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Thread: The Transdimensional War
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The Transdimensional War

(This starts off awhile after the Great Dark War, which still needs editing to be better. However, I guarentee that I'll put much more time and quality/detail into this second one, mostly because the whole story in the second one is much better IMO, and this is a story I am very 'passionate' about writing. The story would be so much better if I had pictures and had the music I've collected for it. To bad I don't have any good movie software or skils in that area... So here it goes...)

The Transdimensional War

The defeat of Eternilus, and the destruction of Vengeance, would have consequences. Questions were left unanswered. What happened to Tiran? Where did Vengeance come from? Who was the true enemy? What is the fate of the force?

These, and many other questions, were raised from what is called the Great Dark War, a short, but humbling war. After this, the Dalasians realized that they were not invincible. They were not the most advanced. Much of Vengeance's technology explained in Dominance's databanks remained far to complex to understand.

Twenty Years have passed. The Dalasians are advancing quickly, the alliance with the Jedi and the other races of the galaxy strong, yet feeble at best. There always was a greater purpose to the galaxy, to the force. Events are now set in motion, and cannot be stopped. This call of battle, on the dawn of a new era, will bring war. The silence before battle, anticipatable, but dreadful. And when the silence of that dawn is broken, the most terrible of things will fall upon the Jedi, and then, the galaxy's hunger will see if they have the strength to survive.

It will all come down to one. And when that happens, the fate of all things will be decided then and there, as they always were meant to. It is all for a greater purpose, of which the final war will be waged for, and it's destiny, it will then be decided. The age of the Force is soon to end... Will it become stronger for it?

All these questions lie upon one, simplistic answer. The answer is so simple, yet so impossible, unthought of, unknown and unanswered.

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(The Prologue and Intro are short, but the chapters will be long)


“Scan complete. Numerous spatial anomalies detected.” The Scanning Officer reported back.

“Bring us around to one of those anomalies.” Ordered the Dalasian Captain.

“Yes sir.” The Helmsman obeyed, turning the ship a few degrees left, slowing pulling up beside one of the anomalies.
I was a dark vortex, a tiny light in the center.

“Does anyone have any ideas what this is?” Asked the Dalasian Captain.

“Its like it isn’t there… but there is… It seems to be composed of some kind of dark energy. But it’s not a black hole or a wormhole. I don’t know what it is.” The Scanning Officer answered.

“Send a probe into it.” The Dalasian Captain ordered.

“Yes sir.” The Tactical Officer obeyed, sending in a small probe.
The Probe went in, and then disappeared.

“Receiving telemetry.” The Scanning Officer reported.

“What is it?” Asked the Dalasian Captain.

“Inside, there appears to be a rapid flux of dark energy, and massive gravitational forces. It’s like two black holes, each inside the other, ripping through space and time. There appears to be… a large ship approaching the probe from inside…” The Scanning Officer said.

“How is that possible? And what of this large ship?” Asked the Dalasian Captain.

“I don’t know. It violates all the laws of physics for two black holes to be inside each other, both at the same time, without being fused as one black hole. Why we aren’t getting any gravitational disturbances on this side, I just don’t know.” The Science Officer said.

“The ship just disappeared from the probe’s sensors, sir.” The scanning officer reported.

“Back off from the anomaly. Open a channel to-” The Dalasian Captain began to order, to be surprised to see a huge blast of energy come from the anomaly, and hit the ship on its port bow, disabling the shields.

“Shields are down!” The Tactical Officer reported.

“What was that?!” Asked the Dalasian Captain.

“Unknown. The energy composition of that blast was like nothing in our records. I can’t identify it. I’m not even sure if it was energy.” The Science Officer said.

“Get us out of here!” The Dalasian Captain ordered.

“Sir, the engines won’t give me anything! They’re not responding!” The Helmsman said.

“What? What’s wrong with them?” Asked the Dalasian Captain.

“Sir, engineering reports massive power losses across the entire ship.” The Tactical Officer reported.

“Give me auxiliary power, now!” The Dalasian Captain ordered.

“All systems down!” The Tactical Officer reported as everything went dark, and they started to drift down towards the anomaly.

“Get to the fighters and secondary ships in the hanger.” The Dalasian Captain ordered.
Suddenly, the ship ripped apart, splitting in two, and the entire ship destabilized into a cloud of dust that went into the anomaly, destroyed without a trace.

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Chapter 1, Part 1

Chapter 1: The Fallback

Several trillion massive, sleek, hundred megaparsec in length, sword, spear, dagger, and knifelike ships jumped into the Dalasian dimension.
The Dalasian defense systems instantly reacted, shields going up around every galaxy.
On Dalas, Hyperious was sleeping.
An alarm rang, the highest priority alert alarm. Hyperious quickly woke up and ran to the tactical command center in his home.

“Computer, what is it?” Hyperious asked.

“This Dimension has been surrounded by six trillions vessels, each of them several hundred megaparsecs in length. These ships are launching other, smaller ships, and those smaller ships launching fighters. The ships appear to be made of similar, yet much more advanced technology in relation to Vengeance.” The computer answered.

“Transport me to my ship. Order all ships to attack. I’m not giving any ground.” Hyperious said.

“That would be unadvisable. Those ships are unknown, and apparently more powerful than yours. Such action would be futile- escape is the most logical choice.” The Computer advised.

“Very well. Order all ships to plan an escape route to the farthest fortified dimension.” Hyperious ordered.

The computer then transported him to his ship, and the entire manned fleet gathered with him, while the automated fleet fought back.

“Hailing frequency detected from attacking lead ship.” Hyperious’s Communications Officer said.

“Bring it up.” Hyperious ordered.
The Communications Officer then opened the channel.

“I am Transvasious, first of the Dalasians, and leader of the Dalasians, we have come to bring your dimension into our empire. Surrender and you will not be destroyed.” Said Transvasious, who was identical in appearance to Hyperious.

“What the? What is going on? We are the Dalasians, not you!” Hyperious said with utter surprise.
Transvasious looked at Hyperious inquisitively.

“In that case, you are a liability, prepare to die.” Transvasious said, closing the channel.
The Infinitiii and Dominance came right behind them, and Dalasias Alpha used the IOTSDA to open a transjump portal to the farthest fortified Dimension. The ships converged on that spot and raced to get out, but the enemy ships started firing, picking off trillions of ships in seconds.

The entire fleet from the main galaxy was completely destroyed, except for a few ships that managed to escape from the firepower as the enemy ships fired mercilessly. After every surviving ship was through the disk and the Dalasian homesystem jumped to Dalasias Omega, the farthest out-of-reach Dalasian dimension of all of the Dimensions. As they left, they saw the unknown ships start to invade all of the planets in their home dimension.

The enemy ships then followed them into the transjump portal, and once in, fully surrounded them, blocking off all point of escape in Dalasias Omega. They then fired on the IOTSDA, destroying it.

“There’s only one thing left to do…” Hyperious thought.

“Computer, transport all ships, and every person in Dalasias Alpha onboard the Hyperion Mark II. Then, punch a hole in the enemy fleet, and jump as far as possible to the farthest known dimension.” Hyperious ordered.

“That would not be advisable. The Dimensional structure could-” The computer started.

“I don’t care! Just do it while we still can!” Hyperious ordered.

“Command confirmed.” The computer then followed Hyperious’s command.

A massive, tube-like ship decloaked. It was one hundred twenty parsecs in length. In the front, it looked somewhat like a massive ‘minigun’ system, and farther back, in the middle, it had three identical extending ‘arms’, arraying a triangular formation around the tube-like ship, each possessing another tube-like section on each end. The sections acted as engines and secondary weapons arrays. In the back, it had one giant engine. It was fierce, heavily hulled, and tough looking. It possessed billions of weapons emplacements, hangers, shield generators, and outer structural reinforcement bulkheads.

Hyperious was transported to its bridge.

