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Thread: Extraction Setup (Part one of ?)
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Halo: Extraction (Story One)

The Hunter walked lop-sided through the hallway, looking at his fellow Covenant. A Grunt scuttled by him.

"You," he said to the Grunt,"are supposed to be leading the assault on the cache. Go!"

The Grunt frightendly replied, startled by Kahldekor's order,"Yes, Dekor!"

The Grunt motioned at his companions. Kahldekor walked into a doorway and saw his Phantom, waiting to extract him to '07. Dekor, still lop-sided, slowly trotted to the Phantom. The lift pulled him up, while half-way up, he fired on a pillar and it collapsed, crushing Marines that followed him in. A Marine crawled through the debris, though. The Sergeant took out an SMG and shot one of the Phantom's turrets. Kahldekor luckily had a plan. Dekor lobbed a Plasma Grenade at a Pelican's wing, his head almost reaching the inside of the Phantom. The Pelican crashed into the hangar and smashed the Sergeant into the ground. Part of the building collapsed. The building rumbled as if it were about to release a huge explosion. The Phantom fired at a Warthog at the base of the building which released a frail explosion that hit one of the structure's main pillars that held it up. The structure did release an explosion, barely reaching the inside of the gigantic hangar bay holding the Aegis Fate. The Aegis Fate crawled through the atmosphere as the building tore itself apart. It entered slipspace, heading for the New Mombosa, like the In Amber Clad. There was a CCS-battlecruiser nearby that the Covenant Carrier could float into to reach Installation 07.

"This is Foxtrot 492, you ordered a Warthog?" John asked through his Comms Channel.

Foley replied to the pilot,"Yeah, I didn't know you made house calls!"

"Really? I bet Charlie 732 told ya that I didn't!" John answered.

The Pelican swooped low and hovered above the glassed terrain. The Warthog dropped onto the rocky ground. An Elite, Hnko 'Ieworee, was in the Pelican's troop bay. The door to the cockpit was closed. The door to the outside was closed. Hnko was ready. "Hmph. Human..."

John cocked his head ot his side,"What?"

Hnko stayed still, activating his camoflauge. 'The human is smart. But not enough...my energy sword...it's gone?'


"The Humans...are they dead?" Kahldekor questioned an Elite, swaying from side to side because of a headache as an aftermath of getting hit in the head by an energy sword earlier.

The Elite sighed. "Yes, they are, Dekor."

The Hunter acted like it could smile. "Good."

Kahldekor reached to his waist and slowly lifted out a cylinder and two symmetrical, blue halves of a blade came out on each side. "This is 'Ieworee's blade. He dropped it when he went aboard the Human's craft...it landed on my head..."

Kahldekor swayed more.

__________________________________________________ _______________
At New Mombosa, the In Amber Clad hovered over the waters around the city. Three Pelicans departed from it. One carried Sergeant Avery Junior Johnson, another carried the ledgendary Master Chief, and the last carried Hnko 'Ieworee, being piloted by John Anthony. Master Chief's Pelican was shot down and crashed near the Zanzibar Hotel. Johnson's soared behind the crashsite, being gunned down by a Scarab.

"This is Sergeant Avery Johnson, I've been hit! I'm in Charlie 526! I need someone to extract me and my troops at the...Zanzi-! AGH! We're goin' down! The Zanzibar Hotel! What in God's name just hit us? A Scarab, Marine? Oh for Chri-! *Static*" Johnson yelled into his radio while a Scarab crawled around the highway that led to the hotel.

John piloted Foxtrot 492 over to Johnson. The Elite started up his camoflauge, which was extremey well tuned and cannot be seen unless someone were to actually touch it, then it would fade. Hnko stood in the middle of the troop bay and just stayed there until the Pelican piloted to the crashed Pelican and back to the In Amber Clad.

Minutes later, the third Pelican in the group picked up Johnson and the survivor's of his crew. The dropship glided to the Frigate and landed inside. Hnko got out, unoticed and walked to the Cryogenics Room. The Elite slipped inside a Cryo Chamber.

Sergeant Johnson walked to Lieutenant Anthony starting to speak,"Marine?"

"Yes, Sergeant?"

"Where did the flying brick go?"


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PART 2: The Fall and Drowning of Us, the Reign of Flood.

