revan but longer. Bastilla as the story says was in a Cryogenic pod. I might add more of the original characters from the KOTOR game with Revan. Jolee or Juhani perhaps in Cryogenic pods. Canderous became Mandalore. Mission had to be Force Sensitive, so I might bring her in for training eventually. But, they've only got so many Jedi, so they're keeping the apprentice's down. Carth was in the Republic. Most of the Imperial Fleet is wiped out, by the end of this chapter.

A nice song, fits them perfectly.
The Mandalorians - The Chosen Ones
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Interesting... A little fast paced, but interesting... I wonder what would happen if you had Revan team up with Thrawn...

Please feed the trolls. XD
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Thrawn's dead. There's only one Imperial Warship left, and that's going to be destroyed next chapter. It's in orbit of the Kashyyyk.

A nice song, fits them perfectly.
The Mandalorians - The Chosen Ones
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This is interesting.

I'll keep an eye on this.

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Ooh. Then you'll like my next chapter. I've been waiting for another review. But meh,

All I have to say is, god help the Stormtroopers. Darth Revan is on his way to slaughter them. Sawwrawwr fit's the Wookie standard name basis. They are training a lot of Padawans and now knights can train Padawans too. Most of the Jedi are there at the end. There's going to be a big number of knights soon. I've put spaces in-between the names at the end.

Chapter 2.

Revan's part of the strike team gets off of the lift. He looks around to see dead Stormtroopers.

'We have secured the area as you asked.' One Wookiee says.

Revan nods. Another Wookiee walks up and salutes Revan.

“Sawwrawwr? My old friend good to see you.” Revan says.

Sawwrawwr nods.

'Let's go.' Sawwrawwr says.

“You heard him, let's go.” Revan says echoing him.

They soon secure most of the walkway.

“We must clear the Imperials from the Capital City.” Revan says.

At Rwookrrorro City

Two Stormtroopers stand guard.

“So, anyone got a Joke?” One asks.

The other doesn't answer, since he's dead from a Sniper Shot from HK.

“Oh.” The remaining one says.

A Blasterbolt hit's his head. HK again.

“Hmph.” Revan says walking up to the gate. “Here we go.”

Inside Rwookrrorro City

Revan stands, with Wookiees. Stormtroopers patrol the area.

“Go get them, I'm going to the Chieftain's place.” Revan says drawing his Lightsaber.

Revan slowly cuts through the Stormtroopers as he walks to the center of the the village. He walks into the Chieftain's House.


Revan walks up to a guy sitting in the main seat. With Stormtroopers around him.

“I am Moff Realius.” Realius says. “Who are you?”

“The Wookiee's want you to leave.” Revan says.

“I'm in control here.” Reailus says. “Not them or you.”

“Palpatine is dead and if you don't leave you will be too.”

Realius just stands. The Stormtroopers aim weapons at him. Revan sighs and activates his Lightsaber. Realius backs away. Revan cuts the Stormtroopers up.

“I'll go.” Realius says.

“You had your chance.” Revan says cutting his head off.

Revan marches out.

The Village is secure.

“Kill any Imperial you see.” Revan tells the Wookiees. “They've had their chance to run. Han, call the Rebels to destroy the Star Destroyer in orbit.”

Han nods and runs off. Bastilla walks up to Revan.

“Where's Anakin?” Revan asks.

“He went off with the Wookiee's saying he had to help them to continue redeeming himself.” Bastilla answers.

Revan nods.

“The Moff, is dead.” He says.

Bastilla nods.

“What now?” She asks.

“We rebuild the Order. But with Grey Jedi instead.” Revan answers.

Revan then senses a force sensitive. Bastilla senses it too. They run to see a Baby Wookiee. The mother protects it.

“Don't fear us, we are helping you take the planet back.” Bastilla says to the mother.

The mother relaxes.

“That child, is Jedi Material.” Revan says. “We'd like to take him to train with us.”

The mother hands the baby to Bastilla.

'Not that I don't trust you, I feel she will be doing less battling in the time to come.' The Mother says.

Revan nods but says.

“All members of our order will most likely be fighting in the future, your son included.” He says. “HK, guard Bastilla back to the Millennium Falcon.”

HK nods and leads the way. The mother goes into her house. Revan walks to Anakin, who had just returned.

“The Planet is secure.” Anakin says.

“Good, we have found a new Force Sensitive. Bastilla has taken it to the Falcon.” Revan says. “HK is escorting her.”

Anakin nods. Revan, Anakin and Chewie all walk to the lift, meet Han who was on his way to the village and go down.

Millennium Falcon.

Bastilla puts the Wookiee child into a cot.

“So, we have a new Jedi then?” Anakin asks.

“Yes, he's here.” Bastilla answers.