The ship then powered up, its shields absorbing the firepower from enemy ships, but slowly losing strength. Hyperious then took control of its huge weapons.
The forward section rotated, cocked in out and then back in, the tip itself separating into eight sections, each on the tip of a massive gravitation supercannon. The center of the tip had three more, smaller versions of these, meant to hit smaller targets. The eight main cannons were designed to fire in unison, with a steady gravitational beam. The ship was originally designed for mining supergiant stars and supermassive black holes for energy, but it was soon seen that its weapons had serious battle capability.

The three other previously mentioned sections of the ship meant as both engines and weapons then extended out a few parsecs, and powered up.

“Firing sequence initiated. Targeting…” The computer said.

“Targets locked. Firing may begin when ready.” The computer said once it was finished.
The enemy ships then destroyed the Dalasian homesystem with several massive blasts.

“Fire!” Hyperious ordered.
The eight main supercannons all fired, in unison, hitting a small ship in enemy fleet. The three middle guns then also fired, disrupting its shielding. The three last cannons then fired, firing the largest and most powerful beams. The enemy ship then exploded, and the Hyperion Mark II’s engines instantly jumped, and the ship traveled to the farthest known Dimension, collapsing several dimensions behind them, buying them some time.

And on that day, the Transdimensional Wars had begun; by beginning with the fallback of what was originally the most powerful race in existence.

------------------------------------Part II

Aboard the Hyperion (Mark II) the leaders all had a meeting. The Jedi council was also there, but the rest of the Jedi had not escaped from the invasion. The Hyperion drifted silently in space, hiding between two massive nebula clouds with its cloaking network on.

“This meeting will now begin.” Hyperious said, the leaders of many various races around a huge, circular table.

Tiran then started. “Alright, now I know this is a big surprise, but I’m going to be in command of our forces from here on out.” Tiran said. A gasp could be heard from over two-thirds of the leaders in attendance.

“Now I know many of you still don’t trust Tiran, but I’ve come to an agreement with him, and I’ve forgiven him. He has more experience in war than any of us.” Yar said.

“It’s not that we don’t accept his apologies, it’s that we can’t trust anyone at their word unless if they prove themselves to be trustworthy, especially after what HE did.” High Chief Tarrawarr, a wookie, said.

“I am a Jedi. I can confirm that his intentions are pure, because I can use the force to feel his feelings.” Nalan said.

“I’d rather have you, Hyperious, as our leader. You’re a Dalasian. The first of them, in fact. And if there’s anything the Dalasians have proved, it’s that they’re trustworthy and heroic. You’ve saved our lives several times already.” Prime Minister Grant Loe of Naboo said.

“Thank you for the compliment, but this is not open for debate. You want proof that Tiran’s intentions are good, that he is trustworthy? Check our lie detection prisoner interrogation system’s records. It is 100% accurate. The only thing open to debate is how we’re going to handle this situation.” Hyperious said.

Some of the leaders groaned in disappointment.

“That is not open to debate. Tiran, tell us your plan.” Hyperious said.

“Okay, well… AHEM…” Tiran cleared his throat. “I have fought in over a thousand battles, in over a hundred wars, throughout the millennia. I’ve lived since the dawn of the Human race on Coruscant. I’ve been in countless battles, and survived the test of time for reasons I do not know. My appearance would suggest that I’m in my thirties, but apparently something has always kept me alive, most likely, the force. And for whatever reason I’ve lived for so long, I know that I must help you through this.” Tiran said.

There were sighs of disbelief among the leaders.

“It’s proof enough that I can give you specific details on almost every major event in history. You can even check the ancient records of people in battles. You’ll find my name throughout many, many battles. But that is not what we are going to debate. We are going to debate about how we’re going to handle this situation, my plan being that we just avoid them, so, who wants to start?” Said Tiran.

“How are we going to survive?” Asked Frosa, leader of the Selkath.

“This ship is fully self-dependent and fully efficient with its energy use. It will be able to fully provide for all of our needs.” Hyperious answered.

“Why should we run? That is a coward’s plan.” Mandalore said.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the brief time I studied great Grand Admiral Thrawn, it’s that there is no shame in retreat.” Tiran said.

“So what would you have us do? How will we defeat these ‘anti-Dalasians’?” Asked Haxiigg, leader of the Arkanians.

“We haven’t gotten that far yet. Maybe we don’t need to fight them. We could have someone else do it for us... I suggest we explore other dimensions, and always keep moving. Stay ahead of the storm. Or, we could stay in the eye of the storm… Enemies rarely expect you to hide right under their noses, in my experience.” Tiran answered.

“Then that will be the core plan, for now… There are other… issues that we must deal with. This is survival of the fittest. I suggest we attempt to gather allies, and get resources wherever possible, however possible. It may come to the point that we have to get resources no matter what, even if it means stealing...” ED-37 said.

“I will not take advantage of other races, but I do agree that we need alliances.” Frosa said.

“We won’t take advantage of anyone, but we have to consider the possibility that within other Dimensions, we will meet more enemies, and if something cripples us, we’ll have to be prepared to do so.” ED-37 said.

“How will we know which dimensions are hostile and which ones are not?” Asked Osivan Ka’l, leader of the Nikto.

“We do have a theory, an idea of how to level the playing field… But it’s risky…” Hyperious said.

“I don’t think we should bring up that plan, yet.” Yar said.

“If it doesn’t work the way we think it will, we can easily escape to another dimension.” ED-37 said.

“I think we should do it. I don’t want to keep jumping to dimension after dimension, worrying about whether or not we’ll come face to face with hostile forces.” Tiran said.

“What is this plan?” Asked Master Jonn.

“I honestly think that we should do it.” Tiran said.

“You know, while we’re sitting over here listening, we still have no idea what this plan of yours is. What s this plan of yours, exactly?” Asked Tarrawarr.

“Should we tell them?” Asked Hyperious.

“Yes. We’ll debate its moral implications later. They deserve to know.” Tiran said.

“Okay then.” Hyperious said.

“Several days ago, we lost contact with one of our patrol cruisers. It managed to send back an emergency transmission, only after it was destroyed. It encountered a field of spatial anomalies. With further scans, we found these anomalies all over the entire outer wall of our home dimension. As it turns out, these anomalies could be used as stable portals between dimensions. How it was done is a more technical thing, which I’ll let Ed explain.” Hyperious said.

“The enemy was able to devise this means of travel by using dual black holes, which were controlled by gravitational systems on their ships. They made the black holes collide with each other, but kept them from fusing, so that, both black holes were in each other at the same time, but not fused. This, when directed at a dimensional boundary wall, opened a hole between the dimensions, a stable hole that would not cause dimensions to collapse. We believe we can do this ourselves, but we’ll need an unlimited power source. Probably one as big as what Vengeance’s primary power core was. Then… We’ll do it ourselves. But there would be a difference…” ED-37 explained.

“The difference, is, that we’d make much bigger black holes. Ultra supermassive black holes, to be exact. But the Hyperion’s gravitational based weapons will not be enough to do this with such little power… The Hyperion doesn't have enough power. We’ll need a bigger ship…” Hyperious said.

“There’s also another complication…” Tiran said.

“The only way we can do this is by doing it directly in the core dimension, whatever dimension is the center one of all dimensions. We think we know where it is… Getting there is the only problem.” ED-37 said.

“Why do we need to go to all that trouble when we can just keep running?” Asked Kosaan, leader of the Mon Calamari.

“The thing is, if we keep jumping through more dimensions where there are no previously opened transjump portals, we’re bound to collapse a lot of dimensions, and kill a lot of innocent lives in those dimensions. That and, we never know what we’ll find in every next dimension we go to…” Hyperious said.

“These… ‘Dalasians’ have a tactical advantage over us. They can easily go to any dimension they want, and likely have a lot of territory, judging by their huge fleets. We have to eliminate that advantage. Our sensors can’t penetrate dimensional walls, and, judging from Vengeance’s schematics, neither can they, but they can if there’s even the smallest hole in a dimensional wall, which they can scan through. We’re not entirely sure of that though, as their technology seemed to be much more advanced than Vengeance’s. Once that is eliminated, our sensors will be able to scan far enough to avoid them.” ED-37 said.

“So, your whole plan is to steal one of their giant ships, get to the core dimension, make these black holes, and then run? I’m sorry, but that’s suicide, even to a Mandalorian.” Mandalore said.