The Hangar, an armory, a maintenance deck, and part of a Cryo Chamber inside of the Aegis Fate fell, soaring through the air long after it jumped to the Halo. The Flood knew they were coming. The Frigate crashed into a mountain and stayed there. As for the parts that were disconnected by rounds of giant rockets from Brutes, it sank. Thick, yellow-green tentacles slipped through the water, grabbing everything that had splached in the water. John, or Basher, which is his codename, awoke and found himself wrapped in tentacles that covered many things in the dark abyss.

"Ahhhhh...but you are meek. We and I are the ones who absorb the slow and weak..." a deep voice started.

"Huh? What?" John flipped his head to his left,"Are you...a flood...?" Basher asked.

"The concluded are confused in the company of those who are deluded...submit..." Gravemind stated, then ordered.

Basher's AI piped up,"Hey, Lieutenant. Don't get this thing pissed. You do, your species dies."

In Trochiac Heptameter, the Flood spoke,"This one is mechanical and rock, and is restlessly defused."

Hnko 'Ieworee started to speak to the giant Flood,"Let me go, Demon. Don't waste my time with nonsense."

Gravemind continued his poetic speaking,"While the other is but of grace and blade, and is the more confused."

The second Gravemind explained to the arrogant Elite," I have listened to nonsense through rock and metal and TIME! Now YOU shall will hear ME, and I will talk of nonsense!"


Kahldekor hopped out of the Phantom, free-spirited and eager to sense fresh blood. "Ahhh, come! With me you can taste and smell gore!"

"Yes, Commander."

The giant turned around to see that an Elite with white armor spoke.

"The turret is ready to fire at the Human's Frigate."

Kahldekor felt, well, a sort of-happiness.


The AA Turret charged up...slowly...and fired! The cliff rocked and the Frigates main support had been shot. A section of the ship fell into the sea. The remainder and majority started to lower and its descent lead it on top of a mountain. Aegis Fate. The Frigate was balancing on the edge of the flat, cliffed mountain.

"Start the raid, Hyncin."

Hnko's brother replied,"Yes, sir."

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PART 3: End of Redemption and Abide your Fate.

The flying brick was on a Scarab. The Scarab, almost taken down by the Chief. The once powerful destruction tool was at an end by one person. WIth some help of marines. But not much. "That's right you mothers'! Run!"

Keyes kicked in,"Not if we can help it, Sergeant."

The Chief looked back to see Johnson in a Pelican, cursing at the Covies.

"Extract the Chief and return to In Amber Clad."

Johnson replied just as she was ending her order,"Roger that."

Lord Hood appeared on the screen.

__________________________________________________ _______________

"You...you will search one unlikely spot for the key...and you will search another..."

Indy, John's AI, piped up. "The Cartographer?"

"Mmmmmm...your word for their 'Sacred Room' is Cartographer...yes...you shall go to the Cartographer..."

Hnko asked the Gravemind,"And what of me?"

"You? 'Haw-haw-haw-haw!' You shall check, of all places, the Control Room."

"An army of flood is at your command. I mean, 'our' command."

"Let's go," Basher stated.

"I...agree...with the Demon," Hnko replied.

"Then it is settled! You shall go!"

A high-pitched voice kicked up in the commotion,"Activating grid!"

The two unlikely partners dissapeared in the darkness, yellow flashing circles of energy swirling around where they departed...

Hnko reappeared next to his brother, Hyncid.

"What?! Brother?!" Hyncid yelled, startled by his brother spontaneously appearing to his left.

Hnko answered,"Hm? Brother? I didn't expect you to be at the Control Room!"

"Well, I didn't expect you to be here either!" his brother shockedly said.

"Quiet, Hyncid. We must go to the Control Room quickly. Hopefully there aren't any Brutes in our business..."
__________________________________________________ _________________________

A Marine jumped. "Who's there?!"

"Henderson? It's me, J-A-038."

"What? How'd you get here?" the Marine asked.

"Don't ask. I'll tell you later. Long story. Let's get to the Cartographer." Basher ordered.

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PART 4: The Brink of Betrayal and Gore on the Ground

"AGH! Stop! Please! Braktus! GACK!"

A crackle echoed through the room, a neck had been snapped. Muscles lay scattered on the cold, bland floor. Veins and vessels spread out, gore splattered on the walls and on the Brutes. Braktus, the Officer of the group, ordered the hairy aliens,"Get ready. They are coming..."


"Ha-ha! Those dirty beasts don't know what will hit them! Brother! Man a Banshee and make sure that everything is secure! Kahldekor, raid the bridge!"