“A Wookiee Jedi?” Han says, having put the ship on a course for Sullust.

“It's rare, but there have been Wookiee Jedi.” Revan says.

Han nods.

“We will, soon have a large order.” Revan says sighing.

Anakin smiles. Han just walks off.

“Anakin, you're close to being Knighted.” Revan says looking at his apprentice.

Anakin smiles.

The temporary Jedi Enclave On Sullust.

Grey Jedi Council Chambers.

Revan and Bastilla sit in the council seats. Anakin Skywalker stands, having just been granted Grey Jedi Knight status.

“Luke, will train Grrrawarrr.” Bastilla says to Revan.

“Yes.” Revan answers.

Luke is called to the council chambers and is given the Wookiee child to train. Luke accepts.

10 Years later.

On Coruscant.

The Grey Jedi order had moved into the Old Jedi Temple a number of years ago. They eventually got a full council along with multiple Knights. They soon had Padawan's coming in quite fast. At first the whole council had to train people, they discovered that Han Solo was force sensitive. He was the last Master to be instated. The rest stayed Knights, but the Knights were allowed to train Padawans. Revan had decided the year before to try a Tournament to test the skills of the order.

Now the council was sitting monitoring the Padawans and Knights mingle and spar.

“Hmm.” Revan says bored. “I think we need to do that tournament. To test who the best of the Knights and Padawan's are. Whoever wins, gets a Lightsaber lesson from me.”

All of the council agree at that.

2 Days later all Knights and Padawans are told to prepare for the tournament that will happen in 2 months. All but the Master's are to be taking part. No choice on it. The prize will be revealed when a winner is found.

The gossip is full of what the prize will be. Some think that it's an instant promotion, others think it's freedom from homework for the rest of the year. Whatever it is they decided. They need to prepare for the tournament.

For two months, the whole order of Knights and Padawans prepared. The Tournament soon came round, the whole thing would be sent on all channels for people to watch. Soon, it came down to Rosh Pennin and Jaden Korr.

“Well, this tournament has come down to 2 Padawans. Of course, if the Masters had joined the tournament it would probably come down to 2 Masters.” Kyle says having been commentator. “I might have stayed out of this. Jaden has fought off some tough opponents, including Grrrawarrr the Wookiee Padawan. While Rosh has had easy opponents but has faced the most Knights.”

Jaden and Rosh shake hands like true sportsmen. They then move and activate their training sabers.

The fight begins.

Rosh runs in and attacks full pelt. Jaden blocks the attacks easily.

“Ahh, there's Luke's easy blocking skill rubbing off on Jaden.” Kyle comments. “That skill was taught by Grand Master Seto Kadin to the Skywalker twins.”

Rosh backs off, tired. Jaden now starts to attack.

“Aha, there's Luke's patience. Rosh is tired, while Jaden is just warming up.” Kyle continues. “I'm going to have to work on that impatience of Rosh's.”

Jaden knocks Rosh's Lightsaber out of his hand and Rosh collapses. The Lightsabers deactivate. Revan walks up to the podium. Kyle stands up and walks away.

“Now, I had this tournament to promote Lightsaber Combat, but also to see who is the best of the Knights and Padawans.” Revan says. “Now, onto the prize. A personal lesson in Lightsaber Forms from myself.”

Everyone that isn't on the Council gasp.

“I'm serious, there will soon be a new lesson. That all members of this order are to attend, even Masters.” Revan says. “It's history, the History of one of the most powerful Sith Lords in history. One who nearly brought the Republic to it's knees. But, now Jaden here will be learning his earned lesson. Lightsaber combat training is to become mandatory. Dismissed.”

Everyone but Revan and Jaden leave. Jaden soon learns all but Juyo/Vaapaad.

“I wonder.” Jaden asks. “You've never taught anyone your normal form.”

“Juyo/Vaapaad? No, that's for my use only.” Revan answers.

Jaden nods and bows to Revan. Revan sighs. Leia had been watching as soon as Jaden left, she walked over to him.

“It was better when I was battling the Empire, at least I had a challenge back then.” Revan says.

Leia sighs.

“How about we go away for a while.” She asks. “The other masters can handle it, leave Luke in charge and put Anakin and Han on the council to cover our places.”

Revan nods and does just that.

Later on the Ebon Hawk.

Revan sets the ship to the Coordinates he had picked up from Kyle Katarn, for the Valley of the Jedi. He lands the Ebon Hawk there and walks down the ramp. He walks down to the temple, and goes in.

Force Stream.

Revan walks up to the pillar, and walks into it letting it engulf him with power. Afterwards he gets out of it, feeling the full power inside him. He starts to throw punches, letting his power work it's way inside him.

Leia walks in, having sensed Revan's power triple. The Force Stream is only half full now.