“We do have a helpful advantage already, though. It may just turn out to be a lifesaver.” Tiran said.

“What is this advantage?” Asked Frosa.

“A cloaking network, built and integrated fully into this ship. It’s based off of Vengeance’s cloaking system, which was one of the few technologies of Vengeance we were able to understand and build ourselves.” Hyperious said.

“Vengeance’s cloak didn’t mask all of its power signature, but that was only because of how big Vengeance was. This ship is much smaller than Vengeance, and one thing we noticed was that the enemy ships didn’t notice where the Hyperion was before we uncloaked it. The cloak is perfect. Hopefully, the enemy won’t be able to detect us.” ED-37 said.

“Anything else?” Asked Osivan Ka’l.

"Well, we might end up killing a lot of people with this plan. But it will be much less than how many we'd kill jumping from dimension to dimension, collapsing every one in our path." Tiran said.

"In summary and theory, these black holes put in the center dimension will erode away the dimensional walls of all dimensions, over time, without collapsing them. It will cause all of them to be fully open to each other, forming much bigger, vaster dimension." ED-37 said.

"What else?" Asked Tarrawarr.

“There is one thing… We’re going to need supplies. The
Hyperion may have enough power for life support to provide for us for eternity, but its other systems will need to be recharged from time to time. Using Vengeance’s cloaking technology right now is actually draining power exponentially. And its weapons, shields, engines, they all take up a lot of power too. This means we’ll probably need to ambush enemy supply lines a few times, and make alliances with people with lots of resources. We have enough power to run the other systems for two more months, but after that, we’ll be dead in the water. We hope to work past this limitation eventually, but we still don’t have a solution for how to regain energy lost in travel and firing weapons in battle.” Tiran said.

“Any questions?” Asked Hyperious.
Yar looked around. No one said anything.

“Then let’s get to work.” Tiran said.

-----------------------Part III

“Lock course on center dimension.” Tiran ordered from the Hyperion's bridge.

“Coordinates locked.” The helmsman said, setting the coordinates.

“Preparing to jump.” The helmsman reported on the Hyperion’s bridge.

“Forward shields to maximum. Reinforce all shields, structural integrity, and defensive reinforcement to forward section. Status report?” Tiran ordered.

“Systems reinforced.” The tactical officer said after following Tiran’s orders.

“All systems at 100% efficiency.” The tactical officer reported.

“Lock all weapons to forward positions.” Tiran ordered.

“Weapons locked.” The tactical officer said after directing the weapons to be ready to fire forward.

“Prepare to initiate multi-transjump, maximum speed. Rapid sensor sweeps on all dimensions we pass through. Halt engines the instant we come upon an enemy supply line, or hit something big.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The tactical officer, helmsman, and scanning officer said.

“Jump.” Tiran ordered.

“Transjump in progress.” The helmsman said, pulling back the acceleration switches on his console.
The Hyperion slowly started moving forward, the engines powering up, with a low-pitched hum hat quickly turned to a high-pitched whine as they started
to glow with a blinding light.

The Hyperion then jumped, flying straight through a dozen dimensions in seconds, until hitting a massive ship.

The Hyperion was going so fast that it crashed right through the gigantic enemy ship, the forward reinforcement taking the full blunt of the blow, without damaging the Hyperion.

The enemy ship started drifting, a giant hull straight through its hull, as the Hyperion slowed down after crashing through it.

"Reverse thrusters! Hard to port!" Tiran ordered.
The hyperion came to a jolted halt, its forward thrusters slowing it down, and then its starbard ventdrives manuevering it to a position to attack from its port side.

“Lock weapons, and fire. Disable it, but don’t destroy it. Identify.” Tiran ordered.

“Dalasian light 50D supercarrier.” The tactical officer answered, firing on the enemy ship. The enemy ship was shaped like a huge, jagged, sleek knife, measuring six hundred parsecs in length. The Hyperion had left a gaping hole in its hull right through the middle of it.

“Status of enemy ship?” Tiran asked.

“Its shields are down, but it’s about to scramble fighters.” The tactical officer reported.

“Launch our ships. Tell them to take out those fighters. Begin firing on its stategical hardpoints with the primary weapons.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The tactical officer obeyed.

The Hyperion continued firing on the supercarrier, manuevering to a forward position along the enemy ship's starboard side, using its 8 gravitational cannons, 3secondary gravitational cannons, and 3 primary supercannon arms, knocking out its engines and destroying its bridge, and then its communications relays.

The ships launched, and the Infinitiii and Dominance destroyed many of the fighters, with a newly developed Dalasian technology nicknamed ‘Lance-Phasers.’ These weapons were extremely accurate against small, fast ships. They used a newly developed method to curve energy with gravitonic pulses with a rapidly rotating polaric charge. This allowed the lasers to lock onto a target, and the computer would control its target, controlling the laser, which would bend whichever way needed to stay with the target. This method of ‘Seeking-lasers’ would prove to be a great tactical advantage against fighters. However, the good Dalasians weren’t the only ones who had this technology.

The ships quickly intercepted and destroyed thousands of fighters in seconds, while the Hyperion was able to disable the supercarrier’s offensive capability once it destroyed its hangers.

“The supercarrier has been disabled.” The tactical officer reported.

The ships that the Hyperion had deployed took out a few more fighters, and the landed in the hanger once all the stragglers were destroyed.

“Begin salvaging the vessel.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The engineering officer obeyed, controlling the gravitation weapons to start salvaging the supercarrier.

The salvaging took two hours, but they were able to salvage the supercarrier’s multiple power cores, and store them on the Hyperion for later use. Each one would be able to provide five more months of power, a total of seven of them, or, thirty-five months/three years and a half galactic years of power.

The Hyperion then started salvaging the wreckage, which would take much longer, perhaps a couple weeks.


Each chapter will have three parts, so they shouln't be too short. I'll edit each chapter post, adding one part at a time. That way, I won't rush myself to finish a chapter.

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I can't wait to hear more. Just make sure that you take your time on the story. Remeber that quality is better than quantity. Keep up the good work though!

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I'll use this post to list updates.

Prologue- Done
Intro- Done
Chapter 1:
Part I- Done
Part 2- Done
Part 3- Done

Chapter 2:
Part 1-Done
Part 2-Done
Part 3-Done

Chapter 3: -Done

Chapter 4:
Part 1-Done
Part 2-Done
Part 3-Done

Chapter 5:
Part 1-Done
Part 2-Done

Chapter 6: wip

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Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Nothingness

“Salvaging complete.” The Engineering officer said.

“Good. Scan for Transjump portals. That ship had to have gotten here through something.” Tiran ordered.

“Scanning…” The Scanning officer said, using the sensors.

“Five transjump portals detected in a pentagonal formation at mark 62 by 120. Scans indicate large energy readings in the far right portal, whilst the other portals are showing nothing on the other side.” The scanning officer reported.

“Jump to one of the portals that is showing no readings.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The Helmsman said, jumping the Hyperion through on of the portals.

“Sir, there’s something interesting coming up on our scans.” The Scanning officer reported.

“What is it?” Asked Tiran.

“Something, fading in and out, inside a large debris field. It’s registering a… Dalasian signature. One of our own, specific signatures…” The scanning officer said.

“Can you identify it?” Tiran asked.

“The computer’s running through the files right now… Just a few more seconds…” The scanning officer replied. “That’s odd… The files it’s under are classified. I don’t have clearance to access it.” The scanning officer said.

“Use my override.” Tiran ordered.
The scanning officer tried Tiran’s override code, and it worked. “Sir, it worked. It’s… It’s the Infinitiii, sir…” He said.

“What? Give me visual confirmation.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The scanning officer said, bringing the ship up on screen, after he had pinpointed its location.
It was black in color.

“Magnify it further.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The scanning officer said, magnifying it twelve times.

It was black, as if having suffered a massive burn over its entire hull.

“Bring us alongside it. Initiate intensive scans.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The helmsman and scanning officers both said, following Tiran’s orders.
The Hyperion came alongside the second Infinitiii, locking several tractor beams onto it, and pulling it into one of the hangers.