Hyncid nodded, following a sprint to the top of the Scarab. The deep purple fighter lifted off of the huge, spider-like artillery vehicle. Dekor grunted and trotted out of the cockpit of the Scarab. A Phantom flanked the Scarab, hovering right behind it. The carrier floated above Kahldekor and the Hunter soothingly lifted into the air. He entered the Phantom. "You know what to do..."

The pilot answered back,"Yeah..."


"Let's go, Marines!"

The squad of ragged humans trudged on through the Brute-filled valley and entered a building. "This looks bad, Lieutenant. I think we should go back," 'O'Riley said scaredly, staring at the blood covering the walls.

Basher replied in almost a monotone,"This is a normal day for me."


End of Part 4
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Exciting story... Very descriptive, and it gives a unique view on the bad guys not often well-perceived in stories, but well described in this one, which I like.

Please feed the trolls. XD
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Part 5: ...a light bulb, an ape, and a key...

The ODST awoke in the damp darkness. He creaked his
eyes open. A mouth was fifteen feet away. Not an ordinary mouth, but Gravemind's mouth. Or it would seem that it is. His mouth twitched. His mind perked up. "W-what are you?"

"We...we are Hell's sins...coming back for you..." Gravemind slowly explained.

Jason noticed he still had a pistol in his holster. He creeped his hand over to it...just a little more...

"I don't think so..." the Flood stated.

"I do!" Jason shouted, flinging his M6G up at a tentacle and 'offing it. He bashed the tentacles on his chest and took a knife from his pocket, jabbing in the Gravemind's appendeges.

"You dare not go any further!"

"Oh really?" Jason screamed, finally being let go from the parasite's grasp.

The Helljumper plunged into darkness...


The Scarab lowered itself to the water until it looked as if it were floating. The Main Gun was still out of the water, though. "Fire!"

A brilliant emerald beam of light surged through the air, impacting on the Control Room's door.

"I said get ready!" Braktus shouted at his Brutes, who were lazily sitting on benches.

They immediatley scattered into a formation at the door. Not a very smart idea...




A variety of different dying screams bounced throughout the entrance to the Control Room. The only Brutes left were lying on the ground. They pushed themselves up, escorting Braktus to the real Control Room. "Get ready. Put up the Containment Walls," Braktus ordered.

Purple rectangles appeared, flickering on at the many entrances to the room. "They can't get in."

"Fire again!" Hnko yelled.

Another beam soared through the blue sky, thrashing the shields to the Control Room. "Fleetmaster Rkas, sharpen this point and glass it."

The CCS-Battlecruiser streaked through the noon air. It had just left slipspace and had gotten an order from one of the 'Ieworee brothers. "Glass this," Rkas 'Vudarmee told his fellow 'Heretics.'

In a chorus, the Elites answered to him,"Yes, sir!"

The Control Room would be gone soon.


Braktus looked up through a hole in the ceiling. Huge, dazzling lasers shone in the breezing afternoon headed striaght towards him. "NO! THIS CAN'T BE POSSIBLE!"

The Index floated up to him. "What? The Holy Key?!"

A ball-like figure hovered to Braktus. "No. The Index."

A heavily-armoured man's hand grasped the edge of the platform. "Stupid Flood," he muttered.

The Monitor scrolled through it's memory banks, trying to find that voice. That familiar voice. Finally, it found the file.

The hazy room was filled with slimy ropes made of rotten flesh. The man stood on a balcony extending from the cylinder-like basement.

"Once the gun has fired, there is no turning back. The Ring pushes everything onto the bloody track," Gravemind stated to Jason.

The Monitor edged in,"Exactly. This local infestation is focused on killing you, Reclaimer. And your companions."

Gravemind finished his statement,"For the Flood are coming and you are slow and weak. We and I are the ones that eat those who are meek."

The light bulb said more,"Correct. This Installation is ready to fire now. You can start the sequence if you wish to."

Jason looked up and stared at the robot. "Alright, light-bulb."

Gravemind started to become filled with rage, shouting more than the top of a Brute's lungs,"NO! SUBMIT TO ME! END OUR TORMENT AND YOUR OWN!!!"

Then static filled the Monitor's screen.