“Go into it, and suck up the power.” Revan says.

Leia shakes her head.


4 years later.

A young Syrus Kadin walks into the forbidden room of his home, curious he goes up to the Stream.

Ooh. He thinks. What's this.

Syrus walks into it and gasps and then screams, as the power of the Valley goes into his young body. Revan and Leia run into the room having heard the scream.

“SYRUS!!” Leia says.

“No.” Revan holding her back as she tries to run to the stream. “It's too late, it won't kill him. But he'll be stronger in the force.”

Syrus lets out another scream.

“We can't stop it, we must leave him.” Revan says, not liking this at all.

Syrus screams as his whole body pulsates. The Force is sending pain through him as it molds him to it's will. Syrus feels his whole body become stronger, his arms are growing stronger and growing muscles. Syrus screams, his body pulsating again as his legs grow muscles too. His eyes snap open, as they start to change too, They go red, then gold as the Dark Side runs through him. He keeps to the light and they return to normal, but has the taint in him now.

6 Years later.

Revan watches as Syrus continues to gain power. Syrus lets out another scream. His force level is growing exponentially, but so is his stamina. He starts to become taller, to account for the years. Syrus gasps, getting slowly released. The Force Stream disappears as he is let down.

Revan runs to him, looking at his son.

“Syrus?” He says.

Syrus looks up, seeing his father.

“You didn't stop it.” He says.

“I couldn't, I wanted to but until you were released I couldn't do anything.” Revan says.

Syrus sighs then nods. Revan and Syrus walk out of the room.

Leia's POV.

I spot Seto and Syrus walk in and run over to Syrus.

“Mom.” Syrus says.

“We need to train him, he's only just come out of the stream.” Revan says.

I just nod.

Normal POV.

2 Years later

Revan sits in the Pilot seat and preps the Ebon Hawk to move. Syrus sits in the other seat, having been taught how to fly the ship the year before.

“We're needed on Geonosis, apparently there's a new Dark Jedi, claiming to be a Sith Lord.” Leia says walking in.

The Ebon Hawk takes off.

“You'll need to tell the Navicomputer the coordinates since it hasn't been given the latest Star Data.” Revan says. “For Millenia.” He adds.

Leia puts the info in, and Revan sets a course.

“So, I'll soon be joining the true Grey Jedi Order?” Syrus asks.

“Yes, I will not be training you though. Because of the connection between us.” Revan says to his son.

On Geonosis.

“Soon, the New Republic will fall.” Darth Malak says. - WTF? I bet your thinking, yes it's really him. -

Leia and Syrus walk into the arena wearing their robes and spot Grey Jedi all around.

End of chapter 2.

Current Grey Jedi in Rank order on Sullust.

Grey Jedi Masters/Council.



Grey Jedi Knights.

Luke Skywalker.

Leia Organa.

Kyle Katarn.

Anakin Skywalker (On Sullust and after.)

Grey Jedi Padawans.

Anakin Skywalker (Before they go back to Sullust.)

Grrrawarrr. (Wookiee Baby.)

Grey Jedi Order. Coruscant.

Grey Jedi High Council.

Grand Master Revan.




Kyle Katarn.

Grey Jedi Archives Master who sits on the council.

Mara Jade.

Other Grey Jedi Masters.


Han Solo. (Yes, he's force Sensitive.)

Grey Jedi Knights.

Desann (He's found this order to be strong.)

Kyp Durron.

Dev Sibwarra


Kam Solusar




Kirana Ti

Grey Jedi Padawans

Owen Skywalker. (Close to Knight hood, probably next chapter.)

Padme Skywalker Jr.

Ben Skywalker.

The last two are twins.

(They're all Luke's children.)

Helena Calrissian. (Lando and Bastilla's daughter.)

Jaden Korr.

Rosh Pennin.

Grrrawarrr. (He's only 12 in human years.)

Jacen Solo.

Jaina Solo.

Multiple others.

Notes: Please don't hate me for doing that to Syrus. Anyway, the new lot of the Grey Jedi members will be put up next chappie and Malak's apprentice will be named but the Dark Jedi won't be. Only 9 pages long, including this part.

A nice song, fits them perfectly.
The Mandalorians - The Chosen Ones
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Does Revan live forever or something?!

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Revan, with his old robes. Not Dark Side.

A nice song, fits them perfectly.
The Mandalorians - The Chosen Ones
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Quite good.

Revan vs Belgarion who would win.........
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I misread that post. Revan and all of the Order, they can't die of old age if that's what you mean. Malak surprisingly doesn't die,

Edit: Isn't anyone going to comment on Malak? I know the idea's overused but come on, a 'oh no not another story with Malak coming back.'

A nice song, fits them perfectly.
The Mandalorians - The Chosen Ones

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