“Sir, scans indicate a small power source inside the ship. No life signs. It’s like the entire power grid of that ship was completely fried.” The scanning officer reported.

“Identify the power source.” Tiran ordered.

“Unknown. It’s registering anomalous properties. Power source appears to be infinite.” The scanning officer answered.

“Transport it aboard. Take extreme caution, as always.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The Engineering officer said, transporting the power source to the research section on the ship.

“Let’s keep moving. Keep heading to the central dimension.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The helmsman said, jumping the Hyperion through another transjump portal.

They traveled, for two months, from Dimension to Dimension, finding each one completely empty, traveling past over five hundred thousand dimensions.

Eventually, Tiran decided to have a meeting with the highest leaders in command.

“Alright, as you may have already noticed, we haven’t seen battle, or anything of any kind for that matter, in two months. Does anyone know what’s going on here?” Asked Tiran.

“Well, it is possible that the Dimensions are simply, empty, or they could have been completely stripped of all matter and resources by another force.” ED-37 said.

“I’d expect an ambush by now…” Yar said.

“This is similar to something we once thought of doing. Dimensional strip-mining. We go to a Dimension, completely break down all of the resource’s matter, and everything in it to pure energy, and then we put all that energy in a Hyperion-class power core. We never did it though, as we decided to leave the universe as is, instead of greedily taking all of its resources. These… Other Dalasians… They could very well be behind this.” Hyperious said.

“It would explain how they can build such large ships, and maintain them.” ED-37 said.

“When would you expect us to encounter them again?” Asked Tiran.

“Once we start getting really deep, closer to the central Dimension, I’d expect that we’d find something interesting.” ED-37 said.

“I don’t like it… I think we had better start working on faster engines…” Tiran said.

“Transjump pulse engines are the fastest things possible. That’s what that huge engine in the back of the Hyperion is.” Hyperious said.

“There’s got to be something faster…” Tiran said.

“It is theorized that it is impossible to achieve infinite speed. That would be the next highest step, but there’s no way.” ED-37 said.

“Work on it. Try to figure something out. Judging by how this ship handled the enemy fleet back at our home Dimension, even with three years of power in storage, I doubt that it will be easy to beat the enemy.” Tiran said.

“In that case, either we need a much bigger ship, or a much bigger fleet.” Hyperious said.

“Just how much more powerful can you make this ship?” Asked Tiran.

“None at all. This ship is state-of-the art.” Hyperious said.

“Well, try to find out a way to make it even more ‘state-of-the-art.’ I have a bad feeling about this…” Tiran said.

“I have a feeling that, at this rate, we’re going to lose a lot along the way.” Yar said, looking out a window port.

“It’s intimidating… The nothingness out there. It makes you wonder, just how big is the universe, really?” Tiran said, also looking out the window port.

“Well, as long as we have the Hyperion, I feel there is some measure of hope for this vast universe. But enough philosophical thought- let’s keep moving.” Hyperious said.

“Agreed.” Tiran and Yar said together, walking out of the room, to the bridge.

-------------------------Part II

The Hyperion traveled silently through space, Dimension to dimension. Finally, after two more weeks, they came across a Dimension that was not empty. It was full of galaxies.

They found several races, but nothing of value, no useful technology, and no advanced technology, or ships for that matter, whatsoever. From that point on, they traveled through dimension after Dimension, each one more full of galaxies than the first.

Then, after about twenty more Dimensions, they ran right into a massive gathering of the enemy fleet.

“Scans detecting twenty decillion enemy Hypercruiser-class juggernaughts! They are powering weapons!” The scanning officer said.

“Evasive manuevers! Activate one of the extra power cores! Target their largest ship, salvage off its power core, and jump us out of here at the highest speed!” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir!” The helmsman and tactical officer said, following Tiran’s orders.

The Hyperion flipped on its side in a 180-degree arc, firing at the lead ship. The lead ship was heavily shielded however. As the Hyperion fired, the disruption against the shielding showed that the entire fleet had formed a massive shield barrier, trapping the Hyperion in the middle.

The Hyperion then took on enemy fire from all sides, the shields buckling.

“Shields are exceeding maximum defensive levels!” The tactical officer warned.

“Engage full structural defensive protocols. Transfer shields to forward, but also keep the shields on the transjump pulse engine. Ram the shield.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir!” The tactical officer and helmsman obeyed.

The Hyperion swung back around, it’s armor and structural integrity was increased, visible armor plates coming out deploying across its hull, and huge bulkheads forming and locking into place between the armor plates.

In only ten seconds, the Hyperion was transformed into vessel with a huge, tough, armored shell. The shields split, protecting the engine and transferring the rest to the forward section.

The Hyperion then moved 45-degrees to starboard, and jumped. The Hyperion hit the shield head on, going through it, as it’s three hull extensions in the middle of it were dented and burned, one of them going on fire as the Hyperion passed through the shield. The enemy fleet then turned around, to pursue, as the Hyperion jumped through the nearest transjump portal.

“Forward shields offline! The three hull extension sections of the Hyperion are heavily damaged. One of them is so heavily damaged that it almost came off.
Two millions causalities, thirty million injured.” The tactical officer reported.

“Transfer all shields and weapon power to the aft shields and shielding of the three extension sections. Transfer auxiliary power to aft structural integrity and to the integrity of the three extension sections. Engage engine overburn, and focus structural repairs on the most heavily damaged sections. Deploy gravitational charges.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The tactical officer said, following Tiran’s orders.

The Hyperion then dropped what seemed like a minefield of charges out of it’s aft section, the front line of the enemy ships crashing into the gravitational wake created, and slowing down, while the other ships quickly curved around it from both sides and kept on moving.

Most of the enemy fleet rejoined together, and huge blasts of energy closely followed the Hyperion, a few of the bigger blasts hitting its aft shields. The engine overburn was able to dissipate most of the hits, but the aft shields were steadily destabilizing.

“Prepare to commence a full stop once they get up to their top speed. When that happens, reverse course momentarily, and then we’ll try to go around them through other dimensions.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The helmsman said.

After a few more minutes, the enemy ships had reached maximum speed, being right on the Hyperion’s tail, and then the helmsman brought the Hyperion to a full stop. The enemy ships kept going, passing through over a hundred more Dimensions, and then reversing course.

The Hyperion then flipped over in a 180-degree angle, and reversed course. The enemy ships were only seconds behind, but the Hyperion managed to escape, evading them by leaving behind a decoy power signature from a modified gravitational charge.

“They’ll probably find us again pretty soon. Focus on repairs, and lets keep going. If they find us again, we’ll have to come up with another plan.” Tiran said and ordered.

-----------------------Part III

The Hyperion kept moving, going the long way around to get to the central Dimension. After an entire half a year of travel, the Hyperion was fully repaired, and, the day it was repaired, the engineers made a huge discovery.

“Sir, urgent message from the main hanger bay.” The communications officer reported to Tiran.

“Put it on.” Tiran ordered.
The communications officer then put it on the comm.

“Tiran, Yar here, you better get down here. There’s something you might want to see.” Said Yar with an eager voice, a roar of an engine the background.

Tiran closed the channel, and transported himself to the hanger by pressing a few buttons on his wrist.
He walked into the hanger, seeing the huge, black, burned hull of the second Infinitiii, which seemed to be vibrating rapidly.

He then looked towards the back, and saw Yar. Tiran walked over to Yar, and asked, “Okay, what is it?”

Yar and Tiran walked onto an elevator, and Yar said, “I’ll show you.” Yar then pushed up a lever in the elevator, and it raced up about ten thousand kilometers, the inertial dampeners making the speed of ascent seem like nothing.

“Watch this.” Yar said, pointing at the Infinitiii, and then taking out what looked like a remote control.

Tiran turned his head to look at the second Infinitiii, and Yar pushed down thee buttons on the remote control.

The second Infinitiii suddenly started vibrating much more rapidly, and in the back of it, several huge, retractable armor plates began to retract.

