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Thread: Star Wars sound effects
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Star Wars sound effects

Okay, this is going to generate a lot of controversy, but who here wants to see a complete library of the Star Wars sound effects from I-VI? Ever since I had read this book, The Sounds of Star Wars,, I have been so enthralled not only to hear more of the sounds, but to use them in video projects and audiobooks and audio dramas. Here are links to contact Skywalker Ranch itself:, and for Lucasfilm Publicity should anybody wish to contact them to release any of the sounds for use to the public.

I have a list of the sounds that I would like to see released:

  • Activations/Deactivations
  • Pulses/Hums (They each sound differently, believe me: Luke/Obi-Wan’s Lightsabers in Episode IV, Vader’s in Episode V, Luke’s in Episode VI, Darth Maul’s in Episode I, Count Dooku’s in Episode II)
  • Swings, Thrusts, Lunges, Parries, Twirls etc. based on source pulses/hums
  • Clashes, Crashes, Deflections etc.
  • Crackles, Sizzles, and Hisses
  • Locks, Burning through non-saber materials (Qui-Gon cutting through the blast door in Episode I)
  • Electro-staves?

Blasters and Laser Cannons:
  • Character Blasters (Han Solo’s blaster, Princess Leia’s, Stormtroopers’ in Episode IV, Rebel Troopers’ blasters, etc.)
  • Pistols
  • Rifles
  • Repeaters (Millennium Falcon’s main quad laser cannons, underside cannon, etc.)
  • Heavy Cannons (Walker and Tank Cannons, Artillery, etc.)
  • Starfighter cannons (X-wing, TIE Fighter, Naboo Fighter, Droid Fighters, etc.)
  • Starship and Weapon Emplacements (Turbolasers, Ion Cannons, etc.)
  • Death Star Superlaser (charging and firing)
  • Blasters Loading and Jamming
  • Ricochets and Passbys (when the bolts miss)
  • Impacts
  • Stun Blasts (Leia in Episode IV)

  • Engine Loops
  • Flybys
  • Accelerations/Decelerations
  • Mechanical Problems (Millennium Falcon hyperdrive malfunction, etc)
  • Alarms (Imperial Star Destroyer collision in Episode V, Death Star under attack in Episode IV, Rebel Blockade Runner being boarded in Episode IV, etc.)
  • Computer consoles and readouts (Targeting computers aboard the Millennium Falcon, X-wings, various buttons to press or controls to adjust, computers humming/processing Episode V, etc.)
  • Escape Pods
  • Landing gears
  • Landings/Takeoffs
  • Boarding ramps, cockpit canopies, etc.
  • Hyperspace Jumps and Exits
  • Other mechanical sounds (if associated with starships like S-foils for the X-wings)

(ie. Landspeeders,
Speeder Bikes,
Hover Craft i.e. AATs and Podracers etc.,
Airspeeders and Aircraft i.e. Republic Gunships and Wookiee Fluttercraft etc., Submarines i.e. Bongo Sub,
Treaded and Wheeled Vehicles,
and Walkers)
  • Engine Loops
  • Tread/Wheel Rolling Loops (Clone Tank in Episode III, Jawa Sandcrawler)
  • Flybys/Passbys
  • Accelerations/Decelerations
  • Landings/Takeoffs (for air vehicles)
  • Ramps, Doors, Canopies (Depending on Vehicle)
  • Podracer Energy Binders
  • Walkers (Footfalls, Hydraulics, Motors, etc.)

  • Footsteps (Protocol droid, battle droid, etc.)
  • Wheeled/Treaded (Treadwell Droid, or the Binocular Droid, Waitress Droid, Count Dooku’s Pilot Droid, Droidekas, etc.)
  • Hovering (Interrogator Droid, Probe Droid, Assassin Droid in Episode II etc.)
  • Arms, Legs, Appendage Motors (Protocol droid, Medical droid, Gonk Droid Walking, Astromech Droid etc.)
  • Activations (Pit Droid in Episode I, etc.)
  • Malfunctions/Shutdowns (R5’s motivator in Episode IV, Battle Droids in Episode I, etc.)
  • Droid Communications (Treadwell Droid, Probe Droids, Gonk Droids, Pit Droids, Astromech Droids, etc.)
  • R2-D2 (May be a separate album due to his various Beeps, Whistles, Chirps, etc.)

  • Tusken Raiders
  • Jawas
  • Cantina Aliens
  • Wookiees (same case with R2, due to Chewbacca’s many sounds)
  • Trandoshans (Bossk from Episode V)
  • Ugnaughts
  • Jabba the Hutt
  • Jabba’s thugs (i.e. Gamorreans, etc.)
  • Ewoks
  • Tatooine Street Aliens
  • Podracer Pilots
  • Senate Aliens
  • Coruscant Underbelly Aliens
  • Geonosians
  • Any other aliens I did not mention in the films or could not

Creatures and Animals:
Space Slugs,
Dagobah Swamp Creatures,
Naboo Wildlife,
Geonosian Arena Beasts,
Utapau Wildlife, etc.)
  • Vocalizations (Roars, brays, squeals, cries, etc.)
  • Movements (Mynocks flying, Kouhuns walking/slithering, Sea beasts swimming, etc.)