Braktus had used a Gravity Hammer to smash the Monitor into the dark abyss below. But, Jason used that to his advantage, grabbing the light-bulb and throwing back at him. It slammed into his face, knocking the Brute off of his feet onto the floor. He was sprawled out, almost unconcious. Jason whipped out his pistol, holding his finger on the trigger. He used a whole clip. The Brute had blood holes all around his body. Jason put his eyes on the Index. The Shock Trooper then snatched the Index and ran off of the platform to the fiery entrance, still holding one more Banshee. The building crackled and spurted out flames. Jason had to make a decision soon. He leaped over the crack in front of him and piled into the Banshee. Braktus woke up, being dragged by Brutes onto a Phantom. "Get the human."


Hyncid fired at the Banshee and it careened over the Scarab. Then, it twisted, leaning to the Scarab's right. Jason fell out of the Banshee and landed on the Sacarb. He ran to the Cockpit. Hnko was startled by the intruder, then he felt something poke him. A gun was touching his head. "Lock the door."

A force-field booted up and covered the entrance to the Cockpit.


End of Part 5

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Part 6: What did you say, Jason?!

"Marine, take position at the Pelican. You, Hensellr, cover with artillery. Tiller and Firsquand, scout out and snipe. O'Riley, Henderson, Jagger, you're with me. Move out!" John ordered to his squad of two fireteams.

Hensellr sprinted after the order and jumped onto the Scorpion Tank. The other man inside was dead. Poor Kaleb, he was shocked to death by a Shade Turret firing plasma globs at exposed circuits.

Jacob Tiller and Hernando Firsquand darted towards a rocky cliff together. Jacob grabbed two small M-80 firecrackers and let it blast away at the rocks. Two tiny holes were created, leaving only enough room for a gun barrel and some room to scope through.

The Marine who was sent to the Pelican, Colin Cutland, strolled to the cockpit, placing himself in the Pilot's Seat. Colin nabbed the comm and said,"Hey, Lieutenant, I'll pick you up later. I'll find an LZ!"

John replied,"Sure, Marine. Just don't take it out too far."

"Yes, Sir!"

The fireteam consisting of John, O'Riley, Henderson, and Jagger slowly tried to find a room holding the Index. Suddenly, John's comm pack rumbled.
__________________________________________________ _______________

"John? John! It's J-S-152! I've got a Scarab commandeered! The pilot said his name was Hnko 'Ieworee, I think. I have the Index!"

The Elite was knocked out. His body was placed in a Cryo-Chamber fitted into the Scarab from raided Marathon-cruisers. "I don't think he's getting out. Oh, his sibling is in one, too!"
__________________________________________________ _______________

John gawked. "WHAT?!"

Jason replied,"I've got what I think is the 'Ieworee brothers."

John sarcastically said back to Jason,"No duh. They were a real threat to us. they shot tons of plasma at you, didn't they?"

"Uhhhhh, no," Jason stated.

John explained a sentence that made Jason squeal. "GET THOSE CRYO TUBES BACK TO THE AEGIS FATE! YOU GOT THAT?!?!"

Jason squealed like a bird when a snake was in it's nest. "But John, the Aegis Fate crashed!"

John replied once more to make Jason squeal,"WHAT?! FIND A FRIGATE OR A MARATHON TO PICK YOU UP!"
__________________________________________________ _______________

Braktus moaned with aches throbbing throughout his body. A cybernetic implant was covering his right eye. For no reason, the implant zoomed and locked onto a UNSC Marathon slipping past them. "A human cruiser! Look! Shoot at them!"

A Brute Chieftan answered back,"There's nothing there, unless they have camoflauge up..."

Braktus screamed, which could be heard at the Bridge four stories up,"SHOOT TO THE LEFT! THEY ARE ESCAPING! DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY!"

So, giant plasma shots were lobbed through space, covering the UNSC ship with carbon scoring.
__________________________________________________ _______________

End of Part 6
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Part 7: Get out.

"Oh...my...God..." Jason stuttered.

A Marathon-cruiser careened towards the Control Room. The Scarab was still in the water. "CRAP!"

The giant artillery gun's leg structures started to fall apart. The Phantom nearby soared over to it and Jason pressed a button, causing the shield door to fade. He pryed open the Cryo Tubes and the 'Ieworee brothers stared at him. Jason yelled,"No time to lose, go up top!"

So, the Elites ran to the Scarab's back. Brutes. Jason sprinted top the brothers and looked up. "Holy-!" Jason fell over. A skull rolled on the ground.

Braktus smirked. "Haw! Stick that in your fleet's core! RAH! HAHAHA!"