It revealed a huge engine array of sleek, rail-like engines. Like giant, curved ladders or train tracks on the aft section of the hull. There were three rails of them, and they started to glow. Then, a single pulse passed along all three of the rails, until it hit the other end.

Then, it bounced back, separating into two pulses. Then, it bounced back again, and formed four pulses, again and again, up and down, moving faster and faster, until there were so many pulses that it was impossible to count them all. After the engines were glowing extremely brightly, the pulses suddenly started going so fast that it seemed like they weren’t moving.

The second Infinitiii then started to turn to a state of energy, going out of phase. The engines created what looked like a huge rail, going on forever in the optical illusion of endlessness in the hanger, and the second Infinitiii, a huge mass of energy, lurched to the other side of the hanger and back, rematerializing to matter form when Yar turned off its engines.

“What kind of engine is that?” Asked Tiran curiously.

“It took a lot of decrypting the main computer on my second Infinitiii, but apparently, it’s some form of superengine called the ‘raildrive’.” Yar answered.

“How does it work?” Asked Tiran.

“Apparently, it builds up massive amount of gravitational force, dematerializes, and travels using multiple, combined and compressed transjumps. When it does this, it takes up a lot of power, but, at full speed, this engine is only a fraction of a percent off from reaching infinite speed. Meaning, if we duplicate this engine system and use it on our own ships, we’ll be able to outrun anything. That, and, in transit, nothing can harm the ship. The rail-like energy field it creates is impossible to disrupt by an outside force. Apparently, whoever was commanding this Infinitiii got it running so fast that the engines overloaded and blew out its entire power grid. We don’t have to worry about that though, because I doubt we’ll have to take it past its maximum speed." Yar said.

“Excellent… How soon can you have this done?” Asked Tiran.

“It might take awhile. This is going to mean that we’ll have to stop somewhere for a couple months. We think we know how the anomaly we also discovered on the Infinitiii could be duplicated multiple times for use on different ships, providing infinite power. That way we can actually power the Raildrives.” Yar said.

“Get to work on it. I’ll try to find somewhere safe.” Tiran said, transporting himself back to the bridge.

“Helmsman, lay in a course back to the nearest unoccupied dimension, and then stop there. Tactical officer, set the cloaking systems and stealth protocols to maximum efficiency once we’re there. Scanning officer, I want scans on their longest range. We’re going to need to stop to install some upgrades…” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir…” They all said, the helmsman turning the Hyperion around and starting transjumps through the many, vast, dimensions.


It took me awhile to just come up with this, because I'm tryng to bridge a gap in my story that will be coming up soon in the story, so that's why I took so long, trying to come up with soemthing. Luckily, a couple shows and a new videogame game (Halo 2 and BSG, lol.) me the ideas I needed.

Please feed the trolls. XD

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Not a bad idea. I do have a nugget of advice though. I think that you should use paragraphs a little bit more, or at least define them a little bit more, especially when a different character is talking. It makes the story much more neat, and more enjoyable to read.

Other than that, keep up the good work Arc!

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Broken Mirror

The Hyperion waited, cloaked, its new Raildrive engines also completely emplaced across its hull, located on its three extension sections. After three months, a little later than scheduled, the work was completed. The extra time duration passed in the construction was related to duplicating the infinite-energy anomaly.

“Sir, message from engineering.” The communications officer reported.

“Bring it up.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The Communications officer said.

“Tiran, the raildrives are online and ready to go.” Yar said on the comm.

“Good. Disengage cloak.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The tactical officer said.

“Computer, run analysis on the raildrives.” Tiran ordered.

“Analyzing… Systems at 100%.” The computer reported.

“Set course for the central dimension.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The helmsman said, setting the course.

“Engage.” Tiran ordered.
The helmsman then pushed the engine control levers nearly up to the top, and The Hyperion started vibrating.

The Hyperion’s raildrives then did the same thing the second Infinitiii’s did, and it jumped down a massive, long rail of energy.

In two days, they were in the central dimension.

“Report.” Tiran ordered, as the Hyperion came to a stop.

“All systems fully intact and 100% functional.” The tactical officer reported.

“Sir… There’s nothing here.” The scanning officer said.

“Well, that makes it all the easier. Begin the black hole creating sequence. Now that we have infinite power at hand, we should be able to do it.” Tiran said.

“Yes sir.” The tactical officer and engineering officer said.

The forward gravitational weapons array rotated, locking on to the absolute center of the dimension. The eight main gravitational cannons separated into two sets straight down the middle, and each set started firing. The three center cannons stayed fixated on firing in between where the two sets of cannons were firing.

The array slowly rotated, picking up more and more speed, and, eventually, two huge dark spots started to become apparent. The slowly grew on top of each other, not fusing, but occupying each other’s space at the same time. Then, two of the extension sections fired their giant gravitational cannons, and the two black holes started growing bigger and bigger. The Hyperion’s engines were easily able to manage the gravitational stress.

The Hyperion slowly backed away, as the two black holes started to fill up the entire dimension, reaching supercritical mass. Once they had reached the highest mass possible, the Hyperion fired a single beam of energy in between them, which became a tiny ball of energy, as the two black holes, having exactly equal mass, density, and gravitational force, fought over it.

The Hyperion then used its raildrive to start jumping, but then, something unexpected happened…

A ship suddenly dropped in beside the Hyperion, and the four more, surrounding it from all sides. They were all identical, and only slightly bigger than the Hyperion.

“Sir, we’re being hailed… by five ships that suddenly came out of nowhere.” The communications officer reported.

Tiran nodded for the communications officer to bring it up.

“I believe you have met me before, Tiran. I am Transvasious. What you have just done here… It is a serious mistake. You have no idea what you have done…” Transvasious said.

“I know that what I’ve done will help me fight you.” Tiran said boldly.

“Oh, no, Tiran… Do you even realize the scale of what you’ve done?” Transvasious said.

“I know that it will destroy all dimensional boundaries, and give take away your tactical advantage over me. After all, we already destroyed a few of you ships.” Tiran said.

“Vengeance was a test. It was the first part of a full-scale invasion on a Dimension we thought might become a threat. But we underestimated what you could do back then. Those last few ships you destroyed, in fact, all of them- they’re outdated models.” Transvasious said.

“I doubt you can hold my ship with ships as small as these.” Said Tiran.

“That was our original error. In building huge ships, we gave a tactical advantage to smaller ships. So, now we use small ships, like you do. Still, what you’ve done is going to doom us all.” Transvasious said.

“How?” Tiran asked pridefully.

“This, this has all been set in place by some sort of a higher force. In fact… This, ‘force’ of yours is exactly what you’ve doomed. Without it, this entire universe will collapse.” Transvasious said.

“Prove it.” Tiran said.

“In exactly fifteen seconds after I complete this statement, these black holes will trigger a massive destabilization of the entire universe. Those walls between dimensions- they’re necessary. Without them, every possible and impossible factor, every theory, anything possible- it will all occur at once, create chaos, and eventually, destroy itself and everything with it. The force was what was meant to stop that from happening. And, thanks to you, there is no way we can stop this from happening. You see, why I 'seem' evil, It's not a moral dispute- it's simply the fact that my species has assumed the position of creating a universal form of a sort of 'communism'. We have to restrict the natural rights of others in order to keep everything stable. That's what it all comes down to, be it moral, immoral, or not. You are a liability. A rebellious taint that we must quell. Beleive me, I'd rather have freedom for everyone and everything, but it doesn't work that way. Our other purpose is to gather all of the galaxy's resources, and put them to better use. Even if it meant destroying entire races, we still did it. Even an 'infinite' power source won't last forever. And because of that, we have to keep aquiring resources from helpless races, to greaten our race, in an attempt to hieghten our own sentience and being. We are this universe's absolute.” Transvasious said.

“Well that's very selfish and arrogant of you... Oh feirfek… Close Channel. Fire on the enemy ships, and get us out of here!” Tiran ordered.

The communications officer closed the channel and the tactical officer fired on the enemy ships, but it had no effect.

"Dimensional collapse detected. Destabilization in 7… 6…” The computer started.

“Ram our way out of here.” Tiran ordered.