Technology and Machinery:
  • Holograms/holoscreens (Activations/deactivations, whirring/humming, static, etc.)
  • Doors (Death Star, Echo Base, Cloud City, Tatooine, Naboo, Kamino, etc.)
  • Gigantic Doors (Echo Base Hangar Doors, Naboo Hangar Doors, etc.)
  • Comlink/Communication Consoles (comm channel open click, static, channel change i.e. Episode VI in the Imperial Shuttle, etc.)
  • Bacta Tank (i.e. Episode V)
  • Power Generators
  • Tools (Fusion Cutters, etc.)
  • Forcefields (laser walls in Episode I, etc.)
  • Deflector shields (Gungan Shields in Episode I, etc.)
  • Servomotors in Machines (Cranes, Garbage Masher, Geonosian Droid Factory etc.)
  • Scanners
  • Senate Pods
  • Computers (buttons, switches, controls, hums, beeps, etc.)
  • Darth Vader’s Meditation Chamber
  • Carbon Freezing Chamber
  • Carbonite Slab controls (monitoring and unfreezing, etc.)
  • Lifts
  • Electro-binoculars
  • Holo chess (Episode IV)
  • Tractor Beam (On and Off)
  • Jetpacks (Episodes II and VI)

Explosions and Explosive Weapons:
  • Explosions (big, small, long, short)
  • Missiles, Torpedoes, and Bombs Arming/Disarming (Thermal Detonator in Episode VI)
  • Missiles, Torpedoes, and Bombs Launching/Firing (X-wing torpedoes in Episode IV, Vulture Droid missiles in Episode III, Jango’s jetpack missile, etc.)
  • Flak (Episodes IV-VI)
  • Crashing (Podracers in Episode I, Anakin’s fighter in the Same episode, Landing Grievous’s cruiser in Episode III)
  • Electrical Discharges, Sparking, and Explosions

Environmental and Ambient Sounds:
  • Environmental background sounds (Forest, Swamp, Desert, Ice Plains, Volcanoes, Wind, Rocks Falling, Rain, Thunder and Lightning etc.)
  • Interior Ambient Sounds (Death Star, Cloud City, Endor Bunker, Coruscant Apartments, etc.)

  • Foley Sound Effects
  • Force Sound Effects (Force Push from Episode I, Force Lightning from Episodes II, III, and VI)
  • Miscellaneous Effects (Stormtrooper Armor clattering, Gungan jowls and tongue, Ewok weapons and tools, uncategorized and unmentioned sounds, etc.)

I realize that this is a long list, and if people want to talk about getting Lucasfilm to release the sounds to the public, at least go with what is your favorite sounds.

EDIT: Here is another reason why I want the sounds to be released: If Star Trek had done it, why not Star Wars? Shouldn’t we have the sounds for editing too like Trek fans have their sounds for the original?

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Many of those can be found here:

Star Wars: In Concert | Lisbon - Some pictures of the exhibition accompanying the event.
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True, but it is still an incomplete assembly of sound effects.

Tell me, have you listened closely to some of the sounds in the movies? Such as the distinct hums, buzzes, and swings of each lightsaber from the films? You can make out the differences for example in here: and here: You can tell which one is Obi-Wan’s from Darth Vader’s a bit.

Another problem with some of the sounds from that board is that many of the sounds are mixed in with one another. I am looking for the cleanest samples of the originals possible. I had found some time ago somebody who had extracted several of the sounds from Star Wars video games, and many of them are rather cleaner than the other sounds on the board. I also have some of the sounds from the board already, but they feeling limited to me. Many of the sounds are mainly voice clips, not sound effects. That is why I posted this thread in the first place.

I appreciate you trying to give me an alternate solution to my problem, but I just don’t feel that it is enough. I am sorry about that.

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You could get a lot of sound effects from the video games as well.

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Originally Posted by MachineCult View Post
You could get a lot of sound effects from the video games as well.
Well, a friend of mine has been doing just that here: However, there are some games and sounds that he has been unable to extract so far, and some of the sounds from the movies are not always included in the games either. This is why I have put up this thread.
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Just to keep this thread kicking, here’s how I propose that sounds be marketed. Now, in this link:, what you have is an album based on one of the “Star Trek” series, not the franchise as a whole. Now, not every sound in the Original Series was included in this album, but it still a huge goldmine of sound to work with. What I have in mind is what if there was an album related to one of the first six films?

As a demo, an album for Episode IV would be released with a large proportion of the sounds included in that film specifically—or was featured that sound most distinctively—there would be a disc or two included, they would have certain sound categories per disc. For example; if a certain starship, R2-D2 beep or whistle, lightsaber hum or swing, or a blaster sound appeared in that film first, it would be in that album exclusively. But if there was a variant of that sound that appeared in another film, or it was a new sound related to that subject, such as the new R2-D2 sounds in Return of the Jedi, or the new lightsaber sounds throughout the original trilogy like Darth Vader’s lightsaber in Episode V sounds different from Luke or Obi-Wan’s lightsaber in Episode IV, as Luke’s lightsaber is in Episode VI, or when there were new TIE fighter fly-bys in Episode V, if I am correct.

If it does well, and customers demand more, then albums for Episodes IV, V, and VI contain most to all of the sounds from those films—if the later could be permissible—and they would have 2-6 discs per album, and each disc would have certain categories attached to them. And if, once again, sales go well, then the sounds of Episodes I, II, and III would be in demand, and the process would be the same as before. Of course, an additional album or two for some sounds of the Expanded Universe would make for an interesting addition to the collection; they would come from audiobooks, video games, cartoons, audio dramas, etc.

While this could be a good plan, the one problem I see with it is getting the company to see this plan and agreeing with it. However, if we can convince them, and potential customers, that the sounds are to be used in non-profit ways, or that special permissions are required to use them, then I think things should work out fine. What do you think of this? Do you see any other flaws in this idea on the sounds that I do not?

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