The Medical Support Brute frowned. "He's gone crazy, Chieftan."

The Chieftan throttled the Brute. "I will not tolerate this."

Chieftan Taraktacus walked to the other side of the Cruiser and dropped the almost dead Brute on the floor of the Hangar Bay. A Phantom slowly streaked into the ship. The Brute floated into the Phantom. "Jet your way back in when you're done," Taraktacus ordered the Brute Pilot.

The Phantom floated barely outside the Cruiser. Crack! "Hmph."

From out of nowhere, the Phantom glided into the Core of the ship, the Pilot was knocked out and spiraling to the ocean. "YOU WILL PAY TARAKTACUS!!! GRAAAAAAAAW!!!"

Kratius, the Brute piloting the Phantom, shot the Core of the CCS-battlecruiser. Jason stood up. "What?"

Hyncid looked around, just waking up from a Brute hitting his head, and found seven beams soaring to the Core. "Brother..."

Hnko stared at the Core. "No...we're doomed..."

End of Part 7
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Part 8: Finale...

Tears forced their way through Jason's eyes. "We were so close...the Index, where'd it go!?"

Hyncid cut his stare on the Core and nodded to his brother. "You lost the Index?!"

Hnko hopped and landed on Kratius. The Brute's huge ego landed on the Phantom's controls and it turned off. They fell through the air towards the deep, shady aquamarine ocean.

Jason yelled out,"Great going! Now we're going to drown instead of blowing up! Hooray!"

Hnko looked at the Phantom's control systems. They were crushed and red. They were also covered in small shocks, bouncing around the panels. "Are you sure?"

Hyncid looked down through the hole that lets Covenant in and out. "Wraith..."

"So, if we can get close to the beach, we can use the Wraith to get out and not die...?" Jason asked.

Hnko looked down the hole. The Elite corrected Hyncid,"That's no Wraith. That's a Watchtower. Even better."

"Get in," Hnko ordered.

Hyncid, Jason, and Hnko piled in, the Phantom soaring down and curving in random directions. Hyncid grabbed the Brute's head, only needing to snap it gently after the Brute was tackled. He threw the head, it bashed a control panel and unlocked the platform's latches. The trio spun and splashed in the ocean. Hnko grabbed Jason's comm pack. "Rkas? Rkas? The Ungreatful Seer is falling! The Core has been shot! I repeat, the Ungreatful Seer is falling! Extract us from the beach!"

Rkas heard the message. "Bring them up."

Three Elites passed by and zipped to the Hangar. A Hunter followed. "Dekor?" the Elite that was with him when they escaped the Aegis Fate incident asked.

"Byorl? The 'Ieworee brothers are down there. With a human," Kahldekor stated.

The four Heretics walked until they reached a spot where they floated up. Except for Dekor, he had to climb onto the side to get in. The green dropship soared to the beach, picking up Jason, Hnko, and Hyncid swiftly. The Marathon-cruiser glided down slowly in the distance.

Jesse Foley switched and pressed buttons on the panel. "We're goin' down too fast, Captain! Get everybody in Lifepods! I'll get the people in Cryo Chamber B," Foley said, then looked to his right, the CCS-battle cruiser was lowering altitude and explosions streaked across it.

Giant pieces of purple metal thrashed the Marathon. A giant rod sped through the air and crashed in the cockpit, ripping Foley and other pilots out of the ship, throwing them to the ground, water, and metal below. Some of the people were completely destroyed, their bodies torn apart by the giant rod. Captain Julenia tried to balance herself on the cracking floor. The woman tried to grab a wall, but it fell off of the ship and crashed into a man on the beach.

The Amplified Fright was hit by the Ungreatful Seer and crashed into the ruins and remains of the Control Room, just as the Shade of Regret entered a Slipspace Portal. The destruction of the two ships triggered the destruction of the Ring, much like the Pillar of Autumn destroyed the first Installation Four.

John stumbled. His Fireteam fell on the ground, then fell in a crack, caused by the Ring's destruction of itself. John Anthony sprinted out to a balcony of the building, shouting into his comm to Colin Cutland,"Pick me up, do you hear me? PICK ME UP!"

Colin followed his order. "Yes, sir!"

The Pelican hovered in front of the balcony and the troop bay door opened. The ODST jumped to the bay. The door closed and it picked up the remaining Marines. It floated away, to the outside of Halo...

End of Part 8

End of Story One!

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