The helmsman quickly obeyed, and the Hyperion’s shield rubbed up against the enemy shields until the hulls made contact, the Hyperion pushing the enemy ship out of the way, leaving huge scrape marks on the hulls of each ship.

The enemy ships began to pursue, as the Hyperion began jumping using its raildrive.

"5..." The computer warned

Suddenly, just before any of the ships jumped, completely random things started happening in the central dimension. The fabric of space started shattering like a mirror, and in each mirror could be seen another Hyperion Time randomly fluctuated, ripping the enemy ships apart, but it also reached the Hyperion. The aft engine section was suddenly violently ripped off, and so was the top extension section, leaving the Hyperion dead in space.
“All hands, abandon ship! Transport as many as possible to the other ships with raildrives!” Tiran ordered, as the computer counted down to 1.
Tiran looked out the forward veiwscreen as he was transported to Dominance, seeing time and space fluctuating into a chaotic state, as if a broken mirror.

Huge ribbons of energy suddenly started forming out of the two black holes, which then fused together, collapsing in on each other and forming a huge anomaly that was a vortex both pulling in and pushing out.
The hanger doors opened, as the Ventdrives kicked in to try to give the crew more time to abandon ship.

Millions of ships raced out of the hanger, all of them running into anomalies in space, and being destroyed. The only ships that escaped were Dominance and the Infinitiii.

The two remaining ships raced out of the Dimension with transjump drives, and then used the raildrives once out of the Dimension. Behind the two ships, the walls of the dimensions around the central dimension began to dissipate, and space began to randomly break apart, fluctuate, and collapse, like a broken mirror…

“Well, what now?” Yar asked Tiran on a hailing frequency.

“I really have no idea whatsoever. As I see it, I think we should just keep running, and try to get out of the danger until we figure something out…” Tiran said.


Now is when it gets interesting...

Edit: Rev7, how exactly do you mean to put them in paragraphs? Do you mean for me to put the dialogue together more or to put an enter space between each section of dialogue, or to put in more detail with the dialogue?

Please feed the trolls. XD

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I will give you an example.


Chapter 3: Broken Mirror

The Hyperion waited, cloaked, its new Raildrive engines also completely emplaced across its hull, located on its three extension sections. After three months, a little later than scheduled, the work was completed. The extra time duration passed in the construction was related to duplicating the infinite-energy anomaly.

“Sir, message from engineering.” The communications officer reported.

“Bring it up.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The Communications officer said.

“Tiran, the raildrives are online and ready to go.” Yar said on the comm.

“Good. Disengage cloak.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The tactical officer said.

“Computer, run analysis on the raildrives.” Tiran ordered.

“Analyzing… Systems at 100%.” The computer reported.

“Set course for the central dimension.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The helmsman said, setting the course.

“Engage.” Tiran ordered.

The helmsman then pushed the engine control levers nearly up to the top,
and The Hyperion started vibrating. The Hyperion’s raildrives then did the same thing the second Infinitiii’s did, and it jumped down a massive, long rail of energy.
In two days, they were in the central dimension. “Report.” Tiran ordered, as the Hyperion came to a stop.

“All systems fully intact and 100% functional.” The tactical officer reported.

“Sir… There’s nothing here.” The scanning officer said.

“Well, that makes it all the easier. Begin the black hole creating sequence. Now that we have infinite power at hand, we should be able to do it.” Tiran said.

“Yes sir.” The tactical officer and engineering officer said.

I think that it is much neater, and more enjoyable to read. People will want to take the time and read it.

Another good chapter Arc. I see that Tiran has made a very BIG mistake.

Good job!

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Edit: I've finished adding spacing.

Please feed the trolls. XD

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Much better Arc! Thanks!

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Counting the Odds

Part I:

Tiran and Yar kept their ships moving, but once out of potential danger for the time, they held a meeting on Dominance to decide what to do.

“Okay ED-37, what are the losses?” Tiran asked unhappily.

“The Dalasian race- the one we knew, it’s gone forever. Hyperious is dead, and so is pretty much every other race we know. You, your clone crew, a few millions Mandalorians, and the Mustafarian race are all that’s left. Every other species that was in our alliance with the Dalasians is now extinct. We’ve lost all of our ships except for these two and the ships in the hangers of our remaining two ships. Sadly, the Jedi didn’t make it out either. Luckily, Nalan made it though.” ED-37 said, pointing at Nalan, who was seated at the other end of the table.

“Those aren’t very good odds…” Yar said.

“Chances are, we’ll probably be able to outrun the dimensional collapse for awhile, but it’s increasing in collapse rate exponentially. I estimate that we only have 52 years before we can’t outrun it anymore.” ED-37 said.

“New allies could help. Who knows what we’ll find out here?” Said Vaj’, who was seated in the middle of the right side of the table.

“True, but the odds are still against us, as I see it.” Yar said.

“I wouldn’t be counting the odds…” Tiran said sarcastically.

“I think it would be smart to calculate the odds, as not doing so is not-” ED-37 said, and then Tiran cut him off, “I was being sarcastic. I know it’s important to know what we’re up against, but I’d rather not make it worse by thinking too hard about it.”

“You know, when I think about it, what this ‘Transvasious’ guy said sounds like a lot more than what it sounds like at first interpretation… If you really think about it…”Vaj’ said.

“True… By everything, he did mean everything and anything possible and impossible happening, didn’t he?” Yar said inquisitively, looking at Tiran.

Tiran looked at him with a sarcastic look on his face, “What? Just because I’m like the oldest person you’ve ever meant, you expect me to know everything? I may have already been alive for over fifty thousand years, but that doesn’t mean I know everything. I’m no scientist. All I am is a soldier with a lot of experience…” Tiran said.

Vaj’ looked at ED-37 inquisitively.

“I think Vaj’ is right… There is likely much more out there than a few trillion dimensions… I think I know something we should look for.” ED-37 said.

“What? What should we look for?” Asked Nalan, who was seated at the middle of the left side of the table.

“An Archive. Since everything is happening all at once now, theoretically, there should be an archive that can explain everything to us, and how to fix it.” ED-37 said.

“Problem is finding the archive.” Tiran said.

“Yes, that and, there’s bound to be things out there worse than the other Dalasians.” Yar said.

“Which is why we need allies…” Vaj’ said.

“Yes, I know we need allies, but… when we figure out how to fix it, how will we fix it? I doubt technology like this will be enough.” Tiran said.

“Then lets explore. Let’s go as far as we possibly can. See if there is an end to this massive cluster of dimensions, and see if we can pass it. Whatever ‘beyond’ is out there, it could have what we need.” ED-37 said.

“Let’s get on it.” Tiran said, standing up and leaving the room.

-----------------------Part II

Dominance and the Infinitiii kept moving, finding nearly no end to the massive expanse of dimensions, until they met a trader in their travels.

“Sir, a small ship of unknown design is hailing us.” The communications officer said.

“How big?” Asked Tiran.

“54 Meters in length. No powerful weapons or defenses of any kind. It does have a cloaking device and power core like or ships.” The scanning officer said.

“Full stop. Bring it up.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The helmsman and communications officer said.

“Hello… I noticed you have some… Big ships there… Would you be interesting in some trade of rare goods? I can give you a good bargain.” The trader said. He appeared to be an old human with a long, thick beard and various trinkets attached to his thick, leather coat.

“First off, who are you?” Tiran asked.

“I’m Roflec, captain of the modest trading ship; Ishkaniv.” The trader said.

“We’re on an important mission, and our ships are much more advanced than yours. What do you have that you think could be of use to us?” Asked Tiran.

“Well. For one… I have a map.” He said.

“A map? To what?” Asked Tiran.

“Not to anything in particular, unless if you’re looking for the Yavious Archives… From here on, it gets a lot more dangerous. A word of warning and a reason you might want this map.” Said Roflec.

“Archives? Interesting… And what is it you want in return?” Asked Tiran.

“Well… Um… Asylum.” Roflec said hesitantly.

“Asylum? Why?” Asked Tiran.

“Well… You see… I got into this fight with a pirating clan… And that’s why I’ve been running, trying to get someone to help me. You have big, high-tech ships, so I thought that you could help me… please.” Roflec said openly.

“How do I know I can trust you?” Asked Tiran.

“Because I’ll give you all my rare trading goods…” Roflec said, acting like a salesman.
“Okay then… Come on board.” Tiran said, a little hesitantly.

“Thank you! Thank you very much… What’s your name?” Asked Roflec happily.

“I’m Tiran. Glad to have you aboard. Close the channel. Open the forward hanger, and introduce him to some guest quarters. I want him under guard though. After that, transport me to his quarters.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” All of the bridge officers said.

Tiran was then transported down to the guest quarters arranged for Roflec.

“Alright, now about this map… And tell me what you know about the Yavious archives.” Tiran said to Roflec.

“Here’s the map. I don’t much more than rumors about the archives though…” Roflec said, handing Tiran a datapad.

“Thank you. Now, what do you know about the archives?” Tiran said, putting the datapad in his right coat pocket.

“Well, the Archives are rumored to be somewhere deep in the Kansivian expanse. I don’t know where exactly, because no one who’s tried to go there has ever returned. Rumor has it, these archives possess the knowledge of all things.” Roflec said.

“Is there anything of value in this… Kansivian expanse?” Asked Tiran.

“Well, it is dangerous. There are some pretty powerful people in it, some who claim to know the secrets of the universe. You could probably get some pretty good tech upgrades from the Archives if they exist.” Roflec said.

“This seems to convenient.” Tiran said suspiciously.

“Anything like this always seems to convenient to people. Sure, it’s dangerous for some, but not for a person with ships like these.” Roflec said.

“Fine then… I’ll be on my way. Talk to my chief advisor if you need anything.” Tiran said, leaving the room, feeling like soemthing wasn't right.

-------------------Part III

“Scan this… expanse. Look for anything that looks like a supercomputer core.” Tiran ordered from the bridge.

“Scanning…” The scanning officer said. “Sir, I’ve found something. A huge planet hidden inside a field of anomalies. I think we can fit through the cracks though. It appears to be like… A giant battlefield across the entire planet. It has extremely high gravitational force, but a breathable atmosphere.”

“Jump to that location.” Tiran ordered.

“Jumping…” The helmsman confirmed, jumping the ships through several Dimensions through transjump portals.

Dominance and the Infinitiii pulled up beside the planet, and slowly maneuvered their way though the field of anomalies.
The planet turned out to be so big that the two ships could land on it without disturbing its geological structure very much.

They could see a large building off in the north.

“Transport me, Yar, ED-37, and Nalan to that building, but keep the gravitational nullification generators fixed on where were are in the building.” Tiran ordered.

“Yes sir.” The engineering officer said, transporting them.

It was dark inside the building.

“Turning on my lights…” ED-37 said, shining LED-like lights everywhere from off of the circuitry of his body.

They found that they were in what appeared to be a giant library. Trillions of datachips went along the walls for kilometers in every direction.

“Hmm… It appears that this hallway leads to the center of this archive… My sensor analysis shows that each on of these chips have about twice as much memory storage capacity as the computer core on Dominance. There appear to be about… 528 Trillion of them…” ED-37 said.

“Let’s go. See if we can figure out how to download all this information to somewhere.” Yar said.

“This is all very interesting, but don’t you think this would be considered trespassing? This place could have security systems.” Nalan said.

“It does… But the mean power has been severed from the defense systems and lighting.” ED-37 said, looking around and scanning the area.

They then walked down the hallway, to the center.

In the center was a huge column of computer systems.

“This appears to be functioning as the main computer, and the power core of this place… there seems to be a lot of information going through here…” ED-37 said.

“Can we just… take it?” Asked Nalan.

“Well… We’ll have to take the entire archive, but I think it can be done, yes. It’ll fit inside any one of Dominance’s cargo bays.” ED-37 said.

“Alright. Transport this stuff to the ship.” Tiran ordered ED-37.

ED-37 nodded and then used his remote transport system to transport everything to Dominance. The main structure of the building remained.

They were about to, themselves transport to Dominance, when Nalan suddenly collapsed to the floor.

“What the? Nalan!” Tiran said, seeing Nalan go through what seemed like a seizure.

“His Midiclorians are destabilizing. I don’t think we can do anything for him…” ED-37 said.

“But… You’ve got to do something…” Tiran said quickly, almost frantically.

Nalan suddenly stopped moving, and his body collapsed into a pile of dust.

“Okay, that is not good…” ED-37 said, looking at Tiran.

“He’s… dead… Isn’t he?” Tiran said sadly.

“Well… Sadly, yes… His rapid cellular degradation was to fast for me to do anything… Judging by how fast it happened… The same thing could happen to you at any time. I believe this is a… symptom of the force dying…” ED-37 said.

“So, I killed him… By creating those black holes.” Tiran said.

“No… Don’t blame yourself. You didn’t know this would happen back then. Right now, we need to get to the ship, and I’m afraid you’ll have to be put in stasis until we can figure out how to fix this. There is no time to mourn right now.” ED-37 said.

“You’re right…” Tiran said, sucking it up.

“I’ll assume command then, I guess.” Yar said.

“Alright, let’s get back to the ship.” ED-37 said, transporting the three of them back to the ship, in the main medical deck.

ED-37 quickly explained to the doctors what the problem was, and then led Tiran to the stasis chambers.

Tiran walked inside on of the pods used for stasis once ED-37 led him into a large room lined with stasis pods.

“I promise I’ll find a way to keep you alive.” ED-37 said to Tiran.

“The force is in everyone, right? What will happen to the rest of the crew?” Asked Tiran.

“The rest of the crew isn’t as force sensitive as you are. They’ll be able to live without it if we give them all life support implants. For you, it isn’t that simple.” ED-37 explained.

“Don’t forget.” Tiran said jokingly.

“I won’t, sir.” ED-37 said, closing the chamber. Tiran was then ‘frozen’ in stasis.

Afterwards, Yar took command, commanding aboard the Infinitiii, and they left the planet to keep moving.

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I have one question Arc. What exactly do you mean be 'dimensions'? Like 1-D, 2-D, or 3-D? Or do you mean more like galaxies? I'm am a little bit confused with it. Good attachment, and I am looking forward to more.

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Think of the dimensions they are in as 3d. For example, the entire 'dimensional structure' is like a huge cloud of soup bubbles, each space in each seperate section of bubble being like a dimension... Each dimension usually has soemthing common in it, liek a galaxy. But, after what's happened in the story, everything possible will happen in the dimensions. It will be so random and diverse that they could coem accoss anything from a huge cluster of black holes to a something as random and out-of-place as one of those yellow rubber bathtub ducks being the only thing in the entire dimension...
You'll find later in the story just how complex I'm making it though... It'll be much more than just a huge cluster of random infiniteness... But I can't give anything else away...

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What do you have to say about this?

Just curious, because some of the scientific sides of this fic confuse me. But hey, it is a fic, and doesn't have to be scientifically understandable, right.

Thanks for explaining!

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Eh, in starwars, the laws of physics can be violated... Actually, that theory is kind of right ona bout what's going on in this story... Everything's collapsing because it can't stay stable that way...

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Yeah, I know. I guess that I am being a little critical about it. Just wanted a little bit more information on it, so thanks!

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Here comes Chapter 5...

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Chapter 5: (Part I) Momentary Superiority

“ED-37 to Yar.” ED-37 said to Yar from Dominance’s bridge on the secure hailing frequency. ED-37 was sitting in Tiran’s command chair.

“Yes, what is it?” Asked Yar.

“My engineers seem to have discovered some very interesting information from the Yavious Archives.” ED-37 said.

“What is this information?” Asked Yar.

“Superior technological design schematics, and a map of everything. A lot of the technology is incompatible with our ships, but there is some that should provide us superiority in battle. But there is some bad news…” ED-37 explained.

“What news?” Yar asked.

“We’re very close to hitting a massive area of enemy ships. We’re surrounded on all sides, so we’ll have to go through them. We also know how to fix the problem with the force dying and all…” ED-37 said.

“Please elaborate.” Yar said.

“We’ll need to stop and upgrade our ships. I’ll explain what the upgrades are. On fixing the problem, all we need to do is go to what is called the supercore. You see, the ‘center’ of the universe we saw was not the center. The real center is much farther away. And the structure of the universe- it’s much more complex than we first thought. Even on raildrives, it will take forever, IE, an estimated five hundred quadrillion galactic years. Unfortunately, the superengine designs we found in the archives won’t work on ships as ‘small’ as ours. They require a very big ship in order to work… I’m talking as big as Vengeance. We’re going to have to steal a big ship, somehow.” ED-37 said.

“Alright. Let’s get to work then. Full stop.” Yar said, and then ordered.

The Infinitiii and Dominance slowed down, and then stopped.

The upgrades were put in place, as the two ships stayed cloaked. Afterwards, the raildrives received a minor upgrade, boosting their efficiency. The shields, armor, weapons, and everything else now had superior capability in comparison to the enemy ships that were once superior to them.

“Ed, there are enemy ships are on an intercept course!” Yar said, when the computer detected the entire enemy fleet converging on the two ships.

ED-37 quickly got to Dominance’s bridge, and took command.
“How did they see through the cloak?” Asked ED-37.

“I don’t know… But I think that they’ll be in for a surprise.” Yar said cunningly, taking control of the Infinitiii’s primary weapons with two control sticks on each side of the armrests of his command chair.

“Let’s see what the quantum flux cannons can do.” ED-37 said, taking control by fusing his hand into the control panel on Tiran’s command chair.

The enemy ships appeared as a huge wall of innumerous ships, many much bigger than Dominance and the Infinitiii.

“Primary combat systems switching to manual control.” The computers on both ships said.

ED-37 fired first, a short volley of huge pulses of energy shaped like disks, with randomly fluctuating energy flying at the enemy ships at high speeds. The pulses were dual firing, coming from two huge, sleek, ventlike generator arrays on its underside.

Several large explosions cascaded throughout the enemy fleet, which then returned fire.

The two ships stayed together, performing barrel rolls and manuevers that helped dodge some of the larger blasts. The enemy ships kept firing, no effect taken to shields.

The Infinitiii fired off some large beams of fluctuating energy from its seven supercannon arrays on its underside, destroying a hundred ships in a single volley.

Dominance and the Infinitiii curved around hard to the right, firing off randomly at the enemy fleet, and rotating in a 360-degree angle several times. The firepower from the two ships was in perfect unison, a steady stream of fire blasting apart the enemy fleet.

Then, the shields started to buckle, until the two ships lost shields; as the enemy ships adapted.

“Activate temporal armor!” ED-37 and Yar ordered.

"Temporal Armor online." The computers of Dominance and the Infinitiii said.

A film of silver-like, smooth energy encompassed the two ships, fitting snuggly across the hulls, and the enemy fire began to pass right through the two ships without damaging them.

“Cease fire- activate counteractive shielding.” Yar and ED-37 ordered.

The two ships stopped firing, and a new shield formed around both ships, a perfect bubble of energy. Enemy fire hit it violently, and nothing happened, until the enemy ships stopped firing after several minutes.

The shields then flared, and trillions of blasts of energy were reflected with ten times more force, right back at all the ships that had fired. Almost all of the remaining enemy fleet was destroyed in that blow, and the rest retreated.

“Incoming transmission.” Dominance’s computer alerted.

“Bring it up.” ED-37 said.

“You may have defeated us for now, but we’ll be back. I’m not letting you stop this shockwave.” A Dalasian said.

“What? Are you crazy? That shockwave will destroy everything!” ED-37 said.

“No… You’re wrong. It will do precisely the opposite. It will set everything right. That’s why I can’t allow you to ‘fix’ it. Unlimited power, a rewritten universe- it's all within my grasp.” The Dalasian said.

“Suit yourself. It’s your life. But you’re not going to stop us.” ED-37 said, closing the channel.

“Looks like we’ve won.” Yar said.

“That was too easy…” ED-37 said.

Suddenly, an alarm rang on Dominance.

“Anomalous shockwave collapse effect will reach interception point in five days estimate. Impact inevitable.” The computer on Dominance warned.

“What? Can’t we keep outrunning it?” Asked ED-37.

“Unnoticed factors in the universal destabilization have occurred. The shockwave collapse effect has picked up speed due to another anomalous factor.” The computer said.

Yar cut in. “What factor? Why didn’t the Infinitiii also detect this?” Asked Yar.

“Raildrive trails from the Infinitiii and Dominance have accelerated the shockwave effect. The Infinitiii’s sensors are inferior to Dominance’s sensors due to Dominance’s hull structure being more effectually receptive to scans.” The computer answered.

“Well that’s just great…” ED-37 said.

“We’ve got to figure out a way to stop this from happening…” Yar suggested.

“I’ll have to check the archives. I’ll see if there’s anything in about how to survive something like this…” ED-37 said, leaving the bridge.

-----------------------Part II

As the Infinitiii and Dominance raveled as fast as possible away from the shockwave, they were still left with no way to survive it, and they suddenly came face to face with a huge vortex of fluctuating energy, as the shockwave was only minutes away from impact.

The two ships were engulfed by the vortex, and the shockwave passed through. The Infinitiii and Dominance were slowly being ripped apart.

Suddenly, ED-37 and Vaj’ found themselves transported inside the main forward hanger bay of Dominance.

An odd-looking ship suddenly appeared in front of them.

“What the…? What is this ship?” Vaj’ said.

“It doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen before. My scans indicate technology much more advanced than I’ve ever seen before.” ED-37 said.

The ship was long, and shaped like an elongated arch-saw. It was shaped like half of a long oval circle, with one side even, and one side curved. The curved side’s edge looked like a saw blade. The ship was glowing, white-metallic in color, with a smooth, sleek, fierce appearance. It was about fifty meters in length.

Suddenly, an opening appeared on its side, an extremely hard to notice door opening.

ED-37 walked inside of it, and Vaj’ slowly followed cautiously.

“It appears to be… an advanced theorized design. This ship… It looks a lot like a certain ship I was designing awhile ago in hopes of using it to survive the shockwave.” ED-37 said.

It was dark inside, until lights switched on inside, and an extremely delicate and complex computer network was shown inside.

“Welcome. My designated name is ‘Salvation’. Initiating emergency protocols.” A smooth, fast, metallic voice said.

The door closed, and the ship started humming.

ED-37 and Vaj’ sat down in chairs in front of what looked like a veiwscreen.

Belts and restraints strapped around them, coming out of the chairs.

“Please refrain from movement during this transition.” The voice said.

“Ed, what’s going on?” Asked Vaj’.

“I think we’re about to find out.” ED-37 said.

The ship began to take off, rising up in the hanger, as the shockwave passed through the hanger. The shockwave did not do any damage to Salvation, which quickly proceeded back through the vortex.

As they left, Dominance and the Infinitiii were completely ripped apart and mutilated.

ED-37 and Vaj’ watched through the forward veiwscreen as the ship traveled through the vortex, seeing colors of energy and light they had never before been able to perceive.

After several seconds, they stopped, and the vortex disappeared. In front of them, they could see a huge expanse of galaxies, all encompassed by a huge field of anomalies.

“You have arrived 500,000 years into the future.” Salvation said.

“Why?” Asked ED-37.

“Because you created me to do so.” Salvation answered.

“And what is it I made you to do?” Asked ED-37.

“To rescue you in order that you can fix everything.” Salvation said.

“And how do I fix everything?” Asked ED-37.

“Unknown. But that is what you set out to do in creating me. My databanks possess the knowledge of all things, and can interpret and explain them to you. Thereby, you may be able to discover how to set everything back to normal.” Salvation said.

“One more question; why don’t I remember creating you?” Asked ED-37.

“Because I don’t exist until you create me.” Salvation answered.

“And this is why I hate paradoxes…” Vaj’ said.

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I forgot that you updated your story. Opps.

Amazing chapter Arc! I think that you did a great job, and I an thouroughly enjoying this story! Keep up the fine work!

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Chapter five updated, and chapter six coming soon...

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Nice job with the update.


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